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Rostermania: 05/24/2020

There has been a dizzying amount of roster changes since late 2019/the beginning of 2020. Here is a quick summary of them all
Disclaimer: Teams that only had a change in coach but not their actual roster will not be on the table. On that note, Evil Genuises add zews as coach in place of ImAPet, kassad left 100 Thieves , and lmbt joins forZe's coaching staff
Team Departing/Benched Additions Extra Notes
Astralis -gla1ve (medical leave) -Xyp9x (temporary leave) +JUGi +es3tag (Starting July 1st) Astralis sign JUGi and es3tag to create 7-man roster. Astralis explores options as Xyp9x takes leave. Astralis has asked Ninjas in Pyjamas about acquiring Lekr0, Heroic about es3tag, and Vitality about ALEX
BIG -nex -smooya +syrsoN +k1to gob b replaces LEGIJA as head of CSGO for BIG
c0ntact N/A +emi + LETN1 +ottoNd +SHiPZ +EspiranTo +Neil_M (coach) CR4ZY transfer roster to c0ntact Gaming
Chaos -infinite (Jan. 3rd) -wippie (Jan. 26th) -Shakezullah (coach, Feb. 8th) -ben1337 (March 13th) -smooya (March 20th) -SicK (April 21st) -cam (May 5th) -leaf (May 12th) -Voltage (May 27th) +smooya (Jan. 10th) +vanity (Jan. 26th) +mCe (coach, Feb. 8th) +SicK (March 13th) +Voltage (April 5th) +Xeppaa (May 5th) +leaf (trial, May 5th) +Jonji (stand-in, May 12th) +leaf (May 27th) Chaos have had 8 roster changes since the beginning of the year. These changes range from replacing players who were underperforming (ben1337 and cam), players willingly stepping down (Infinite) and other external factors (SicK and leaf getting offers from organizations to play Valorant, Smooya's visa issues due to COVID-19, wippie also having visa issues and not being able to move to Chaos gaming house)
Chiefs -jinxx -mayker -SkulL +zeph +soju_j +Vexite N/A
Cloud9 -daps -autimatic -koosta -subroza (trial) -JamezIRL (coach) -mixwell -TenZ (valorant) +JT +motm +oSee +floppy +Sonic +T.c (coach) Cloud9 sign ATK roster
Copenhagen Flames -AcilioN -TMB -TeSeS -vorborg (coach) -farlig +HooXi +refezh +Queenix +zEVES (coach) N/A
Dignitas N/A +f0rest +friberg +GeT_RiGht +xizt +hallzerk +Fifflaren (coach) Dignitas re-enter CS:GO with legendary NiP quintet and hallzerk; Fifflaren to coach
ENCE N/A +Jamppi ENCE creates 6-man lineup. xseveN to play Road to Rio and other Valve-sponsored tournaments. Jamppi to play in all other tournaments. suNny becomes in-game-leader, taking the role from allu
Envy -s0m -ANDROID -FugLy +Calyx +MICHU +moose +LEGIJA (coach) N/A
FaZe -olofmeister (on a break) +Bymas (stand-in) Bymas to stand in for Faze
Gen.G N/A +daps +autimatic +koosta +s0m +BnTeT +Elmapuddy (coach) Gen.G sign former Cloud9 trio, acquire s0m from Envy and BnTeT from Tyloo
GODSENT -maikelele +Farlig N/A
Heretics -devoduvek -davidp -jeyN (March 13th) +jeyN (Jan. 4th) +xms +Nivera N/A
Hellraisers -scoobyxie (Jan. 10th) -nukkye -AiyvaN -ANGE1 -crush -Lk- (coach) -Flarich (April 2nd) +ProbLeM +jR +kAliNkA +JlaYm +TsaGa (coach) +Flarich (April 26th) Hellraisers bench their entire roster yet again, with Flarich being the only remaining player
Heroic -es3tag -snappi +TeSes +niko (danish) +HUNDEN (coach) N/A
HONORIS N/A +NEO +TaZ +STOMP +reiko +Prism NEO, TaZ reunite in HONORIS
Illuminar -oskarish -STOMP -mono -jedqr (April 3rd) +jedqr (March 1st) +Snax +Vegi +mouz Illuminar unveil new roster featuring Snax
Mad Lions -HUNDEN +AcilioN HUNDEN retires as a player, becomes coach for Heroic
MIBR -zews (coach) -meyern +trk +dead (coach) dead, MIBR's team manager, has taken over coach duties. MIBR are not in search of a new coach at this time
Natus Vincere -GuardiaN +Perfecto N/A
Ninjas in Pyjamas -f0rest -lekr0 +nawwk +hampus N/A
Nordavind -H4RR3 -hallzerk -RUBINO (wrist injury) +NaToSaphiX +HS +H4RR3 (temporary stand-in) N/A
North -Kjaerbye (medical leave) +Kristou (loan from AGF) Kjaerbye has been experiencing abdominal pains, breathing problems and chest cramps which has impacted his ability to play
Pro100 -pipsoN (coach) -YEKINDAR N/A N/A
SMASH Esports -NEEX +shokz In case you missed it, the NoChance roster that signed with SMASH left and signed to GODSENT. SMASH soon announced a new roster
Sprout -syrsoN -k1to -oskar (April 29th) +oskar (Jan. 3rd) +dycha +snatchie (April 30th) N/A
Secret -rigoN -tudsoN +PERCY Secret has spent much of 2020 without a 5th player, only spending 1 month with a full 5 man roster
Syman -t0rick -Perfecto -Ramz1kBO$$ +n0rb3r7 +mou +kreaz N/A
Tricked -torben (May 1st) +kiR +kwezz +Lucky +Toft +torben (Jan. 12th) +sycrone (May 1st) N/A
TYLOO -BnTeT (Dec. 22nd) -xeta (April. 21st) -Freeman (April 21st) +xeta (Dec. 22nd) +Danking (April. 21st) +SLOWLY (April. 21st) xeta brought in to complete the roster after BnTet's departure. TYLOO bench Freeman and xeta due to the coronavirus outbreak
Vitality -ALEX +misutaaa ALEX steps down due to heavy travel schedule, apeX takes over as in-game-leader
Virtus.Pro -buster +YEKINDAR +Flatra (2nd coach) Virtus.pro sign YEKINDAR, buster to take temporary break

Teams that disbanded or let their roster go

Absolute, AVANGAR , Bad News Bears , FunPlus Phoenix (Were they even in the scene to begin with? Who knows?), GamerLegion , MVP PK , Orgless , Swole Patrol
AVANGAR ceased operations
FunPlus Phoenix was originally going to acquire the Heroic roster of cadiaN, Snappi, b0RUP, stavn, and es3tag. This all fell apart when es3tag was unofficially officially signed to Astralis. Bad News Bears played under the FPX banner for the remainder of Flashpoint Season 1 and FPX hasn't attempted to sign them or any other roster since the conclusion of the season.
Absolute and MVP PK leave CSGO to turn focus to Valorant. Bad News Bears, Orgless, and Swole Patrol disband due to players seeking opportunities in Valorant

Rumored Changes

Teams involved Rumored Changes Notes
TIGER -ncl -nin9 +Snappi +Smooya Smooya and Snappi in Discussions to Join TIGER
Virtus.Pro -SANJI +buster "VP plan is to let Buster have a few months rest and then put him in a team instead of Sanji, and after that make a decision on Adren." -OverDrive
Update 5/25: Bymas to stand-in for Faze. Corrected information on the rumored TIGER move (ncl and nin9 to step down if Smooya and Snappi join)
Update 5/27: Xyp9x takes leave, leaf rejoins Chaos
submitted by Megabossdragon to GlobalOffensive

[LTS][PC][GOS]+divinity, runs from sun to Thursday!

Hey guys, gonna go hard into the garden runs this time around because they seem to be in more demand, plus with the holidays I get two extra nights off work so that means two more runs than normal.
I AM WORKING after this is posted and so I won’t be able to reply right away, just know that it’s a first come first serve so if you asked for a slot then it’s yours and I’ll confirm it on break or after work
The runs are as follows Sunday-7 pm est Monday-7pm est Tuesday-10:30 est Wednesday-10:30 est PLEASE NOTE that with the Tuesday and Wednesday runs, if they don’t fill up then they will not happen, with it being holidays I don’t hold high hopes in these two runs having much demand but I have the time so there’s the chance for it
Some rules to keep in mind before commenting that you are interested and leave your DISCORD ID
  1. For Garden of salvation please be at least 940+
  2. Patience!!!! Just because you may have watched the videos or understood my explanation of the encounter doesn’t mean the other 4 people in the raid did! Everyone learns at their own pace and needs a bit of time to understand what is being explained so if you wish to join then be prepared to not beat everything in one go.
  3. Be “CHILL” no insults, personal attack’s, blaming each other or getting upset when we wipe or take a few tries to do something, everyone’s just looking to have fun and try out something new and if you start to ruin that then you will be replaced
4 NO REQUIRED CHARACTERS OR WEAPONS. Use what you want and don’t be shamed into using some “meta” now that being said I will give out my recommendations for loadouts before each encounter and try to help you be efficient with what you have or like to use but if you don’t have a certain weapon then that’s fine!
  1. Be alright with being recorded! No this is not a sly attempt to give a call out to my social media or get some more followers, this is to make sure you understand that I will be streaming and recording our runs so if you would like to join then be alright with others hearing you.
  2. lastly please make sure you will have the time to finish, I make it my goal that if I take you into that raid we won’t leave until you leave with a completion (obviously if someone’s just attempting to be a troll, waste time, personally attack,insult or just generally be “toxic” then you will be asked to leave/booted and replaced with someone who deserves the completion)
  3. If you comment down below with your discord and a slot you would like then that is you committing to that raid group, so if you cannot make it or no longer wish to do the run that is okay but please give me some notice so I can fill the now empty spot with someone else that still wants to do the run
  4. You will not be added to the discord server or on steam till closer to the raid start time, you will be added as a friend on discord when I have the chance to send a request but to prevent random joining or interruptions the server and steam requests will be closer to the start time
  5. The start times are all in eastern time and are rough estimate of when we will start the run, it could be alittle earlier or alittle later depending on life and other raid runs
  6. You will be messaged 30 minutes from the start time letting you know it will start in around 30 minutes, if you don’t reply or are not online when we plan on starting then we will pull in a back up to fill your spot, as much as I’d love to wait to hear back from you, after 30 minutes if I still haven’t heard from you it isn’t fair to the others to sit around all night waiting for a reply that might never happen
Sorry if I seemed strict or rude, that’s not the intention! I’m just making sure the line is known so that people aren’t surprised if they were replaced or booted, my goal is to provide a safe and relaxed learning environment for new raiders!
Sunday- 7 pm est -FULL, ONLY TWO SLOTS (completed) 1. CGA002#5606
  1. BlackFrozone227#7346
Backups 1. CynicalDolphin#6511
Monday- 7pm (completed) No open slots
Backups 1. CynicalDolphin#6511
  1. ClimbingJarl#1995
Tuesday- 10:30 pm est 1. Wata#0001
  1. djeff#8672
  2. sh3rrodski#5869
  3. Axle#4996
  4. PatrickDap#1234.
Backups 1. Argos#5929
  1. CynicalDolphin#6511
  2. Axle#4996
Wednesday-10:30 est 1. Axle#4996
  1. Lugubrious#5390
  2. Cdr.K3p#3750
  3. mikeydude15#7757
Backups 1. Argos#5929
  1. ClimbingJarl#1995
submitted by Tro11mast4r to DestinySherpa

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