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GRASS JUICE PLS: The MH-60M DAP (Direct Air Penetrator)

obligatory link 4 the mods and other folks like myself.
The MH-60M DAP is the most anti-whatever capable Blackhawk out there with a vast plethora of ordnances and armaments at its disposal. Who doesn’t want tons of sweet weapon layouts on one of the sexiest helicopters out there? Plus the edgier WT players would probably love to make ”Blackhawk Down!” memes with it.
I feel that the American Helicopter tree will end up with 4 lines (1. Huey/Cobra 2. Apache and Apache competitors 3. Scout Helis 4. Blackhawks and etc.). This beauty will go in the fourth line that I mentioned at the top of it with a BR of 10.0.
  • Crew: 4
  • Engines: 2 Two General Electric YT706-GE-700 engines
  • Dimensions:
L Fuselage - 15.2m
L Rotorspan - 16.35m
W Rotorspan - 14.1m
H - 5.13m
  • Max Gross Weight: 24,500 lbs.
  • External Load Max: 9000 lbs.
  • Max Speed: 150+ knots (other sources say around 190 knots tops)
  • Cruise Speed: 140 knots
  • Armaments: (what everyone came here for)
  • 2x fixed forward M134s
  • Up to 2x M230 30mm chain guns (same one that is on the chin of the Apaches) @ 625 rpm
  • Up to 4x 19-rocket Hydra/MM FFAR pods
  • Up to 16x AGM-114 Hellfire missiles
  • AIM-92 ATAS Stinger missiles (I think 4 of them at the max from other images I have seen)
  • GAU 19/A .50 cal gatling gun (rarely fitted [could go on a premium variant of this helicopter but with other armaments reduced])
I think it is u/ClockworkRaider time huh!
submitted by frankdatank_004 to Warthunder

Grape Flavored Gin Please: The MH-60L DAP and MH-60M DAP Helicopters. These would be perfect for when you really need to “DAP” on those enemy tanks and planes. ;)

Necessary Wiki Source
Other configurations of it
Ignore the buzzkill article but this is what you get when an AH-1Z and a UH-60 have a child
American Special Ops Source {L}
American Special Ops Source {M}
The Tactical Air Network Source
Global Security Source
In my eyes the future of the American Helicopter Tech Tree will be 3 lines: Huey/Cobra line, Apache (my favorite helis) and non-Cobra Apache competitors (Cheyenne and the Comanche) and the ”Other” line consisting of the CH-47 Gunship w/ Hydras, Naval Variants of other helicopters, Observation Helicopters such as the OH-6s (MH-6 and AH-6s) and the OH-58s and the Blackhawks UH-60s.
Where do I think the MH-60L DAP and MH-60M DAP will go?
  • Option 1: L at 9.7 and M at 10.0 both in the “Other” line (in the same folder together)
  • Option 2: L as a Premium at 9.7 and the M at 10.0 in the ”Other” line.
  • Option 3: Both at 9.7 or 10.0 in the same folder together in the ”Other” line
I know some people will be up in arms about these getting added but I think it would be better to receive them down the road (X months from now) when Helicopter balance is more ironed out (but I personally want it NOW).
Also some people may be upset that it can get Hellfire and Stinger Missiles but Gaijin can circle around this problem easily like when they gave the AH-1Z TOWs (btw please fix the effect range of the TOWs Gaijin) instead of its Hellfires. Gaijin could always model these down the road and give them to the MH-60 DAPs whenever deemed necessary.
submitted by frankdatank_004 to Warthunder

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