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Book Modern Day LAX - Part 1: King’s Crowning

The Latin American Xchange are a legendary tag team in not only TNA history but wrestling, as their multiple iterations and spin-off groups creating a tag team running from the late 2000s to one still going 10 years later, to one that is in a rest period while other teams flourish and then they inevitably reform. Now as part of Ultimate X, I’ve been tasked with booking the dominance of their reformation in AEW, containing Eddie Kingston, Santana, Ortiz and Diamanté.
Now, we’re going to be skipping the part where they form an then rise up the ranks. We get to do the exciting part, their success. So by this point, we’ll take into account that Santana and Ortiz have somehow split from The Inner Circle and are now with Eddie Kingston, as well as that Diamanté and possibly Ivelisse have been recruited. I’m going to presume that Santana and Ortiz are holding the tag titles by this point, and I’m going to assume the time it took for them to form and rise up the card from right now will probably be a year, so I will start at All Out 2021.
Also since the name “Latin American Xchange” is owned by Impact, I’m going to follow the continuity and address them as the “Latin American Xclusive” throughout this.
All Out 2021:
The Latin American Xchange (c) defeats Lucha Bros in a Lucha Rules Tag Team Match to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships
Now, first of, let me explain Lucha rules. Traditionally Lucha Libre operates under Trios matches primarily, but this is a bit of a different one as it’s 2-on-2. Matches operate under 2 out of 3 Falls, as well as one special rule that makes everything so much better. If the legal man leaves the ring, another person is allowed to enter. This creates incredibly fast-paced competition and is why I prefer this style to standard western matches. This match will open a show as if this doesn’t get the crowd hot, then nothing will. Santana and Ortiz come out together, Santana with the Texas flag slung over his shoulders and a red/blue basketball jersey, meanwhile Ortiz has his tongue hanging out and is in similar gear. Lucha Bros then make their usual entrance, the high note hums signalling their arrival, and then the Latin rap kicking in. Pentagon Jr. arrives from one side of the crowd, while Fénix does from the other. They taunt from across the arena and walk down the crowd stairs to arrive at ringside. They hop the guardrails and then springboard into the ring, both rolling on their land and doing a Cero Miedo to each other. Santana and Ortiz then jump the Luchadors and we’re off.
Double lariats connect and both guys fly inside out. Ortiz does a Running Basement Dropkick from one corner to Pentagon’s head sending him outside. Fénix then chops Santana and leapfrogs Ortiz. Santana gets him in an electric chair to combo with a dive from Ortiz, but Pentagon pulls Ortiz off the apron and Fénix slides out of the electric chair. He grips Santana by the waist, and Pentagón runs into Superkick Santana, which Fénix then follows with a German Suplex. The Lucha Bros both then jump up the turnbuckles to taunt and undress from their entrance gear. Ortiz comes in and knocks Fénix off the turnbuckle and he plummets to the outside. Pentagon then runs up and chops Ortiz, who chops back, but Pentagon hits the almighty chop to knock him down. Santana then dives off the middle rope with a Bulldog to Pentagon! 1......2....HE KICKS OUT!! Ortiz tries a Handspring attack, but Fénix runs up behind him and hits a Dropkick to cancel the move. He grabs Santana by the leg when he tries a kick and hits a Dragon Screw, which sends him rolling out. Pentagon then dives out after him with a Tope Con Hilo! The fight is now down to just Ortiz and Fénix.
They keep going for the next 10 minutes with whatever crazy high flying and innovative moves and counters they can come up with. They’re both duos of really creative guys and two duos of madmen and that’s a great combination for wrestling. The finishing sequence sees Pentagon hit a Mexican Destroyer from the second rope to Santana and covering, but then Ortiz breaks it up by jumping off of Pentagon’s back and hitting his own Destroyer to Fénix! He covers, but Pentagon hits a Lungblower to him and holds him across his knees like that while Fénix scales the top ropes. He then dives off with a 630 Senton, but Ortiz rolls out of the way so Fénix his Pentagon! Ortiz then lifts Fénix up into Powerbomb, and Santana does a Springboard Blockbuster to connect the Street Sweeper! 1...........2........3!!!! LAX, represented by Santana and Ortiz retain their Tag Team Championships and keep holding onto them in what's approaching to be a long reign.
Diamanté and Ivelisse defeats TayJayy (c) to win the AEW Women’s Tag Team Championships
Yes, AEW Women’s Tag Team Championships. I think these are going to happen within the next year and if they give them the time and actually care about them (WWE...) I think they could be good titles. I’d have Anna Jayy join Dark Order after her and Tay Conti lose the Deadly Draw finals to this same team. She then starts to win a lot with his help and she becomes the first successful DO member in Mr Brodie Lee’s eyes, and this creates a complicated but enduring JokeHarley vibe for the remainder of this run until Jayy leaves and rejoins with Tay Conti to win the inaugural titles against Riho and Yuka Sakazaki. Tay Conti is a double champion too as she also holds the Stardom SWA World Championship, so she’ll have experience against the Japanese foes. Diamanté on the other hand as been with Eddie Kingston in the rise of LAX, and rejoins with Ivelisse in Kingston’s mission to hold all the gold.
This is the second encounter between these two, a year on from the Deadly Draw finals they meet again. TayJayy goes in the favourites as the champs, with more experience over the last month or two, meanwhile, Ivelisse and Diamanté have just rejoined. Ivelisse and Diamanté both rock bandanas down, and Excalibur notes that these two women are both famous for competing against the male wrestlers, so they’re especially tough. They go at it back and forth for a while, with the ending seeing Tay Conti finish the Three Amigos and then Anna Jayy go for a Shining Wizard, but Diamanté hitting a Shining Wizard to Jayy while she’s running. Diamanté then hits a Bridging German Suplex which Ivelisse combos with a Double Foot Stomp! 1.......2.....3!!!! Diamanté and Ivelisse win again, now 2-0 against TayJayy, and LAX are one title away from all the gold.
Eddie Kingston defeats Chris Hero (c) to win the TNT Championship
Think of the 2000s. What’s your memory? Childhood? Teenage-hood? Perhaps wrestling is involved in it, and for the fans of independent wrestling during the 2000s, they witnessed one of the greatest feuds of all time. Eddie Kingston. Vs. Chris Hero you might have seen Kassius Ohno in NXT, but you might not know of the hero. Chris Hero. The Knockout Artist, The King of Wrestling, The Saviour of CZW, The Wrestling Genius, The Mack Daddy of the Cravate, the best independent wrestler of all time. He’s a free agent right now, and if AEW doesn’t pick him up and give him the push he deserved in WWE, they are idiots. Hero said himself he thinks he hasn’t had his best years yet, AEW could have these. They could have CZW’s hero. They could have NOAH’s greatest gaijin. Enough fangirling over Chris, the meat of this feud:
As I’ve established, Eddie Kingston is dead set on holding all the gold and becoming the first AEW faction to do so. With everyone else helping each other with tag titles, he has to go for a singles title. And the easiest one is the TNT Title, as all you need to do is ask for a shot to receive one. There’s one man standing in his way though, and that’s his greatest ever enemy. Chris Hero. Kingston confronts Hero after a successful title defence and lays into him on the mic, and doesn’t ask for - he demands TNT Championship match at All Out. Hero says he’ll be happy to, and they keep going with the promos on each other. “The final battle” Hero calls it, but Kingston prefers to think of it as “Armageddon”. With Santana and Ortiz retaining their titles, Diamanté and Ivelisse winning their match and both becoming new champs, all pressure is on him to make his dream successful. Well, two dreams - hold all the gold, and be better than the best (Chris Hero).
The match goes on second to last due to its hype. After the hype package, Eddie Kingston comes out with a steel chair. The ref says that won’t be allowed but he ignores him. Then while Chris Hero is walking down the ramp, Kingston jumps him with the chair and beats him down with it. He lets go of the chair and throws Hero into the ring. The fight then starts. They skip the lock-up portion, and they go back and forth with strikes. Lariats, chops, headbutts, elbows, kicks. They go through a lot of famous spots from their old matches, which will pop the new fans since their pretty cool spots, as well as the guys who watched these matches. After 20 minutes, Kingston hits all his finishers in a row. Sliding D, American D, Backfist to the Future, BLKOUT Lariat and finally the Royal Flush, 1..........2.......3!!! Eddie Kingston wins the title he made his debut fighting for and completes the set. Everyone has a title, and this is the beginning of The Latin American Xclusive’s reign of dominance.
Build to Full Gear:
So what I want to do throughout their dominance is primarily, gang warfare. I absolutely love seeing faction wars, and seeing the various members clash in matches is the best part. The build to Full Gear is going to revolve around The Latin American Xclusive, and The Elite. But not The Elite you’re thinking of. This is a 4-man Elite, consisting of Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Jacob Fatu. Now, let me explain how we got here. In the build to All Out 2020, Adam Page starts to slowly grow angrier and angrier with Omega after losing the tag titles. He then realises the error of his ways, but Omega doesn’t and turns on him at Full Gear. Cody leaves to form The Four Horseman as he also turns heel, leaving just Page as the face remaining. Omega and The Bucks then go on as a heel team and are soon joined by Jacob Fatu, who is pissed off that when he finished his debut feud with Darby Allin, the final match ended with the fans chanting for Allin to become world champ. He then joins them, and Omega calls it the Mount Rushmore of Wrestling. By the way, Omega immediately wins the AEW World Championship off Jon Moxley at the All Elite Anniversary Show, so he’s been holding the belt since the first day of the year.
The Dynamite after All Out starts with LAX all in the ring, everyone with a belt. Eddie Kingston is at the helm, with his TNT Championship... “Finally...” he says. “Twenty years, and I am FINALLY, the king of the mountain. I assembled an army, I assembled the most dominant group in All Elite Wrestling history. They called me a washed-up independent has-been or never-were when I arrived, 40 years of age nearly, what could I do? I could conquer, I could be the best-“ They’re jumped! Kenny Omega hits Kingston across the back with a broom and he falls down. Matt and Nick Jackson then come in and Double Superkick Santana and Ortiz! They then look at Diamanté and Ivelisse and laugh, before Superkicking them do. Omega grabs the mic out of Kingston’s hand, and as cocky as can be asks “who are you calling the best?” a big grin plasters his face as well as The Bucks, and then Jacob Fatu walks out. He comes in and has a Superkick Party, superkicking everyone of The Latin American Xclusive. He grabs the TNT Title while The Bucks grab the tag titles, and &The Elite* hold all the gold.
Next week we see a recap of the attack last week, and then it cuts to outside in front of the skyline of whatever city Dynamite is emanating from. Eddie Kingston has a white bandana around his head, and he’s pissed off. Everyone, in fact, rocks the classic LAX look of bandana or shades or both on the head. He runs his mouth on Kenny Omega, as well as The Bucks, he’s a professional trash talker, but he calls out Jacob Fatu after seeing him raise that TNT Championship. He says that Jacob Fatu clearly wanted a TNT Championship match because he held that title high over Eddie’s prone body. And as TNT Champ he accepts the challenge, but it ain’t gonna be next week or any of the upcoming Dynamites. It’s gonna happen in 9 weeks, at Full Gear. Kingston is giving Fatu 2 months to do something: get better. Kingston doesn’t want to see who Fatu currently is - a pussy. He wants a monster to try and destroy him, and he’s giving him the time to rack up the wins and do it. Whereas for his tag teams, either one of em will take one of you young cucks. And then for Kenny Omega, watch yourself...
Meanwhile, the week after Kenny Omega, because he’s an Executive Vice Producer, puts The Young Bucks on commentary with Excalibur for the first hour of Dynamite and they just talk about how great Kenny Omega is, and how terrible LAX is the whole time. Also, I think guest commentators with Excalibur is a good idea, since in PWG he’d commentate with Joey Ryan, Kevin Steen and Chuck Taylor, and it was really fun. They only last an hour though, because, during a Lucha Bros match, Pentagon superkicks both guys while they’re saying that they’re the better team. Fénix wins with a Fear Factor and then grabs a microphone. He then says that they are the better team than The Young Bucks and that they want to fight them for the chance to compete with Santana and Ortiz for the titles.
The Young Bucks next week then make it pretty clear, they ain’t fighting the Lucha Bros. They are putting themselves in the match because they have that power, might as well exploit it. Lucha Bros then decide to attack Kenny Omega, see if that warrants a match. It doesn’t, but it does warrant a brawl. Week after then, Jacob Fatu is scheduled for a match with Fénix while Kenny Omega is in a non-title match with Pentagon Jr. Fatu match ends with him coming out on top and the Omega match sees Pentagon win. He values a World Tag Team Championship match more than he does a World Championship match though, so he uses this win to get that to happen. The match is once again made Lucha Rules. With five weeks to go, we have the men’s matches set in stone, but the women haven’t gotten their match, not quite yet at least.
A good friend of Kenny Omega, Riho, comes back to AEW some time in 2021 and Omega completely ignores her pleas to stop being a bad guy. Riho and Yuka Sakazaki then team up when the news of Women’s tag titles hit, despite the constant tension of Riho never saying why she snapped against Yuka at Fyter Fest two years ago. Ivelisse and Diamanté go through the competition on Dynamite, but in a singles match, Ivelisse loses to Yuka Sakazaki. She doesn’t take this well, mainly because in her words “a f*cking child” beat her. So she says she’ll defend the tag titles with Diamanté against this team of “Chinese plastic bitches”. They are heels, you’re not supposed to not like them. They also confront The Young Bucks backstage and say that they want to fight them, but The Bucks pass it off because yay sexism. Eddie Kingston also faces off against Kenny Omega in the build, and the match ends in chaos when Latin American Xclusive come out, then Lucha Bros, then Young Bucks, then Chris Hero who is #1 on the rankings and has been subtly hinting that he wants Omega, and flippy shit ensues until The Elite stand tall. Jacob Fatu once again comes out and instead of a sneak attack, just hits Kingston with finisher after finisher after finisher. The next week Kingston faces Matthew Cardona in a TNT Championship match, and after Kingston wins, Jacob Fatu comes out and does what he does. Go home week sees Hero and Omega end the show with a battle, and all four of The Elite stand tall to close the build to Full Gear.
Full Gear:
Diamanté and Ivelisse (c) defeat Yuka Sakazaki and Riho to retain the AEW Women’s Tag Team Championships
Opening match of the show is tag action as The Latin American Xclusive represented by Diamanté and Ivelisse take on the team of Yuka Sakazaki and Riho. The opening stare down is enough to identify how different these two are, with Diamanté and Ivelisse looking all rough and tough with the LAX look, meanwhile Yuka and Riho are wearing their pretty dresses and smiling at the crowd. Both teams will put up a fight though. Riho and Ivelisse start off the match, and every time Riho tries to take control, Ivelisse powers out and gets the advantage. Riho goes for a German but Ivelisse spins around into a Clothesline and starts to stomp down on her. She tags in Diamanté and she continues the stampede. The ref pulls her off, so she hits a Bridging German Suplex and tries to finish it early with a Double Foot Stomp, but Yuka Sakazaki pushes Ivelisse off the top rope and she falls into the ring. Riho then hits a Running Double Knee to Ivelisse in the corner! She hits a Big Boot to Diamanté and a Northern Lights Suplex, then she tags in Yuka and the match continues.
The finishing sequence sees Yuka hit a Sliding Lariat and then tagging in Riho as she heads up the ropes. Riho comes in and goes for the Victory Roll into a Double Foot Stomp, but Diamanté gets her legs up and Hurricaneranas Riho into the corner, which knocks Yuka down into a Tree of Woe! Ivelisse hits a Tornado Kick to Riho on the outside, and then a Double Foot Stomp to Yuka! Diamanté lines up Yuka and gets her in the Fireman’s Carry. Ivelisse heads to the apron and readies up. Diamanté hits a Go To Sleep, but holds Yuka Sakazaki in position so that Ivelisse can hit the Flaming Arrow! 1........2......3!!!! Ivelisse and Diamanté of The Latin American Xclusive retain their Women’s Tag Team Championships, and at least 2/5 of the gold remains in the hands of the faction.
Eddie Kingston vs. Jacob Fatu for the TNT Championship ends in disqualification
Now is time for the TNT Championship match and it’s Jacob Fatu’s first title match since joining AEW. For those wondering “he just signed a 5-year contract with MLW, what’s he doing in AEW?”, to be frank, I don’t think MLW will survive. I think with the pandemic and Court’s idiocy they’ll go under, sadly. That means the three who signed exclusive deals: Jacob Fatu, Hammerstone and Salina de la Renta will all show up in other promotions though. Anyways, Fatu has been training hard the past 2 months in preparation for this match, with maybe a few training videos on Dynamite of him crushing people or doing ludicrous gym work. Kingston and Fatu are both two great brawlers at their core, while also both being excellently intense on the stick. Both guys intensity is really why I want to see this.
The match starts in a brawl with Kingston lariating Fatu’s head off several times over. He does a Shoulder Tackle and tries a Backdrop, which gets a Cena chant, and then Fatu hits him with a Samoan Spike, getting a Umaga chant. They keep going with stiff hits, and then it’s taken to the outside. Kingston dives off the apron but misses, and is then powerbombed into the guardrail! Fatu breathes on his hand before hitting an Overhead Chop and taking things back inside. He runs the ropes with Kingston and hits a chop before he can do anything. He hits a Superkick to send him outside and then hits a Spaceman Plancha! They keep going with the fight until Kingston manages to do the same sequence of strikes that put Chris Hero away. He tries to finish with a Royal Flush, but he decides to make it worse. He sets up a chair and does the Royal Flush onto it. He doesn’t try and pin because it ends in a disqualification, but he doesn’t care, he hurt Fatu as much as possible. Like I’ve said, he isn’t a good guy.
The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega all run out and triple Superkick Eddie Kingston. Santana and Ortiz even the odds and throw Kenny and Jacob out the ring. They then go at it with The Bucks by flying fists at each other. Fénix runs out with a Running Dropkick to Kenny, sending him over the barricade and off. Pentagon then walks out and hits a Fear Factor on the ramp to Fatu, sending him away. Everyone then is in the ring fighting, and slowly but surely they start to take each other down. The Young Bucks hit double Superkicks to both Santana and Ortiz, but then Santana hits a Hurricanerana to Matt while Nick sets up a Meltzer Driver. Matt then stumbles over but by this time Ortiz has flipped Nick into his own Tombstone position and Santana has taken Matt to the outside. Santana then dives off the top rope and LAX hit their own Meltzer Driver! Fénix then jumps through the middle rope and hits a Clothesline to take Santana out so it’s just him and Ortiz. This is where our tag match officially starts.
Santana and Ortiz (c) defeats The Young Bucks and Lucha Bros in a Lucha Rules Tag Team Match to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships
Fénix and Ortiz both try and Dropkick each other, and when they both land, they kip back up. Ortiz runs the ropes but Fénix throws him over his back, but Ortiz lands on his feet. Fénix tries to twist around for a Headscissors, but Ortiz doesn’t let him execute the move, so he just keeps spinning until he hits a Crucifix Pin! 1.....2....Ortiz kicks out! Santana comes in with a Pump Kick to Fénix, and then he and Ortiz hit a double team move: Santana lifts Fénix in an Alley Oop, and Ortiz hits a One-Handed Bulldog to combo with the move! Ortiz and Fénix roll out and in comes Matt Jackson. He immediately hits an Arm Drag and then applies a tight grip to the arm. Santana kips up with his own Arm Drag and then they both have each other grabbed by the arm. They both kick each other in the side, and then Matt flips over Santana like a Buckshot Lariat, and Nick slides in. They hit their double team move “N’Sync”! 1.........2.....KICK OUT!!!!
Pentagon Jr. comes in in Santana’s place and wastes no time on taking out both Young Bucks single-handedly. He ducks a Superkick so Nick hits Matt, and then grabs Nick when he dives at him and throws him at Matt! Nick crossbodies his own brother, and they both roll out. Pentagon Jr. then dives out after them with a Tope Con Hilo! Before anyone else takes their places he throws Nick back in and they get to work. Nick gets beaten down by Pentagon with strikes until he takes him away with a Mexican Destroyer! Fénix runs in and they try for the Fear FactoDiving Double Foot Stomp combo, but Matt pulls Pentagon’s legs out meaning he lets go of Nick. He gets him in a Wheelbarrow hold while Nick knocks Fénix off with a Hurricanerana! Nick then dives with a Slingshot Sitout Facebuster to Penta being held in a Wheelbarrow hold by Matt!
Nick and Matt then get ultra cocky with just Fénix left in the ring. They both do suck it taunts at the crowd before Matt goes all Triple H mode shouting out “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...WHOS READY TO SUCK IT” meanwhile Nick tunes up the band. He hits a Sweet Chin Music which knocks Fénix into Matt’s Pedigree! 1........2......KICK OUT!!! Matt and Nick look angry and then Double Superkick Fénix in the head. Matt says he’ll take it from here and Nick leaves the ring. He turns around to see Santana fly in with a Blockbuster! Matt tries to kick him in the stomach but he catches the boot and pushes him back so he Moonsaults onto his shoulders. Santana then hits a Running Senton. He heads up for a Frog Splash but Nick Jackson grabs his foot. So what Santana does is he puts his feet onto Nick’s shoulders, and dives off them with a Moonsault to Matt, but does it in such a way it knocks Nick off the apron! Santana and Matt both roll out so for the first time we get two new guys in at once, Ortiz and Pentagon Jr.
Ortiz and Pentagon slowly walk up to each other, until Ortiz pounces with a lock-up, but Pentagon is ready and hits a Monkey Flip! Ortiz runs for him but Pentagon hits a Drop Toehold and locks in the Caballette! Ortiz gets out but Fénix dives in with La Garra del Fénix! Pentagon Jr. and Fénix then try for a Double Superkick, both coming from opposite corners. Ortiz ducks through and they hit each other! Ortiz then hits an Enziguri to Pentagon so he leaves and it’s him and Fénix. Fénix then goes off on Ortiz with an array of flying moves: Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick, Handspring Cutter, Over The Top Rope Moonsault Plancha, Tiger Feint Kick, and finishing with a Double Springboard Tornillo into Ortiz! He calls Pentagon back in who hits a Pentagon Driver and him combos with a Shooting Star Press! They both cover, 1........2......Nick and Matt both dive onto Fénix and Pentagón! With Fénix and Pentagon both covering, they’re both bent over Ortiz. So, Nick and Matt both dive onto them and lift them off the ground with double Canadian Destroyers in the opposite directions.
Matt dives out with a Suicide Dive to Santana, and then scales the apron when he sees Nick lifting Pentagon in a Tombstone Piledriver! They try for the Meltzer Driver, but Fénix pulls Nick off the top rope, hits him with a Slingblade onto the apron, and then he climbs up. Pentagon lifts Nick into his own Tombstone, and Fénix hits a SHOOTING STAR PRESS MELTZER DRIVER!!! 1..........2.......LAX BREAK IT UP!!!!! Santana and Ortiz throw Nick and Fénix out, and then start to stomp down on Pentagon. Ortiz lifts him up and Santana heads to the apron, STREET SWEEPER BY LAX!!!!!! 1............2..........3!!!!! THEY RETAIN THE TITLES!!! The Latin American Xclusive walk off with their tag titles still and then Fénix goes into the ring to comfort Pentagon, but he turns on him. That’s the feud between them going forward, and Pentagon goes on to be his dominant heel self while Fénix becomes a top face solo star since those are both their best roles.
Kenny Omega (c) defeats Chris Hero to retain the AEW World Championship
Haven’t touched a lot on this match in the build but that’s primarily because it doesn’t involve LAX. Chris Hero is #1 on the rankings due to how much he was winning as TNT Champion, but he was ignored by Kenny Omega when he said he wanted to fight him for the title because he was busy with Eddie Kingston. Hero confronts Omega about this and Kenny tells him that Eddie beat him, he’s got bigger fish to fry. So Hero was one of the guys to take on Jacob Fatu, and in a barnstormer of a match Hero came out on top. This is what grabbed Kenny’s attention, who got even more intrigued when Hero teamed with Lucha Bros to take on Pac, The Butcher and The Blade - and Hero got the pin. This then leads to what happened in the final segment of the go home to make this match nice and official.
Hero makes his entrance in the biggest match of his career. Main eventing an AEW PPV, in his home state of Ohio, and I could list the nicknames again, and I will: The Knockout Artist, The King of Wrestling, The Saviour of CZW, The Wrestling Genius, The Mack Daddy of the Cravate, Chris F’n Hero. Kenny Omega then makes a grand entrance, probably dressed as Vegeta, or fucking Shinji, or whatever 90’s anime character, and the match is underway. See, both these guys need this. I understand Kenny’s want for a bit of a year off with 2019 because I imagine his body was in bits after New Japan, the man wrestled the G1 Climax 27 Finals with an injured knee and vertigo. They both need to have that one excellent match and remind people they are two of the best wrestlers in the world, and no off years will change that. 30 minutes they go, and it’s blissful. Probably cheating, but I genuinely think they can make a better match than me. Also, neither of these guys are part of LAX, so two paragraphs are all you’re getting. Omega wins and keeps his title for now.
submitted by ConorCulture to FBEBTE

trump: cyrus, christian or con?

several years back evangelicals weren't comfortable at all saying trump was a christian. before and during trump's campaign conservative evangelicals were all over the map on where they stood concerning his faith:
in 2015 dobson said,'I am very wary of Donald Trump,” Dobson said in his email, citing Trump’s business in gambling. “I would never vote for a king pin within that enterprise. Trump’s tendency to shoot from the hip and attack those with whom he disagrees would be an embarrassment to the nation if he should become our Chief Executive. I don’t really believe Trump is a conservative. Finally, I would never under any circumstance vote for Hillary Clinton'. in 2016, and to this day, dobson says on his 'family institute' website, 'If anything, this man is a baby Christian who doesn’t have a clue about how believers think, talk and act.'
in 2011 franklin graham told christianity today: ' “No question, the guy’s got a lot of baggage. He owns casinos. He’s had multiple marriages. I did not endorse him.” when trump evangelical bouncer, robert jeffress, defended trump on fox news, regarding stormy daniels' announcement she had a sexual encounter with Trump and was paid to keep quiet before the election, Jeffress explained [to] Juan Williams that evangelicals 'knew they weren’t voting for an altar boy.' eric metaxas in responding to the hollywood access video of trump, [in] an email to 'RNS [... said he] rejected the characterization that he has strongly backed Trump, saying his support “has always been tepid and tremendously qualified." [...] in addition, 'James MacDonald, pastor of the Chicago-area megachurch Harvest Bible Chapel and a member of Trump’s evangelical advisory board, also withdrew his support after the video aired, calling the candidate “letcherous and worthless.' in 2016 mike huckabee tweeted: 'Trump may be a car wreck, but at least his car is pointed in the right direction. Hillary is a drunk-driver going the wrong way on the freeway'. the family research council president, tony perkins, put his support this way: 'You know what? Nations are built on calculated risk. Yeah. You could say we’re taking a calculated risk, but we’re at a point where we have to as a nation because what we have seen in the last seven and a half years has put the nation fiscally and culturally on the edge.'
of course, we can't forget jerry falwell's endorsement as early as january of 2016: [...] “In my opinion, Donald Trump lives a life of loving and helping others as Jesus taught in the great commandment,” he said. “He cannot be bought, he's not a puppet on a string like many other candidates ... who have wealthy donors as their puppet masters,” he said. “And that is a key reason why so many voters are attracted to him.” at this time there's no direct evidence, nor cohen's testimony that there was a quid pro quo for falwell's endorsement. the falwell's and trump's have been friends since 2012 when trump spoke at liberty univ. it was falwell's endorsement that opened up the evangelical base to trump and ultimately cut ted cruz out of the race. but it can't go without saying that knowing the past 4 or 5 years of both trump and the falwell's lives, the entanglement is very deep, as you will see.
so, given the lack of evangelical consensus, the lack of a solid biblical argument, and the life of trump, the location of where to put him, while retaining some evangelical dignity and avoiding hypocrisy, a charismatic evangelical named lance wallnau enters the story with his best selling book, 'God's Chaos Candidate' on oct of 2016, as well as his piece in 'charisma news', 'Why I Believe Trump Is the Prophesied President'. wallnau argued trump 'is a “modern-day Cyrus,” an ancient Persian king chosen by God to “navigate in chaos.' he even added a little numerology: trump's the 45th prez and cyrus is god's anointed in isaiah 45, so trump's anointed. makes sense right? anyway, aside from us living in a democracy, the idea grew, even to the point of netanyahu comparing him to cyrus. now many evangelicals are compare him to king cyrus.
two years have now passed and it was a month before the 2018 midterms and a movie came out called, 'the trump prophecy.' the film was a partnership between 'reelworksstudios' and (-wait for it-) liberty univ's arts program, where it attempted to make the comparison of cyrus and trump. popularity grew when fox news' jeanine pirro touted the film, along with many other radio and tv hosts . while the idea of the cyrus-trump connection is still being floated it doesn't make sense now. why? due to trump openly stating he's changed his faith. more specifically, when trump himself, a couple weeks ago became a non denominationalist, it closed the personal distance between him and jesus, it, theoretically, should bring him closer to jesus, which negated the cyrus typology, which gave him distance from jesus; that's the point of changing one's faith isn't it, to get closer to god. as that distance is now gone, as cyrus was a pagan, and trump is claiming he's a reflective christian -a genius-, having deepened his faith, how can he still be compared to a pagan king? -especially with being surrounded by evangelicals for 4 years.
over the past 40 years non denominationalists have grown over 400%, and a 1/3 of all evangelicals are nondens.. who are the nondens? they're basically the largest protestant denomination, and made up many southern baptists, with provisos.. it's unusual for a very stable genius billionaire, to self identify with nondens, but paula white has a 6,000 sq ft home, former trump faith advisor in the 1950s (check out 'the family' on netfix). so, perhaps trump is an eisenhower type, having changed his faith for political profit? if he did, one thing is certain; he can't use the cyrus connection any longer, for attempting to now makes him a public con.
trump has stated, 'i'm the chosen one.' he was joking, somewhat, but like so many of his supposed jokes, they usually appear two-sided; they're like a reverse irony found under a bulimic joke, like: “Suburban women, will you please like me? - Please. Please,” he said in PA last week. his other "jokes" we have to wait several hours or a day later to discover if it really was a joke: “When you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more people, you’re going to find more cases,” Trump said. “So I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down, please.’. again, '"And then I see the disinfectant, that knocks it out in a minute.. and is there a way you can do something like, by injection, inside, or almost to clean... It sounds interesting to me.' and again, 'russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30k emails that are missing.'. these dormant jokes a day or so later are fairly common and have created lots of confusion. i bring this up 'cause trump uses religious language more than any other past presidents in a 100 years, more than twice as eisenhower, and figuring out what he's really saying regarding faith, in politics, isn't any better than his policy discussions, and some might say it's worse -- as he weaponizes/attacks it, too:
  • when one looks at trump's photo op at st. john's church, as the clergy and protesting faithful and others were cleared with force and gas, just moments later trump took their place on the church sidewalk, standing alone, fixated on cameras, fumbling a bible, then holding it next to his head, never praying, nor mentioning god. during that time, he said two times, 'we have the greatest country in the world,' then walked to the front steps of the church, stood with his back to the steps, as the other pics must have somehow lacked his authority, called some of his staff and bill barr to stand with him while they posed for more pics, stating twice again, ' we have the greatest country' or words to that affect. here one say that trump weaponized the church equating it to a dominating power over those who disagree with trump's edicts. it was a symbol for what constitutes christian nationalism, in my view.
  • pelosi and romney weren't avoided by trump:
  • “I don’t like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong,” the president said. “Nor do I like people who say, ‘I pray for you,’ when they know that that’s not so.” Later, in front of dozens of members of Congress at his acquittal celebration at the White House, Trump singled out Pelosi and Romney by name, going further by accusing her of neither praying for him, nor praying at all. “She doesn’t pray. She may pray, but she prays for the opposite. But I doubt she prays at all,” the president said.
  • trump said of ted cruz: "but I've never seen anybody that lied as much as Ted Cruz. He goes around saying he's a Christian. I don't know. You're going to have to really have to study that. yes"
  • a trump tweet on cruz: 'How can Ted Cruz be and Evangelical Christian when he lies so much and is so dishonest?
  • trump in ohio:'[biden] will take away your guns, take away your Second Amendment. No religion, no anything.” [...]there will be no god is biden is elected', and biden 'will hurt the bible, hurt god,'
  • finally: Trump responded swiftly at a campaign event in South Carolina, saying: “For a religious leader to question a person’s faith is disgraceful.” “No leader, especially a religious leader, has the right to question another man’s religion or faith,” he told a packed room at a golf course resort.
of course, trump's not the only person to weaponize god-talk. pastor paula white does it as well: christians will 'stand before god if they vote against trump'. of course, she's known as the most adamant evangelical that says trump is a christian. sadly, she's had her run-ins with heresy regarding the trinity, is a prosperity gospel preacher, gone off the rails publicly more than once, has been investigated by the senate, published a book in oct of 2019, that 'christiantiy today' called, disturbing, depressing, narcissistic, dishonest, materialistic, lacking self-awareness, shallow, and trumpesque. so, she's really something -- and of course she's probably trump's top spiritual adviser that works in the white house. the same failure of christian virtues can be said of jerry falwell jr, the president of one of the nation's largest christian colleges, but truly, his narrative doesn't need repeating, except the new sage of he and his wife's game of 'would you rather'.. the same also goes for pastor franklin graham, who is a xenophobe and weaponized 'opposition to President Donald Trump to “almost a demonic power”, metaxis agreed, although he didn't like the 'almost'. finally, to end our sampling, there's pastor robert jeffress statements that anti-trump 'evangelicals are morons. They are absolutely spineless morons, and they cannot admit that they were wrong.' [...] “We cannot afford to be like German Christians who, in the rise of the evil reign of Adolf Hitler, just remained neutered. They remained silent. And you saw what happened there,” Jeffress said. “I think there’s a similar wave of godlessness that is rising in our country right now, and we must push back against that tide.'
this is not an argument of guilt by association, these individuals have shown evidence of a failure to abide with the teachings of jesus and the church. their miscarriage is aligned with trump's, and perhaps more so, as they for decades have studied christianity. yet, they aren't running the country and lying daily about the covid virus as thousands die weekly; they aren't constantly attacking and damaging the usps,, mail in ballots,, the press, race, climate science, fauci, the fbi, even saying doctors are profiting off of covid deaths and inflating the dead numbers, attacking impeachment accusers, his sexual misconduct accusers, gold star families ...the list of trump attacks are almost found everywhere and everyday now.
therefore, if he's not cyrus, not a christian, is he a con? i think the evidence is abundantly clear. for much of the attacks and weaponizing of people, institutions, and things, the gop has also been silent. they are silent on race, the media, even their own institutions. i'd be something if they came out and supported him in numbers, but they don't. paul states in 1 cor: 11: Do as I do, for I am doing as Christ did. i don't see that happening much in the gop or trump's staff or trump himself, given he's the most religiously rhetorical president in over a 100 years, and that the nondens are the true believers; in fact, the evidence appears to indicate the opposite conclusion. donald trump is a con of the highest order, a chronic liar, a cheat, and devious. therefore, evangelicals should ask themselves ‘what would jesus do about this?' the answer would be, 'don't vote for trump.’
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