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CPG Hotels, Auckland (2020)

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https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/6n213i/lkmarleighs_igs_rep_page/ https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/7p9oe0/lkmarleighs_igs_rep_page_2/
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[A Staff of Crystal and Bone][CoreVerse] Reboot Chapter 1

A note about the reboot:
A Staff of Crystal and Bone is being relaunched to take place in the CoreVerse, which includes Tamer of the Beasts, Dragon's Scion, the soon-to-be Relaunched Eden Awakens, and my newest book, The Wastes of Kelora - which is on Amazon now. It also will now include GameLit elements, as with all CoreVerse stories besides Dragon's Scion. It will also cross over with them in the future. I'm also taking the opportunity to smooth out the pacing and change a few other things. The characters you loved will remain mostly the same a far as who they are as people. The story will be similar, and some scenes will be almost the same - however, since some of this are things you read before if you read the first draft, every Chapter is going to contain some new content so you never get something that's just me lazily reposting. Advanced chapters for Patrons will be coming soon!
Updates will be weekly going forward.
Published Books | Patreon | Get updates on Discord | Rumors - Free Ebook | The Dragon’s Scion - Ongoing Serial | Small Worlds - Ongoing Serial | Tamer of the Beasts - Ongoing Serial
As a child, there were electric days. Days when sleeping in until dawn was too much to ask, even though you hadn’t been able to fall asleep the day before. Festivals and birthdays for yourself or your friends. When your eldest parent returned from their conscription, and then again when your younger parent finished their service. A year spent putting down the Capring incursions might not sound like a long time, but for a child it was an eternity.
Artum had learned that, with age, those days became less common. You learned that there was no Midwinter Angel bringing you gifts, but your parents laying down presents wrapped in butcher paper. Your birthday became less important than a full night’s sleep after a hard days work on the farm. And sometimes, the electric days lost their spark. A birthday fight with Garissa meant the next year he’d woken up with a sense of dread. Learning the Midwinter Angel was just his mother had lessened the thrill, although it had heightened the appreciation he had for her.
And his father hadn’t come back from his conscription. It had been before Artum was born, and his mother hadn’t talked about it, but the year she had been gone and he’d stayed with Tiebalt’s family Artum had been just old enough to understand that she might not return.
So it was a somewhat pleasant surprise to wake up before the sun had even begun to crest above the horizon, feeling like he had a wonderfully warm fire burning in his brain. The green moon of Cloudskimmer was providing a nice verdant glow to the fields outside his window. His mother was still asleep, having been kept awake by his younger sister until the wee hours of the morning.
Missa has been an unexpected addition to the family. Mother had come back from her conscription with a loaf in the pan, as the older folk liked to say. Such things were not unheard of, and while the old folk would squawk about it, the old folk squawked at anything that they could find to make noise about.
Missa was eight now. Artum wondered if, in ten years, she’d be sitting at this same window, at this same hour of the morning, wishing it was six hours later already.
The back of his left hand itched, and he fought the urge to scratch at it. The tattoo back there had been set three days ago, and had mostly healed. Only a few people could inscribe these tattoos, and a man had come up from Diresfall to put it on Artum’s hand, along with Garissa and Olam. Tiebalt, being a year older, already had his tattoo. It was Garissa’s turn next week, so of course she’d gotten it too. Olam was still eight months away from today, but he’d gotten the mark now, because there was not certainty that he’d be able to get it without travelling.
Artum held it out so he could see it better, still getting used to the sight. A Citizen’s Mark. Only those who were within their seventeenth year could receive it. Right now, it was a circle with a stylized number ten in the back. The tattoo looked like it was made of cast iron, although it still felt like flash. There was a single bar coming off the tattoo, bisected by four lines, extending down towards Artum’s wrist, and it was solid green.
That was his stamina. Iron ranked people could not access any of those other bars, which would appear tomorrow when he completed his summon and the iron ten rank mark turned to tin one. Most likely, Artum would only gain a second, orange bar that would represent his progress along his ranks. That was what had happed to Tiebalt, after all - although his stamina bar had more sections, representing his higher tier. Tiebalt had always been larger and stronger than Artum, but now that he was Tin Three, Artum couldn’t hope to keep pace with him on a long run.
But Artum allowed himself to dream of more bars.
It was said, in the days before the Destined, that those who had Tool summons didn’t even get Marks. They would just find themselves getting heartier and healthier. But when it was discovered that some Tools could unlock the other bars, the Mark had become mandatory. It had gone from being what was called a Hero’s Mark to just a Citizens Mark.
Now, the Hero’s Mark were the ones with other bars.
Artum would love to get the blue Mana bar that denoted most Hero’s Marks. He could summon a shield and wind up a Knight. Or a sword and become a Warrior. Perhaps a Monks handwraps, or an Archer’s bow. He’d even take a Rogue’s daggers or a Primal’s axe. Who wouldn’t? Heroes received incredible powers, second only to the Destined, especially at the higher Tiers. It was said that Gold and Platinum ranked Heroes had stood with the Destined against the Dark Lord on the final Battlefield. The Chosen One himself had started off as Knight, before he’d founded the Destined. Artum could barely imagine having the power to stand alongside such legendary figures.
Of course, those days were over. The Destined ruled the Reborn Empire now, and life was better than the horrors Artum had heard of the Dark Lord’s reign. But that meant there were no more great monsters to put down, no more battles to be fought except against the goatlike Caprings out of Shobbot. The Chosen One reigned, and peace was his only queen.There were no more heroes who ascended past Silver tier, because there was no threat worthy of their mettle.The summoned items that allowed people to ascend to the classes of heroes that had held immense power - Mages, Psychics, Neophytes, and Witches - had stopped even appearing. As if the Gods agreed with the Destined - such things were no longer needed.
Realistically, Artum knew that these were the idle dreams of a child. In a few hours, he would summon a shovel like Tiebalt, or a hoe, or a pitchfork, or a blacksmith’s hammer, and that would be that. His path would be set. The best he could realistically hope for was Tiebalt’s unusual luck in the quality of his item.
The sound was so unexpected, Artum had to clamp his hands over his mouth to silence a startled cry that tried to escape his lips. His expression must have been comical, because he was greeted to a series of giggles at his reaction.
He glowered, and kept his hands where they were to hide the smile. He knew that laughter all too well.
“Garissa,” he whispered once he’d schooled his lips into something that would pass for a disapproving, adult frown. “What are you doing out here? Shouldn’t you be asleep?”
Garissa popped her head out from the wheat field. The reflection of Cloudskimmer’s green light off her pale grey eyes combined with the way the wind tugged at her raven feather dark hair to give her an almost ephemeral appearance, a mischievous spirit come to spoil milk or spook cattle or disturb sleep.
It was a very fitting look for her.
Garissa did not deign to answer Artum’s question, instead turning to speak into the wheat field. “I told you he’d still be awake,” she said. For all her love of mischief, Garissa kept her voice down. The last thing any of them wanted was to disturb Artum’s mother, or worse, Missa. Garissa was playing the role of spirit of mischief today, not a true chaos bringer.
“I never said you were wrong,” the voice answered. Artum didn’t try to hide this smile. Tiebalt’s voice had grown far too deep for him to whisper properly, and instead he sounded like a growling dog. Not an angry or dangerous one. The growl of a dog that’s tugging on the other end of a rope and thoroughly enjoying itself.
Garissa sighed and gave Artum a helpless look. “He said we shouldn’t come check on you. I said the only reason not to check on you was if you were asleep. He still said we shouldn’t do it, but his reasons were all nonsense, so he clearly thought you would be asleep.”
“I said,” Tiebalt said, “that she should not be sneaking out of her father’s, and she was lucky I’d seen her before he had. Then I said she should be responsible because it would be her turn in a week.”
“Like I said,” Garissa said, the picture of certainty. “Nonsense. Now. Artum. Do you want to get more sleep, or do you want to enjoy your last few hours of childhood to pass the time?”
Artum was halfway out the window before she’d even finished the question.
“You know,” Tiebalt said. “Completing your summon doesn’t mean you stop being fun. I mean, look at me. I’m here, aren’t I?”
Artum looked at Tiebalt. He’d always been big when they were younger, but Tiebalt had been gangly as a child. A full year of working with the Shovel over his shoulder had filled him out. Especially since Tielbat’s Shovel had red runes along the handle. It was Ultra Rare. No one knew exactly what it did, besides making him a bit quicker to progress up the ranks. Tiebalt, for his part, looked tired and annoyed. Like an adult watching the antics of two questions. Artum rolled his eyes, and gave Garissa a side-eyed glance. “Please tell me that if I end up as stuffy as him, you’ll hit me?” he asked.
“By the time I notice, I’ll be turning stuffy too. We’ll be able to grow old and stuffy together, Artum Oleanthi, and Tiebalt will be calling us whippersnappers until we hire the ten man team we’ll need to lower him into the ground.”
Tiebalt huffed, and did an even worse job hiding his smile than Artum had earlier. “You can be an adult and have fun.”
Artum shook his head. “It’s cute he thinks that’s reassuring,” he said, casting his eyes towards the heavens.
“Agreed” Garissa asked. “Now come on, lets get a bit away from town. One last time, early morning at the tree house. Then, when the sun is up, we’ll have you back here for breakfast. Then...then we’ll see what you’ll get to summon.”
Artum could hardly wait.
Hope you enjoyed that first taste of the relaunch. This is possible in part due to me recently becoming a full time writer. If you haven't yet, please consider picking up the first published CoreVerse novel, The Wastes of Keldora - it will be a huge help to me and enable me to keep this going! If you want a sample of Wastes of Keldora, the first two chapters are here
Published Books | Patreon | Get updates on Discord | Rumors - Free Ebook | The Dragon’s Scion - Ongoing Serial | Small Worlds - Ongoing Serial | Tamer of the Beasts - Ongoing Serial
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