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Live Show Added : Lincoln Hall 2011.05.03

Live Show Archive
Source: ThatVulture, auger3d [his mics; thanks!] (dimeadozen.org)
Lineage: CS Stealthy Cardioids -> Sony PCM-M10 (44kHz/24 bit WAV) -> Sound Forge 10.0 -> iZotope Ozone 4 -> FLAC (Level 8)
Runtime: 1:14:00
01 Intro
02 Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind?
03 Solitude Is Bliss
04 (Intro) It's Not Meant To Be
05 Alter Ego
06 Expectation
07 Banter
08 Desire Be Desire Go
09 (Intro) Angel (Massive Attack cover)
10 Jeremy's Storm
11 Banter 2
12 Lucidity
13 Runway, Houses, City, Clouds / Skeleton Tiger / Half Full Glass Of Wine
This show sounds awesome cranked and preferably over speakers with a center channel for the high end to shine.
The setlist features a few not normally heard in live recordings and (to my knowledge) has the only good sounding Expectation I've come across. Gotta love the outro.
Ending medley is Runway/Skeleton TigeHalf Glass.
Also worth noting is this tour was before they had become very popular in the US and therefore you can tell the crowd is pretty small compared to the numbers they've been drawing in 2012 and 2013.
submitted by jazo to TameImpala

'Rise of Iron' Info Dump: A Quick List of Changes and New Features in Rise of Iron - V2

Hello again, DTG!
You may remember V1 of this thread. It was posted about 17 days ago at the time of this writing. Now we only have about 12 days to go! Also, since V1, new information has come out regarding Rise of Iron. In V2 here, I will attempt to not only add new info but also correct any mistakes from V1 and add source links when possible for your viewing pleasure!
Also worth noting: I won't be going into detail about most things (such as describing the new enemies and every single one of their attacks). I will simply be stating the facts and let the linked sources provide greater insight into each topic.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or in this megathread.

Rise of Iron

  • Rise of Iron will release on Tuesday, September 20th for Xbox One and PS4 only. [1] [2]

New Social Space on Earth called 'Felwinter Peak'

  • Players must clear Fallen out of it to reclaim it. [3]
  • There will be new vendors, secrets, and more! [4]
  • Also, Iron Banner will now be hosted from this social space [4]
  • A special area will open up when Iron Banner is active. [4]
  • Iron Banner will no longer be hosted at the Tower. What this means for the Traveler's Walk [5] is unknown. It is labeled for 'Events' so we may see it re-open with the return of various events such as SRL or Festival of the Lost. [26]

New Patrol Zone on Earth called the 'Plaguelands'

  • From what we've seen in one of the Live Streams, the patrol appears to be Level 42 but that could change as they were playing in a development environment. [6]
  • It consists of a new area beyond the wall as well as most of the original Cosmodrome. [6]
  • New 'Archon's Forge' arena! Found out in the patrol zone (Think Court of Oryx but bigger and longer. If you die, you're out unless revived or you buy your way back in!) [No Source]
  • Winter is here! There is more snow in the new patrol. [6]
  • The current Level 4 Cosmodrome patrol on Earth will remain untouched to give new players the original Destiny experience. [17]
  • Sparrows can be used in the Plaguelands! [6]
  • 'Dormant SIVA Clusters' are scattered around the Plaguelands which must be collected (Similar to Calcified Fragments from The Taken King). What exactly they are used for is currently unknown. They do unlock new Grimoire cards though. [18]
  • New Title Screen and music [12] (This is actually the music from the PS4 Dynamic theme but it is probably the title screen music, or at least part of it).

5 new story missions revolving around the Iron Lords and fighting the Devil Splicers and SIVA. [19]

  • Many new quest lines to do both during and after the story has been completed. [No Source]
  • Most new exotics come from quests (Including Gjallarhorn) [No Source]
  • Daily Heroic Story now has a recommended Light Level of 350 (Level 42 enemies). [17]

1 Brand New Strike in the Plaguelands called 'The Wretched Eye' (IGN Gameplay Video of new Strike) [0]

  • 2 Re-done Strikes: Summoning Pits (Phogoth - Moon) and The Devils' Lair (Sepiks Prime - Earth) [21]
  • Strike bosses can now drop 'Skeleton Keys' which you can hold in a stack up to 5. [No Source]
  • Skeleton Keys can be used on a chest that will appear after a Strike Boss is dead. [No Source]
  • These chests contains a guaranteed Strike-specific loot drop. [No Source]
  • This should cause players not to have to grind strikes as much to get specific loot drops.
  • Nightfall Strike now has a recommended Light Level of 360 (Level 42 enemies). [17]
  • Weekly Heroic Strikes now have a recommended Light Level of 350 (Level 42 enemies). [17]

New Raid in the Plaguelands called 'Wrath of the Machine'.

  • It will come out that Friday, September 23rd at 10:00 AM Pacific Time [2] [10]
  • The new maximum Light Level is 385 with normal mode [16]
  • When Hard Mode comes out at a later date, it will be raised to 400. [16]
  • New 'Iron Lord' themed artifacts have game changing abilities. [31]
  • New Armor Sets and Weapons for Vendors, Iron Banner, Factions, etc. [19]
  • All Year 2 Legendary and Exotic items can be infused to the new Light Level cap [No Source]
  • You now have a choice when picking up Faction Packages. You can choose between Weapons or Armor! [No Source]
  • There is also a third package option for Chroma compatible Armor! [No Source]

New 'Radiant Treasure' boxes

  • (In case you've been out of the loop since before the April Update) Sterling Treasure boxes are micro-transaction boxes that contain special legendary armor sets and other various goodies. The armor sets drop at 3 Defense and must be infused up to a higher light level to be viable. 3 can be obtained for free each week per account just by playing the game.
  • Radiant Treasure boxes will likely contain all new armor sets as well as other goodies such as sparrows and ships.
  • You can obtain 1 Radiant Treasure box per week from the first Heroic Strike you do. [0]

Private Crucible Matches are now a thing!

  • You can choose game type, map, score limit, time limit, time of day, vehicle spawns, and whether or not light level matters! [0]
  • Also, a new gametype: Supremacy (Think Kill Confirmed from CoD)

Exotic Weapons and Armor and even some Legendaries can have new 'Ornaments' applied to them that change the way they look.

  • Most aren't terribly drastic though. Think of them more like weapon skins/camos in other shooters.
  • Every (Legendary) class item ever is returning as Infusable (Except old Raid class items). [No Source]
  • Class items now change color with shader. [32]
  • Thorn [24] and Gjallarhorn [9] are both confirmed to be returning with Rise of Iron.
  • No mention of Icebreaker or Pocket Infinity.
  • Year 1 Raid Exotics (Vex Mythoclast and Necrochasm) will not be returning with Rise of Iron. [29]
  • Saladin will sell 'Iron Engrams' which can decrypt into old Iron Banner gear pieces. [No Source]
  • Xur will sell exotic ornaments [22]
  • New Silver Dust can be earned in game and used to purchase items from Xur or even Eververse. [23]
  • Year 2 Trials of Osiris gear sets will be retired (unobtainable after RoI releases) [28]
  • Festival of the Lost is returning in October [26]
  • SRL (Sparrow Racing) is returning in December [13] [26]


  • Level cap staying at Level 40. [No Source]
  • Light Level cap raising to 400. [16]
  • The Pre-Order Bonus 'Iron Gjallarhorn' is obtained from the Postmaster as an entirely separate weapon from the traditional Gjallarhorn once the quest to obtain Gjallarhorn is completed. [No Source]
  • The Pre-Order bonus 'Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow' should be available from the get-go. Most likely found at the Postmaster. [15]
  • The normal 'Gjallarwing Sparrow' can be bought from Eververse for Silver or Silver Dust. [23]
  • There are new emotes coming with Rise of Iron. [No Source]
  • Vault Space will remain the same with the release of Rise of Iron but Bungie has hinted to an increase coming sometime after release. [27]
  • Year 1 Raids and other activities are not being brought up to current Light Levels and Year 1 gear will still be capped at 170 Attack/Defense. [29]
  • Everyone who purchases 'Destiny - The Collection' receives a Level 40 Character boost. It is unknown if those just purchasing Rise of Iron will receive a character boost or not. [20]
  • Can now purchase Chroma from the Guardian outfitter, Eva Levante, in the Tower [25]
  • Can now sort Friends list [No Source]
  • New 'Clan Roster' [No Source]
  • Gunsmith will have an updated light level. However, it sounds like there won't be any new weapons [7]
  • Rise of Iron will have Trophies/Achievements to earn on PS4/Xbox One [8]
  • "Keep your eyes open!" Special content leading up to Rise of Iron about a week or so before! [30]

PS4 Taken King Exclusives are remaining exclusive until at least Fall 2017 [14]

Game Informer has a great source of information as well. Much of this information came right out of here!
If you're returning after a long break, don't forget to check out the 'Returning Players Guide'!
I will add more information as it becomes available and or if fellow Redditors bring things I missed to my attention. If you wish to submit a source, put it in a comment.
  • Any items listed as [No Source] will hopefully be updated with a source eventually (if possible). If there is anything without a source it means I could not find one. V1 did not have sources posted with everything so going back and finding exactly where information was originally discovered isn't always easy. Any sources listed as [0] just means I didn't yet assign a number to the source, but the source is already linked.

Reference List: Will be cleaned up

Supplementary Sources (Lots of good information not necessarily paired to any items listed above in the OP):

Well, I think that's all for now. I will try to get on tomorrow during the day to check out feedback and update the OP and sources appropriately!
submitted by FlapjacksIsBack to DestinyTheGame

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