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Passed 5x ATs first try

I passed PMP on Thursday, what a relief! I have the deepest gratitude for this subreddit community. THANK YOU SO so much for all the lessons learned, tips and encouragements. Without this community my journey would have been much more rocky.
I feel the need to give back what I 've learned, and hopefully I can help others as well.
The exam was long but bearable. I never did a full practice exam prior, so sitting for 4 hours straight was a bit of challenge. I got really hungry 3 hours in. Had I done a full exam before I would have known to eat more. I wrote the exam online, no hiccups checking in. I went to my parents' house and used their guest bedroom which is nice and bare, no TVs or much furniture. I had the apartment all to myself, nice and quiet. 90% of the questions were situational, like "What should the PM do first?" "What should the PM do next?" "What should the PM have done to prevent this situation?" I got lots of change control and risk questions. I had 3 Earned Value questions that required knowing relevant formulas. I also had one network path question which I completely just guessed. I didn't want to draw the network path on the virtual whiteboard, I just marked an answer and moved on. I never really studied for the network diagrams, I personally found it so tedious and bet that I wouldn't get much on the exam. In real life you use software to map things out, instead of having to manually calculate. That was my thinking, and I only got one question so it wasn't bad.
Here is my journey to PMP...
I am a full-time working parent of two young children ( 6 yr and 1 yr). Putting in study hours was difficult, the only time I had was at night after kids went to sleep. I studied 2 hours a night (10pm-12am) consistently for 10 weeks, including the weekends. This gave me 14 hours a week x 10 weeks = 140 hours. The consistency paid off.
Qualifications: I qualified the 35 Contact Hours by taking the LinkedIn Learning- Cert Prep: Project Management Professional (PMP) by Sandra Mitchell.
I have 12 years of Procurement experience from several industries. My qualification projects included rolling out full categories of home improvement products, launching two coworking spaces and overseeing procurements of two construction sites.
GREAT Study Materials
1. PrepCast PMP Exam Simulation - Like what everyone else said, I can't recommend this product enough. It is a complete game changer. Buy this and use it as much as possible. The 2021 version is already available https://www.project-management-prepcast.com/pmp-exam/the-pmp-exam-simulator.
  • I used 'Timed & Learning Quizzes' like a textbook. I wrote down concepts I didn't know in a notebook. The explanations were clear and logical.
  • I did 20-50 question quizzes everyday, never did a single 200 question exam. After doing 1320 questions, I saw patterns.
  • Wording is quite similar to the actual exam. However, the actual exam never had any negative choice questions like "What is the PM least likely to do?" or "Which tool and technique is incorrect?" I found several questions like that in PrepCast but never once in the actual exam. For me all the questions in the actual exam had definitive choices like "What is the PM going to do next?" "What should the PM have done to avoid this situation?"
  • My worst knowledge area on PMP was Procurement. I found this shocking because procurement has been my career. I had to unlearn all the things I knew in Procurement, and got myself into the PMI mindset. I'm from Vancouver Canada, I've done business domestically and internationally for 12 years and never had a single bidder conference. I would never want two bidders to meet each other in a bidder conference. Anyway, I knew if I wanted to pass the exam, I needed to know the PMI way of thinking.

  1. PMBOK Guide 6th Edition - I wanted the most reliable and original source. I looked up materials in this Guide when I didn't understand something from PrepCast. I didn't read it cover to cover, only used it like a reference book to look things up. There is one exception:
  • I read the "Close Project or Phase" section fully in the PMBOK Guide. This was a result of me kept getting BT on the Closing domain (per PrepCast).
  • The 'Closing' domain accounts for 7% of the exam and has only one process. The cost/benefit made sense that I should read the few pages of PMBOK and understand this process inside out.
3. PMI Mock Exam - I did this exam over two days (just left my computer on to continue whenever I had time). First time I got 70.5%, a week later tried again and got 89%. The wording was very close to the actual exam. Questions were nice and vague. I made sure I understood why I got every question wrong, and studied areas I was weak in.
  1. The Vargas Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC7pN8Mjot8&feature=youtu.be
As everyone else already pointed out, this video is an eye opener. It gives you the full framework in less than 60 minutes. I would watch this FIRST before diving deep into each knowledge area. The PMP Exam has such vast breadth and depth, it's easy to get lost. This video gave me a taste of the breadth, it did a great job integrating the concepts together.
  1. Praizion Mainline by Phil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhLcnjrRMJY
Phil is a slow talker, but be patient because he has killer content. This video saved me at least 10 hours of memorizing the major inputs and outputs. Phil did the hard work for us by presenting us things like:
- Work Performance Data comes out of Direct and Manage Project Work' and feed into ALL non-integration Monitoring & Controlling processes
- Project Charter is an input into first 3 process of Scope, Closing, Identify Stakeholders and Plan X Management
- Approved Change Request is one of 4 things: corrective action, preventive action, defect repair or updates, and feeds into Direct and Manage Project Work, Control Quality and Control Procurement.
  1. The 49 Processes
I knew early on (thanks to this subreddit) that I must know where I am in the process. I created a table template in Word and typed the 49 processes in the right position everyday for 2 weeks. At first I copied from the PMBOK, then after awhile I memorized them. The Planning processes needed to be in order, knowing them all in the right order gave me several answers on the exam. This was an exercise that paid big dividends and I highly recommend it.
Not good Study Materials
  1. Rita Mulcahy's PMP Prep 9th Edition - I didn't like this book at all. It went through 3 chapters and gave up. The end of chapter questions are wordy and don't reflect the actual exam. The tone of writing is highly critical, often says things like "many project managers don't know how to do...". It just rubbed me the wrong way. I very quickly went back to the PMBOK that didn't seem judgemental.
  2. PMP Exam 2020 App by Spurry Inc. - The questions are misleading and badly worded. I used it for its convenience, but it wasn't worth it. I got high 70s and low 80s in PrepCast only to get 60s in this app. I started to question its legitimacy. When my confidence started becoming shaky I immediately stopped using this app.
Throughout my learning journey, I documented the following 'rules of thumb' for myself. Most of these came from PrepCast teaching.
  1. Once the change request has been approved, the Perform Integrated Change Control is complete. Next step is to perform the repair (or whatever task) that's part of Direct and Manage Project Work.
  2. When an issue is identified while performing Implement Risk Responses, record in the Issue Log first.
  3. The Project Manager has NO authority to modify business documents (business case and benefits plan).
  4. If a project is still in Planning (no baseline set), then there is NO need to submit a Change Request, just go ahead change the plan. Only use Perform Integrated Change Control after planning.
  5. Submit a formal Change Request FIRST before analyzing a change's impact. Otherwise on what basis would the PM and project team spend time on a request that's not even documented?
  6. The Communications Plan documents the escalation path/process. When asking about how to escalate, think the word Communications.
  7. Completion of the Project Scope is measured against the Project Management Plan. Completion of the Product Scope is measured against the Product requirements.
  8. If an issue is business critical or threatening, inform the affected stakeholders FIRST, possibly inform the sponsor too, not update in the issue log first.
  9. The Assumptions Log has assumptions AND constraints. Constraints are found in assumption log, not some other project documents.
  10. Inspections are sometimes called reviews, product reviews and walkthroughs. They are a Tool & Technique of validate Scope.
If I can give one advice, I would say that confidence is key. I hated the app that made me second guess myself two weeks before the exam even after over 100 hours study. Second guessing is not the psyche you want going into the exam. Study tools are not made equal, some are better than others. Trust this community's advice, it paid off for me. Trust yourself to select the right answer during the exam, you've got this. Trust your gut, it's usually correct.
Best of luck to everyone writing the exam soon. If I can do it, so can you!
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AT/AT/AT/T/AT -- Lessons learned you may not have seen yet and apply to both the 2020 and 2021 exams.

AT/AT/AT/T/AT -- Lessons learned you may not have seen yet and apply to both the 2020 and 2021 exams.
This is long, this is detailed, and I'm not sorry.
Breakdown: Top 11 Lessons Learned, Retrospective Study Plan recommendations, Exam Day.
Lesson 1: Don't be stubborn like I was when studying for my first attempt and only look at lessons learned from AT X5 posts. There is so much value in the posts by those who failed their first and second attempts as well as those who didn't get a perfect score. Learn from their mistakes.
Lesson 2: You may qualify for extra time when taking the exam. I have ADD and struggled with the time during all of my practice attempts. I failed my first attempt because I ran out of time. After discussing with some of my peers, I found out that I could qualify for extra time and was awarded 2 additional hours. There are several reasons why you may qualify for accommodations and I write about this in more detail here.
Lesson 3: Get your contact hours for free. As my UN clearly states, I am a Skillsoft employee. No, this is not an advertisement for their content. They offer a free 14-Day Trial (90 days if you have a student email) of all of their content, including PMP Certification Prep content. I took Joseph Phillips Udemy course last year when I was working for my previous company before I knew Skillsoft even existed. Yeah, the course is cheap... but honestly, you can't beat FREE.99 and IMHO, Barb Waters is more engaging. Register for the trial here. Once you get your account setup, click on Browse>Certifications>PMI>PMP Certification Bootcamp. In the upper right-hand corner you can select the 2020 edition since it defaults on the 2021 content. A document on how to do all of this is also available, just DM me for it. You can also DM me if you need help with anything, let me know if you're using the trial, I'll give you some pointers on how to make the most of it. You can check with your company's L&D team to see if they already have licenses to Skillsoft, they might, we are a pretty big player in Professional Certification Content Prep. That would be way better than being confined to the 14 day trial because we have a decent exam simulator too (Fincter's is still the gold standard).
Lesson 4: Figure out your study style and accept your fate. I took this study style quiz and it said I was the type who learned best by writing everything out. That was too much work and I didn't want to believe it. After I failed my first attempt and began to prep for this second attempt, I was much more diligent in taking notes. What do you know? That was the stuff that stuck in my head come exam time. Accept your fate.
Lesson 5: Prepare your application like a boss. I was never a contractor so I didn't document my hours the way PMI expects us to. This guide saved my ass.
Lesson 6: Find the materials that work for you. (More on this after lessons learned, I tried a lot of different resources and spent way too much money.) Ricardo Vargas, Joseph Phillips, Cornelius Fincter, Rita Mulcahy, Praizion, pmwithRay, Aileen YouTube, Scott Payne, Andy Crowe.... there.are.so.many. And not one resource will work for everyone. For me, I struggled not with the concepts but with the connections. I never understood how all of the knowledge areas came together during a project life cycle. Everyone loooooves Vargas in here, unpopular opinion...I snoozed. His documents were great. For this second attempt I blew up the big map and then the puzzle (as seen in the photo)
Pocket Prep materials on the left and Ricardo Vargas Materials on the right side of the wall. For Ricardo Vargas Materials, I sent them off to FedEx/Kinkos and ordered some velcro circles from Amazon. Stuck those to the labels and their positions on the puzzle.
I played with the puzzle at least once daily (for three days leading up to the exam). On exam day I walked through all of the steps with my husband trying to relate this to his line of work (he runs a landscaping company but all of the reports and formal processes are done in his head LOL. Not sure how much it helped me retain everything, but it did make me feel better. Warm and fuzzies are also a win when preparing to tame this beast.
Lesson 7: Understand what it means to "know where you're at in the project." Man, I've been part of this sub (different alias) for 18 months and I've seen so many people say that ^^^ but what does that really mean and HOW do you do it? It took me until literally last week to get the hang of this. When answering a question, yes, break it apart but also think about the next few logical steps. If an issue has been identified, yes you are going to document this issue in the issue log, but then you are also going to evaluate the impact to the project and determine if you need to submit a change request. So, thinking a few steps out also helps resonate your understanding of the material and fully see where you are at in the project. I feel like Praizion is an unsung hero of this sub, I love his teaching and analysis style. It's not high quality production value by any means but he is effective. His daily drills like this one helped me finally decompose the questions and start thinking a few steps out. He's got tons on his channel.
Lesson 8: Take the PMI Practice Exam when you are ready to start taking practice exams. Not sure when this was released but OMG how amazing! I took the practice exam when I started taking my studying seriously (11 days ago) and it helped me gauge where I was struggling but doesn't break it down at all like Prepcast or Skillsoft exam simulators do. This actually helped me more, I had to identify it on my own and when I got stuck I'd talk it through with my study buddy (more on that in lesson 10). So not only figuring out the wrong answer vs the right answer, but also the classification of the question (alignment with the domain tasks discussed in Lesson 9) helped me think the situation through. Also, about 90% of my exam was tested on similar topics. You get a good grasp of where you're struggling and need to review in the PMBOK.
Lesson 9: Review the exam content outline and know your tasks in Initiating. I got a NI on my first attempt. Yes that's right, I failed my first attempt because of Initiating. I was salty about it too. My score was..... NI/T/T/T/AT and right at the line of pass/fail. Must have been just a couple of points. I don't think I had seen that damn outline. Had I known those tasks were there, I wouldn't have gotten so confused by Vargas's video and better understood that you update the stakeholder register throughout the project (yeah I know guys that's an easy one now LOL). So in case you haven't seen it, I'm linking it here.
Lesson 10: Don't get an accountability partner, get a study buddy. I tried so many different things in my journey. I was a part of Scott Payne's beta program for the PM Master Prep course, I was on slack groups, discord servers, facebook groups, you name it. None of it worked for me. It was too much to keep up with, no one was active when I wanted to be active, nothing was aligning. I tried meeting with a couple of people on the phone but we never really went anywhere with it. We tried creating a project from scratch and going from initiate to close but got hung up on details that didn't matter. It was like the blind leading the blind. Then I came across another redditor in here who was posting screenshots from the PMI practice exam (which btw we can't do that anymore bc it turns out it's a copywrite violation) they had gotten wrong and asking why the right answer was such and such. I loved the conversation and also being challenged to Monday Morning Quarterback this thing. We wound up studying together going back and forth on why the answers were right to the questions we'd gotten wrong, providing real life experience or PMBOK references to backup our thoughts. That's when things really started to sink in for me.
Bonus Lesson: Read the PMBOK. Not completely (unless you like reading it, do you), but at least as a reference guide.
Retrospective - If I had to do it all over again THIS would have been how I studied:
  1. Discuss the commitment with family and friends, gain approval of your charter and buy-in from the stakeholders. Communicate the study schedule. I personally would have blocked out 2 hours a day during the week and 4 hours for each weekend day over the course of 3 months. I was able to pass with only 10 days of cramming but let's not forget, I'd taken this thing a year ago too. I still remembered a fair amount, got 55% on the free Prepcast quizzes before even picking the books back up. The 10 days of cramming were misery and I was in a fog the entire time I was taking the actual exam.
  2. Get approved for additional time for exam - As noted above in Lesson 2.
  3. Use Skillsoft for contact hour requirement - FREE.99. The bootcamp is structured similarly to Part II of the PMBOK Guide (Project Flow Initiate-Close) and Barb Waters has Q&A sessions with the audience in the recordings. Again, you can get a 14 Day trial to everything (as listed in lesson 3) or check and see if your company already has a license to their content.
  4. Use Scott Payne's Audio Book while driving or doing household chores - You get a free audiobook on Audible when you register an email address. I got this book for free after reading this post. If you can get past his annoying "buy my online course" sales pitches, you're in for a treat. I loved the case study with John and answering questions positioned around his project as it progressed through the life cycle. Scott's energy and approach are engaging and unlike anything I experienced with the other resources I'd tried out. Can't get the audio book for free? I don't know that it's necessary to spend $30 on it, just watch his videos on YouTube in this playlist.
  5. Print out the Vargas Materials - Not sure how much this helped in the long run, but it made me feel better. I liked putting together the puzzle daily. Here is the link in case you don't know where to find them.
  6. Use the Project Managers Book of Forms - Not a requirement by any means, but it did help me understand a few things by visually seeing a stakeholder register or an issue log. I was able to snag a free copy last year by dumb luck, but it's for sale now on amazon. I wouldn't spend $75 on this thing unless you have dispensable income. A FREE.99 tip, just google the forms you want to see. It only helped me answer one question I couldn't find in the PMBOK but I also leaned on the ask a mentor feature in Skillsoft and got the same answer.
  7. Use the materials from ProjectPrep.org - These are amazing. The ITTO Spreadsheet, Exam Cheat sheet, Pass Tips, and Process Reference became my Go To reference sheets this last week.
  8. Watch Praizion Mainline - The long version. Listen, I know Praizion has some weird pitches in his voice, talks kind of slow, and uses the cheesiest graphics...but dammit, if it wasn't for Billy and his kite revisions I don't know how I would have passed this thing. Of course I included his videos in my playlist on YouTube.
  9. Warm-Up with Prepcast Free Exam Simulator Questions - You get three 20 question quizzes. Great explanations, excellent analysis. Note: There is also a 120 free practice exam but it's updated to 2021 version. It also includes ALL questions from the three 20 question quizzes.
  10. Download the PM Sheet app - It's free on iOS and helped me remember all of the processes in their respective KAs. A fun little game to play at night right before sleep. I'd compete with myself, my all time best score was 3 minutes and 3 seconds.
  11. Take the PMI Practice Exam - By now I would have used all of the quizzes included in the PMP prep content on Skillsoft, warmed up with the Free Prepcast Questions, and participated in the Cast Study questions from Scott's audio book. The best way for me to identify how I will perform on the actual exam is to use the free PMI practice exam as my baseline. If you have issues at checkout read the comments in this post. Screenshot all wrong answers and lucky guesses and put them in one note for review later. While answering the questions, think one or two steps further than the correct answer so you can fully envision where you are at in the project and what the process flow is. You will notice, very few math questions. This was also the case for my actual exam. Spend little time on EVM. Know the basics for CPI and SPI>1 are good.
  12. Read PMBOK Guide - You get a digital copy for free with your PMI membership (which also gives you a discount on the exam). After identifying areas I'm struggling in based on my results from the PMI practice exam, I recommend reading those sections in the PMBOK Guide and taking notes.
  13. Discuss all wrong answers with my study buddy - I would find a study buddy that is testing around the same time you are (both of mine test in December) and decompose the questions together. I like good ole fashioned text messaging.
  14. Use an exam simulator in Learn Mode - If you still have free access to Skillsoft, you can use that one and do just fine (click on the practice tab when you get to the bootcamp page). If you want detailed analytics, then go ahead and boot the $140 for PM Prepcast. I would only do 20 questions a day and maybe one full exam on the weekend to prepare. The rest is overkill IMO. I did end up getting Prepcast again (I had it for the first attempt and still failed after 1400 questions) because I had a coupon for $25 extension for a month. I used it once on 50 questions. There are so many free resources out there, I find it best to pick one or two and stick with them. Make sure they are closely aligned to the PMI practice exam. PM Prepcast and Skillsoft are, some of the others out there are a bit sketch.
  15. End my night with Praizion's Daily Drills - Great exercises, great methodology to breaking down the questions and explaining why they are correct. Here's his playlist.
  16. Retake PMI Practice Test the week prior to the exam - Same process, review lucky guesses and wrong answers. Identify what misled you in the question using Praizion's thought process and examine with your study buddy why these answers are correct.
  17. Finish the week out studying over my weak areas - Keep it light, maybe a few quizzes here and there, write out what you need to. Review PMI Practice test 2 days before the exam. It doesn't matter if you remember the correct answer to some of the questions at this point. Make sure you are comfortable with the topic itself. Think about other questions that could be asked around this task. PMI Practice Test covers the main themes you will be tested on, so it is critical to have a thorough understanding of each question included on that test.
  18. Take it easy the day before the exam - Watch a movie that makes you cry, eat a nice meal, do what you can to get a good night's rest. Do some light reading to prepare but only in your weakest areas.
Exam Day -
I tested at Pearson Vue, got there about an hour early. Had a salad for lunch. Used the bathroom 3 times before checking in. Had a protein bar and bottle of water for my 10 minute break. They make you pull out your pockets, take off your sweater (it wasn't that cold in there), pat your back pockets, show the inside of your mask etc. I was surprised they didn't make me wiggle my undergarment!
I felt safe, plenty of COVID practices in place and we are in a relatively low infection area. My mind was in a fog during the majority of the exam. I was burnt out from all of the cramming I'd done in the days leading up (which is why I recommend taking it easy those final days). I kept trailing off and was worried I'd have to cancel Christmas bc I'd be taking a 3rd attempt before 12/31. There were a couple of times I wanted to type "WTF PMI" in the comment box and send to them. Knowing when to add to the issue log, risk register, comm managment vs se management, RAM (I thought this was a madeup answer till I saw it as an option on at least 3 questions...oops!), PICC, updating stakeholder register, etc. Remember when to lean on expert judgement (PMs don’t have to know everything), when to engage the sponsor (it’s not just about $) and how quality metrics work with scope verification. All of the main themes you see in the PMI Practice Exam aligned with my actual exam. I had 90 questions in part 1 and 110 in part 2. Most of part 2 was easier (not by much for me) and when I saw my results, I cried. When I got to my car, I sobbed, like heaving sobbed. See, through all of this I've had some family drama, we refinanced our home, my mother-in-law is fighting colon cancer, and I'm just trying to pass this damn test before it updates in January. We closed on our refi last night.
Now that I've paid it forward to all of you, I can have my life back. I've missed my kids and my husband. Happy Thanksgiving!!
Best of luck to all of you and keep moving forward!
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