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Animals: The Ultimate Pink Floyd Circlejerk

The following are all quotes from the pinkfloyd subreddit. None of the quotes are re-used, misrepresented, or taken out of context.
"What an album; everything is perfect on this one in my opinion. The chords on Pigs on The Wing (I and II), David's guitar work on Dogs, bass line on Pigs, the rhythm/tempo on Sheep. As always, very profound lyrics."
"Amazing album; I'm a lawyer at a law firm and one of the partners listens to this album at least once every week; full whack. Nice to work in such environment."
"Two of my favorites: "Wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream"; and,
"Now things really ARE what they seem"
I've never understood why Gilmour has neglected this album, he hasn't played any of its songs since the Animals Tour, nor are there any special edition releases. And yet it has some of his best work."
"Can we just take a moment to appreciate Dogs
I often see people saying that is some of David’s best work, and they are 100% correct in this. But I just want to bring up how much I love the change in singer (from Dave to Roger) midway through the song.
The opening half is great, with Dave’s commanding and assertive voice,
“you’ve got to strike when the moment is right, without thinking”,
“you’ll get the chance to put the knife in” and,
“and when you lose control, you’ll reap the harvest you have sown”.
These all immediately spring to mind. But after the middle section (“by the stone, stone, stone”) after this almost trance-like shift, Roger comes in at 12:15 with,
“Gotta admit, that I’m a little bit confused, sometimes it seems to me as if I’m just being used”
Rogers voice is so much more vulnerable and personal and it really brings a different kind of vibe to the whole song, almost like a shift in perspective after the trance middle section.
And it’s all connected by that oh so familiar solo (3:41 and 14:17) which just ties the song together before that incredible climax.
Fucking banger 10/10"
"Dogs, to me, is the best thing PF ever recorded. I know that's a bold statement but its execution is perfection. All four all playing at their peak. The lyrics are stunning and holds up better today than ever. The guitar solos are incredible! It just captures something so ethereal that I cannot do it justice. If I had to choose one song from their entire catalog to listen to on an island for the rest of my life it would be Dogs."
"Don't get me wrong, I love Dark Side, Wish and The Wall like most fans but Animals is and will always be my favorite and Dogs is primarily the reason why."
"A land of sheep controlled by dogs and ruled by pigs."
"This is really Floyd's heaviest album if you think about it. The vocals and lyrics are just down right vicious at some parts. The solos all rip, and the riffs are awesome. The album just has an energy that isn't present in any of their other works."
"One of my favourite Floyd lyrics is on this album
"And it's too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw around"
Talk about a cutting remark. I'm listening to this bad boy right now. Nothing like Animals on vinyl."
"I am obsessed with this album. (My girlfriend will agree). I just dont get why in the hell David has not played anything from Animals since the 70's ? It doesnt make sense ...at least Roger has ( I saw him in 99 and 2000). I also dont understand why there is no Animals Box set ..."
"Dogs is probably the best Floyd song ever.
The final stanza is just beyond powerful and unmatched ever since:
Who was born in a house full of pain. Who was trained not to spit in the fan. Who was told what to do by the man. Who was broken by trained personnel. Who was fitted with collar and chain. Who was given a pat on the back. Who was breaking away from the pack. Who was only a stranger at home. Who was ground down in the end. Who was found dead on the phone. Who was dragged down by the stone.
Every line sears with intensity, rage and truth. It's like Roger encompassed the entirety of the terrible side of the human condition here."
"My favorite Floyd album is Animals. I pick this because this is without a doubt a masterpiece( just like every other Floyd album). This thread isn’t for which album is the best, it is rather for personal opinion of favorite. I choose this album over all others because it took my months of being a Floyd fan to discover this masterpiece. The first album I listened to by Floyd was TDSOTM, which was an original on vinyl( apart of my grandpas collection). I didn’t understand it at all, it just seemed to instrumentally and just too much to take in, I wanted more singing, but I started to listen to the album more and more and I got the message it was sending. The next albums I listened to were the wall and wish you were here. Both of the evoked things that I’ve never felt before in terms of music and my passion grew for this great band. When I am passionate about a band I listen to each one of there albums and take in the meaning. I was just sitting in a bs class on day and decided to listen to Animals, not knowing what I was getting myself into I just listened. When I heard the first guitar solo on the track dogs my skin jumped. I was almost to tears of the pure passion an emotion you could here. Then when Roger Waters in pigs yells BIG MAN PIG MAN haha charade you are! I was bout to tears. This album took me back to listening to TDSOTM some of the first times and feeling goosebumps in almost every song.
I would love to know each of your opinions, please comment below.
(Pink Floyd is my favorite band by far)"
"Def Animals for making the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Some of those tones. My Junior High School music teacher played the entire album (on vinyl) for one class on "realism in music".
Big Man Pig Man! Haha was amazing/"
"I've definitely come a long way with Pink Floyd. It is my most favorite band ever and I really relate to OP's comment. I remember the first song I've heard being Breathe and I was very intrigued but still very young so I let it slide for several years, until I saw The Wall movie. I immediately started listening to their albums and my favorite became WYWH because of Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Of course I must mention Live at Pompeii which is amazing both musically and visually. But then, in a very similar way like OP described in his comment - I didn't listen to Animals for the longest time and really don't understand why. I like to say it was meant to be because maybe I wouldn't like it if I listened to it when I was younger :D. I was totally floored when I first listened to it. Dogs is just indescribable. I don't think I will ever find an album I would like more than Animals. It is truly their best album in my opinion and a masterpiece.
tl;dr Animals <3"
"So I was 16 and had a babysitting job for the neighbors. The husband was cool as shit and would turn me on to a little bud every now and then. One night they got in pretty late so I called my folks and told them I was just going to crash on the couch and come home in the morning.
Before they went to bed the husband hands me a fat joint and the Animals album and says "Put on my headphones and play this album while smoking this''. I had heard of Floyd, Like the wall and stuff but had never had the "Floyd experience".
I WAS the music. It moved through me and I through it. Every note meant something and it was amazing. For better or worse I was changed that night and I have never looked back.
Just wanted to share."
"That last guitar solo on Pigs is so aggressive and so emotional, I just love it! It comes in hard as someone just bashed your head in. Best guitar solo on the album imo!"
"Animals the best album?
Today is the first time that I've really "listened" to Animals in its entirety from start to finish. I'm blown away. As much as I love The Wall, Meddle, and Dark Side (all of them really after 1970), I've just become so fond of Animals. I'm thinking it's their best album in terms of lyrics, progression, guitar work, and arrangement. What do you guys think?"
"Animals is by far my favorite. Especially coming at it as a Grateful Dead, Phish, and just a jam fan in general...it is by far Pink Floyd's jammiest album.
Lots of exploration and time to air it out. Nothing is rushed. But it also isn't just spacey noises like some of their early 70's work. It is hard, yet funky and soulful. Combined with great lyrics. Pink Floyd at its best.
Animals is just good old fashioned rock and roll done right."
"Animals is a phenomenal album that spawned a phenomenal tour and it really is a shame that the album was produced and toured the way it did. It should've been Pink Floyd's moment of triumph, stepping out of the stagnation that Dark Side of the Moon had struck in the band and becoming the 'punk' prog band, but instead it drove Roger Waters to a mental breakdown, and sowed the seeds for the band's split. Imagine if the tour had not gone so badly, and the band continued on the trend, instead of becoming a primarily Roger Waters project, due to the necessity of The Wall's production for the band's finances."
"Animals does have Roger's lyrics at their most venomous, in my opinion. Not even The Final Cut is as a raw and biting as Animals is. David sings his lines excellently and Roger is a genius as always, managing to capture visceral emotion. David's guitar playing is a match for the lyrics; frantic, paranoid, angry, and striking. He took tips from Syd for Sheep's outro as well. The arrangement works out rather nicely, actually. Bookended by two peaceful acoustic songs in Roger's traditional style, with the punkest prog rock songs in the middle."
"Animals is greatly underrated in my opinion, it's my favorite of all time. Some 30+ years ago when I first heard it in the back seat of a car, an acquaintance of mine, the driver of the car had a bad trip. He got out of the car, stripped naked and proceeded to run down the road. We just sat there awestruck, laughing our asses off. None of us were about to turn a good trip into a bad trip by chasing after him. We didn't see him until the next week or so. So there's some sentimental value in Animals for me that may cause some bias. :)"
IMO it's possibly the perfect combination of Dave/Rick's raw musical talent and Roger's sheer creativity (and Nick's drumming on this album is some of his best work ever.) It's a lyrical masterpiece with songs that read like poems, and I still discover new sounds on it every time I listen. Even though it was written primarily about 1970s Britain, it feels even more relevant today.
So many incredible solos too - the twin guitars at the end of Sheep are particularly mind blowing."
"Like Roger's said before, the core theme of all Pink Floyd's music is empathy and the need for understanding and cooperating with our fellow man. In that respect, I think Animals displays that theme arguably better than any other Floyd album (especially with the lyrics of Pigs on the Wing.)"
"I put Animals off for the longest time when I was getting into Floyd because of the lengthy tracks, but now I couldn't recommend it enough to anyone. I've yet to hear any band come close to recreating the sound of Animals (a friend of mine called it the only progressive punk album ever made) with its dark, biting existential lyrics and intricate instrumentation that perfectly matches the anger in Roger's writing. 10/10."
"Oh my god, Animals is incredible
I've heard people talk about it being good on this sub, but the level the album is at is way higher then anyone seemed to say. Bookending with a beautifully sounding song, pigs on the wing. With the 17 min euphorically perfectly timed dogs, with amazing lyrics and guitar solos that I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and how good it sounded. No one seems to give that much praise to pigs however, which I think is almost on the level of dogs. The lyrics are sung in such a way that will never leave your mind (haha charade you are has been on repeat in my head for hours) and it goes by so quick you won't start to appreciate how great it was until it's done. Sheep was great also, maybe my least favorite on animals, but that still means I absolutely love it, it just can't compete with the others. The quiet beginning with the jolting lyrics worked really well at pumping me up and almost getting me to the point of wanting to just sprint. And I especially liked the lyrics for it, especially with the part with the sheep(I think) talking. I like how they incorporated the sounds of the animals into each song, but doesn't make it seem out of place or just an afterthought. Phenomenal, my favorite Pink Floyd Album.
TL:DR. Animals is absolutely amazing and my favorite of all the albums. It deserves more praise and apprieciation, especially for pigs and pigs on the wing."
"I keep on saying Animals is the best Pink Floyd album. So underrated. The plus side for you my friend is that it gets better with every listen. Sheep has grown massively on me also and now it's one of my favorite songs. Enjoy!"
"I got into Pink Floyd because of Animals! I first heard at my father's car, it was playing Sheep, and I loved the song. And then he handed me the files of the whole album, and I started hearing. The first time I heard Dogs I fell in love with it, just like I did with Sheep; with Pigs (Three Different Ones) I didn't liked very much, and I gave a second chance, and it's my favorite track of the record! And with Pigs on the Wing 1 and 2 I gave a second chance too and loved it. Guess I really love this album lol."
"Dogs is definitely one of PFs most emotional pieces, especially with that first big solo. It start getting quiet and suddenly you hear a huge Gilmore bend and mmmm can't describe how much I love it. My only problem with the song is I feel the synths in middle are a little long and kinda repetitive. But totally worth it, esp for that super powerful ending"
"I've been listening to Floyd for about 30 years. It doesn't happen every single time, but I will occasionally get chills from that first hit of the Fender Telecaster after "All alone and dying of cancer..."
This is, in my opinion, the finest work David has ever put down onto official studio recorded material in his career. It kills me that it wasn't his Black Strat either. David's playing is so powerful throughout the entire record, but Dogs is the masterpiece, of course.
Obviously, Roger's voice is totally perfect for the second half of the song. Still, I'm shocked that David has never performed this song live since Roger split. Jon Carin could totally pull it off. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure if he's ever played anything from Animals since Roger's departure. Fuck. There is absolutely no way that David is unaware of how popular his guitar playing is on this album and particularly the song Dogs.
I know this is sacrilegious, but since it's become available, David's 3rd guitar layer on Dogs from The Extraction Tapes has had me wishing they had recorded the album version with that 3rd gritty, dirty guitar. Perhaps it's just because it's additional, unreleased Floyd material that I got so excited about it. The quality on The Extraction Tapes isn't all that great, but his guitar playing still sounds so goddamn powerful.
Finally, the next time you listen to Dogs, try to focus on Nick Mason's drumming. Absolutely magnificent. I will always believe that if the Floyd had a "more gifted" drummer, ie., someone who could play super fast rhythms that seem to give a lot of people boners, their music would never have been as good as it is. I'm not saying Nick can't rock the shit out of the drums, just listen to Biding My Time - I think it's his best work ever for the Floyd. Nick keeps the tempo perfectly on their material and especially so on Dogs.
One thing that really strikes me about Animals that makes it my answer to this question in particular is how raw it is. Most (if not all) other Pink Floyd albums are riddled with all kinds of beautiful metaphors and hidden meaning. When you listen to Animals, you're not wondering what they're talking about really. They're very direct, and straightforward with what they're talking about and it is very aggressive and in-your-face. It doesn't leave much open to interpretation."
"Pigs (Three Different Ones) still sends chills up my spine when they're calling out the three pigs. It's just so straightforward, it's not beating around the bush or making allusions to these people/entities. It's basically a direct callout, saying "fuck you" to the subjects. I love it."
"I still remember my first time listening to this album after really only having heard Dark Side, The Wall, and Wish You Were Here for most of my life. I was blown away, and frankly still am when I listen to it. Incredible album."
"Seriously, Animals all the way. I remember the first time I listened to it, I was blown away by Dogs, then the opening riff for Pigs comes in, and I was like "ooooooohhh myyyyy this is even better"."
"That's my favorite album, without hesitation. And the performances of the 1977 tour are orgasmic (especially the 20-minutes version of Pigs)."
"In my opinion, this is the best album by Pink Floyd. I think that it's the last real group effort (even though by now Waters was writing all the lyrics and most of the music). I love the songs. I think Waters lyrics are the best, most pointed of his career. I also think the compositions are tough and loose. It's almost like Echoes again with the organic progressions of the longer pieces. But, this album was also their reaction to the punk scene which had emerged and labeled them as "dinosaurs". They were trying to create something raw. I think they succeeded and that the album is the tightest of the concept ones they made in terms or theme and structure. What do you think?"
"Yeap, I can defenitely say Animals is my favorite Pink Floyd album. Hard to say which song is my favorite, for each song has its own strong and overwhelming aspects. For example, Pigs might just have the best intro a Pink Floyd song has ever had... Can't get tired of it. The outro guitar solo of Sheep is my personal favourite guitar solo performed by Pink Floyd. Besides the fact that the solo is great, the construction of the song makes the moment even better. It feels like the whole song is just working up to that one solo. It's magical.
One of my favorite pieces of music ever written!"
"Through my formative years the music of the legendary Pink Floyd became a corner stone of the music I was consuming at a slowly growing pace. Somehow though this album slipped through the cracks, and though I am sure I was exposed to it at some point, but nothing really stuck to me if I had been other than that classic artwork.
That all radically changed for me one fateful night in the year 2000. I had just moved to Sacramento, for school, and not having a whole lot of friends in the area (the school I attended was mostly students that commuted from around the area), I had randomly took the train downtown for something to do. As I departed the light rail I looked across the street and saw a marquee for a local theater I knew very little of, The Crest, and on it was the name of Les Claypool, someone who I had not to long before bought an album of his better known band Primus. Not knowing too much about him as a solo artist, my interest was piqued. I wandered around the area for the afternoon and got some dinner and started to buy a ticket for the train home, and the lights of the marquee caught my eye again. I decided I'd see how much a ticket would be and go if it was reasonable. One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life!
Les Played an amazing set of music totally different than that which he does with Primus, finishing the first set in much the dame way as he does on this album, by concluding the first set with the seminal "Shine on You Crazy Diamond". On his way off the stage he rambles off something about "More Pink Floyd than everyone should ever have to endure". My mind was already blown by the music these guys were playing, and the fact they had just played the fuck out of one of my all-time favorite songs ever, pretty much left my mind blown.
After a brief intermission, the band made their way back onto the stage to begin what would end up to be my favorite set of music I have ever witnessed in my life, hands down. That set was live performance of an album I really had never heard in my life, played by a man of whom's talents I was getting to experience in an amazing setting playing the entirety of "Animals", an album that would change my musical life forever! From the fist to the last strums of the acoustic guitar of "The Pigs on the Wing" my entire understanding of both music and the live performance of it were completely reshaped that evening. I had a chance to meet the band after the show that evening and was so happy to thank them for exposing me to the album (Which understandably caught them a bit off guard) . What a night!
Needless to say I immediately bought a copy of Animals, and every time I listen, it grows on me even more. I feel so lucky that Claypool cared enough for this album, that he shared his take on it with others, and planted a seed that I am incredibly thankful for and also feel spoiled in the fact that he released this a few months later. A super cool reminder of a show I went to on a whim (recorded within the week I saw him) that introduced me to what is one of the most amzing pieces of music I know about!
TL;DR - Had never heard "Animals", randomly saw Les Claypool concert where he played the album from cover to cover, and fell in love with a masterpiece!"
"It was the last of their golden years. In Meddle through Animals, they all seemed like such a cohesive unit. They contributed equally, Roger wasn’t being (as much of) a twat. Animals seems like such a perfect ending to their unity. Elaborating a bit on your last sentence, the beauty and uplifting nature of the music itself is starkly contrasted by bittersweet or unsavory, disdainful lyrics. I think the picture of humanity, and the greed that they associate with it, is painted particularly well in this album. Of course that may have to do with the fact that the songs are very long, and have so much time to develop to deliver maximum impact and give a detailed image or explanation of what they’re trying to get across."
"Animals was the first PF album I owned and I listened to it endlessly during my teenage years. I hadn’t’ listened to it for nearly 20 years until last week when Pigs played on my Classic Rock Pandora. I have had Animals on repeat since then. Two points: Gilmour’s solos on Dogs and Pigs are the best he ever recorded. Lyrically and message wise the album has aged incredibly well."
"Animals. Every song is amazing in it’s own way (although the pig noises in Pigs make me laugh a bit). My favorite? Dogs! Also really love the beautiful Pigs on the Wing (both of them). Just a great album in general. Me and my dad sing the lyrics in the car while driving around."
"To be honest, I think every true fan eventually falls in love with Animals. I believe it is their best complete body of work."
"Animals is my favorite Floyd album, no question. Musically, they're on point the whole album. Lyrically is where Animals stands out in my opinion. Like another commented said, Obscured by Clouds is phenomenal as well. It's likely overlooked because it was written as a soundtrack to a French film, but its another lyrical masterpiece on ny opinion. I could listen to Animals and Obscured by Clouds for the rest of my life"
"Animals is just one of those albums where I wish I could have been in the studio while they were making it. The sounds, layering, and creativity was soo far ahead of their time when they made it."
"This is my favorite Floyd "whole album," if you will. Meaning my favorite to stick in the cd player and listen cover to cover."
"Recommendation for you, OP (and anyone else). On the 8-track release of this album, since 8 tracks loop around at the end and start over again, Floyd made a slightly different version of Pigs on the Wing Pt II. The 8-track version has a guitar solo at the end which isn't included in the standard version of the song. The purpose was so the guitar solo would play during the "loop around" of the 8-track, and there would be no moment without music playing.
I highly recommend you acquire the 8-track version of the song, and burn an Animals album with that at the end. That way if you're playing it in a cd player which starts over at the end you'll get the full effect (which is beautiful, imo). And even if the cd player doesn't loop around, the guitar solo still enhances the song."
"Floyd fans love it because it's an incredible album, also my personal favorite. It gets less attention from people who aren't fans for obvious reasons; None of the songs are played on the radio, like Money, WYWH, Comfortably Numb, etc. The songs are just too long for casual listeners. It doesn't receive the critical acclaim of The Wall or Dark Side because it wasn't really a game changer. It wasn't a crazy concept album like the Wall, and it wasn't an international coming out party for the band like Dark Side. It's maybe not particularly bold anywhere other than just pure musical composition, which is where I (personally) think it shines above Floyd's other albums."
"No. I think any "real" Pink Floyd fan enjoys the material. It's really a Floyd Fan's album. Other people, I wouldn't expect them to be aware, as it is a suite of long songs with little air play. But definitely anyone I know who is a Floyd fan loves Animals."
"Animals showcases Gilmour's guitar ability better than any other PF album, which is why I always rank it as number one. I guess Animals does have some lyrical similarities with The Wall (like the whole "protest against the system" idea) but the sound is totally different (not as artistic). People generally don't like it when artists try more experimental stuff (like Frank Ocean's Blonde), which could explain the critics? Either way, it's a beautiful album."
""Dogs" is the greatest political song ever written, and I will defend that statement to the death. Every moment this album holds in store is beyond perfection, it's pure mastery. It is the pinnacle of musical storytelling. As much as I love The Wall, it doesn't have shit on what Pink Floyd accomplished here. This is my favourite album, by any artist, ever. This is the one that hooked me, that I get my friends hooked on, and is more important now than ever, ever before."
"Animals, as a followup to WYWH and a turn for the darker, is a flawless album, complete at every stage of production and component. Lush production, innovation and captivating music, top notch lyricism, excellent construction of theme, and a good balance of the band’s talents overall. While this album doesn’t have the popularity as the albums surrounding it, it’s a masterpiece hiding in plain sight and earns its 10/10 with every play through."
"First Pink Floyd album I listened to all the way through. My Dad showed me this when I was in high school. He was not a fan of Floyd but he loved Animals. "Dogs" is my favorite Pink Floyd song and is in my top 5 favorite songs of all time. "Sheep" and "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" are also jams. I even enjoy the Early versions ("You've Got to be Crazy" and "Raving and Drooling") of these songs that were originally supposed to be on WYWH"
Am I the only one here who thinks Animals is underrated?
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[WT!] Girls und Panzer - Of Girls and Tanks. Yes, seriously.

Whoever finds spelling errors or other mistakes will be thanked, just remember I'm posting this late at night. I don't take reponsibility for any spoilers encountered on sites I linked. Wer das hier liest, ist toll.

Girls und Panzer - Of Girls and Tanks

There is no path a tank cannot cross. Tanks move on even through a pyroclastic flow. No matter how though things might seem like, we must think of a way to overcome.
- Miho Nishizumi


In real life, there are some martial arts seen as traditionally feminine, highly compatible with traditional womanly ideals, such as Naginatajutsu or Kyūdō. In the world of Girls und Panzer, there's another one: Senshado - The Way of the Tank.
A huge announcement is made in Ōarai Girls' Academy: The student council is bringing back Senshado, the traditional sport for girls in tanks! And they already have the perfect pick for a commander: transfer Miho Nishizumi (Mai Fuchigami). Miho is not without reason: Miho is the youngest member of a old Senshado family and had been trained since earliest age. She has, however, sworn off Senshado and had come to Ōarai precisely for its lack thereof. It takes some time, but Miho is finally convinced seeing the enthusiasm of her new friends, the refined Hana (Mami Ozaki) and the bright chatterbox Saori (Ai Kayano). Together with her tank fangirl loader Yukari (Ikumi Nakagami), her ever-tired driver Mako (Yuka Iguchi) and 16 other students, they will now be Ōarai's first senshado team in 20 years.
So Miho begins training her team and preparing them for the national tournament, something that is easier said than done; few tanks remain in the vicinity of the small town in Ibaraki Prefecture; and none of her teammates have any experience using them. Further, the major players of High School Senshado are quite caught off-guard by this new no-name school entering their sport led by a former champion....


Girls und Panzer was the first TV production in five years by studio Actas, with characters designed by Fumikane Shimada, creator of Sky Girls and Strike Witches; and Takeshi Nogami, manga author of Sailor Suits and Heavy Tanks and Maki of the Shiden. It was directed by Tsutomu Mizushima (later director of Shirobako, Prison School, and Joshiraku) and written by Reiko Yoshida (Bakuman., Non Non Biyori, K-On), featuring music by Shiro Hamaguchi (One Piece, Shirobako, Tari Tari).
The movie won the Sanctuary Award from the 25th Japan Movie Critics Awards, and the Best Dramatic Presentation Award from the 47th Seiun Awards, both in 2016. Additionally, director Tsutomu Mizushima won the Individual Award for his work on the GuP TV series at the 2013 Animation Kobe.
The series also resulted in gigantic tourism to the resort town of Ōarai, promting a very successfull cooperation, and helping out the struggling town in dire needs after widespread destruction by the 2011 Tsunami.
Additionally, in a move that surprised nobody, the creators of GuP collaborated with the creators of World of Tanks, creating intro comics, GuP scenes redone in WoT, and other excusive content.
There's also a PS4 game announced for early 2018, with South Asian releases getting an official english translation.
Streaming: In English, the series can be streamed on Crunchyroll, Hulu, Anime Strike (also dubbed), HiDive and Yahoo View.The Movie and the OVA are also on HiDive


This show could have only ever been produced in Japan. No company in the west would have ever had the balls to make a product like this. Let's look at it.
At its heart, Girls und Panzer is a sport show like many others. Just, you know, with tanks. The shows did do its research and there is a lot of world building in supplementary material. However, the show deliberately throws out whatever it needs to in order to make a better story. The point, of course, is to just accept the insanity of its premise, and run with it. The rule of awesome is in full effect: Girls flipping over multiple times in their tanks? Just some bruises. Tanks making stunts that are absolutely impossible in real life? Sure, why not. Shots hitting a tank from point black? Tank's fine, just a little white flag pops up to tell you it's knocked out. In GuP, physics takes a backseat, because why be realistic when you can be awesome. Why are the other schools all styled after other countries and more or less their students pretending to be from that country even though they are all japanese? Because it's awesome. Why do they get to drive around in cities and blow up residential homes? Because it's awesome. Why can an assault gun do a Ski with no tracks and one side of wheels left? Because it's fucking awesome, that's why.
Apart from the cool tank battles, GuP also has an interesting narrative with a focus on character relationships, especially between family and rivals. Miho's relationships with her family and with the commanders of the others schools are given great focus. Similar to Haikyuu, the other school commanders are all relatively friendly and worthy of respect, and their reaction to Miho's exploits is always a treat to see.
I don't want to link any videos, simply because I think people should see the awesome (sorry, couldn't help myself) scenes for themselves. What I will link is the miltary music from various countries, who are just the pinnacle of a great OST that needs to be listened to.

Installments and Watch Order

The franchise might be a bit vast at first glance, but trust me, it's easily approachable.
  • 1: Girls und Panzer The original 12 episodes TV series. It has a slow start, but once it gets going it stays great throughout.
  • 2: Girls und Panzer Anzio OVA An OVA elaborating a certain battle. To be watched after the series.
  • 3: Girls und Panzer other OVAs Six short OVAs taking place during or after the series, consisting of mostly SOL scenes happening between the battles.
  • 4: Girls und Panzer der Film Sequel film released in 2015. 2 hour movie. Half an hour set-up for one and a half hour of badass tank action.
  • 5: Girls und Panzer der Film OVA OVA taking place after the movie and mostly showing the aftermath.
  • 5.5: Yukari's Tank Corner Six (plus at least two untranslated) short OVAs with Yukari explaining tanks seen in the series.
  • 6: Girls und Panzer das Finale Upcoming six-part OVA announced to wrap up Miho's story. Not much is known so far, except that it will take place in the winter and will feature a new battle against a newly introduced school.


If you want EVEN MORE GuP goodness, do not miss these manga series. Excluding the main series manga, these are:
  • Little Army | 8 chapters, Licensed | Finished
    Little Army is a prequel giving us Miho in primary school, her previous circle of friends and her relationship with Maho. It mostly explores the Nishizumi family and gives some insight only hinted in the original. It's followed by
  • Little Army II | 12 chapters, all translated | Finished
    A continuation of Little Army I taking place after sometime after the movie. It switches the POV to Miho's old friend Emi, as she transfers schools with the intention of taking over their Senshado team, which is in quite a pinch. While mostly focusing on Emi, it also gives some development to side characters from the series.
  • Fierce Fight! It's the Maginot Battle! | 11 chapters, all translated | Finished
    Set between episodes 4 and 5 of the original series, this manga invents a new practice match against the french-themed Maginot Academy. A nice one-battle manga, that really goes more in the tactics of a match than relationships.
  • Ribbon Warrior | 34 of 35 chapters translated | Ongoing
    Ribbon Warrior is...different. Taking place after the series (and later after the movie), it stars two students inspired by Miho's exploits to take up Senshado themselves. However, as their school lacks a team, they instead take a Te-Ke Tankette and enter another sport: Tankathlon, basically Senshado reserved to light tanks. This limitation is actually played for all its worth, schools shown to be absolutely invincible are shown to be much worse once stripped of their mighty tanks and previously easily beaten schools now shine. It also has absolutely awesome art. Be aware, the beginning is shoddily scanlated, once I take over at chapter 15, the scanlation starts being good.
  • Motto Love Love Sakusen desu! | 39 Chapters of 59 chapters translated | Ongoing
    THE GuP gag mang with usual gag-manga things. That is, yuri, insaneness, chibi, yuri, alternative character interpretations, and yuri.
  • Phase Erika 12 chapters, all translated | Finished
    Another prequel, by the author of the Maginot manga. Phase Erika shows us Miho's middle school time through the eyes of her long-time rival Erika. It also showcases just how the relationship between them got sour and why Erika has such a bad attitude. It's really interesting to see Miho from an outsider perspective and in a less positive light.

Recommended to fans of:

  • Military Moe in General
  • Good Sports shows
  • People who can turn off their brain to enjoy pure awesomeness
  • People who don't take WWII parodies amiss


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