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"more harm than good"

[Other] Mafia-style Propaganda on r/medicine: "Keep insulting doctors, and good luck finding a physician in 10 years"

NOTE: TLDR at bottom
Propaganda in support of mafia-style practices is being spreading on medicine and other subreddits geared toward medical professionals.
Also this was posted 2 days ago, and x-posted here
It is true that people go bankrupt from medical costs in the United States. Also true is that charges to patients do not accurately reflect costs. You can argue about what to do about it, but denying the problem exists and attacking those trying to expose the problem is wrong/not-factual/abusive! I've already reported the abuse, although I got no response from the mods other than I got temp-banned+comments-removed! Don't let orcs control the dialog on reddit. If you care about public health this sort of posting should not be allowed/supported.
...also r-Health: Don’t be a jerk when you see your doctor — it can affect your care.

Edit: Okay, honestly thought this would get a bigger reception. Maybe I should give the article a second read, and actually watch the full video.

first the video(I guess it's only 12 minutes(~x5 to write this edit)):
0:45 "...big Pharma... ...insurance companies... ...mergers..."
1:24 "...Administrative Costs!..."
..."doctor-angst/non-transparent-costs"... Why don't we know the cost of things?
1:56 : OK, why don't doctors know the costs associated with treatments?(you're sort of screwing the uninsured) Ignorance shouldn't be an acceptable excuse. doctors are pinnacle of the healthcare profession(aside form hospital administrator); they should be knowledgable about all goings on in the healthcare ecosystem, including billing. How can you work some place everyday, and not be curious about mysterious billing calculus that makes the whole place tick. To me this would be very distracting. Wouldn't a more straightforward system eliminate confusion and allow people to make clearer decisions?
2:55 "being a doctor is already a high stress job..."
Quit trying to explain away your shortcomings; repeating that it is stressful doesn't actually help find a solution. I'd also argue that it isn't as stressful as you make it sound. Plenty of jobs have consequences, plenty of jobs require long working hours, plenty of jobs are dirty. I suppose what differentiates doctoring from the rest is that it has all 3. So, being a doctor is a high stakes job, and as long as human life matters, i think it will always have consequences. And I don't think the business of healthcare will ever get less dirty(dealing with bodily fluids is kind of the nature of the job). But isn't it possible to have more doctors working less hours, thus reducing stress + improving performance? Sure this would probably depress salaries, although given the massive kickbacks to various "non-essential" people, like administrators, representatives, managers, and CEOs(they mention some of those), the system could be adjusted to include more doctors, and they could share some extra responsibilities...? ...basically, the job does not have to be so stressful, and I expect, depending on what specialty you have it isnt more or less.
Also, the doctor shortage is not the fault of economists and journalists.
4:25 shortage of doctors what is the cause? I guess he listed some major problems at the beginning.
4:43 start interview with Karen Sibert, MD...
5:36 ...outraged at the term "Muggers!": right muggers:no, co-conpirators:maybe
5:46 So the surgeon could have handled an out of network bill better, but were afraid to be criticized for not disclosing upfront that he was out of network? did the surgeon disclose he was out of network upfront? Why would she have the procedure then? What was the bill? What is Karen Sibert, MD trying to say??
...The rest of the video I sort of agree with her: "United Health $14Billion PROFITS, Anthem CEO makes $14 million annual"...
...So you say doctoring is stressful? "...80 hour work week"?! how many hours are there in a week? ;]
..."social media doctor is the new big thing! shoutouts!"
..."it's stressful"
..."fewer and fewer new doctors?" ..."residency subsidies need increasing(I suppose I agree)"
...she ends with the same old doctor suggestions eat healthy, exercise, don't smoke...!
ok now the article again:
Apparently this whole article was in response to another published in Washington Post. IDK, Washington Post is a paywall, and so I cannot read it. Nevertheless, over billing is a real problem in the U.S. healthcare system, and I don't need Washington Post to tell me that. Also, Sibert's article was titled in a sensationalist and kind of ambiguous way. I was not aware of anyone out there insulting doctors... was it slanderous? is compensation owed?
Ok so she starts with a jab at economist and journalists(supposedly they started it). Still her comparison to anti-vaxers is not at all accurate(maybe it was an attempt at hyperbole?).
...Also, it's incorrect to characterize general public as "non-combatants": everyone has a stake here, and can be hurt.
...She is right on her next points. insurance companies have an unfair advantage, and should be regulated more to ensure fair treatment of patients and care providers(this is a big problem!). She mentions some ongoing legislation, and discrepancies in malpractice premiums. These are both valid, although AFACT could probably be reigned in if other limits were set on insurance companies...IDK.
...so some economists wrote a mean article. not sure what they said, but I there is always the possibility it was justified. I could probably write a mean article myself(am i doing it right now?).
And journalists' and economists' jobs Do Have Consequences, and potentially can affect many peoples lives.
Ok then she goes into her vivid description of the stresses of the medical profession. It's a big chunk of text... right doctors are very stressed I got it! Many professions can be stressful however, and isn't stress something to be avoided? Are there ways we as a society could reduce stress on doctors?
IMHO this article sort of distracts from other arguments made about how to fix the complex problem that is our broken healthcare system. Ok thumbs up she mentions like 2 things wrong with healthcare(3 if you count stress).
I do however find her whimsical description of the "ritual of putting on hats, masks, gowns, and gloves always reminds me of girding for battle..." really paints a vivid scene; Karen Sibert should write fiction. Who knows, she might get a following...
I guess the thing that bugs me with this article is all the focusing on how stressful it is on doctors, without acknowledging that everybody has stress in their lives, and if you don't make very much money you are probably that much more stressed. It doesn't help that cost of care is so high(and variable). What are you supposed to do if you can't work from a medical condition, but also cannot afford care/medical-intervention? How do you find a doctor if no one is in your network? Private health insurance is too expensive/dead in some states. This can be very stressful on people/impossible to navigate!
Ok so there are fewer doctors... maybe people are leaving healthcare because they see it is a racket...
Anyway, don't they have letters to the editor at Washington Post? Why am I reading this here on reddit?
...Also where has David Belk been the past 2 years? his website is dead.

final edit of the final edit done now, and appologies(01-26-2020): TLDR poor titles have unintended effects... not all forms of writing are the same, and require different skills/approaches to achieve the desired effect. Also, stop subscribing to Apple News. And call your congressman to tell him you are disgusted with how they have butchered consumer media in America!

(1-27-2020) small comment: i stumbled over this post about fixing Step 1 USMLE exam
in case you don't know yet, i'm not a doctor, although it looks like there is a contingent in the medical profession which thinks this test could be redesigned to help more people find their way into medicine.
...also, this looks interesting(although I don't really have time to read fully): https://blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2020/01/20/the-medical-profession-is-breaking-its-psychological-contract-with-medical-students-and-trainees/

...final, final edit:

I had my comments censored so much, i'm posting them here for those who want to know what was actually said: https://imgur.com/a/mk5kMny
To be fair, my original comment about the article was a bit crude, although I stand by my original assessment of this very low quality article.
submitted by try421 to healthcare

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