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Hell Adjacent Hotel: Part 9

Sometimes... there's horror in anticipation. Expecting monsters around every turn. No matter what you expect, though, in the end life pulls the rug out from under you in the way you didn't even imagine in the darkest corners of your mind. You'd think, with everything that's happened, I would have learned this by now
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We all stared down the hall in silence for a few moments. I had tried to prepare them to head into the hotel as best I could. I wanted it to be as easy as possible for them. I told myself that over and over. Still, I worried. Any time I caught sight of those doors, I worried. But this? I had certainly not prepared myself for.
At the end of the shortened hall was the door to the pool room. Nothing in the way. Nothing weird. Not so much as a stick person lingering or a wall sconce out of place. Not even a corner to turn. I was shocked and I must not have been the only one because nobody advanced into the hall.
“Thank the Lord!” Barb broke the silence.
A relieved murmur sounded behind me.
“Amen to that.” Megan pushed me forward and the rest followed.
I looked around even though I had already seen everything I could see with one glance. I wanted to catch sight of that pale little face with the halo of platinum blonde curls. I tried to will her into existence as I rode along in my creaky chair. My chariot, as Mr. Nowak had called it. I wracked my brain, trying to call out to my friend, but the hall remained empty and we made it to the door all too quickly. I felt a pang of guilt for thinking it was too easy. For being a little sad that it had been too easy. Could we really pull this off without anything strange happening?
I sat off to the side while Barb orchestrated setting up the garden. Folding tables went up, seedling trays were dispersed, and I started to scoot over to assist. I figured I could at least fill the trays with soil. That shouldn't have been enough for my black thumbs to take hold and kill anything. Megan, however, shot me a look when she heard me fidgeting. Mr. Nowak had cleaned up the wheels and greased them very well but the metal casters on the pool room's tile were loud. My friend's face said “I will not hesitate to tie you down if you don't keep still.”
I knew she was right, that I needed to rest, but I felt guilty for not doing anything while everyone else worked. I wanted to occupy my mind by occupying my hands. I didn't want anything dark of my own making to ruin things. I pushed red eyes out of my head. You're not real unless I say so, asshole. All of my muscles felt like they were hard knots. I took a deep breath and slumped further into the chair to watch everyone.
Mrs. Nowak flitted about handing out different seed packets and explaining how deep to plant them and things like that. Her happy voice was a welcome sound echoing around the pool room. There was the dirt from the potted plants in a few canvas bags that they dug into with trowels. People chatted and eventually laughed. It was a wonderful sight, a relief to have everyone content to work together. One of the guys I hadn't really gotten to know was noticeably happy. I watched him dig his fingers into the soil and talk to Barb. He made her laugh and swat his arm playfully. I stretched my bag leg out as best I could and let my thoughts wander. Everything was going well but still… so much weighed on my mind.
I wondered if N-tasha was really gone. Could she be? Couldn't I just bring her back? I had created her. She was mine. I closed my eyes and tried to picture her. It was hard to bring up any image at all and she seemed distant. Blank. I closed my eyes even tighter and started building her from scratch. Her pale, oval face. How full had her cheeks been? Blue eyes just like my mom's. Clear blue. Summer sky blue. Cute little nose, not too pixie and not too button, mischievous grin, and so many curls that barely grazed her shoulders.
It was a lot harder than it should have been, than it ever was, and that made me feel kind of sick. Her white dress with a lace collar. The sleeves puffed out a bit and the full skirt that stopped at her knees. Little white patent leather shoes. I realized I had dressed her up in her Easter best the way my mom had talked about getting all dressed up with her little sister. I had wanted so badly to look like the pretty girl in my head.
With enough effort she finally stood before me in my mind's eye, but she was so inanimate. Like one of the actual porcelain dolls that had stood on my pink dresser. I tried to get her to talk to me in my head but she remained silent. Her mouth opened and she moved but it was like a marionette. Lifeless and unnatural. I held onto the image for a moment longer before letting it dissolve. It wasn't working. I could feel that it wasn't working. I had failed her. The sick feeling turned over in my stomach and I tried to roll the stiffness out of my shoulders.
I sighed and opened my eyes. Everyone was happily focused on gardening still. I looked up through the glass at the shifting smoke and ash. It was just part of life now and nobody really paid any attention to the miasma that consumed us. I thought of a book I had read as a kid about a monster house titled The Thief of Always. It all felt like we adapted too quickly but at the same time it felt like I wasn't untangling this mess fast enough. Were we in the belly of a monster? I heard a shrill peel of laughter and looked back at the gardeners. How long would it be until the seeds sprouted? I smiled to myself at the idea of little sprouts popping out of the soil. I missed seeing green outside the windows. Grass and trees and plants and flowers.
I had grown up in a house that had a garden. Surprising to some considering my childhood home was in Detroit, but we had a backyard and space for plants down the driveway. Roses, mint, cucumbers and tomatoes grew in the backyard between a patch of grass for playing and the gated alley. Don't think about the alley - shove it down.
Along the driveway were whatever flowers my parents had been in the mood for. Snapdragons and lilies and these little blooms that looked like sunny side up eggs. My mom had grown sunflowers that I had to stand on a milk crate to just barely reach the blooms. I filled her straw hat with seeds to eat. And then there was a section of raspberries. An unruly tangle that produced ample fruit for the duration of those long, childhood summers. My imaginary friend with me all the while.
I would play with N-tasha in the gardens or the kiddie pool or the turtle sand box. There was a lilac bush that was the perfect place to play under. I would have my toys explore the branches. She-Ra and Rainbow Brite would save the world together in that seemingly endless jungle. N-Tasha would talk to me about things I wasn't allowed to say to adults. I wasn't alone with her. I was safe with her.
We'd lie on the grass, side by side, looking up through the purple blossoms and wide, heart shaped leaves. The smell of lilac and cut grass and sun baked concrete enveloped us in the dappled light. I could feel her shoulder pressed against mine as we talked. Our hands linked. She was as real to me back then as any of these people at the hotel were.
My head snapped up. I looked around but it didn't seem like anyone else had heard it. They were all still focused on the garden.
It sounded like an elevator - the alert that it had reached its floor and then the doors pushing open. It sounded like it was coming from the bathroom/changing room. I had been in there with Ben and it certainly didn't have an elevator. At least it didn't used to have an elevator. I listened for any other sound.
The door again.
I swore it sounded just like an elevator. Why didn't anyone else hear it? I couldn't leave it alone. What if it was her? What if it was something else? Since the chair’s wheels would alert the others for sure, I carefully stood up. It creaked a little and I froze but nobody was paying attention. I hoped Megan would keep her back to me as I crept down the wall to the bathroom door. I was so glad I had brought my cane. I wondered if I had hoped to sneak off the whole time. Maybe. Probably. I just didn't think I'd manage it. I seemed to always find a mess to be a part of and I didn't want to drag anyone else into it. My messes got people hurt. Me being the one getting hurt didn't weigh on my conscience.
One step at a time, I limped to the door. It was excruciatingly slow and every muted bump of the rubber stopper of my cane seemed magnified to my ears. I scanned the tables, everyone was focused on their work,and I was almost home free. I inched closer and closer… then the smiling guy with Barb looked up just as I had reached the entrance. We made eye contact. Oh shit! I almost hit the deck instinctively. I didn't want anyone following me in case it was dangerous. In case… in case it was personal.
I gestured into the bathroom and shrugged. I hoped he'd just think I had to pee. He nodded and returned to the task at hand. I had some time, at least, before he should feel the need to alert anyone. It took a few heartbeats before I was able to move my legs again and unstick myself from the wall I had glued myself to.
I slipped into the room and heard faint, jazzy muzac. Reminiscent of being on hold for way too long or, and I wanted to be right as much as it scared me, during elevator rides. I followed the music as quickly as my leg allowed and tried not to be nervous about every bathroom stall, every corner. I reminded myself that the only things that could hurt me came out of my own head. Those were the rules. “There's nothing here that can hurt any of us. The garden is sacred ground.” I said it and believed it. It felt right. The music grew louder.
There were no monsters, but where there should have been the maintenance closet there was no closet at all. No door. No lock I needed a key for. An elevator was sitting there with its doors open waiting ever so patiently. Inside was paneled with that cheap faux wood stuff and it had a handrail around the inside. The floor was grey carpet and it was well lit. Nothing ominous or scary, just your typical elevator… but it felt very expectant. Like its only purpose was to wait for me. I told myself I was taking everything too personally like Barb had said.
“Are you… is this here for me?”
The music piped away.
“Huh.” What the hell did I expect talking to an elevator?
What am I doing? What if this is a trap? I took a hesitant step backwards. Then another. The elevator doors closed a fraction then opened again seemingly just to jostle themselves noisily. As if to say "come in". I knew that, trap or not, I couldn't walk away.
“All aboard who’s coming aboard, then?”
“This shouldn't phase me.” But it did. I stepped inside anyway. It felt like… well,walking into any old elevator. I rolled my eyes at how ridiculous I was being. It's just an elevator. I couldn't help my skin from involuntarily crawling.
I leaned hard on my cane and turned around. The button panel was mostly blank. There were numbers but instead of having call buttons there were just indentations. Like the metal had been marked but not machined. There was a column of six numbers. Each number was a seven. 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7. There was an emergency “button” but I brushed it with my fingers and it was just the image etched into the metal. Comforting. At least the numbers hadn't been 6, 6, 6.
“I guess it's dealer’s choice.” I looked out into the bathroom and wondered if it would be for the last time.
The doors slid shut and I braced myself with my free arm against the handrail. I wondered to myself what the fuck I was doing. I was acting like the stupid chick in the scary movie that I would usually yell at. The person that hears a bump in the night and calls out “Helloooo?” to alert the murderer to exactly where they are. The person that runs from danger upstairs into the windowless attic rather than out the door. At least I wasn't wearing high heels that I refused to kick off no matter how many times I fell. Is this brave or stupid? I shivered right before the elevator engaged.
I swayed a little with the movement. No turning back, now. I experienced that moment of disorienting weight shifting. I was pretty sure I was heading upwards but it was hard to be positive. There were no lights anywhere to mark my progress. The music kept on and, strangely, the compartment filled with the scent of lilacs. I inhaled deeply, relaxing a bit finally, and it was wonderful. It had been years...
“I knew you could do it!” A voice rang out next to me, loud and clear, and I damn near jumped out of my skin.
I looked next to me and there she was. She was different but I'd know her anywhere. No matter what.
“Holy shit!” There was so much to take in.
N-tasha stood at nearly my height. Her Shirley Temple ringlets were beachy waves that cascaded down her back. She was wearing jeans and a white, embroidered peasant top. Her blue eyes lit up and she smiled at me and scrunched her nose. I flung myself at her and wrapped her in my arms.
“N-tasha!” I squeezed her. “Holy shit, you're all grown up.” I broke away to look at her. She laughed. “You are so pretty. Ah! How?”
“You recreated me! When you were a kid, I was a reflection of what you needed then. That's changed a bit.” She held her arms out and gave me a slow spin.
“I'm so glad to see you.” I remembered my nightmare, her childlike voice screaming in the dark, and guilt cut through me. “I thought I destroyed you with my monsters.”
“Ha! You totally did. But I set you up for that.” She leaned against the wall and grinned.
“You set me up to kill you?!
Her face got serious as she considered me. She'd planned this?
“Gloria, you need to know how powerful your mind is here. Not just to create bad things but to make things to help you, too. I believed in you to get me back. I knew you'd fight for me.”
“Yeah. Thanks for the makeover!” She did a little shimmy. “Feels good. I’m so tall!” She went up on her tiptoes and looked over my head.
“You’re welcome but, not that I'm not glad, but I didn't mean to change you.”
“There are always going to be variables you can't entirely control. The human mind is complex and this place listens to the parts even you can't hear. You can still make it work for you.”
I just stood there. Staring at her. Trying to let it all sink in but my brain wanted to fight it. After all I'd been through it was still hard to believe. Part of my head still thought I was in a coma or dreaming or completely batshit crazy. The shadows in the back of my mind wanted to rise up but I let the image before me take up my whole head. My friend was back. I had brought her back.
“You could have done anything and you made me! I told you I was the best.” She tossed her hair. I couldn't comprehend how my mind had turned those childhood fantasies into the clever, confident woman before me. We were so different.
“N-tasha… what exactly IS this place? You seem to know things I don't. Things I couldn't possibly know.”
“This is a dimension hand selected for its unique, creative qualities. It would look more like yours, nearly exactly, but the sad man is closing you guys off in this dark... bubble between here and there.”
“How can you possibly know this if I don't?”
“Because here I'm an entity outside of you ever since you got here and I appeared. I can roam about, talk to things, gather information. I still have the qualities and abilities you gave me, though, and I still have your rules. Other people's rules. Ben kept me away from him physically but I could get into his head.” I thought she looked concerned for a moment but she shook it off.
“Can you tell me how to get us home, then? Exactly how. Can you help us?”
For the first time in her new body, she looked sad. She slouched a bit and the corners of her mouth turned down. She looked away from me.
“The sad man. Vincent. He's got the way home trapped in his skull. It's the same way you got here.”
“The MVD! So I should keep working on helping him.”
“N-tasha, tell me.”
She gave me a hard look for a long time.
“Vincent brought you all here with the epitome of faith in doing something he believed was extraordinary. Necessary. World changing. That power triggered the link that Ben had set up.”
“Oh. So…” my stomach sank to the soles of my shoes “sacrificing me… is the thing that made it possible.”
She nodded. We stood there staring at each other in silence. That was what pushed the device in Vincent's head over the edge and bridged dimensions. His commitment to murder me for the greater good. That kind of faith didn't seem easy to come by. The image of Billy's dead face bubbled up in my mind but I pushed it away.
“I might have to die to save them.”
“That's NOT going to happen.”
I nodded but I wasn't so sure. But to go that route, I'd have to keep Vincent deluded. Keep up Ben's charade. No, I couldn't do that. What was I going to do? Could I get him to sacrifice me not for satan but to get us home? Would getting him to believe in that be enough? My hand went to my throat. I felt the tenderness of the bruises but no scars. Back home I didn't think there would be any magical healing to save me. N-tasha suddenly stepped towards me and grabbed my face, making me look her in the eyes.
“You are not going to die for this, do you hear me? There's another way. There's got to be another way. This place is the closest thing to fucking magic you could ask for. We will find a way without losing you.” Her eyes glistened.
“Okay.” I wanted to believe her. “Okay.” She touched her forehead to mine for a moment and we both closed our eyes. What would she become when we got home? Would she just be my own voice in my head again? An image fading in my memory? I wanted to cry.
She let go of my face and turned to stand next to me. We were shoulder to shoulder and my hand found hers automatically. I was so grateful to have my friend back but I so desperately wished that she had the solution. I didn't seem to be able to figure out. I wondered if I could hide my plans from her at all. If I had to die to save the Nowaks and Megan and John and everyone… I would. I waited for her to yell at me for thinking it, but the muzac just babbled away electronically and we reminded silent for a while. I could feel the hum of the elevator's mechanism through the wall.
“N… where is this thing going? We've been in here moving for a long time.” The elevator ride at the Sears Tower (back when it was still called that) didn't take as long. And it was over a hundred floors.
“N? I love that. It suits the new me. N. And this is going wherever you want it to. You could open the doors back in the garden if you want. Our fate is in your hands.”
Fate is in my hands...
“I know where I want to go!”
The elevator stopped hard and N-tasha grabbed my arms to help keep me on my feet.
The doors opened to reveal our destination and we peered out of the elevator but neither of us moved to leave right away. I suddenly wished that I had Tallulah even though I had shot myself with her. I wanted the stupid letter opener or a kitchen knife. My skin prickled as we took a step out, and I suddenly felt horribly vulnerable without the closed space of the elevator protecting us.
“This isn't right…” I expected to be in the bathroom with the three old women and the sea of shower curtains and notes. This was a dim room. The walls were covered in shelves of books. The floor was wood warped by age. At the far end of the room there was a fireplace with a fire in it crackling away. There were chairs around the hearth facing away from us. Three chairs.
“... or maybe it is right, but it's so different than before.”
“Where are we?” Her voice was full of wonder and, despite my apprehension, I was pleased to surprise her for once.
“Hopefully visiting the women who have the power to undo this ever happening.” N-tasha looked sad for just a split second before she gave me a thin smile.
“Let's go get you home.”
“Will the elevator stay?”
“Sure. Just believe it will.”
“I didn't summon it in the first place, though.”
“You totally did. I told you it isn't exact. You wanted an out and you wanted me.”
I guessed it made as much sense as anything else.
“You coming with? Not every day a person gets to meet the masters of fate.” I wiggled my fingers at her. “I wonder whose faith they belong to. It's gotta be someone back at the hotel. These old women have been here since practically the beginning.”
She hesitated but nodded. We began to slowly walk towards the chairs. I was limping pretty hard but there was nothing else to do. It was farther away than it seemed, though. The room was a lot taller than I had realized, too. The walls of books stretched so high I couldn't see the end of the shelves. Looking up and up, shelf after shelf, gave me a feeling like vertigo so I focused on what was was eye level.
I wanted to pluck a book out of its row and open it but I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to read it. My fingers itched to touch them all the same. I had many times ran my fingers gently along the books as I browsed the library or my favorite bookstore. There were all different colors and bindings. Book spines of all sorts looked out at me. Leather, gilded, stitched, bare. They were all beautiful.
I was surprised when my cane thudded down on something soft. We were suddenly at the fireplace and I had stepped onto the rug that served as a kind of island for the familiar plush chairs. It had looked like we were still a long way from them when I had been entranced by the sheer volume of books. N-tasha and I looked at each other. I could tell that she felt the same sense of gravity that I had before and did now. The importance. Her eyes looked huge. I gestured with a nod and we walked around the chairs.
The women sat there looking exactly like they did before. One was twisting wool between her fingers to make the string, another gathered it, and the last one sat looking at me. Her silver scissors glinted in the firelight from her hip. Her steady, blind gaze was unnerving. I wasn't sure what to say. I tried to believe that they would help. I willed them to help with every fiber of my being.
“You have no power here, child.” The voice wasn't spoken so much as it resounded in my head. It clearly wasn't from me. It felt wrong. Like an invasion. It wasn't my internal voice nor was it the voice of a little, old woman. It was like thunder was speaking to me. The voice of a canyon. It took up all the space in my head. I looked at N-tasha and the shock on her face said that she had heard it, too.
“I'm sorry. But I need help. My friends…”
“We don't help. We just are. You do not belong here.” The other two women nodded in agreeance with the echo in my head but didn't look up from their work.
“Can you help, though? Like when you sent me away by cutting my note? Is that what all these books are?” That made sense and was more aesthetically pleasing, I had to admit.
“You shouldn't remember that.” The voice changed a little. Was it incredulity or curiosity?
“I do. I remember following you through the shower curtains and the yellow post-its. I remember all three of you and these chairs. I remember there was a fire there, too.” I tried to calm myself down but it all spilled out. “I remember everything. Even the way it felt.”
All three of the old women finally considered me. Being under the scrutiny of their milky eyes as a trio was even more intense. I felt like they could see every part of me, every corner of my mind. My legs trembled.
“Sit.” I felt something touch the back of my legs and I looked behind me.
A plush ottoman that matched the chairs had appeared behind me. I sat gratefully. I looked at my friend but she remained standing with her arms crossed. I wished I could hear what she was thinking. The two other women put down their work and exchanged a look with their companion. I wished I could hear what they were saying.
“Maybe…” their attention refocused on me as I spoke “under these strange circumstances you could… maybe make an exception.” I hated how small my voice sounded to me.
Silence. Just those eyes and the flickering light playing over the deep creases in their faces.
“Please.” I looked at each of them. I begged in my head for any one of them to just consider it.
The woman with the scissors groaned and, with a great amount of effort, got up from her chair. She walked to the wall nearest to her and sighed, stretching her back. She searched for a bit then plucked a book from the shelves. I thought she'd come back right then but she searched and chose another. Then another and another until she had a pile of eleven in her arms.
“Why so many?” It had only taken one note, one sentence, to completely put me off my original path before.
“How naive.” The voice scoffed. “More than just your fate involved.”
“So conceited, these humans.” Another voice broke into my head.
“She is here for her friends, too, don't forget.” A third voice joined. “She's willing to die for them, this one.”
“QUIET!” The old woman handed books to the others until they were divided between them. She then sat back down with her share.
They had a book for each of us it seemed… but there had been thirteen of us originally. No Ben? That made some sense but what about the other? Did that mean no Sarah? If so, she really was staying in the hotel, in the forest, and we had lost her. Our fate wouldn't affect hers. I couldn't help feeling responsible no matter how happy others thought she was. I wanted desperately to be sure she was okay. To hear it from her but that seemed impossible. My heart sank and I looked over to N-tasha.
She fell onto the ottoman that had appeared behind her, sitting hard enough to make her hair fall forward. She wouldn't look at me and I didn't want to speak out loud even though it didn't seem to matter. I didn't want to disturb the old women in any way. I tried to think at her but the only voice in my head was my own. I looked back to the women as they flipped pages. Their faces didn't give anything away. I wondered which book was mine.
With that thought, the weaver held a book out to me. It wasn't too thick or too thin. It was traditionally bound leather. Black. There were leaves etched into the spine but it was otherwise plain. It was a bit shabby and frayed, a really unremarkable thing, but that sense of gravity washed over me anew. I opened to the title page.
“Gloria Marie Kemeza was born on the 8th of November in the year 1985 at 6:05 PM. She was having trouble breathing but rather liked the feeling of air on her skin despite that fact.”
I shut the book. It felt like the room spun floor a few seconds.
“This has everything?”
“Yes.” The voice was firm but not unkind.
“Even things I don't remember thinking or doing? Even things I didn't know.”
“That's the point, child. Anything that affects you.” I sensed a little exasperation.
I sat with the book in my lap. I ruffled the pages but I didn't think I wanted to read about everything that had happened. It was too much. I couldn't resist the curiosity completely, though, so I flipped near but not exactly to the end of the book. I took a deep breath and peeked at the pages.
Words stood out on the page in black ink… but I couldn't read them. They were the ever shifting, illegible words from the post-it notes before. I snapped the book shut and handed it back to the weaver. For a second it almost looked like she had smiled at me.
“I wish I had a book.” N-tasha laughed nervously. She finally looked at me but her expression was strained. I felt bad for not worrying about what this visit might mean for her. Her fate was at my will, after all. A footnote in my reality. What will my friend become? Is that what she's thinking, too?
Before I could say anything to her, the thread bearer held out a smaller book. It was raw and unfinished. You could see where the pages were stitched together and the brass brads holding on the cover stood out. She hesitated before reaching to accept it. I watched her pale hands shake. When she finally made contact with the book, I gasped.
Color flowed from N-tasha’s fingertips and over the book. Violet swirled with black and magenta. Orange and traces of cyan. The colors spread out and mixed like watercolors. It enveloped the book in a velvety fabric. It seemed to shimmer. It was incredible to watch the unfinished book complete itself. The fabric stretching, folding, and embossing at the spine under phantom hands. She held up the now whole book, felt the cover, then showed it to me. It looked like a galaxy complete with little twinkling stars. Her mouth was hanging open.
“Yours is a lot prettier than mine. Brat.” I couldn't help but smile. She had a book! She had her own fate, now. Her own life after everything she had done for me when I was a child. Everything she did for me here. N-tasha certainly deserved it. To be complete on her own. Her own person. This has to mean she'll be okay no matter what happens to me, doesn't it?
She just shook her head in disbelief before her attention returned to the book. Her book. She carefully cracked the cover to look at the title page like I had with mine.
“What does it say, N?” I seemed to have startled her. She held the book open to me but the ink shifted and blurred. “I can't read it.”
“Um… okay.” She cleared her throat and put the open book in her lap. “N-tasha was reborn in an elevator on the 23rd day of March in the year 2018 at 4:15 PM. She was incredibly pleased with this development though she did not yet understand. Her previous incarnation was the fictitious idea of Gloria Marie Kemeza when she was at the age of three and three quarters years old in the year 1988. It will not dawn on N-tasha that she is now a real, sentient being until reading this passage.”
She fell quiet and stared at the page.
“You're really real.”
“Yeah.” She shut the book and handed it back to the thread bearer. The old women continued to go through pages silently.
“You okay?” I reached out my hand and she took it.
“I think so but…” she considered the other books, “If I have a book… then one of your people isn't in there.” She gestured at the old women but they didn't look up from their task. It felt like someone dumped ice water down my spine. I looked at all the books the women held and counted them again. Eleven.
I went over everything in my head. In the beginning, between the conference and the Nowaks, there were thirteen of us. Ben died. Twelve. Sarah disappeared into the hotel to be with her Green Man. Eleven. I recounted the books in the old women's laps again. Eleven. One belonged to me and one to my newly real friend. Someone was missing. Who? Why?
“Does that mean… we're going to lose someone else?” I held my breath and looked from one woman to the next. Pleading I was was wrong. Hoping it was an oversight. That there was some other reason. I wanted the woman with the scissors to get up and retrieve the missing book.
“Are we losing someone else?” I asked again more firmly.
The woman with the scissors considered me for a long time.
“Child… they are already gone.”
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Diep.io Governments

During it's existence Diep.io had many names:
  • Kingdom of Diepio 1901-1909
  • League of Democratic Diep Territories 1909-1936/1940-1941
  • Authoritarian state of Diep.io 1936-1940
  • Occupied Territory of Diepio 1941-1945
  • League of Sovereign Diepio States 1945-1950
  • Diepian Democracy 1950-1967/1974-1975
  • Military (Sun Knights) Order of Diepio 1967-1974
  • Republic of Diepio 1975-on


Diepio City was the first center of diep.io in the late 1800s. It gained independence from the Agar Empire in 1901. Several wars were fought for the independence of other areas in 1909-1912, 1912-1913, 1918-1919 and the most well known in 1940-1945


The anti-overlord movement is among the oldest in the world, starting approximately in the 1910s, in the far flung town of Pectopahb (Pix City). Among the oldest members are BE1A and Uzi, BE1A being a citizen of Diep.io City, and Uzi having citizenship in Arras.io City, and in Crescent Moon City as well as Diep.io City.
They started more peaceful, and held peaceful protests in the city square. Most of the tanks were unsatisfied Managers, Octotanks, and other spammers that were forced to a terrible treaty only a few years ago.
One must remember that this is in the year of 1907, only 7 years after the founding of Diep.io City. The Overlord regime had taken power, backed by the elitists and Zeach. They had a steady reign up until now, expanding into unknown territories.
The empire was thriving, but due to the large far flung expanses, it got harder and harder to keep control. After all, shapes only spawned in the designated Diep.io Area, and the farther provinces often had to pay high taxes to ship the shapes all the way to their lands. Not only that, but it was extremely hard to break maze walls so you could push the shape without hurting them.
This led to tensions growing, and this is where the hatred between the tanks of Diep City and its provinces began. The elitists built their lavish palaces, their children level 45 by high school, while our own children barely can be level 35 by college, the rebel newspapers wrote. Their newspapers were hard to create as well, as paper was even scarcer. Town news bulletins became the norm in smaller towns in farther areas, while newspapers like the Diep Daily printed thousands of copies a day. and their resentment brewed even stronger.
The first organized protest was after the elections in 1911, after unfair elections due to gerrymandering, voter suppression and graft made it so that none of the Reform Party candidates could win. Infuriated, 3,000,000 tanks, a startling 37% of the population, protested the results and stormed meetings by the opposition. The tank that ended up leading them was a Ranger named Eyüp Sultan. He formed the brand new Anti-Overlord party, whose name stemmed from the hatred in the rebel groups.
The courts were forced to call the district lines unconstitutional, and snap elections were called. 682 million dollars were spent in the easternmost district by the Doritoist Party, backing candidate Wowie Vathauzzernamé, and only 3 million by the anti-Overlord, but they still one by a thirty point margin with 71% of the vote. 9,000,000 tanks voted for him. This is the 1911 election in the 8th district.
The districts in the Diep Area were not happy though, as there were constant skirmishes between the opposing sides. The tide started to turn though, as propaganda and memes changed the view of the overlord from decent to terrible in general consensus.
The skirmishes became full out war, when extremist Monkeyman430, partially backed by Uzi and Eyüp Sultan, launched a wave of protests and violence that shattered the kingdom in half.
The empire was polarized, with the eastern areas which were mostly smaller towns voting anti-Overlord, but the western, more rich regions voting otherwise. The west and east spoke different languages, had different cultures, and the east was the hub for arts and literature while the west was the luxurious hub for those who could afford it.
The war broke out in 1914, and the Anti Overlord Republic was formed. The Overlords, also in this area were taken to concentration camps and slaughtered under the lead of BE1A. Many hundreds died, and by 1917, the Diep.io Republic had no way to take their land back. Now, the Anti-Overlord Party, renamed the Diep Centrist Party, would control half of Diep City, as well as much more land. They surrendered in 1917.
Eyüp Sultan was named as the leader, and he still rules today. He installed a small government, with only 5 members in total, him and a representative for each district.
The population of Diep.io City is 1,600,000 and the Anti-Overlords 2,300,000. One must remember that approximately 43% of all anti-overlord tanks reside on Diepio City however. Crescent Moon City was built soon, and they took 5 of the least populated but largest provinces, making Diep.io City into only 10 districts, two now defunct do to abandonment. This is now in early 1918.

DIEP 20s & 30s

The Democracy was very unstable. For the next 20 years almost no prime minister could serve a full 4-year term. Elections were held in 1921, 1923, 1924, 1927, 1929, 1930, 1933, 1936. In 1921 Alfred Benez won the election and became prime minister with the plan to unify the country post-war. His measures severely damaged trade due to high tarrifs on foreign imports to increase domestic production and lowering of the minimum wage. In 1920 the minimum wage was 1050$/year in 1922 it was 680$/year.
In 1923 Herman Paul Jr. (Battleship) Became PM he increased the minimum wage to 1130$/year. He also implemented an economic system that was highly unstable. He devalued the Diepian Drachma 15% in 1924. This system's instability led to the 1929 crash.
After the crash, GDP had collapsed, poverty had increased and jobs were lost. The economic collapse spread across other .io states. Many people had lost faith that Democrcy


Agar emperor, Wun Wun (1922-1948) believed that the Agar Empire should rule the world. On September 1, 1939 Agar troops invaded Survivio and bombers neutralized all defensive positions within 40 hours. Slitherio and Moomio threatened Wun Wun to declare war if Agar troops didn't withdrawl form Starvio by 22:00 September 2. Prime Minister, Van Pelt of Agario quickly responded to the ultimatum saying "War, for what cause? To protect An insignificant little nation?". On September 3rd at 4:20 PM, Moomio Bombers began bombing Agar troops, and The Slither Navy was on standby, awaiting contact with the enemy.
Meanwhile Diep.io Dictator, Josef Silk, stated he was "internationally neutral, a long as Diepio itself was not in danger" The Slither Government Urged him to join the war however he held a firm position. When Starvio surrendered on October 5th 1939, the pressure from foreign governments escalated. In March 1940 the Agararians began their Spring offensive on Moomio. Everybody expected that it would take nearly a year to break the defensive front-line and at least another year for the entire country to fall, however the Agarian armored division had arrived In Moomopolis in just 24 days after the offensive. Moomian President Dimitri Damaris surrendered the country on March 30th, 30 days after the offesive began. In April, Agario attacked and defeated Spinzio, Vertexio, and Tankedio, despite Slitherian military assistance.
On May 14th, Josef Silk visited the foreign office for dinner. During the dinner he was poisoned and passed away on May 15th at 12:23 AM. On May 19 elections were held, the first since 1936. Pro-war Zaftra Bella won a majority of 71% and became PM. On May 21st he issued a decree for the mobilization of 6 infantry divisions. Many people saw this as a step closer to war. From June-October he mobilized a total of 16 infantry divisions and 8 motorized, and blitz divisions. On October 26th 1940 Agar emperor Wun Wun sent Bella an ultimatum. He demanded that 12 divisions be disbanded, the border should be brought 30 miles back, several strategic positions should be surrendered, but most importantly, Diep.io should become a protectorate of the Agar Empire. He also demanded that these demands should be met by November 1st, or there would be war. Bella refused and historically stated:
"No world leader would be stupid enough to agree to those arrogant demands. We will never give away our freedom to a megalomaniac butcher like yourself! Even if we do accept, once we surrender ourselves and our forces to you, you will bomb us with our own bombers. We can't trust you. We know what you did to Vertexio, a country that surrendered everything to you, under one condition, that you will not slaughter its people, and yet you did. We will fight to the last tank! In the hills, valleys, and even the streets and houses. If it is a matter of freedom, so be it. We have a war on our hands!"
On October 28th, 8 motorized 3 infantry and 2 blitz Agarian divisions crossed the border into diep.io and encountered fierce resistance. Wun wun delayed the big push until 1941.
On November 1st, Slitherio offered military and financial assistance, however Bella refused. It wasn't until march of 1941 that Bella accepted the arrival of 7 Slitherian Divisions. The Divisions arrived in Diepio City on April 1st.
On April 6th, first day of good weather, operation "Retribution" began. Agar Bombers destroyed the front-line and Diepian forces retreated.
  • April 9th Mothership city falls
  • April 12th Crescent moon City falls
  • April 15th The battle for Booster pass begins. Its outcome would seal the fate of the war.
  • April 17th Booster pass falls. Slither.io begins civilian evacuations.
  • April 20th Suburban areas around Diep.io city are shelled.
  • April 21th Diep.io City falls. Agario Begins air-borne and naval operations to seize the Arras isles.
  • April 27th Diep.io Surrenders after Agarian Paratroopers occupied the Arras isles and the Hybrid cove.
    Agarian forces held Diep.io occupied for 4 years, establishing Overlord puppet rulers. Thanks to heroic resistance by small tanks and snipers the Agarian army pulled out in Spring 1945 because of fierce partizan and guerrilla resistance especially in the mountainous areas. Due to Overlord's role in the occupation, it became increasingly unpopular since.
However the casualties were massive:
  • 2,840,650 people died during the occupation (16% of population), due to starvation and reprisals for resistance
  • All industries were destroyed

POST WAR & CIVIL WAR {1945-1950}

After the war, the political situation was tense. Democracy failed and several strong military commanders occupied several regions for themselves. In September 1946 Omar Izmitoglu declared himself king of all the states. Some commanders recognized him as their leader, however others didn't. In January 1947 civil war between the states, a grim reminder of individual greed, commenced. On one side, the Supporters of Omar, The Royalists, then The Democrats, and the Independents. Fighting took place in the streets of Diep.io city and the rural areas as well. The chaos ended in September 1949, when the democrats proclaimed victory.
The Conflict killed over 100,000 people and left over 2,500,000 more homeless


After the war there was increasing popularity for a more equal society, a more democratic society. The first elections were in 1950. The campaign slogan for many candidates was "Rebuild our Country". By 1952 there were numerous political parties:
  • The snipers
  • The destroyers
  • The drone classes
  • The spammers
  • The smashers
  • The tri-angles
The largest of them were the drone classes and the spammers. They shared the ruling party position from 1950-1967, no other party ever was the ruling party. Governments of the 1950s are as follows:
  • 1950-1954: Fredrick Bones (No party)
  • 1954-1958: Peter Antonik (Spammers)
  • 1958-1962 Anokku (Spammers)
Also in the 1950s was an increasing hate for Overlords, because of their role in the occupation of 1941-1945.The electoral attitude for most parties in the 1950s and 60s was Anti-Overlord.
Also in the 1950s was the re-introduction of industry, the electrification of many rural areas, and attempts were made to make Diepio more independent of foreign corporations and markets.
  • DAII: In spring 1951, Prime Minister Bones tried to get parliament to approve of the establishment of an Industrial stock market Index. It wasn't until 1953, and after a 6-day government shutdown, that parliament approved. It wasn't until January 1955 that the DAII (Diepio Average Industrial Index) was created.
  • Barry Linode: Spawned in 1925. Barry Linode is considered the father of television broadcasting. His father (Augustus Linode) invented the television in the 1930s. Barry wanted TV to replace radio, so in the early 1950s, he set about improving his fathers design. As a young stalker, he created a small broadcasting studio with a signal that could reach up to 1.2 kilometers away. In 1955 he first appeared on the few TVs at the time introducing himself and playing several movies, which at the time could only be seen in cinemas. The government began funding him and the broadcasting studio became the official TV channel in 1957. It was known as Linode-Television. Barry Linode also invented the color television in 1965. He sadly died at 52 years old in 1977, due to lag disease, one year before Television officially replaced the Radio.
In 1959, the drone class party expelled all Overlord members to increase it's popularity. Expectedly popularity and support for the party grew to an extent that it won the 1962 election with 39% of the vote. Head of the party since 1960, Manuel Andronis (1919-2004), a manager, became Prime Minister.
Manuel Andronis helped the growth of the economy reach new heights, an economy growing steadily since 1951. Annual growth 1962-1967 was nearly 14% a year. He also foresaw the urbanization of many neighborhoods of Diep.io City, that had been abandoned in the war of 1914-1917. Industrial output in 1965 was 349% higher than that in 1955. The total population grew from 19,853,000 (1952) to 24,790,000 (1966) and Diep.io City grew from 2,821,000 tanks (1952) to 4,082,000 (1966). Tourists from the Agar Empire and the Slitherian League often visited for the summers. In 1953 a total of 3,712,000 tourists came and in 1964 a total of 11,020,000 tourists came.
He led a rather liberal government and did not publicly trash Overlords, but the tanks loved him because of his contribution to the development of diep.io. In the 1966 elections his party won 51% of the vote. By early 1967 the smasher party and Tri-angle party were nearly forgotten. The 1967 public opinion poll predicted that The drone class party would win the 1970 elections as well with at least 58% of the vote.
In 1967, the Drone party fell apart due to a disagreement on the positions of Factories and Overlords within the party. The party was split. The parties that rose from the dismantled Drone party were:
  • The pro-overlord Doritist party
  • The Classic Drone party
  • The Anti-Overlord Diep Right wing party.
Other parties also broke up and new ones formed, mostly the forgotten tri-angle party which split into fighters and boosters. By April 1967 there were 18 parties in total.
The political situation was tense. Parliament was unable to pass any new bill and riots were a daily occurrence.


Not everyone was satisfied with Manuel Andronis and nobody was with the unstable political situation. The military saw him as "weak" and "an Overlord sympathizer" In May 1967, troops moved into Diepio City. Snipers shot at the parliament building and Managers Fighters, Factories and Battleships seized key areas throughout the city. After just minutes of shooting, the parliament surrendered power to the army and Manuel Andronis was taken into custody. The army established what it call "a temporary order". This so called temporary order would last 7 years.
The Dictatorship, as it was called by the common people believed in ideal Somewhat Fascist society. A society in which to be a citizen, you had to have served at least 3 years in the army, this was changed to 4 years in 1970.
The Regime believed that Nationalistic and Anti-Overlord beliefs should define society. It also believed that each individual Tank should be healthy, and have lawful and moral values, cultivated under the supervision of the family and the state. Thus the educational system got stricter and the annual Diepian Games began in June 1968. They would be banned after the fall of the Regime. Anyone that was not behaving according to the state's views was often shot or exiled.
The Regime also used television as a tool for influencing the Tanks way of thinking. The sex shows and violence of the 1960s were scrapped. TV now taught tanks how to be good citizens and to love the state. It also broadcasted the shooting of criminals, hippies and anarchists.
The Sun Knights were the first to mention Gay marriage and Abortion in their laws. Previously the topic had been avoided. On May 29th 1967 the regime's public spokesman Abramo Mlitades, announced that Gay marriage, and abortion were illegal, in the case of abortion, it was only legal if the woman's life was in danger. The Sun Knights changed the diepian language, cleaning it of foreign words and grammar laws, trying to revive the language of "Old Tankian". On March 3, 1974, a man was shot by military police, because "he uttered [a] banned foreign word".
The Sun Knights also sponsored coup d'etats in other countries such as Spinzio in June 1970 and Veraxio in April 1974.
  • MADE IN GREECE: Spawned in 1940. Many people truly believed in the Military's society. Many who had served in the army and wanted a more moral society joined the Dictatorship (few as they were). One of the most known of these tanks, was MADE IN GREECE. He became a level 45 Manager in 1949 and he served in the army in the 1950s. In the 1960s he worked for a military think tank that specialized in relations with the Agar Empire. When the Sun Knights took power, they noticed his support for their Regime, and appointed him as Minister of finance in June 1967. He remained in Office until March 1973 and was reappointed in November, after the revolt. He remained Minister until June 21st 1974 when the Regime stepped down. In September 1969 he went on official state visit to the slitherio states to discuss trade relations. In the 1970s he funded the creation of a defensive line with the Agar Empire since he feared that deteriorating relations would lead to war. In 1972 the line was completed and was know as the "Hellas Line" derived from MADE IN GREECE's nickname "Hellas". In the August 1975 trial, where many of the Sun Knights were found guilty of war crimes he was found innocent along with the Foreign relations Minister Anokku (Minister 1968-1974).
Economic growth continued the quality of life was high. Many tanks joined the army to become citizens. In 1971 there were 800,000 military personnel. In 1961 there were only 200,000.
In 1973 the economy began slowing down causing unrest. In February, level 30-40 tanks protested in the Newtown Highschool, demanding the lifting of civil rights suppression and the fall of the military Order. This rebellion however broke up on it's own. Another uprising occurred in November. Nearly a Million tanks gathered to protest. The army intervened. It surrounded the protesters and destroyers fired tear gas bullets. Many protesters were shot by snipers and many arrested. The Military had broken up the rebellion however it was severely weakened. It surrendered control in June 1974 unable at this point to control the country.

Post-Dictatorship DIEP 1970s

The 70s and 80s were two extremely tumultuous decades that have shaped Diep.io City a whole lot.
In 1974, after the military coup, districts were rewritten and now, there were a total of 11 provinces, each having 11 smaller districts within.
The very-liberal form of democracy in the 1960s was scrapped, because it was highly unstable. The government was now a Presidential Democracy and not a Ministerial one. There were two houses, the larger one the parliament, which had 150 members, where laws were drafted. If it passed the parliament, it moved onto the council, which had a representative per province. If it passed this, it moved onto the president, who signed it. The president’s veto can be bypassed when 88+ members of the parliament vote for it for a second time. Gerrymandering was fought over, as tanks claimed it was biased against the Diep Centrist Party. Mass migrations by tanks, for the sake of winning elections by dedicated voters, changed the demographic of the city and the regions it controlled a lot.
The re-working of the civics, and new trade policies and corporate management laws did not help revive the economy. The period of 1973-1979 was known as the lesser depression, The greater one being in 1929-1939.
The first presidential election in 1975 was extremely close, and widely contested as well. Pro-Overlord candidate Adasba won 51% of the vote, and spent billions of dollars in fundraising to do so. Eyüddin Gülmez of the Diep Centrists (former Right) spent only a few million, and managed to garner a similar amount of attention and votes.
The country was still polarized, as it had been before. All major assets were nationalized by the Doritoist Party, an ancient leftist pro-Overlord party. The three easternmost (and largest by land area) districts were solid anti-Overlord, their candidates winning an average of 90% every time, while the three districts in the heart of the city (also the most densely populated) remained solidly overlord run.The most contested districts are districts 5,6,7,11, and 12. The winners of these races controlled the Council. The parliament flipped sides frequently though.
Also in 1975, many of the Sun Knights were trialed for war crimes on August 14th. 29 of the 31 were found guilty and executed on August 17th. The two that survived were Anokuu and MADE IN GREECE.
In 1978, Title XV was passed. It allowed districts to pass their own laws, and it was deemed to be a step to make the country more peaceful. However, this led to the ensuing ‘Camp Chaos’, as BE1A once again passed a law allowing Overlords to be persecuted, leading to outcry in the streets. The law was restricted and revised immediately by the then pro-Overlord government.
Also the 70s say the rise of great inventions and trends:
  • Microwave oven that used radiation from green polygons (1972)
  • Disco Music. First appeared in 1973, but gained popularity after the fall of the Military Order, which hated it.
  • Cassettes. They were a square with holes, and strands of film made of triangles. First appeared in 1969 and became widely used in the early 70s. By 1976 records (disk of crushed polygons) were obsolete.
  • Computers. See 1980s

Turbulent Diep 1980s

In 1981, tanks tried to liberalize the country both socially and economically, by trying to get rid of outside influences, improve the education system, and open up the market. All these were attempts of the Sun knights just a decade earlier. Gay marriage was an issue that sent tremors throughout the country. Facing extreme backlash in Wave Valley (anti-overlord controlled), as well as in the parliament and council where it passed by a single vote both times, in the end, was only allowed in three districts, and considered a felony in half of them. A similar story happened with abortion, in 1983, which is still an issue today.
In the 1980s the population of diep.io grew fast. The entire country was home to over 30 million tanks in 1980, and diepio city had 7 million residents in 1981. In 1980 16,000,000 tourists came to Diepio, and it was predicted that there would be 20,000,000 by 1986. The road system was failing under these conditions. Most roads had only two lanes. In 1977 the government passed a bill for the creation of a six-lane national highway with tolls and rest stops, which was completed in 1981. In 1980 the mayor of Diepio City called the city council to vote on the creation of a ring road around the city, and the creation of an overpass over the harbour area. Both these projects were completed in 1982. In 1988 the city council voted on the creation of a Subway system. Construction began in 1989 and was completed in 1997. Similarly, in 1987 an extra runway was added to the airport.
  • Computers & Email: The first computers were created in the late 1960s but became smaller and smaller during the 1970s, until IBN company released a personal computer, for the individual, with a screen, a keyboard and a mouse on Q1 1984 for the price of 4750$. By 1990 Personal Computers only cost 2500$ and were 20% smaller and 150% faster. The first email, or message between computers was sent in 1976. Starting in 1985, the government used directly interlinked computers in city halls, and exchanged information by email.
The economy grew greatly during this 10 year period (1979-1989) Inflation was at its lowest since the 60's and the stock market was soaring. President BE1A 1980-1990 (son of Bella) issued several laws that help industries and supported deregulation. However, in 1987 the major telecommunications company was forced to lay off many workers, which triggered an unemployment cycle. In 1988 the stock market was beginning to stagnate, forcing BE1A to enact rate cuts

Diep.io 90s

Winner of the 1990 Presidential election was Mahatma Siegfried, a former army officer and a centrist. In April of 1990, he enacted a major tax cut, and saw his approval rating soar.
The collapse of the Agar Empire in 1991 did hit the economy but it soon recovered. States that rose from its ashes were:
  • Starblast Emirate
  • Cursor Republic
  • Bonkish Democracy
  • Agar Khanate
  • Yorgish League
During the 1990s, Siegfried kept a hard policy on the Agar Khanate (what was left of it) so It could never be strong again. He did get involved in the wars of 1992-1996, supplying aid to The Cursor Republic and The Bonkish Democracy. In 1999 the split between the Starblast Emirate and the Slither Republic occured, however Diep.io didn't take sides.
Beginning in 1997, protests occurred nation-wide to stop military involvement in the Agar Wars. Street violence and the popularity dip caused Siegfried to announce that he would not seek re-election in 2000. In 1998 another economic contraction occurred, this only fueled more violence.

Diep.io 2000s


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