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Medal of Honor is a first-person shooter video game developed by Danger Close Games and EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Game update (patch) to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - Spearhead, a(n) action game, v - v, added on Friday, March 14, Said amendment changes the system version of the, which involves, among others, with the following modifications. It is the 12th installment in the long-running Medal of Honor series of World War II games. Our intentions are not to harm Medal software company but to give the possibility to those who can not pay for any piece of software out there. Try to disable the proxy settings. Each version was built from the ground up for its respective system. Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault - Director's Edition.

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Keep in mind that the files listed on this page do NOT circumvent the Serial Protection. Nvidia users can follow this guide for better AA. Emulated 4K resolution via DSR provides the best results with the proper video cards and drivers. Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead full game. View All Medal of Honor Recipients. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault all versions serial number. This legendary military shooter game has taken players from the European theatre of World War II all the way to modern-day Special Forces deployments all over the globe to experiencing the thrills and authenticity of Medal of Honor: Warfighter, developed in. Players In Medal Of Honor 2020 free download will control DEVGRU as the main protagonist, who is an expert Navy SEAL.

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The Gamescom 2020 trailer provides a brief but in-depth glimpse. Directed by Peter Hirschmann. See additional information for details on the update. To improve search results for Medal Of Honor The Ripper Code try to exclude using words such as: serial, code, keygen, hacked, patch, warez, etc. Crack Medal Of Honor Version 1.0 free download - Medal of Honor Allied Assault v1.11 patch, Apple Safari, Windows 10, and many more programs. Medal of Honor [2020] - PC Game Trainer Cheat PlayFix No extra resources. Learn More Global Warfighters Go head-to-head with the world's best special operations forces.

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Medal of Honor: Warfighter (RUSSIAN) - Limited Edition CD Key for Origin. In Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, you're recruited into the OSS (now CIA) and you'll be immersed in many different locales and scenarios from WWII.

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Medal Of Honor Crack, Serial & Keygen. February 23, 2020, and was released in North America on October 23, 2020, in Australia on October 25, 2020, and in Europe on. VR title from Respawn (Titanfall 2, Apex Legends) will release on. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. The new Medal of Honor is inspired by and developed with actual Tier 1 Operators from this elite community. Medal of Honor - game update patch R7 - Download. By clicking on various Free download finale 2020 user manual pdf Files at Software Informer.

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He was recognized for his actions in Iraq on October 22, 2020. I recently decided to buy Medal of Honor Warfighter on PC and since the installation, the game will not launch. About This Game Operating directly under the National Command Authority, a relatively unknown entity of handpicked warriors are selected when it is. This legendary military shooter game has taken players from the European theatre of World War II all the way to modern-day Special Forces deployments all over the globe to experiencing the. Medal Of Honor Warfighter Overview. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This article related to the Medal of Honor or its recipients is a stub. Medal of Honor Warfighter: Limited.

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EA is providing a match making service to all clients in order to find hosts. We start with a classic. Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault - Breakthrough v2.40b. Crack Free 12 PSROCKOLA4KFULLkeygen HD Online Player. Medal Of Honor Allied. Welcome, Want To Play MEDAL OF HONOR Game With Me? Medal of Honor Project 2020.

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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault screenshots: Electronic Arts has produced another rock solid, if uninspired, first-person shooter for their Medal of Honor series. Medal of Honor Multiplayer Patch v R7. This R7 manual update prepares the Medal of Honor client for the Clean Sweep and Hot Zone DLCs and includes several fixes and tweaks. Key Code - Medal of Honor: Airborne Forum - Neoseeker Forums. Medal of honor 2020 patch 2. For Honor Free Weekend Starts July 23. 07/21/2020 12: 00 PM. For Honor will be free to download and play on Xbox One, PS4, and PC from July 23-26, giving players the chance to cross swords with Vikings, Samurai, Knights, and Wu Lin across a wide variety of battlefields and game modes. Senate historian, the film illustrates how a medal is created at the mint. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond - Gallery Trailer.

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Medal of Honor recipient, new clinic seek to assist veterans. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault's seven multi-level missions traverse the European Theater of WWII; you will take out coastal guns in North Africa, scuttle submarines in Norway, and sneak into the heart of Nazi Germany. Download Medal of Honor: Airborne Full Version! [Updated. A short Single Player campaign. Emoticon-Peace ini game filenya gede, coba via torrent gan. It is the fourteenth installment of the Medal of Honor series. Medal of Honor Heroes, available exclusively for the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system, gives gamers the chance to take all the epic, authentic World War II (WWII) action of Medal of Honor (MoH) on-the-go.

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Player/Analyst Tweets & Other Things - PLAYOFF FINALS - TSM vs FLY

edit: Done for now! Worlds draw on the 15th I think! Love you guys! Hope you have a great rest of your day! #TSMWIN #FIRSTSEED #WORLDSISOURS #GRUBHUBGAMERS





Tweets are being updated manually so I'd recommend coming back after awhile.
Priority: LCS PlayeCoach Tweets > Interview > Org PlayeStaff Tweets > Other Tweets


TSM Treatz:
  • Last day of this split A lot of long days and hard times to bring everyone here but it can all be worth it. Let's get that last #TSMWIN and the trophy
Travis Gafford (Clip/Quote from G2 Perkz)
G2 Jankos
  • Stealing pick from TSM worked out 😏
Flyquest (Twitter)
FLY Sygh (Lead Analyst):
  • TSM it is! We get side select for tomorrow after all. Will be looking forward to it
FLY DLim (Head Coach):
  • Spica is a zoomer
  • Twitter: Spica shouldn't get credit for Jungle Shen. Perkz: We got Jungle Shen from Spica
  • Prediction - FLY 3-2
  • Before yesterday I would have comfortably said FLY wins this series today, but Doublelift returning to form and additonal target bans that TSM has accrued over playoffs makes it a tricky matchup for FLY now. Will breakdown the matchup on stream and then make a prediction #LCS
  • FLY win today imo, looking forward to seeing the DRAFTS and lvl1 madness
  • Flyquest 👏 are 👏 the 👏 favorites!
  • TSM looking for their first Championship since Summer 2017. FlyQuest looking for their first Championship ever! One team trying to regain their title as the most dominant org in #LCS & another trying to establish themselves as a new power in the region. FINALS ARE A GO! HYPE!
Tim Sevenhuysen
  • Prediction: FLY 3-1
  • Watch Bjergsen get MVP of the finals tonight and that is all folks
  • Tsm foh sho (in response to poll about who wins)
TSM Dunc
  • You spelt vv2 wrong (in response to someone saying Spica got the Shen pick from Zanzarah)
LCS Stream
  • Phreak/Azael (Casters Today)
    • POE: People are saying that FLY is strong together but not as individual units. Santorin has beaten top junglers, I've beaten top mid laners, we 3-2'd TL, we 2-0'd TSM. I think we're strong as a team and individually.
    • Phreak: Current record between Bjerg and POE is 9 - 8.
    • Azael: POE is one of the few who have been able to take it to Bjergsen.
  • Analyst Desk (Kobe, Markz, Pr0lly)
    • TSM/FLY are the two most aggressive teams so it should be an explosive match. FLY in 1st with the fastest fb with TSM sitting in 2nd in the same category.
    • Bjergsen heading towards another peak in his career. Reaching/is? the most banned player in the world.
    • WildTurtle has the highest amount of flashes in LCS. Very on brand lol
    • SO many shared champs shared by Bjerg and POE. POE uniquely has Kog/Swain/Kass/Malz (in terms of on-stage games), and Bjerg has TF/Zil/Sett/Fiddle/Sett/Zoe as unique picks. They share Azir, Ori, Syndra, Leblanc, Cass, Corki
    • SPICA'S PLAYED POOL: LEESIN, SETT, NIDALEE, GRAVES, VOLI, OLAF, TRUNDLE, SHEN, KAYN, J4, KINDRED, EVE, SKARNER. 13 CHAMPS THIS SEASON! As the youngest player in one of the most high pressure positions on the highest pressure org.
    • Official Declaration: Spica not a ward. A 1st for TSM.
    • Series going to come down to how the two junglers stack up. Santorin is the final boss for TSM.
    • Fan Vote: 68% TSM 32% FLY



  • Not happy about the Ashe/Sett first picks from TSM. "They're draining my grandmother's life force"
  • Zil/Camille make it okay. Still not happy about Ashe/Sett.
  • Would've been great if Ignar locked in Tahm, terrible into TSM's comp. Lux is good.
  • Viktor pick from FLY is a good thing for TSM.
  • Doesn't like the Karma pick from TSM. Really weird here. Understandable pick but overall FLY's draft is better.
  • TSM is not messing around. Zilean 1st game no shits given. FLY almost perfect comp for themselves w/ questions around Ignar on Lux. Can he affect the map with that champion?? Have to feel Bjergsen Zilean wins game 1 but if FLY execute their comp they have so much zone control.
  • Also, Ignar is 9-1 on Thresh this summer, so good on TSM for making sure that's banned to begin the series. Ignar performance on non-Thresh is gonna have huge implications.
  • TSM has done this mistake before over valueing Karma. I think Bard, Lulu Soraka would be better picks here, bard vs viktor cait lux together with sett zilean would be a scary 2 man / 3 man running around the map together. Karma does nothing vs lux imo
TSM Smak:
  • Time to go again for the finals! #TSMWIN
  • FINALLY we see the Viktor come out, love to see the pick from POE! Teams have been under rating Viktor relative to his strength for awhile now but I fully expect him to be a power pick for Worlds. #LCS
  • Playing with zilean ultimate into cait traps = 🙃


Invert (Beginning of the Game)
  • If FlyQuest wins game 1 off of viktor scaling (good vs sett and camille diving), the Zilean doubt starts to kick in for TSM and they'll be at a pretty big draft disadvantage (commit 2 bans vs just lb if they want to play it) for future games. This means a lot for this series
LS w/ Crownie
  • LS: Flyquest have the better draft... BUT TSM is going to win. I am TSM Chris
  • Crownie: FLY's draft is saint. (as opposed to sinner)
  • LS: Brokenblade should've cheatered (~3) but it's fine now since he got a really good trade on Sol- nvm he messed up his lane again. He could've got the wave to come back into him and zone Ornn but he's just attacking the wave again.
  • Both: TSM are in a really good spot at the moment overall. (~4:50)
  • LS: Spica gets the first dragon. Great for Karma. She's probably the best single cloud drake user. She perma uses it. (6:40)
    • LS side note: Akali probably the best infernal user. Kat is good too.
  • Both: FLY's comp outscales TSM pretty hard.
  • LS: This Herald rotation is such a joke and it's so consistent (9:40) Ashe roams all the way to Herald, Cait gets all the cs bot and takes a turret plate. Not worth it. The gold gained from the Herald doesn't surpass the gold you would've got by staying in lane and csing instead of contesting the team getting it.
  • LS: "Chat we stopped analyzing the game like 10 min ago because the game ended when infernal soul died" (~28). Started talking about planets and how to pronounce Uranus
  • 3rd item tiamat is bad for BB
  • (Elder fight) TSM should've waited for at least Ashe to come up before taking the Elder. Just 9 seconds and there is no way for lvl 11 Lux to steal vs lvl 15 Jungler. Should've just reset and then took Elder.
Sneaky & Meteos
  • Meteos: TSM are up two drags but it's going to start becoming hard for TSM to team fight against FLY's comp (~14:40)
  • "Cringe ult by Solo" (~17:40) TSM get the drag.
  • Sneaky: Game might just be over if this goes late because of how Cait works against Zilean. She counters his ult with her traps.


TSM Treatz
  • It's only been a day and people have already forgotten? (referring to Bjerg Zil)
Team Liquid (Twitter)
  • Every TSM player played well that game. CSD, Spica getting basically every objective cleanly, being a good front line for the team. Teamfights were done well by everyone. Good stuff from TSM. "HYPE!"
DIG Dardoch
  • Yeah idk its just a bit disrespectful to say the least at this point to leave the Zilean open guys
  • watching a zil abuser win north america
TSM (Twitter)
  • If I’m FLY I’m targeting Zilean + Shen and other enabler picks for topside carry Solo should be able to build leads topside and FLY needs to find ways to win teamfights with that advantage
  • This may come as a surprise to some of you but... I'm not feeling too hot on my FLY prediction right now.
    • Dunc: Does that change if they perma Zilean
    • Markz: Honestly, not really? Bjerg zil is dummy good but a lot of other things scared me too
  • Bjergsen's scoreline over 4 games on Zilean this playoffs is 17-2-30, which is good for 23.5 KDA. He also hasn't died on the pick in three consecutive games now. Just ban it.
TSM Hazed
Ye, keep giving @Bjergsen the time lord. #TSMWIN
TSM Smak
  • What do people consider counters to Zilean beyond LB? Would be interesting to hear everyone's thoughts on it. I personally think we don't see enough poke (velkoz, corki, lux) into it. I also have a blindspot on sylas vs zilean but I believe in solo queue it favours zilean.
  • These 8 teams that defeated @Bjergsen Zilean honestly deserve medals. #LCS (Bjerg is 24-8 on Zil)
  • lesgo
  • Hmmmmmmmmmm (in reply to Bjerg MVP tweet he made pre-series)
  • #LCS Trophy Club check-in for this series. First off looking at @TSM ! TSM have the #1 and #3 trophy holders in Doublelift (7) and Bjergsen (5). If @Biofrostlol wins again, he'll enter a pretty exclusive four trophy club, currently shared by only Impact and WildTurtle!
Sneaky/Meteos on Analyst Desk
  • Sneaky: Hard to get a strength read on teams going into Playoffs. Their power level was sort of random entering playoffs. Was feeling the TSM win today though. Meteos predicted FLY until this point
  • Meteos: Bjerg seems to whip out Zil when they feel like they really need to win and here they're doing it right out of the gate. Probably better options for FLY than ViktoLux
  • Sneaky: Cait is a good counter to Zil. Traps counter his revive. Viktor as a champ is way too week right now.
  • Meteos: 4man Botlane dive early on was really troll by FLY. They all saw TSM coming down to dive and Ornn went down bot and gave Camille 2 plates. Very bad macro.
  • Sneaky: All of FLY's comp was really good except for the Viktor. Just too weak from what he's seen from solo queue.
  • Meteos: They should ban Zilean. Zil is so annoying to deal with and TSM are good at using it. Not many good answers to it right now.



LS & Crownie
  • LS: Zil/Nidalee bans are good from FLY. Seems like a salty runback with a different mid. If that happens with Zil ban then it's a FLY draft win.
  • Sending Sett top here is fine (after seeing FLY's first 3).
  • TSM lost draft again BUT... they're going to win.
Sneaky & Meteos
  • Meteos: Champs are changed but TSM picks champs that had basically the same role as last game.
  • Sneaky: Panth/Cait isn't really a combo. Don't like it. Panth himself can take over a game though.
  • FLY getting so little from draft -Cait fp is pretty meaningless if TSM gets to counterpick support -Zilean ban is also moot if TSM gets to pick TF and enable BB through that Needs a different look or swap to red side
  • Ban Zilean but leave open TF??????????????????????????? (Bjerg 5-0 on the champ)
    • Tim Sevenhuysen: If I'm FLY, I'm more scared of TF than I am of Zilean... IgNar is going to have to smurf this one.
  • Arguably TSM is stronger with TF than with Zilean because of how easy it is now to be proactive in early game and get BB ahead lol
TSM Smak
  • Jax has always been my favorite champion to watch. Always happy to see BB play it.


LS w/ Crownie & Sanch
  • LS: If TSM win 2-0 then they'll win the 3rd. I don't think FLY is the type of team that can come back from that.
  • BB pushing too fast again (~2:40). Now he can't cheater recall. If he cheaters and gets cull it's absolutely broken. Really hard to lose lane if you do that.
  • Predictions based on games thus far: LS 3-0 TSM. Sanch 3-0 TSM. Crownie 3-1 TSM
  • LS/Crownie: TSM are clearly in their comfort zone right now (~7:40). They're doing good and they kill Ornn during the best timing to do so.
  • LS: Good game for Spica to go Triforce + Black Cleaver
  • LS: Game state is really good for TSM (~10) The movement to Herald is sort of fine here since bot is resetting.
LS (Twitter)
  • Why are every NA LCS teams obsessed with herald btw? Does no one actually do the math and count what is being lost in the mass majority of cases in side lanes/waves/jungler camps timings etc? It's so weird man
    • Tim Sevenhuysen: I think having a set play for Herald is easier to execute than a more nuanced set of rules for what to do in varying circumstances in 8:00 - 12:00. Clean execution of imperfect game plan is better than poor execution of best game plan. In LCS, execution is harder to come by.
IWD (Twitter)
  • The Law of LCS - The team that starts herald will instantly lose the game there. (~10)
TL Steve
  • @Regi I'm already dead (Late reply to Regi's "TSM TSM TSM Steve Sucks" tweet)
  • I wonder if NA teams received bad training from watching Spring C9 going for every dragon/herald on spawn in spring and didn't understand how C9 was compounding those objectives with their comps/skirmishing. (~10 pause)
  • In response to Markz saying he doesn't feel good about his FLY prediction anymore: Same (from both)


Team Liquid (Twitter)
  • The power is working here at the AWTF, can we jump in? #LCS
    • Phreak: IDK can you beat TSM in a best of 5?
    • Kobe: HOLY ☠️☠️☠️
    • Captain Flowers: phreak just ratio'd the horse
  • TSM (Twitter) aka Dunc: We all know how that went yesterday.
Captain Flowers
  • This break is a great chance for everyone to go get a quick game of Solo Q in so you can start the series 0-1 too and experience that authentic Finals Day pressure! #LCS
  • Could we see a GenG vs. DRX situation where DRX was completely out of their depths and came back figuring out to draft/play out the game? This could be huge for FLY.
  • Both of the teams have an hour to figure out how they want to play out the rest of the game with their comps, should be an interesting game from this point on #LCS
Max Olivo
  • While we wait, just wanted to say I’m so thankful that my two favorite forms of entertainment: the LCS and NBA have both found ways to to make a watchable product during the pandemic. They have their drawbacks, but it’s better than I thought it’d be. Insane production teams
G2 Grabbz
  • When you think NA cant get more boring they hit you with the 45min pause
  • We are truly in a post apocalyptic world here! Our players have to play the #LCS finals from home due to a Worldwide pandemic, and now the finals are delayed because California is so hot that power is going out! Time to move LCS to Canada!?!


LS w/ Crownie
  • Talking about American Pie and stuff since the game is basically over. (~19)
Sneaky & Meteos
  • Sneaky: Cait generally isn't good at holding 1v2. Wave clear isn't good enough (~15:30)
  • Sneaky: PANTH ULTED BACKWARDS. Big Misclick(15:50)
  • Meteos: Panth support is going to do a whopping nothing this game (~18:30)
    • Sneaky: He doesn't scale. He's not going to do anything.
  • Sneaky/Meteos: Game is just GG (19:30, score is 1 -11)
  • Sneaky: Wait what the hell, kind of running it down here (TF/Bard stun Cait and then get 4-manned)
    • Meteos: TSM can't throw hard enough with this lead and comp anyways. Still GG
  • Meteos: Doesn't feel like these teams are close. It's like TSM is just shitting on FLY. It doesn't seem like FLY is in the right mindset. It's like they're comfortable without killer instinct.
  • Game is basically over. They talk about breadsticks and stuff (~28)
  • Meteos: I've seen teams come back 12k gold down... I haven't seen teams come back with Pantheon support. (~29:40)
  • Meteos/Sneaky: Maybe they were drinking... It wasn't a power black out... they just blacked out.
    • Meteos: IGNAR GOT THE WOLF.. OOOH Name another support that would've done that.. I'll wait.(~31:10)
  • Everyone on TSM other than Bio is 18, Fly is 16, 14, 18, 16, 12 (~33)
  • Sneaky: GASP Dwagon Soul!! (~35 Soul for FlyQuest)
  • Actually... Azir does a ton of damage. TSM might not have as much of a massive lead as we think. Ornn Items + Infernal Soul
  • Sneaky/Meteos: Game is actually no joke winnable with this Azir (39)
TSM Reginald
  • Proud of the guys, they’re playing well. This is how league should be played. Winning or losing #TSM (~21)
Jacob Wolf
  • GG go next. #LCS (20min)
  • It's really next to impossible to leave a game for almost a hour and come backto starting playing again when ata deficit already in the game. Such a shit situation.
  • imagine getting up from your pc taking a 30+minute drive to a new location during the heat set up your new station then instantly get: bard ulted+ashe ulted+ TF ult into gold card and deleted Turtle about to close his pc and go back home (~16)


G2 Perkz
  • the king is back and there is no stopping him @Bjergsen 😎
G2 Jankos
  • I want to play TSM at Worlds 🧐
    • Rogue Tomislav: get in line
TSMA Evolved
  • One more game 😝
TSM Treatz
One. More. Game. #TSMWIN
  • TSM Nightris (Partnerships): My heart is about to leap out of my chest. 😭
TSM Smak
Evil Geniuses (Twitter)
TSM Drone
  • Man Turtle made such a great Turtle play there and Biofrost just YOINKED away that teamfight with that Exhaust. TSM up 2-0 looking to repeat G2's sweep from earlier this morning! (last team fight)
  • One more game #TSM #LCS
TSM Seazer
  • The only way to defeat Fly/Tree/Sea Quest? Global warming.
    • Cloud9: Banger
    • Damonte: Good tweet. Proud.
    • Team Liquid: #LIVEEVIL
  • we need a counter on how many cait ults weren't body blocked when intended in both NA and EU in playoffs.
Tim Sevenhuysen
  • TSM have looked good for the past couple weeks not because Bjergsen turned on playoffs mode or Spica suddenly had something click or Doublelift finally understood Senna; it's because TSM fixed some macro holes and improved their self-awareness / identity. Team fundamentals. #LCS
  • I've been harping on TSM's fundamentals literally all year, btw. It's taken them far too long to sort things out, but I'm encouraged that they finally made progress on it. I hope it will serve them well at Worlds.
  • I'm really shocked that people haven't figured out how to shut down Bjergsen yet. It's honestly REALLY simple, all you need to do is ban Zilean, Syndra, Zoe, Leblanc, Orianna, Azir, Corki, Lucian, Irelia, Akali, Sett, Twisted Fate, Sylas, Cassiopeia, Ryze, Taliyah, Lissandra, Lu
  • TSM looking like they're in their best form of the entire year! Loving the top lane focus w/ counter picks & the team facilitating Brokenblade to put him consistently ahead. Bjergsen has been amazing through both games at empowering their top laner w/ TF ganks / Zilean.
  • I want to see FlyQuest give Solo counter pick top & at least try to contest the gameplan. Blind picking him Ornn every game & watching him be chain ganked, TPed on, Ulted, Dove & generally ran over by TSM just AINT IT. GIMME SOME MORE GAMES FLYQUEST!
    • Empyre: Not confident they can pull that off. Doesn't seem like something they've put time into or practiced (getting solo CP and playing through him). Could turn out badly. Maybe Renekton is good enough tho
    • Azael: HP or Morde even just not BLIND
    • Empyre: Yeah agreed, I think just not giving BB a free lane is key. Morde/Renekton/maybe GP good
  • TSM still has issues securing dragons in midgame while theyre snowballing but overall solid gameplay today. Obviously they got two dream drafts so far, so we'll see if FLY can spice things up next game (doubt).
Max Olivo
  • Is it coming home
  • TL was able to fight TSM closer with their TF take-away to shutdown brokenblade's carry picks. IF POE doesn't want to play the TF, they have to think of another option quickly to deal with TSM's style
    • Tim Sevenhuysen: How much do you think there is to say about PowerOfEvil's creative counterpick pool (Swain etc.) being a less useful trait against Bjergsen's ability to blind pick every game and not get punished?



LS w/ Crownie & Sanch
  • Wait... are TSM just picking the same comp over and over? (TSM lock in Sett, TF, Ashe)
  • Talk about IGNs and katie from high school and Among Us for most of draft
  • FlyQuest have drafted really saint comps.. and TSM has drafted worse and worse. But TSM is going to win.
    • Sanch: FLY's comp is the juice.
Sneaky & Meteos
  • Meteos - Everyone feed on Nautilus'
  • Sneaky - I expect 20 death Ignar
  • Meteos - TSM should troll one for the fans.
  • oh no the lvl 1 is a disaster already in top


LS w/ Max, Sanchovies, Crownie
  • Bio misses Q and Spica misses E. Ori cancels TF's ult with his. (~6)
  • Crownie: Weird basing difference botlane (8). Ashe has BF/Cull & Senna has Pickaxe
  • talks about donos for awhile
Sneaky & Meteos
  • Meteos: Everytime FLY gets a pick it just feels like TSM gets more because of what FLY committed for it. (~13:50)
  • Sneaky: Might be a mistake not going Manamune on Jayce. Scales so well like Senna build.
  • Meteos: Santorin solo ulting Bjerg was weird. Doesn't have enough damage to do that. (2nd drag)
    • Even when something goes well for them (FLY) they don't turn it into anything. They're just making bad decisions
    • Sneaky: Also seems like they're scared of something.
    • Meteos: Teams that are like this typically have really messed up/cluttered comms
  • Chat: FLY is throwing so they get the easier group at Worlds
    • Sneaky/Meteos: Ooooooooooh
  • Sneaky: It's not necessarily that TSM is better at outplaying or has better mechanicaly players overall. They're just getting smacked in macro play.
  • Meteos: It's hard to play against TSM's comps. They put so much pressure on you. Santorin is always being spotted out by DL's hawkshot. Not being able to see Spica's Sett means they're always being under threat of being killed if the laner has CC.
  • Sneaky: TSM is always taking advantage of something else if FLY goes for something. (FLY kills DL backing on a ward but then TSM catch POE and then TP flanks Turtle). (~26)
  • Meteos: FLY goes for the fight after TSM dives GP at 2nd tier bot turret but they really should've just recognized that they can't do anything about fighting after GP died and cleared the vision in the jungle. (~29)
  • Sneaky: DL gets caught and dies with flash but he really wouldn't survive anyways. It's really hard for Ashe to survive against a Hecarim in that situation ~31
  • Meteos/Sneaky: BJERG THE GAMER. Hits the blast cone to deny him from the pit (~31:30)
    • Meteos: Bjerg already level 18 again. It's like he's running exp quints (32:30)
  • Sneaky: Still winnable for FLY. They're still really strong with their champs. (Ori/GP) (34)
  • Sneaky: BB hard trolled that fight (fight in mid where he flashed in place)
    • Meteos: Also that Bard ult anti-synergy with Sett ult
  • Sneaky/Meteos: Looks like TF trolled by canceling recall but he got canceled by GP ult. It's still pretty troll that they double splitted with a baron team running it down mid.
  • IE Senna... (~41)


  • FLY needs to ban Zilean and TF to keep this going - TSM is getting too much value out of their globals and side pressure
  • the last time TSM was in the LCS finals, they were up 2-0 as well. hmm...
Travis Gafford
  • I mean I predicted a TSM finals win but I was hoping it would be interesting at least.
    • Oh, @FlyQuest follows my twitter account I guess.
  • MORE GAMES WOO. Flyquest finally nabbing one with some quality Fly-tier teamfighting and at least denying the shutout.
  • Keep drafting this way!
  • Lets gooooooooooo
Tim Sevenhuysen
  • I have a very special relationship with TSM. I perma-no-faith them and they beat GG in the runback, knock out C9, beat TL, and 2-0 FLY. I admit that I've underrated them and praise their growth curve, and they drop game 3. Is it possible for me to be TSM-neutral?
FLY Sygh
  • we are alive
  • That had to have been a mis-flash from BB
  • But why dafuq TSM only starts splitting when enemies have Nash? AHAHHA this game was so free ...
G2 Esports
  • NA and throwing at baron, name a more iconic duo #LCS
    • To everyone responding "G2 and #LEC championships" Yes.
    • T1 Esports: Europe and 0-3 Worlds finals
  • going to bed. TSM win game 4



LS w/ Crownie & Sanchovies
  • Crownie: Probably going to be a copy-paste draft from TSM. Going to be up to FLY to adapt and support the Cait properly.
  • LS: Ugh... TSM's draft dude.... nooo not the Jayce. He can't play it at a professional level. Only a few can play it at the top level Nuguri, TheShy, Kiin, etc.
  • LS: Really really hate these TSM drafts.
  • Crownie: How is TSM supposed to front the back without a front?
  • LS: They expect Bjerg to just Q-E-R someone and instakill them. That's the strat.
Tim Sevenhuysen
  • Okay I have feelings about TSM's draft but I don't want to swing the game in either direction by leveraging my anti-prediction powers, so I will just say: TSM is a team that drafted a draft. #LCS
    • Nelson Sng (LNG Coach (LPL)): TSM won draft but not sure if they can execute
    • Tim: I'm surprised TSM picked Jayce on 4 to give away the Sett flex value. More worried about IgNar on a support counter I guess, which I think is fair given the roles of IgNar and Solo, but as an overall concept I go support there.
    • Nelson: You pick Jayce there regardless as it is the counter to FQ's B123, arent any lane counters which are viable which won't screw up FQ's teamcomp
    • Malaclypse: + support counterpick is OP with ashe
  • what a malphite angle
    • Nelson: Only way FQ could have saved the draft
    • Allorim: This series is in DESPERATE need of some more Malphite
  • Somehow FLY mind controlled TSM into not picking TF and not counterpicking top lane. Hate the Panth blind pick but this game is in FLY's territory now. Let's get a game 5!!!! #FLYWIN
  • TSM opted out of TF + toplane counter pick + 2 free bans in second round of draft We get a game 5 at this rate
  • Support pantheon this is how it ends huh


Sticking with Sneaky & Meteos. LS & Co. keep getting off topic talking about planets, icecream, etc.
  • Meteos: Morg isn't really a counter to Panth. Sure you stop his stun but then he's already on you and does a ton of damage and then he can just negate all the damage that you throw at it after binding him. Maybe Tahm would be better.
  • BB got solo turret but now he's been at around 110 cs for the past couple minutes (~17) FLY also have way better Drag control with their comp.
  • POE lose the fight at 3rd drag but they're at soul point. POE just saved ulti for some reason. Could've used it to push out Bjerg/Bio
Power Outage. Taking tweets w/ Laptop + Phone.
  • that dragon standoff was textbook league of legends in case you weren't sure.
  • queue silver scrapes (~27)
C9 Mateus
Loyota (FLY Analyst)
  • Yo wtf are these drake fights (~25?)
  • We have officially reached fiesta status (~27)


TSM Treatz
  • Game 5 comfort zone entered again
TSMA Winston
  • TSM haven’t lost a game 5 all split no worries 😎
  • TSM's drake contest strategy of "spica flash in and steal it lol" was pretty good but it looks like they may need to try another approach in game5
  • This may come as a surprise to some of you but... I'm feeling a little better about my FLY prediction right now.
  • I’m not staying up to 4AM again. Goodnight 😂
    • IWD: fake.
GG Danan
  • hm
  • ANOTHER Game 4 in playoffs! Really impressed @FlyQuest have had the fortitude to fight their way back from the 0-2 start and amssive pause to force match point! It all comes down to this, play the silver scrapes
  • Flyquest sure know how to entertain the viewers, always going for 5 games every series
Team Liquid
  • TSM has to go back to the TF or find something else. 5v5 front to back comps, they will almost never beat FLY #LCS
  • tsm should replace shen ban with caitlyn and draft for Brokenblade when redside. not that doublelift is playing bad, i think hes playing rlly well recently just think bb is very good carry. also idk why morgana got picked over braum here
T1 Esports
  • Positive: Silver Scrapes Less positive: another game of this #LCS
  • Honor all after this Game 5 #LCS
  • TSM has to take redside, FLY has to ban Lucian/Nidalee/Zilean. Only real decision to be made is if TSM opts into playing TF with top lane counter pick again. I don't think TSM can beat FLY playing teamfight comps at this point, they need a switch up #LCS
  • don't ban it @FlyQuest
  • Cloud9 1.0 couldn't take down TSM. but Cloud9 2.0 might be able to.
Travis Gafford
  • GG: Well it's match point, but we can probably give Bjergsen Zilean... C9: Well it's match point, but we can probably give Bjergsen Zilean... TL: Well it's match point, but...
Rogue Esports
  • Yo @TSM can you finish this fast please. It's 3:30am over here 😴
TSM Smak



Sneaky & Meteos
  • TSM have not changed their ban the whole series
  • Ooooh Senna... why did they ever stop picking Senna?
    • Actually there wasn't really good opportunities to do so
  • Ori pick is great. She pressures weak laning champs really well
  • Meteos: Don't remember seeing Biofrost lose on Rakan
  • Overall good comp for TSM. Great teamfight comp for FLY
  • jax rlly insane for flyquest no?
  • Solo doesn't jax. GP/Morde/Renekton/Ornn only
  • FLY banning Tahm instead of Rakan was pretty meh, Bio 100% goes on his most comfortable champ after Bard TSM going blue was also weird but atleast they got TF with a top carry Either TSM wins through blowing up GP over and over again or FLY outscale and teamfight to win
  • Why didn't we just 4p GP and counterpick support again? I'm confused
  • TSM is going to gank Solo at level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, level 5, etc
  • Based on comps I'd say TSM take it, time to sleep see u on the other side
G2 Esports
  • You know what? As long as both teams are having fun, do we really care who wins? #LCS
  • Wait nvm nothing about this series is fun Just end this already. (4 man bot dive)


Meteos & Sneaky
  • Not sure who won draft
  • 4 Man gank on bot was extremely huge for FLY. Great TP by Ori. Not sure why mid laners don't do this TP all the time.
  • Incredibly nasty trades from BB (~6) BUT FLY just got an ocean soul. Ocean soul really affects lanes. Top the most.
  • Despite Bjergsen being on TF, POE is pressuring the map way harder than Bjerg (~12)
  • Bjerg is fucking himself over with how he is macroing but BB is being given a lot to carry. (~13:30)
  • Meteos: If you want a champ to carry from top lane, Camille is the champ you want.
  • Sneaky: TSM are hard controlling this game so far (20)
    • Meteos: And Renekton wasn't banned. Renekton is pretty good into Camille.
  • Meteos: Solo dies again for the 4th time. 1st time was his fault but the rest aren't really his fault. TSM's comp made it so he's just pretty much fucked. He's the new Dyrus
  • Ignar went Shurelyas. So squishy he just dies to TSM so easily here. (~24)
  • Really nasty position for TSM they're really ahead and they just take all the enemy camps on cooldown (~26)
  • Brokenblade trolled really hard. What does he expect to happen when he jumps on a Leona ahead of his team under turret with no flash. (~26:10)
  • Really bad decision making from FLY after BB inted. They use everything and have no cds... then they run at TSM and die. Give up a bunch of kills and Baron
  • Bjerg actually ults for the lich bane proc vs Solo
TSM Hazed
  • FLAME HORIZON APPROACHING #TSMWIN (Spica Flame Horizons Santorin)
  • 100% confident TSM has this one in the bag, throughout the series they showed a really solid 1-3-1 and were very proactive. Hope there are game 5s in group stage at Worlds ^ #LCS (~31)
  • Broken Blade, The TopFather (~26)
  • That dive so fucking huge. Leona has so much space to roam around and pressure mid now #LCS (4 man bot early)
  • That's a clean dive right there. (4 man bot early)
  • Am I fucking my sleeping schedule for tsm? THERE IS NO WAY RIGHT?! Yes I am...
Tim Sevenhuysen
  • Has anyone ever had a more valuable playoff run in the #LCS than Bjergsen this split? Maybe others dominated more start to finish, but the sheer value in lifting his team through tight series... He's been a walking win condition.




    • Yassuo: So happy for u bro
    • Tarzaned: best jg na too
    • TannerSlays: You're the smite king. I really hope you're happy. You played out of your mind and stepped up. Well deserved legend!
  • cool
    • Treatz: Yeah
    • Cloud9: The return of the King
  • Feels surreal to win it all after 2 years. I really miss playing on stage with a real crowd. Looking forward to playing at worlds. Thanks to everyone that supported me this split and my teammates ❤️
  • A few weeks ago @currylol messaged me "see you in the finals". Lot of respect to @FlyQuest and their players/staff for their insane year. Looking forward to representing NA at Worlds alongside them.
  • No refunds 😬
    • DL: 😳
  • Woot! Another banger series
TSM Zexrow
  • what did tsm win?
  • @TSMBrokenBlade @Spicalol @Bjergsen @TSMDoublelift @TreatzLoL @Biofrostlol huge props to the players, they stepped up on time different time each series. also the staff worked very hard and almost made me feel embarrassed. you guys are the heroes.
    • DL: best position coach
  • . @TSMBrokenBlade stepping up huge
TSM (Twitter)
TSM Subroza
  • Congrats to the LoL team for winning this split! Insane performances on Game 5's by them. Well deserved #TSMWIN
  • I’m exhausted. Depleted. I’ve put so much energy into this. Feels like it’s all truly been worth it for this moment. Can’t even imagine how it feels to be the players. I’m just the tiniest cog in a mega machine. But heck I am so proud.
TSMA Winston
  • This has to of been one of the greatest playoff runs in LCS history no?! Watching these guys work there asses off all split and there insane improvement is crazy so happy for the lads! #TSMWIN
TSM Mackwood
TSM Emad
TSM TannerSlays
  • Dude i look up to Bjergsen so damn much. Maybe it's because of all the 1v1s i did from back in the day. I feel like him and i are similar in more ways than one. GGWP to the #LCS boys tonight. Well deserved <3 #TSMWIN
TSM Charles (k0rean)
TSM Cutler
  • Yesssssssssssiiirrrrrr
  • Sucks to go out like this. We were so close yet so far away. Two second places this season is definitely a huge improvement from the last couple of years but still not good enough. GGS @TSM , well deserved!
    • Captain Flower: You're still one of the best junglers this region has ever seen bro, and I ain't just saying that because you like Skarner. Can't wait to see what y'all bring to the international stage; ggwp!
  • Gg @TSM
    • Congratz to them Heartbreaking to lose 2-3 after making it so close for the reverse sweep
  • GGs to TSM! lost the series and my power went out :( so now the food in my fridge is rotting T.T
  • ggwp tsm
  • we got so many flyquest fans this year. i really wanted win for them today. sorry to lose
Dlim (Head Coach)
  • GG's and congratulations to @TSM
  • Ahh so close...
Sygh (Analyst)
  • heartbreaking day. feels almost like we were so slow to start that we started 0-2 before we even got our feet under us. still super proud of what we've done this season. TSM played super well today and earned that first seed. we will look to #ShowcaseGreatness at worlds.
Curry (Analyst)
  • Not much to say @TSM were just the better team today. GGs to them Thank you to everyone for supporting us throughout the year. Time to switch our attention to worlds.
Loyota (Analyst)
  • Well guys, they tried their best. Bjerg's TF is nuts haha. Make sure to send positive vibes to the players/staff who worked hard to make another finals and give the org it's first international tournament appearance. Still another dance.
submitted by ImLegacys to TeamSolomid

Yo, are we sleeping on these other Nui Cobalt Releases?

I'm hounding Ajevies website for BPAL Weenie updates (btw she's also decanting all the BPAL/Haute Macabre perfumes and hair glosses; get on those if interested!) and I took a gander at two Nui Cobalt release listings. I... am sorely tempted to buy full packs of these things. Here's what's up for decanting until the 24th:
  • Celestial
An exalted amalgam of precious woods and resins to invoke divine grace.Angelica root and flower, frankincense, sandalwood, oakmoss absolute, Siberian fir, amyris, and petitgrain. Wear for bright blessings and good fortune. Anoint your altar and instruments of magic to increase their power.
  • Defiled
A shameless scent for seduction and dominance.Honeyed fig, Bourbon vanilla, clove bud, cinnamon, orris root, cardamom, patchouli, nocturnal jasmine and a pinch of catnip. Wear to restore the thrill to long-time love or fan the spark of newfound connection. It imparts joy and confidence in one's own sexual power.* Please note: this perfume contains cinnamon, and should be avoided by those with cinnamon sensitivities.
  • Diabolical
An artful mixture of rakish wit and intrigue.Warm chai spiked with Caribbean rum, well-worn suede, top-shelf pipe tobacco, and antique cedarwood. Wear to attract opportunities and gain strategic advantage over your adversaries.
  • Divine
A meditative blend for elevation and illumination.Silver needle tea, lotus flower, ambergris accord, cerulean musk, blooming dogwood, and sunlit spring water. Breathe deeply of this scent before bedtime to assist in lucid dreaming and nocturnal pathworking.
  • Fiendish
An incendiary spell for defiance and insurrection.French Quarter pralines, Haitian vetiver, chicory coffee with a splash of whiskey, bronze musk, black agar, dragon’s blood, and woodsmoke. Anoint court documents, petitions, flyers, ballots, and important letters to amplify their efficacy. Wear to channel righteous rage into meaningful action.
  • Immaculate
A potion for cleansing and banishing.Lemon verbena, two sages, palo santo, copal, benzoin, bay leaf, and white peppercorn in an infusion of hyssop. Wear to dispel discord and alleviate crossed conditions. Anoint the nape of the neck to remove a curse.
  • Infernal
A persuasive potion for influence and esteem.Plum wine, passionfuit, cinnamon, myrrh, fresh ginger, pink pepper, cardamom, anise, and oud. Wear to hold sway over powerful people. Anoint the throat to make your voice heard, understood, and respected.* Please note: this perfume contains cinnamon, and should be avoided by those with cinnamon sensitivities.
  • Nefarious
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  • Pristine
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  • Virtuous
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  • Ain't I a Woman
Sojourner Truth -- She was born into slavery in New York, fled to freedom with her daughter, then attained legal custody of her son, becoming the first black woman to successfully sue a white slave owner. She spoke widely as an abolitionist and women's rights activist. Her groundbreaking 1851 speech, later titled "Ain't I A Woman," was delivered at the Ohio Women's Rights Convention. The fragrance inspired by her is one of indomitable hope and faith: a sacred incense of amber and sandalwood, Bartlett pears poached with vanilla bean, and a scattering of dry tea and patchouli leaves. Wear this comforting blend for stability and self-assurance.
  • The Art of Divination
Pamela Coleman Smith -- She was a black artist and occultist living in turn-of-the-century Europe. Though her name is conspicuously absent, Pamela was responsible for one of the world's most widely recognized and widely distributed works of art: The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. The fragrance inspired by her harkens back to her youth spent in Jamaica: Pimento, spiced golden rum, pineapple, lime zest, and a wisp of incense smoke.
  • The Children's Champion
Audrey Hepburn -- An icon, an entertainer, and the very epitome of grace, Audrey Hepburn was simply luminous on stage and screen. But it was her tireless effort to with the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund that revealed her immense heart and humanitarian spirit. The fragrance inspired by her is sheer elegance: Earl Grey tea with a slice of peach, sun-dried teakwood, tonka bean, English pipe tobacco, ecru suede, and just a touch of Bulgarian lavender. Wear this scent to evoke unconditional love and the healing power of kindness.
  • Do Things No One Can Imagine
Alan Turing -- One of the most brilliant minds of the Bletchly Park codebreaking team, Alan was instrumental in The Allies' victory in WWII. He advanced the fields of mathematics, computer science, and poshumously, LGBTQ equality. The fragrance inspired by him is a stately, dignified tweed with amber resin, oakwood, sweet pipe tobacco, black tea, and a few scattered rose petals.
  • Femme, Réveille-Toi
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  • Unbought & Unbossed
Shirley Chisholm -- A first-generation American, she was the first black woman to serve in the United States Congress, representing New York's 12th Congressional District. She sought the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, making her the first black person as well as the first woman ever to have done so. The fragrance inspired by her is a strong and sophisticated spiced tea with raw honey and Barbados sugar sipped among the sunlit roses of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Wear this bracing blend for fortitude, diligence, and a sense of humor in the face of all challenges.
ETA formatting changes because I donked it up when I copied/pasted
submitted by WhenYouHaveGh0st to Indiemakeupandmore

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