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Open links in new tab. Our hack is an easy-to-use tool, so new gamers can acquire currencies effortlessly. Nuevo Hack de gemas Dragon city advanced adder Noviembre. Hacks and Cracks: April 2020 continued. Need Cheat Engine 6.2 or 6.3.

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This comes in quite handy and helps out a lot of people; allowing them the opportunity to play games that normally you would have to purchase 3ds prepaid card codes for.

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Some Reddit tips for newcomers (Warning: lots of text)

Welcome, newcomers! As somebody who has been on the site for a while and seeing the multiple "need to figure out Reddit" posts and messages here, i decided to have a cheatsheet of sorts to get you up and running. This will be a VERY dense post (and itself a clear demonstration of what's possible on Reddit and not on Imgur), so don't try and get it all in one gulp or you'll choke :P

Some background historical info (can skip if you don't care).

Reddit originally was created as a link aggregator, a site to share links. It didn't even had comments. The Karma system was since then used so people would make the most relevant things rise up. Comments were added later, which drastically altered the nature of the site as people could now talk about the stuff being posted. With time people started posting images as the link, which annoyed people, and the solution to this problem was the creation of subreddits, little subdivisions of the site so that people who wanted to see stupid pics could go to /pics and those who didn't could avoid it. This made the most dramatic change of the nature of the site, as every subreddit was essentially an isolated island as far as the site was concerned, and since users could create them at will it went a little out of hand, as today it's said that Reddit has it's own variant of Rule34 that goes like "There's a subreddit of it, no exceptions" :P
At some point, Alan created Imgur in discontent with the multiple image hosting sites around, it was slick, quick, light and worked well. But as the site grew and started costing more and more, the need came to monetize. They played with a "Pro" subscription that would give people enhanced features, but eventually gave up on this (i had it from the beginning until it died, was disappointing). The Imgur community features was the final choice, an ad-supported standalone site.

Main differences

Since Imgur was originally created as an image hosting site and Reddit as a link aggregator, the nature of many things has subtle differences despite sharing a core of usage (Karma, upvotes and downvotes, posts with comments, etc.). Imgur encourages quick effortless posts of images, to the point that you see "dotposters", an image with only a dot as the title and no description. On most of Reddit this is not the norm, to the point that there's many subreddits that only allow text posts. More differences:
  • The main difference: Subreddits versus a single frontpage. On Imgur there's a single frontpage every user sees, the only difference will be if the user allows "mature" posts or not (which honestly makes little to no difference). On Reddit there is a "default" frontpage for logged-out use, but almost every user sees their own frontpage, generated from their subscriptions. Every subreddit is essentially a little community in itself, wholly focused on their own thing, with their own rules and many times with their own design. You see a subreddit you like, you subscribe to it, and from now on in your frontpage you'll see the new and rising posts from it. There used to be a catch-all /reddit.com subreddit, but this was locked years ago.
  • There's a default set of subreddits every new user is subscribed to. These usually have millions of users and are a reflection of the american mainstream thought, for good or ill. For now i'd recommend not just not going there (there be dragons and whatnot :P), but maybe even unsubscribing from all of them and starting only with here, and adding more that interest you as you find them, that way your frontpage will only have what matters to you and nothing more. You can see your subscriptions here.
  • Related to this, every subreddit's frontpage will be made exclusively from the posts made to it. What you'll see when you enter a subreddit will be very likely new and rising posts for that day in there, and nothing from others.
  • There is no UserSub, because every subreddit is it's own thing. You go to each subreddit and you'll see everything for it.
  • Crossposts. Because every subreddit is it's own little island, if something is posted somewhere that is relevant to other places, you can "crosspost" it, make a post pointing to the other post. The site itself has a function to do this (under any post you'll see a "crosspost" link), but you could just take the original link or image and post it there, on "Old Design" (more on this later) you can see an "Other discussions" link near the top of the post where you can get to any other place the exact same link or image has been posted before. If it's just an image though, you can use Karmadecay, it tends to be effective enough on finding where a pic has been posted before. One thing: Once in a while you'll see people crying "repost!" on crossposted stuff. They're idiots, crossposts are encouraged since as mentioned not everybody sees everything else, if a thing is crossposted to several subs and this person is in all of them, though luck, you don't cry "repost!" when all newscasts for the day are all on the same important breaking news.
  • Posts can be of 2 classes: Links/Images (or multiple images too), and text posts. If you post a link of image and need to give extra info, you pretty much need to add a comment to your post giving that info. Alternatively there's text posts, like this one, where i'm not directly linking to anything and just writing. I can of course link to things inside the post, but it's still a "text" post.
  • Karma too is divided into two: Post Karma, that you get from getting votes for posting stuff, and Comment Karma, that you get from votes from comments. There is no "double dipping" on Reddit, there's "physically" separate dips so to speak.
  • Reddit has a proper API and allows people to run bots. You'll learn to see automatic posts by bots in a while, there's a few very useful bots, a lot of marginally useful ones, and a few very annoying ones that eventually get banned.
  • There's no 140 character limit. Comments can be up to 10K characters if i recall correctly, so no need to split a comment into several posts just because you ran out of characters. You'll rarely ever run out of space to write.
  • You can edit your comments. If you edit it quickly enough (in the next 5-10 minutes from posting i think), like if you made a typo you noticed just after submitting, it will not show, but from then on it will mark the post as "edited". This is to prevent bait-and-switch messages where somebody posts somebody then change it.
  • Deleted posts don't completely disappear into oblivion. You can still get to posts if you have the link and comments will not break the chain of messages under them, in both cases all you'll see is "[deleted]", of course what was posted is gone but the whole message discussion will still be there, unlike in Imgur where a whole post full of messages will disappear into nothing if removed by mods.
  • There's no convenient gif library on every text edit box like on Imgur. That is a disadvantage compared to Imgur. I imagine there's browser addons to compensate but don't know any right now. Of course, an image search will bring you the images you need, but still :P
  • Reddit uses Markdown, a simple language to include text formatting on any message, you can have italics or bold text if you want, plus links and other stuff. This has no equivalent on Imgur, since over there the focus is on pics more than text. One small gotcha here: You need two "enters" to get a new line, otherwise Reddit will eat one and put it all in one line.
  • There's no site-wide moderation. Every subreddit has their own mods, and you know their usernames at all times. This means that every subreddit has their own rules, and that mods have power only in there, they can only ban you from that sub, nothing more. While this brings some needed transparency, it also brings the issue of mods in a sub having all the power. The only ones above them are the site admins, and they rarely if ever intervene in internal subreddit disputes, if they appear somewhere it's usually because something very serious happened. This is both good and bad, any power-hungry mods will run unchecked in a sub, but will also be restricted in their power to that sub, so if it goes fully wrong users will move to a new one, as has happened a gazillion times as people abandon the jerks.
  • Reddit has it's own, much longer history of shitstorms, and far more severe than any on Imgur, "appearing on the news" severe. You can see a lot of (incomplete) history of Reddit on /MuseumOfReddit (or it's wiki if you want a handy index).
  • User mentions and subreddit links. If you put "" followed by a username it will notify them. Be careful as this can be overwhelming, and be aware that it can be turned off. If you put "/" followed by a subreddit name, it will automatically link it: /MrPuckett
  • You can save not just posts, but also comments in your favorites and classify them in tags
  • Awards: People can give an "award" to a post. This is a small thing that appears after the post/comment. They are originally paid with actual money which is turned into "coins", a fake currency used exclusively for this, and usually originates on Reddit Premium. Just like karma, they have no value outside of the site.
  • Adult material is allowed on the site. It almost always requires you that when you post it, you mark it as NSFW (Not Safe For Work). This applies to both sexual material and shock/gross/horrible stuff. Once you post, you'll see a "Mark NSFW" link below the post which will allow you to do this.
  • The same applies to Spoilers. Since there's discussions here it's way too easy to spoil people, so spoilers can also be marked.
  • Reddit Premium: A subscription that allows you to directly disable ads sitewide among other features. If you have an adblocker you likely don't need this, but if you spend long on the site it might be worth it just because of the extra messages per page you can load (50 vs 100 if i recall correctly).

Usage differences

There's overwhelmingly a single Imgur user experience, either the desktop one or the app, but Reddit has multiple:
  • There's the "Old" desktop design. The design in use for more than a decade. Not exactly easy, but it's simple, quick and clean, and can be improved, more on this later. This sub in Old design: https://old.reddit.com/MrPuckett/
  • There's the "New" desktop design, which they're currently pushing, inspired by the usual web crap like Facebook and Instagram, literally optimized for ads. Old users hate it's guts (i'm in this group). New development is likely happening only here. This sub in New design: https://new.reddit.com/MrPuckett/
  • There's the default "mobile" site which you get when you access Reddit on a mobile browser, like the Imgur one it sucks and is pretty much unusable. Just ignore it.
  • There's the "Compact" mode, actually usable on mobile and desktop and the fastest of all by far, this sub in Compact Mode: https://i.reddit.com/MrPuckett/
  • And finally there's third-party apps. I use /RelayForReddit but there's a whole bunch more, some Free Software, some paid. These allow you to have a decent Reddit experience on a phone/tablet and could even conceivably become your main way to use the site. Lots of people will have strong opinions on which one's the best, but honestly, the best is the one you find most comfortable.
Very important extra mention of a good tool: The Reddit Enhancement Suite, RES. A browser addon to have a much better Reddit experience. Has a sub at /Enhancement/. In my opinion, old design plus RES is the way to use Reddit when not in mobile (or when using Firefox on Mobile too).
There's far more than this but this is long enough already, and whatever's left you'll catch up on the fly, i hope this was at least somewhat helpful :)
In reward, on Reddit there's no such thing as a Cat Tax, but no matter, here's a crappy picture of this jerk living with us :P


Forgot to mention as i just answered on a response below: You should go and check your preferences on desktop at least once. Here's a direct link to there. There's a few adjustments that will apply over any way you access Reddit. And you very much should give a hard look at the "privacy" part, as by default they do the usual tracking, if you have a decent adblocking setup this is a moot point anyway as it will get blocked, but still, better check this here and disable that.
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