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Operation Takedown: an atomic bomb against game journalists

Ladies and gentlemen, as we all know, game journalism is a hideous cesspool of lies and nepotism. This fact deserves to be a huge scandal. But it isn't.
Nobody outside the relatively small sphere of Gamergate cares and that's because most people EXPECT a certain degree of unethical behavior. Giving a little favorable coverage to your friends and sex partners? Stuff like that? That's just par for the course.
How can the miserable state of gaming journalism turn into the scandal it needs to be? Simple.
You publicize the TOTAL INCOMPETENCE of game journalists. People love laughing at stupidity. They get mad at morons in positions of authority. In short, public displays of ineptitude capture the world's attention.
Find where game journalists have made FACTUAL ERRORS and said INCREDIBLY STUPID THINGS. Create infographics around them, WITH SOURCES. Then spread them relentlessly on social media, 24/7. Not sporadically at a slow trickle like we've been doing it.
Because people like Kuchera or Schreier or Alexander are literally too incompetent and ignorant of vidya to be game journalists. That is what people will really latch on to, and it's going to end their careers faster than "minor" ethical breaches will. Companies do not like employing highly visible public laughingstocks/villiage idiots.
This operation was tried on 8chan and went basically nowhere. A lot of "wow good idea!" and "this is what we should've been doing all along!" and then pretty much zilch when it came to actually carrying it out. Yes, I salty.
These are the current images for Op Takedown(more will be added as provided): http://imgur.com/a/esz3X
Please for the love of god, people, MAKE MORE OF THEM. MAKE YOUR OWN. DON'T WAIT FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO DO IT. There isn't exactly a dearth of game journos getting the facts wrong and saying ludicrously stupid shit. Seek it out. Turn it into infographics. Spread them to infinity and beyond. You know the initiative we displayed when we hijacked #CES2015? We need to display it a lot more often. Like, now. And also all the damn time.
submitted by nobody66666 to KotakuInAction

OPERATION TAKEDOWN: Megaphoning Bad Games Journalism On Twitter.

Gamergate recently took over #CES2015 to educate the uninformed masses of Intel's poor descison to partner with the IGDA and Feminist Frequency. Now let's use this same strategy to educate the uniformed on the trash you can expect from journalists like Ben Kuchera and gaming websites such as Kotaku.
This time instead of simple twitter quotes with logos attached to them, we will use detailed and sourced infographs that highlight the things said and articles published that Gamergate stands against.
Instead of confining ourselves to solely using #gamergate for this, we should take to trending and/or relevant hashtags as well to spread this information on twitter.
This might not sit well some with some of you. Realize we would be preaching to the choir if we continue to contain ourselves to only gamergate hashtags and hubs. It's what the opposition wants us to do. We've had successes by expanding into other hashtags, Intel being the latest, and this tactic looks to replicate them.
Example of this strategy in action:
It shows Jeff Rourner, author of Why #GamerGate Failed: A Look Back at 2014's Most Ridiculous Movement stumbling to defend his article from this infograph after it's tweeted in the trending #CES2015.
List of websites you can use to find trending hashtags:
Use your own judgement to decide what trending hashtags to post under. Sticking to only using #gamergate is an option as well if you are not comfortable doing this.
There is need for more infographs to be made like the ones shown here. If you can help, please post them here or in the 8chan thread where this idea came from.
Archive of 8chan thread
If consensus rules not to do this operation, the infographs alone can still be of use.
Edit - Other example of this new strategy, with a variation:
William Usher using #CES2015 to post this infograph on what #gamergate and #notyourshield are about and why you should care.
Edit 2 - Added Archive of 8 chan thread.
You might have luck using http://8archive.moe/ if you want to find any info or threads that are inaccessible at the moment due to the DDoS attack against 8chan.
submitted by Lurkenz to KotakuInAction

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