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Clash of Clans tasks players to build their own village using the. Clash of Clans Bot works with CoC Summer 2020 Update. Elixir 2 donation key apk. You can donate by buying the Elixir 2 - Donation Key application or make a. All other features are available for free 1. Wall upgrading 2. Buildings upgrading 3. King auto activating ability 4. Queen auto activating ability 5. Change deploy speeds of the troops 6. Change wave speeds of the troops 7. TownHall sniping 8. Smart lighting spell for dark storage 9. Set cast lighting spell for dark storage 10. Attack near red.

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Donation will remove ads and enable [HOST] can donate by buying the Elixir 2 - Donation Key application or make a or higher APK. Integrity of the game will be strongly maintained with a zero donation benefit policy. Elixir 2 - Download APK free online downloader. Bonus loot is your prize for winning the war. Clash Royale Hacks & Tips To Help You Win the game.

[Guide] Zapquake - A Lightning & Earthquake Spell Guide


Zapquake is a (sort of) portmanteau of lightning (zap) and earthquake (quake). It is used to eliminate key structures such as air defenses and inferno towers.   In this guide we cover zapquaking of three structures in total.
  • Air Defenses
  • Inferno Towers
  • Mortars

Zapquake – Air Defenses

Zapquake (AD) - showing air defense level Zapquake (AD) - showing lightning spell level
The two charts here show the relationship between lightning and earthquake level to air defense level. In each chart 2 lightning spells and 1 earthquake spell are used. In the first chart the coloured numbers show air defense level. In the second chart the coloured numbers shows lightning spell level. Other than that they show the same basic information where the first one is more concise. The order of spells doesn’t matter; however, you do have to make sure that the lighting spell is placed on one of the 9 tiles (3x3) of the air defense directly (zooming in helps), and that the 8-tile diameter of the earthquake touches the air defense. That being said the safest tile is the central one, as there is less chance of a miss click. Since the earthquake has such a large radius it is possible to use 4 lightning spells and 1 earthquake spell to take out 2 air defenses should be they be close enough to each other and the spells are an appropriate level, thus saving 1 spell space, e.g. for poison or haste spell.

Zap – Air Defenses

Zap - using only lightning spells
This chart displays values to use solely lightning spells to destroy an air defense. The coloured numbers show lightning spell level, 2 or 3 spells are used. N.B – lightning spells always follow a set pattern depending on the order they are used in. Lightning Spell Patterns - This can be used to take out more than one air defense using 3 spells provided they are in a specific arrangement.

Zapquake/Zapping – Inferno Towers

Zapping/Zapquake on Inferno Towers
Another key structure higher up in the game is the inferno tower, one of the most powerful defenses in the game and nothing to be underestimated. The chart shows the number of lightning spells required to destroy the inferno tower. In the No Earthquake section, the level and number of lightning spells is shown. In the Earthquake section, only one earthquake is used in addition to the number and level of lightning spells shown. e.g. To destroy a level 3 inferno tower with level 5 lightning: you will need at least level 2 earthquake along with 4 lightning spells. As before the order of spells has no relevance, just make sure the spells hit one of the 4 tiles (2x2) of the inferno tower.

Uses at different town halls


At this town hall, you’ll have one flying troop – balloons, but with one elixir spell available, an air defense can’t be destroyed with spells alone.


At this town hall healers are unlocked, their main weakness – air defenses. The maximum level lightning at TH6 is level 4. To use two of them = 390 x 2 = 780. The level 1 air defense has 800hp, meaning again the air defense isn’t destroyed. It’s best to use heal spells to allow the giants to destroy the air defenses and then deploy healers when safe, if using giant-healer.


This is where it gets fun – DRAGONS! At this level zapquake can’t be used as a TH7 can’t get hold of any dark spells, but using lightning spells only, an air defense can be eliminated. There are three main configurations for spells for TH7 mass dragon. The army typically consists of 9-10 dragons, with 4 balloons if a dragon is taken out, and balloons in the clan castle (CC) and 3 spells.
  • 3 lightning (or 2 if they have low level air defenses) – use this when one air defense is isolated to pick away at your dragons.
  • 3 rage – this is used if a lot of high HP buildings surround the air defenses.
  • 2 rage and 1 heal – this is circumstantial and mainly serves to protect your balloons when they get into the core to prevent archer towers, wizards towers and air bombs from sniping them, they will be the units that get the air defenses.
On a side note, if hog riders that are a high level can be donated by a clanmate then using a full CC (4 hogs) and a heal spell, an air defense that is close to the outer edge of the base can be taken out.


At this town hall, there is much more variation due to the presence of dark spells. The principle is the same as in TH7 but using the resources available allows you to save an elixir spell. Upon building and completing the dark spell factory you are granted an additional spell slot. Not only that but upgrading the Clan Castle to level 4 allows the donation of a dark spell to your CC. Thus in war a very common strategy is 10 dragons, CC balloons, 2 lightning, 1 rage, 1 poison/haste and 1 earthquake. (A haste spell can be in the CC and the earthquake can be made by the player) Using everything at our disposal we have saved 1 spell slot and have gained an additional elixir spell to use – a rage spell for the core.


At this level zapquaking becomes less common as mass dragons is not effective against a decent TH9 base. For attacks such as LaLoon, athough zapquake would seem useful, it is quite the opposite as you need the hounds to pop in order for the clean up troops to get you the 3*. A much better alternative is to use the spell space on a killsquad (heroes and some other troops, e.g. golem, bowlers, wizards) to take out that air defense and more on the side. Where it may come in handy is for trophy pushing. When the spell factory is upgraded to level 4, and the dark spell factory is built, TH9s have 9 spell capacity, and with the additional space in the CC, 10. Therefore now double zapquake can be used: 4 lightning spells and 2 earthquakes. To use this in trophy pushing normally these spells are used in conjuction with either mass dragons, or baby dragons and balloons to get the safe 2*. Another use is for war, if you as a TH9 must dip and attack a TH8 in war and want to save dark elixir – using double zapquake and mass dragons means you would have left only one air defense standing and with 10 level 4 dragons the TH8 stands no chance.


(Side note: I am currently a TH9 so have not got first-hand experience at this, but have seen it been used in war). Zapquake at TH10 and higher is normally used if one of the inferno towers is close to the enemy archer queen or an air defense. If the queen is nearby the spells are timed to hit when the queen strays near to the inferno tower, taking both units out simultaneously. The same applies for an air defense.
TH10 – War – Using 5 lightning, 1 earthquake, killsquad and LaLoon This strategy if used correctly will severely weaken a base. As can be seen in the video this defending TH10 is now essentially a TH9 with 3 air defenses (after using spells alone), and the player is using TH10 level troops to attack this base, in addition to destroying an air defense with the killsquad.

Mortar – Zapquake (thanks to u/Andrakisjl)

Another structure that can be zapquaked is the mortar. This is more commonly used in farming although as pointed out in the comments may be used in war for funnelling purposes (as mentioned in the comments by u/Andrakisjl). Zapquaking Mortars with Different Spell Combinations
The table above shows the level of the lightning spell required to destroy a mortar. The combinations shown use:
  • 2 lightning spells only
  • 1 lightning spell and 1 earthquake spell
  • 1 lightning and 2 earthquake spells (of the same level)
  • 2 lightning (of the same level) and 1 earthquake spells
The combinations involving earthquake (the last three), are in order of preference. First 3 spell capacity, then 4, then 5.
Therefore, I have compressed this rather large chart into a more concise one: Concise Mortar Zapquake As can be seen there are some situations where you can’t avoid having to use more than the minimum of 3 spell capacity for each mortar. This chart can be used to determine the optimal spell combination to take out your desired level of mortar.
However, we don’t end there, I was a little interested in the “1 lightning and 2 earthquake spells” category, since as we know from TH8+ dark spells can be donated (elixir spells at TH11). So, I decided to check what would happen if one of the earthquakes used was donated by a clanmate and therefore it may be any level – higher than yours! Mortar - Zapquake - 1 Lightning & 2 EQ (1 Donated in CC)
Again, this chart is rather large and a tad complicated – so if you look closely, the areas where the increased level of the donated earthquake spell has made a difference to the level below it has been indicated by the larger font and bold numbers. e.g. A level 2 mortar needs a level 4 lightning and two level 1 earthquake spells to destroy it. However if using a level 1 and a level 2 (CC) earthquake, then only a level 3 lightning is needed!

Zapquaking Mortars – Why would you do that?

Town Hall Level 3 6 7 8
Number Available 1 2 3 4
Mortars are unlocked at TH3 and a maximum of 4 are built at TH8. The table above shows when new mortar buildings are unlocked. A common use for zapquaking (or only zapping below TH8) mortars is to use this for BaRch (barbarians and archers), goblin raids, among others – farming army compositions. This is because the troops used for this type of farming (collector raids) are cheap and are therefore low HP troops – destroying the mortars on a base prevent it from wiping out swarms of your troops – especially archers since they can be one shot by mortars (depends on both their level).


Now for TH5s this is where this guide ends unfortunately – since it isn’t possible to destroy even a level 1 mortar with a single maximum level lightning spell for TH5. It will leave the mortar with 10hp :(


But on the bright side – good news for TH6! Using 2 lightning spells you can destroy up to a level 8 (not that you’d have to do that) mortar completely! Or more realistically you can eliminate one of the two mortars that an opposing TH6 would have. Using a few giants and some wizards the other one can be taken out quickly.


As you have a maximum of three elixir spells available. But! Your lightning can’t be upgraded above level 4 (which you got at TH5!) which therefore means you have the same problem as TH5s, you can’t use one spell to take out any level mortar. Which means you are only able to use 2 lightning spells to take out 1 out of the 3 mortars, and use the remaining space for something else. However, some Clashers do use 3 lightning spells in order to destroy some other structures that may be nearby – it is possible (depending on the spell pattern) to destroy a wizard tower, archer tower or cannon (not exhaustive) using those 3 lightning spells, every little helps!


Finally, we have unlocked dark spells… But unfortunately we now have unlocked yet another mortar to deal with. These mortars can be upgraded to level 6 which means to destroy only one of them, we need a level 5 lightning spell and a level 4 earthquake from a kind clanmate! This leaves us with 2 elixir and 1 dark spell available. Unless the mortar is very low level (and if it is, you shouldn’t bother with spells since it won’t hurt your troops much) you could use 2 elixir spells to take out another mortar, and since your lightning spell is level 5 it can be any level at all, and the final spell can be a poison for any surprise CC or an earthquake to destroy the TH on a sliver of health!


Mortars can now be level 7, and because of this is optimal to just use 2 sets of two lightning spells to take out any mortar, rather than 1 lightning and 2 earthquake spells (unless you want to use the earthquakes splash radius to severely weaken high HP structures like the TH) as you’d need to spend dark elixir. The remaining two dark spells (one is CC) can be anything you fancy. Remember though, a level 6 lightning and max earthquake in the CC can destroy a level 6 mortar.


Now we have 12 spell capacity (10 + 1 + 1 in CC), a maximum level lightning and earthquake spell! This new stuff we have means we can use 4 sets of 1 lightning and 1 earthquake spell, so long as all spells are at their maximum level and this means we can destroy every single mortar on the playing field. This gives your farming troops free reign on the battlefield! (Wait what about the wizard towers, ITs and eagle artillery?!)


Well we have reached the end to my take on zapquake, I do hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have producing it. I would appreciate any comments/corrections to be made in the comments. Since I am a TH9 I would especially appreciate any additions for the higher levels.


Source of values - This is the data used to construct the charts above (using Excel) and as can be seen the damage for a level 1 earthquake is 14.5% in my table, whereas the game states 14%. After being a TH8, I know that a level 6 air defense can be taken out with 2 level 5 lightning spells and a level 1 earthquake spell, which judging on the numbers in game would leave the air defense standing with 3hp. This reddit post shows that after some testing the true value is exactly 14.5% (likely due to rounding), which is what I have used in my calculations. Just as a note, to calculate the damage from two successive earthquakes a simple factor is added, while hitting a building (so not any wall) the damage for each consecutive earthquake after the first one is multiplied by 1/3, then 1/5 and then 1/7 and so on. The rest of the values are from the Clash of Clans Wiki.
Album with all above images  
-IronMan -TH9
submitted by -IronMan to ClashOfClans

[ASK] If donated troops are removed from clan castle does the donator get the elixir back?

submitted by beepboopbob5 to ClashOfClans

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