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Auxo 2 cydia cracked

5 Best Paid Cydia Tweaks iOS 7.1, 7.1.1, 7.1.2 Pangu Jailbreak

All you would using is a web service called, Jailbreakme. Battery Drain 7.1.2?: jailbreak. You see the Application Switcher in the middle? This one DOESNT require any developer account or computer and will do everything for you - auto sign jailbreak in the background when you specify days in MORE tab in the modified extender application. At its core, Auxo 3 is comprised of three powerful features: Multi-Center, Quick Switcher, and Hot Corners.

Crack auxo 2 (iOS 7) v1.0.2-2 [DEB DOWNLOAD]

Auxo Legacy Edition is available from the BigBoss repo on Cydia for $ Anyone who has previously purchased Auxo 2 or Auxo 3 can get Legacy Edition for a discount $ To start customizing iOS, click here for instructions on jailbreaking iOS Those with older firmware can jailbreak with Pangu (iOS ) or evasi0n 7 (iOS ). Display recorder app jumps from cydia to app store. Gauntnn: How to get free in app purchases ios 7.1.2. Rest all iOS 14 to iOS 14.2 running Device users still can use Tweaked app stores to install Cydia apps (Non-root apps). Search for: Most Popular.

Auxo 2 Review & Features: Amazing iOS 7 Cydia Tweak

Auxo 2 Cydia Cracked Screen

Best Cydia Tweaks iOS 8 Outside Default Cydia Repos. Best Cydia Sources listed for. Cydia on your iOS 8 then follow the link below. In many customization options. View comments on How to Auto Install a DEB File Using Cydia.

40 Best Cydia Tweaks (Updated for iOS 12) - 2020 Edition

Auxo 2 cydia cracked. Auxo is a Cydia tweak that adds a new style and many features to the iOS app switcher (taskbar). Already, the mobile OS has taken aim at a number of third-party iOS applications, and pulled the trigger. How to download Auxo 2 (iOS 7) https://uralligaculture.ru/download/?file=1552. There is a Ten Secret Ways to Hack iPhone That is Not Jailbroken; The Best New Tracking Software to Monitor location!

Cydia Impactor Older Version

Enjoy the customization of every aspect of the iOS interface and even more behind the scenes. Auxo 3 is compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and costs 2.99 dollars. Instagram cydia followers. Ins0passx ins0passx make most followed babies on instagram 2020 instagram hacking very possible these days.

Cydia Without Jailbreak

The Top 10 Jailbreak Tweaks for Power Users check my source. Auxo 2 is one of the highly anticipated tweak. I just tried this version an I'm getting the same piracy message mentioned in the other thread. Essentially, it allows you to get apps and jailbreak your mobile device. The 50 Best Cydia Apps for iPad this article.

Auxo Legacy Edition Cracked Source Cydia - Rediff Pages

Modularity Bot application size from 125 to 180 KB (Crypt about 1 MB) Works on Android versions 5 and above Covert SMS interception works from version 5 and higher Injectors work on all current versions of Android 5 - 10+ Data between the server and the bot is encrypted using the RC4 + base64 algorithm with a random key Blocking bot deletion Blocking disabling admin rights Blocking Disable. Velox, the awesome tweak that supercharges your home screen, is now available on Cydia. Continuity Calling / Handoff not working on iOS 8 with OS. It comes with many new features and improvements such as dynamic Multi-Center, Quick Switcher and is able to close all the applications that run in the background. Siri privacy controls, Airplay handoff, Home grouping and few more.

Cydia Tweak Auxo For iPad Is Now Available

Jailbreak is the process of removing Apple iPod Touch restrictions imposed by Apple to install 3rd party apps on the iPod. MEANWHILE, PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME THROUGH THE LIST. This folder should now look something like this. Auxo 2-Combined control center and all switcher into one, and adds a cool quick switcher for faster multitasking Altkeyboard 2-Adds very nice functionality to the keyboard like swiping up on a key to get a number or punction, and other stuff. If you like the tweak and idea behind it then you can grab it from Cydia for.

Full Force Cydia Cracked Download

Springtomize 2 is the end all be all of customizing your application iOS 4.0 + device. Install jailbreak apps on. Cydia Cracked App Ios 7 Without Jailbreak Auxo 2. Auxo 3. Alphacon Adjust Spring. It refreshes whether the toggle is on or off and I already reinstalled the toggle to make sure it downloaded right. Progress of OBSD on T14 AMD. Auxo 2 Cracked JailbreakHacks.

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How To Install Themes On Cydia Apps

One of the most popular iOS tweak Auxo has been updated for iOS 7 users. Once your repo is installed, you can either tap on it to browse through its folders to find the tweaks you want to install, or simply perform a search by tapping on 'Search' in the lower-right corner of the screen. Cydia Installer ready to download and install Cydia for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with few steps for FREE. It works like a boot manager. If you try out Auxo 2, let me know what you think of it in the comments!

[Tutorial] Guide to make iPhone 4 faster, with Ultra Minimalistic 'Feature Phone like simplicity' Tweaks

Due to overwhelming requests from /iphone on my post about this iPhone 4 tweak, I'm going to show you what I actually did.


  • My English is shit, sorry.
  • This guide is to make exactly like how my iPhone 4 runs.
  • I don't see why this isn't applicable to any iPhone running on any iOS, but I personally modded this on my iPhone 4 GSM running iOS 7.1.2. But for now the guide is only for iPhone 4 on iOS 7.
  • If you're not familiar with Jailbreaking, please don't ask me how, there are plenty of good quality articles on how-to out there
  • You can easily undo this tweaks using iTunes restore
  • If you follow the steps carefully, you will understand what every tweak does
  • This is bare essentials performance oriented tweaks. So, no email, no iMessage, no AppStore, no games, no Apple ID accounts, no GPS, no background refresh, no contacts sync, no backup. You have been warned!


  • Running iOS 7.1.2 (iPhone 4 GSM)
  • Jailbroken

See it in Action!


Part 1: Setting up the phone (after jailbroken of course!)

  1. Do not login to your Apple ID or any online account
  2. Settings > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast > Reduce Transparency -> Enable
  3. Settings > General > Accesibility > Reduce Motion -> Enable
  4. Settings > General > Spotlight Search -> Uncheck All Items
  5. Settings > General > Background App Refresh -> Disable All
  6. Settings > Privacy > Location Services -> Disable
  7. Settings > Messages > iMessage -> Disable
  8. Settings > Notification Centre -> Disable All (except Notification View)
  9. Settings > Safari > Advance > JavaScript -> Disable (note: don't disable if your favorite websites use JavaScript, but would still highly recommend to disable it)

Part 2: Getting the Goodies from Cydia

Note: Please look around for your favorite repos, these all are common Cydia Tweaks.

  • AdBlocker (block ads, reduce safari resource use)
  • Auxo 2 (swipe up gesture home iPhone X-esque, my home button is busted)
  • Chroma (To change that eye straining light blue highlight on every apps element, purely cosmetics)
  • HideHomeTime (self explanatory, hide clock on home, creates cleaner look)
  • HomescreenDesigner (Create homescreen layout, Springtomize complement app)
  • iCleaner Pro (To disable useless daemon, hide cydia tweaks to prevent accidental changes to those and good all rounder to maintain performance)
  • No Page Bounce (Disable rubber band effect on pages and home screen, reduce eyestrain and improve performance)
  • NoKeyPop (Disable popping key on each keyboard keypress, reduce eyestrain, removing resource use on animation
  • Springtomize 3 (Essential homescreen tweaks)

Part 3: Setting up Springtomize 3

Settings > Springtomize 3 >

1.Animations ->

  • 1.1. Custom Speed -> Enable; Set to 0.3
  • 1.2. Lock Animation -> None
  • 1.3. Icons Scrolling Animation -> None

2. App Slider ->

  • 2.1. Hide Icons -> Enable
  • 2.2. Resize Page -> 170%

3. Control Center ->

  • 3.1 Enable
  • 3.2 Color -> Slider to Black; Intensity (1.00)
  • 3.3 Hide Separators -> Enable

4. Dock ->

  • 4.1. Hide Dock -> Enable
  • 4.2. Hide Background -> Enable

5. Icons ->

  • 5.1. Hide Updated -> Enable
  • 5.2. Disable Wiggling -> Enable
  • 5.2. Hide Badges -> Enable
  • 5.3. Hide Badge Text -> Enable
  • 5.4. Hide Icons->
    • 5.4.1. Hide Newstand -> Enable
    • 5.4.2. Hide Springtomize -> Enable
    • 5.4.3. Hide Icons -> Hide all except: Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Clock, Messages, Music, Notes, Phone, Photos, Reminders, Safari, Settings (you can go back here to hide/unhide icons from homescreen like Cydia)
  • 5.5. Lock Layout -> Enable (Enable this if you want to prevent apps from being moved)

6. Lock Screen ->

  • 6.1. Slider Style -> Hidden

7. Notification Center ->

  • 7.1. Background Color -> Enable; Slider to Black ; Intensity (1.00)
  • 7.2. Hide Today -> Enable
  • 7.3. Hide Missed -> Enable

8. Pages ->

  • 8.1. Hide Dots -> Enable
  • 8.2. Disable Spotlight -> Enable
  • 8.3. Icons Settings -> Resize -> Enable; Resize Percentage -> 200%
  • 8.4. Hide Labels -> Enable

9. Status Bar ->

  • 9.1. Hide Items -> Airplane; Rotation Lock; Carrier

Part 4: Setting-up Homescreen Layout (Homescreen Designer)

  1. Open the Application from homescreen
  2. Grid -> Show Grid
  3. Grid -> Change Grid Size; Columns (2), Rows (3)
  4. Grid -> Fill Grid -> Delete Existing Icons
  5. Hold Press Icon '3' -> Set Icon Position -> X:50, Y:211
  6. Hold Press Icon '4' -> Set Icon Position -> X:210, Y:211
  7. Hold Press Icon '5' -> Set Icon Position -> X:50, Y:367
  8. Hold Press Icon '6' -> Set Icon Position -> X:210, Y:367
  9. Save -> Save Portrait -> 2x3
  10. Go to 'Saved' tab -> 2x3.plist -> Apply Layout -> 2x3.plist -> Save

Part 5: Misc Tweaks

1. Settings -> AdBlocker -> Enable All Toggles

2. Settings -> Auxo 2 ->

  • 2.1. Multi Center -> Disable
  • 2.2. Hot Corners -> Enable
  • 2.3. Advanced Options -> Invert Hot Corners -> Enable (if you prefer home swipe on left corner instead of right)

3. Settings -> Chroma ->

  • 3.1. Enabled
  • 3.2. Dark Tint Color -> #404040
  • 3.3. Light Tint Color -> #ffffff

4. Settings -> NoKeyPop -> Hide Popup -> Enable


Part 6: iCleaner Pro (Disable Daemons and Hide Tweaks from Settings)

1. '+' Sign tab ->

  • 1.1. Preference Bundles -> (Uncheck to hide installed cydia tweaks preferences on settings, Recommendation: All except Springtomize)
  • 1.2. Launch Daemon -> Disable All -> Reboot

Quick Tip:

  • Hide/unhide Homescreen Icons : Settings > Springtomize 3 > Icons > Hide Icons > Hide Icons
  • Hide/unhide Cydia tweaks preferences from settings: iCleaner Pro > '+' > Preference Bundles
  • Prevent apps from being moved: Settings > Springtomize 3 > Icons > Lock Layout
  • Do not close/clear background apps to keep optimal performance and speed, let them be!
  • If you want to change Auxo home swipe gesture location:(left corner: Enable; right corner: Disable) Settings > Auxo 2 > Advanced Settings

Known Issue(s)

  • Due to low default icon resolution on iPhone 4, the icons are slightly pixelated. If anyone knows where to get the original icons with higher resolution, please drop a comment!
  • ???
edit 1: added YouTube link; edit 2: formatting edit
submitted by Qualtza to jailbreak

Auxo 2 and CCControls Cydia issue

Anyone else having an issue getting both auxo2 and CCControls installed from Cydia? I keep getting a screen saying that if I install one the other must be uninstalled. I know auxo2 is now compatible but I'm still running into the issue every time I try to have both.
submitted by Radzefg to jailbreak

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