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There are 5 inmates on death row in a secret prison and I've been tasked with eating their sins. Envy eats nothing, but its own heart.

To say it’s been a rough 48 hours would be a gross understatement. And I do mean gross.
My body did not react to the food very well and as I stared down at the now empty bowl, my world grew hazy and my body became limp as toxic shock overcame me.
For a while, I simply floated in the stygian void between worlds. I saw very little save for flashes of bioluminescent colours, beautiful patterns that raced past my eyes and bore into my skull, pushing the endorphins out to my aching limbs. I could hear voices off in the distance, but I was so high above it all that it mattered very little.
As I concentrated, shapes would convalesce and form out of the dredges of darkness. Bountiful planets, beauteous stars and stellar galaxies that appeared far closer than they actually were, each individual strand of its great cosmic arms winking at me in morse code. A greeting? No, a warning.
“S. O. S.”
Something else formed on the fringe of my peripheral vision; a vacuous black hole with an event horizon that spanned the stretch of my view. It was a bright orange hue with a thick, pungent red that pulsated as the hole grew larger, devouring anything that came near it with great expediency.
Then, out of its murky depths, a long arm punctured the blackness. Colossal and pulling itself free as a body began to emerge.
The same spectre that’s plagued me since before I got onto the plane here. It unhinged its jaws and began biting down on a nearby planet, ripping it to pieces with razor teeth and staining its teeth as if the planet were a ripe fruit.
Stretching out its gnarled fingers once more, it clenched a fist around the planet, holding up five fingers with the free hand, the other firmly shut on the crumbled planet as it cackled in such a wicked way that it snapped me from my sleep.
The first thing I felt when I awoke was a pounding sensation in my head. Mainly because as I snapped awake and stood up, my skull collided with The Wardens in a sickening thud.
“ACH! Mein got woman, I was just inspecting you to ensure there was no lasting damage!” He stumbled back, clutching his forehead as I did my own. Nestor rushed in and looked ready for a fight before seeing the state we were in.
“Nelle! You good? You’ve been out for a day and a half… we were getting worried. Warden here said he’d have to pull the plug if you didn’t get up soon.”
The Warden shifted uncomfortably before looking over at me, his lips curling into a half smile as he shrugged playfully.
“What matters now mein freulein is that you’re awake and ready for your next sin. Emarosa was a unique challenge, but one I was confident you could overcome… even if the food was regrettable.” He shivered as our minds were cast back to the plate of meat. Cartwright Family Meat.
“Not your fault. Nobody knows what the food will be until it happens. But no more games from this point on, okay? I want to know what I’m dealing with when I walk in there. Especially after this latest scare.” I stood up and walked towards him, a finger outstretched in an accusatory manner, trying my best to be intimidating against a tall man whose name literally translated to corpse mountain. “Am I clear?”
For a split second, I thought he would do something drastic; maybe strike me where I stood or spit in my face. The expression on his face was nothing short of utter incredulity that someone spoke to him this way. But, in an instant, it snapped to the wild eccentricity he’d shown throughout and he nodded exuberantly.
“Ja, Ja. I think you proved you can handle it. Very well, our next inmate is Prisoner #2122 Ethan Elliot Blaznik III, a 22-year-old programmer who committed a series of kidnappings and torture killings on young men and women in the Washington area. His sin is his own to tell you but I should caution you; this man will use his information against you and try to get a rise out of you. Why? I cannot say. But he has made… comments about you in his request. I suspect he has reasons for you being here beyond the request.”
The Warden went for the door, informing us we had 4 hours to prep and we’d be collected at the appropriate time.
Glancing around the room for anything non-meat related, my eyes stumbled over the open compendium. It sat on a photo of Buck and his entire family. He was younger, his famous beard little more than a stubble on his chiselled jaw as a man barely in his 20s, sporting a more conservative explorers outfit than the one he proudly wears now. Around his sides are two elder brothers; Darius and Johnny, his sister Tara, cousins Porter, Solomon and Brandon. His father Nathaniel stood proudly by him, huge hands resting gently on his shoulders and his wife, Bucks mother Saoirse lovingly nestled in his chest, beaming down at her boy. In front of them all on this proud occasion was the hunting trophy that Buck had claimed as a rite of passage; he’d successfully taken down a wayward Lycanthrope with nothing but his wit and a bowie knife.
Buck hated killing anything without cause, but this was one creature he couldn’t ignore even then. It’d been devouring children who ventured too far from the safety of the village and venturing into forest territory where this intelligent killer would wait. They say when Buck sliced its stomach open, two children spilled out. Neither alive, sadly. It was even here that Buck got his nickname, holding onto the beast as it thrashed around and tried desperately to free itself from his grip, bucking him around as he drove the knife into its ears and eyes repeatedly. Simon would forever cease to be his first name henceforth. “Buck Nasty McGraw” was born on that day.
I smiled, the photo bringing such warmth and comfort after a physically exhausting few days, tracing my hands over it and remembering the good times when we’d first met.
“Hard to believe it was 10 years ago already, ain’t it?” Buck called, passing me a hot drink and sitting next to me as I observed the photo with wistful eyes. “I met you on the very first job I took as a licensed crypto-hunter and cataloguer. You were still in training then with your grandparents, must’ve been a few days shy of 16 when you assisted me in taking down that illusive forest god. You talked to him for what felt like hours to get his sin while I tried to subdue him.”
“And then he reared back, bleated and ran headfirst into a tree, knocking you both out cold. Yes, I remember.” I chuckled, his eyes rolling at the mere mention of his failure as he too began laughing.
“How was I to know he was more goat than god? Still, that was the day I was given one of the most important life lessons I’d carry into our working relationship all these years later.”
I looked to the note left at the bottom of the photo, the one that Buck coveted like it was the most valuable piece of treasure he’d ever owned or would own.
Today, you are my equal. Tomorrow, you will surpass that.
The compendium is now your responsibility and your job to fill.
But promise me, son, you won’t forget the family and will embody our most important trait;
Make as many connections along the way as you can. For our time is fleeting and all cycles must one day repeat.
With all the love in the world,
“What lesson might that be, Buck?” I asked, smiling as he took my hands in his and those hazel eyes shone with pride and admiration.
“That Nelle Lockwood is stronger than I could ever hope to be, and if she can talk a forest god into stupidity, she can beat any sinner or monstrosity this world has to throw at her. And I will support her every goddamn step of the way. I did it when we hit the coma city, I did it when we dealt with the dreamwalker and I will do it until my dying breath.”
I felt weak. Partially from the sentiment and from the lack of actual food over a day and a half. I nodded affirmatively, and he patted my hands before fixing me something to eat after hearing my stomach groan in protest.
“We’re also here, y’know, if you need anything fucking up. That’s our whole modus operandi.”
“RIP AND TEAR. RIP AND TEAR.” Edgar chimed in, mocking Nestors “stop it!” as he tried to silence him, bringing an even bigger smile to my face.
In spite of where I was and how I felt, I was truly blessed.
Even if the image of that fucking creature in my dreams still loomed on the edges of my vision, even now.
When the announcement rang out for us to go towards the visitation area, there was a sense of concern amongst us all that these were going to reach a critical mass point that we would be completely and utterly unable to bounce back from. I know in my case, the pervasive question that lingered in my mind was simple;
How many of these sins could I take before they began to consume every good part of me?
I kept close to the others and tried to keep my mind focused on the job at hand, not the mounting list of concerns I had about this facility, the inhabitants or my own competency. As we passed the gate, I heard soft music coming from the interview room.
“Is that… normal?” I asked the guard. He didn’t look at me once, keeping his gaze firmly on the door handle as he scanned his ID card and waited for the green light.
“For most? No. But for the death row inmates, yes. Some you’ve seen already don’t care for furnishing these little spaces, but Blaznik and the others do. If the music is ever too loud, just get Holden to come out and we’ll instruct him to turn it down. Oh, and uhh… try to keep calm in there. He has a habit of riling people up.”
The machine beeped, and the door swung open to let loose the hard EDM blasting from the inmate’s side. Strobe lighting beamed across the room and a young man, short in stature and muscular on the top half of their frame, the bottom half remarkably skinny and without definition. He was throwing his entire weight behind his arms as he danced around the room, smashing anything in his wake and frequently hitting the same spot on the wall with extreme ferocity; knuckles bashing into concrete as he screeched at the top of his lungs. Something meshed in with the wall, blood and skin on his knuckles as he pulled away, breathing heavily as the song came to an end.
It was a photo of someone; the image faded and crumpled, but the smile of a charming young woman in her late teens/early 20s still shining through.
“You’re Ethan, right? I’m nel-”
Before I could finish, he held up a bloodied knuckle and extended his index finger towards me, wagging it as we took our seats.
“No. That is not how this works, my dear. You will address me by my FULL title and only then will I respond.” He breathed in, hunching his shoulders and flexing. “Bitches really think they’re so entitled, don’t they?”
I felt anger surge through me; I didn’t take to insults or a lack of respect at the best of times, but I knew better than to let advice given to me just moments ago fly out the window. I pulled up my chair and closed my eyes for a moment before responding.
“My apologies. Mr Ethan Elliot Blaznik III, my name is Miss Nelle Lockwood, my associates are-”
Again, he wagged his finger as he pulled a beanbag, undamaged from the tantrum moments ago and sank into it, legs spread out and attempting to keep his bulge within his sweatpants visible at all times as he spoke again, arrogance oozing from him.
“Don’t care. They’re just other dudes, I’m not interested.”
I pinched my nose. This was going to be a long, long session.
“Mr. Blaznik, what was your intent with calling me here? I assume you have more to say than just hurling insults? I was made to understand you had a sin to confess?”
He shifted and scratched his crotch as he spat on the floor.
“Mm, maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. You know, you’d be a LOT hotter if you dropped the pretense that you’re intelligent or in any way authoritative. Women are far more desirable when they’re just silent and/or agreeable.”
Instead of responding, I decided to simply write down some notes onto my ledger, making the occasional glance up before passing them over to Buck & Nestor to observe.
“Why are you ignoring me?” He leaned forward and let his jaw go slack, hands hanging over his thighs. I continued to pass nonsensical notes with comments like “Smile and chuckle while glancing up at him briefly.”
It only took him 3 minutes to fly into a rage. Picking up a piece of furniture from his make-shift room and hurling it at the plexiglass with a thunderous boom.
“You think you’re better than me, you fucking skank?! Why? Because you’re pretty? Because you’re smart? Bitch, I have an IQ of 186, I lift weights for this sculpted body and I can HAVE anyone, DO anything. I don’t need you! Get the fuck out of my sight! NOW!” he boomed, spit flying from his mouth as he finished, face beetroot red and huffing in place.
“Sounds good. We can go out, live our lives, and do great things. Plus, it seems your sin isn’t worth eating anyway… the inmates across the way have FAR more delectable sins.” I walked to the door and held on the handle. It was easy to ascertain this poor boy’s sin.
His face may have been red from anger, but his sin was green with envy.
And I intend to play him like a fiddle.
“W-wait. My sin IS worthy. Just… just listen and I’ll tell you. I’m sorry, Madame… I’m so sorry.” He trembled, getting down to his knees and clasping his hands together as if he were a pitiful anime character. “Please forgive my transgressions. You’re a queen. I should’ve controlled myself better!”
It was pathetic, but not entirely surprising for a manipulator. I took my hand off the door and sat back down, Edgar cawing as Holden apologised for waking him up just to move.
“SADBOY. SADBOY.” He chirped, Holden throwing him a piece of meat to placate him. I saw Ethan’s eyebrow twitch, but he didn’t break his stance until I was fully seated.
“Your file says you’re a remarkable programmer. A former member of the white hats, efficient at taking down any rival who opposed you and with a 4.0 GPA in school and a scholarship to whatever university you want. You came from privilege and were intent on pursuing a promising career… the hell happened to you?” Buck let the paper fall flat in disbelief as he stroked his beard. Ethan looked him up and down and put his hand to his patchy bearded face, anger rushing over him until I interjected.
“Ethan, honey, keep your focus on me. Buck is my friend and just like Nestor over there, he’s here to help. Can you do that?” I was never an expert at charming people, but I put on my sweetest tone and most sincere smile which seemed to work. He relaxed and let out a side grin.
“Of course. Mr. Simon McGraw of the fabled McGraw clan of cryptozoologists isn’t the least bit threatening anyway, even if his beard is better than mine. I’ll get my own eventually, bigger and better than yours. And I bet I know way more about monsters than he does, seen enough of ‘em in my time…” He grumbled, fumbling with his hands. “So many fucking animals on the internet that make ME look tame by proxy.”
“What have you seen, Ethan? What turned you into the person you are today?” I asked gently, a plate to hand and a mind open to adverse reactions.
“Let’s start with social media. It’s a toxic, vacuous black hole from which nothing can escape. You see something, you take a photo and post it. Showing it off to all your adoring fans. Shit, they can never even afford or hope to have for themselves. From money to bitche- er, women, and everything in between. It’s posturing, and it’s sick.” He snorted and averted his eyes from mine. “So many friends getting married, having kids, successful jobs… shit I could never dream of. It wasn’t fair. It ISN’T fair. But that’s not the worst of it…”
“Go on, we’re listening.” I tapped my fingers rhythmically on the table, hoping this wasn’t going to turn my stomach.
“Y’see you can get all sorts of shit on the dark web. Anything, really. I made some good friends there, though they were my brothers in arms. Thought they understood what I was going through. The group I was closest to was The Terrapin System, a group of like-minded young men dedicated to routing out problematic individuals. Proud “Thot Patrollers”. We were so good at what we did.”
“Sorry, thot patrollers? Not sure I understand…” I interjected, sure it was a derogatory slur of some kind.
“Say you date a girl and she’s had multiple partners. Maybe a dozen or so. Think of it like a shoe, okay? Why would I, a clear alpha, want to buy a shoe that’s been used and stretched as opposed to a fresh shoe never worn before? That is what the thot patrol is all about. Finding these disgusting women and shaming them. But we didn’t stop there, we’d harass them, stalk them, ensure they never got to feel safe until they publicly apologised and renounced their evil ways.” He stopped and a wide grin ran across his face, eyes alight with passion. “It was such a beautiful time. Until the incident…”
He got up and walked towards a whiteboard obscured in the background, tracing his fingers across it before wheeling it over to us.
It was full of photos, some appropriate model shots and others far less pleasant. Side glances of someone as they walked to their home, unassuming shots of someone sleeping, showering or eating. My skin crawled and my breath shortened, I knew this kind of horrific behaviour all too well, this level of obsession that would send any sane woman running to a police station if she knew...
Every photo, all the same young woman.
“I met SirenSarah2213 on a stream one night while I was bored. She was… different to the others. Her stream was barely populated, and she was going on some tangent about female purity, being unfair to men and being nicer to everyone.... But man, she looked sexy as hell in a cosplay outfit. I just felt this instant connection and reached out to her, donating to her stream so she’d notice me. Whenever she’d say my name and ask me something, I felt validated.” He looked at us, his head tilted to the side with a vacant look in his eyes. “Do you know what it’s like for someone to look at you and SEE you, Miss Lockwood? I mean, since your mother, of course…”
I felt a sharp stabbing sensation rush through my stomach, but I didn’t want to stop his flow, so I simply nodded and motioned for him to continue.
“I ended up spending nearly 3,000 dollars on her. By the time the final donation went out, she was doing 1 on 1 streams with me and giving me “life advice”. Saying that my methods with the Terrapins weren’t strong enough. That they weren’t who they said they were. She pushed me to dig into them and when I finally did… she was right. Most of them had families, friends, partners and even kids… they had fucking KIDS. How could they understand our methods if they were with loving partners?!”
He bellowed, tears in his eyes.
“I found their secret chat where they mocked me, called me a kissless virgin and the king of the incels. Hundreds of memes about me with my body photoshopped onto unflattering edits or doge memes directly ripping into my personal views and experiences. It was… damaging. When I told Siren about it, she soothed me to sleep and promised to show me how to get revenge. That I would be the purest knight this world had ever seen, with her by my side. She even said that we could be together when my job was completed. Can you believe that? I was so lucky, but at the same time, I KNEW it was right. I am an alpha male and nothing would change that.”
There was a pause as he looked closely over at Nestor, half cradling Edgar as he ate quietly and his body language still tensed up in case of a fight. Ethans smile faded, and he walked over to the far side of the glass, sizing Nestor up.
“Hey Holden, you Jewish?” He asked, disgust in his voice. Holden’s eyes flashed, but he kept his cool.
“What if I am?” He asked, his hand still softly petting Edgar. Ethan shook his head.
“Pity. Waste of good muscle.” He spat again and walked back over to Nelle.
“It’s all bullshit anyway, Mr. Blaznik. At least in my line of work, everyone ends up in the same place. No matter what god, goddess or demon you pray to. It ain’t worth shit when you’re in front of Lady Death.”
Ethan exploded at this, the double standards beginning to shine through.
“MY religion is pure. It’s the truest path through God and Jesus. And I heard about your “Line of work”, total fucking fake news, you think I’d buy for a second you work for LADY Death? Fuck off, if Death is a woman, she’s the biggest thot going. Stupid cunt.”
He was beginning to fly into a rage again and not wishing to breach both his racist views and the depths of their religious ideologies; I stepped in to keep him focused.
“Ethan, your sin. What did Siren tell you to do next?” I was sensing a pattern in these encounters. Ethan took a breath and sank back into his beanbag.
“She began appearing in my dreams. Which was weird, but she gave me remarkable instructions and tools to take them down one by one… Addresses for their homes, names of their loved ones, methods to… enact my revenge.”
“And it’s at this point you began your “crusade” against injustice, correct?” Buck asked, Ethan refused to look at him as he nodded in my direction.
“I began with a test run on the newest member. He was easy to locate since he never deviated from his pattern. He’d never seen me in person, so when I posed as a mormon looking to give him some info on the book of Joseph Smith, he never batted an eyelid with him being one himself. The guy even invited me into his home, big mistake. The second his door locked, I smashed his brains in with a claw hammer. It was then that Siren spoke to me again.”
He looked wistfully up at the ceiling, pausing before continuing. Was he ashamed? Or was he revelling in the moment?
“She said: They took everything from you. Now take something you wanted from them… So, I looked at this fallen piece of meat… Darrel I think his name was. I looked at him and asked myself what I wanted most. Well, Darrel had a beautiful home despite his new status to the group, so I took that. Easy enough to move in and assume his bills. The guy was a shut-in and nobody questioned it when I took over.”
A thick green mist was now covering the surrounding floor, it almost looked noxious, but Ethan paid it no mind.
“How did she talk to you?” I asked, his attention lapsing and almost looking offended I’d stopped him mid flow.
“What? Why does that matter? She was there when I needed her, as she always was.” He retorted, bile in his words.
“It matters to me, I can’t eat your sin if I don’t know everything. You wouldn’t want to lie to me, would you? I’m not as clever as I look…” I felt disgust at my own deprecation, but this was part of the job, so I stuck with it. His expression softened, and he carried on.
“Fine, fine. I can’t excuse a lady being honest. Siren wasn’t a normal girl, she was radiant, alluring and always there when I needed her. I mean that literally. After I’d donated to her enough, the 1 to 1 sessions began, and she manifested in front of me. I could never touch her, but I could always see her as clear as I see you. She was instrumental in my growth and as we proceeded, she only got clearer to me. After a couple more targets, I’d taken their car and bank accounts, but the last one was where things got… complicated.”
He paused again, and I exchanged a look with Buck; I didn’t like where this was going. The haze was beginning to form the shape of a woman, a bowl
“See, Siren told me not to listen to anything they said, to keep my mind focused on what they had that I didn’t. That this would be one of the final steps to ascension. She gave me something to drink and for a moment, our fingers brushed… I felt electricity run through us. So, I did as I was told, drank from the bowl and ignored everything until I reached the master bedroom. I felt… different. My vision was tunnelled and a green haze fell over my eyes as my fists acted on their own. My clawhammer was tossed aside as I strangled the person in front of me, seeing visions of the life they led that I was denied. The laughter of all my colleagues in the group, happy couples and the entire fucking world at my expense. All of them just filling up my skull until it threatened to burst like the stupid cunts in front of me as my grip grew tighter… and tighter… until…”
He stopped, motioning the bursting of a balloon and contents spilling out.
“No more. I felt as if I’d constricted them into submission. Became the true alpha now that the leader of the pack. But no, instead I was looking down at a total stranger… a woman, in fact.”
“You were looking down at the woman you’d been thirsting for all this time, weren’t you, Blaznik?” Buck sighed, venom in his words. “Saoirse Maisey Lovewood, 19-year-old streamer and model. You’d been paying to get her attention and one night you flew into a rampage when she banned you from the server, got her info and that of your contemporaries when they tried to stop you.”
He held up a photo as the mist began forming, the two matching up perfectly. A beautiful woman with flowing red hair, the photo showing a cosplay of Poison Ivy from the Batman comics. The woman now formed in the room with him clad in an emerald green dress that hung at the shoulder, clutching a large bowl with a bubbling liquid.
“No… that’s not… I don’t…”
“Saoirse, Indiviosa…” Buck said, getting up to slam the photo against the wall and make him look as her counterpart walked towards him. “Saoirse, abounding in envy. You never had a Siren calling to you Blaznik, never had a larger-than-life plan fit for an alpha mastermind. Your jealousy simply overwhelmed you, created a narrative where you were in control and had it all. Well, you’re going to live out your sin whether you want to or not. You will spend your final moments knowing you can never have what you want.”
I looked at my own plate and saw two dishes form. One was a side of Mexican bean rice with green peppers, the other was a Glamorgan sausage and Yorkshire pudding… the way my mum made it. The *exact* way she made it, even smelling as such. I felt an overwhelming rush of emotions and nostalgic memories, desperately fighting to come to the surface with the first bite.
But I couldn’t reach for it. Even if I wanted to.
Eyes fixated on the unfolding carnage in front of me, my body acted on its own and began shovelling the rice into my mouth as the sausage and Yorkshire faded from view, lovingly being consumed by something unseen. I watched with anger and misery as the meal I wanted was once again fading from my grasp.
After a few moments of staring, Ethan turned to see the visage of his Siren in front of him. Her expression that of pure satisfaction as she used her free hand to point down at the floor in a domineering fashion. He whimpered and obliged, head pressed against the ground as he shook.
“I only wanted what was mine. Isn’t that fair? Isn’t that a man’s right to claim what is rightfully his? I don’t understand… is this ascension? Or punishment? I don’t… I don’t…”
He rose his head up to look at the visage of Saoirse as she tipped the contents of the bowl over him and into his mouth, partially widened in a scream that would never be uttered.
The green liquid ate at his skin with remarkable speed, flesh bubbling and popping as it splattered across the plexiglass, his rapidly decaying torso shuddering and eyes melting into the sockets as he gurgled until slumping over.
But I was less focused on his pain and more-so on my own. This sin did not physically encumber me, make me sick or wear me out. No, instead it bore into my soul and found a small place to nest next to the memories of my mother that I kept with me every day.
It managed to shake my professionalism and my confidence, something nobody had done before.
With more of these fucking monsters to go, I was unsure I was up for the task and began to doubt my abilities.
As if on cue, the same spectral night terror that has plagued me since my arrival shone in the viscera of the plexiglass, standing right behind me with a malformed digit up to its cracked lips in a hush motion. In its other hand it held the totem I’d been given by Nestor as a safekeeping method from god knows what. I watched as this thing crushed it to dust, holding up a number as a shock wave ran through my body, fear buckling my knees and something in the prison stirred at my presence, something I would come to fear more than any other creature in existence;
Inmate #2122: Ethan Elliot Blaznik III
Sin: Envy
Food: Mexican Bean Rice & The one dish I will always want, but will never have again.
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23/M/Brazil - I can open your eyes, take you wonder by wonder...

Hello folks, welcome!
I wanna meet new people from different backgrounds and gradually build long-term friendships. I believe it would be very beneficial for all parties.
I’m very communicative, I like to share my thoughts, I like to express what I feel in the most transparent way possible. In general, I’m an open book. I consider myself both an introvert and an extrovert, and I know this can seem like something strange. It varies according to how comfortable I feel. When I’m in an environment where I don’t know anyone, I act very discreetly. But, next to friends, I’m a very charismatic person. If you send me a message, I’ll be talkative with you, after all, we will both be in the mutual interest of getting to know each other and consequently building a friendship, right? There’s no reason to hide in this situation. Besides, I’m also a great listener, I’d love to hear about your day, hear interesting stories that you have lived, hear your dilemmas and etc. I’m an optimistic person, so maybe my opinions will serve to motivate you, at least a little. I like talking about deep things as much as funny and random things, the truth is that we can talk about everything. I would also like to add that I’m in no hurry, so if your time to reply to messages is limited, that’s fine.
I’m obsessed with music, I spend my days listening to songs, from different genres. I will mention some artists/bands that I have been listening to in the last few months: Ed Sheeran, Jeff Buckley, James TW, The Weeknd, Sixpence None the Richer, John Mayer, Shawn Mendes, NSync, Arctic Monkeys, Bill Withers, Prince, Oasis, Elvis Presley, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Twenty One Pilots, Jason Mraz, Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Bon Jovi, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Gavin DeGraw, Zayn Malik, Michael Jackson, The Postal Service, Alex Clare, Steven Wilson, James Gillespie , Rhys Lewis, The La’s, Snow Patrol, Eamon, Eminem, Anthony Hamilton, Alicia Keys, JMSN, etc. Those were some names that came to my mind at the time. If you like to share music and playlist, welcome to the club. Consequently, I’m also interested in dance, a duo that I have enjoyed watching on YouTube is: Kaycee Rice and Sean Lew, they are great. It’s also worth mentioning that, in my view, the Classic Ballet is (sooo) beautiful, if you are a ballerina, congratulations, I’m already your fan!
I like to watch movies and TV shows, although I haven’t been doing it that often lately. I’ll mention some series that I really like: The Blacklist, Suits, Bojack Horseman, Community, That ‘70 Show, Anne with an E, The Crown, Chesapeake Shores, The Punisher, Peaky Blinders, Stranger Things, among others. Movies: Forrest Gump, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Breakfast Club, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Catch Me If You Can, Eat Pray Love, Tolkien, To The Bone, Lord of The Rings, Shutter Island, White Chicks, “Love, Rosie”, among others. I don’t care much about the genre, although I didn’t mention it, I also like horror, heroes, fantasy, indies, "Disney", etc.
I really enjoy learning new languages ​​and studying the culture of other countries, not just ancient history but also contemporary customs and so on. I will mention some information that may be interesting.
If you are Turkish 🇹🇷, know that: I find the history of Turkey very interesting. It is a seemingly beautiful country that I would love to visit one day. The people from Turkey with whom I have had contact were all very friendly and that is a very positive thing. The Turkish city that I would most like to visit is Izmir. A Turkish name that I find very beautiful, is Zeynep. I am currently watching two Turkish series, Hakan: Muhafız and Börü. In addition I also like some Turkish bands/artists, among them: maNga, Mor ve Ötesi, Duman, Yonca Lodi, Toygar Işıklı, Yuksek Sadakat.
If you are Japanese 🇯🇵, know that: I consider Japan almost a parallel world. I find all the cultural contrast fascinating. I have some cousins ​​who were born in Japan. Some people may not know it, but the largest community of Japanese outside Japan is in Brazil. In 2017 and 2018 Kawasaki Frontale won the J-League title, an interesting factor is that this club has Grêmio (BRA) as inspiration, and Grêmio is my team here in Brazil. I like some Japanese anime, like: Kakegurui, Kuroshitsuji, Saint Seiya, Kimi no Na wa, Death Note, Devilman Crybaby, Nanatsu no Taizai, etc. I also like some visual novels. I find traditional Japanese architecture impressive. And of course, Kimono are really cool. I enjoyed watching Terrace House. And I like to listen to some Japanese bands like: Urbangarde, Kinoko Teikoku, Polkadot Stingray, Mirei Touyama, Kavka Shishido, MACO.
If you are a South Korean 🇰🇷, know that: Your country is like that cool teenager that everyone wants to hang out with during their break. It was great to see the South Korean team defeating the German team at the world cup, I confess. Well, I want to learn Korean and visit South Korea someday, Seoul seems to be extremely vibrant. I’ve been watching some South Korean series, like: Love Alarm, My First Love, My Holo Love, Live, The King: Eternal Monarch, “Hello, My Twenties”. There are others that I plan to start soon, like Something in The Rain, Mr. Sunshine, Kingdom. I really like some Korean artists that I believe are not part of the “mainstream K-POP”, for example: So Soo Bin, Bolbbalgan4, CIKI, 20 Years of Age, Sam Kim, Kim Na-young, Kwon Jin-ah… And to be fair, I also like G-Dragon and CL.
If you are a Russian 🇷🇺, know that: I want to travel all over your country, from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. Russia seems to me to be a much more diverse country than it often appears. I don’t need to mention the incredible authors who make up Russian literature, I think it’s obvious to all of us, but reading the great works in the original must be incredible. A Russian series that I watched and found very well produced, was Лучше, чем люди, I really liked this one. There are many things about Russian history that I would like to know better, especially from the monarchic period. And of course, I can’t help mentioning Russian artists and bands that I like: Noize MC, t.A.T.u, Oxxxymiron, Земфира, Мы, InWhite, Vitas.
If you are Italian 🇮🇹, know that: Probably your country is the most beautiful in the world, without a doubt it is in the top 3. Beauty would be the best definition for Italy, from architecture to language. One of the best films I’ve ever seen is Italian, La Vita È Bella. There are some Italian series on Netflix that I would like to watch soon: Baby and Suburra. Perhaps my favorite Italian city is Venice. But honestly, it is so difficult to choose just one. The Italian islands? It is breathtaking. I have a team in Italy, Juventus! And no, it’s not thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo… Maybe thanks to Nedved! Not that it means anything very relevant, but I eat pasta every day and am passionate about pizza. And the Italian songs? They are indescribable. Come on, Italian artists and bands that I like: Gianluca Grignani, Fabrizio De André, Gianna Nannini, Måneskin, Lorenzo Fragola, Il Volo, Tiziano Ferro, Litfiba, Marlene Kuntz, Zero Assoluto, Velvet, Ministri, Linea 77, Laura Pausini, Andrea Bocelli, Gigliola Cinquetti, Ultimo, Ornella Vanoni, etc.
If you are French 🇫🇷, know that: you have the best accent, regardless of the language. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit now. Few people know how much France influenced Brazil, since the period when Brazil was only a Portuguese colony. Napoleon’s expansion into Europe triggered many things, such as the arrival and stay of D. Pedro I in Brazil, but that is a matter for another time. There are some French artists and bands that I really like: Carla Bruni, Coralie Clément, Kyo, Jérémy Kapone, BB Brunes, Noir Désir, EIFFEL, Matmatah, Damien Saez, Vanessa Paradis, Les Innocents, Mademoiselle K. I can’t fail to mention that there are several other countries and regions that speak French and that also attract me, in a way. From Quebec to Geneva.
If you are a native German speaker 🇩🇪, 🇨🇭, 🇦🇹, 🇱🇺, 🇱🇮.. know that: I will never forgive you for 7x1, no matter if you are German, Swiss or Austrian. Oh, c'mon, just kidding! So, let’s be serious, I am one of the few people today who has never seen Dark (maybe I already have, depending on when you read this message), you can start the trial, I deserve it. I have already met very nice people from Germany, unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting anyone from another German-speaking country. An interesting thing is the accents and dialects within Germany, it is something that arouses a lot of curiosity. I also find it interesting how the German spoken in Switzerland can be so different, even in neighboring countries. I intend to study German in the future, I think having a Swiss accent would be nice, but it seems that Germans don’t like Swiss accent much? Okay, I will not take sides in this “war”. There is a very large German community in Brazil too, especially in the southern region. Gramado is one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil, and it is a city that has received a strong Germanic influence. Well, time to mention some German artists and bands that I like: Juli, Spider Murphy Gang, Revolverheld, Silbermond, Wir Sind Helden, Namika, K.I.Z, Bengio, Clueso, Mark Forster, Scorpions, Rammstein, CRO, Xavier Naidoo.
If you are Israeli 🇮🇱, know that: I am completely in love with your country. It is my favorite country in the world for several reasons. I really want to see the whole country someday, Eilat, Haifa, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, etc. There are Israeli series that I like: Bnei Aruba and Shtisel, for example. There are films and documentaries about Israel that I also really like, for example: The Red Sea Diving Resort, The Angel, Operation Finale, Inside The Mossad, etc. There are two Israeli series that I would like to watch in the future: When Heroes Fly and Fauda. Israeli bands and artists that I like: Hadag Nahash, Ravid Plotnik, Tuna, Asaf Avidan, Izabo, Rita, Hatikva 6, Tamar Eisenman, Gad Elbaz.
Si eres hispanohablante 🇦🇷, 🇨🇴, 🇨🇱, 🇪🇸, 🇲🇽… sepa que: yo consumo mucho la cultura hispana. Mi banda de rock favorita es Soda Stereo, de Argentina. Me gustan mucho otras bandas y cantantes de habla hispana, como por ejemplo: Serú Girán, El Cuarteto de Nos, No Te Va Gustar, Virus, Los Autenticos Decandentes, Lucybell, Los Tres, Los Prisioneros, Duncan Dhu, Héroes del Silencio, Radio Futura, Mecano, Los Rodriguez, Pereza, Sidecars, La Vida Boheme, Hello Seahorse!, Charly García, Mon Laferte, Pedro Aznar, Miranda!, Juanes, Alejandro Sanz, Fito Paez, León Larregui, etc. Y como te puedes imaginar, hay muchas ciudades que me gustaría visitar; Lima, Montevideo, Ushuaia, Viña del Mar, Sevilla, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Guadalajara, Madrid, Bogotá, Ciudad de Panamá, Ciudad de México, Málaga, Granada, etc. Y también tengo que decir que aunque tienen similitudes, los países hispanos también tienen grandes diferencias entre ellos. Los argentinos y los chileños por ejemplo son muy distintos.
Anglo-Saxon countries 🇬🇧, 🇺🇸, 🇦🇺, 🇨🇦, 🇮🇪…: I think that having a high level of knowledge about an Anglo-Saxon country (mainly the USA and the UK) is not surprising, on the contrary, it’s expected, something normal. Most of what I consume, culturally speaking, are things produced in one of those countries like the USA, UK, Australia. Your culture is so widespread around the world, it simply needs no introduction. For example, it’s common to study the history of the United States (at least in Brazil, I imagine that in other countries too). Everyone tends to follow the American elections. Everyone likes britpop. We all want to enjoy Australian beaches and Irish pubs. There is no reason for me to extend myself here. If you are from Canada, New Zealand, UK, Australia, Ireland, USA, etc… Welcome! It will also be a pleasure to talk with you.
If you are from a country or region that has not been mentioned 🌎: Don’t worry, there are still great chances that I know something interesting about your country, unfortunately I cannot mention everything I would like, this message would be even more long. But if I still don’t know anything about your country, know that I’m here willing to learn, I’m open to new knowledge.
TLDR: I’m looking for people who really wanna build a friendship. I want to talk to people from different backgrounds, I wanna hear your story and share mine. I wanna see the world through your eyes, and I wanna lend you mine. I wanna talk about books, philosophy, nature, games, movies, religion, music, cooking, fashion, technology, memes, everyday randomness, etc. But hey, no less important: Let’s smile, life is too short. =)
If you liked what you read, write me a message. Don’t spare words, the more talkative the better.
OBS: At first, Send me a private message, not Reddit chat. So we can exchange emails. I confess: snail mail is not my cup of tea, I mean, my handwriting is not very beautiful HAHAHAHA.
Greetings, the man who sold the world.
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