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[USA] [H] Tons of complete, new, and loose for all major systems (NES through Wii; PS1 through PS4; Xbox through Xbox One; Sega; Gameboys, DS and 3DS, PSP and Vita) [W] Very specific wants

I am looking for items on my want list primarily, but I will take offers. Thanks for looking!



* Bubble Bobble
* Mega Man 4
* Mega Man 5 (some label damage)
* Metroid (two copies)
* Punch-Out
* Super Mario Bros
* Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt / Track and Field
* Super Mario Bros 2
* Super Mario Bros 3 (three copies)
* Super Sprint
* Tecmo Bowl
* Who Framed Roger Rabbit
* Yo! Noid
* Console with controller and hookups


* Battleship
* Donkey Kong Country 2
* Killer Instinct (label damage)
* Nigel Mansell’s World Champ
* Oscar
* Street Fighter II Turbo
* Super Mario Kart (Player’s Choice)
* Super Mario Kart (**Complete** with Box and Instructions)
* Super Mario World (label damage)
* Super Mario World (Player’s Choice, **Complete** with Box and Instructions)
* Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (label damage)
* Tecmo Super Bowl
* Super Metroid
* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time
* Console with one controller and hookups (yellowed top)


* 1080 (**Complete** with Box and Instructions)
* Conker’s Bad Fur Day
* Gex64
* Mario Golf
* Mario Kart 64
* Mario Party 3
* NFL Blitz 2001
* Pilot Wings 64 (**Complete** with box and Instructions)
* Rampage World Tour
* ReVolt
* Rumble Pak (Box and Inserts only)
* Star Craft 64
* Star Fox 64
* Star Wars Episode 1 Battle for Naboo
* Star Wars Episode 1 Racer (Box and Inserts only)
* Super Mario 64
* Wave Race 64 (**Complete** with Box and Instructions)
* Wayne Gretzky’s Hockey (**Complete** with Box and Instructions)
* Wheel of Fortune (**Complete** with Box and Instructions)
* WWF War Zone (Box and Inserts only)
* Zelda: Ocarina of Time
* Console with two controllers and hookups
* Red and Black controllers **complete** in box


* Alien Hominid
* Resident Evil 4 (Player’s Choice)
* Super Smash Bros Melee (Best Seller)
* Zelda: Collector’s Edition (Box and Instructions only)
* Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest (Disc only, needs resurfacing)
* Zelda: Windwaker (Player’s Choice, missing manual and needs resurfacing)
* Purple Gamecube with controller
* Gameboy player disk


* Kirby’s Dream Collection (Case and Manual only)
* Mario Kart Wii (two copies)
* Metroid Prime Trilogy Collector’s Edition (missing slip cover)
* Super Mario All-Stars (Case and Manual only)
* Zelda: Twilight Princess
* White Wii with Gamecube ports
* Blue Skylanders Wii, CiB (missing one Skylander)

**Wii U**

*Bayonetta 1&2


* Captain Toad (EU edition, works on any Switch)
* Bendy and the Ink Machine (New)
* Street Fighter 30th Anniversary
* Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 (no code)


* Earthworm Jim 2 (label damage)
*Gunstar Heroes (label damage)
*Mutant League Hockey (**complete**, manual damaged)
* Sonic 2


* Console with controller and hookups


* CSI 3 Dimensions of Murder (Case and Instructions only)
* DaVinci Code (Case and Instructions only)
* Dark Summit (Case and Instructions only)
* Ed, Edd n Eddy (Case and Instructions only)
* Haven Call of the King (case and Instructions only)
* Ico (Case and Instructions only)
* Ico
* Lego Batman (Case and Instructions only)
* Lord of the Rings the Third Age (Case and Instructions only)
* NBA Street (Case and Instructions only)
* Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando (GH)
* Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal (GH)
* Silent Hill 2 (no manual)
* Silent Hill 3
* Sly 2: Band of Thieves
* Sly Cooper and the Thievus Raccoonus (Case and Instructions only)
* SOCOM (Case and Instructions only)
* Sonic Mega Collection Plus (GH, Case and Instructions only)
* Spider Man (GH, Case and Instructions only)
* Star Wars Battlefront (Case and Instructions only)
* Star Wars Starfighter (GH, Case and Instructions only)
* Tony Hawk’s Underground (Case and Instructions only)
* Twisted Metal Black (Case and Instructions only)
* White slim console with controller and hookups


* Katamari Forever
* Killzone 2
* Killzone 3
* Last of Us
* Mirror’s Edge
* Uncharted
* Uncharted 2
* Uncharted 3 (new)

**PS4 (all new unless noted)**

All Limited Run Games

* Aqua Kitty DX
* Broken Age
* Curses n’ Chaos
* Dariusburst CS
* Dragon Fantasy
* Futuridium
* Gravity Rush Remastered (opened)
* Lone Survivor
* Mutant Mudds
* Mutant Mudds Super Challenge
* Octodad
* Oddworld New n’ Tasty
* One Way Heroics
* Oxenfree
* Risk of Rain
* Runner 2
* Runner 2 (PAX Cover)
* Saturday Morning RPG
* Stealth Inc.
* The Swapper
* The Swindle
* Thomas Was Alone
* Xeodrifter


* Brute Force (Case and Instructions only)
* Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Case and Instructions only)
* Conker Live & Reloaded
* Crimson Skies (Case and Instructions only)
* Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
* Grand Theft Auto Double Pack
* Midtown Madness 3 (Case and Instructions only)
* Psychonauts (Case and Instructions only)
* Star Wars Battlefront
* Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
* Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (disc only)
* Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II
* Test Drive: Eve of Destruction (Case and Instructions only)
* The Warriors


* 2K6 College Hoops
* 2K6 MLB
* Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
* Battlefield Bad Company 2
* Bioshock 2
* Bioshock Infinite
* Bioshock Infinite Complete Edition
* Borderlands
* Borderlands 2
* Borderlands Pre-Sequel
* Call of Duty World at War
* Dishonored
* Far Cry 2
* Far Cry 3
* LA Noire
* Left 4 Dead
* Left 4 Dead 2
* Marvel Ultimate Alliance (New)
* Medal of Honor
* Need for Speed Shift
* Need for Speed Most Wanted
* NHL 07
* NHL 12
* NHL 13
* NHL 14
* NHL 2K6
* Red Alert 3 (New)
* Red Dead Redemption
* Risen 2: Dark Waters (New)
* Sims 3 Pets
* The Orange Box
* Viva Piñata
* Wall-E
* You Don’t Know Jack

**XBOX One**

* Battlefield One



* Metroid II (**Complete** with Box and Instructions, GH)
* Pokemon Blue
* Pokemon Red (label damage)
* Super Mario Land
* Super Mario Land 2 (**Complete** with Box and Instructions, greatest hits)
* Tetris
* OG Gameboy (broken)

**Gameboy Color**

* Dragon Warrior I & II (**Complete** with Box and Instructions)
* Metal Gear Solid
* Pokemon Silver
* Quest for Camelot

**Gameboy Advance**

* Alien Hominid (**Complete** with Box and Instructions, European version)
* Butt Ugly Martians
* Chronicles of Narnia
* Doom 2 (**Complete** with Box and Instructions, European version)
* Dynasty Warriors Advance
* Lego Bionicles
* Max Payne (box and instructions)
* Mega Man Zero 2
* Metroid Fusion (**Complete**, box has some damage)
* Metroid Zero Mission
* Monsters Inc
* Pokemon Leaf Green
* Pokemon Ruby
* Pokemon Video (I choose you)
* Power Rangers Wild Force
* Star Wars Episode III
* Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World
* Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island
* Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3
* Yu-Gi- Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters
* Zelda: Link to the Past
* Multiple Gameboy SPs (mostly the 101 version, reshelled)

**DS (All complete unless noted)**

* Animal Crossing: Wild World
* Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow
* Elite Beat Agents (case and manual only)
* Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story
* Mario & Luigi Partners in Time
* Mario Kart DS
* New Super Mario Bros
* Pokemon Soul Silver (no outer cardboard box or Pokewalker)


*Azure Striker Gunvolt (complete)
* Cave Story (cart only)
* Pokemon Omega Ruby
* Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse
* Zelda: Ocarina of Time (case and manual only, sun faded)

**PSP (complete unless noted)**

* Daxter (GH)
* Killzone Liberation
* Resistance Retribution
* Syphon Filter Dark Mirror
* Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow
* The Warriors
* Twisted Metal Head On
* White PSP 2000 with Darth Vader (rough shape)
* Black PSP 2000 (turns on and goes to menu, will no load a game from disk)


* Stranger’s Wrath (new)
* Volume (new)
* Dariousburst (new)


* Bartman (box and inserts only)
* Monster Truck Wars (box and inserts only)



* Original Gameboy black play it loud version or box and inserts for the original grey version
* Famicom GBA micro complete
* Any rare Gameboy or GBA carts


* Advance Wards Dual Strike (complete)
* Wario Ware Gold
* Kirby's Exra Epic Yarn


* God of War Collection (complete)


* Battletoads in Battlemaniacs
* Pocky & Rocky
* Sparkster
* Super Smash TV
* Wild Guns


* Mario Strikers Manual


* A Hat in Time
* Astral Chain
* Crash Team Racing
* Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and Lion King
* Yoshi's Crafted World
* Mega Man Zero/ZX Collection
* Ring Fit Adventure

**Master System**

* Fantasy Zone
* Penguin Land
* R-Type
* Sonic
* Wonder Boy (any from the series)


* Diablo (complete, black label)
* Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (complete, black label)


* Voodoo Vince


* Bully (complete)
* Burnout Paradise (complete, non-greatest hits)
* Borderlands Triple Pack (complete)

**Xbox One**

* Control
* Halo Wars 2

**Other Stuff**
* Boo Amiibo
* Piranha Plant Amiibo
* Famicom Classic (Complete)
* Old Lego Sets (think 1989 through 1995).
submitted by sperrypt to gameswap

[Extremely Long] Vassal and autonomy rework for Imperial Collapse

Vassals have a new independence value that represents how much control the overlord has. High autonomy vassals will be independent in all but name (similar to tributaries), and low independence vassals are functionally part of the overlord.
Difficult to govern or autonomous provinces in unstable countries can be released as vassals as central authority degrades. These new vassals then demand concessions from the overlord (greater independence) or band together in a civil war against their former overlord.
Combined, these features allow for the entire range of local autonomy to be represented in game, and erase the current strict boundary between high autonomy owned land and vassals.
This will hopefully allow for imperial crises and decay of central authority to occur and limit snowballing for AI and players.
Vassal changes:
Vassals now have privileges and an independence value- similar to estate privileges and influence
Independence will scale taxation and transferred trade, and at different thresholds will unlock powers for the subject and overlord:
At 100% independence, vassals are purely nominal, you receive very limited tax and they can choose to dishonor calls to arms. They will also be free to enter into alliances and declare wars on your other vassals and external enemies freely. (similar to current tributaries)
However, they have no reason to desire independence, so liberty desire will also be vastly decreased
At 50% independence, they generally function like vassals currently
At 0% independence, you gain 100% of their income and trade power, and can choose to instantly annex them. You can also assume direct control of their armies and navies. However, they chafe at the interference and gain a huge boost to liberty desire.
Independence is lowered by assigning a diplomat, and costs monthly diplo points with a similar formula to vassal annexation currently.
Vassals no longer contribute to your diplo relations limit, and a new value “Subject Cap” (similar to admin cap) limits the number of and control over vassals you’re allowed to have. Subject development scaled by independence is summed for all vassals. This means that at 100% independence, vassals have no contribution to your subject cap (!). If you’re willing to exert only nominal influence over your vassals (consider it similar to adding nations to the HRE), you will be able to have an unlimited number of subjects.
Imperial collapse:
In exchange, admin cap will be much lower in general, and scaled based on various factors reflecting the administration and stability of your nation. (The inspiration here is from demesne limit in CK2, but with more granularity)
Furthermore, provinces with wrong culture, not-tolerated religion, and high unrest will have higher admin cap cost, reflecting the difficulty in administering a diverse empire.
The penalties for being over admin cap will be reduced in severity. Instead, when you are over the admin cap, your provinces will begin to gain local autonomy, based on how far you are over. This will replace the rebellion system; and work similarly. A formula involving unrest, wrong religion/culture development, and devastation will determine the chance that autonomy will tick up monthly. When the average autonomy for a specific “rebel group” exceeds a certain value, they will be released as a new vassal at low independence, to represent the local governor, rebels, or elites seizing power. Depending on the situation of your country, you may be forced to grant concessions to avoid a revolt, or immediately act to return the rebels to the fold.
As countries secede, the rate that new countries leave will slow until it reaches an equilibrium, until the collapse stops as the country goes back under its governing cap.
However, because governing cap is lowered by corruption, debt, war exhaustion, and devastation, if you fight your vassals to return them to the fold, or if your neighbors pounce on your moment of weakness, it is possible for empires to enter a death spiral. As more parts of the empire secede, more and more power is devolved to vassals, weakening the empire and emboldening ambitious neighbors and vassals.
I hope combined, these two fairly simple new systems inspired by already existing features will more accurately represent imperial rise, governance, and decline. This is intended to be a dynamic, constantly shifting system capable of simulating a wide range of situations without needing hardcoding.
Gameplay and historical accuracy benefits:
More dynamic interactions with local autonomy and resistance- remove rebel stomping in favor of less frequent, but existential threats
Streamlines vassal gameplay, and allows fun of HRE/Shogun vassal swarms for all nations with tradeoffs.
Allows vassal play/devolution without penalizing diplomatic points and alliances.
More internal management gameplay
Weakens blobs and enables dynamic rise and falls of empires.
Simulates dynamic historical events without hardcoding-
Dutch Revolt, Crisis of the Ming Dynasty, Ottoman Decline, Mughal Decline, Colonial Revolutions
Nationalization of the British East India Company
Let’s apply this system to the Mughal Empire:
In the current implementation, the Diwan and frankly insane toleration of Mughal government and ideas makes it impossible for the empire to collapse as it did in real life.
When Aurangzeb reversed the tolerant policies of his predecessors, he was forced into a lifetime of struggle against rebels and local magnates. I’m not sure how exactly this will be implemented, but the Diwan and Mughal tolerance should be difficult to maintain, and easily lost by the AI and only kept by the player with massive costs.
When the unique Mughal tolerance disappears, the Persianate and Sunni court of Aurangzeb is wrong culture and wrong religion for literally all of the territory they control, with the possible exception of Delhi. Insanely high admin cap costs for their provinces ensures that they only maintain true control (stated province) in their capital region of Hindustan. Governors in other provinces assert independence, and the Maratha Confederacy, Bengal, and Hyderabad are quickly released as vassal states. Their combined power forces the Mughals to devolve complete authority to local elites (100% independence, so no tax and not obligated to join wars). When Nadir Shah and later Ahmad Durrani invade the tiny Mughal patrimony, the autonomous vassals do nothing to help their nominal liege.
However, as there’s no real cost for vassals to acknowledge the Mughals as their suzerain, the tiny, shattered remnants of the Mughals, limited to the outskirts of Delhi, maintains overlordship over all of north India for hundreds of years, but have no power to levy any taxes or command the obedience of their vassals.
(Simplified here for gameplay)- When they are ultimately annexed by the British, the British inherit all of their highly autonomous vassals, and have to fight several wars to fully subjugate them and end their de facto independence.
The Crisis of the Ming:
The Ming are massive, and cover a huge area- with the excellent administration, prosperity, and relative ethnic and religious cohesion of the empire, stability is high and power is centralized.
When debts and corruption hampered the admin cap of the empire, outlying provinces became dominated by local elites.
Dali-distant from capital, wrong culture, wrong religion
Yue-distant from capital, wrong culture (Cantonese should definitely be wrong culture to Mandarin)
Wu-distant from capital, wrong culture
Shun- high peasant unrest
High unrest, from plague and environmental crisis across the empire exacerbate the crisis, and makes it even harder to govern properly.
At first, while local magnates seize control of governance across the empire (vassals are released), the central government maintains authority by granting local concessions (new vassal privileges and manually raising independence)
However, Shun is governed by a rebel leader (unique privilege granted to vassals released from high unrest provinces), and thus has a huge boost to liberty desire. Shun declares war on Ming, and high independence vassals in the south choose to dishonor the call, leaving Ming to fight alone.
Ming’s army is routed and its capital sacked by Shun, skyrocketing the liberty desire of the Ming vassals, until they declare their own wars for independence. The administrative chaos caused by devastation and the deaths of the emperor and his advisors (low legitimacy and monthly point generation), causes the remaining Ming territories to also be released as vassals. The Manchu conquer the Ming, and assume leadership over the remaining Ming vassals.
The Ottoman Empire:
This is the big one, and the initial impetus of this idea. The problem I tried to solve is how to allow the Ottoman-Mamluk War to end historically; with the complete annexation of Syria, Egypt, and the Hejaz. If this happened in our current system, the Ottomans would become ahistorically powerful, and use their resources to steamroll all of Europe and the Middle East.
Let’s add a “death of the Mamluk Sultan” DHE series similar to the Tumu Crisis. An event will automatically make the Sultan a general, and if the Ottomans defeat the army with the Sultan, he’ll be killed. The Mamluks will enter an interregnum, and Syria and the Hejaz will be released as vassals if they aren’t already independent.
If the Ottomans manage to occupy Cairo during the interregnum, the Caliph will be seized, and the Ottomans will annex Egypt and assume control of Syria and Hejaz as well.
However, this will definitely put the Ottomans over the admin cap, and the wrong culture (Turkish definitely doesn’t belong in the levantine group), distant lands with high nationalism will almost immediately become a highly restive, autonomous vassal. High religious tolerance and representation of Balkan cultures in the Ottoman court (represented through acceptance), would actually make Egypt gain independence more quickly due to distance.
However, the player could make a choice: focus their administration on Egypt- by moving the capital, or accepting egyptian culture, or even unstating Turkish provinces to focus administrative cap on Egypt. However, with the huge glut of land, some compromises have to be made to keep under the admin cap, whether it be through changing the focus of the administration or releasing lands and vassals.
The new autonomous and high development vassals of Syria and Egypt will be enormously profitable for the Ottomans, and provide them with military support for their European campaigns if local power can be properly appeased and limited. However, they will jealously guard their independence, and any attempts to wrest additional revenues or troops from the land will likely meet with resistance.
Later on, even if Egypt and Syria are eventually reincorporated into the Ottoman state, mismanagement and overextension can lead to the collapse of the empire, and the reemergence of local power can still recur even if it is initially squashed. Therefore, for this annexation to function in a gameplay sense, a process of imperial collapse has to be incorporated.
More importantly, free land from events isn’t truly free, and while it does represent a power spike, it also comes with new challenges
I imagine the late game Ottomans as a sprawling colossus: constantly fluctuating borderlands as central power ebbs and flows. Always with direct control of Anatolia and Rumelia, but with Eyalets of varying autonomy in the rest of their empire. The late Ottoman period, after humiliating defeats by Russia, who would be sponsoring the independence of various ethnicities, would see central authority slowly degrade, and various ethnic groups gain their independence with European support. However, as administrative technology increases admin cap, and the more restless ethnicities are chipped away, the lands remaining in the empire would become increasingly centralized, as Sunni Turkish lands become the majority.
More implementation details and other examples:
submitted by satin_worshipper to eu4

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