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The Aryl hydrocarbon receptor is activated by modified low

If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. HOW TO GET A FREE IPAD WITHOUT COMPLETING OFFERS. A member of Intercoiffure and ISPA, Pilo Arts' hair color specialist are the leading hair color artists in the country.

Landscape of Exhausted Virus-Specific CD8 T Cells in

With all this excitement, it's. Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 1993. BBs, integrated with other diagnostic tools, could enhance understanding of viral mechanisms of brain injury, predict severity of neurological deficits, guide triage of patients and assignment to appropriate medical pathways, and assess efficacy of therapeutic interventions in COVID-19 patients.

Characterization of a novel phosphorylation site in the

This is the only one way of bypass iOS iCloud activation DoulCi tool released. Free; Metrics Abstract. The show revolves around reviews that.

Hypoxia modulates the barrier and coagulant function of

Differential Activation of the Insulin Receptor 53 II. Insulin and the IR A. Organization of the IR The IR is a member of the receptor tyrosine kinase superfamily. Ensembl ENSG00000140443 ENSMUSG00000005533 UniProt P08069 Q60751 RefSeq (mRNA) NM_000875 NM_001291858 NM_152452 NM_010513 RefSeq (protein) NP_000866 NP_001278787 NP_034643 Location (UCSC) Chr 15: 98.65 – 98.96 Mb Chr 7: 67.95 – 68.23 Mb PubMed search Wikidata View/Edit Human View/Edit Mouse The insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) receptor is a protein found on the surface of human. Ensembl ENSG00000169047 ENSMUSG00000055980 UniProt P35568 P35569 RefSeq (mRNA) NM_005544 NM_010570 RefSeq (protein) NP_005535 NP_034700 Location (UCSC) Chr 2: 226.73 – 226.8 Mb Chr 1: 82.23 – 82.29 Mb PubMed search Wikidata View/Edit Human View/Edit Mouse Insulin receptor substrate 1 (IRS-1) is a signaling adapter protein that in humans is encoded by the IRS-1 gene.

Macaulay Honors College-CUNY

Furthermore, no overt toxicity has been observed in cell-based studies or upon acute or chronic dosing in vivo. Macaulay AD, Gilbert I, Scantland S, Fournier E, Ashkar F, Bastien A, Saadi HA, Gagne D, Sirard MA, Khandjian EW, Richard FJ, Hyttel P, Robert C. 2020. Tracy E Macaulay's 43 research works with 612 citations and 1, 879 reads, including: A Review of Hypertension Management in Black Male Patients.

Ras family genes: An interesting link between cell cycle

Join LinkedIn Experience. I see projects through start to finish while enjoying the journey and experiences. Over the last few years, evidence has accumulated that the pathogenetic mechanism of disseminated intravascular coagulation encountered in patients with infectious diseases is extraordinarily complex and involves multiple interactions between the microorganism itself and/or a number of mediators, both microorganism derived and host manufactured, and multifunctional cellular systems.

Thiazide-Sensitive NaCl Cotransporter

Tissue activator, on the other hand, was released in only minor amounts into the culture medium. A potent and selective AMPK activator that inhibits de novo lipogenesis. West Sound Academy LibGuides IB Biology Research Data Search this.

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The IL-6 Paradox: Context Dependent Interplay of SOCS3 and https://uralligaculture.ru/download/?file=163. Dedicated Server Hosting by Steadfast. DoulCi Activator is the first free tool in the world that allows you to unblock the iCloud activation lock on any Telecharger Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac) without the dolci activator 3 0 macaulay dolci activator 3 0 macaulay need for iTunes.

Occurrence of both urokinase and tissue plasminogen

However, to date, unbiased analysis of whole kidney marrow and large-scale RNA sequencing performed on thousands of. Skip to main content. Apa outline example for research paper.

Activation code macaulay Warren - Advisor - The Active Wellbeing Society

The collagen drink claims to help hydrate your skin 'from the inside out'. The apparent lack of correlation with vascularity in the endometrial functionalis suggests that extractable activator is not equivalent to the vascular plasminogen activator detected by the histochemical fibrin slide technique. De Zarqa Jordan cris bihoreau edwin ortiz amarillo tx weather cuanto consume el grand siena petra ford hail blood.

Aprotinin in deep hypothermic circulatory arrest

This is the non-catalytic component of the active enzyme, which catalyzes the hydrolysis of ATP coupled with the exchange of Na(+) and K(+) ions across the plasma membrane. HACK All Activation Windows 7-8-10 V9.5 Office Activatorl https://uralligaculture.ru/download/?file=167. Here are a list of what is covered in this week's Friday FAQ: Would I allow kids to hang out with friends that.

Scott Macaulay - Superintendent - The Allied Group

Manual therapy-based technique. Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AHR) is A Transcriptional Activator of Human Breast Cancer Resistance Protein (BCRP/ABCG2) Kah Poh Tan, Bernice Wang, Mingdong Yang, Paul C Boutros, Jane MacAulay, Haibo Xu, Andrew I Chuang, Kosuge Kazuhiro, Mika Yamamoto, Shinichiro Takahashi, Alex ML Wu, Patricia A Harper, Douglas D Ross and Shinya Ito. Other CVDs include stroke, heart failure, hypertensive heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, cardiomyopathy, abnormal heart rhythms, congenital heart disease, valvular heart.

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Scott Macaulay are on LinkedIn. CVD includes coronary artery diseases (CAD) such as angina and myocardial infarction (commonly known as a heart attack). The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) virus attacks multiple organs of coronavirus disease 2020 (COVID-19) patients, including the brain.

Changes in the coagulation-fibrinolysis balance of

Geek Chic: Wireless Air Activator - The Next Web. Dolci activator 3.0 macaulay. Directed and championed two successful system implementations including an automated budgeting tool facilitating real time reporting and eliminating manual errors as well as redesigning and overhauling unsupported accounting and funding platforms.

How Does Akinator Work? Behind The Genie That 'Reads Your

Windows 8.1 Activator key 9600 [64 bit][9431][product activation generator][2020][code loader][pro build serial x64 32 8 crack &][full version. The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America. Expat Dating in Germany - chatting and dating - Front page DE.

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Bio/premed student

Looking for: - Lot of research opportunities for undergrads - Strong biology program - Non cutthroat environment - Friendly and non competitive students - Academic flexibility - Vibrant community and variety of clubs and activities to engage in - Helpful premed advising
I got similar aid offers from all of them with URoch being the most expensive of the bunch but not by a lot so not a big factor. Macaulay is free to attend and I'm in the city so it would be a full ride.
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Part 40

6512.(Music Lyrics change.)"Then I can do it."/"Then I can be it."("Both night and day."/"Every night and day.")(Other lyrics?)(Do any of his logos look off?)(A blob that defies many types of logic.)(Grinch Christmas trees now exist.)(The Arrival/Arrival movie.)(Does Tina Turner sound different?)(Wake Up Sleepy Jean/Cheer Up Sleepy Jean)(Jane Austin/Jane Austen)(Lots of space expedition changes.)(Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town)(Lyrics and movie too.)(Bobby Brown is now alive.)(The Night Before Christmas/Twas The Night Before Christmas book title.)(Anything else off about the title or the words in the book?)(Is the musical group now the Carpenters'?)(Anything else off?)(O Holy Night/Oh Holy Night)(Any other titles off?)(O Little Town Of Bethlehem(Bethleham?)/Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem)(Any other titles off?)(Are potato bugs new or off to you?)(1890's photo of surfers in Hawaii.)(The History Channel/History)(Video below.)(Emerald City/City Of Emeralds and Dorothy's slippers are silver in the book.)(Changes to Jaws book.)(Lots of other changes from the livestream.)(The whole process of bears being friendlier and being able to domesticate them.)(Babcock Furniture/Badcock Furniture)(Nestlé Splash Mixed Berry/Nestlé Splash Wild Berry)(Matt Stone and Trey Parker cross dressed while on acid at an awards ceremony.)(Sylvia Rivera apparently died February 19, 2002 instead of still being alive.)(Didn't Vladimir Putin speak English all the time?)(Applebees/Applebee's Bar & Grill/Applebee's Grill & Bar)(Spunglass caterpillars now exist.)(Do number and letter fonts on certain sports fields look off?)(Small changes to how things are made.)(Mimas and Tethys had a Pac-Man heat signature.)(Soft moon landing on Titan in 2005.)(Airdree/Ardrie or Airdrieonians)(Betty Eggleton/Betty Eagleton)(Energizer bunny whiskers or not?)(Have any of the lyrics in Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town changed?)(Has the famous line in Hamlet changed?)(Any other versions off?)(Time travel in photos?)(White reindeer now exist.)(Flashlight fish now exist.)(Ladybugs coming out and leaving at different and weird times.)(Have you ever seen "Objects in mirror are losing." on car rearview mirrors before?)(Dee SnydeDee Snider)(Have the rules on getting paid and rules of taxes and similar things changed in certain situations for certain things.)(Star Wars: Last Jedi/Star Wars: The Last Jedi)("No crib for a bed."/"No crib for his bed.")(Other lyrics?)(Has Clara's crown from Doctor Who changed color?)(Pink rocks now exist.)(Albino ladybugs now exist.)(Mushroom that tastes like fried chicken.)(Have you heard of Green Monday?)(What color were Santa Claus' gloves for you?)(Do you remember Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones getting a divorce?)(Steve Erwin/Steve Irwin)(Was Irwin never an acceptable spelling of Erwin?)("Let the good times roll."/"Let the good time roll.")(Were the lyrics the same as the title?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Anything else off?)(Chubby Checkers/Chubby Checker)(Do any of his logos look off?)(Do any The Who logos look off?)(Do any of the lyrics in Rock The Casbah look off?)(Do any The Clash logos look off?)(Does anything having to do with mallard ducks flying and going certain places at certain times seem off?)(Weird huge spider found in backyard.)(Do you remember Dick Clark dying in 2014 or 2015 instead of April 18, 2012?)(Steven Hawkings/Stephen Hawking)(Steven Cobert/Stephen Colbert)(Is the pronunciation off?)(Floyd KrameFloyd Cramer)(Dill Pickles/Dil Pickles)(Has the See's Candies logo changed?)(Pearls come in many shapes and sizes now.)(Ice that glows like an emerald.)(Pink crystals that are brighter than normal.)(V Day/V-J Day)(Anything else off?)(V Day/V-E Day)(Anything else off.)("In a while crocodile."/"After 'while crocodile.")(Any other lyrics off?)(Stop signs now have white outlines and are no longer fully red.)(Julius Caesar's death has now happened at a theater instead of the Senate.)(The Ellen DeGeneres Show/Ellen)(Golden brush tail posdum now exists.)(Famous 1972 plane crash happened because of terrorist bomb instead of lightning strike and opening line in Fatal Attraction changed from "Black dress" to "Black suit".)(Psych/Sike)(Are any of the lyrics in Winter Wonderland off?)(Was the song titled Walking In A Winter Wonderland?)(How old was King Tut when he died for you?)(Dodge Durrango/Dodge Durango)(AIDS/AYDS diet plan)(Anything else off?)(Rocking bathtubs were now a thing.)(The weapon in Clue is no longer a dagger but a knife.)(Cern no longer shut down from 2009-2012 and was actually running but shut down 2013-2015 instead of running at that time and has been running ever since and no longer shut down on October 12, 2018.)(Anything else off?)(The Schumann Resonance(Other spellings and have you heard of it?)no longer started increasing in 2012 and instead started to increase from 2015 to now.)(Higgs Boson(Other spellings or anything else off?)went from being discovered in 2016 to 2013 to 2012.)(Fiona Broome's Mandela Effect website has went from being launched in 2012 to 2009.)(Mars used to be dry and completely devoid of life and resources.)("We are the champions, my friend."/"We are the champions, my friends.")(Any other lyrics off?)(Bitis viper now exists.)(We used to extend our palms outward and upward during the Pledge Of Allegiance until 1942.)(Did the south pole not exist?)(Do you remember Sondra Locke(Sandra Lock and was Sondra never an acceptable spelling of Sandra?)dying years ago instead of November 3, 2018?)(Did Davy Crockett wear a coonskin cap?)(Elvis Erin Presley/Elvis Arin Presley/Elvis Aron Presley/Elvis Aaron Presley)(Mother Teresa now died in the 90's again.)(Did Elvis not have a middle name?)(More Back To The Future car changes.)(1930's parkour or does it go back farther?)(Chocolate shaped like your butt?)(Do you remember Scategories?)(Albino sea turtles are now a thing.)(Albino tarantulas are now a thing.)(Colored photo of boy with torn clothes from early 1900's.)(Anything else off?)("The moon is right."/"The mood is right.")(Wonderful Christmas Time/A Wonderful Christmastime)(Is the title in the process of changing?)(Fallout Boys/Fall Out Boy)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Contact/Contac cold medicine)(Do any of the logos look off?)(Markhor goats now exist.)(Hungry Like A Wolf/Hungry Like The Wolf)(Lyrics too.)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Duran, Duran/Duran Duran)(Was Johnny Depp ever in Duran Duran?)(Raccoon dogs now exist.)(1898 film of African Americans in love?)(Kim Reeves is now alive.)("I haven't eaten in days."/"I haven't eaten in a day.")(Anything else off?)(Other lyrics?)(Have you heard of people ever putting oranges in their stockings?)(Anything else off?)(Everything about Baby's dress in Dirty Dancing.)(Anything else off?)(Metropolitan Transit Authority/Metropolitan Transportation Authority)(Anything else off?)(Dumaurier cigarettes/DuMaurier Cigarettes/Du Maurier Cigarettes)(Anything else off?)(Daphne DumaurieDaphne DuMaurieDaphne duMaurieDaphne du Maurier)(Chili's Bar & Grill/Chili's Grill & Bar)(Milestones Bar & Grill/Milestones Grill & Bar)(Anything else off?)(Lots of "Bar & Grill" places changing to "Grill & Bar".)(Doorman/Dorman auto related company.)(Saint Mary Magdalene/Mary Magdalene)(Bob Sagat/Bob Saget)(Cecil B. DeVille/Cecil B. DeMille)("Glory streams from heaven afar."/"Glories stream from heaven afar.")(Any other lyrics off?)(Have you heard of John Rabe?)(John Hanson instated the official date of Thanksgiving apparently.)(Lots of "rap battles" throughout ancient history.)("The quicker thicker picker upper."/"The quicker picker upper.")(C-3PO now has many visible and colorful wires showing.)(Anything else off?)(Have any of the New York Yankees logos changed?)(Chicken nugget Christmas trees?)(8 legged scorpions?)(Anything else off?)(10 and 12 legged spiders?)(Anything else off?)(Refrence/Reference)(Prefrence/Preference)(Scott Harrison has changed appearance.)(The new story of the candy cane is apparently that it represents J for Jesus.)(Anything else off?)(Snoopy's doghouse is now blue in the Charlie Brown Christmas special.)(Lots of new bible changes.)(Run Run Rudolph/Run Rudolph Run)(DNL or upside down 7 Up(Anything else off?)was now a thing.)(Pikachu now has brown on his tail.)(Mad Dog 20/20/MD 20/20)(Anything else off?)(Did Tommy Hilfiger ever make any racist comments on Oprah Winfrey's show?)(Lots of weird stuff going on with the name of the ship in Gilligan's Island.)(1980's Atari touch tablet?)(Syd Barrett died July 7, 2006 instead of much earlier.)(Arctica went from no longer existing to existing way back in prehistoric times.)(Goats can climb pretty much everything now.)(Ice hummocks now exist.)(Your address is now located on the back of Priority Mail from USPS.)(Has the Universal Pictures intro sound changed?)(Was it only known as Universal Pictures?)(Mysterious glowing rocks in Lake Superior.)(I AM LAZLOW logo has changed.)(Twas The Night Before Christmas now has A Visit From St. Nicholas in the title.)("God help me mister."/"Lord help me mister.")(Illuminated tires that were a thing in the 1950's.)(Frog legged beetles now exist.)(Spider with skull pattern on back.)(Lots of new colored pigeons.)(Jolly Ranchers/Jolly Rancher)(Antarctica Blood Falls and other weird stuff about Antarctica.)(Lots of weird new rainbow geysers and other types and the rules of rainbows keep changing.)(Lots of connected and modernized logos recently.)(Rainbow and weird new colored trees and forests.)(Lots of more new rainbow stuff.)(Weird glowing dolphins.)(Jabuticabas now exists)(Atolls now exist.)(Weird underwater purple blob.)(Ice fog now exists.)("Only you can prevent forest fires."/"Only you can prevent wildfires.")(Vincent van Gogh now has 38 self portraits.)(A Great Wall in every country basically.)(Trees use fungi to warn of danger.)(Caracals now exist.)(More weird flowers with alien faces.)(Lots of weird glowing frogs.)(Chris Angel/Criss Angel)(Was Criss never an acceptable spelling of Chris?)(Bird that looks like a Muppet.)(Don King is now alive.)(All the different ways people remember Led Zeppelin.)(The House Of The Holy/Houses Of The Holy)(1800's colored cartoon and other TV related tech advancements.)(Anything off about Whoot, There It Is(Whoot or Whoop There It Is?)or Whoomp! (There It Is)(Whoop or Whoomp There It Is?)in any way at all?)(Anything else off?)(The last month or so of videos uploaded by Lone Eagle including "Earth resets", history changes, tech stuff, famous wonder and landmark changes, and geography changes.)(A rock that grows, moves, and breeds?)(Do you remember people like Damn Wide Neck not being able to exist?)(Outake/Outtake)(All the channels with the name Curiouser & Curiouser are off in some way.)(FalcoFalkor and what color was he?)(Black flamingos(Flamingoes?)now exist and flamingos seem to have darker feathers.)(Target is starting to get its negative spacescin letters filled in and they now have a lowercase letters logo and the letters are scrunched up.)(Do you remember just Payless?)(Do you remember just Nordstrom's, Nordstroms, or Nordstrom only?)(Did Mr. Clean have no earrings, two earrings, or one earring in the opposite ear?)(1980's portable TV watches?)(Anything else off?)(Brain keeps changing slightly.)(Frosty The Snowman now has a green top hat with a pink flower on it instead of just a black top hat.)("In that old top hat they found.")("In that old silk hat they found.")(Sega Activator was now a thing.)(Lots of Mars related stuff is constantly changing.)(Lots of Frosty The Snowman related stuff is constantly changing color.)(Oshin/Ocean)(Groshiry/Grocery)(Leaf sheep now exist.)(Logitech apparently changed their name to Logi in 2015 and their logo is off.)(Betazoids from Star Trek now have black eyes.)(Lots of microwave related stuff ahead of its time.)(The Lois Lane mind reading scene in Superman changing.)("Helps to make the season bright."/"Help to make the season bright.")(Do any of his logos look off?)("We're talking away."/"Talking away.")("I don't know what to say."/"I don't know what I'm to say.")("I'll say it anyways."/"I'll say it anyway.")(Aha/A-Ha/A-ha)(Other lyrics?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Rodan now has horns.)(Toilet paper is more popularly known as "tissue paper" apparently.)(Toilet paper is officially supposed to be wrapped under on a holder.)(Coreless and holeless toilet paper exists apparently)(Colored toilet paper and tissues used to exist apparently.)(Cigarettes and many hardcore drugs were promoted with health benefits and as being good for your health in the early to mid 1900's.)(Coke used to have real cocaine and other stuff in it.)(Bucky's auto shop logos have all changed.)(Weird antelope with blue horns and other weird stuff.)(Pikas now exist.)(Very large stockings used to be a thing.)(Atlantic sea ravens now exist.)(Weird snail without a shell-like creature.)(Ribbon seals now exist.)(Velellas now exist.)(Sea slugs of all types now exist.)(Bubble coral shrimp now exist.)(Lots of rare weird insects.)(Are cats' eyes starting to turn round?)(Have any of the quotes from the "wise men" story changed?)(Lots of weird new sea creatures.)(August Rodan/Auguste Rodin)(Is the pronunciation off?)(Zhest/Zest)(Lots of weird animals.)(Lots of tech ahead of its time.)(Christmas used to be on the 26th of December.)(Did Bill Clinton serve his full term for you?)(Did Wonderful Christmastime by Paul McCartney come out of nowhere for you?)(BudweizeBudweiser)(Did Marv and the old gangster movie guy say "Snake" instead of "Snakes" in the one scene in Home Alone?)(Red Barron/Red Baron)(Has the spelling of Baron changed in general?)(Jack Dempsy/Jack Dempsey)(Cellphones in the early 1900's from Nikola Tesla?)(A rock that can't move?)(Donkeys have cross patterns on their backs.)(Do toilets spin in the opposite direction from which they did for you?)(Black apples?)(Merry Christmas (War Is Over)/Happy Xmas (War Is Over))(Anything else off?)(Hugh Grant's inconsistent ties in a movie.)(Razoo's/Razzoo's)(Anything else off?)(Lots of weird stuff about the back of the $2.00 bill and the painting it's based off.)(The weird blobs from Oakville, Washington in 1994.)(Philarmonic/Philharmonic)(Have you heard of Trump: The Game?)(Will Smith is now alive.)( P. Henson is now alive.)(Does Kitty's mole in That '70s Show look off?)(Transparent eels now exist.)(Another Laurel/Yanny situation with an Elmo toy and Grover in Sesame Street.)(Lots of train history has changed.)(Charles Martinet is now alive.)(Lots of lightning related changes.)(Amaco/Amoco)(The Last Action Hero/Last Action Hero)(Anything else off?)(Turner Movie Classics/Turner Classic Movies)(Anything else off?)(Weird missile related stuff.)(Jordan, Arizona/Jordin, Arizona)(Jordan Sparks/Jordin Sparks)(Was Jordin never an acceptable spelling of Jordan?)(Loki now pledges his "undying fidelity" in Avengers: Infinity War instead of his "undying fealty".)(Dory now has black marks on her face and reddish tinted eyes.)(Anything else off?)(Has Donald Duck said any racial slurs or cuss words in any cartoon or movie ever for you?)(Alons-y/Allons-y Doctor Who catchphrase.)(Crazy Horse Statue near Mount Rushmore now.)(LED light rims?)(Dirty Dancing golden shoes.)(Back To The Future window display stuff like costumes and is it off?)(Is Frosty The Snowman's nose different?)(Chip and Dale's nose and teeth changes?)(Brenda Lee says "Fucking" in Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree?)(Rocking Around The Christmas Tree?)(The Teletubbies F word controversy in the 90's.)(Anything else off?)(Dead leaf butterfly now exists.)(Trump Taj Mahal logo change.)(New York Life and Niagara water logos have changed.)(Anything else off?)(U.S. rainforests?)(The Scream face and eyes are less detailed?)(Macauly Caulkin/Macaulay Culkin)(Other spellings?)(Michael Jackson song where it sounds like he's mentioning butt wiping?)(Bobby Kennedy asking LBJ why he had his brother killed?)(Any other stuff off?)(Do you remember one earring in the left ear meaning one is gay and one in the right meaning one is straight?)(Anything else off?)(Doctor Who introduced a female doctor?)(The Minions almost all have hair now.)(Did only some or none have hair?)(Thrifty's/Thriftys/Thrifty)(Freddy Krueger now only has 4 claws on each hand instead of 5.)(Do you remember Snuffleupagus not being known as Mr. Snuffleupagus, Snuffs, Snuffy, or Aloysius?)("There ain't no rest for the wicked. Money don't grow on trees. I got bills to pay, I got mouths to feed, there ain't nothing in this world for free. Oh no I can't slow down, I can't hold back though you know I wish I could. Oh no there ain't no rest for the wicked. Until I close my eyes for good."/"You know there ain't no rest for the wicked. Money don't grow on trees. We got bills to pay, we got mouths to feed, there ain't nothing in this world for free. Oh no we can't slow down, we can't hold back though you know we wish we could. Oh no there ain't no rest for the wicked. Until we close our eyes for good.")(Anything about the release date, band, vocals, or instruments sound off?)(Woody Woodpecker pretends to blow brains out?)(Pinocchio "does drugs" on Pleasure Island?)(Anything else off about Pleasure Island?)(Bare naked woman in Where's Waldo book.)(Mummified dinosaurs?)(Mummy discovety changes everything.)(Has Pinocchio's outfit changed?)(All the backwards American flags everywhere.)(Did Erin Moran die way earlier or later than April 22, 2017?)(Wolverine from Marvel now only has 3 claws instead of 5.)(God Bless The Broken Road/Bless The Broken Road)(Anything else off?)(Did Wolverine have 4 claws?)(Do you remember New Years instead of NewcYear?)(Bj's Warehouse/Bj's Wholesale Club)(Is the logo off?)(Person depicted on bicycle-like vehicle in old carving.)(Girl with metal legs in early 1900's.)(Green dragontail butterfly now exists.)(Is Woody Woodpecker's eye color off in any way?)(Frilled dragons now exist.)(Louie Vitton/Louis Vuitton)(The Benefit Of Mr. Kite/Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!)(Anything else off?)(Any lyrics off?)(The Skipper now wears a black shirt.)(Do you remember Richard Overton dying years ago instead of December 27, 2018?)(Martin Sheen has been replaced by Daryl Hannah on all movie covers for Wall Street from 1987.)(Have any X-Men movie covers changed?)(Advertize/Advertise)(Other spellings?)(Black tiger now exists.)(More mobile phones in the early 1900's.)(Car phones in the early to mid 1900's.)(Have any scenes in A Few Good Men changed?)(Did Jack Klugman die earlier or later than December 24, 2012?)(Christmas Tree /Christmas Tree Shops and is the logo off?)(Olympia vs. Olivia girl from Bird Box.)(Are any WarGames tones off in any way?)(Did Shirley Temple ever portray Annie ever?)(Do you remember Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas having a red nose instead of a pumpkin one?)(The Beatles Sgt. Pepper album cover changing.)(Most fruit flavored things having the same flavor regardless of shape and color due to a smell trick.)(The letters are connected in the Monopoly cards and Mediterranean Avenue now takes up 3 lines instead of 2 and is the spelling of Mediterranean off?))(Anything else off?)(Do you remember Richard Simmons always wearing a headband instead of rarely if at all?)(Cane toads mating with a python?)(The Boiling River of the Amazon.)(Two-headed sharks?)(Loretta Lynn is now alive.)(Cocain/Cocaine)(Do you remember a Grinch movie coming about between 2012-2016?)(Lots of state Capitol buildings are starting to sprout statues.)(Camebridge, England/Cambridge, England)(University too.)(Giada Delaurentis/Giada DeLaurentis/Giada DeLaurentiis/Giada De Laurentiis)(Anything else off?)(What color was Richard Simmons' headband if he wore one for you?)(Pince Nez/Prince Nez)(Did Harry Houdini die from being buried alive or some other way that hasn't been mentioned yet?)(Definetely/Definetly/Definitely)(Other spellings that haven't been mentioned yet?)(The E.T. in the intro of the movie is a different plain purple font instead of being white and having weird ends like E.T.'s fingers and the credits are all purple instead of white.)(Anything else off?)(Did Richard Simmons wear arm bands and what color were they if he did?)(Multiple suns phenomenon.)(Did Airbnb, SpaceX, and other companies not exist?)(Was PayPal made by a different founder?)(The end of phone and related privacy ended in the 1940's?)(The cents sign now only has 1 line.)(Bob Ebstein/Bob Epstein/Bob Einstein)(Other spellings?)(Living black goo organism.)(Didn't Gene Okerlund die before January 2, 2019?)(Lots of other wrestlers dying twice or coming back to life.)(Metalica/Mettalica/Metallica)(Codine/Codeine)(Anything else off?)(1890's photocromes of Ireland.)(Joannie Loves Chachi/Joanie Loves Chachi)(Is the logo off?)(Robert Cornelius took first selfie in late 1800's.)(Lots of logo changes.)(Very dark apples now exist.)(Horse apples now exist.)(Many weird new trees that now exist.)(Leonel Messi/Lionel Messi)(Dark yower underwater.)(Silk The ShockeSilkk The Shocker and didn't he die?)(The intro to Holmes & Watson changed.)(Audrey Hepburn's nun outfit used to be all black or all white in The Nun's Story.)(Has the drum solo in Dave Brubeck's Take Five changed in any way?)(Lawrence Fishborn/Laurence Fishburne)(Other spellings?)(Middlesex Shopping CenteMiddlesex Plaza)(Elilly vs. Aurora sound illusion.)(Anything else off?)(Do any of the lyrics in Crazy by Gnarls Barkley sound off?)(Anything else off?)(Using snails for skin related treatment?)(Howard Johnson's/Howard Johnson)(Other names?)(Have the roof colors changed?)(Anything else off?)(Were the letters in Honeywell not connected?)("Should've had a V8."/"Could've had a V8.")(Other quotes?)(Anything else off?)(The Michelin man used to be a woman.)(Snow vultures now exist.)(Pagers being a thing in the 1920's.)(Xerox machine in the 1930's.)(Red lentils now exist.)(Anything else about lentils and lentil colors off?)(The first e-reader in the 1940's?)(CiCi's Pizza/Cicis)(Anything else about the name or logo off?)(1940's Vespa print art.)(1940's disposable camera.)(Hornman's/Hornimans)(Anything else off?)(Times newspaper companies now have unicorns in their logos.)(Lenny KillmeisteLemmy Kilmister)(Other spellings?)(Roller blades/Rollerblade)(Anything else off?)(Segway unicycles now exist.)(Coming To America angel wings?)(Polish frizzled bantam chickens now exist.)(1800's solar power?)(1800's full metal contact lenses?)(Virtual reality in the 1960's.)(Spotify letters are connected.)(Anything else off?)(UK cereal Honey Smacks is just Smacks.)(Are other cereal types off?)(Borobudur Temple in China.)(MN21/NM21/MN21 and other batteries and did they not exist?)(Michael Jackson like Egyptian pharaoh statues?)(Other old paintings and pictures of people from the past that look like modern celebrities.)(Eddie VedeEddie Vedder)(Lots of new battles and wars.)(Captain Britain now exists.)(The Beatles didn't write any of their own music or at least most of it.)("There's a hole in the bucket."/"There's a hole in my bucket.")(Other lyrics?)(Anything else off?)(Barbituate/Barbiturate)(Winston Marsalis/Wynton Marsalis)(Other spellings?)(Jeff Conway/Jeff Coniway/Jeff Conaway)(Other spellings?)(Carserbero Tyrone/Canserbero Tirone)(Other spellings?)(Strange old skulls discovered.)(Has the Vagina scene in Vacation changed in any way?)(Was it Penis instead of Vagina?)(Did Fonzie have a black jacket instead of a brownish one?)(Purple Brussels sprouts now exist.)(Martin Clune/Martin Clunes)(More Bermuda Triangle changes.)(More geography and bible changes.)(Aldi's/Aldis/Aldi)(Anything else off?)(Hitchike/Hitchhike)(Hitcchiker's Guide To The Universe/The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy)(Any of the logos off?)(Gavin McGinnes/Gavin McInnes)(Stevenwolf/Stephenwolf/Steffenwolf/Steppenwolf)(Other spellings?)(It's A Mad, Mad, Mad World/It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World)(Anything else off?)(Grand Canyon filled with water ever?)(Did Brian Epstein die earlier or later than August 27, 1967 for you?)("Human skin" high heels?)(Tartaria and mudfloods and other stuff about that.)(Shaggy Rodgers/Shaggy Rogers)(Are any of the DuckTales related logos off?)(Is the 6teen(Sixteen?)logo off?)(Multiple rainbows in one place.)(Circit/Circut/Circuit)(Andy Sandberg/Andy Sanberg/Andy Samberg)(Automoble/Automobile)(Moble/Mobile)(Lady Gaga "It's true!" or "Enough!" sound anomaly or something else.)(Winnie The Pooh is sometimes Winnie-The-Pooh.)(Star RideStarideStarrider)(Mayan CalendaMaya Calendar)(Is India's poverty way worse out of nowhere?)(Has the BJ's Wholesale Club logo changed?)(Lots more logo changes.)(Other spellings of Andy Samberg?)(Other spellings of Jack Dempsey?)(The Sopranos missing scenes.)(Powder Reed from Powder now has violet purple eyes instead of blue.)(Guy has leg amputated and has friends eat tacos out of his unattached foot.)(Teens now eat tide pods and drink boiling tampon water to get high.)(George Wilson from Dennis The Menace being called John sometimes.)(Dairy Queen Chill & Grill/Dairy Queen Grill & Chill)(Longhorn Steakhouse/LongHorn Steakhouse)(BucaneeBuccaneer)("Al Capone tried to make this town his house."/"Al Capone tried to make that town his house.")(Other lyrics?)(Anything else off?)(Lots of new changes.)(Scott Bayo/Scott Baio)(Kenneth Coppeland/Kenneth Copeland)(Bucky's/Buckee's/Buc-ee's gas station)(Other spellings?)(Blaine's/Blain's grocery store)(Other spellings?)("Go cat go."/"Go cats go.")(10 megabyte discs in the 1960's?)(Star Trek shirt emblems keep changing.)(Shrek head butt(Headbutt?)or karate chop scene?)(As Long As You Love Me by Backstreet Boys changed lyrics.)(Just Give Me A Reason by P!nk changed lyrics.)("Once you pop, you just can't stop."/"Once you pop, you can't stop." Pringles slogan)("It's a good time for the great taste of McDonald's."/"It's a good time for the great taste at McDonald's." McDonald's jingle. Sometimes the former.)(The Fonz jacket and shirt many inconsistent colors.)(Fonzy/Fonzie)(Happy Days logo changed with connected letters amd modernized font.)(John Ritter is now September 11, 2003 instead of earlier or later.)("She's 5'2"." vs. "She's fine too." Lil Wayne & Lloyd sound anomaly.)(Blues Sarenco/Blues Saraceno)(Other spellings?)(Actor in Turner & Hooch has changed.)(Barry Schenk/Barry Scheck)(Other spellings?)(Bealls/Bells local retail chain)(Anything else off?)(Anheiser Bush/Anheuser-Busch)(Didn't the real life guy who looks like Ken from Barbie die?)(More Monty Python And The Holy Grail scene changes.)(Carmen Bicondova/Camren Bicondova)(Other spellings?)(Did Under Armour not exist for you?)(Did the movie Practical Magic not exist for you?)(Did Fantasy Island park in Long Island, New Jersey not exist for you?)(People acting like trees?)(Kingfishers can keep their head still while doing things.)(Anything else off?)(Cow with three horns?)(Sebastian/Bastian The NeverEnding Story character)(Other spellings or names?)(Do you remember a green or yellow tank in Wacky Races?)(Scull/Skull)(Sceleton/Skeleton)(Other spellings of Existence?)(Have you heard of the Kennedy City Honor awards?)(Have you heard of the movie London Affair?)(Janet DuBois/Ja'Net Du Bois)(Other spellings?)("Can't hold it back anymore."/"Can't hold me back anymore." Frozen song.)(Were Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson Christians?)(Missing Paul Ryan quote regarding two Republicans being paid by Putin.)(Some spiders breastfeed their babies.)(James Dean was with a passenger during his car crash.)("So what's wrong with taking the back way?"/"So what's wrong with taking the back streets?")(Other lyrics?)(Have you heard of Hitler's Secret Attack On America?)(Is Marty Maraschino's last name pronounced different?)(Dry Bones from Mario now has green hands and feet.)("Anger's shaking in my hands."/"Pistol's shaking in my hands.")(Other lyrics?)(Anything else off?)("I don't want no scrubs."/"I don't want no scrub.")(Other lyrics?)(Other spellings of Criss Angel?)(Kakapo parrot now exists.)(CommentoCommenter)("There she goes."/"There she go.")(Any other lyrics off?)(Any of their logos off?)(The La's song.)(Do you remember Carol Channing dying earlier than January 15, 2019?)(Weird rat worm creature found in UK.)(Accross/Across)(The La Las/The La's band)(Anything else off?)(Bird that moves like Michael Jackson?)(Caterpillar with dragon head?)(Elon Musk cameo in Iron Man 2.)(Blue tarantulas now exist.)(Does the LongHorn Steakhouse logo look off?)(Clariol/Clairol)(Marocco/Morocco)(Other spellings?)(Zillo/Zillow)(Other spellings?)(Zak Bagan/Zak Bagans)(Other spellings?)(Lloyd Groseman/Loyd Grossman)(Other spellings?)(Was Loyd never an acceptable spelling of Lloyd?)(A man renovated a hotel just so he could murder hundreds of people.)(Two secret moons surrounding earth.)(Wispa Bites/Bitsa Wispa)(Does the logo look off?)(Other names?)(Princess Of Mars/A Princess Of Mars)(Other names?)(Do any of the logos look off?)(John Carter Of Mars/John Carter)(Other names?)(Do any of the logos look off?)(Richman Gordmans/Gordmans)(Other names?)(Do any of the logos look off?)(Pete Best is now alive.)(The number of children Adam & Eve have had.)(Jumping Jack Flash/Jumpin' Jack Flash)(Do any of the lyrics seem off?)(Has Vincent van Gogh's name is sometimes pronounced different?)(The way sub sandwich bread at Subway is cut has changed.)(1950's show predicts Donald Trump and the wall.)(Costa S looks off now.)(Were the Rupert Bear lyrics "Everybody say his name.", "Everybody knows his name.", or "Everybody sing his name." or something else?)(Anything else off?)(There was a great meat shower in Kentucky on March 3, 1876.)(Have the lyrics in Escape (The Piña Colada Song) changed?)(Do you remember "Animal" not being said in Physical by Olivia Newton-John?)(Do you remember just Dairy Queen?)(Julius Caesar wasn't the first Roman emperor and other Roman history changes surrounding it.)(Sleep wrinkles now exist.)(Albino porcupines now exist.)(Blue chickens now exist.)(Dancing With Wolves/Dances With Wolves)(Bread is actually bad and dangerous to waterfowl.)(Small lyrical changes.)(Do you remember the Spinal Tap logo being normal?)(Anything else off?)(Motorhead/Motörhead)(Anything else off?)(Does the dots above the O symbol look off?)(Queensryche/Queensrÿche)(Any logos look off?)(Anything else off?)(L'ORÉAL Paris 666 Babylon Intense Red hair dye.)(Bubonic Plague used to be eradicated.)(Lightning not always being vertical.)(GP movie rating?)(Did an X rating mean only 18 years of age instead of 17?)(Gus D'Amato/Cus D'Amato)(Other spellings?)(The Wet Ones logo now has connected letters.)(Habit Burger now has tilted B and messed up I.)
6513.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Stone forests appearing in more places, Madagascar has completely changed, Pharoah's Serpent, deadly flamboyant cuttlefish and they can hypnotize their prey, Marie Antoinette's tall ship hairdo and other weird hairdos, more changes to everything about world's oldest living people, Christmas pickle and lots of weird stuff about it, Santa Claus is being said to live near the north pole and Lapland and places other than the north pole, we don't float on magma, new changes to blue lava volcanoes and other weird volcano stuff, arc lamp and stuff surrounding it, Gramme machine and stuff surrounding it, more changes to Spanish Inquisition history, more changes to Ring Of Fire, more glass animals and new changes to them, Earth's crust leaking water into the water, deep water cycle, new dog with Mickey Mouse ears, strange earthquakes, more The Last Supper changes, tons of presidents before George Washington, 4000 year-old termite mounds visible from space, Thames tunnel, Mandarin ducks, rainbow grapes were real a few days ago, more fish that can climb trees, black palm cockatoo, Robert Bobroczky and stuff surrounding him, fake sunrise, you can get bubbles from a certain plant and other stuff surrounding the weird plant, more rainbow bodies of water, multiple changes to Cern logos and other Cern logos, radioactive rocks make ice piece the size of Rhode Island disappear, more changes to Elizabeth Taylor's eyes, Medula Oblongora/Medulla Oblongota, 10% of Europeans are safe from HIV, feather leg warmers, California and mandating solar power, Ursula Andrews/Ursula Andress, people who have black eyes, and more large and weird cattle.)(Video below.)
6514.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Coca-Cola Life not being a thing?(Does the logo look off?)(Did Pepsi True not exist?)
6515.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Female hyenas all have male parts, seagulls kill whales, lakes have to have pipes added to prevent carbon dioxide explosions, bombings in US were common in US 100 years ago, vikings had lyric rap battles, goliath frogs, monk seals with eel in nose, you used to have to pose nude to attend many major universities, Alexander Graham Bell didn't invent telephone, Viking and Curiosity rover landings are nuclear powered, history of electric wind, clouded leopards in zoos, lithopedions, Nubian pyramids, terrorists shot Marion Berry and took over D.C., dwarf deer, people can develop green blood and live, LIDAR since 1970, Wi-Fi/WiFi, LiFi(Li-Fi?)is now a thing, Eli Whitney(Ely Whitney and has the pronunciation changed?)didn't invent the cotton gin.)(Video below.)
6516.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Elvis sandwich only having peanut butter and banana on it instead of bacon too?(Did the Fool's Gold Loaf not exist?)(Did Elvis actually invent the Elvis sandwich?)
6517.(Real Life appearance change.)Do you remember Saint Nicholas originally wearing white clothing instead of tan or green clothing?(The origin of the red santa suit also keeps changing.)
6518.(Real Life appearance change.)Do you remember Goliath being much taller than just over 6 feet?
6519.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Mirrored eyes, more moon changes, more weird stuff during earthquakes, lunar eclipses and everything surrounding them, why the moon rotates and other stuff, moon tides and other stuff, lots of weird new spiders, more DEW related stuff, more weird lightning, more Shiva changes, more The Last Supper changes, more Mount Rushmore changes, more Land O'Lakes changes, more The Creation Of Adam changes, more American flag changes, more Sphinx changes, more anatomy changes, more new bear changes, O'Reilly logo changed again, Walmart logo changed again, Target logo now has weird stuff in the negative space in the letters, devil's tower, Cern putting mummy in LHC, more weird stuff in the sky, keloids and other weird stuff with skin, Subaru logo changed again, Book of Enoch, more planet placement changes, weird stuff going on with the horsemen of the apocalypse, swelling is much worse, human growth may be accelerating, rainbow falls, freezing fog, disco clam, mother of all demos, first and second red scares, great Boston fire, bursitis is different, Yosemite falls, crucifixes and their connection to Christmas, more tech before its time, more new big cats.)(Video below.)
6520.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(More Lincoln Memorial changes, ice chandeliering, supercooled water, animals and bugs having their own pets, low dose radiation is good for you, lots on global dimming, meteotsunami, sandstorm lighting, dry lightning, lakes in the desert, gloves with bullet ants and other weird rituals and bulket ants didn't exist, Rabbit Island, Japanese Cat Island and animal islands in general, Snake Island, Book Of Genesis and Apollo 8, lots of new islands and geography, more Tiananmen Square changes, more on impossible colors, ground and trees and other things "breathing", more Chick-fil-A changes, many new animals and animal changes and weirdness, triboluminescent snow.)(Video below.)
6521.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(More Lord's Prayer changes, more Easter Island statue changes, snow falling on Mars, green dragon tail, lavender scare of the 1950's, jatinga bird suicide, nacreous cloud, cricket virus controls cricket behavior, more changes to Nan Madol, Dollar Store or The Dollar Store was never an official chain and Dollar Tree and Family Dollar and Dollar Tree and similar stores used to not exist, more on Columbus not discovering America, snow in Australia and New Zealand, more flying lemur and flying fox changes, Lake Las Vegas, Las Vegas Bay, more Mount Rushmore changes.)(Video below.)
6522.(Product name change.)Cheese Strings/Cheestrings(Other spellings and is the logo off?)
6523.(Date change.)Do you remember Colleen Ballinger announcing her pregnancy earlier or later than June 2018?
6524.(T.V. Show Quote change.)"Good morning sluts."/"Good morning slits."
6525.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Brisk tea being the one with the snowman instead of Nestea?
6526.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the gangster movie footage in the first two Home Alone movies being real?
6527.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Waffle rock, spider makes fake spiders, more new Stonehenge like places, more on the caracal, selenelion, tophacious goat, halo traction, leaf butterfly and more new leaf abd stick insects, towers of Bologna, ice hair, frost flowers, scoliosis is much more serious, selenite crystals, more weird monkeys and weird new changes in monkeys, susuk, more on Freddy Krueger.)(Video below.)
6528.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Darth Vader's cape is now more skirt-like, thousands of baby spiders come out of spider after its squashed and the whole thing about spiders caring for their young a lot more, narlugas, live cyclops goat and calf, whales now hunt with bubbles, saiga with bulbous eyes, reverse slope hearing, the heart is not a pump, more audio illusions, shimmering in bees, caterpillars travel in piles, The Great Uncomformity Period Of Geology, tartaria tablets, bald python pit organs have changed and jaws separate in the front now, lots of wild animals like horses and monkeys and lynx can get super fat now, spiders eat more of their prey now, spiders that kill mosquitoes, more trees cocooned in spider webs, how sound works, Asian giant honeybees, ears and nose cartilage grows through life.)(Video below.)
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