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Diablo 2 hack characters. Edit stats, load items, save items, and alter almost every perspective of your Diablo 2 Character. Warrior: The Warrior is a powerful melee.

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Disable music/sound at main screen%(21). I've heard that the necromancer is in a special event in act 2, and somewhere we find out the sorc's fate, but I'm not. Numerous players are using "TP Hacks" to kill other hardcore players.

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Diablo 2 LoD best hacked characters for Single Player/Open [HOST] Here are some of the best Diablo2: Lord of Destruction hacked characters / save games, for Single Player and Open [HOST] that i found. It was first released on June 29, 2020, for the PC platform and the software for other platforms like. Customer Service: Get in touch with Blizzard Customer Service for help with an issue or to report a bug.

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ZonFire's Hero Editor. Cick: Matrix223 trainer: 21/1.06. Diablo II General Strategy.

Oh, Path Of Diablo is back online, I can't wait to play! Wait... What happened to my 2 characters...?

Oh, Path Of Diablo is back online, I can't wait to play! Wait... What happened to my 2 characters...? submitted by FitzKred to pathofdiablo

My ideas for many minor Diablo 2 characters as heroes.

Well, everyone has ideas about what they want for heroes like Mephisto, Nihlithak, etc. so I decided to come up with some general ideas for some of the lesser characters from Diablo 2.
Bishibosh- a Fallen Shaman who is a ranged support with fire attacks and healing
  • Default attack- weak melee
  • Passive- resists some % of damage from enemy abilities
  • Q- Fireball - (skillshot) low mana cost, 5 second cooldown
  • W- a weak heal with low mana cost that casts in a tiny aoe, talents can make it refund mana if used on minions
  • E- Revive Minion - medium mana cost, ~30 second cooldown, revive one recently fallen lane minion with full health
  • R1- Fallen Rampage - Summon 6 Fallen minions
Blood Raven- a Rogue corrupted by Andariel, a ranged specialist with a bow that can summon zombies
  • Default attack- fast but weak ranged bow attack
  • Passive- On death, lightning shoots out in all directions damaging enemies
  • Q- Elemental Arrow - (skillshot) fire a fire arrow doing some damage, talents change to different elements that have different effects (small slow, DoT, etc.)
  • W- Hungry Dead - significant mana cost, ~30 second cooldown, summon a zombie minion (melee, moves slow)
  • E- Burst of Speed - significant mana cost, ~30 second cooldown, increase movement speed by 200% for 4 seconds, cannot autoattack during speed burst
  • R1- Blood Raven's Charge - long cooldown, increase autoattack damage and attack speed for ~20 seconds
  • R2- some kind of aoe debuff slow or something like that
Rakanishu- a Fallen demon, afast melee assassin
  • Default attack- fast blade attacks
  • Passive- when attacked, release a charged bolt that moves randomly and can damage nearby enemies
  • Q- Rakanishu's War Cry - low mana, low cooldown, give a boost to damage and attack speed for a few seconds
  • W- Rakanishu's Blade- low mana, medium cooldown, single target melee, does damage to an enemy and erupts with 2 charged bolts
  • E- Invigoration - medium mana, long cooldown, creates an aura for 10 seconds that increases movement speed of nearby allies
Treehead Woodfist- a tanky warrior who is very fast and is good at defending buildings
  • Default attack- melee smacks with hands
  • Passive/D- Scroll of Inifuss Place with D on an allied structure, until placed Treehead cannot attack or use abilities, when placed gives Treehead Woodfist more hp regen, move speed, and attack speed the closer he is to it
  • Q- Bash- low mana cost, low cooldown, very short stun
  • W- Wendigo's Roar- medium mana cost, medium cooldown, decrease all damage taken for ~5 seconds by some %
  • E- Brute's Backhand- low mana cost, low cooldown, backhand a single enemy, knocking them back a short distance
  • R1- Inifuss's Nourishment- long cooldown, increase HP regeneration by a lot for ~20 seconds
  • R2- Rampage of the Wendigo- long cooldown, Q, E, and autoattacks become charge attacks for ~20 seconds
Griswold- a warrior who is super tanky but very slow
  • Default attack- melee punches
  • Passive- Corpse Arisen- Immune to all displacement effects, movement rate is decreased by a certain %, gets faster per level
  • Q- Unholy strength - low mana cost, low cooldown, imbue next autoattack with increased damage and knockback
  • W- Legacy of the Blacksmith- low mana cost, low cooldown, give an ally a buff that increases the damage of their next few autoattacks, better on minions
  • E- Stiffened Flesh- medium mana cost, medium cooldown, take some % less damage from all sources for ~20 seconds
  • Z- Shambling - instead of a mount, change to shambling form where damage resistance is increased and lower movement speed from the passive is negated, but cannot attack or use abilities
  • R1- Fastening of the Gibbet- melee single target, place an enemy in a cage, enemy cannot take actions when in the cage, must be attacked like BHB chests to open
  • R2- Sword of the Living- Griswold returns to living form, loses his passive, Q, E, and Z abilities, gains normal mount, autoattacks with a sword that does much more damage, W hugely buffed
Radament,- A support healereviver Other skins: Tal Rasha, Ancient Kaa the Soulless, Achmel the Cursed
  • Default attack- slow and weak swipes with claw
  • D- Crypt Magic- no mana cost, medium cooldown, cast on one ally (more with talents), when that ally dies they respawn ~25% faster (boost with talents)
  • Q- Blast of Darkness- (long range skillshot), low mana cost, low cooldown, shoot a burst of black energy, decent damage
  • W- Plague Breath- AOE cone, medium mana cost, medium cooldown, damage all enemies in area and apply a DoT poision
  • E- Mummy's Blood- medium cooldown, medium mana cost, put a buff on an ally that gives them some life regen for ~10 seconds, if brought to 0 HP during the buff immediately restore 10% of the target's HP(can only proc once per 120 seconds, 50% for mercs and 100% for minions)
  • R1- Mana Burn - long cooldown, no mana cost, Radament's autoattacks deplete the target's mana with each hit for the next ~15 seconds, L20 upgrade to also work with abilities
Coldworm the Burrower- Tanky specialist with some similarities to abathur but also somewhat tanky
  • Default attack- slow weak attack with pincers
  • Passive- Worm Bile- when killed, Coldworm leaves a huge area of poisonous bile on the ground that does damage to enemies who walk in it
  • Z- Coldworm cannot move, Z is a burrow like abathur's but not global
  • Q- Maggot Egg- low mana cost, medium cooldown, lay a killable egg that after ~5 seconds spawns a maggot minion that pushes the nearest lane, talents change the type of maggot minion
  • W- Poisonous Blast- low mana cost, medium cooldown, launch a glob of poison that hits the target location in small AOE, doing damage to any enemies in the area and applying a small DoT poison
  • E- Shed Carapace- high mana cost, long cooldown, must channel for 10 seconds (can be interrupted), lose 5% of max hp then regain 50% of max hp over the next 20 seconds
  • R1- Burrow Withdraw- no mana cost, medium cooldown, withdraw underground for 30 seconds, can still use abilities besides Z, R againt to unburrow, automatically unburrow after 30 seconds, untargetable when underground
  • R2- Coldworm Writhing- medium mana cost, medium cooldown, channel for ~5 seconds, slows and damages all enemies in an area around coldworm for the duration
Fangskin- A fast Snakeman assassin hero
  • Default attack- quick melee snakebite strikes
  • D- no mana cost, low cooldown, give next basic or ability attack a knockback
  • Z- no mount, Z is a passive that gives Fangskin increased move % when near enemies, Fangskin also moves faster than most heroes normally
  • Q- Claw Viper Charge- short melee charge, damages target and stuns them for a short time, low mana cost, medium cooldown
  • W- Salamander's Scales- low mana cost, medium cooldown, resist 50% of damage from next autoattack, (75% from ability attacks)
  • E- Tomb Viper's Spear- (skillshot) low mana cost, low cooldown, fire a spear that does damage to an enemy
  • R1- Serpant's Rage- long cooldown, no mana cost, for ~30 seconds, cannot use Q, W, or E, autoattacks do increased damage and movement speed is increased
  • R2- Corruption of the Sun- long cooldown, medium mana cost, for ~30 seconds, all enemies have a greatly decreased vision range. (includes structures and minions)
Council of Kurast - A specialist multi-character hero. This would be a strange hero. The level 1 talent would have three choices, each of which would change which council members you play as that game, each with a different E ability.
  • L1Talent- Travincal Council, play as Ismail Vilehand, Toorc Icefist, and Geleb Flamefinger.
  • L1Talent- Durance Council, play as Wyand Voidbringer, Bremm Sparkfist, and Maffer Dragonhand.
  • L1Talent- Head of the Council, play as Bartuc the Bloody and two generic Council Members
  • Z- (target) select a different one of your council members to control
  • Passive- Council members not currently being controlled follow the player controlled member and attack nearby enemies, respawn with normal cooldown timers when they die and then run to rejoin the currently alive members
  • Default attack- melee attacks with appendage
  • Q- Hydra- medium mana cost, medium cooldown, place a hydra that attacks nearby enemies (like a weak version of gazlowe's turrets)
  • W- United Hatred- medium mana cost, medium cooldown, heal targeted ally council member or self a small amount
  • E(Ismail) - Vile Strike - strike target doing damage and apply a small DoT
  • E(Geleb) - Flame Strike - strike a target with a flaming attack doing a small AOE damage around the target
  • E(Toorc) - Ice Strike - strike a target with an ice attack, slowing them for 2 seconds
  • E(Wyand) - Warp Strike - teleport a short distance to strike the target
  • E(Bremm) - Spark Strike - strike a target with a melee attack, and release two charged bolts on hit
  • E(Maffer) - Dragon strike - strike a target with a strong melee attack, stunning them for 2 seconds
  • E(Bartuc) - Bloody strike - strike a target with a strong melee attack, stealing a large % of the damage as life
  • E(generic council member) - passive, if Bartuc the Bloody is killed, become Bartuc the Bloody
  • R1- Summoning of the Council- long cooldown, all of the other council members are summoned and controllable for 30 seconds
Lord De Seis- An Oblivion Knight, a support type character that curses/debuffs enemies with some of the D2 necromancer's abilities.
  • Default attack- weak slow melee attack with sword
  • D- Bone Armor- can place on self or ally, give target 3 stacks of block
  • Q- Bone Spirit- medium cooldown, low mana cost, single target ranged, fire a slow moving homing attack at a character, does lots of damage but if they run from it for a while it will fizzle out
  • W- Decrepify- medium mana cost, medium cooldown, curses enemy for 20 seconds with slowed movement speed and increases damage taken (curses do not stack)
  • E- Weaken - medium mana cost, medium cooldown, curses enemy for 20 seconds with decreased attack damage (curses do not stack)
  • R1- Iron Maiden - medium mana cost, medium cooldown, curses enemy for 20 seconds with 10% of all damage done by target returned to them (curses do not stack)
  • R2- Life Tap - medium mana cost, medium cooldown, curses enemy for 20 seconds with all damage done against the cursed enemy doing 15% life steal (curses do not stack)
Infector of Souls, or Ventar the Unholy- A Megademon, a tanky melee warrior
  • Default attack- a strong slow melee attack with a sword
  • D- passive that resists damage taken by a % from autoattacks or abilities, D changes from one to the other with a short cooldown
  • Z- instead of a mount, flaps wings to hover low over the ground (like zagara)
  • Q- Demonic Strike- low mana cost, low cooldown, strike target for decent amount of damage
  • W- Fire breath- high mana cost, medium cooldown, cone AoE channeled fire breath attack for a few seconds
  • E- toggleable aura that uses mana, increases move speed of allies in a small area around the hero
Shenk the Overseer- an Overseer Demon, a tanky specialist who has a whip
  • Default attack- a weak but fast whip attack with a short range
  • Passive- enemies killed by Shenk have a 1% chance to drop a regeneration globe
  • Q- Whip into shape- low mana cost, low cooldown, whip an ally doing a small amount of damage but giving a damage and attack speed buff for a short time (works best on minions)
  • W- Whip enrage- medium mana cost, medium cooldown, whip an ally doing a small amount of damage and giving a movement speed buff that causes an explosion on death (works best on minions)
  • E- Catapult Strike- high mana cost, long cooldown, target a large circle AOE at range, after a few seconds that location is hit with a catapult strike, doing some damage to all enemies in the area
Pindleskin - A skeleton knight with a huge sword and interesting respawn mechanics
  • Has no mount
  • Default attack- a strong but slow sword attack
  • D- Cooldown between uses, Upon Death, Pindleskin can use his D to respawn at the location of his death before the respawn timer respawns him at the base, with the % of life he has upon resurrection depending on the % of the respawn timer that passes before resurrection
  • Q- Skeletal Cleave, low mana cost, medium cooldown, do damage to all enemies in a short cone AoE
  • W- Skeletal Charge, medium mana cost, medium cooldown, select a target and charge at 400% movement speed until the target is reached, striking them for some damage
  • E- Skeletal Strike, medium mana cost, medium cooldown, target an enemy and knock them back a short distance, stunning them for a short time after the knockback
Lister the Tormentor - A Minion of Destruction, a tanky warrior with disruptions
  • Z- instead of a mount, Z changes Lister into a galloping movement mode with increased movement speed
  • Default attack- A weak but slow melee attack
  • Q- low mana cost, low cooldown, imbue the next melee attack with knockback
  • W- low mana cost, low cooldown, imbue the next melee attack with a short stun
  • E- low mana cost, medium cooldown, imbue the next melee attack with increased damage
  • R1- Minions of Destruction- summon two Minions of Destruction, basically smaller versions of lister, one with knockback and the other with stun
What do you guys think of my ideas? Are there any other Diablo 2 minor characters that you'd like to see as heroes? What are your ideas for those heroes?
submitted by Magmaniac to heroesofthestorm

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