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Conspiracy Theory! Seven is a Reionyx

No this has nothing to do with Absolute Conspiracy lol, this is literally just a brain fart
But I wrote this thing at 3am while drunk so bear with me
WARNING: Spoilers for UltraSeven Showa and Heisei, Ultraman Leo, Ultra Galaxy NEO and Mega Monster Battle.


I highly doubt that TsuPro would label Seven as a Reionyx because that kinda ruins whatever shreds of a 'hero' image he's supposed to have, but there's some evidence that points to the possibility that Seven is a Reionyx; or an Ultra who has some Alien Raybrad blood in him, giving him the ability to understand/feel the pain of kaiju, and to control a certain amount of kaiju.

Key Facts about the Reionyx

From what I understand, Reionyx are present in all alien/non-kaiju species (e.g Alien Shaplay, Metron, Pitt, human (?) (whatever Rei and Kate are)). The reionyx ability isn't hereditary -- or else Geed would've been one. Most likely, one has to be corrupted by Alien Rayblood in some way, either by possession (Belial) or by corruption of DNA by Rayblood's essence (whatever that means). It is important to note that while all Reionyx will receive the same wounds their Kaiju's get, Reionyx that own multiple kaijus do not die if one kaiju is killed in battle (Rei, Belial, Reibatos, Kate, MMB Shaplay etc.)
With that said, here’s my arguments that show Seven is a Reionyx:

1 His Capsule Monsters

Starting off with an obvious point: Seven is the only Ultra so far who can directly control creatures. Seven has four capsule monsters: Windam, Agira, Miclas and Sevengar, and he can direct them to do battle with other monsters, the same way many reionyx in this series do.
Importantly, Seven is very careful with his capsule monsters — as if he’s afraid they’ll get overly hurt, or dead. As a member of a civilisation with some broken Hikari reviving technology, Seven shouldn’t need to worry about his capsule monsters dying, and could have fought alongside his capsule monsters. But he’s careful: he only releases his capsule monsters when he’s not fighting, just to keep an eye on his monster’s health at all times and withdraw them before its severely injured (similar to Rei). Even so, he never releases them all at once, and never into a battle where his capsule monsters are outnumbered (e.g. Episode 5 1999 OVA, he sends out two to deal with one kaiju. In Mega Monster Battle (after the events of Leo), he sends out 3 to deal with 3 kaiju, with Sevengar visible in his capsule box).

2. UltraSeven X (Alternate Reionyx Form)

Seven has an alternate form that’s basically him, but stronger, faster and more evil looking. There are two ways he can access this form: (1) Transforming by using lots of emotion (Official Stage Show 2017), or (2) by losing his memory (the plot of UltraSeven X). Very similarly, Rei — a confirmed reionyx — has a Reionyx form and a Reionyx Burst Mode, essentially a stronger, faster and evil-looking version of his normal form. Rei can access Burst Mode in two ways: (1) Transforming by using lots of emotion (basically every time + Mega Monster Battle), and (2) by losing his memory (the start of Ultra Galaxy).
A notable observation about alternative forms is that Rei gets notably aggravated whenever he’s near reionyx and their monsters, which — if exposed too long to reionyx killing intent — can result in Burst Mode. Seven has never visibly demonstrated this — however, this may be the reason why he’s particularly emotional and violent around aliens, especially aliens that control monsters (e.g. Alien Shaplay). Seven, as Dan, prefers to blend into his human group as to not draw attention, and never voices his outward opinions or emotions to this day — but this always changes whenever he’s around aliens, to the point that he’ll initiate confrontation based on “bad feelings” (episode 4, 5, 21 etc.) He has never been exposed to reionyx as long as Rei has though, because he usually kills them straight off the bat.

3. Events of Ultra Galaxy NEO (Interaction with Rei)

There is definitely something else connecting between Rei and Seven that extends beyond telepathy. For the duration that Rei is in possession of the eye slugger, which shares snippets of Seven’s battle with Armoured Darkness, he’s triggered into Burst Mode twice by its visions. While the battle itself doesn’t reveal much about its location in a desolate desert planet, Rei is able to navigate his way to the site where both Seven and Armoured Darkness was sealed.
Another interesting note is the way Rei interacts with Seven’s slugger to release Seven and his capsule monsters — he holds his battleniser up against Seven’s slugger, not dissimilar to how he put his battleniser up against the Giga Battleniser to paralyse the 100 monsters. This verily suggests that Seven’s slugger also functions as Seven’s battleniser, being connected to Seven and his capsule monsters. It’s also worth noting that the transferral of Miclas from Seven’s ownership to Rei was very seamless — Miclas was easily transformed by Seven to energy, something Rei’s Gomora, Litra and Electing were transformed to when being transferred in/out of the battleniser.

4. Events of Mega Monster Battle (Interaction with Rei and Belial)

The only relevant exchange here between Rei and Seven (Dan) is during the blizzard scene, where Dan goes straight to help Rei retrieve dropped battleniser — something that Mebius and Ultraman don’t seem to acknowledge during their battle. Dan later, in front of Rei, orders his capsule monsters to finish their battles. Rei watches them fight, line up in front of Dan, turn into energy and return to Dan’s capsule box. Rei then turns silently to look at his own battleniser — recognising a similarity between his battleniser and what he’s just witnessed.
More interestingly is the way Belial interacts with Seven — or rather, his avoidance of engaging directly with Seven. I may go into a full analysis of Mega Monster Battle and what’s truly revealed in the movie (at least in my interpretation), but the main point here is that Belial has done lots to not kill Seven directly: (1) in his fight against Seven on the side of the tower, he’s only shoved Seven away (after Seven punches him in the gut) and bumped Seven off the tower (firstly with his Battlenizer and another time with Ultraman); and (2) he sat aside in the graveyard and let his 100 monsters + a corrupted Rei deal with Seven instead of doing it on his own. He also is aware of Seven’s name, which he shouldn’t be — he was jailed before Zoffy became captain and recruited the Ultra brothers, and the only names he’s heard after his release is “Taro” (from Zoffy) and “Mebius” (from Seven). All of this points to something — perhaps there’s a relationship between Reiblood and Seven that Belial (or the Reiblood possessing him) is aware of.

5. Who UltraSeven is, and his strained relationship with the Land of Light

For someone who is supposed to be a cartographer and stationary post observer — a non-combatant, mind you — Seven is incredibly adept at killing. He’s not someone that’s supposed to engage with planet defence and fighting at all... yet he seems incredibly capable of doing so:
  • His psychokinesis is broken. He can use this to kill his enemy while being low on energy (Pandon, last episode). He can also levitate aliens 40x his size at will (Ultraman Leo, episode 38).
  • His armour can absorb both sunlight and explosions/nuclear power. Ultras have no limit in space — yet what he has makes him able to survive in planets far from the sun.
  • His willpower is insane. Armoured Darkness is something that requires possession of a host to operate; and has possessed both senior Ultras (Hikari) and powerful aliens (Mefilas and Temperor). Yet in Ultra Galaxy NEO, Seven actually managed to take temporary control of Armoured Darkness itself and sealed them together.
For a non-combatant with supposedly no elite training or combat training, Seven is unnaturally powerful.
Additionally, Seven is the most morally ambiguous of all of the Ultras — he’s a-ok with killing anything that goes against his goals. He is perhaps the only Ultra who doesn’t talk about the justice and goodness of the light at all in his appearances. In fact, just like known reionyx Rei ("Anything that harms my team is bad"), Kate ("Anything that harms my brother is bad") and Belial ("Anything that harms my powecontrol is bad"), Seven's ideals are similarly simple and absolute: "anything that threatens humans is bad". And yes, this includes exterminating an innocent alien species (Pegassa and people of the 4th Planet), the original inhabitants of Earth (Nomalts)... and even M78 and the Ultras themselves. He has legitimately come close to bombing the entire M78 for the sake of the Earth, and there’s only one other Ultra who’s managed to achieve that.
Not to mention, when it comes to choosing between Earth and his home planet, he chooses Earth every single time. The man even stood up against his brothers and King of all people, declaring that he’s thrown away his Ultra identity and he’s going to die as “Dan” (Leo episode 39). This is especially weird, because Seven knows that humans aren’t perfect either (50% of the conflicts in his show is instigated by humans, and he knows it). After his time on Earth, he appears to have become a wanderer (Ultraman Orb The Movie). This suggests that there’s something he just doesn’t like about M78; or that there’s a distance between M78 and him — after all, M78 did jail him to rock like they did to Belial after the 1999 Heisei episodes. It is very possible that this is because Seven is similar to a veteran that M78 exiled ages ago, in more ways than one.

Possible Counterarguments:

There’s some evidence/questions that goes against this theory on the surface, but I will do my best to address the main ones in my drunken stupor:
  • Seven is never shown to be hurt by the injuries his monsters sustained: but same goes with many of the reionyx in this show, like Belial and others in NEO. In fact, Rei is one of the only ones who expressively reacts to those injuries. Seven is a war veteran who has fought aliens with a twisted knee for a year — I think he can hide battle pain a little better.
  • Seven never gives direct, specific orders to his monsters: Neither do any of the other reionyx, except the main characters in Ultra Galaxy.
  • Capsule Monsters are basically the Maquettes in GUYS: Not true. The Maquettes need specific orders and outward words of encouragement in order to succeed (which is why Maquette Mebius struggled, and why Maquette Miclas was shelved). Seven, along with other reionyx, need only to give a few broad orders to their monsters in order for them to fight effectively, even if their monsters were badly hurt.
  • Seven gives zero shits about kaiju, he can’t possibly feel/understand them: Not true. Seven has delivered more knockdowns to kaiju than to Earth-invading aliens, resorting to killing them when the kaiju has stood back up multiple times, or when the kaiju is getting way too close for comfort. Seven still continues to visibly hesitate when fighting kaiju (e.g Zambagi), very evidently giving them time to recover. This is not the same attitude he carries with other aliens (which is most of his show tbh), for which he often goes straight for the kill — his aliens rarely recover from a knockdown.
  • Seven is weaker than other reionyx: Not true. Rei’s Gomora managed to land a fatal blow on Seven — but it’s because none of the Ultras (including Ultraman and Mebius) wanted to kill or hurt him, and they have just spent their last remaining energy mowing through some monsters. Belial has very cleverly avoided engaging directly with Seven with the purpose of defeating him, so we don’t really know — but the fact that Belial has gone out of his way to avoid engagement does say something about Seven’s potential.
  • Zero isn’t a reionyx: Neither is Geed or his brothers, who are made from a corrupted Belial’s DNA. If Geed was made from normal Belial’s DNA, he would have different looking eyes.
  • TsuPro never said he was a reionyx: …I mean, they also never said he wasn’t a reionyx. TsuPro you’re trashing this theory over my cold dead body

TL;DR: Seven is a Reionyx. TsuPro is just too chicken to admit it

Feel free to argue with me on this matter, I’m drunk and I will defend this theory to the grave
submitted by Ju5tAB0r3d1 to Ultraman

Random job board request (from my tiktok subscribers)

If it doesn't have an @ in it its one I added.
Job board d/100 chart
1- Little girl having night mares, looking for adventures to gaurd her bedroom door at night from monsters. 10 gp (Hag in the forest is visiting her slowly turning her into a hag.)
2- @wastelandmonk:What looks like a missing person quest, but turns out to be a little kid trying to find a date for their single parent
3- @alex_is_boss_311:Help! I lost my owl bear and Its oddly aggressive i need it back alive. please bring to Owl Bear Farms.
4 - @renwolfmen:"i lost my gold dragon scale frying pan."
5- @urkohai:Rescue my cat from the goblins in the forest
6- @cxgummydnd:HELP: I found a weird book with weird looking shapes on it and its glowing blue and spawning dead geese everywhere
7- @turowe2012:Courier service needed. delivery to the Forest Queen, needed by the Spring Equinox. don't open the package, don't let the wolves catch you. 6000 gp… with proof of delivery
8- @canned.hamm:Two cacti are throwing a coconut on a major highway. If the coconut is taken forcefully then the cacti get mad. But they will willingly play catch
9- @scars0808:I want the shoes! They have them! Go take them! But only the left ones! No right shoes! Right shoes hurt my ears! Please read in insane voice
10- @xxsinfulpridexx:investigate a pond. when players get thier they only find a goose. if it is disturbed and honks it summons a horde or cr appropriate monster. /goosehydra
11- ex wife of the high wizard in town needs adventures to surve child support papers to wizard.
12- @shootervonslick:a wanted poster with a picture of one of the party members but under a different name. the person that is wanted may or may not be the party member.
13- @useless_orb:I, a local merchant, need help tracking a potion I sold to someone this past week (it may or may not be faulty and potentially fatal)idk who bought it
14- @damianthedm:A young girl says her cat has run away. Turns out she is actually been dead for (length of time) and the cat leads them to almost certain death.
15- @the16bitcouple:“Lost pet children” (it’s the children of the family pet) written by a child.
16- @valcure1:Field of Barron Fox: Something keeps coming onto my farm at night and stealing all my fox. leaving me with no fox to give. Help me find my Fox. ( fake job)
17- @frankholder27:"we buy silver" posters and when the players get to the store it's run by two lovely werewolves
18- @bardinthetree:1000 gold to the get my cows to stop glowing (and right next to it) ecological research aid: locate the disappearing glowing moss
19- @therealcreatorsama:Got a new Blinkdog puppy, now hiring trainers!
20- @codyragegamer:Help! My grandma is out of control and needs to be taught a lesson.
21- @nomad_ferocitas:I need three orc tusks. tusks must be from a full grown male, preferably warriors. for magical contract reasons they must be given willingly.
22- @dcalfine:Help Wanted: My Blink Dog doesn’t blink? It just keeps staring at me
23- @reyamxela:AUTONOMOUS ARMOR LOST: Platemail Armor accidentally given intelligence, escaped, hiding in woods. Return to Artificer Jackson Cortland for (gold cost)
24- @machinafailure4:Gonthar needs help finding Gonthar's pet Squirrel, Gonthar.
25- @halfelf42:I think my pet mimic ran away. Her preferred shape is a children’s toy box. If you see her please bring her home safely, I’m sure she’s terrified.
26- @charlemagne_martel:“I can’t find my banana! Find my banana!” Old man Jackson who forgot her ate banana and that he issued the quest
27- @tyrantlight1:Help wanted: Exorcism required to clear out cursed family tomb! ⭐
28- @hakfloven:help me find out why I am always brused and sore in the morning
29- @benkannenberg:forest grew in our town overnight. sometimes it whispers jumbled prophecy. trees also magic resistant. we're slowly being driven mad. when they get there itd be fun if the "prophecy" was just a poor attempt at poetry by the forest
30- @mozz0617:Lost cat: last spotted at the gate of the nine hells.
31- @evil_lancer:My farm animals are going missing (turns out to be violet fungus)
32- @gothicbreadmann:I'm currently stuck in a well. if you would be so kind as to bring some food and drink to the well it would be much appreciated
33- @damianthedm:A must find my spectacles. Finds the person and the spectacles are on their head.
34- @thorreb:My goats keep disappearing and I keep finding these pits filled with pink and blue goo. Please figure out what’s going on. I need my goats.
35- @kitsunechris:local bard causing problems: Help wanted, Charm resistance mandatory
36- theif stole my co-worker please capture the theif and bring me back my co-worker. ( co-worker is a flesh golem.)
37- @kagarafey:kobold mother of 47 requires a ✨sturdy✨ babysitter, reward for find. sitter will also be compensated.
38- @urdnothammer:Short and simple: Help my 500 year old grandfather find a date
39- @lariumbreon3360:I need a bundle of sticks from the eldest tree in the nearby forest.
40- @supermelemonlord:Help needed must sacrifice 47 chickens to the llama god
41- @bigjoe84:Search for the magical fleece
42- @paytonstradiotto:need a tear drop of a dragon
43- @thecrazytechie:Wanted: Reward 500gp fake paladin
44- @cleric_34:Help! Three lizardmen won’t stop singing horribly at midnight and it keeps me up. Get rid of them or help them get on pitch
45- @patronzim:need help removing a fire chicken from local farm.
46- @afrodude25:Help! My lover has been kidnapped by Dragonborn cultists and needs to be saved! (Lover is powerful leader of cult)
47- @lonely_bard:can someone please teach my how to tie my shoes laces please- it's been 30 years and I'm still clueless
48- @memphischarlie:Quest: exterminate rabid dogs that attack people on the road Rabid dogs are actually mutated and demonic and have been trained by a local cult
49- @generaldiscontent:MISSING: lucky rock. Randy probably took it, he's a jerk. start there.
50- lost my pet pseudodragon 1000 gp to who ever finds them.
51- @sepina11:"help! need candy for godly duties! just dont tell my mother"-bims the fusha fey dragon with an a god complex and obsession with candy and sweets-
52- @dsanner134:Help! A bunch of Kobolds (and/or goblins) have taken up residence in one of the barns on my farm and are killing and eating my animals.
53- @swatmosse:Help wanted! Sir Knothole is getting old and wants to live out his glory days. will pay you to pretend to be bandit gang for him to defeat.
54- @turowe2012:Troublesome dragon near town. relocation service requested. absolutely no killing please. 6000gp after swearing on truth spell the dragon has moved…
55- @turowe2012:crypt guards wanted! a string of grave robberies has occurred under the last several new moons. 100gp to any that can catch the culprit "dead" handed
56- @roaric5:A farmer outside town has been requesting help finding his missing chickens the only evidence of something we are going on is holes underneath chicken coop.
57- @1cutecreeper:"Take a break. relax. don't stress out to much. come have a drink at Talia's pub!" With a free coupon for a drink.
58- @dj_valid:Lost Hand! Last see harassing a rat near Krooked Kraken. If found, please return to Lefty.
59- @turowe2012:mighty warriors needed. Serious inquiries only. my sister has been taken by a cult and I need her retrieved. 800gp alive. 3000gp dead
60- @dbplasma:Huge Gelatinous cube sliding down the hill. Not sure where it came from but seems to be heading for my tower. Please stop it before it gets here!
61- @turowe2012:Sewer system maintenance needed. Experienced ratters preferred. 5sp per giant rat tail, 1sp per dozen rats. corpses required for pay
62- @turowe2012:Keen investigators needed! children behaving too well, bewitchery suspected. any evidence paid for in gold and favors.
63- @dbplasma:Iron Golem gone mad at the blacksmith's. Trapped it in the basement but it's shaking my house down! Smash it and you're welcome to the scraps.
64- @tristonzaudtke:A giant rat stole and ate my wedding ring! Find the damn vermin and return what is rightfully mine. (Look at 61 could connect)
65- @just_justin_black:Help! I'm a single father. My daughter just started pooping blood from her front butt. she is possessed by a blood demon. God fearing cleric wanted.
66- @damianthedm:A tavern owner requests that you steal the recipe of a stew that a rival tavern owner uses bc it originally belonged to his grandfather.
67- @ironwolf501st:"rabbit hunters needed" "ruthless rabbits raid local farms causing carrot shortage"
68- @nickgrimaldi0:The local quilting guild needs 8 yeti pelts for a commission
69- @lou.studioclub:HELP! Mimics have invaded my library and disguised themselvesas books! Kill the Mimics, but don’t destroy the books or the Library 📚
70- @zachpadgett:Help needed! Local cheese gone missing. Reward negotiable. Cheese is the local gold guard drake or muletant cheese elemental (lava elemental)
71- @jodevhai:Local Tavern needs help exterminating Large Rats! Rats are feral, have scales, incredibly aggressive! (Rats may be drakes, barkeep unsure)
72- @fatalchild:A quickling has gotten it's hands on some boots of speed. It's been stealing everything that's not tied down. For the love of God no one can catch it.
73- @warlockladd:local kenku thief wanted for identity theft and multiple armed robberies, wanted dead or alive. Kenny's name is bang and they are a gunslinger
74- @confedratecamo:Please kill the bear in the cave. Then make it a trap, the whole cave is full of primal bears.
75- @rockinstrings:Wanted: Single man with high paying job or farm. Reason: To marry my daughter. Ask the bartender about Grizzly Softpaws. ( daughter doesn't want to be married.)
76- @reeeeeebot:1 year contract - cast teleportation circle on a spot near this town everyday for a year so we get more people to do our quests
77- @psiwerewolf:I require the tongues of 42 chickens for science! Please deliver them in a fortnight
78- @jmixer08:Found: a large shrub has sudden appeared in my property
79- @ofoakenblood:Help wanted: need actors to fill the role of soldiers to help impress hobgoblin for courtship.
80- @somemisfortune7:Retrieve a statue called The Blue Diamond Monkey from a temple in the jungle. Will be rewarded with rare items in return.
81- @alphavoltario:"Lost Pet Wanted Dead or Alive Reward to be discussed." Necromancer lost his bone golem; it's name is J. Roger and he likes alchohol.
82- @tonytoups:Retrieve a wyvern egg for a master chef
83- tavern owner needs help with finding a woman to love big heart but im part dog.
84- @cauvel22:need test subjects to gauge the effectivity of new potion
85- @hakfloven:will pay gold to have shed cleaned out @vegabsu:a gelatinous cube has taken a residence in my barn and need it removed
86- @mazter_stew:Need a mercenary to kill the mercenary that I hired to kill the first mercenary
87- @1yellowfish:adventurers needed to fake a wedding/kidnapping so my father in law will stop insulting my fiance! possible dance battle. free food included.
88- @lindenadelaide:Please retrieve undergarments. Lost near the local goblin nest after some drunken carousing. May or may not be held within the goblin nest.
89- @danielfromschool:i think my father is in a cult? Please help??? (The father is actually just in a BBQ club for fellow dads)
90- @isdominguez:Adventurers needed! My daughter has run away to marry a dragon. I would prefer that she doesnt marry a sugar daddy. Please get her home w/o bloodshed
91- @guywhoplaysdnd:A farmer has put in a request to find his missing sheep. We also have reason to believe that this “sheep” is not a sheep at all and actually a Druid.
92- @kronosbg:House haunted?! Furniture keeps appearing and disappearing. Pet has gone missing. Food goes missing as well. Need help.
93- @bananaskinss:Help. My pet pseudodragon escaped 10 years ago and I found it again. it's the size of an elephant and it REMEMBERED MY NAME. I RAISED A RED DRAGON AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT.
94- @basichumankindness:all the cheese has gone missing please find it
95- @deathscrowbar:Basement is full of fungus please kill it
96- @dazzlingphoenix:Strange Creature: A glowing entity has been stealing my fish from my net. It glows a blue-green color, then disappears with my fish! (Glowing squid)
97- @grimm_exodus:"Experiment 2603 has gone missing. It may still be in the city. please capture, but don't kill it... also, use extreme caution. Thank you."
98- @volcocross:Workshop infested with shadow demons (Smoke Mephits). 50gp on completion; No looting! -Foreman Luellan
99- @willis1776:Hired security needed for our weekly dwarf fightclub. Be warned lower armor is recommended, drunk dwarfs tent to fight with no honor. 100gp each body
100- @winer_z:Investigation quest: Local Farmer and son who is dumb as hell can't seem to tell where their cows have been disappearing off to.
submitted by Dono_the_cleric to d100

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