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Even if you aren't familiar with the characters and locales from Team Fortress 2, any fan of classic beat'em up games will find a lot of humor and fun playing Team Fortress Arcade. Updates to Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat: Source and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch have been released. Q. What happens if I buy a retail copy. Help, I can't remove tf2 from my library.: : Team Fortress. A patch on Monday saw off persistent client issues that had left Windows XP users unable to run the game at all.

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When the thing that counts down goes away, it says that I have no connection to Steam. On the Steam Desktop App, right click on "Team Fortress 2" and scroll to properties.

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You can set up this free PC program on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 32-bit. Free Download Crack Software (1) 2020 (1) 2020 crack game (1) ATS (1) ATS 2020 (1) ATS 2020. Hello, I have a question about team fortress 2 on the ps3. A Forum Thread for Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2 / Threads / Help. Download Patch - Page 2 - Softpedia Games.

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The game give us a chance to play as one of nine classes, each having a set of different tactical abilities and different looks. Steam Support - Team Fortress 2. Requires Source SDK 2020 Multiplayer and Team Fortress 2. Open Fortress: Windows, Linux. Team Fortress has some hilariously over-specific achievements, but with our hack, you can easily obtain these achievements during normal gameplay. Team Fortress Classic One of the most popular online action games of all time, Team Fortress Classic features over nine character classes - from Medic to Spy to Demolition Man - enlisted in a unique style of online team warfare.

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View Profile Private Message View Forum Posts 48 Minutes Ago. Other wise its harder to get more downloads. Generate a client config Optimize a user's game. Team Fortress 2 beta patch hints at Linux support By Samit Sarkar on Oct 24, 2020 10.24.12 A recent update to the Team Fortress 2 beta client suggests that Valve is adding Linux support to the game. Impact client - The utility mod for Minecraft https://uralligaculture.ru/download/?file=1650.

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Open to both Cracked and Regular players. Any help would be appreciated. TF2 Engine error: could not load library client? . Find Team Fortress 2, press right mouse button on it and choose. This is my own Team Fortress 2 Config.

rpgmaniac’s in depth feedback (Positives, Negatives, Bugs, Suggestions, Wishlist)

So here we go again, I am one of the few who took part in the first Alpha test that happen in the fall of 2018 & the one that happen on Spring of 2019, the game was vastly different back then, a lot of things have changed since then, the majority of them for the better I must say but although the game has improved greatly on some parts there is many things that feel half baked & unpolished & those things along with some other things that still missing, & me personally was expecting to see by now, is what made my experience with New World not as great as it could be, I left a thorough feedback after the first alpha end & that’s why I said that there was things I was expecting to see after all this time & unfortunately haven’t & that was really disappointing for me because this gives the impression that our feedback was not taken seriously but I want to believe that the devs haven’t ignored our feedback they just haven’t finish materialize some of the stuff we asked yet, I hope that’s the case & we are gonna see those things at the near future.
Few things about me before we start, I play mostly Korean MMORPGs the main reason for that is because I prefer the visuals & the art style, I’m not a fan of the graphics or the art that is used on Western MMORPGs, also I always play games with Open World PVP, this is a must-have requirement for me in order to play a game, my first MMORPG was Lineage II back in 2004 this might explain the reason of why I am in constant search for a similar experience since this game continue to be my favorite MMORPG ever to this day, since then I have try countless games but those I spent most of my time playing other than L2 was Aion, ArcheAge & Black Desert, aside from MMORPGs I love to play Diablo clones & Survival Horror games, that’s enough I think to give everyone an idea of what kind of games I enjoy playing.
Anyway let’s take it from the start, I spent close to 100 hours testing the game (96.2 to be specific based on my Steam account) my level when the alpha end was 40 but in no way of time I try to grind for levels either solo or with a group, this all happen naturally while exploring the world & while leveling my weapons of choice which was Fire Staff, Life Staff & Bow, so since I haven’t test much of the other weapons my feedback is going to be for those 3 that I chose to play with, I’m gonna split my feedback in 5 sections, Positives, Negatives, Bugs, Suggestions Wislist, so let’s start:

  1. I’m gonna start with the highlight of the game which I’m sure is the same for everyone & that’s World Design, the world is designed beautifully, those responsible for the world deserve praise but it’s not perfect, I’m gonna say this though, & believe me this is the highest praise you can get from me, I never ever believed that a Western studio would be capable of creating a world in an MMORPG more immersive than BDO & while playing NW this thought pass many times from my mind, that the world in NW feels more immersive than BDO, & every time I was thinking this it felt really strange to be honest, I was saying to myself “how can this be possible… ?” so ye don’t know what else to say but you get how surprising this was for me, to have something that I never believed it was possible happening in front of my eyes.
  2. The second one is also obvious & that’s the graphics & because the graphics is so good on this game helped to craft a world so immersive & realistic, the graphic engine have also some really impressive lightning & this was one of the reasons some environments was so immersive (Brightwood comes to mind), there is some things I didn’t like but I know that this was not due to shortcomings in the game engine but lack of proper care from the side of the devs as I’m sure this game engine is more than capable of creating anything you put your mind on.
  3. Next one is sound effects, I find SFX to be of very high quality on this game & I’m sure the first time everyone took notice of this was when we tried to use Logging to cut down a tree or Mining to mine some stones from a boulder, so GZ on those responsible for this part.
  4. Gathering is also one of the good parts in NW, I love that the world is full of things to gather & that there is a chance to get rare materials while gathering, it feels nice to improve your gathering skills & unlock new things to gather, I felt though, regarding harvesting, that there is a need for more specific plants that is used as cooking ingredients to be put in the world, aside from Nuts, Berries, Squash, Carrots & Wheat haven’t seen anything else, I was searching for Strawberries for example & never found a single one anywhere the only way to get those were from provisional crates or buy from market.
  5. Crafting is the next good thing in the game that comes to my mind, although I haven’t craft many stuff aside from gems, food & potions, the only other thing I craft was a few low level Staff & I did it mostly as a test to see how good the result can be but in the end I stuck with drops & market for my gear, I didn’t bother to craft high level gear because I choose to dedicate my time doing other things if I had more time I would definitely try to craft some T4/T5 gear, but overall craft felt nice it was easy to do & there was the option to craft large quantities with a single click & that option is a must imo so all good, also the crafting UI is nice.
  6. UI in general is nice, it have all the important stuff without be obstructive & it looks good imo, with some adjustments which I’m gonna point out later it’s gonna be perfect, this is definitely one of the well made parts in the game it just needs some necessary additions in order to become really great.
  7. Exploration is one of the good parts of the game but this is due to the great graphics & the very good world design, people who like to explore, like me who consider my self an exploration-junkie, would definitely have a great time playing this game (btw aside from the 2 end game zones in the North I have explored almost everything else in the other 9 zones) but if you ask me to give a rating of how good exploration is in NW my rating would not be over 7/10, there is so many stuff the devs can do to enhance this part, I plan to go into details later.
1 . The worst part for me while playing the game was how it felt to play with a Fire Staff, & let me tell you it felt terrible, at this point you need to know that I am a mage-guy, with that I mean that mage is my first & only choice on every MMORPG I have ever played in all my MMORPG-life, so since there was the option to play as a mage that’s what I did & I chose to use Fire Staff as my main weapon & I level it to max level, but it was a struggle for various reasons some of the reasons belong to a separate part & it has to do with the way you target your abilities, but let’s leave this for later, now having played mage classes in every MMORPG I have ever played the mage in NW is by far the worst iteration of this class I have ever seen.
The concept of the ranged dps caster is the same for every game, the main idea is to DPS from afar & always keep distance from your target by using kiting & whatever else the skills of your class provide, some of the most common methods to do that is to debuff your target with things like Slow, Hold/Root, Freeze, Confuse, Fear, Paralysis, Petrification etc other than debuffs there is other utility skills that either absorb/reduce damage received (magic shield) or completely nullify damage for a short time, also there is usually some skill that allow you to get some distance in case some melee class jump on your face from nowhere, many times there is also skills to remove debuffs & although the CD is always a long one on this kind of skills, they are very important as they can save your butt in many cases, especially on PVP situations.
So let’s see what a mage in NW have from all that, zero, nothing, only a questionable stun cc that it’s very tricky to activate & can’t be considered as a valid option, it’s like it’s not even in the game, especially for PVP is beyond useless, now aside from how vulnerable & clunky the class feels in both PVE & PVP the skills choices you have is seriously very disappointing, 2 of the 6 skills keep you stationary for a long time & they were clearly made mostly for sieges, out of sieges are kind of useless & not viable for solo play, so from the 4 other options I had I chose to play with Flame Thrower, Incinerate & Pillar of Fire, Incinerate is definitely the best skill on the Fire Staff skill tree & the one you are gonna use most of the time, Flame Thrower doesn’t do good enough dmg when you cast it on a single target, it deals slow dmg that builds over-time & it’s a highly mana-consuming skill, it was obviously made to use on multiple targets, & last I got Pillar of Fire as a finish-him skill as there is a passive for it to heal 25% of your mana when you kill something with it.
Now aside from the bad skill choices &/or lack of choices, as I consider that there is no options here, it’s a one-way road, the fact that there is zero debuffs & utility skills to help you keep distance from your target or something to mitigate some of the damage that is 100% certain you are gonna receive constantly while playing this class, the next thing that made playing with a Fire Staff so bad was the duration of skill animations, to put it simply they are slooooow… so slooooow… (also lock you in place) & that lead a lot of times for mobs to interrupt your casting & so for you to waste a long CD w/o inflicting any damage & every time something like that happen, & it happen quite often, it’s so frustrating that made me to rage inside & outside.
This took a while but it was necessary to write all that because it’s exactly my feelings that describe my experience of playing close to 100 hours with Fire Staff as my main weapon & I think it’s obvious that it was a very frustrating experience, it might not be good to start throwing blames to the devs for the terrible experience I had but I seriously feel that the one responsible for the Fire Staff either hate mage classes or have zero clue about how a mage class suppose to be & what makes it fun to playing as a mage.

  1. The second most negative thing in the game for me (that is related with the first) is anything that have to do with targeting normal attacks & skills with a Fire Staff & in part with a Life Staff also, regarding skill targeting this goes for Pillar of Fire, this skills is so hard to accurately target far from you due to the terrible camera that do anything it can to hinder you, especially when you are standing on an elevated ground & there is a bit of thick vegetation around you then it’s near impossible to target exactly were you want as your visibility is terrible in this situation & you can’t even see were the circle is, also about normal attacks it’s very easy to lose from our sight this white dot-target mark a Fire/Life Staff have, especially during a fierce battle, there was a case were I was targeting something that was sitting somewhere high & as I point my camera up the dot disappear completely from my sight as the sky in that specific place was white & I seriously couldn’t see my target mark anywhere, in short targeting skills & normal attacks with a Staff was one of the reasons my experience was so terrible.
  2. Fire Staff skills are useless when you fight something that is either in elevated or lower ground than you, so when you are fighting mobs while going upstairs & you try to hit them by using either Incinerate or Flame Thrower your skills are wasted as you can’t hit them, you just waste your cooldowns & your mana, the same for when you are trying to hit something that is in a lower ground than you, those 2 skills still can’t find target & are wasted.
  3. Just 3 active skills & only 6 skills in total to choose from, due to that the combat feels very repetitive & overly simplistic & for sure lacks depth, if you consider that there is skills that have 20-25 seconds CD or more then there is huge pauses between each skill & most of the time we rely on spamming normal attacks between skills, now this might be fine for someone playing Hatchet or Sword/Shield, those can spam left click all day long, but for pretty much everyone else is a prob.
  4. The idea for all our weapon to share the same CD was seriously a terrible one, actually it was beyond terrible it was terrible², this limited even more our options during combat which was already limited with the very limited active skills we have for each weapon & that made the whole combat experience a very limited one indeed.
  5. The stagger mechanism that is like a perma-cc attached on light attacks make for a horrible PVP experience as weapons with fast attack animation, like the Hatchet, are overly benefit from that & everyone & their mom exploit the brokeness of left click spamming with a Hatchet to own people in PVP as it requires zero skill from anyone to do that.
  6. I find the character creation bad with not near enough options to create unique & good-looking characters, compare to some other games what NW offer is a pure excuse for a char creator & for today’s standards seem very outdated, also I didn’t like the 3D models of the characters, the char creation of NW seem to lack option on all fields, for face types, for body types, for hair types, for facial hair, for skin/haifacial hair colors, there no option for eyes color & in general for every possible customization option that should be there but it isn’t, also I didn’t like the quality of the hairs, they look unrealistic & there is something cheap/fake about them, last the tones of the hair colors are seriously very bad, I wanna see true blond not variations of green & yellow, the hair colors look honestly like shit, can’t put it more politely.
  7. The climbing & the jump-over-objects mechanism in the game is seriously so-so bad, by far the worst I have ever seen on any game I have played, so many examples of why I’m saying that that I don’t know where to start, there is so many places that should work but it doesn’t, there is numerous places with very short height that is literally as tall as your char’s ankle & you can’t walk over them it’s crazy! o.o there is spots where there is a short fence where is as tall as below your char’s knee & you also can’t jump over them for some reason, there is some balconies were the fence is really tall & your char can jump over them & then there is balcony fences were the height is way shorter than that & your char can’t jump over them, it makes zero sense where & how this work, then the climbing is also terrible you can’t figure out were you can & where you can’t climb, there is some really weird spots were your char can climb that you would never think it was possible & then there is some places were you would swear that it was possible to climb & you can’t, this shit is all over the place.
  8. The quest objectives are way too repetitive, the majority of them are kill X mobs or find x items from chests, it’s always the same thing over & over & over again.
  9. The mobs in the game lack variety & there is way too much copy/paste stuff with the only difference be higher level, different name & maybe different color, in many cases you fight the exact same mobs at end game you were fighting in the early game, this is really bad no matter how you see it.
  10. Some towns mostly in lower level zones look way too identical with each other, they look like the exact same town with the only difference be different arrangement of buildings.
  11. Weapon & Armor skins lack variety, for example I think I saw just 3 options for heavy armor the Soldier’s set, the Knight set & one more which I don’t remember the name now & if we exclude the profession armors that give bonus for mining, harvesting etc which let’s be honest you won’t use those at end game full time, then for medium armor there was also 3 options, the Explorer’s set, the Rescuer’s set & the Trapper’s set, now for weapons, for example for Staff, as I remember, there was also 3 different skins, that’s it, the variety stops at number 3, this means that everyone are going to look the same at end game & that was the case from what I saw while playing from observing how other players looked around me, most of them was with Knight heavy armor for the most part.
  12. Swimming have still not implemented in the game although there was countless people including me that had it as a must-feature in our feedback back in alpha over 1.5 year ago.
  13. Although I haven’t reach end game I saw from streamers what our options are at the end game & consider me not impressed at all, to the contrary what I saw was very disappointing.
  14. Toggle PVP in combination with faction missions were it doesn’t require from you to do any PVP & the fact that there is no meaningful rewards for OW-PVP means that Open PVP is going to be dead whenever this game launch if we assume that no major changes happen on this part, me as a PVPer I had my PVP ON in permanent basis no matter what I did at all times, well guess what, I very rarely saw red names around although I was playing on Frostbite the most populated EU server, this I think says everything.
  15. Regarding factions, I have play 2 games with a faction system in the past, the first one was Aion were there was 2 player factions & 1 NPC faction, & the second one was ArcheAge were there was 3 player factions, in my eyes a faction system is good on an OW-MMORPG for 1 simple reason, because you know from the start who your enemy is & because there is always someone for you to fight out in the open world, well that is not the case in NW, although players are split between 3 factions we have no one to fight out in the open world, so I seriously find the way this was implemented in NW completely useless, people from different factions do events & grind together this is seriously ridiculous, so what’s the point of factions at the end? now the obvious answer is they exist just for TW but is that their only purpose? what about OW-PVP? why we can grind portals together & act all buddie-buddie? does that make any sense?
  16. Our skills & range attacks in general disappear into the void when another player stand in front of our target.
  17. Optimization of the game in it’s current state have a lot of issues, my PC is relatively new as I make it around 15 months ago & it cost me way over 2000 € since then I play any & all games in ultra settings & I’m able to always keep a steady 60+ frame rate at 1440p but in NW my FPS drop considerable at times especially inside towns & I experience small freezes due to massive FPS drops for a second here & there, but I wanna believe you are gonna do something about that before the game launch.
  18. I’m under the impression that NW must have memory leak issues as after a lengthy playing session the client either freeze & I’m forced to terminate it myself or close by itself, also I have notice one time who I checked the task manager that the game use over 18 GB of RAM, does this sound normal?
  19. No option in game to duel against other players.
  20. Territory Wars seem like a very underwhelming experience to me for something that supposed to be EPIC as your Dev Diary video about TW describe it, I mean the scale is so small that this feels anything but epic, how can you call epic a 50vs50 siege? to me this sound laughable & it seems I’m not the only one who think that based on the comments people who watched this video left behind, if those responsible for the TW in NW find this epic then for sure they never experienced the best sieges in the MMORPG world those from Lineage II, there was no player limit in L2, I have participate myself in sieges were over 1000 people took part, I’m talking for over 15 clans from each side with about 30-35+ people from each clan, now this is truly EPIC! also the scale of the siege zone was on a completely different level & the way the siege took place was much more fun than sitting next to a flag were a clusterfuck occurs with all the skill & spell spamming trying to get rid anyone who come close, all in all I find very disappointing what the Dev team did with the TW system, it’s not fun, it’s not exciting & it’s definitely not epic.

  1. The worst bug was definitely that a lot of times our skills miss our target completely although we are sitting in the appropriate range even next to a mob & we keep wasting our CD & our mana (in case of spells) for nothing, also there was many cases were Incinerate, a spell that supposed to deal damage in a 360 radius around our char, miss if we are not facing our target, this is a very serious issue that needs to be looked at.
  2. Fast weapon swapping can cause at times to not be able to cast skills from the weapon you just change, it happen more than 10 times to me while playing & the only way to fix this is to repeat the process.
  3. Some headgear remove the facial hair of your character.
  4. There is a spot in Scorpius from the right side from a path you can take near the water where you can fall inside the graphics like there is a hole on a specific place.
  5. Mobs in some places the past 2 days of the test had very weird behavior, it was like they couldn’t see me & they were hitting blindly all over the place even far from me like they were chasing an invisible enemy.
  6. There was many cases were I encounter mobs with ranged weapons were when I moved next to them they were hitting far from me somewhere at random but definitely not at me & this behavior continue as I was just standing still next to them.
  7. There is many places in Mourning Dale where you encounter skeleton archers with no visible HP bar & I think the same apply for Restless Shore but I’m not sure.

  1. Remove completely the stagger effect from light attacks or make it to happen by chance (chance must not be over 35%) also even in this case players need to get immunity for a few seconds after continuous staggering, like when 2-3+ players gang on them.
  2. The game need both more active skills & more skill choices, when I say more active skills ofc I don’t mean anything crazy & vastly different than what we have now, but there needs to be at least 2-3 more active skills in order to spice things up & for combat to not feel so repetitive & simplistic, also if we have a few more active skills there will be space for some utility skills that the game needs so much imo.
  3. Fire Staff/Mage class need overhaul as it have serious balance issues atm, it feels weak, it’s not fun to play & it’s in great need of some utility skills & more/better skills options.
  4. Remove global cooldown from weapons, the GCD limit our actions & gameplay & doesn’t allow for strategic & more varied gameplay, also it makes the whole experience unfun & very frustrating at times.
  5. We need a toggle option for sprint in order to have it always on if we choose to do it, having your little finger permanently stacked on shift is not fun or healthy you know.
  6. Better character creator & character models, something that is in line with today’s standards.
  7. The target mark from Staff weapons need to change to something that is better visible no matter what the color palette is in the background.
  8. The camera when you are targeting small scale AOE spells needs some fine tuning as it currently exist to make your life miserable & your game experience horrendous.
  9. The chat system need tabs, we need to have the freedom to customize our own specific tabs like a faction tab, a company tab, a personal msg tab etc also we must have the option to create a damage logs tab to check stuff like the dmg we inflict/receive during combat & other useful informations like debuffs, DoT dmg, exp/drops & all the usual stuff we can see in every chat on every other MMORPG.
  10. Crafting needs to give exp, it’s an activity were you might spent a great deal of time doing & you need to get rewarded for this with progress for your char aside from the leveling of your professions.
  11. Non-hostile players must not block your ranged attacks, attacks & skills must ignore allied & neutral players & pass through them.
  12. There needs to be some incentives for OW-PVP so more people would choose to take part on it & also for those who do it anyway & feel that the current rewards is a joke.
  13. Gear in your inventory that has never been equipped before need to be immune to durability damage after death, I speak for any gear we have drop while grinding & after an unexpected death every single one of them need repair if we wanna sell them.
  14. Give us the option to check the content of our inventory without the need to stop moving, not the ability to use items while sprinting just to check what we have inside as currently is very annoying that we are forced to stop moving anytime we want to take a look for a bit.
  15. We need a way to tell with a glance what is food & what is a cooking ingredient, checking everything one by one in order to tell is kind of annoying & time consuming, the same apply for other type of items which is hard to tell what exactly they are, like furniture for example.
  16. We need an option in Journal window to split our quests by region, currently if you accept a large numbers of quests there is no way to tell from which region each one is.
  17. We need a filter option in market to check items of a specific tier only, for example show me T4 items only, also another must option is a filter to show items that have a gem slot with an empty gem slot or any gem on them, in short only items with gem slots no matter if the gem slot is empty or not.
  18. We need to be able to search for something in market without choosing a specific item from a list, for example when I wanna buy mana potions & write mana in search a list appear to choose the exact tier or mana potions I wanna search for, so I need to make the whole process multiple times to check for T2, T3, T4 mana potions & this is seriously very stupid, let me write the word mana & show me any item with that word on it, how hard can this be?
  19. Inventory is in great need of some tabs in case we wanna see items of a specific type only.
  20. Game need a Brightness option in settings for obvious reasons.
  21. Compass need to have a filter option in order to track only stuff we are interested in, for example show me only rabbits, not turkeys, not boars not anything else, just rabbits.
  22. We need to be able to check the tier of workshops in each town from the map at any time.
  23. We need a delivery service that will allow us to buy stuff from other towns & have them delivered to us after a while depend how far from our location the items we bought was.
  24. Azoth cap need to increase as we level up, the current 1000 limit we have is very low & imo this need to increase from 3 to 5 times more by the time we reach max level.
  25. Overhaul of towns that are way too identical with each other.
  26. Furniture placement need some fine tuning, currently we can glue furniture like chairs on top of walls higher than floor-height level, this shouldn’t be possible, also rotation of furniture is extremely slow & clunky.
  27. The Silver & Gold Elite mobs that are currently in game are all soloable, the game needs real RB content that will require for people to party in order to clear them, the world is big enough & there is vast empty areas in every region, fill this map with RB for all levels from Lv20 to Lv60, create bosses with unique mechanics, some with minions some without, there is so much that can be done on this field, it’s a shame that the game still doesn’t have RB after all this time of development.
  28. The game needs a more consistent climbing system, also this new system must allow us to do more than climb some mountains, like climbing vertical stairs, or climbing on a high place by using come vines.
  29. We need a Duel system in order to be able to have a friendly spar with other players either for training purposes or just for fun.

  1. Swimming & underwater exploration/scavenging, almost 2 years pass from the first alpha test we had back in Fall of 2018, it was in my most-wanted things back then & continues to be today since it still haven’t implemented in the game, some of the stuff you can do here is to have us use swim to get access to half-sunken ships, those ships need to be big enough to feel like unique grind spots with mobs/chest inside like every other area, doesn’t this sound awesome? btw this along with the next 3 things I’m gonna right below can make NW from a 7/10 exploration game to a 10/10.
  2. Secret doors, concealed doors, destructible doors, doors that require to solve some puzzle in order to open them, I wanna see such stuff everywhere in the world, this is how explorers would be rewarded for sticking to exploration & checking every nook and cranny, by discovering stuff no else have seen before.
  3. I wanna see secret areas in high places that require platforming to reach them (in order for this to happen though a much better climbing & jump system need to be implemented in the game) there is literally countless stuff you can do here, like hide a door of a secret area somewhere on a high place that is not visible from the ground, or hide a chest on a room somewhere high that is guarded by a mini-boss, truly so many stuff you can do & this will take exploration to the next level.
  4. I wanna see huge underground open world dungeon-like areas, what I’m talking about is nothing like those pirate caves in the game currently, I’m talking for 10-20 times larger & more complex, areas that require extensive exploration & you could possible lost your way inside, now if this was a medieval game the first thing that would come to my mind would be something like a mausoleum but since this game takes place in a completely different era & the island we are currently stranded has it’s own unique lore with the ancients & all, it can be something like an underground temple or something, those places aside from huge underground grinding spots need to reward exploration with lots of secrets inside & also, a favorite of mine, some defense mechanisms to keep trespassers away… (TRAPS!)
  5. I wanna see a realistic weather system implemented in the game, there is a single area in the whole map in Mourning Dale were we see rain for the first time & although the rain looks amazing it’s sad that it doesn’t rain anywhere else, now if you wanna keep this place in a permanent raining state that’s fine by me but make other zones to also have the chance for the weather to change drastically, I’m talking from small to normal rains to huge storms with thunders falling everywhere, BDO has something similar & it’s always an amazing spectacle when a storm starts especially at nights.
  6. I wanna see a new weapon specialization system implemented in game, with new skill trees & with a limit of 3 weapons per char, let me explain in detail how this system is going to work, atm every player can use & master (Level to 20) any weapon in game, with this system in place we will have the option to specialize in up to 3 weapons that we have already at max level, from that point on we unlock a new skill tree for each weapon & we have the option to keep on leveling this weapon past Lv20 for 10 more levels, so up to Lv30 & ofc unlock new skills on the way, you can give the option to players to change the weapons they have choose to specialize but in case someone decide to do that all progress is lost & weapon level goes back to Lv20, if anyone wonder why I wanna see something like that the answer is obvious, because I don’t wanna see everyone be everything, with a system such as this in place people will stick to the weapons they choose to specialize in.
7 . Sieges was the most enjoyable thing to do back when I was still playing L2, since then I haven’t play a game again were the sieges was this good, so you can say I’m used to being disappointed after all those years, but still I wanna believe that a game will appear at some point that will have truly EPIC sieges that will make you w8 in anticipation for the time to take part in it & have a blast, I know that there is no chance the devs will completely overhaul how TW works at this point but I’m still gonna give my own idea anyway on what needs to be done imo, what I would like to see to vastly improve the TW in NW & make them a more fun & exciting experience.
For start, the scale of everything need to increase many times over, the 50vs50 need to change to 150vs150 so up to 300 people will be able to participate, the Fortress size need to be about 10 times bigger compare to now, the fortress need to have 4 towers on each corner & one tall structure at the center with a flag at the top, the fortress must have 2 breakable doors & even 2 breakable walls at some specific points, so it would be possible for enemies to try & enter from any side & the defenders need to have their mind for small team of players that try to take advantage of unguarded vulnerable spots on some side of the fortress.
Before the siege start players need to vote who is going to be the leader of the faction for the siege, this person will be responsible to take ownership of the fortress for his faction & everyone else must guard & protect him, from the start of the siege will be possible to charge & try to destroy doors or walls, after the attacking forces manage to enter inside the next step is going to be to conquer each of the 4 towers in each corner & finally accompany the leader to the flag at the tall structure/building in the center of the fortress were he needs to use a channeling skill for 2 minutes uninterrupted, the skill will not cancel in case enemies manage to attack him but the countdown will pause until he stop receiving damage.
This is how a true EPIC siege really is, taking part in something like this will be really an EPIC experience for every single player that take part in it.
I left for last an idea I had while writing this, an alternate much better way for the game to start, I think it will change the currently kind of boring & generic start to something more akin to how a blockbuster-worthy story would begin, so we start on the ship we are onboard while traveling to Aeternum, a bit before we arrive a huge storm throw our ship to a reef a bit far from the shore & the ship start to sink, at some point we black out & lost consciousness, after few hours when the storm have already over we open our eyes & that’s when we get control of our character for the first time & this is where the tutorial is going to start, on top of the ship while trying to escape from the ship, we move from room to room & exploring the ship using crouch & crawl wherever is needed while searching for survivors, after a while we come to the conclusion that we are the only survivor on the ship & everyone else is already dead, here is where the combat tutorial is going to start by fighting the dead sailors & the crew of the ship who is coming back to life one by one.
Who could thought I’ll be able to finish this, it took me over 24h to write all this, I know crazy, I have never ever spent so much time writing a feedback for a game, the longest it took me to write a feedback in the past was about six hours 5 years ago in the alpha of BDO, consider this record broken, what can I say, the game inspire me to write all that because I obviously want it to be a great game, because I believe it has potential to become something really special, anyway that’s it, feel free to write back & tell me if you agree/disagree with what I have wrote or in case you wanna ask me anything, I’ll be around
(Copy/Paste from the official forum)
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Can We Talk About The Cultural Amnesia For The KH3 Wait?

I don't know why but ever since KH3 came out, I've been seeing more and more people, especially KH YouTubers, make the claim that the WAIT for KH3 WASN'T 13 years long, like everyone suddenly got amnesia. The argument usually goes "You weren't waiting for KH3 for 13 years because there were other games during that time AND KH3 wasn't in development until 2013 so the most you could have been waiting for was 6 years". Did we all take stupid pills or something? That's just a joke but seriously, both of these statements are just dumb.

Let's start with the first one, "There were other games between 2 and 3". Yea, there was, but what does that have to do with my personal wait for the 3rd game? 3 comes after 2, so logically after I finished 2, I naturally assumed the next game was going to be 3. Nobody could have predicted the path the series would take and pretending to is ridiculous. The most you could predict was ONE side game between 2 and 3 since COM existed. Yes, the side games are just as important as the main installments, but that doesn't MAKE them main installments. 1, 2, and 3 are the main installments. I played each game to death as they came out, memorized every bit of lore, and exhausted every dry meme the community had (Donald sux at healing lol I'm so clever). I enjoyed my time with them but that doesn't mean the entire time I WASN'T thinking "Ok, so the NEXT one is KH3".

The second point is even dumber. "KH3 wasn't in development until 2013, so you couldn't have been waiting for it until then" First of all, let me link you to This incredible box art that plagued the community LONG before 2013. Even if that didn't exist though, I have a mind of my own. It is more than possible to wait for a game and wonder about it before it's in development or even been announced. In fact, here's a list of games people talk about that aren't in development/haven't been announced: Half-Life 3, Portal 3, Team Fortress 3, Danganronpa 4, Deus Ex 5, literally anything Silent Hill related, Simpsons Hit and Run 2, GTA 6, Bioshock 4 and so so so many others. Now, to be fair, If you say KH3 was IN DEVELOPMENT for 13 years, you are wrong.

It's not really the stupid logic that gets me, it's just annoying to have MY KH experience devalued and have people say I'm 'not a real fan' because I'm literally telling them what those 13 years were like.
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