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It, s supportive of BIN and ISO files. There are a number of inspection tools that automatically verify your code as you type. Xij looks to be matrix in the BUGS model, but you have at as a vector in the data.

GitHub - alexmpereira/structure-laravel-api: Structure

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Please give me suggestions on how this code can be improved. These modules can depend on each other.

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The structure and data type of PRIMARY KEY and FOREIGN KEY must be same. Edraw Max 9.4 License Key + Code Generator 2020 Edraw Max 9.4 Crack is an easy to us. Tweet. Logical structure and accessibility A "tagged" PDF (see clause 14.8 in ISO 32000) includes document structure and semantics information to enable reliable text extraction and accessibility.

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Name: Class: Date: Chapter 02 Introduction to ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Coding 31. The development of ICD-10-PCS incorporates an attribute of expandability, which means _____. So I set on mission to perfectly organize my folder structure. Here, in this chapter, you will study the structure of the Java program.

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The IUPAC International Chemical Identifier (InChITM) is a non-proprietary identifier for chemical substances that can be used in printed and electronic data sources thus enabling easier linking of diverse data compilations. A HASH TABLE is a data structure that stores values using a pair of keys and values. Unzip this file into the place where you want to install it. This can be anywhere, for example, your Program Files directory.

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Since Corsair said they wouldn't support motherboard LED headers in iCUE... I went ahead and fixed it.

I've created an Unofficial iCUE plugin to drive thirdparty devices and motherboard headers not supported by Corsair: https://github.com/expired6978/CUEORGBPlugin
Please note: This plugin uses a proxy dll for dsound.dll to circumvent some security measures put in place for iCUE, you will require Administrator privileges to place the dll in the Program Files directory.
Some thoughts and motivations, further explanation of the process below.
I'll start with saying I have almost an entirely Corsair system:
  • 4x Vengeance Pro
  • Hydro X Series (CPU, GPU, 2 Rads)
  • 6 Fans
  • Command Pro
  • Case
While waiting for the 3090 Corsair waterblock I thought: what's my backup plan if I don't get one, or a nicer looking one comes out? How will I control my RGB through iCUE if it's inherently not supported, or I need ARGB/DRGB?
There are so many options that DO use ARGB/DRGB using the motherboard headers.
It saddened me when I read this thread https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=194302 stating there were no plans to support ARGB headers. Okay well iCUE is just software, I can just reverse engineer what they're doing to support the ASUS products and do the same!
So the plan at this point was to reverse the communication layer between plugins and iCUE to create "virtual" devices where they would appear in iCUE and send LED colors.
I started the reverse engineering with the plugins that do exist, namely:
  • asus_plugin.dll - This plugin was more or less a pain to read with static analysis, mostly a mess, okay next
  • CUEPlugin.dll - Similar, next
  • y750splugin.dll - Similar, next
  • CUEOPCPlugin.dll - Okay this one is promising, lots of debug text left over and this is actually for a keyboard and also provides UI elements, great!
So from here I've got the basis, first rule of plugin communication layers is exports, what is common to these plugins that the host will be using to communicate with?
  • CorsairPluginFreeInstance - Frees the memory allocated by CorsairPluginGetInstance
  • CorsairPluginGetAPIVersion - Seems fixed to return 0x66 (102)
  • CorsairPluginGetFeatures - Seems fixed to return 4
  • CorsairPluginGetInstance - This creates a structure which passes various callbacks, luckily CUEOPCPlugin left debug text to tell me what these callbacks are named
The structure of functions returned by CorsairPluginGetInstance seems to deal with the bulk of the magic happening:
  1. CorsairPluginGetDeviceInfo - This function returns a structure of data about the device, its DeviceId, how many Views it has, how many LEDs it has and what their IDs are as well as the images shown in iCUE
  2. CorsairPluginSetLedsColors - This function actually sets the LED colors by deviceId and LED ID
  3. CorsairSubscribeForDeviceConnectionStatusChanges - This passes a callback from the host to the plugin that can be used to notify iCUE that a device is connected
  4. CorsairPluginUnsubscribeFromDeviceStatusChanges - This is used to close that "connection" from 3 and do any associated cleanup
  5. CorsairPluginGetDeviceView - This defines the "View" of a device, this is what is shown when a device's LEDs are being edited, it also defines where an LED is, and the polygon to display it
  6. CorsairPluginFreeDeviceInfo - Free the created struct from 1
  7. CorsairPluginFreeDeviceView - Free the created struct from 5
  8. CorsairConfigureKeyEvent - Haven't decoded much of this, seems to capture keys maybe?
  9. CorsairSubscribeForEvents - Same as above but captures more generic events
  10. CorsairUnsubscribeFromEvents - The inverse of above
  11. CorsairSetMode - Seems to be a notification of a numeric mode, not sure what it's for yet, not actively looking
I did not use functions 8, 9, 10, 11 but still implemented stub functions. I only used functions 1-7. Figuring out what all of these did required a little bit of static analysis on iCUE.dll as well as CUEOPCPlugin.dll to figure out what all the data being filled in is supposed to be.
After some static analysis I started with trying to get iCUE to actually load my shell/stub plugin with nothing in it. I tried the naïve approach of just tossing my DLL into the Plugins folder... No dice! Okay, now I have to actually look at what code is loading it and under what conditions will it load it? Well it's gotta do a LoadLibrary at some point -> fire up x32dbg, breakpoint in there and hit continue until we're at the point it's loading CUEOPCPlugin.dll (or any of the other plugins). Cool, now we got a callstack to the moment it loads the plugin, unwind until we get somewhere interesting... Lots of Qt wrappers, ugh, well the bright side is since Qt has a million exports I can more or less just tell what it's doing. Looks like theres a global we can flip which puts it into somekind of Debug state and it'll load a setting from
as long as it has
At this point I was trying to edit/patch as little code at runtime as I could to get it to load my plugin, this was put some data in a setting and flip a global from 1 to 0 whenever I started the process. Success! iCUE is loading my plugin! Now I just need to fill in everything else. At this point I'm only about half a day of work in and I've made some significant progress. After this it's looking back and forth between iCUE.dll (where it's loading the plugin) and CUEOPCPlugin.dll (a keyboard implementation of an iCUE Plugin device).
The most painful part to decode had to be the View data structure:
  • This particular string turned out to be a polygon path parser with some regex that provided commands to "draw" a polygon within the UI, but only when the "type" was 0, otherwise it only dealt with text.
  • This position took me awhile to figure out how to make it do the Spiral Rainbow effect properly when using a simple line of LEDs, seemed like the most effective method was to actually divide the number of LEDs around a unit circle and take their X,Y around the circle.
Reversing structures took me at least 30-40 hours of poking at it trying to get the right data into it. After all the reversing and loading plugins I still had some requirements:
  1. quickly create devices
  2. specify images
  3. not have to position every single LED ever by hand
  4. actually communicating with the physical device
I solved 1, 2, and 3 with some JSON files and a special tag to generate a Line of rectangles of LEDs ontop of the specified image. As for 4, luckily there's a great project already matured that does just this: OpenRGB and it has an SDK. Unfortunately it didn't seem like there was actually a C++ SDK, but OpenRGB can act as both a host and a client, so I just ripped out all the client code and dropped it into the plugin, now it can read devices and LED layouts from OpenRGB and send RGB commands straight to it.
After I got my plugin working and loading custom devices I needed to revisit how to make it easier to make iCUE actually load my plugin without. This came in the form of some wrapping some DLL that iCUE already loads, isn't a Known system DLL, and has few exports. Good ol' dsound.dll came in handy here, pattern scan for the function call that verifies whether the plugin signature is trusted and hook the function to assume they're all trusted (it sounds scarier than it is, you need admin privileges to put files here in the first place).
TL;DR: Here's a pic of my rig with a generic LED Strip being color-controlled by iCUE https://imgur.com/WvctE55
submitted by Qazyhn to Corsair

Lets talk, for real, about storage

I must read 10 posts a week on here about storage. How much storage do I need, Call of Duty takes up too much storage, nvme drives are important, etc. No one is adequately explaining how storage works and the right way to think about how data reaches the CPU. So here's your one-size-does-NOT-fit-all storage guide.
Pt I. OS and Application Data
Your OS and application are the easiest things to replace, and the least critical part of your infrastructure. If something breaks you can uninstall it and reinstall it and it will cost you nothing but time. So these files live on the top tier of your storage pyramid. You want speed at the expense of reliability. So this is your fast storage tier. Raid 0, NVME, go wild here, push read/writes to the limit because losing data at his tier will cost you very little in the long term. If you do this properly you can restart windows in less than 10 seconds and rebuild after a drive failure in an afternoon. You already own the software license and downloading it again is free, so who cares if there's no reliability in your storage structure.
Part II. Working and Scratch Data
If you're in the middle of a project, that project lives at this tier. It should still be backed up at the end of the workday, but if there is a failure it will only effect today's work and can be easily re-created. This is your middle tier of storage and should operate at medium speed. SSDs are not only good for this, they're recommended. Most productivity applications recommend three hard drives, one for the OS, one for working data, one for scratch (see your application of choice for details). For gamers, today's livestream goes in this tier.
Part III. Important Stuff
This is for data you want to keep long term. It should be secure, redundant, and backed up. Your current projects live here when you're not actively working on them, along with all of your past projects. OneDrive is great for this, along with any other automatic backup. But if you don't own the server, but you do own the device, consider a RAID 5 array of spinning metal HDDs, or even better, build your own on-site backup server. You don't want speed here. You only want reliability, because this stuff needs to last. This is the tier for all the stuff your boss would yell at you for losing.
Part IV Business Critical Data
If your boss would FIRE you for losing it, it goes in this tier. This is for cloud storage. Data should be redundant across multiple sites because if you lose this data you CAN NOT FUNCTION. Good rule of thumb is to keep this data locally in a RAID, in offsite backup, and in cloud backup with a reputable provider. For your personal stuff, your resume lives here, alongside your book of business, useful contacts, your birth certificate, your will, and your wedding video. This is for the stuff that you would go back and grab if there was a fire in your home, but you won't have to, because you have backups.
Part V. Nonsense Archive
We all have an archive like this: Four year old emails from a job you don't have anymore. A text doc of code snippets from 6 projects ago. Last year's calendar. Photos of your cousins wedding where you look like you had too much to drink. All of that data that you wont really miss when it disappears to the ether. This is for a JBOD, or an old hard drive salvaged from an old build. Let this data live for as long as it is supposed to, but don't weep when its gone, because hard drives will all eventually die.
Part VI. How to Implement the Tiers.
You need multiple hard drives (and possibly external enclosures) and partitions. Building a good file structure, even if you're the only one who understands it, is key here. Good place to start? Make a folder on your hard drive with tiers 1-4. How you need to organize your data is best left up to you, I can only tell you how I do it (I'm an IT professional, full-time with one company, part -time consulting). If you think about the tiers, you will be able to prioritize what matters and separate that from what doesn't. When you get to that point, the rest will be automatic and you'll never again need to worry about what you need to buy for your storage needs and how much and so on. Long term, you'll appreciate one or two networked backup drives more then the 10 fps that the same $$ would have bought you in a GPU upgrade.
All comments and criticism accepted.
submitted by BoundlessTurnip to buildapc

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