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***Restocked fresh spore syringes of Golden Teacher and now stocking Costa Rican and Strpharia spore syringes, Shooting Stars spore prints now stocked. CordyZilla and CordyKong LC ready to ship!***

Please read the whole post carefully and see the bottom for info I need from you to place an order __________________________________________________

I am now offering a "collectors 10 syringe set" on sale for $65 ($75 value). You can still mix and match strains or get 10 different varieties (as long as >10 varieties are in stock).
Now offering Cordyceps nutrient broths and grow your own kits!
New sale offer- $5 for single print or active swab add on with tracked orders of $25 or more. This means if your order is $25 or more and you have tracked shipping, than you can get a single print or swab for only $5 extra. Additional prints/swabs are normal pricing after the first $5 one.
Now stocking chaga tincture!
Fresh King Oyster and CordyZilla and CordyKong Liquid Culture syringes are now available!
Last offering of P. cubensis var "PES-Amazonian; PESA" spore syringes.
_________________ New/Restocked item background/info.
Cordyceps militaris grow kit and nutrient packets- Cordyceps militaris is able to be cultivated and the fruit bodies produce biologically active compounds that aid in human health (these molecules, like cordycepin, have peer-reviewed evidence of being biologically active). They can be fruited from within a container, allowing hobbyists the ability to fruit without a fruiting chamber. This species requires a supplemented nutrient broth to grow. I am offering premixes of this nutrient broth- enough to make 1 L of liquid, which is enough for about 5 cups of rice and 10 quart jars as well as "kits" with nutrients and LC of Cordyceps militaris var "CordyZilla" or var "CordyKong". I am also selling the LC separate from the kit :)
Shooting Stars- This strain was originally brought to light by Keeper brand. It is unclear the true origins of this cubensis; however, it has been stabilized and seems to often exhibit light colored fruit bodies than the canonical cubensis coloration. There are some websites talking about shooting stars being a hybrid between 2 Psilocybe species; this is entirely false and they are just a cubensis variety. Get these spores in your library today!
Golden Teacher- P. cubensis var. "Golden Teacher" was originally discovered as a wild strain in Georga, USA and quickly became one of, if not thee, most popular strain of P. cubensis. This strain is one that all collectors should have in their spore library.
Stropharia- Taken directly from Rose's Advanced Strain Guide from shroomery: "A cube with a confusing name.
Stropharia is the name a different species of mushroom which is non-active (sometimes toxic... ) and grows in wood chips. It looks surprisingly like cubensis.
This cube, due to its name, has led to plenty of confusion.
BUT, according to www.wikipedia.com the Cubensis was first known as Stropharia Cubensis. The Psilocibe Cubensis was first called Stropharia Cubensis when it was first named by F.S. Earle in 1904... in Cuba... hence the root "Cub". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psilocybe_cubensis
The name Psilocybe is derived from the Greek roots psilos (ψιλος) and kubê (κυβη) and translates as "bald head". Cubensis means "coming from Cuba", Cuba being the type locality published by Earle.
* 1904 First described as Stropharia cubensis by F.S. Earle in Cuba
So, a Stropharia Cube may not be as misleading as one would first suspect.
Perhaps it is an old 'strain/race'... perhaps it is named after the original Cuban Cubes... unfortunately, more information is needed in order to get to the bottom of this tale."
Costa Rican- Here is a detailed story of this strains origins from Rhyce Hawk from www.thehawkseye.com: "Ryche Hawk: Another great sacred mushroom brought to you first by The Hawks Eye Sacred Mushroom Spores. This sweet cubie was found in the foothills surrounding Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica. Approximately 1000-1200 ft. elevation. Our good friend Rhino was thoughtful enough to take some spore prints from the mushroom specimens he collected while exploring various regions of Costa Rica. More on Rhino's story of finding this treasure below.
Costa Rica is a magical kingdom. We have heard nothing but exciting stories over the years from our friends that have visited this tropical area of the world. We are glad to have a sacred mushroom from this region of the world that has been growing at the base of a highly active volcano for how many centuries? With Costa Rica lying on both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, I imagine this mushroom has heard many stories come through the winds. What kind of stories will it whisper to you?
To read a fun little story about when Rhino discovered this tropical treasure see below:
STORY ****
Our trip fell one month into the 'green season' as it is referred to by the Costa Rican nationals (Ticos y Ticas).....It was wet....to put it mildly but it did not spoil our trip one bit :-) We had a rented 4x4 (tiny) and we traveled to 4 different geographical regions within Costa Rica. We did not collect these specimens in a cloud forest region which are approx 3000'-4400' above sea level near the continental divide. The cubies were found in the foothills surrounding Arenal Volcano. Strangely, they call this area the Central Lowlands but it seems a lot higher. I checked for reference and determined that the area is 1000'-1200' above sea level Having said this, cattle are raised from sea level to the highest summit throughout the country and we saw many enticing cow fields even in the highest areas. This time of the year the temps were a little cool in the higher regions that have perpetual moisture...or maybe not...daytime temps were in the low 70s and night temps dropped to the high 50s/low 60s. Other times of the year, these areas see the 70s-80s that were constant in the area around La Fortuna and the base of the volcano. For this reason, I would think that cubies could be found in CR any time of the year with optimum conditions falling at different altitudes depending on the season. Due to the frequent downpours, the mushies we collected were a little soggy but stout.
I have many pics and I have a great story about finding these mushies. I knew there must be cubies everywhere but I did not want to trespass and finding someone to ask was not too easy but I was determined to get onto someone's farm. While on an excursion to the chachagua waterfall in this vicinity, we came upon a rasta (hispanic rasta) fellow selling hand made jewelry and hand made pipes, bongs as well as hammocks and batiks (sarongs) along the side of a rural road. We stopped to have a look and began talk with the guy (Daniele) because I was looking for some green. He was extremely cool and invited us to his shop to smoke some herb. His shop was just behind his roadside stand and behind that his home. His place sat right in the middle of several farms and as we talked more I asked if he knew about psilocybe mushies and if they could be bought in Costa Rica. He laughed and said they are everywhere and they are free...only the herb cost $$. Cattle had not inhabited the fields immediately around his place for several months and the grass was waist high. He actually called a buddy of his (Mateo) and had him take us to a farm belonging to another friends family. The picture you have of the farmhouse is where I am talking about...nice place! We scoured the fields and only came up with only a handful that day but they said there are usually many more. Only 4 were printable. We saw several cubies that were waaay past their prime and were all slimy and blue. I did not mess with any of these of course. It had been raining heavily the last 24 hours and I think a couple of days later would have been productive but we had to travel to the next stop on our trip and could not stick around. We (Lana & myself) ate just a little bit for a buzz and sat outside with them as the sun set. Mateo ate a full dose and looked to be to be in full bloom after about an hour...lol. The guys played the bongos while we sat and made jewelry with all the beads and things Daniele had. It was a kick ass experience for us as we are city dwellers. We had planned to eat the four printing caps in a couple of days since we would be in the cloud forest but we could not get them dry fast enough after printing even with rice and as a result they got ruined. We were sad but very glad to have the prints instead. That way we can try this strain later after giving the spore prints to our friends at The Hawks Eye."
Here is a link to the actual spore solution these batches came from: https://imgur.com/a/p4gVM6v
NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME AND HINT THAT YOU PLAN TO CULTIVATE ACTIVES AS I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COMPLETE YOUR ORDER- ACTIVE SPORES ARE MICROSCOPY PURPOSES ONLY. YOU WILL BE BLOCKED. Additionally- If we do a transaction and you message me later saying you tried to cultivate with my product, you will be ignored and have no chance for a refund (if applicable).
If this is not the most recent of my posts on this subforum, stocks and availability may be out of date. Check my profile, go to posts and then read the most recent post in /sporetraders for current pricing and availability
ANY previous customers who have left a review:
$2 or 10% off their order (10% off on orders over 20$, $2 off any order less than $20). To take advantage of the offer make sure to reference this post and include a link to your review when placing an order with the discount.
***Current specials/offers/freebies!**\*
I am also offering a 3 for $25 cubensis spore syringe pack (mix and match available $7 strains). This price includes 2-4 day shipping with tracking. US only
"collectors 10 syringe set" on sale for $65 ($75 value). You can still mix and match strains of P. cubensisspore syringes or get 10 varieties (as long as >10 varities are in stock). This price includes 2-4 day tracked shipping. US only.
Prints/swabs: 1 for 10, 2 for 18, 4 for 30, 10 for 70. If US based, highly recommend 2-4 day tracked shipping ($5-6 additional charge). Add $1 for international (non-US orders). Also includes all currently available swabs.
$5 for single print or active swab add-on: eligable with tracked orders of $25 or more. This means if your order is $25 or more and you have tracked shipping, than you can get a single print or swab for only $5 extra. Additional prints are normal pricing after the first
In Stock
P. cubensis prints (Check out the previous specific post for any variety for a small amount of information)-
"Costa Rican"
"Koh Samui"
"Roatan Honduras"
"Shooting Stars"- I also have light prints available, $4 each or $3 as add on with your order.
"Ajax"- I also have light prints available, $4 each or $3 as add on with your order.
"Mars"- I also have light prints available,$4 each or $3 as add on with your order.
"Golden Teacher"- I also have light prints available, $4 each or $3 as add on with your order.
"Syzygy"- I also have 2 light prints available, $4 each or $3 as add on with your order.
"Stropharia"- I also have 1 light print available, $4 each or $3 as add on with your order.
"Palenque"- Only 2 dark prints available. I also have light prints available, $4 each or $3 as add on with your order.
"Taman Negara"- I also have light prints available, $4 each or $3 as add on with your order.
"Corumba"- I only have light prints available, $4 each or $3 as add on with your order.
"Ban Sa Phang Kha"- I only have light prints available, $4 each or $3 as add on with your order.
Light prints can contain a barely visible spore deposit at minimum. These are recommended for advanced users; at least 1 spore swab can be made from each light print but they may not be suitable for making syringes.
P. cubensis syringes:
"PES-Amazonian; PESA"- <5 left- Last offering of these genetics
"RustyWhyte"- > 10 left
"Cambodian Gold"- >10 left
"Golden Teacher"- >10 left
"PE6"- >10 left
"Great White Monster"- >10 left
"Mazatapec"- >10 left
"South American"- >10 left
"F+"- >10 Left
"Fiji"- >10 Left
"South African Transkei"- >10 left
"Martinique"- >10 left
"Mexican Dutch King"- >10 left
"Oak Ridge"- >10 left
"Stropharia"- >10 left
"Costa Rican"- >10 left
Exotic prints and swabs:
Psilocybe cubensis var "PEU"- Spore swab $10 each
Psilocybe cubensis var "Albino Cambodian (F4)"- Spore swab $10 each
Psilocybe cubensis var "Albino (F6)"- Spore swab $10 each
Panaeolus cinctulus- Spore swab $10 each
Psilocybe tampanensis- Spore swab $10 each
Psilocybe tampanensis var "Galindoi"- Spore swab $10 each
Psilocybe ovoideocystidiata- Spore swab $10 each
Psilocybe semilanceata- Spore swab $10 each
Psilocybe azurescens- Spore swab $10 each
Gymnopilus dilepis- Spore swab $10 each
Psilocybe papuana- Spore swab $10 each- 15 left
Psilocybe subtropicalis- Spore swab $10 each- 2 left
Psilocybe allenii; wild collected in fall 2018 from Oregon, USA- Spore swab $10 each- 2 left
Edibles I have and can sell; wedges available for all,*denotes LC available:
Pearl Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus)
3015 Pearl Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus- Amycel Info Page)- LC expected in ~ 1.5 week
*Sporeless Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus var "sporeless")
Pecan Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus var pecan; found on pecan tree)
Elm oyster (Hypsizygus ulmarius)
Golden oyster (Pleurotus citrinopileatus)- LC expected in ~ 1 week
Popcorn oyster (Pleurotus cornucopiae)
Blue oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus var columbinus)- LC expected in ~ 1 week
Pink Oyster (Pleurotus djamor) - LC expected in ~ 1 week
*King oyster (Pleurotus eryngii)
*Phoenix Oyster (Pleurotus pulmonarius)
Pleurotus tuber regium
*Warm fruiting Shiitake (Lentinula edodes; above 18 deg C)
*Red Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum)
Black Reishi (Ganoderma sinensis)
Yellow Reishi (Ganoderma curtisii)
Reishi (Gandomera sessile)
King Stropharia/Wine Cap (Stropharia rugoso-annulata; Strain AM4)- - LC expected in ~ 1 week
Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)
Hen of the woods/Maitake (Grifola frondosa)
Chicken of the Woods (Laetiporus sulphureus)
Black poplar (Agrocybe aegerita)
Shaggy Mane (Coprinus comatus)
Shimeji (Hypsizygus tessalatus AKA Hypsizygus marmoreus)
Glowing Bitter Oyster (Panellus stipticus)
*Lion’s mane (Hericium erinaceus)
Bear's head (Hericium abietis)
Bear's head tooth (Hericium americanum)
Coral Tooth (Hericium coralloides)
Enoki (Flammulina velutipes)
Nameko ( Pholiota nameko)
*Cordyceps militaris var "CordyKong"
*Cordyceps militaris var "CordyZilla"
Medicinal products-
1 oz dried red reishi (G. lucidum) antlers- $10 + $5 shipping (minimum)- Expected soon!
1 oz (~30 mL) chaga tincture- double extraction and between 30-50% final alcohol content- $12 each + $5 shipping domestic, ask for international pricing- 10 left
Cordyceps cultivation-
Cordyceps nutrient premix- Nutrients for 1 L of nutrient broth, $6 + $5 shipping (domestic)
Cordyceps cultivation kit- Nutrients for 1.5 L of nutrient broth, 1, 10 mL LC of either "CordyKong" or "CordyZilla". $15 each + $5 shipping How to use- https://www.reddit.com/usemushroomman666/comments/cmcr9a/cordyceps_cultivation/
Ready to fruit bags- grow your own edible/medicinal mushrooms! I have some blocks in stock or production otherwise, there may be a 2-5 week waiting period to produce bags to order.
5 lb bags of woodlover of your choice! Usually 3-5 week waiting period if made to order. $20 each, $15 shipping (minimum).
Golden Oyster and Red Reishi 5 pound blocks available in ~5 days
Pricing and payment details (US; international pricing PM me):
Prints and Swabs
I am selling the cubensis prints and active swabs for $10 each, 2 for $18, 4 for $30, or 10 for $70. Mix and match different strains/species allowed. Any US order over 2 prints/swabs: It is recommended to also add an additional $5 for 2-4 day shipping with tracking (US only). This has a much much higher chance of arrival with tracking. Add $1 for international orders.
Cubensis Syringes (US only) are >10cc and come capped and with a sterile 18g needle. They are $7 each and cost $5 minimum to ship (shipping may increase if purchasing multiple syringes; comes with 2-4 day shipping and tracking) and I am running a special, 3 for $25 with free shipping.
Note- My spore syringes are made by first homogenizing the spore solution for 2+ hours with a magnetic stir bar before loading into syringes. As such, spore clumps are broken up and spores are suspended in solution. I provide a link to a video of the spore solution before loading into syringes. As spores are microscopic, this may cause the syringes to appear mostly clear. Give them a hard shake and most syringes will have a few small visible spore clumps; however, the solution will have a light purple tint to it due to all the spores suspended in solution.
Colonized agar wedges $6 each, $5 each if buying 4 or more (add $5 for shipping on any order with wedges). 10 mL liquid culture syringes (supplied with 16 g needle) $7 each or $6 each if buying 4 or more (add min $5 for shipping and packaging on any order with syringes). Wedges and LC syringes usually get processed over the weekend and shipped Monday.
Empty syringes and needles
I can offer a set of needle, syringe, and syringe cap (all sterile) for sale (1 set $2, 2 set $3, 4 set $5). Note, the inclusion of syringe set requires an additional $5 for shipping and packaging unless your order is already being sent as a picture. PM me for pricing and details.
I sell cubensis prints within the (legal) USA states but can offer international shipping for an extra cost, pm me for details. I strongly prefer payment via paypal but venmo also works; I do not currently accept crypto currencies. Paypal only for international.
P. cubensis prints (and exotic "actives") are for microscopy purposes only; please cultivate the edibles/medicinal species though!
Check out all of the (positive) reviews from past customers, almost 920!
I also offer other edible culturing items (Prepour and sleeves of Petri dishes, substrates, etc); check out my username and pm me.
I will not ship cultivation supplies with cubensis/active prints! I also do not offer cultivation advice for active species as I have no experience. PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME AND HINT THAT YOU PLAN TO CULTIVATE ACTIVES AS I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COMPLETE YOUR ORDER-ACTIVES ARE MICROSCOPY PURPOSES ONLY. YOU WILL BE BLOCKED.
Additionally- If we do a transaction and you message me later saying you tried to cultivate with my product, you will be ignored and have no chance for refund (if applicable).
Policies on order complications
If you made it this far you deserve to order!! To do so, send me a private message with the following information. If I do not have this info in your message I won't be able to help you and I'll just direct you back to this post.
  1. Order specifics- what you want and how many of each.
  2. Shipping state/country (I cannot ship active spores to CA, GA, or ID)
  3. Payment method (paypal or venmo, paypal strongly preferred)
From there we can finalize costs and exchange shipping info/payment. I ship Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Note- If you contact me and place an order, you agree that you have read the above in full. You agree that you understand these spores are for microscopy only and you have read and understood the order complications policy as well as understand that "light" prints are best used to make swabs from.
submitted by mushroomman666 to sporetraders

List of all Hanayama cast puzzles

Japanese manufacturer Hanayama has produced cast mechanical puzzles called "Cast" then "Huzzle" (はずる). This list makes an inventory of all those metal brainteasers that have been made since the first one in 1983. It doesn't contain other Hanayama puzzle range such as Katsunou or Puzzle ring.
The first name to be credited at launch is NOB (for Nobuyuki Yoshigahara). The metagrobologist contributed by reviving, adapting or creating new puzzles until he passed away in 2004. More or less prolific designers and collectors also brought new references, allowing the catalog to grow through time.
Classificaton: Huzzle difficulty varies from 1 (easy) to 6 (difficult). Puzzles are listed according to it. Note that depending on the reedition, difficulty score can sometimes slightly change, same with the name. In that latter case both designation are indicated. Small series were also made and are listed at the end.
version: 1.3 - 11/2020 Please let me know if some information can be updated.

Level 1
  • ABC (Nobuyuki Yoshigahara 1983)
  • Bike (John R. Lynn 1994) patent in 1898 by Henry Lejeune
  • Diamond (Scott Elliott 2016)
  • Flag (Nobuyuki Yoshigahara 1994) patent in 1898 by John Shortt
  • Hook (Vesa Timonen 2009)
  • Key (Nobuyuki Yoshigahara 1983) patent in 1892 by Herbert Davis
  • Loop (Vesa Timonen 2007)
  • Love (Scott Elliott 2020)
  • Seabream/Trout/Tai (Akio Yamamoto 1999) part of the marine serie
  • Shark/Fin (Akio Yamamoto 1999) part of the marine serie

Level 2
  • Box (Akira Yuta 2012)
  • Claw/Crab (Akio Yamamoto 1998) part of the marine serie
  • Cricket (James Dalgety from his collection 2002) patent in 1898 by Reuben Collins
  • Disk (Oskar van Deventer 2001)
  • Dot (Akio Yamamoto 2017)
  • Harmony (Dmitry Revnitskiy / Kirill Grebnev 2012)
  • Horse (Nobuyuki Yoshigahara 1984)
  • Key II (Tomoya Otake / Kyoo Wong 2006)
  • Keyring (Oskar van Deventer 2001)
  • Medal (James Dalgety NA)
  • Plate (Jerry Slocum NA)
  • Snow (Kyoo Wong 2020)
  • Starfish/Penta (Akio Yamamoto 1999) part of the marine serie

Level 3
  • Arrows (Andrei Ivanov 2018)
  • Cage (Nobuyuki Yoshigahara/Eduard Bakalár 1997)
  • Delta (Kyoo Wong 2013)
  • Dolce (Akio Yamamoto 2001)
  • G&G (Jin-Hoo Ahn 2013)
  • Galaxy (Bram Cohen 2014)
  • Hashtag/Shift (Yoshiyuki Kotani/Kirill Grebnev 2017)
  • O'Gear (Oskar van Deventer 2002)
  • Reef(Akio Yamamoto 1999 or 2000) part of the marine serie
  • S&S (Nobuyuki Yoshigahara 1984) patent in 1903 by Edward Mowry
  • Seahorse/Tails (Akio Yamamoto 1999 or 2000) part of the marine serie
  • Slider (Vesa Timonen 2019)
  • Star (Nobuyuki Yoshigahara 1983)
  • Violon (Joseph L. Little 2003) patent in 1965
  • W-U (Nobuyuki Yoshigahara 1995)

Level 4
  • Baroq (Akio Yamamoto 2003)
  • Cake (Bram Cohen 2016)
  • Coaster (Serhiy Grabarchuk 2006)
  • Coil (Edi Nagata 2011)
  • Cuby (Oskar van Deventer NA)
  • Cylinder (Vesa Timonen 2013)
  • Dial (Vesa Timonen 2016)
  • Donuts (Vesa Timonen 2011)
  • Heart (Nobuyuki Yoshigahara 2001)
  • Hexagon (Mine Uyematsu 2015)
  • Keyhole (Vesa Timonen 2014)
  • L'œuf (Oskar van Deventer 2004)
  • Möbius (Oskar van Deventer 2015)
  • Ring (Nobuyuki Yoshigahara 2000) patent in 1887 by William Davidson
  • Twist (Oskar van Deventer 2013)
  • U&U (Kyoo Wong 2014)
  • UFO (Vesa Timonen 2019)

Level 5
  • Amour (Akio Yamamoto 1991)
  • Devil (Nobuyuki Yoshigahara 1994)
  • Duet (Oskar van Deventer 2005)
  • Elk (Nobuyuki Yoshigahara 1986)
  • Equa (Oskar van Deventer 2008)
  • H&H (Oskar van Deventer 2010)
  • Helix (Akio Yamamoto 2009) created in 1990
  • Laby (Nobuyuki Yoshigahara 1997) patent in 1898 by Clarence Carter
  • Marble (Bram Cohen/Oskar van Deventer 2009)
  • Padlock (Jin-Hoo Ahn 2016)
  • Radix (Akio Yamamoto 2005)
  • Rattle (Bram Cohen 2010)
  • Ring II (Jose Grant 2004)
  • Spiral (Kennet WalkeHarry Nelson 2003)
  • Square (Vesa Timonen 2010)

Level 6
  • Chain (Oskar van Deventer 2002)
  • Enigma (Eldon Vaughn 2004) first patent in 1975
  • Hourglass (Jin-Hoo Ahn 2018)
  • Infinity (Vesa Timonen 2016)
  • News (Nobuyuki Yoshigahara 2003)
  • Nutcase (Oskar van Deventer 2007)
  • Quartet (Mine Uyematsu 2007)
  • Rotor (Kyoo Wong 2019)
  • Trinity (Kyoo Wong 2017)
  • Vortex (Akio Yamamoto 2008)

Chess pieces chrome color. Also exist in black. 100 gold sets were sold at IPP35 Canada
  • Pawn (level 1 Marcel Gillen) solution not similar to the others
  • Rook (level 1 Marcel Gillen)
  • Knight (level 2 Marcel Gillen)
  • Bishop (level 2 Marcel Gillen)
  • Queen (level 3 Marcel Gillen)
  • King (level 3 Marcel Gillen)

Ultraman serie
  • SSSP emblem shooting star (level 1 based on Diamond)
  • Beta capsule (level 3 based on Cage)
  • Ultra eye (level 4 based on News)
  • Ultra guard emblem (level 4 based on Cylinder)
  • Marble (level 5 based on Marble but different metal colors) limited to 500 items

Disney serie colors varies according to the reedition
  • Mickey Mouse ring (level 1 based on Loop)
  • Mickey & Minnie key (level 2 based on Key)
  • Winnie the Pooh escape (level 2 based on Horse)
  • Alice in Wonderland labyrinth (level 4 based on Laby)

  • Medallion for Puzzle Master (level 4 variation of L'œuf, first created for IMO2011 Amsterdam)
  • Oskar (level NA)
  • Nut (level NA)
  • Chris Ramsay X Hanayama (2019 level 2, a mix of ABC and Laby)
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