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Nokia Lumia Icon - My impressions after the first 18 hours

Okay, so I just got my Icon and thought I'd share my first impressions. I know 18 hours isn't a long time to wait, but I figure some of the more obvious stuff is apparent to me now and maybe I'm overlooking things you all can help me find.
(My device is running the latest 8.1 development preview on the Black firmware, by the way)
  1. I really like the live tiles (with the exception of a few that demand to be their own color with no explanation, ie. Twitter and OneDrive)
  2. wpapp[IM+] and wpapp[Nimbuzz] both refuse to let me log in (I log in and immediately my credentials expire). I know I'm on the wrong platform for Hangouts support, but it would've been nice to be able to still chat via a network protocol to a few friends with Android.
  3. wpapp[6snap] is decent, but in my opinion, not very good looking/nice to use. No indication of people having new stories, no filters (I can live without that), notifications every 30 minutes (not a huge deal I guess)
  4. wpapp[6tag] is very good, no complaints here
  5. wpapp[Nokia Camera] won't let me install it. Had to use the beta version (I assume Icon support isn't official) which demands its own purple live tile color :(
  6. The messaging app is very, very bland looking
  7. The messaging app's "MMS/SMS delivery confirmation" is not what I expected. Instead of displaying the message as delivered, it opens a new thread from "Mobile Operator" to tell me the message I sent has been delivered? That's definitely not what I expected
  8. What happened to MetroTube from Microsoft? The "YouTube" app they put out now is just a shortcut that launches Internet Explorer to m.youtube.com? I know they were forced to change some stuff, but is this what we get in the mean time? I thought that dispute was over a year ago, too?
  9. What's the point of the physical search button if it only launches Cortana? I think it should, on a tap, function as an app's search button (so we don't need a duplicate on-screen button) and a long-press should open up Cortana. Just my opinion.
  10. The settings page is an absolute mess
  11. No PPTP VPN support - and when I just tried quickly setting up an IKEv2 using IPSec VPN, things exploded on my VPS. I really want (but don't need) PPTP support - it makes me too nervous to connect to my school WiFi and local hotspots without one. Call me paranoid, but whatever. Still a feature I think is missing, and as far as I know, third party apps can't introduce PPTP support.
  12. Did I mention live tiles are awesome?
  13. If you swipe away an app from your history (that's what I call it since it remembers where you were in each app in the order you were in, including duplicates of apps) and it's playing music, it's a little weird to get back to - press volume and then tap the pop-up notification.
  14. Logging in with your Microsoft account is very poor. Every time I must enter my login credentials. This is a pain when the device I'm using is synced with a Microsoft account. Similar to Android, it should ask to log in using my account, not ask me every time to enter my credentials. I suppose this is more irritating because I'm doing all of these at once since I just got my phone, but still.
That's all I can think of for now. I think for an OS that came 5 years later to the mobile market than Apple (and 4 later than Android), it's a fantastic thing. I don't find myself missing too much from Android. There's certainly nothing that's going to make me box the Icon back up and put it back on Swappa.
submitted by Clutch_22 to windowsphone

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