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Touted as #1 VPN in the world, ExpressVPN is now offering 49% off & an additional 3-months of service on its annual plans. And, unfortunately, vermintide 2 has. In-game control settings. Normally in racing games in night races the cars have really strong headlights which show the way in front of you. Also I think the easiest fix for the night issue on SDR would be for them to just greatly improve the headlights.

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It lacks full centralized enterprisewide cybersecurity reporting capabilities across its 90, 000 computers. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Nvidia GeForce GT MB Windows 10 Pro x64 (Registered) Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E @ GHz x2. DiRT Rally 2.0 on Steam discover more here. It is racing game in which you will enjoy real taste of car driving Dirt 2 PC Game Overview Colin McRae Dirt 2 is one of very exciting games.

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Activity Code: MOTORCYC 001 Lincoln Center Rockville 4/11 F, Sa 002 Lincoln Center Rockville 5/09 F, Sa Enjoy. How to Fix the "Entry Point Not Found" Error in Windows 10. Tes Classic Free Licence. Dirt 2 crack fix errors. Fix PC errors, repair virus damage and identify hardware/stability issues using Restoro – a unique PC Repair tool using a patented technology to replace damaged or missing Windows system files, which often are the real cause of annoying Windows errors.

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US5987443A - System, method and article of manufacture for https://uralligaculture.ru/download/?file=1729. APPCRASH is a term used by Windows to designate an application crash and is reported as "Problem Event Name: APPCRASH", followed by additional information including the name. How to Fix Ghostrunner Crashes, Errors, Performance Issues, FPS and Other Problems. The Commerce Department wants to fix a glaring cyber weakness. Tim Fisher has 30+ years' professional technology support experience.

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The Chronicles of the Graveyard Management Team - Bound by skeletons

I have good news and bad news! Well, more bad then good but we’re taking what victories we can. We found the truck that crashed into the wall! However, it was burned up in an orange grove along with any evidence that would point us to the cloaked dude. I've been a little spooked since the cloaked dude said he's been toying with us. There is more good news!! I found some wonderful plant food for Herbie and he is THRIVING!
As always, hello to anyone wondering what's going on. I'm confused too. This might help you.
Also, Greg mentioned it’s time to change up partners. I’m taking bets! Who do y’all think I’ll be stuck with for the next year?
More bad news, the masked dude went after a coworker. Let me start this by saying you don't work for Westwood if you don't have skeletons in your closet. It's not a rule, it just happens. Either something happens on the job and you push it to the deep little dark parts of your mind or you come in with something you'd like to keep secret. Unfortunately, we fear he's coming to drag our nasty little secrets out one by one. We all know each of us has secrets we'd like to keep, well, a secret. We respect that. Luckily, we were warned by the stunt he pulled last week. It’ll still be shocking but we know to look for it.
This week, he went after Charlotte. She's the sweetest person I've ever met and just thinking of this makes my blood boil. Unfortunately, even the kindest of souls can’t escape fate. Charlotte still speaks to her therapist weekly about this time in her life.
She’s 3 years younger then me and I knew of her in school but I never actually met her. What I did know of was her relationship. Charlotte met her ex-fiancé Johnathan Reyes in middle school. Everyone knew about Charlotte and Johnathan. They were the example of what everyone wanted in their life. They were the fairy tale we read about. She was the beautiful petit princess with long blonde hair and he was the big strong man with jet black hair and chocolate brown eyes.
Johnathan doted on her. If she asked for something, he found a way to get it for her. She still has a stuffed bear that he won her in the Strawberry Festival. His name is Mr. Barry and he sits on her shelf in her room. No one can touch him and if she goes off for the weekend, she locks him in a safe.
During her Junior year, he took her to the beach and proposed. She obviously said yes and when they got back to their hotel room, she said she had a surprise for him. She was pregnant! They were going to be a family and they were ecstatic!
Junior year finished and they managed to come up with enough money from their part time jobs and get enough loans that they purchased their first house. It’s a small 2 bedroom 1 bath on Stuart Street and they got to work creating a nursery in the second bedroom. It was beautiful! They painted the walls navy and one of Johnathans friends painted a moon and some constellations on the wall. The carpets were beige and it looked amazing! They had a crib and a dresser and some supplies. Luckily, their families always told them they would be more then happy to help them. The families loved each other and often times, their mothers would go to lunch together.
When Charlotte went into labor she was two weeks early. It was raining that night and that, mixed with the nerves created a recipe for disaster. Johnathan was in a hurry to meet his child and wasn’t being as careful as he could have been. He crashed into another car. Unfortunately, Charlotte was thrown through the window. She said she was unable to wear a seat belt due to her belly.
Johnathan was crushed. Literally. It was an old car with not so great safety ratings. The paramedics said if Charlotte wasn’t thrown through the window, she would not have survived. When the paramedics got there she was beside herself. Her fingers were bloody from trying to claw Johnathan out of the car and she was bleeding heavily. She tried to fight them to get them to save him but there was nothing that could be done.
She was rushed to the hospital and to an emergency C-section. Her daughter, Dolly Rose Reyes unfortunately didn’t make it. Charlotte said the trauma was too much for a baby but she was still held the biggest piece in her heart. In one night, she was left without her fiancé and without her baby. That’s something the heart can never fully heal from. She takes the day off on the anniversary of their passing and leaves them flowers and goes to the same beach she got engaged on.
What she doesn’t tell people is she blames herself for his passing. She said she walked all that day to try and induce labor. It was Johnathans great-grandmothers birthday and she wanted to have the baby then. She meant no harm. She thinks if she could have held off somehow or called someone to take them they would still be here. We try to assure her it wasn’t her fault but a part of her will always blame herself.
That’s how we met. Charlotte is one of the few people who snuck into our cemetery and lived to tell the tale. Her fiancé and her baby were buried the same day. Riku and I were on the night shift and read up on Johnathan and Dolly. It was a horrible accident but we suspected nothing would happen. We were right. Well, mostly.
Charlotte hid in one of the sheds and came out when she saw the tenants start to rise. She was positive he would come to take her with him. We were able to get her inside the office before anything bad happened, thankfully. I spent the rest of our shift sitting with her watching the cameras and explaining about our job. As predicted, Johnathan never showed up.
Greg came in the next day and scolded her. I stood up for her and vouched for her. I told him she handled herself well and we have a position coming open. I told him she needed something to do. I told him if we let her go, she’d just sit at home and think about the family she almost had. Greg offered her a job a week later on the condition that she let the survivors guilt go and she get the help she needed.
I’m happy to say that while Charlotte misses Johnathan and Dolly, she’s moved on. She hasn’t forgotten them but they no longer hang on her every thought. Her guest room has been redesigned and Johnathan’s mother paid the house off for her. She still goes and sees his family frequently.
She really was okay until Wednesday night. Incase you didn’t know, we had some rough weather Wednesday. Hurricane Eta came through North Florida and while we didn’t get a direct hit, we got plenty of particularly nasty storms. Charlotte and I had the honor of working the night shift and typically, when it’s really bad weather none of our tenants show. To make up for it, they tend to stir up more trouble when the storms are over. You thought the hurricanes brought down tree limbs in the cemetery? Nope. Usually our tenants run around and cause as much mischief as possible.
Johnathan’s grave is only about two blocks from the office. Dolly was cremated and buried with him. Charlotte said she wanted them to be together forever. We were hunkered down during a particularly nasty thunderstorm when one of the motion sensors went off.
“Probably a tree branch. We’re under a tornado warning, there’s no way anything out there. I wouldn’t worry too much.” I told Charlotte. She was sitting on the old ragged couch that we keep begging to have replaced. I was sitting at the desk working on a puzzle I brought with me. I’d occasionally glance up and look at the cork board to make sure I’m aware of the schedule for the next few days. I forgot once and we had to unlock the gate. Oops.
We have specialized motion sensor every few post that we keep on during the day shift so we know when someone’s on the grounds. They’re usually kept off for night shift but it must have slipped our minds. We have a map on the wall with lights that will light up and ding when they go off.
“Did you turn those off?” I asked.
“No. Do you think it’s our trouble maker?” She asked.
“Maybe it’s just tree branches falling.” I suggested.
The lights kept lighting up, showing that something was moving out there. Whatever it was, it was getting closer.
“Do tree branches walk, Clara? What if it’s tall, cloaked and creepy?” Charlotte asked.
“Do TrEe BrAnChEs WaLk. I really don’t think anyone’s out there. You have the laptop, check the camera’s.” I said.
I heard Charlotte click on the computer right before the power went out. We tried the camera’s anyway but they were showing an error.
“Did you see what it was?” I asked.
“No but it’s close and probably not friendly.” She said.
We looked out the window and couldn’t see much. It was pretty dark out there and the particular road the thing would have to take had lots of tree coverage, making it pitch black. We were able to make out a shape coming toward us.
It looked like a human but something was wrong. The way it moved was unlike any human I’ve seen. It was almost twitching into each step. The wind was roaring the lightning was popping. The weather was nasty and something neither of us wanted to be out in. We prayed this would just go away but it didn’t. It just got closer and closer.
“Do you want to play rock, paper, scissors to see who’s going out there?” I asked.
“How about we go together, take care of this thing, and come back in?” She suggested.
“I’d rather not.” I complained.
“Come on. Grab something and be ready for a fight.” She said, slinging open the door. She grabbed a knife and a flashlight on her way out.
I grabbed a salt gun, Riku’s baseball bat because I have NO clue where my staff is, and my no-no spray. I trust that spray bottle with my life. I had enough time to clip a light onto my belt loop and put my hair half up before I heard Charlotte scream.
I ran outside and standing on the edge of the road was Johnathan himself. Except, this isn’t him. His eyes were empty and he was standing too still.
“It’s not him. It’s something nasty.” I said. I was right next to her and I still had to shout. We had only been outside 20 seconds and we were already soaked. A bolt of lightning hit not too far off.
“Go inside. I’ll handle this.” I told her.
Johnathan stared at her with the same empty look. He gave her a smile that didn’t touch his eyes before he spoke.
“Lotte, cmon. You know it’s me. I’ve never left you. You knew I was coming back. It’s not your fault. Dolly was beautiful.” He said.
His voice was grating. It sounded like someone took a cheese grater to Johnathans vocal cords.
“Clara.” Charlotte said, grabbing my arm.
“Please go inside. Please let me handle this.” I told her.
The rain was pounding hard enough that I’m sure the salt gun was unusable now. I tossed it aside. If this was going to end in a fight I had no time for something that was useless.
“Lotte. I would never hurt you. Remember that night on the beach? I made a promise to stay by your side.” He said. He twitched a little bit more forward.
I stepped forward to handle the situation when Charlotte yanked me backwards. She started to walk towards him, her recently dyed brunette hair loose and whipping around her head. Charlotte and I are both 5’10 but I have a few pounds on her I could use to take her down if I needed her out of my way.
“CHARLOTTE THINK ABOUT THIS!” I yelled. She stopped and just stared at him. He had the same empty eyes and same smile. The rain didn’t touch him and the wind didn’t blow his clothes or his hair. He was obviously not human. I swore I would destroy whoever did this and I think I had a good idea who it was.
I thought she was an idiot at the time for not immediately destroying him but looking back, I don’t blame her. They had a lot of history together and unfortunately, we hold onto any little bit of hope we can find. The red flags can be in front of us but love makes us a prisoner to our own feelings.
I ran inside and his gaze followed me. I saw him talk to Charlotte and watched her turn around and run after me. I grabbed the keys to Aaron’s go-cart and grabbed myself and Charlotte a hat. She busted in the door and stood in my way.
“I love you. You are my best friend and I always trust you. I really think you saved my life when you told Greg he should hire me for the empty position. I have always had your back but I need you to give me this one thing. I know it’s not him but it looks like him and it sounds like him and there’s a lot I need to get off my chest. Please let me have this.” She begged. She was on the verge of tears. I pulled her down to the couch and put the hat on her head. I pulled her tangled hair through the hat and gave her a second to collect herself.
“Do not get close to him. I know you want it to be him but it’s not. You told me once that you two had plans to move to the mountains. I can’t tell you how much I wish we would have never met and how much I wish you lived in a cabin in the mountains with him by your side. I wish Dolly was running around, maybe with a sibling and a dog. It’s not him. I need you to tell me that before I let you out of here.” I said.
“I know. God I miss him.” She whispered.
“I know. I need you to keep him distracted while I figure out what’s going on.” I said.
“I wish we could just let this one be.” She said.
“I’m so sorry. We have to do what we have to do.” I told her.
I put some salt in a plastic bag and grabbed some alcohol and a lighter. I put everything in a fanny pack (they’re handy, ok?) and grabbed the bat.
“You’re the stronger person I’ve met.” I told her.
“Don’t forget it.” She said.
I strapped a helmet on before I went back out. I ran to Aaron’s go-cart and raced down one of the roads. Johnathan raced after me when he realized what was going on. Instead of running like a human, he hit all fours and chased me.
He caught up to me in no time and threw the go-cart into a particularly big oak tree. Unlike Aaron, I wore a helmet. I was safe. Aaron is not. Yes, I will take any chance I can to throw shade at him.
Charlotte was racing my way on a dirt bike. Unfortunately, the rain made it difficult to see too far in front of us. Johnathan was buried on section B, Row 3, slot 8. I was thrown right across from row 3.
“Looks like you’ll get someone else killed in the rain Lotte dear!” Johnathan yelled.
Charlotte yeeted a knife at Johnathan. It stuck right in his side.
“You’ve killed me once. Why not again!” He yelled.
The distraction gave me enough time to crawl out of the wreckage with the bat. I slung it as hard as I could onto his head but his hand shot out and caught it. He tossed me but I managed to land close to Johnathans grave. His gaze was fixed on Charlotte. She rammed the dirt bike into him. It knocked him back but he lunged towards her. He grabbed her and held her up by the neck.
“Oh Lotte. You were always so weak.” He mocked. He threw her into a puddle. I heard a crash of lightning behind me and heard what sounded like a freight train. The wind started whipping even faster and hail started to come down. Looks like we found that tornado.
I looked on Johnathans grave and saw a rose. Black isn’t the correct way to describe it, it was like it lacked any light. I glanced over and saw Charlotte get to her feet. Johnathan pulled the knife out of his side and started walking towards her. The thunder combined with the rain made it impossible to hear. Charlotte had no weapon but she wasn’t going down without a fight.
I quickly grabbed the rose and his eyes were back on me. I drenched it in alcohol and covered it in the semi-dry hat I brought. I lit it on fire just as he grabbed me by the pony tail and started to drag me backwards.
He stopped as soon as the fire started. It burned black and also seemed to suck up the light around it. I turned to see him fall to the ground as ash. In his place was a picture of Johnathan. I grabbed it and yelled at Charlotte to run. Luckily, the tornado passed by right up the street from us.
She was quiet the rest of the night. She stayed on the couch just facing the wall. I called Greg and told him what happened. He said to tell her she could have a week off and take as much time as she needed. She nodded her head when I told her.
As soon as Riku got there the next morning she was out the door. I filled him in and he mentioned bringing her dinner that night. We both know the cloaked dude is behind this and we’re both ready for this to be over before any of our dirty little secrets are revealed. But mostly, we want revenge for Charlotte.
Charlotte’s not home and she hasn’t answered any of our messages. I did see a picture of the beach on her Snapchat story so it looks like she’s just taking her time. It looks like the same beach she got engaged at. I had flowers delivered for her to the same hotel they booked that night. She’s tough, she’ll be okay.
The main question is, whose next ?
submitted by Veryangryacorn to nosleep

Console Update 9.2 – Patch Notes

Console Update 9.2 – Patch Notes

Live Maintenance Schedule:
KST: 11/26 2 PM - 8:30 PM
PDT: 11/25 9 PM - 11/26 3:30 AM
CET: 11/26 6 AM - 12:30 PM
Live maintenance schedule may change. We will update you if there are any changes made.


New Vehicle: Dirt Bike
The new single-seater Dirt Bike is more than just a lite version of the Motorbike. It has its own independent clutch system to rev the engine, improved suspension for offroading, and some other fun features we know it won't take you long to find, not to mention another fun addition coming in the future. The Dirt Bike spawns on all maps except for Karakin and will replace 50% of the existing bikes out there. We're looking forward to a whole slew of new stunt videos with this one!
  • The Dirt Bike is a new single seater motorcycle.
  • Spawns on all maps, excluding Karakin.
  • Available in Normal, Custom Matches and Training Mode.
  • Great acceleration with a top speed of 130 km/h.
  • Off-road suspension provides superb performance on uneven terrain compared to other vehicles.
  • Outstanding manoeuvrability with the ability to disengage the clutch when handbraking to block auto-gearbox and allow hard turns while preserving engine RPM and momentum
  • Added ability to alter pitch using Left Stick Up and Down during acceleration/braking.

New Feature: Driver Shooting

It's been requested for a long time and we're finally happy to add shooting functionality to vehicle drivers! The new system allows you to fire sidearm weapons while driving and maintaining control over the vehicle (albeit with a slightly reduced response while reloading). This functionality works for most vehicles and there are a couple of limitations which you can read about below. We're excited to see the new kinds of gameplay that emerge from these additions, and please let us know how it feels!
  • Vehicle drivers can now draw, reload and fire sidearms while having full control over vehicle inputs.
    • The power of vehicle steering input decreases slightly when the driver is reloading.
  • Driver shooting feature is enabled in all vehicles except boats and BRDM.
Key guide
  • Vehicle Aiming Overhaul
    • Driver and passenger views are now heavily stabilized while aiming. The camera rotation will not follow the rotation of the vehicle.
    • Driver and passenger cameras have been adjusted and moved closer to the character for easier and more accurate aiming.
      • In TPP, players camera is now located closer to the character.
      • In FPP, players camera is now located further back to match the players viewpoint.
    • Aiming angles are restricted according to player visibility and relation to other passengers
      • For example, you're unable to aim fully upwards in a closed-top vehicle or aim behind if there's a passenger on behind you in a 2 seater motorbike
    • The camera will no longer flip sideways when vehicles roll or pitch upside-down.
  • Custom Keybinding feature
    • When using the Custom Keybinding feature, you'll be required to bind the driver shooting feature to a desired key from the options.
  • Please see below for driver shooting enabled sidearms.
    • Deagle
    • P18C
    • P1911
    • P92
    • R1895
    • R45
    • Skorpion
    • Flare gun
    • Sawed-off
      • Sawed-off can only be equipped by Drivers on Bike-type vehicles.
Weapon Balance Adjustment: Sidearms
With the addition of driver firing, we've decided now's a great time for a balance pass on those weapons. All sidearms across the board have received improvements to damage multipliers, aiming, ADS movement speed, and more. The goal is to make all secondary weapons more viable throughout the game, not just in vehicles. It's a pretty extensive list, so check down below for full details!
For detailed changes, please see below.
  • All sidearms
    • Increased headshot damage multiplier: 2.0 → 2.1
    • Increased limb damage multiplier: 1.0 → 1.05
    • Decreased aim deviation multiplier (aiming is now more accurate)
    • Increased laser pointer deviation multiplier 0.3 → 0.5. This is to counter the above mentioned change, making pistols more accurate in general but not totally dependent on laser pointer.
    • Increased prone stance deviation 0.6 → 0.8 (less accurate in prone)
    • Increased aimed movement speed multiplier 1.8 → 2.0
    • Increased ADS movement speed multiplier 1.6 → 2.0
    • Increased min reference velocity for movement deviation (speed at or below which movement deviation is not applied): 160 → 200
    • Increased movement ADS stabilization (decreased weapon sway caused by movement):
      • Revolvers (R1895, R45): 0.2 → 0.9
      • Pistols: 0.2 → 0.8
      • Full-auto pistols (P18C, Skorpion): 0.2 → 0.7
  • Revolvers (R1895,R45)
    • Decreased movement deviation multiplier: 1.7 → 1.4
    • Increased min reference velocity for movement deviation (speed at or below which movement deviation is not applied): 160 → 250
  • R1895
    • Increased damage: 62 → 64
    • Increased ROF: 150 RPM → 300 RPM
    • Heavily decreased aim deviation (because it cannot attach laser pointer, so it is more accurate by default): 1.5 → 0.6
    • Increased recoil animation speed
  • R45
    • Increased damage: 55 → 65
  • P92
    • Decreased damage: 35 → 34
    • Increased ROF: 444 RPM → 600 RPM
  • P1911
    • Increased damage: 41 → 42
  • Deagle
    • Increased ROF: 240 RPM → 300 RPM
    • Increased recoil animation speed to better match new ROF.
  • Sawed-off
    • Decreased base pattern scale: 1.45 → 1.2
    • Decreased choke spread scale (lower spread): 0.85 → 0.8
    • Increased damage multiplier at 15m: 0.5 → 0.55
  • Skorpion
    • Can now attach extended QD mag.
Weapon Balance Adjustment: ARs
We are constantly listening to your feedback and discussing community sentiment internally. After careful review, we agree with many of you that the Beryl adjustment with 9.1 update wasn't effective enough at reducing the strength of the Beryl in relation to other ARs and have made the following follow up adjustments this patch:
  • To reduce the difference in reload speed of Beryl with M416, Scar-L, QBZ, G36C following adjustments were made.
    • Magazine reload times of M416, Scar-L, QBZ, G36C has been decreased by 10%
    • Magazine reload time of Beryl has been increased by 5%
  • Horizontal recoil of Beryl has been increased


Lava Damage Calculation Update
  • The method for processing damage inflicted near the edges of lava has been improved
    • Now lava damage is inflicted more precisely when players come in contact with the lava surface.
  • Now Gas Cans will explode when they come in contact with lava.
    • Also, spilt gas will catch fire when coming into contact with lava.
Training Mode Warm-up Time
  • The Warm-up Time in Training Mode has been decreased to 60 seconds from the previous 90 seconds.
FPP Paramo in EU
  • We have decided to disable the Seasonal Match Paramo-FPP on EU servers. This decision was made to better ensure that we're providing healthy matchmaking queues.
Xbox Series S Framerate Cap Increase
  • Framerate cap on the Xbox Series S has been increased to 60 FPS at 1920 x 1080 screen resolution.

Battle Bride Pass

The Battle Bride Pass is an entirely new kind of pass focusing on a single character vs a seasonal theme. This pass follows Sadiya, the hero from Karakin's lore, and lets you unlock some of her iconic skins you saw in our motion comics. The Battle Bride pass progresses independently from the Survivor Pass and has 15 levels for you to complete by earning XP from playing matches. If you're looking to pick up some of Sadiya's unique looks, pick up the Battle Bride Pass!
  • Exclusive page
    • Battle Bride Pass provides an exclusive layout page.
    • Battle Bride Pass only has a premium track which is available after purchase.
  • Progression
    • There are no missions for the Battle bride pass.
    • However, you will be able to climb through the pass via XPs gained from gameplay.
      • Max level to collect all rewards is level 15.
    • Level-up coupons cannot be used in the pass.
      • However, you will still be able to purchase each level with G-Coin.
  • The Battle Bride Pass will be available during the following dates:
    • 11/26 6 PM KST after maintenance - 12/24 6 PM KST
    • 11/26 10 AM CET after maintenance - 12/24 10 AM CET
    • 11/26 1 AM PST after maintenance - 12/24 1 AM PST
      • The Battle Bride Pass period runs for 28 days from date of purchase.


New feature: Team Finder
The new Team Finder feature lets you connect with other players before the match begins instead of being randomly matched up in the pre-game zone. You can let friends and other players know that you're looking for a team and accept invites to their lobbies. The Team Finder takes your selected game mode and language settings into account, so you know you'll match up where you want to be. If you're looking to get some squad games in without the completely random element, try Team Finder today!
  • You can now look for a team to play with using the Team Finder function.
    • If you're not in a team, you can toggle team finder to let friends or other players know you are looking for a team.
      • You will then be listed on the team finder player list, waiting to be invited by a searching player.
  • If you are already in a team or want to create your own team, you can invite players from the team finder list.
  • Team Finder will automatically be set based on your selected game mode, perspective and language settings.
  • The mic setting is automatically determined after checking whether you have a functioning mic connected.
    • Ensure voice input is enabled and not muted.
    • PUBG must also be granted with access to your mic.
  • Team Finder search and discovery are based on your local region
    • Players with same game mode/perspective settings will be shown on the Team Finder list
    • When using Team Finder for Ranked Matches, only players in similar tiers will be shown.

Report Popup UI Improvement

We know it's annoying when encountering players who play against the battle royale rules. Now we have improved the overall UI to make the reporting experience more seamless. The drop-down menu makes it easier for you to choose the right category.

PUBG ID Visibility

  • When killing other players, your PUBG ID will be displayed to the victim.
  • PUBG ID will be also displayed in Death Cams and while spectating other players.
  • The PUBG ID will be also displayed when looking at stats of other players.


  • Out game UI components, such as dropdown menus and system messages have been visually improved to provide a more consistent experience.
  • Voice Chat 'ALL' is disabled in Team Deathmatch
    • Team Deathmatch in arcade and custom match will now have voice chat channel to 'ALL' disabled due to abuse which was disrupting gameplay.


  • CPU performance has been improved by cost optimization of characters outside the player POV.
  • Performance improvement by rendering optimization of atmospheric fog.
  • Optimized hitching that occurs when the plane is airborne in low specs/console environment
  • Optimized the excessive loading time when loading certain types of map in custom match sessions.


Vikendi Quality of Life Update
Vikendi is also getting a few small convenience adjustments this update. We've adjusted the circle settings to be a little more inland, removed some small clutter that was hindering vehicle movement, adjusted the number of house sets to make final phases more open, and more.
  • Fixed tendency for the first circle to lean too much towards the outskirts of the map. The Safe Zone will now commonly appear more inland.
  • We have removed small objects around farms and fields which were inhibiting vehicle movement.
  • The number of house sets has been reduced, as the space between house sets has been modified to ensure late game Blue Zones aren't overly abundant with buildings. We hope this will have more fights in the fields.
  • Large rocky areas around the center of the map and rocky hills at the East of the cement Factory have been changed to enable access while on foot and in vehicles.
  • Removed small objects around the river which were not able to be used as a cover and hindered player movement.

Skins & Items

Dirt Bike themed items - 8 set items, 15 individual items
  • Sales Period:
    • 11/26 2020 11 AM KST - 11/26 2021 6 PM KST
    • 11/25 2020 6 PM PST - 11/26 2021 1 AM PST
    • 11/26 2020 3 AM KST - 11/26 2021 10 AM CET
Last year's PGC Grand Champions now have a new bundle of great skins for fans to enjoy! Pick up the Gen.G Championship Bundle and rock the colors of PUBG's reigning PGC Champs! This set is only available for a limited time, so pick it up before it goes away!
PGC 2019 Gen.G Championship items - 1 set item, 5 individual items
  • Sales Period (time may change):
    • 12/2 2020 11 AM KST - 1/6 2021 6 PM KST
    • 12/1 2020 6 PM PST - 1/6 2021 1 AM PST
    • 12/2 2020 3 AM CET - 1/6 2021 10 AM CET
Twitch Broadcaster Royale items - 6 Individual items
  • Sales period:
    • 12/2 2020 11 AM KST - 12/23 10:59 AM KST
    • 12/1 2020 6 PM PST - 12/22 5:59 PM PST
    • 12/2 2020 3 AM CET - 12/23 2:59 AM CET


Black Friday Deals have landed on the Battlegrounds!
For a limited time, you can pick up three different G-Coin packs with an offer of up to 20% discount and receive bonus skins along with them! Each pack offers you three bonus skins to either try out for the limited time shown or keep forever depending on which pack you grab. Check out the details of each pack below!
PUBG - Black Friday G-Coin Bundle I - $9.99 10% off now $8.99
  • Sales Period:
    • 11/20 5 AM KST - 12/4 7 PM KST
    • 11/19 12 PM PST - 12/4 2 AM PST
    • 11/19 9 PM CET - 12/4 11 AM CET
  • Included:
    • 1,100 G-Coin ($9.99 Value)
      • Bonus skins
PUBG - Black Friday G-Coin Bundle II - $19.99 10% off now $17.99
  • Sales Period:
    • 11/20 5 AM KST - 12/4 7 PM KST
    • 11/19 12 PM PST - 12/4 2 AM PST
    • 11/19 9 PM CET - 12/4 11 AM CET
  • Included:
    • 2,300 G-Coin ($19.99 Value)
      • Bonus skins
PUBG - Black Friday G-Coin Bundle III - $99.99 20% off now $79.99
Farewell 13,500 G-Coin! This is our way of saying goodbye to the 13,500 G-Coin leaving the store for good. It is your last chance to stock up 13,500 G-Coin and receive some awesome bonus skins along with it! This bundle can only be purchased once.
  • Sales Period:
    • 11/20 5 AM KST - 12/4 7 PM KST
    • 11/19 12 PM PST - 12/4 2 AM PST
    • 11/19 9 PM CET - 12/4 11 AM CET
  • Included:
    • 13,500 G-Coin ($99.99 Value)
      • Bonus skins
These deals are only available for a limited time, so make sure you hop into the store and pick up your Black Friday Packs fast!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where players were only able to enter Ranked mode in FPP/Squad when restarting the client or refreshing the lobby.
  • Fixed the issue where partner exclusive items could be equipped and unequipped freely during the game.
  • Fixed the camera shuttering occurring to a driver in TPP every time when a passenger switches seats.
  • Fixed the issue where the default value of weather type was not available in certain custom match warmode presets.
  • Fixed the issue where players are forced back to the lobby with an exclamation mark UI displayed when entering dual matchmaking.
  • Fixed the issue where ADS'ing with a weapon obstructed by a collision object resulting in severe camera jitter.
  • Fixed the incorrect collision distance of certain weapons.
  • Fixed the issue where incorrect vehicle information displayed on the players HUD when embarking a vehicle with destroyed wheels.
  • Fixed the issue where a character's motion becomes awkward when crouching and proning while the character is on fire.
  • Fixed the issue where the soot effect displayed only at the initial point of explosion when multiple sticky bombs explode in a certain way.
  • Fixed the awkward rendering of a character when a character holds certain weapons with grip attachments added.
  • Fixed the issue of items not being able to be picked up in certain locations.
  • Fixed the issue where the Custom Match hosts' throwable arc tracers were visible.
  • Fixed the issue where the player character stays stuck in the lean position after they accidentally press L/R stick while throwing a throwable.
  • (Xbox) Fixed an issue where you couldn't ping items.
  • (Xbox) Fixed an issue where certain SFX weren't playing when you fire the Panzer Faust in Training Mode.
  • Fixed an issue in the custom keybinding where if you bind an action with the RB and another button and go on a vehicle to perform the action, the same action will be performed again even when you press other buttons.
  • Fixed the issue where the HUD displays the wrong information of the car after the car's tires are damaged from Spike traps.
  • Fixed the issue of the camera stutter when passengers switch seats in a turning vehicle driver's perspective while in third-person perspective.
  • Fixed the issue where the character is headless when inside a vehicle and you reload in FPP.
  • Fixed the issue where an awkward motion is displayed when crouching and proning while a character's body is on fire.
  • Missing trees around Ruins, Sanhok are now back.
  • Improved the map loading speed on Miramar.
  • Fix the issue of items disappearing when switching between a player in a distance and another on a train in spectating mode.
  • Fixed an issue where you can see through certain fences in Paramo.
  • Fixed an issue where an exploding effect wasn't displayed when throwing a grenade into the lava in Paramo.
  • Fixed the issue of rocks and trees floating in the air in certain parts of Paramo.
  • Fixed the issue in certain ponds of Paramo where the player character does not recognize the water.
  • Fixed the misaligned UI in the settings menu.
  • Fixed the excessive speed of character rotation in the customize menu affected by 'General Sensitivity' value.
  • Fixed the edges of the reward icon box not highlighted when selected in the pass screen.
  • Fixed the typo in one of the pass reward items.
  • Fixed the graphics error shown at the bottom of the G-Coin page in certain resolution settings.
  • Fixed the issue where players could not replace missions in a row.
  • Fixed the issue where waypoints could be displayed abnormally on the minimap when spectating players waypoints.
  • Fixed the incorrect survival mastery level up animation and UI.
  • Fixed the incorrect system message shown when inviting a kicked player from a custom match session.
  • Fixed the issue where the Ranked Season 8 reward emblem image was not displayed
  • Fixed the case of a teammate not displayed at the Team list UI in squad gameplay.
  • Fixed the case of wrong button guides being displayed when in normal match, spectating mode.
  • Fixed the issue of accessing previous seasons' leaderboards from Season 9, it doesn't show content.
  • Fixed the issue where the "Visit Store" button in Customization → Utility doesn't function.
  • Fixed the issue where the circle icon which indicates the faze under Career → Match History is cut out at the top.
  • Fixed the issue where if you have no previous match records, O button is displayed in the bottom left corner in Career → Match History.
  • Fixed the issue where some of the key names in the Custom Keybinding menu is only displayed in English.
  • Fixed the issue where the border was not displayed when selecting an item from the Season 9 reward list.
  • Fixed the issue where the MALEVOLENT MIME GEAR PACK is not in the center of the screen when previewing.
  • Fixed the issue where the weapon skin can be seen in the preview even after removing the skin.
Skin & Item
  • Fixed the issue where players could equip 'Eyes' category items with Merc Team Uniform items.
  • Fixed the issue where players could not preview emotes after selecting weapon skin items from the pass reward page.
  • Fixed the misaligned weapon skin when previewing Malevolent Mime - DBS item skin.
  • Fixed the social widget unintentionally displayed on the LABS page.
  • Fixed an issue where you could experience a graphical glitch when wearing certain jackets or multi-slot outfits with the Yule Scarf.

Known Issues

  • When LB+RB/RB+LB is combined with attaching throwables or using recovery/boost items, unintentional character leaning may be caused when performing the actions when in Custom Keybinding Type C.
submitted by PUBG_Andymh5 to PUBGConsole

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