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How do we make sense again? Propaganda, media, politics and universities

Warning: LONG POST
Ok, so I have begun genuinely concerned about a few global trends. In particular, it is the link between the toxic political discourse in the west, the internet, foreign intelligence propaganda and universities. I want to map out some thoughts and I'd appreciate some comments if people think I am wrong / inaccurate / worried over nothing etc. and to explore some potential solutions. Here it goes.
Totalitarianism in the west
The clearest example of this is in the US, but it has echoes throughout Europe.
On the right, you have Trump who was noncommittal about peaceful transition of power, prematurely declared victory and is now refusing to concede in what appears to be a pretty clear Biden win. This alone is not a concern. Trump is one orange man. What is concern is that his base is lapping it up. Accusations of fraud are everywhere on right wing media. The fact that they are arguing fraud, rather than blaming COVID (for example) for the loss is the difference between abandonment of democratic values and simply deflecting responsibility for the loss in order to spin their narrative. The latter is a common strategy after election defeat. The former is very concerning because it implicitly indicates that the democrats (see also: half the country) did not act in good faith during the election and that there is therefore no reason for the Republicans to act in good faith by accommodating peaceful transition of power.
On the left, the totalitarian tendencies are the calls for recriminations of Trump supporters, funders and appointees. The call is for them to be 'held to account', which appears to be the modern term for to be 'unpersoned' in Orwellian language. Again, the fact that a few loons in the radical faction of a party thought of this is unsurprising and in and of itself is not threatening. Again, they are just a handful of people. But the idea seems to be resonating with at least some of the democratic base. The idea implies that there is no intention to transition power back to Republicans if they lose an election. The reason is that you would only put people on recriminations lists if you don't fear that they will ever do the same to you. The only reason you would have no such fear is because you genuinely don't think they will ever have the power to do so, and implicitly, it must mean that you do not intend to give power back.
There is some rather sad irony to all this:
  1. A good deal of Trump's appeal in 2016 was that he was seen as a cure to the poisonous enforcement of political correctness by 'the left', on the basis that it was soft totalitarianism.
  2. A good deal of Biden's appeal in 2020 was that he was not Trump, who demonstrated (and continues to demonstrate) totalitarian tendencies, yet days after the election, Biden's base is already occupying themselves with who to oust and whose lives to destroy.
To my mind, this stems from a shared view by the two sides, that the other side is not just misguided, misinformed or has a different but reasonable disposition, but rather, that the other side is evil - flawed in moral character and is a direct threat to them and their existence.
Now, I used the US as an example here, but only because it is a recent example and because the example is quite clear. Think of the last time you heard 'Make [x] great again' in your country. Think of the far right parties enjoying popularity in continental Europe. Think of the right wing youtube personalities you've seen coming up over the last 5 years. Think of the left wing movements (eg. Antifa) and thinkers who have taken hold in governments, the public service, the academy and HR departments around the world (eg. Robin Deangelo, Ruth Quibbel, Kevin Paterson and Bill Hughes, Thomas Picketty etc).
Think of how people in your country are reacting to the US election right now. And then think about why they think what they do. Why is the big question on my mind...
The forces at play
  1. The Media
The media (and I mean all media - TV, print, internet news, facebook news feeds, youtubers etc.) is economically incentivized to do whatever it takes to obtain and retain viewership.
Generally, as a marketing tactic, media outlets / authors take a bunch of political positions that will spark attention in viewers. Truth does not matter in this and neither does reputation. All that matters is that people consume the media in a manner that is satisfactory for advertisers, such that those advertisers are prepared to pay large sums of money to the relevant media organizations. A good explanation of this is in the documentary film 'The Social Dilemma'.
This is a significant proportion of the economic imperative, but it doesn't stop there. See below.
  1. Intelligence agencies and propaganda
Ok - no conspiracy here, but I will need to lay some groundwork so that you know what i'm talking about. One of the basic functions of most large intelligence agencies is propaganda. Each country has its interests (eg. economic, geopolitical etc) and the idea of propaganda is to get media consumers believe whatever set of beliefs a country finds useful.
Good examples of propaganda machines are state owned media. For Russia, think of RT news. For China, think of The People's Daily or Xinhua News Agency. These agencies of course report news that we are all accustomed to, but every so often they will warp the perspective to fit their needs. They will either omit facts, tell half-truths or outright lie in some circumstances because the goal is not truth. It is propaganda. For example - Russia will always try to portray NATO as an aggressor funded by US imperialist interests while portraying Russia as acting proportionately and defensively despite their provocations....while invading Ukraine. This is fundamentally why Russia supported Trump - he wanted to reduce funding to NATO - this is a key geopolitical goal of Russia's - as a weakened NATO means that Russia can try to occupy former soviet states. The converse is also true. During the 1990s, the US really did assist the significant expansion of NATO. The west usually portrays Russia as the aggressor (and sometimes it is when it decides to occupy chunks of former soviet countries). But the point isn't the facts - the point is that each country portrays whatever story suits it best.
This propaganda is sometimes used for local population control (though, in countries where media is not free, this is less of a risk, because the dissemination of information is limited anyway), but it is more often used to target unsuspecting consumers of mass media. This is why RT news will often feature anchors who speak impeccable English with British or American accents. The idea is to add to their credibility as a reliable western news outlet.
Logical extensions to this sort of propaganda are making key news stories appear on the facebook feeds of western audiences (eg. like in 2016) or deploying bot armies on twitter / reddit / youtube to upvote / praise stories that further the relevant nation's interests and downvote / criticize posts that don't.
Now, the above description of propaganda is very simplistic. There are other elements of propaganda related work that are much more subtle. Some may still be quite direct - for example getting foreign diplomats onto foreign talk shows where those diplomats push a particular message to a foreign public. Some of them may be less overt, for example, a foreign government financing a local group of protesters in the US because the positions those protesters take benefit the relevant country. Less overt still (basically covert) would be to place students in universities to become professors or take other high ranking public positions in a foreign country while being assets of a foreign power (eg. the Cambridge spies).
Then there is the flipside - the counter intelligence side. This is a dual role. One is of course finding foreign agents and outing them / monitoring them etc. James Bond stuff. The other is minimizing the effect of foreign propaganda. This is effectively the creation of a local propaganda machine. Now - how might the west create a local propaganda machine if it has a free press? I (or rather, Noam Chomsky and Eric Weinstein) give you: THE DISC (Distributed Idea Suppression Complex, or as Chomsky calls it the 'Manufacturing of Consent'). The basic idea is to finance, licence and reward heads of media organizations that push an agenda that is in the national interest. Think of Murdoch media. Those people are not 'government hacks'. They genuinely believe what they are publishing. They are selected because they believe it. They then select journalists whose genuine beliefs are compatible. Journalists whose beliefs are not compatible simply don't manage to climb into management and their ideas are, in this way, softly suppressed.
The idea is of course not to control every single media outlet - in the age of the internet - that is impossible. The idea is to control the main media outlets that most people consume and occasionally discredit key competitors. This way, we still have a 'free press', it's just that 90+% of people will only consume government approved messages because the other sources are simply too obscure.
What does propaganda have to do with the current state of affairs?
Ok so in the age of the internet, controlling local propaganda has become very difficult and extremely complex. People can easily consume multiple news sources. They can easily search for new media outlets. Also, it is easier to push certain media outlets in front of people by buying advertising space on social media. This has created an intricate propaganda game between local western and foreign governments. It is a western-specific problem because the west does not control its media the way authoritarian countries do. This makes it particularly vulnerable to attack.
So: If you are a country that is competing with the US and you'd like to attack it in this manner - what would your goals be? Well...sowing division and social unrest would be a start. How? Well...maybe by pushing extreme narratives on both sides of the political spectrum, such that consumers of the relevant media sources will change their political views such that the other side isn't just misguided but evil and an enemy...
According to Yuri Bezmenov (KGB defector), one of the goals of propaganda is to undermine trust in the police force. Maybe...to...defund the police? Sound familiar? So that's an easy message to sell to the left. What about the right? Well...take your pick...QAnon (supporting Trump while fomenting hatred and distrust relating to the opposition) or the vast array of COVID conspiracies (which basically all are designed to get people to disregard the threat posed by COVID, be suspicious of vaccinations and lower eventual herd immunity while making them distrust the government). For a more fulsome discussion of this, see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-cWbq1PoSw.
So all of this seems to have come to a head. People don't trust their neighbors anymore. They don't trust the government and they don't trust the police. The western world lacks leadership and has been in an almost constant state of crisis of late. We've seen the results with Charlottesville, the BLM movement, various terrorist attacks in Europe, the resurgence of white nationalism and the implementation of an extreme and censorious left. My prediction is that this will only get worse unless something is done.
  1. Universities
Universities are in a sense the incubators of our future leaders. However, in another sense, they are just a more advanced media outlet. We can't read every possible opinion about a particular topic. When we sign up for degrees, we rely on Universities to curate the 'best' opinions and to teach those to us so that we are as equipped as possible at the end of our degrees. However, this curatorship has been one-sided of late. I'm sure anybody who has been to a major university in the west will know the significant left wing bias of those universities. It may be the DISC at play. It may be foreign agents at play who were brought in during the soviet era and who have now trained up 1-2 generations of proteges. Who knows. The point is that it exists.
The radicalization of universities is also growing. In particular, social studies seem to have had a boon of late. They are always in the media - feminism, critical race theory, queer theory, indigenous rights etc. and they are well funded, sometimes by government, but more often by management consulting companies who want to use certain pre-determined outcomes of research to sell to their clients (eg. popularizing a few strands of feminism to increase female workforce participation in order to drive down the value of labour, leading to wage stagnation for households, as has mysteriously been the case for the last 10+ years).
My issue here is that Universities of all places should be guardians of both truth and national interest and they should teach both to students while explaining the difference between them. In my experience, this is simply no longer done.
Ok so where does this leave us? We seem to have lost control over our sense-making apparatus. Even typing this, I am not sure whether these thoughts are really my own or simply an amalgamation of talking points i've listened to. I don't know how much of what I see, hear or speak is truth anymore and I think the same of those around me.
Our universities seem to be failing us, though I would also say that we are failing them by reducing government research funding (which results in reliance on the private sector).
We seem to be, as a group of people saying things that are contrary to our interests - either directly in the policies we advocate as being contrary to our country's geopolitical interests or indirectly, by expressing our opinions in black and white extremes and alienating each other, thereby reducing national cohesiveness.
Given this trend, I struggle to see a way out. Providing more government funding to universities might work, but it might just make a corrupt establishment more powerful. I have no idea how to win the propaganda war when the west is at an inherent disadvantage (due to its free press policy). Perhaps each country should have a state owned broadcaster and ensure that it provides a standard 'party line' for the country to at least provide messaging for what is in the country's geopolitical / economic interests? Many countries have this already, but I am not convinced that this is the job they perform (though perhaps I have absorbed too much foreign propaganda myself).
Even if we do some of this stuff, there is a time and place for understanding national interest, but we also need to understand truth. Actual absolute truth. 2+2=4. How do we get back to this? How do we learn to trust our neighbors and ourselves?
submitted by Raven_25 to JordanPeterson

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