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TDU2 Unofficial Patch was released 28th March and it adds 7 new cars, 1 bike and additional rims for previously added Nissan Skyline R. How to install and update this game.: : Test Drive. Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Update / Crack / Keygen / Offline. Test drive unlimited 2 crack offline launcher download. Apply the official Test Drive Unlimited 2 Update #2 (Auto-Update). Test Drive Unlimited 2 Crack Download Skidrow visit.

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It was initially added to our database on 10/29/2020. Test Drive Unlimited 2. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. Test Drive Unlimited 2 Update 2-SKIDROW – Releaselog try these out. Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Free DLC. TOTAL VIDEO RAM: 256 MB. Full list of all 57 Test Drive Unlimited 2 achievements worth 1, 195 gamerscore.

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It is also the tenth game in the series. Test Drive Unlimited 1.2 Serial Number Keygen for All Versions Find Serial Number notice: Test Drive Unlimited serial number, Test Drive Unlimited all version keygen, Test Drive Unlimited activation key, crack - may give false results or no results in search terms. HELP _ Test Drive Unlimited 2 Serial + Unlock Code more. Test drive unlimited 2 update crack. Apply the official Test Drive Unlimited 2 Update #4 (Auto-Update). VACCINE BOOST Virus Live Coronavirus UK news – Dozens of vaccination centres to help roll out 1million jabs a DAY- New lockdown has started and due to last for at least a month.

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Free test drive unlimited 2 updates download software at UpdateStar - Test Drive Unlimited is the ultimate automotive experience for car and bike enthusiasts alike. Too add a little more information I'm running the version: v034 build 16. Download: HOTFiLE – FiLESERVE – FiLESONiC. Test Drive Unlimited 2 is an open world racing game in the Test Drive series, and the second entry in the Test Drive Unlimited sub-series. After this update, Xbox 360 users began to have network and server issues. NPUB30417 1 Update Available.

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The graph above, from the NHS Covid data dashboard, shows deaths within 28 days of a positive test by date of death. Test Drive Unlimited 2 + ALL DLC Full Version PC Game. TOP FUNNIEST GAME FAILS EVER (Gamers Are Idiots Funny Moments Compilation) - Duration: Slash Recommended for you. Now, if you attempt to join a game without being in a game session, you'll get a "No Session Available" message instead of "The Test Drive Unlimited 2 Server is Not Available" - Fixed a bug that could cause players to occasionally lose money at the Slot Machine. Test Drive Unlimited 2 transforms the driving genre. TDU2 Update 5-SKIDROW free full ... - Free Cracked Games weblink.

I hope to unite humanity in a way we can all contribute. Without competition of man; tldr: Here’s a speech on how we can make world peace and screw the rich

How is there still suffering? When we have supposedly been trying to make a change. I have been left to feel that no one is here to help us except our selves. I dont want anyone to feel this way anymore. I dont want you to feel like no one is here for you, when we obviously could be. We are capable of incredible and amazing things, if only we can change society together. The only people who can turn this world around, is us. We have been put through the worst life has to offer only to still survive, its time for us to thrive as ourselves, not as puppets, slaves, pawns, or employees. To grow we must suffer, but we have suffered since the dawn of man; there is a point where you have to make a decision, to go left or to go right in life. On the left is the simplest route where our ancestors went everyday, through all of their personal hardships to just repeat the same cycle of work to survive. Right is the hardest path where we build a better world and change what we have accepted in this world for thousands of years, no more blame, no need for hate, be sincere; I am afraid and have been all the days of my life, how do we run from the truth constantly. As brutal and as painful as it is, it is time to face it. Those who dream should be taught "how can I get there now" rather than "how can I earn enough to be another pawn", "how can I conform", "how can I be like the rest". Writing this speech I should be a nobody to you, thats what I want to be, but someone needs to put these words out there and be truthful to not only themselves but to all of humanity. I want to disrupt the industry, and change the way we go forward collectively, to help not only are self but to also help those who are willing to help our society, a way we can tackle problems that tear at morals and destroy the planet we live on, while making it easy to live and not just survive but now to live your dream and provide you with fufilling options for a better generation and a new hope towards a better life. To have new ideas and go forward with them, to not conform but to take action to build a better world of tomorrow, one where our children and childrens children can talk of the way things used to be before us, with remorse; or the alternative of doing nothing for them to wonder how we just sat idly caring only for our self as we try to "earn" enough to "live" while we let the world burn as a result; metaphorically and physically. I have an idea to fix the world, this is it; and I believe it would be, a huge advancement to our society. We would have less fear, more incentive to grow and better equality for all. I propose a company that acts as a non profit reinvesting all income it brings in back into itself to grow to provide better rights and equality for all who are willing. As a species we have too much extreme poverty and too many billionaires with stupidly extreme wealth. (Not to criticize their success) The average ceo makes between 200x-400x more than your typical employee Meaning if you were to work 50 days you would make as much as the ceo does in a single hour. 50% of Americas population owns only 2.5% of the total wealth in rotation while 1% owns an average of 40% wealth that is in all of the rotational value. (Taking it out of play, piggybanking it rather than letting it continue in cycle. Essentially reverse counterfiting to increase the poverty level by systematically capping the ammount that millions can earn even if they dont realize it) I want to bring equality while still giving everyone numerous if not near limitless options. To start I want our society/company to have the following for free at the least: Healthcare (dentist, optometry, physiotherapy, chiropracture, acupuncture, surgery, available test services), education, university, daycare, access to vehicles/transportation, food, clothing, housing, funeral costs, insurance, etc. I call the idea "The Everything Company", here are some of my ideas; Everyone in the community that lives here enters residency through a open public contract, some relinquish and sign over their mortgage. There are some with absouloutely no debt and positive assets. Regardless when entering, we will attain the remainder of your assets being positive or negative, while vigorously recording all of this for your benefit; and never to use against you! We will still record and accumulate all of your debt or lack of, with the contract. In return and in exchange for; residency/housing, services, benefits, and hopefully a better way of life, etc. What is required? Contribute to the community (and try to work hard at whatever you do), obviously within the personal scope of your own ability. "The Everything Company" is designed where everyone can eventually have everything. Example: Have you ever struggled with rent in the past and as a result worked with multiple jobs. Always focussed on work to pay the mortgage. To pay for food. Are you wanting to go to university for your dream job but worries of money to stop you. Do you find yourself in a repeating cycle? And would you like to change it? What if you could live in a facility with the commodities of a home. Luxuries of an apartment/condo. And nearly all services provided fotoo you. Near perfect buildings that are only ever improving, soundproof walls, the best and latest technology incorporated with each new design, everything from a smart fridge to autocleaning litterbox . As well all residents can have a garbage chute linking directly to the basement where it is collected transported and sorted with a artificial intelligence scanner. Where everything will be recycled properly aiming to, make it a green building eco friendly as well as incorporate plants and greenery into the designs. Have architects design multiple styles, and as the company grows uniqueness will only expand. (By the millions) Trash compactors, Recycling shoots, Garborators, the best appliances and fixtures: hopefully all trash is collected by garbage shoots having perhaps a separate for toxic etc? Auto sort and have recycling solutions and trash collection in place, for the best recycling possible at current time. Low energy use devices, to hopefully minimalize pollution; showers, low flow toilets, tubs, sinks, lights. Windows that absorb energy as well as can be tinted to your liking or to be auto-tinting should you set a schedule, this will benefit you and possibly save some energy needed to cool building. Fridge that has a calendar connected to company for easy planning, and can tell you everything you can make with ingredients inside and a rough time of expirey, helping to plan meals for the whole family. Or being able to confirm to be at the cafeteria tonight for dinner service, breakfast, lunch etc, all from your fridge! (Confirmation is only so the cafeteria can have a rough estimate for meal distribution.) We have in each building an area with a cafeteria with food provided for meals, confirm on your fridge if you plan to come down. Cook in your own kitchen if you prefer and go down to the grocery store for anything you want, with your residence card provided upon residency contract. This card is like a gift card so we can properly inventory manage, want something brought in for you, just request it. Either at service desk, from a representative, or on your personal Laptop provided. We aim to provide (nearly) everything and in return you work on yourself or with the community to better society. Recollection of water? Auto filtration system, keep in mind I don't intend to do this for just the Caucasian world I want the same engineers contractors to be able to go around the world and build the same design perfectly, have storage into walls making use of available space. You want a perfect design so that people will be comfortably living in them for their lives or until they are ready to move. Aiming for, no problems or at the least minimal so there won’t be anything to complain about. The company aims to connect all services for easy access! Aiming to build a new design of roads over time; that are able to absorb some amount of electricity even if its minuscule there has to be a way, possibly their could be ways to discharge it into vehicles driving on it? Can you use the kinetic energy if no normal cars were on the road and reinvent roads (to be like the movie "wall E", only on a larger scale) using magnetism to spin wheels and push the car forward. (Water drainage, is a current issue. What happens if there is a problem with one segment of road; if you do pieces does that solve the soloution or only add to the problem) Plans for housing units as an example could be, 220' x220' being multiple stories (10-15 stories) with an observation deck, public restrooms, a cafeteria, housing units will need to be honestly "perfect units" with multiple options for residents to have best lives. In order to hopefully minimalize "greed". Provide all with multiple options with multiple layouts and depending on their personal requirements Single rooms, doubles, family, special needs, etc. All accomidations I/we aim to incoporate. Go down to the facility "garage"/mechanic bay (multiple per area; per capita etc) sign out one of the new vehicles and go on a trip for the day or two, or go to the service registration where you can register for a new activity with a training day out with someone who has devoted their "worktime" to teaching (after of course being properly certified). With a separate building for all branches of services, having access to psychological treatment, psycho therapy, or a wide range of other available options able to be applied for in the building. Parents and adults can get help with a wide varieties of counselling, Free day care continuing into preschool and elementary all the way to university, if you so choose that you would like to continue towards a higher education. On site gym, for recreational or medical use; that also partners with health care having physiotherapy, rehabilitation, courses and more. Job services puts you in touch with social workers that help you find something suited for you that you actually enjoy, or feel fufilled doing. As the company expands after the foundation is set for self sustatinment and self funding; hundreds of architects that work with/for the company, can work to design perfect buildings that meet everyone’s needs and desires, as well as interior decorators and all similar details. Creating facilities to manufacture bamboo, algae, hemp, and other possible solutions to decrease the amount of waste and pollution towards the planet, with university support and moderation combining all corporations into the betterment of mankind, we can have partner companies or other support companies offer to work under depends on the socio economic model in place. Universities will get very high funding (as we won’t push them to join the company, we can only hope.). Teachers that work at universities partnered with the company are able to join as well and choose to live near campus, whether or not they want to is completely up to them, with students living at the dorm or near with their family is up to them, whatever they choose, we will support. Universities that partner are now selectively non profit, people enjoy their classes or they can respectfully leave or transfer. If they have problems any student can access any service they request. (Even if not with the company.) Society should theoretically function properly, or perhaps better for the most part. Why unless it was a rough day would you have hostility towards people, residents, patients or staff have hostility. Teens exiting high school shall receive their own apartment once of age with a special contract giving extra gap time to help each individual find their place in society. This special contract gives them time and choice to decide if the organization is right for them. If however you do choose to leave. We will help with job searching/apartment hunting and whatever you choose. Hopefully the children that were born into the organization see we only try to benefit their growth and less towards resentment. Regardless they are given choices and awareness towards life. In the gap time we offer you to shadow/try, follow, apprentice, learn jobs and to help save in case you choose to leave. Pets are welcomed and encouraged in the community but only with/if proper rules are followed, being things like take it outside regularly clean up after it. Some people living in the compound are extremely passionate about animals some being dogs cats parrots etc, these people have jobs of coming around to your apartment on certain days (check smart calendar on your fridge to see what your days are like) your pet are signed up for , to spend a few hours out with them. They will look after your pets and clean up after them, spending time loving them and doing what makes them happy, some people take this as a side job not knowing yet what they enjoy and some hoping to be a veterinarian, others just love animals and use this as their way to contribute to the society for their "worktime". Now you can just focus on the best for yourself or the business or the company. Regardless it will be benefitting society. For some who wish to remain with the previous employer, we offer to them a contract of rights on your behalf after reviewing it with you. If the employer agrees, our job service department will branch with them offering direct help and sometimes even funding to the business you work for to improve work conditions and quality of life for you and those around you, employers, employees, customers; regardless of if they are with are company or not. However if our job service department can’t come to an arrangement which should theoretically never happen. We would ask as in the contract that you resign and we find nearly any job in the open community or within the company that you will enjoy and feel rewarded with! You get a job where you feel fulfilled and enjoy it, with the goal being for it to be the job of your dreams, while having a free education, free apartment in the "company" (foundation/the businesses/government run buildings where everything is provided) (Singapore) free groceries, free social services connections to counseling phsyio therapy rehabilitation centers, we have a care home where comfort is actually the priority, specialized connected community. Work: Why do we work and would you work for free doing what you love if you no longer had to worry about you and your families survival? Giving you time and resources to pursue passions and dreams, while the wage you normally would be earning, is redierected to the company fund to be re invested 100% and managed to get the most back out of each persons hard work for each of the people down to the cent. Rather than making it a competition of 1 vs 7,000,000,000 We work so we can survive in this day and age, we focus so much on our momentary survival. Should a king not provide for his people? Why do we work? And would you work for free doing what you love? If you no longer had to worry about you and your families survival, what would you seek in life. The company partners with universities, cannabis, and environmental, pipelines, electric companies, all aspects of growth for humanity. People that like to garden can get their own little plot of land to do as they please and while they are at work. Gardeners who devote to make it their current career or "worktime" can tend to it. (Feel free to go to job services or on our home page to change jobs nearly anytime.) Business professions this eliminates the need for competition, example: competing over clients because now if you choose to live at our facility, it wont be a competition it will be how can we together best serve you. We will find you the most fulfilling job or we can offer a contract meaning we will go to your employer: and offer to partner with them to keep you on as an employee. If you so desire. Payroll is directed to the company and reinvested to expand and better for the people. (Don’t like what money is being spent on, go on your laptop click the website and vote! We encourage voicing oppinions and matters to all, the website should be designed for easy compatability for most users.) Jobs rotation shifts to train and keep burn out to a minimum and get highest feedback for solutions, placement, improvements etc. All types of shifts you are able to register for as long as you meet "worktime" quota, 4hrs-‪8hrs-12hrs‬ Design your schedule and life the way you want it. Imagine all companies and studios having the choice to partner with the organization and have increased resources while eliminating the required need for money, for workers to work, or consumers to enjoy it? Potentially getting : Disney, Sony, Netflix, to all partner and share rights and resources with each other. Microsoft, Google, Bing, all operating for the same principal of making life the easiest for the people they can. Disney and Sony can now have all of the consumers vote (if they choose) on polls to settle disputes and they can share a movie universe each providing towards the enjoyment of others rather than focusing on profits. And those who can only focus on profits will be phased out or forced to find other purpose in life. Imagine if all these companies shared information under one roof. How fast would humanity improve? Buddy at google ends up coming up with 49% solution to the worlds problems for computers but has it patented, if only he can work with the other person at Microsoft with the counterpart 49%. Now that they can publicly share this the pubic ends up providing the last 2% and we are all the better for it? Mechanics can now work in their department part of the facility (multiple through each city) All vehicles we provide are looked at and worked on every day. Each resident can sign out a vehicle and take a trip anywhere. Go to the activity registration desk and sign up for lessons skydiving, and learn from someone who has made this a workday/"worktime" out of their passion, for helping others experience the activity. Trying to do everything to find motivation or what interests you. Go to school for what you love, no worries as long as in some form you work or help the organization when done with the education. Have classmates and teacher who care about what they choose. Teens exiting high school shall receive their own apartment once of age with a special contract giving extra gap time to help each individual find their place in society. This special contract gives them time and choice to decide if the organization is right for them. If however you do choose to leave. We will help job searching/apartments hunting and whatever you choose. Hopefully the children that were born into the organization see we only try to benefit their growth and less towards resentment. Regardless they are given choices and awareness towards life. In the gap time we offer you to shadow/try/follow/apprentice jobs and to help save in case you choose to leave. Unifying healthcares together as a collective part of the workforce, and bringing everyone together as a team. Taking money out of the equation of society so it can perform properly and to the highest standard, of its potential. Where healthcare is connected and free. Dental, psychology, x-ray, clinicians, opticians, physicians, specialists, all working together for your betterment. Millions of people majority of them being senior; Live in assisted living where __#__-- Pay up the ass and cant focus on entertaining/bettering themselves, but rather surviving pension paycheck to paycheck unable to truly do what they wish. Instead the organization provide as a larger more developed model. Where people can socialize so much more, from 40 to 400 a building and a plethora of engage able activities. Dementia care could be designed in a near city like enclosed area again connected to facility. complex care could be managed beside hospital units, large areas where workers get assistance they need, and enjoy coming to work to care and not be overworked. They can report any and all issues with promise of follow up, and continuum of choices for reporting issues. The universities/science branches/ health care/research now can be added to everyday settings and have private care taken away, with focus being on individual self and mankind. Adding to everyday settings provides growth and opportunity to be shared and taught upon. As a health care aide, I see medicines that do twenty things being used to treat one effect/result in a patient, It needs more accurate research. Doctors are overworked because they are understaffed because it isn't worth being trapped in debt over. If we take away these worries and everyone can work in a manner they like. We have our own hospital that partners with Universities to provide the best education and care of patients, unlike current healthcare we aim to connect physiological dentistry imagery psychology and all other branches of healthcare. Putting less focus on the numbers of economics and rather providing what is needed for the people. All located within convenient locations around the Community less hours on healthcare workers. Broader percentage of people being helped as all of these are free. Less stress and demand as well as these people are your essentially your neighbours now. Why unless it was a rough day would you have hostility towards people, residents, patients or staff have hostility. Giving you time and resources to peruse passions and dreams; while unifying healthcare with workforce and bringing everyone together as a team. Taking money out of the equation or keeping a universal basic income regardless it can all be sorted after. Healthcare specializes in dealing with dementia and associated diseases. Where your doctors can walk over and check to see how they are doing and consistently monitor behaviours to ensure the best level of comfort and treatment. We will keep you updated and aware of what is happening, with permission we also partner with universities and other companies that specialize in treatment and research of such diseases, in hopes of better understanding and growth in the field. Mechanics can work in their department (section/ part of the facility).All vehicles we provide are looked at and worked on everyday. Each resident can sign out a vehicle and take a trip anywhere they choose, as if they were in their own home. With the added benefit of optional automatic driving, everyday maintenance, a car suited to whatever activity (almost) always available. Go to activity registration desk and sign up for lessons in activities/ such as, skydiving, golf, bowling, scuba diving, (location based, hope to get everything in time) and learn from someone who has made this a work day out of their passion for the activity and helping others experience it. Try and do everything to find motivation or what interest you. Go to school for what you love. No worries of debt as long as in some form you work or help the organization when done with education. Have classmates and teachers who care about what they are in. Focusing on self growth rather than gain. 100% of income earned goes to the compounds collective interest and/or reinvestment. Universal basic income and allowances, you have a compound card to scan at the grocery store to track your purchases and make healthy suggestions meal suggestions all things in grocery store are plastic free solutions, the reason for cards is if we can track averages then we can find the right amount without waste etc, What to do with the world. Everything company. That’s the statistics starting with plastic waste how hot the earth is get all the stats of it. Problems currently in the world: extinction of millions of species, starvation/water. Waste. Oceans filled with plastic, low fish due to plastic. And yet plastic is still being produced trash equals no idea how to fix. Atmosphere car pollution everything else. Otherwise it’s private companies hiding research process for profit even though an organization like this could create kelp/hemp/algae just has a few examples from start to while pushing public research for humanities problems Did you know banks have technically printed more money than any other government, although its not physical money quite like what we were used to, the gold standard per dollar. But rather through "debt" a fairly new concept in terms of banking especially when going passed the government to add additional value to that being borrowed, creating and endless cycle of only 100billion cash circulation, 20 trillion in all digital platforms of banks, and then the debt adds that rack up to 40 trillion being owed. No matter how people try to pay it back, inevitably their only option is to be defensive, countries lead to war over this, tensions over china. 20tril owed to them, yet they don't ask for it back. The whole political system is all designed to distract away from these things, it forces us to be cogs in a machine and not really make an impact unless we stop working. Where as I see a new system of growth and betterment of mankind, uniting countries over time. Endless possibilities. Forcing the idea of "needs" upon people in society. Having to work for needs is wrong in so many regards.
Why can’t the individual tackle these. They have to work to survive they have to focus on survival rather than growth of the south survival of the species. Why do government not tackle these issues? Instead they focus on separation/distraction/focuses on current survival of one rather than collective group of individuals. Did you know banks print digital money through an imaginary process of interest often with no purpose but survival and it is all designed to distract away from growth by adding fillers and forcing ideas etc. Why cant the individual tackle these. Rather than growth of self and our future, or the survival of the species. Care for the earth, what impact does each of our actions have on everything around us. Why doesn't government do something to help the people so they aren't stuck in a cycle of survival. Instead the focus is on separation of the people, distraction, focusses on current survival of one rather than collective group or individuals. Should a king not provide for his people? Government/company over control on all consumer products, packaging will be provided to companies for controlled price of overall medium, funds will be provided to accommodate monopolies. Government opens and Company Starting Example: You have all the supplies you need. And 500 contractors in a town. You get the land, architect designs, remodel, city plans, etc. Use the contractors and electro plumbing, as just an example. They can basically continue to work there job and once they are done the first building they all get to live in it lets say valued at 500k apartment if it was to be considered against standard housing. (High hopes) Now they all get to sell their homes and move into a much nicer facility should they contract to join, we take over the mortgage and selling it and we are going to provide everything for you as long as you do education... work... hospital... recovering... etc trying to function basically. Overtime it would expand having more services join in and only being able to re use their skills to better the company, then the community around, you basically are letting the people in the company contract, live without money, because they give it all to you. Wether it ever were to be negative or positive. (Why buy land when I own a neighborhood and can flatten it and build 10 buildings housing 200 people, hopefully designed by a good company/investor . Cause I want to re do pollution and be able to collect all of the tenants waste and, use an ai to sort it and recycle it. Have the buildings incorporated with parks and greenery, lower temperature cleaner o2 blah blah, tenants when signing contract give us their car. We basically destroy it and replace it with hopefully better than a Tesla in comparison. Except for example say a capita of 1000 people has 400 cars, post explains mechanics and concept. Fixing plastic, now that every service is free and residents no longer have to worry about money and budgeting, we can direct funds to finding immediate and temporary solutions to these epidemics that fill the world today, while expanding globally to assist everyone in the world that is willing. Otherwise its private companies hiding research for profit even to an organization like this could create kelp/hemp/algae farms to start while pushing public research for humanities problems. We can direct the funds to finding immediate solutions to these problems well expanding ——— Bonus First of all this is stupid I have to add this. As an example. Apparently I have to include other reasons for people to join the company that everyone says After joining the company, settling down, getting comfortable, you will have to talk job services to find a source of, provision on/from your behalf . Once you find a suitable job you’ll start accumulating hours for the service and’s level of job levels being Ab and c of industries 123 I don’t care How is accumulated at jobs and skill level. Have no beneficial rewards that are different. Only they can be earned faster in less hours as the industry is placed higher in the category list. Someone who enjoys cooking I hope would like to do it for as long as they want someone that’s a doctor has a different burn out level, and it’s the burn out level of the services that will determine the level we place the job that. Not intelligence level, no placement of importance, Only higher burnouts Healthcare has its own category because of the burnout affects, so for every two weeks you work you get an extra day off that you can choose as long as you schedule it through job services, so we can find someone to fill the shift or make other arrangements. There are going to be people obviously that have a little more subconscious tendency toward greed. So for these people, there is another category, that falls under entrepreneurs or some shit like that. Where researchers and blah blah blah can get bonus time off for their family or for them etc. again we’re not making people work a lot it’s hopefully making them choose jobs that they love but these people that are greedy and want more, So because we are providing free education, literally unlimited resources time off as long as you’re bettering yourself blah blah blah, checking in to see what you’re doing all that shit and we’ve set up meetings etc. You can get your own office you can get your own extra space extra lab things like this this is what we grant the entrepreneurs who are providing either cutting-edge research, And this will be regulated obviously, by a board that is only designed for the entrepreneur section specifically. All votes on the computer are done by every single person, so the people running this board will be the fucking people you choose, if it’s a tie there you go they both elected get a third All major decisions they have; They will release to the public and they will get a notification saying blah blah blah you have this amount of time to vote. Or the currents change to occur. But obviously it can be altered at any time as long as it’s a majority of the people All of it will be able to be categorized and seen by all the people. All the people in healthcare, that are voting for the board of entrepreneurs. Are also going to be shown in a separate category as well, so that the entrepreneurs that are in it at also have their own category When there’s going to be a discrepancy eventually and all the entrepreneurs say no I want blue. And all the healthcare workers say but I think pink is pretty. We will fucking have a majority vote etc. showing where the demographics are and who you should represent but if these people choose against, then you know where these people stand and how you should lead your life. I want a community that likes each other or at least tolerate each other without discrimination. For people that cannot handle the discrimination as long as you can be respectful you can have your own area of segregation if that is what you choose, vegans that hate being around me to the point it wants them in a hospital. Obviously they get their own area. People that or let out of jail that have nowhere to go and want to be reemployed and. Go to school and actually have a chance at a better life. They get their own area, with extra services to help them, as well as counselling etc. to make sure that they are. Ready to reenter society at a rate that they feel comfortable where they will be respectful and be respected Again the 5% rule, we will NOT, take in certain crimes, as well as the majority of people have the right to vote for specific offenders etc. Have the people fucking elect a tiebreaker Turn on the steps in when the other to can’t make an arrangement Holy fuck everyone’s gonna ask how the fuck it’s going to be an election When we’re choosing this goddamn bullshit. Every single person gets the cast of vote, for whoever they want, you get to see the running votes of who is in the lead as well as top 150 candidates and After seeing them in the current vote, or being able to search for people or hit explore and go down the list to see all the other options all the way to 999,000 and shut the fuck up The only way to actually vote for a person, is by clicking on them reading their introduction bio policies etc And since we all have Facebook now, even if it’s not Facebook you have your resident service number, which you can literally leave blank, but if someone has a complaint on you If you came in $20 million in debt You end up being a ex convict etc Things like this, but it is very regulated. If the people don’t like what they see, before the candidates elected they can vote to see what is requested, and then if candidates that want to still continue after the request have been voted for Can continue for the election process of the two all done in less than a week unlike the damn elections now Vacations All get a week A booked off vacation for those working. All get a week sick time, (also we will always try to find you coverage if you are sick, so it does not count as a sick day. But if we cannot fill the shift at all we will have to count it is one sick day) write more on this later For every one hour worked You get 16 miles of flight per hour worked Levels 0.5 school 6+ .5-.75x miles 1 1.25x 2 1.5x 3 1.75x
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A short and long term solution to the "Empty world" problem in Genshin Impact

The following post intends to suggest a short term and long term solution to the late game lack of exploration/continued play stimuli and maybe even the Resin shudders issue.

Also, I would highly recommend reading:
I will be referring to some values calculated by u/Iracy7, in this post, while the weapon leveling value used in the final result is wildly incorrect (posted: 20 days, actual cost assuming max farm efficiency: 1\2days, the other values seem reasonable and will result in roughly) a month of farming to take a character from 0 to 70 with proper gear if you farm every single necessary resource at maximum efficiency every single day.


I've just received an official (Mihoyo staff) notice that Reddit threads outside of the megathread are being removed to ease the moderators work. It was recommended that I move this to a google doc, so thats what I'm going to do.
Link to the doc: Journey System
Official forums post: here
I don't know where I could continue to take feedback on the idea so I'm taking suggestions.

The problems for the people

There are currently several problems the community has found with the game so far but I will list the ones I'm aware of and trying to think of a way to solve with the help of the community.
  1. Resin: There are many complaints about the system, plenty of them involve the limit on meaningfull playtime being relegated to 10-50min
  2. Progression: People don't want to wait a month worth of time to grind their characters to their maximum achievable level. This also ties into resin in a way since exp and mora can be obtained through resin.
  3. Boredom: After around AR30 most chests have been found and enemy camps become scarce and unrewarding, there are no more oculi nor seelies to find and if you've finished the storyline available (~AR35) then the world feels completely empty in comparison to the initial GI experience.
TLDR: People want to play more of the game. There is no proper continuous gameplay loop (something you can keep doing indefinetely). And just asking people to roam around Teyvat trying to find mobs that have a low chance of dropping a 1* artifact does not caracterize a proper gameplay loop.

Mihoyo is a company and profit IS important

As pointed by u/Vartio the solutions must take the business side into account. I currently work as a Unreal/Unity dev and while 100mil is plenty of burst cash, its not something that will last forever while paying their 500-1k employees. Considering the minimum employee count and only 2000$ a month for each (very low for a lot of tech positions) this results in ~67 months of sustained development, since the game took around 3 years and 8 months to develop (44 months total) then this means they should have around 23 months of sustained development time from that money to further develop the game, and they must achieve profit to appease the higher ups.
It would be great to know the actual analytics of the game but I will proceed with this post considering the biggest draw for cash in this game are the character banners and not the use of genesis crystals -> primogens -> daily resin refills. I believe thats the case since the Resin is a daily refill of a resource that is not really aesthetically appealing and also require you to put effort and time (time is really key here) into converting such resource into what you are actually looking for (Artifacts/Exp/Boss drops/books) and that is after the genesis conversion to primogems. Meanwhile the banners have a conversion from genesis crystals to primogens(very fast) and then you are only 1 prompt away from a beautifully animated pull with usefull weapons for refinement/weapon exp and maybe a new/usefull/interesting character with gorgeous design and phenomenal voice acting that will either immediately strengthen your party if its a duplicate or make you extremely excited to try them out.
And thats where we hit a big issue. People can't try out new characters if they can't level them up. that is awfull for the money perspective. It takes away the point of the massive investment on the quality of these characters. I for once find Klee to be absolutely adorable and the basic attack that proc elements, effectively mine, destroy both geo and other fatui shields (not affected by the melee DMG reduction) make her a very attractive option as a party member. However, I can't afford to bring her up to speed with my current party, and having her get one shotted in the overworld makes me not even want to have her out in the field even for just exploration.
Other posts that tackle this situation: 1(Reddit), 2(Reddit), 3 (Forbes)
In short, Primogems are the most important resource for using the gacha system and I imagine thats where most of the money comes from, while character exp, artifacts and mora are the most important resources for advancing the game and making the overworld exploration worth it. Not having the advancing/leveling resources serves as a detriment to the desire of getting new characters. Thats less money. The rates are low enough that most F2Players are not gonna buy genesis crystals, but the value of the Blessing of the Welkin Moon (BWM) is probably enough to get the F2Players if they spend enough time in the game (I know I would purchase it every month as long as I'm playing).
I also believe rewarding extended play with more primogems (enough for a daily wish on top of the commission rewards) could maybe play enough into the banner urgency factor. F2Players that are close to their pity pull would maybe get the genesis crystals missing to hit the pity. In the current state buying genesis crystals require too much cash for too little reward for people with only 300$ of disposable income but 5h/day of disposable time, but the offer will be far more attractive if the exposure to the gacha system is more frequent. I know of at least 11 other players that will not touch the system untill another banner rolls in since they know they are not even close to having enough resources to hit the 5* pity counter in time. Reaching that edge of missing only 10 pulls while having only 5 hours left to purchase in the limited character banner is what I think will break the first purchase barrier for many. But that can only happen if they experience the gacha system more frequently.
TLDR: There is no point in getting new characters and spending money in the gacha system if players can't level that character up. You will not help many players break the first purchase barrier if they can't engage in the gacha system with enough frequency. Getting more people into spending is better for sustainability and extended development and there is much content still on the roadmap.


The way to solve these problems must encompass the desires of both the people and the company.
While many complain about the Resin System, plenty of the problems caused by it are due to the lack of availability of the resources obtained by spending resin.The biggest culprits when it comes to those resources are talent books and boss drops for ascension of the main party and character experience for newly acquired characters + mora for pretty much everything.
When it comes to the time for maxing out a character the biggest culprit is character exp (11 days of optimal farming). Plus the ascension materials that can be farmed within 3 days of extended playtime, which I believe its fair.
When it comes to gearing up a character the biggest culprit is artifacts taking a whopping 16 days to get enough to fully level some 4*s.
Now if you remove those times (occupied by artifacts and character exp), its possible to max out a lvl 70 character in around a week with optimal farming due to the mora constraints. And while that may sound too much for some, it seems fine for me, its a month to get a entirelly new party up to speed for doing Abyss/Exploration, that seems pretty reasonable.
TLDR: Lack of mora,char exp and artifacts are the main source of player dissatisfaction when it comes to resources, lack of guided activities is a major problem as well, both get in the way of players and the company's profit.

My proposals

I know some people will not like this, but my solution for the current situation does not involve a rework/removal of the resin system. But instead alternate means of obtaining the most restrictive resources in terms of time investment (artifacts, Mora and Character exp) through what I believe is GIs strongest point, exploration.
The solution would come in 2 parts, one for the short term since the amount of rage against the current situation is massive. It will not solve the issue completely but should be a great measure in terms of return in player satisfaction per effort to implement. And another for the long term meant to solve the problem from the game while increasing sustained engagement and offering more spending options for players.

Short term

Previously collected Common and Exquisite chests respawn
  • Suggested rate: 80-100¹ a day with 3/4 being exquisite
  • They should be guarded by monsters/puzzles whenever possible to extend engagement time
  • If there is not enough chest locations for all daily respawns to happen, they will spawn untill all available locations are filled with extra spawns simply not happening
  • Players would each have a chest pool that would fill at the rate above (capped at 700), as players reach a new instanced sub-region/sub-scene (when monsters/puzzles/chests are loaded) this pool would be used to populate the place, when the player leaves the region unnopened chests enlist themselves back into the pool. This happens until the pool is depleted. (credits to u/JumpingJackFlashMike for pointing out chests would still be hard to come across, I believe this fixes that issue)
  • They should NOT award AR exp²
  • They should keep awarding 1-2 primogens each³
  1. This should fill the world with content to explore every week so people that only log in on weekends can enjoy the exploration to its full extent while grinders have enough places to farm for resources each day.
  2. You've collected this before so its not a new experience (lore explanation), Throttiling AR is important and not having it entirelly tied to quests,teleports,statues was a mistake in my opinion. As it is, players can reach max rank before there is quest content appropriate for that rank that will hamper the desire to complete new content if things are not scaled properly and make balancing more difficult. That being said the game currently does not have a proper gameplay loop so players need the AR gain as the drive for engagement. This is a band-aid measure that I believe is already costing more than its helping since the abyss is balanced for maxed out characters so people want to achieve maxed characters even if there is no proper storyline progression to support that climb in power level and AR. The max AR for the current state of the game should be 35-40 and the endgame content should expand as the actual game content does so things are kept balanced and engaging.
  3. As previously stated, in the current state, engagement with the gacha system is far too low due to lack of free sources of wishes/primogems, I actually believe it should be 2(common) and 5(exquisite) primogems but I don't wanna push too much and get this measure overlooked entirelly. With 700 chests to open during the weekend giving an average of 1.75 primogens each, thats around 1200 primogems, thats almost enough for a weekly 10 pull and if you did all comissions everyday then its enough for a 10 pull. That should be the minimal engagement with the system to make it at least somewhat attractive. with the 2-5 primogems per common-exquisite chest its around 2800 per week or 3220 if you've done your daily comissions thats 2 weekly pulls for highly dedicated players which I believe to be close to the ideal rate of engagement since it amounts to 80 pulls a month, close enough to the pity amount to maybe drive some Genesis Crystal sales. The optimal would be enough to get 70-80 pulls per limited character event banner duration consistently but since this is only the short term measure and the long term one will also involve primogem rewards, it might be worth it to consider using the 1-2 primogem rewards even if the situation seems dire for now, since the long term system is something that will greatly help with the gameplay loop problem.
This measure can come in phases since it tackles a very urgent issue and can't take long to begin taking effect and stopping the current imminent drop of a significant amount of the playerbase.
The first phase should just have the system respawn previously opened chests that are unguarded. Since there will be no puzzle/monsters to keep track of/respawn synched with the chest it should be quicker to implement.
The second phase should tackle the easiest of the two options monster protected chest respawn or puzzle locked chest respawn.
The third one should be directed at making proper UI/tutorials/resources for explaining the respawning chest mechanic. I.E. Paimon - "Don't be afraid to collect every single chest, they come back after some time, since monsters always have new adventurer loot to store. I don't wanna think about where they got that loot from though..."
The fourth one should prepare the respawning chest system for the Journey system, described in the Long term section of this post
All of these should be permeated with surveys to check if high AR players are noticing the respawns (if the spawn rate is significant), if they are engaged (if the measure was effective), if the rewards are balanced and if that has alleviated the resin issue after all exquisite chests can drop talent books.

TLDR: Previously collected chests should respawn togheter with their puzzles/enemy guards. They should spawn at a rate that will fill the world with treasure in about a week.

Long term

What I'm going to describe is a system that will take a good chunk of time to implement but would go a long way to provide longevity for the game.
Introducing the Journey System (bounty was already taken):
  • Players can engage with the system by either talking to an NPC, a board or an option in Paimon menu (whichever is best for Mihoyo) I'd suggest having an NPC to introduce the system/spend journey rewards and a board for starting/choosing journeys, they should be geographicaly close to each other.
  • A journey is a guided exploration experience comprised of 8-20 encounters. They are divided by length in Short(8), Regular(14) and Epic(20) encounter journeys. And titled based on the last encounter: "Defeat the shielded mitachurl in Dadaupa Gorge"(Short), "Retrieve Lisa's book from the Abyss mages" (Regular), "Investigate the rising temperature near Luhua Pool"(Epic, ends with fighting Pyroregisvine).
  • An encounter consists of any previously cleared monster camp/puzzle/boss/elite boss/domain and anything else Mihoyo manages to add to the open world that could be repeatable, have their chest rewards customized and trigger a step of progress on the Journey System.
  • At any time there will be 3 journeys, one of each length, available on the board until the player picks one. Then the player will have that journey tracked similar to a quest and be unable to chose another journey until the current one is completed or abandoned.
  • Journeys are proceduraly generated, there will be a list of viable last encounters internally on the server for each Journey type, a random viable one would be selected to be displayed on the board for each of the journeys and display the encounter description. When a journey is selected, the board generates a journey of that type with the selected last encounter by:
    • Choosing a viable location for the last encounter
    • Doing a Physics.OverlapCircle around the selected area to find nearby viable encounter locations until there are enough for the journey type
    • populating each encounter with the appropriate mobs given the difficulty curve and region (Lyiue/Monstadt) and the chests
    • After that a prompt to navigate to the first encounter will appear and completing all encounters unlocks the final one. That or you have to beat each encounter in order to unlock the next (might cause visible mob spawning, but I wouldn't mind).
  • Difficulty wise journeys should be as hard as their length, with Short ones being easily cleared, regular ones taking some effort and Epic ones taking a properly built team with decent gear.
  • Rewards can be given during and/or at the end of each journey.
  • There are 2 structures for the rewards that can be implemented. A new currency type (lets call it Jpoints for now) that is awarded for each journey encounter with a higher amount being awarded at the end. The other being chests placed on each encounter and at the end of the journey.
My suggestions for the system structure/balancing:
  • Having minor rewards along the way with massive rewards by the end depending on the length of the journey.
  • The reward type distribution for the encounters and end of journey should be based on the length of the journey (amount of total encounters)
Encounter count Chests type Journey points
1-4 Common 10
5-13 Exquisite 20
14-19 Precious 40
20 Luxurious 100
Also the last encounter (end of journey) will have 3 times the amount of chests of the corresponding type and/or Jpoints. I.E. A Regular(14 encounter) journey would feature 4 common chests/40 Jpoints in the first 4 encounters then exquisite chests in encounters 5 through 13/180 Jpoints total and in the last 14th encounter they will be rewarded with 3 precious chests/120 Jpoints. This totals to 4 common chests, 9 exquisite chests and 3 precious chests and/or 340 Jpoints.
  • As for difficulty:
The monsters are presented in the format -> monster type(relation to expected average character level) I.E. if the expected character level for the given world level is 60 and a monster is supposed to be level 55, it would appear like this: monster name(-5)
Journey length Monter type at the start of the journey Monter types by the end of the journey Suggested last monster
Short Basic Hilichurls(-10) Whopperflowers(-5) Whopperflower(0) or Shielded Mitachurl(-2)
Regular Shield Hilichurls(0) with Samachurls (-5) Abyss Mages (-5) or Geovishap Hatchlings(-5) 3x Abyss Mages (0) or 2x Cicin mages (0)
Epic Geo shield Hilichurls (-5) with elemental Archer Hilichurls(-5) / Treasure hoarders(0) Rock shieldwall Mitachurls(0) or Ruin guards(0) with plenty of lesser mobs 2x Ruin Hunters (+5) or 3x Fatui Agents/Skirmishers(+5)
  • As for rewards:
I mentioned 2 reward types, chests and Jpoints, however the ideal would be both since chests are fully randomized and there could be a shop with the Journey NPC that trades journey points for specific resources.
Why not just journey points then? Well chests are VERY satisfying to open, while just seeing the Jpoints number go up after clearing an encounter would feel just... good, but not enough to maybe keep doing this every day.
Would those chests award AR exp? No, as stated in the short term solution, providing a way to endlessly grind AR while the game does not have all of its story content in place is really detrimental IMO.
Would those chest reward primogems? Maybe. I think primogems should be rewarded mostly at the end of each journey, something like 60/100/240 total sounds like great number for me. I hope Epic journeys to take around 40-80minutes and 3 primogems a minute for a tough challenge sounds fair. Maybe Mihoyo disagrees, but like I said before, keeping players from touching the gacha system for too long will hurt the bottom line, there has to be just enough exposure to hook them.
  • Other expected questions:
Do you think Mihoyo would ever do something this cool? I believe Mihoyo is secretly developing something similar to this specially since they already reserved the name Bounty (which I pray to be a similar system to this). But this is pure speculation.
What are the expected rewards to be gained daily? Assuming you always do the same journey type:
Journey type Expected Jpoints / journey Expected clear time (minutes) Expected Jpoints / hour Expected chests / hour
Short 160 10-30 480 12C + 18E
Regular 340 30-50 510 6C + 14E + 5P
Epic 740 40-80 740 4C + 9E + 6P + 3L
What would the Journey shop sell? There would be 3 sections of the shop, with the nomad's offerings (limited time and stock offers that change weekly), the Limited goods (fixed selection of items with limited stock that refreshes monthly/weekly) and Journey exchange post (fixed selection of items with unlimited stock).
Suggestions for each include:
  • Nomad's Offerings
Item type Jpoints cost (per unit) Available stock
Cycling 4* character of a set pool (the pool contains 8 characters that can appear in this slot that are expected for F2P users) 20000 1
Cycling prototype weapon material 5000 1
Random 3*/4* Claymore 1000/10000 1
Random 3*/4* Sword 1000/10000 1
Random 3*/4* Spear 1000/10000 1
Random 3*/4* Catalyst 1000/10000 1
Random 3*/4* Bow 1000/10000 1
Random Skin (when added) 8000 1
Random furniture (when/if added) 3000 1
Note: only one of the weapon types offered will be 4\ at any time)
  • Limited Goods
Item Jpoints cost (per unit) Available stock
Fragile Resin 400 14
Acquaint fate 1000 10
Intertwined fate 1000 10
  • Journey Exchange Post
Item Jpoints cost (per unit)
Adventurer's experience 10
200 Mora 1
(locked by AR20) Random 3* artifact 30
(locked by AR30) Random 4* artifact 120
(locked by AR40) Random 5* artifact 500

How would all this be monetized?
Since the entire system draws power from time investment which is pretty common to be the most demanded currency from F2Players, I'd suggest making a high value monthly deal:
The Journeyman's pocket guide/Blessing can be purchased for 5-15$ and grants you 3-5x Jpoints gain for an entire month, thats a pretty sweet deal, and greatly accelerates character leveling.
Supply packs of Jpoints / Genesis crystal conversion to Jpoints ("who said the Journey NPC can't be bribed?"), suggested rate 1 genesis crystal -> 10 Jpoints
Nomads favor can be purchased for 10-20$ and grants you the current nomad offered character, skin and furniture + the current 4* weapon in a neat package.


  • Having this work on co-op might be difficult but would be a phenomenal way to promote co-op mode if the rewards (Jpoints + chest drops) could be shared.
  • It might be worth time gating the refresh of each journey type by having its cooldown after acceptance match the time expected for completion listed in this post (20/40/60 minutes). We don't want people rushing like absolute madmans through the journeys trying to min/max the hell out of their party. As some wise guy at Wizards of the coast or GGG (I think) once said: "Players will optimize the fun out of your game if you let them".
  • If there is a need to do this implementation in phases as well thats alright but I think it would be a more impactfull update it it came up fully working. It could be announced 3 months before being ready with a beta test in order to start building hype. Ithink players would love to at least know something like this is coming.

Possible/common questions

**Why is this post so disorganized/made use of feature x or y?**This is my first Reddit post, letting me know what is wrong will help me improve the post.
Why did you make such a long post as your first one?
After joining the Genshin Impact discord server it came to my attention that the posts deemed more relevant were posted on Reddit and were very detailed in their description. Since I already had a decently fleshed out idea of what I thought would improve the game I decided to create the Reddit account.
Why are you defending the resin system?
Because I think its but a shadow of a far more concerning issue, which is the lack of a repeatable and rewarding gameplay loop that benefits players that are engaged and deeply in love with the game's experience, or at least what was experienced in their first 2-3 weeks of play.
You wouldn't say this if you were AR4x+!
Maybe, enlighten me as to why please. I'm currently at AR37, 0 quests left to do, can't find a chest for the life of me, missing 2 documented seelies, all timed challenges done, all oculi collected. As of right now I don't see why I wouldn't understand the problem yet.
Hey OP do you take constructive criticism?
Heck yeah! Specially if you think of ways to increase the chances of this getting seen/approved by Mihoyo
Would you allow Mihoyo to just take your idea and run?
It would be my pleasure, no credit needed. After all my idea is derived from systems I've experienced in other games that tackled the issue of lack of repeatable content.
What do you expect from posting this?
The dream is to get Mihoyo to implement a similar or outright clone this system. The hope is getting the playerbase to help me refine this and shape it to be a plausible solution. I've only made premium style games before (pay once get everything) so having the help and opinions of gacha veterans would really help with shaping this post.
Anything you would have liked to do in this post but couldn't?
Polls, I think people can do polls on reddit but I might be wrong. I would really like to know the percentage of people that would buy the Blessing of the Welking Moon monthly should the game get an update with the contents of this post and the amount of players that would be willing to buy any of the monetization options offered here. Personally I feel like Genshin Impact would deserve a monthly 10-20$ depending on how well they could maintain the joy I felt in the first 2 weeks.If anyone knows how to do polls let me know, thanks.
Summary: Genshin Impact suffers from a severe lack of stimuli for continued exploration in the available late-game. Another issue is the cap of obtainable character experience and Mora required to level new characters. The first issue will push both whales and F2Players away over time (not long) and the second one severely damages the desire to engage in the gacha system since getting a new character is meaningless if you can't engage the current content with it. It is important for the game to have sustained development funds to keep the content flowing and the devs paid, so solving these issues is a must. Having chests respawn would alleviate the first issue since chest include the most restrictive rewards in the late-game. That should keep the F2Players engaged for at least one more month post 1.1, after that starting development on a system similar or equal to the Journey System should keep the F2Players engaged for a period long enough to start breaking their first purchase barrier. Until such system is developed its recommended that events be far more abundant when it comes to their rewards in primogems, since players need a minimal level of exposure to the gacha system and need to see minimal results coming from it to even consider a purchase. So 10x wishes should be an occurrence every player has at least 4x a month consistently on the analytics, if this is not being achieved then one of the greatest drives of a gacha game (the actual gacha) can be considered unsuccessful in capitalizing on the potential it has given the game reached such high engagement on PC and PS4.
TLDR: The game needs more chests and/or ways to get resources, this will be good for whales, F2Players and the bottom line of the company.
(Edit) u/Tigger3584's TLDR version:
When you get to lategame, there's nothing left to explore, so the game gets stale. The limit on Mora and EXP is an issue for F2P and whales as well- what's the point of pulling new characters if you can't level them?
Rework chests- remove AR EXP from rewards and replace with a few prismogems. Also increasing chest respawn rates & adding mobs. Also introduce some sort of new system to take combat quests, with the ability to earn more better rewards for longer ones. The new system uses some sort of point system- that allows players to exchange for 4* characters, weapons, materals, etc. on a rotating schedule.
Solution Explanation
Removing AR EXP from chests slows down AR progression and gives MiHoYo more time between expansions. Extra prismogems incentivizes players to keep grinding for the gacha. The new combat quest system allows resources to not be bottlenecked and for MiHoYo to create a monthly pass for it.
Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
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