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What I learned about the USA from living in other countries

Hey guys I thought with these dark and dreary times I’d share a post that’s a little more positive! I used to be one of the people who thought the US wasn’t all that great compared to many other countries, and especially felt that way after visiting Europe for a few weeks. Then I went to actually live in Europe and learned a lot about the US. I lived in Sicily, Portugal, and Sweden and spent a lot of time in Scotland, England, France, and the Netherlands. I had a great time and met many wonderful people but I came back with a new love for the US and thought I’d share some of my findings.
  1. Our culture is everywhere. People all over know our movies. In Sicily most of their TV channels were old American movies I had never even heard of dubbed over in Italian. Most people know our news.
  2. Our culture is different than anywhere else and it’s awesome thanks to all the diversity we have. Jazz, Hip Hop, Blues, Rock’n’Roll, R&B, country music all started in the US thanks to our diverse culture.
  3. Tons of people love America. A lot of times when I would say I was from the US (people never guessed US they always thought Sweden lol) I would be met with “I love America!” And I’d ask if they had been and a lot of times I’d hear “no but I love your movies. And the culture”. I met a lot of people who loved 50s culture and the idea of road tripping across such a huge country.
  4. We are known to have a great work ethic. It was always easy for me to get a job, even before I knew the language and even in places like Portugal where the unemployment rate was really high, and my bosses would tell me it was because of the American work ethic. There are plenty of hard working people in Europe. But it’s not as societal. And our work ethic is still not that of South Korea, but I gained an appreciation for our balance.
  5. One of the biggest things people think of when they think of the US is blue jeans lol.
  6. Im not very religious but I gained more of an understanding of why we have an extreme religious sector in the US that denies science like evolution. Of course we are going to have some cooky religious ideas. Europe was crazy religious and a lot of the people that came over here are people that were too extreme for Europe’s standards lol. Some of the first people that came over here were the puritans. Makes sense some of those ideas have stuck around.
  7. I used to think the way Americans would start speaking louder / almost yelling to someone who is learning English was an ignorant American thing. It’s not lol. People who haven’t learned a second language do it everywhere. In Sicily people would often start speaking super loud / shouting when I was struggling to understand and I’d have to say “I’m not deaf just please slow down”. I was kind of happy to learn that’s not just an us thing. But if you ever encounter someone learning English who is struggling to understand you, talk slower not louder please!
  8. The reason Europeans know our news so well is because our economy is so tied to theirs. When our economy isn’t doing well, theirs will follow. So our economy is important to them too.
  9. Every country has their issues, it’s just not nearly as broadcasted as our news is. Sicily was my favorite place I lived but it was certainly a shock and I wouldn’t want to live there full time. Their government is totally run by the mafia. The reason the unemployment rate is so high (almost 50%) isn’t because that many people are unemployed but because their taxes are 66% and it all goes to the mafia. So people would rather pay under the table. No country is perfect.
  10. Our country is huge. I didn’t realize it was close to the size of all of Europe. I feel very blessed for all the different landscapes here. If you haven’t ever driven cross country I think every American should try to. It also makes sense why way less of us don’t speak another language compared to Europe. We can drive for four days and everyone is speaking English. And if you don’t use a language it’s super hard to fully learn. I learned more Italian in my first month living there than I learned of 4 years of taking Spanish classes. If you’re not forced into it, it’s hard. And in Europe to go to the beach or go to the mountains, people are all speaking a different language. I also realized most people in the UK didn’t know a second language unless they had lived somewhere else.
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French interview of BenBest and NicoGDH fully translated: talking about their elimination from playoffs & their thoughts about the matches against Atlanta and Washington, both of their future in the OWL, Paris Eternal next season, the state of the League, the location for 2021, and the all-stars.

This is a french interview was done on September, 30th by Zaroide a french caster for the OWL broadcast on his personal channel. He's interviewing BenBest and NICOgdh two french players of the Paris Eternal.

Hi, I'm Azøk, I'm the guy doing the subtitles of Zaroide's last interview. It's an interview available on YouTube that was shot on his personal stream (link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY_J3MhnO8M&t=257s). Here's also the link to the 1-hour long VOD on twitch, be careful it is not subtitled: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/756552177. I felt like it was a very cool interview and that some people might get interested in this one. If you speak French you should really check him out for high-quality interviews of players and coaches.
Note that it was heavily edited (it was a 1-hour long interview at first and we end up having a 29-minute video). Most of the stuff that was edited was blanks, hesitations, discord, and internet issues.
[edit] I got a response from Zaroide telling me it's because he cut the interview into two parts! Guess I will have even more work to do ahah
But there is still a flat 13 minutes section of the stream which got entirely cut during the editing.
It was probably cut out because Nico and Ben "kind of" revealed that there was a big announcement about the league coming right after BlizzCon, and something in their contracts was apparently preventing them to talk about it. After that they mostly talked about stuff that wasn't really interesting, Nico questioning some decisions from the coaches but because he already ranted about it before it was cut out.
The only thing that was really valuable in those 13 minutes, was a question about what they would personally change for next season:
Both said that they didn't believe that letting the bottom tier teams going to the playoffs was a good idea. According to them, all the teams that got destroyed or struggled against Washington in the playoffs (Dallas, Paris, Valiant, Mayhem, etc.) complained about it directly to the league, and a lot of players were really aggressive about it. The decision to give the 19th seed a chance to participate received a lot of backlashes. According to Ben, they got confirmation that the League was planning something different for next season, and they will definitely let something like this happen again.
FYI: English is not my main language, I'm just a college student that is quite good at speaking English and that translate OWL stuff in his free time. It's really hard to translate from your main language to English, if you don't understand something just quote block it bellow, and I will try my best to explain or to reformulate it (the interview is almost 6k words long).
"Z:" means that Zaroide is talking, he's the French interviewer.
"B:" means BenBest, he's a french main tank and the leader of the Paris Eternal.
"N:" means NicoGDH, he's a french flex DPS also playing for the Paris Eternal.
[EDIT]: The tone of the interview was really chill and funny! I know that if you are only reading this and not listening to the voices it can give the impression that Nico and Ben are quite salty about being eliminated from the playoffs but they were joking a lot and laughing, etc. Don't take what they say too seriously because they were very loose with the choice of words and this translation doesn't represent well the atmosphere of the interview.
Here's the full translation of the interview in English:

Z: To see Shock win, is it your favorite Ben?
B: No really my favorite, but I want to see them win because I don't want someone else to win against them in the finals playoffs other than us and I want to destroy everything next year and beat them
\Introduction music**
Z: Transition is done and let's go! BenBest and Nico are with us, hi guys! Very happy to have you here, how you guys doing?
N: I am doing fine; I have been playing Overwatch all day long you know
Z: Inextinguishable as always, Ben I think you were chilling on Mafia just before thanks by the way for the host... So, guys, just after the Paris Eternal elimination you did not stay for long in the US you went back to France, where are you guys right now? At home?
N: Yes
B: I’m with my girlfriend
N: I’m at my parents’ house
Z: You're at your parents’ house, you made your bed Nico it's nice!
N: No no no you think I did it, look [laughing]
Z: So anyway, you guys are perfect So is it the holidays for not? Nico, you were telling us that you were tryharding Overwatch
N: No vacation I'm working for the All-stars For 2 weeks I've played from time to time every 4 or 5 days something like that but other than that I was going out with my friends and seeing my family and my girlfriend... and this week I'm fully tryharding so that I'm fully ready for the All-Stars
Z: And you Ben, you also take a break to see your loved ones and disconnect a bit?
B: Yeah, I've stopped for 2/3 days but overall I'm going out a lot and I'm seeing my family next week but otherwise I've played quite a bit and did some coaching also I don't like taking breaks that are too long I still like the game as much as before so I'm not really stopping
Z: So, what have you planed? Did you plan a big break? To go on somewhere else, I'm coming back from 8 days in Bretagne for example to regain some energy did you guys planned anything?
B: For sure but not now because there is the All-Stars coming up most likely around November or December
N: For me, I'm going with my girlfriend and with my two sisters also, I'm planning two different trips
Z: Sound cool, where are you going exactly?
N: With my girl, we are going to go around France visit a bit of everything for 2 weeks, and for the trip with my sisters we are going to Iceland if we can we are not sure yet
Z: Oh, so nice! You are going to visit Finnsi?
[BenBest laughing]
N [sarcastic]: Yeah man! I'm going right now! Nah... I'm going to chill and to enjoy, we planned to go see the Northern lights.
Z: Oh yeah really, for Island I'm joking shoutout to the other Icelanders players of the Overwatch pro scene... It feels good to relax, to disconnect yourself a bit. Because you were really in the momentum of this whole season of OWL from the moment when you came back to France, wasn't it hard to tune out?
B: Oh yeah that was so good to be back, to find the French food to go to the restaurant, to the movie theater it's been 9 months since we last take holidays it's so good to be back.
N: Exactly!
Z: So now it's the off-season you guys have the All-Stars coming but we're going to talk about that later but what are the instructions given by Paris Eternal do you have any "homework" to do during the off-season, or are you in a chill mood for the moment?
B: NineK told us to take a (long) break of maybe 1-month max and then work on the picks that we struggle with... That's approximatively what he said. I don't know if you Nico you got any.
N: Nah nothing, but you know Ben and I are waiting for the response (from Paris) to know if we are continuing with Paris next season... well mostly me because I think that Ben doesn't have to worry he was godlike all season long and everything went fine for him, but on the other hand for me, it's a big question mark... I don't know if they want to keep me or not. Other than that, it's like Ben, NineK said not to play too much and to enjoy the time of, but to play a bit afterward. Not to put aside Overwatch completely.
Z: I imagine indeed, did they talked about a boot camp or something like that because I remember that last year you went (in Korea) since the month of November and now we are close to October... is it planned or not?
B: No, we didn't get info on that
N: I think that they are going to talk about the team and what they want to do with it, then talk about a boot camp
Z: We are going to talk about your future later, Nico you already talked a bit about it, but we are keeping this subject for later... I want to go back to the elimination of Paris Eternal in the Grand Playoffs, there was a lot of expectations from the public, I expect also a lot of expectations from you guys... how long did it take to swallow the elimination?
B: Well it's still not swallowed for the moment, but that is what being a pro-player is about we must deal with it.
Z: You still didn't get over it?
B: Oh yeah for sure, this team (Washington) was absolute shit for 90% of the year, first they manage to get in the playoffs and it's the perfect meta for them, a weird meta... We were good in scrims, we almost never played against this kind of comp in the two weeks before. What is frustrating is that we pull good results from scrim, and then we shit the bed in official I think that we really choked against Atlanta, we got eliminated because of this match.
N: You see, I’ll add something to what Ben said, we had a week and a half of prep. I started practicing the Thursday and I started to play Reaper, so 2 days before the match, and I played only two maps so far in scrim and the next day I only did 2 hours of scrim and that was it. We were against Atlanta and they really like to cheese and play some shitty comp you know? They start playing Rein comp on the 1st map, the first time that we play against something like that. We are all wondering what’s happening, and we had to play aggressive, our tanks needed to be more aggressive. The coaches made me play reaper only a day before with almost no scrim time, I was like “sure I’m going to have to adapt to Atlanta’s comp”. And it didn’t go well, we lose because of our choke. I was having a shitty feeling about it, I didn’t think that we were going to lose but we weren’t really confident. But you see, in scrims whenever we were against monkey/d.va comps…
Z: The reapesombra classical comp?
N: Yeah, we destroyed everybody. We literally demolished Mayhem for example…
B: It would have been the same against Valiant, but yeah, we chose Atlanta, and they cheesed the fuck out of us, just like Washington…
N: Exactly, the two teams that we played didn’t play the meta at which we were incredibly strong, and we lose on that… We should have won, for Washington, it’s a different story, but we should have won against Atlanta those guys are dogshit, it’s unacceptable to lose against them. I was incredibly sour about this loss. And it was the same when I was on Gibraltar, I was starting to adapt to their comp, I was carrying and was feeling confident. I was really hoping that he (Rush) would let me play for the last map, and the coaching staff decided to put me on the bench. Even though Atlanta was playing the mirror comp, and I wasn’t playing even though I was the one playing for mirrors in scrims. It was a bit messy.
Z: It was kind of the feeling that we got if it was the coaching staff or the team that was lost on the comp level, about who was supposed to play what. It wasn’t simple. Wasn’t it planned like “Ben you’re going to play map 1 and map 3 if they pick this map you are going to play”?
B: Yeah, it was like that.
N: I don’t know why they make this decision over another one. But after all, we need to trust them, I personally do every time. If they tell me to go on the bench I follow and it’s “go next”. But after you start asking yourself, you are looking at the match and asking yourself what can be improved.
Z: I had a hypothesis, during the week of prep you guys were against Florida Mayhem, LA Valiant, you might have also scrim against SF or Philadelphia Fusion… Ben, did you guys only prepared against the top teams?
B: Yeah, I think so, for the majority it was top teams indeed
N: Against teams that were playing meta in fact. Same, I’m going to give you an example, on the first map I was playing but they didn’t play mirror, next map they are playing mirror and I get benched even though against this comp we are incredibly strong, we would have demolished them, they bring me back in for the third map and they don’t play the mirror comp but we still win because I manage to adapt, and I’m benched again for map 4 and Atlanta start playing mirror again… It’s a lot of decisions that I didn’t really understand, I was telling myself “it’s ok just have to go next” but on this kind of important match it makes the effort you did in the regular season worthless, and it feels really sour afterward. Because you are telling yourself “if I was playing on this map, because the team is better with me against this comp, the ending might have been different”…
Z: The defeat that hurts you guys a lot is the one against Atlanta, right?
B: Definitely
N: Exactly yeah, those guys didn’t deserve to win I’m telling it right away…
Z: What do you mean?
N: For me, we are supposed to roll them and go next, and play against Shock. For me, those guys managed to have, not really a great seed, but a mid-tier seed because they cheese, they do weird stuff, but they aren’t exceptional on anything, they are average. The fact that we lose against them even though we made top 4 worlds… we just really underperformed; it wasn’t great, to say the least.
B: This is the most frustrating thing, to be honest…
Z: What must have been frustrating, like said Nico, it’s being swapped between the bench and the starting lineup. Ben, you also came into a meta where the main tank was mostly Winston, it’s the only pick on which NoSmite was better than you, how did you lived the fact to be put aside, a bit powerless against Atlanta and Washington?
B: Overall, I didn’t take it badly, it removed some pressure anyway. Frankly, I was quite confident, seeing the scrim results. I love a lot NoSmite’s Winston, so I didn’t have any problem with that. But yeah, in the match there were some incoherencies. The communication was quite messy, especially on map 1, there was a lot of useless coms. But other than that, I didn’t feel like something was wrong, I didn’t feel bad about having NoSmite, who has a good monkey, playing the main tank instead of me.
Z: I was mostly talking about being on the sideline and seeing that the team needed a leader to take in hand the communication.
B: Well I was entering the game on specific maps, on map 4 I could have played on Havana for example. But yeah, I don’t know… for me it was going well in scrims there wasn’t any problem with that, we just got cheesed.
[Nico agreeing]
Z: Unfortunately, you guys got surprised by the comps. In the terms of pressure, because we know that you did a sublime season, finished 3rd in NA & 4th world, you won the Summer Showdown, there were a lot of expectations from the fans and from the analysts. Did you felt an unusual pressure coming into the Grand Playoffs, did you get more stressed maybe?
B: Maybe a little more, yeah.
N: For sure, it’s the final playoffs you know. There is more pressure on our shoulders. It’s also a question of confidence. If everything is going well in practice the whole week, we are going to be very confident especially against good teams. But on the other hand, if it doesn’t go well, you are going to be a lot more stressed and less confident.
Z: That’s what happened during the game against Atlanta because we know that in map 5 to win it’s a lot of mechanical skill but also requires having a steady mindset. Did you also felt like Atlanta was getting confidence throughout the game and that you were starting to choke?
B: When we were playing Anubis (map 3) yes, we really shit the bed, we inted this map. But when we won Gibraltar we were on a good vibe!
Z: Yeah it was a clean win!
B: We were feeling confident at this point.
Z: So, for you, the OWL ended after the elimination against Washington Justice, but did you continued watching the rest of the competition, and especially are you going to watch the final 4?
B: Yeah, I’m going to follow it a bit. I must. Only to see Shock win [laughing]
Z: To see Shock win, is it your favorite Ben?
B: No really my favorite, but I want to see them win because I don't want someone else to win against them in the finals playoffs other than us and I want to destroy everything next year and beat them.
Z: Ahhh so you’re telling me that you prefer to see Shock win again, knowing that you will still be the only team in 2020 to beat them in a tournament during the semifinals of the Summer Showdown, instead of seeing Philly and the good lad Poko winning? Or the Dragons that are rewriting their history? Or even Seoul?
B: Well obviously if Poko was playing 24h/7 I would be all in for Philly, but the problem is that it has become a full KR roster, at least 90% KR even in coms… So, I’m less interested in this version of Philly, and I still think that Shock is the better team anyway, either in the playoffs or on this meta
N: I think so yeah. The thing is that Shock has a lot of incredibly experienced players, almost everybody has the playoff experience, the experience of big finals… Those guys will fall from time to time in the regular season, shit happens. In playoffs, or in tournaments that were done this season, those guys destroy everything… those guys are unleashed monsters. Shanghai is a bit the same, but I don’t know about Seoul.
B: We didn’t really watch Asia, to be completely honest. We can’t really judge those two.
N: Exactly
Z: That was NineK told me, that you were only going to watch APAC if you manage to be in the final 4. You are talking about being experienced, it’s important on the D day we saw this rise in power from SF this season… We forgot it sometimes but Paris Eternal this season was almost a new team, even if you two were already there last season, but almost the whole team was rebuild s maybe that’s why was missing into the final stretch?
B: I was feeling like we really gain a lot of experience throughout the season, but yeah… we got more experience in prime but what do you want me to tell you… go next! [laughing]
N: Yeah, it happens we can’t do anything about it now, we still did an amazing regular season. And it was mostly due to this incredible coaching staff, I’ve personally learned so much from them, I’ve become so much better at the game, I was almost a new player this season. It was also my first year as a real flex DPS, and it made me really happy. I’ve got so much skill because they were behind me to assist me a lot.
Z: Right! How do you judge your season Nico, and you also Ben because you guys are talking about it? And how do you also judge your evolution?
N: I’m satisfied with my season, but not fully though because I still feel like I can do much better, a lot better… On the other hand, my evolution is incredible, it’s crazy to go from a level where I have shit on Doom, I was shit on Pharah, I was awful on Genji… Because of the actual team I really improved on everything.
Z: Isn’t it’s frustrating Nico that every time that you gained a bit of playtime, it was very often on new heroes, Doom you started from scratch, when Echo was released you had to work on that, even though that we have seen that on your Mei which was a hero that you had the time to practice, you were killing it on the Mei. Didn’t it cost you a bit of playtime to be switching heroes all the time?
N: It wasn’t really an issue this season, my issue was that every week the meta was changing, so I had to learn a new hero. On one side it didn’t favor me, because I’m not the best at this role and we can lose because of me, but from the other side, I’m telling myself that I’m learning a new hero and becoming better because of it. Look when Echo was released, we lost the first time against Philly 3-2, it was clearly my fault because I was too bad, clearly too bad… it was disastrous for me and I hated myself for it. During the two following weeks, I was tryharding with Echo, I did VOD reviews on my Echo, I was doing my best to get better on this hero. When we went against Gladiators, I was playing better still did some mistakes, so it wasn’t perfect. After that, we faced off against Dallas, and I was feeling incredibly confident about my capabilities, I knew I was going to demolish them with Echo, and I did. So even when I must learn a new hero, I’m not the best, and that my team will probably lose because of that, in the following week I know that it won’t be the case. After that, its only playoffs match and it’s when I’m reaching my peak.
Z: Yeah, but probably what Paris suffered from for a moment, with the playoffs meta there wasn’t at each role a true specialist.
N: Yeah, yeah… Probably, I don’t really know. It depends on the meta I think.
Z: There wasn’t a true Sombra specialist, for example, we saw you play the Sombra, we saw Soon and XZI as well, and during the playoffs, it was Sp9rk1e who played it the most, even though I was convinced that it was a hero that would fit your style, Nico!
N: Believe me, I was also convinced about that…
[BenBest is giggling]
Z: BenBest I see that what Nico said to make you smile, why? Was it because the choice of the coaching staff wasn’t to put Nico on the Sombra?
B: No no, it made me smile because of the way he said, it was funny… In my opinion, when Nico decides to tryhard any hero, he will become good at it doesn’t matter which one. What is important is that if next year the OWL is played on Overwatch 2, we will have new heroes and it’s good to have a guy that can tryhard the heroes for 2 weeks and become really good at it, it’s really useful to have someone like that in a pro team.
Z: I just want to talk about FDGod because now the season is finished for Paris Eternal, I want to talk about his last tweet he said “One year earlier I was just a guy in Contenders who was just mechanically good at one hero. And now I'm being chosen to be a role star in OWL.”. You guys that didn’t really play with him before because both of you weren’t in last year World Cup, did you were surprised by the level of this guy and his evolution because he was coming from nowhere?
N: Last time that I played with Eagle Gaming, it was at a LAN against Primate (FDGod’s first team), I was feeling like we would crush them easily, which wasn’t the case. I wasn’t paying attention to the players at the time. When the coaching staff decided to pick him, I was trusting them after seeing what they were capable of during the boot camp in Korea, if they wanted to pick this guy it must be for a reason, and he impressed everyone at the World Cup 2019, this kid could only get better.
Z: Yeah, but what about his evolution, mechanically he was already good on Lucio, but in concerning the team play, the fact that like Ben said he started to speak more and started to take more space in coms. He had an impressive progression throughout the season, right Ben?
B: Well yes, but we don’t really realize it because we are also progressing as a team, every single player on this team progressed a ton with this coaching staff. It’s because of them that we are where we are today. But yeah, he indeed had a good evolution, and he was really important in the team.
Z: And it was supposed to be the last recruit from Paris this season, his mother told us that he had a 2-year contract. About you, where are you guys today contract-wise?
[Both of them laughing nervously]
B: Was a good interview, goodbye!
Nah but to be serious, we are waiting for the trading period to start
Z: But your contracts, if I remember correctly, you had one year left which was the year 2020. And now you are both coming at the end of your contract soon, and it will be determined if it’s renewed or not. But concretely it’s ending in the coming weeks, right?
B: Yeah, we are on a 2+1 contract and the +1 means that it’s the team that decides what they want to do with you.
Z: And it’s the same for Soon because we just talked about FD but Soon is in the same boat as you both.
N: Exactly.
Z: Is he feeling good about it? Because I remember about an interview I did with him where he told me he wanted to become the oldest player in Esport, he still has some time before it happens, but do you think he’s ready to continue the adventure?
B: Yeah obviously, I think that overall we shouldn’t change too much in the lineup, maybe one role but I will not say which one… but we might need a 2nd flex support, might be a good idea.
Z: Indeed, so that you guys can do like when Hyp and Greyy were still part of the team. Or even a 2nd off-tank if something went wrong with Hanbin, and Smex still cannot play with you… Concerning the negotiations about your contracts is it something that you do directly with the coaching staff or with the Paris Eternal organization, or do you all have an agent to do that for you?
N: I don’t have an agent personally
B: Me neither. We do that directly with NineK, he deals with most of this stuff, or with Derick (VP of the organization).
Z: Is it something that you can talk with everybody when you were still in NA, did you went to see the coaching staff and how they are feeling for next season, or did they tell you that they will contact you later about it?
B: We tried getting some information about it, but first need to know what McCourt (Owner) wants. And its something that we really don’t know, and the coaches are waiting for an answer as well.
N: Yeah, it’s not the coaches who are going to decide at first, it will mostly be McCourt. It’s him who decides if he wants fewer players, we can’t know… We are just waiting for what he wants first, then what the coaching staff wants.
Z: When we look at the different teams that are own by the McCourt family; Paris Eternal is the one that pulled out the best season.
B: Sure, but he has like what… 2 or 3 teams if I’m not mistaken?
Z: He has a CDL team, his father has an NFL team, I think… But anyway, Paris Eternal did a very good season. This mix of Koreans and French players is something that seems to work… Maybe the coaching staff told you that they wanted to keep this guideline of having FR and KR players or having Europeans but with a preference for French players.
B: We are hoping for it. We know that McCourt wants French players in the lineup so that’s a good thing for us, but other than that we absolutely don’t know. We did a very good regular season, but we absolutely didn’t do well in the playoffs. We absolutely don’t know what will become the team next year. I’ve heard inside rumors that Paris was looking for a new flex support, but it’s the only thing that I heard.
Z: A flex support in addition to Fielder, not to replace him?
B: Yes.
Z: Because this poor Fielder if he were able to have a visa and was able to play with you in NA, it would be mean to replace him.
N: About that, I, don’t think that the OWL will be played in the USA next season
B: Yeah, I agree and I’m also thinking that
N: There is almost no chance of that happening
Z: Oh, you guys got some information about that? Did Blizzard tell you anything about it?
N: No, but it’s logical!
Z: But are you being informed about the discussions about this subject at least?
N: No no, absolutely nothing…
[BenBest aggreeing]
N: I’m telling this based on what’s happening, all the visas for the US are blocked, the procedure is long, the borders are closed. In the meantime, the COVID is still there… For me, there is very little chance that we get the OWL in the US in 2021.
- 13min cut -
Z: Before the next season, you guys have this weekend the All-Stars and all the French of Paris Eternal got selected, Poko also from Philadelphia Fusion, what are you guys expecting from the All-Stars?
N: I want to have fun, it will be like the All-Stars in Asia so it’s a show more than a competition, but I still want to win after all there is $75k to win at the end, but first of all it has to be fun. I didn’t really watch what was planned…
Z: You saw your team before at least? Team Reinhardt, you are going to play against each other.
N: Yeah, I saw it was going to be workshop mods, right? I saw the mini Overwatch I think, I didn’t really understand it because I didn’t follow the All-Stars in Asia. But I saw it was mostly fun stuff and only one moment where it is needed to tryhard
Z: And you Ben what are you expecting from the All-Stars?
B: The same, fun but I still want to win because there is a price on the line. I want to have a good time.
Z: It’s something cool that they added a cash prize, compared to last year where I got the feeling that nobody wanted to participate in the All-Stars
N: Well, to be honest, it’s what motivates the players if there isn’t something, in the end, they don’t want to play especially after such a tiring season, money helps to get motivated. It’s not pretty but it works like that.
Z: Yes, because you still need to put some work into it, even if it’s a mix of fun and tryhard it delays the holidays for you.
B: We still do it for pleasure more than anything.
Z: There isn’t any kind of pressure
B: Exactly there isn’t pressure.
Z: So, what do you think about your teams? Ben, you will be with FDGod, KSP, Shockwave, Agilities, Space, Hydration, McGravy, Kariv, and Moth is it stacked or not?
B: Yeah, I’m happy about the team, I would have preferred to have the Team Reinhardt for the skin but it’s ok because we have the good players. What’s bothered me is that Super and Poko will have 300 ping and it will feel weird to play against that.
Z: Indeed because they are playing from Korea
B: Doesn’t really matter at the end we are all here for the good plays
Z: Do you know if you are going to play on your true roles? Because there might some swaps between roles, Nico, KDG didn’t send you a DM to say “I want you to play specifically that hero for the All-Stars”?
N: Absolutely not ahah
B: No idea about what they want us to play
Z: You neither Ben no contact with Kuki?
B: Well I hope that I can play Doomfist, but we’ll see
Z: Ah so you Ben it would be the Doomfist, I’ve heard about it in Féfé’s stream, so this is the one pick that you really want to showcase
B: Oh yeah, I would love to play Doom
N: If someone put me on D.va I’m just going to press Alt+f4
[BenBest and Zaroide laughing]
N: I’m saying it right away if you guys don’t see me in the lobby it’s normal
Z: There were people in the chat suggesting that you should pull out the D.Va. And you were saying it you should be with Poko who will probably play the D.Va for you. But Poko is also the only French still in the Final 4, did you talk with him about it because there was this rivalry between you and Philly all season long, but now that you guys are out are you all rallying behind Poko?
N: I’m supporting him that’s not a problem, but I’m kind of the same opinion as Ben. If he were playing all the time, I would be a Philly supporter, but now it’s different. Maybe he will play in the playoffs I don’t know but seeing how little he played recently it’s kind of sad.
Z: Well he still played a bit here and there depending on the meta, now it feels like Fury has taken over the off-tank duty. But even if he doesn’t play, he will still get the trophy if Philly wins.
B: That’s for sure
N: He deserves it clearly even if it’s a clown he deserves it
Z: Yeah, he’s the good bro we all love him, it’s not just a good clown it’s also an excellent player. Did you send him a bit of strength? Because he spent the last two weeks in quarantine, he finally got out today.
B: He’s happy now. Sometimes we sent each other pictures on Instagram to troll each other, I think that he does the same with Nico.
N: I was at a party last weekend, and I put some stories on Instagram and send me a DM to troll me. There is one where a friend of mine looked stoned, he had red eyes, with my best friend we took a photo of him and Poko send me a DM saying “take down this picture are you crazy”. But otherwise, it’s childish messages.
Z: You guys like each other; we can see it it’s cool if you guys can share with him some nice moments. Guys, it’s almost a one-hour long interview so I will not hold you for longer…
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