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Coda vs. Espresso

I love both of these editors but before I throw down some serious cash for one or the other I would like to know if you use one over the other and why.
I also hear Coda 2 is on its way and will probably be another purchase (understandable, but makes me want to wait).
EDIT: To clarify I do mainly PHP and have begun working in Rails. Support for Zend and RoR would be great.
submitted by Clordio to web_design

Updated common web design / development tools

So I was digging around in the side bars of subreddits I frequent, when I got to web_design I noticed Common Dev Tools.
I included a link to the original post and a qoute of the original post. But I'm wondering (in the year since it was last updated) what tools have made your life easier both in design and development.
Original Post
This is a question that is asked a couple of times every single week and I feel it is worth getting the message out there if anyone is doing a search. So here we go, a list of tools that you can use to get yourself started! This is in alphabetical order and is by no means exhaustive, if you have more to add, just let me know!
( specifies mac only, if no OS specified, they're usually cross platform, take a look!)
Artwork / Design
Markup/code editor / IDE
Frameworks / libs / templates / CMS's
Other useful tools
  • Balsamiq ($79) - Rapid mockup / wireframe tool
  • Cyberduck (free) - FTP client
  • EasyPHP (free) - Windows based apache / php / mysql stack
  • Fiddler (free) - HTTP traffic logger
  • Filezilla (free) - cross-platform FTP client
  • Firebug (free) - Firefox plugin to inspect and edit markup / css on the fly
  • HTMLtidy (free) - HTML tidier-uppererer
  • IIS (free) - Windows web server
  • ImageAlpha (free) - Converts 24bit PNGs to 8bit maintaining alpha channels
  • Git (free) - Version control system
  • Kuler (free) - Colour palette tool
  •  MAMP (free - ~$60) - Mac Apache, mySQL, PHP stack for running a local dev server. Try XAMPP for Windows.
  • mySQL Workbench (free) - Cross-platform mySQL database management and design
  • OpenSSH (free) - Cross platform SSH client
  • PuTTy (free) - Windows terminal app
  •  Sequel Pro (free) - Mac mySQL manager
  • SQL Server Express (free) - Windows server based SQL
  • SQLyog ($139 though the community edition is free) - mySQL GUI
  • Smart Git (free) - Cross-platform git client
  • Subversion (free) - Version control system
  • SugaSyc (free) - Like dropbox, but for any folder.
  • Total Validator (free) - Validation plugin for firefox
  • Tower (~$63) - Mac Git client
  •  Transmit ($34) - Fancy-pants FTP client
  • ySlow (free) - Chrome plugin to rate site performance. Firefox version also available here
  • VMWare (free for windows, $49.99 for the mac player equivalent "fusion")
  • WinSCP (free) - Windows (S)FTP client
UPDATE: 20110216 - Been through and added as many links as I can find, hopefully this should be the lot, for now, but please, take a look in the comments, there may be more! Also, i may just build a site to host this list which will allow upboats / downboats so the highest rated tools will appear at the top or some shit! WOO!
submitted by rubberducking to web_design

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