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I wish there was a survival/crafting game that was ACTUALLY relaxing

I'm a huge fan of survival games, but I always find that they're based on some kind of horror or enemy. The Forest has cannibals, The Long Dark has wolves + weather, 7 Days to Die has zombies, Mist Survival has vampires, Stranded Deep has sharks and boss creatures...etc.
Even Subnautica- while beautiful- is absolutely terrifying at night (and in general, if you have thassalaphobia). I know you can disable enemies in most of the aforementioned games, but it always leaves the game with an 'empty' feeling, because the game was BUILT around those enemies/horror elements.
I think my 'ideal' game is a more hardcore, RPG/survival version of Stardew Valley. You're not threatened by creatures unless you want to be (going into the mines), there would be skills to level up such as hunting, animal harvesting, construction, farming, fishing, etc., there would be crafting elements that weren't over-the-top. Just a wind-down game that lets the player dwell in its atmosphere for as long as they wanted, just for the sake of experiencing catching a fish, cooking it over a fire and building a cottage. Like roleplaying Skyrim as a hunter, without encountering the same 3 voice actors over and over again.
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Reworking beacons (new level system, new effects, a new use for amethyst and more!)

Reworking beacons (new level system, new effects, a new use for amethyst and more!)
Kind of a long post... TL;DR at the end.
The first thing that comes to the mind of many of you when reading that title is probably 'Why? Why do beacons need a rework and what could be improved from the current ones?' Well allow me to elaborate:
Right now, I'd say there are about 3 main issues with the current beacons (arguably more, but indirect stuff like getting the minerals or killing the wither should be left for different posts). So what are the 3 main issues I'm referring to?

Introduction: What's wrong with the current beacons?

Poor range: There have been countless suggestions and requests for an increase in the beacon's range, like no less than one of the top posts in this subreddit. With only a max of 50-block radius when you have all the 164 mineral blocks... it seems like it really does need an upgrade.
Weak effects = Useless effects: The problem with the beacon right now, is that if you don't use farms or exploits or anything, you don't wanna waste any of your resources since they took you a lot of work to get. Most beacon effects right now are weak and they can't be combined. Which means that people that play without exploits will only be getting the ones that can actually be useful to have for that incredibly high price (Haste II for mining, Resistance II / Speed II for your base). What do you want Strength and Regen for when you're safe at your base, if Resistance can already overcome them for stuff like raids? And don't even get me started on the weakness of Jump Boost.
Price-performance ratio not satisfied, game-stages and needs are unbalanced: Beacons right now cost not only a wither star to make, but also 164 mineral blocks to fully power. Which, if you don't have farms nor use any exploits, is quite a lot of resources. And for what? As I said before, more than half the effects aren't even worth it, it's really unbalanced + even the effects that are somewhat decent can simply be not enough, Haste has to be countered by the time you spend repairing your tools after (specially if you don't use exploit-based xp farms, since even with spawner farms it takes a while to repair) and Resistance won't be incredibly useful unless you're constantly spawning withers or fighting raids for some reason. Even though they could be easily defeated with the gear most people have after having reached the beacon with 164 blocks point. The beacon is presented as an ideal endgame item. But when you have reached the stage of having a beacon with 164 mineral blocks, most of what the beacon does is almost useless.

Upgrading beacon range... with amethyst shards!

You heard that right, as mentioned before, there have been a lot of complaints about the beacon's short range. But I think that simply upgrading its default range plain and simple just like that isn't really the best and most creative way to do it...
Amethyst is a new material introduced for the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update, for the sake of the reader I'm not gonna go into much detail about amethyst here, all you need to know is that right now, amethyst seems a bit useless. You can use it to craft a telescope that allows you to zoom a bit, or an opaque glass that doesn't let light come through... and that's about it. To be honest, they don't seem like incredibly useful items/blocks, so I thought of a nice way to make amethyst more useful in a different aspect, specially for endgame stage: Beacon range improvement!
How this would work: My idea is that there will be a slot for the player to place amethyst in the beacon GUI + a bar showing how much the range has increased, like so:
Concept design of the empty amethyst slot with the empty bar, made by u/ThatOneKirbyMain2568
So you place amethyst in the slot, every amethyst fills the bar a bit. For every 5 amethyst placed, the bar will reach 1 extra level (as shown in the image below).
More detailed bar for the amethyst: Example of how it would look like if you filled it until you reach level 2 (10 shards). For demonstration purposes, 1 shard is shown at the right to show what it would look like. Made by u/ThatOneKirbyMain2568 and edited by me
Each level will grant 10 extra blocks of radius to the beacon range. But you can only reach as many levels as the amount of pyramids you have. (for eg. If your beacon has 3 pyramids, you can't get more than 3 levels of range increase).
The amount of pyramids is capped at the ones that the beacon does count, right now is 4 (meaning a max of +40 = 90 blocks of radius), though in this same post (as you will see later) I suggest, for multiple reasons, the number be increased to 5.
Also, same as the ingot, the amethyst shards will disappear (and apply the extra range) once the beacon is activated. If something wants to be changed, the amethyst shards (same as the ingot) will have to be re-applied to increase the range again

New effects!

(To understand how these effects will be balanced, it's important to also read the 'New levels system' section of the post, shown below this 'New Effects' section).
Luck: If you feel like fishing near your house, while relaxing and talking with friends or something. Or simply to enjoy the calmness of Minecraft... or to just get some strong loot without having to go too far away, why not place an ingot on your beacon and activate this effect?
Health Boost: Always feels better and more confident to have a health increase. Relax and start forgetting about those one-shot dangers threatening you... specially fall damage.
Invisibility: No need to worry so much about mobs when building or just walking around and stuff. We're talking a reduction of mob detection of up to 7% without armor (that's less than 1.5 blocks of distance for most mobs to detect you!)
Fire Resistance: Lava? What lava? I haven't heard that name in a long time... and it's not only about the lava. If you're gonna tell me that there is something more pleasant than hitting as many mobs as you want with Fire Aspect and not taking fire damage after... then you gotta try this right now, you can thank me later.
Night Vision: No need to skip every night. You can also use this while mining (together with Haste if you want). Let's be honest, who doesn't love having a constant clear vision? Sometimes I get into water to have a conduit effect and get out quickly, just so that I can have the night vision for a few seconds. Always feels nice.

New levels system and the 5th pyramid!

Points: The new level system I propose is based on points. Every pyramid you add to the beacon will give you points, and these points can be used to select and upgrade the levels of the effects you want for your beacon. Maybe an image of how the GUI would look can help understand this a bit better:
New beacon GUI. Diamond pyramid under 'selected powers' represents the amount of points you have, in this case it's 15 (the maximum). Made by u/ThatOneKirbyMain2568
So every pyramid will give you as many points as the respective layer of the pyramid is (in other words, pyramid 1 will give you 1 point, pyramid 4 will give you 4 points, etc.) With a maximum of 15 points (1+2+3+4+5 = 15).
And you can use those points to choose your effects the following way:
  • Effects in the pyramid 1 cost 1 point per level and have a max of level 5 per effect.
  • Effects in the pyramid 2 cost 2 points per level and have a max of level 4 per effect
  • Effects in the pyramid 3 cost 3 points per level and have a max of level 4 per effect
  • Effects in the pyramid 4 cost 4 points per level and have a max of level 3 per effect
  • Effects on the 'bonus powers' (5th pyramid) are free once you unlock them (by getting the fifth pyramid). They are not upgrade-able and you can only choose 1 of the 3 at a time. (You can't have multiple bonus powers active in the same beacon at the same time).
Of course, the unlocking of pyramids remains similar to the current system. In which you unlock the 2nd row of effects of effects when you have 2 pyramids, the 3rdrow when you have 3 pyramids, etc.
So for example, if you had 2 pyramids, you'd have 3 points (1+2) and 2 rows unlocked. And you could use something like the following display (just an example):
  • Jump Boost I + Haste I (1x1 + 1x2 = 3)
And if you were to have 5 pyramids, you'd have 15 points (1+2+3+4+5) and all rows unlocked + bonus powers. And you could use something like the following display (just an example):
  • Luck V + Speed I + Resistance II + Invisibility (5x1 + 1x2 + 2x4 + 0 [free bonus] = 15)
The GUI would also have small arrows for when you select a power, for you to adjust its level based on your points as shown in this image:
New beacon GUI. Includes 2 effects as an example, the darkness in the speed effect level-up arrow represents that it has been upgraded to its limit, and so can not be further leveled-up. Made by u/ThatOneKirbyMain2568
The current level the effect has at the moment would show when you hover over it (same as enchantments in the enchanting table and in items do).
Also, since the 'raw' effects are represented with gold and emerald blocks, I thought that maybe the selected could be represented with diamond and iron (diamond for available, iron for already used, dark diamond for unavailable).
And lastly, in case it isn't already clear, the 5th pyramid will be an 11x11 layer (following the 3x3, 5x5, 7x7 and 9x9 tendency).
Yes, it will be expensive, but with it, you can get a lot more levels in effects + some cool bonus effects that come for free, it will actually be worth it, unlike the current one which only allows for 2 extra level 1 effects with most layers, and +1 level and 1 (not free) effect with layer 4.
This system would encourage people to go all the way, not just because of Haste II, but because every layer allows for both new effects and new levels for every effect, together with new display distributions for you to have fun arranging your beacon's set-up.


  • Amethysts can be used to increase beacon range (radius increases by 10 blocks for every 5 amethyst shards placed)
  • New effects, 5th pyramid and new distribution (check the images of the GUI to understand a bit better without having to read almost anything)
  • Pyramids now give points, points can be used to pick certain effects and level them up. Effects unlocked first are cheaper, latest effects with latest pyramids are more expensive. First pyramids give less points, later and more advanced pyramids give more points.

Conclusion and credits

And that would be all of the idea, I think that with the cave update, it's a good opportunity to upgrade beacons and the rewards you get from powering them with minerals (incentivizing more people to go check out these new and improved caves). And also including one of the new 1.17 cave-exclusive elements: Amethyst.
Also, before you go, I wanna give a big thank you to u/ThatOneKirbyMain2568 for helping so much with this post, making all of the GUI changes shown in the images + helping brainstorm a lot of ideas, like some of the new effects, and the pyramid-point giving values. I really recommend you check his profile, this guy is the OP of some of my favorite MCS posts, he always thinks everything through, prepares assets and always ends up posting amazing content. Like new fruits with new eating and obtaining mechanics for diversity in the flower forests or, probably my personal favorite, a new awesome underwater cave mob he calls 'the celary plant' with very original and awesome ideas. It's all very good stuff, so I really suggest you go check it out.
Also I wanna thank u/Planemaster3000 for helping brainstorm some ideas too, like the effect tiers and the amethyst-radius proportion ratio. This guy, is literally a bottomless jar of incredible ideas. He always thinks everything through and elaborates on every single aspect to give the most complete versions possible. And no matter what wild thought you may come up with, he never, ever runs out of ideas. Seriously, brainstorming with him feels like an honor.
And if you wanna brainstorm with ThatOneKirbyMain, Planemaster or a lot of other suggesters just like you and me, I recommend you join the MCS Discord server. It's an awesome place for people to present, elaborate on and give feedback to tons of ideas + also for relaxing and just chatting or playing with others.
And that would be all for today. Please let me know what you think in the comments, feedback is always appreciated. This is not just about my idea, this is about us, the community, building ideas together. With everyone's thoughts on how to improve and refine ideas. So I insist, if you have any constructive criticism to give, please let me know.

Thank you all for reading and have a good day ;)

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