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[SPOILER] This Timeline is No Different than the Others...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Since I was finally able to get to my laptop to break this theory down in more depth, I decided to make it a new post for it

With the release of Beyond Light came two new, seemingly unrelated lore books. They are referred to as Regarding Stasis and The Dark Future; Regarding Stasis is authored by Eris Morn and The Dark Future is authored by The Exo Stranger. At face value, these two lore books seem to have nothing to do with each other at all, but once you take the time out to read both of them, you see that they're highlighting a future that the Exo Stranger is trying to prevent and a past that leads up to that very same future.
Before I begin, I want to go ahead and lay the ground work by saying, yes: we destroyed the heart in the Black Garden, Eramis has been "defeated", but one huge factor that is the causality of these Dark Futures is Eris becoming corrupted by the Darkness. Despite all of our efforts, this point in the timeline remains true and just.
We believe ourselves to be anchors for her and that we're protecting her from going full-blown Darth Nihilius, but she's herself is leading us Guardians down the path to some of us becoming Dark Guardians.
You can rework an equation, but if the main ingredient is always there, our answers will evidently be the same.
Now, with that being said, I shall first start with the Dark Future lore book.

It begins in Chapter 4: Unguarded of TDF.
Here is an excerpt of the last few lines:
"Like when the Pyramids arrived," Ana chimes in.
"Our troubles began long before they showed up," Zavala says. "They were just the leaves of a tree planted long ago. The Vanguard ran some cloak-and-dagger missions a while back in the Black Garden. We tried to suppress the Black Heart. It ended up corrupting the Guardians who came into contact with it. From there out, Dark Guardians spawned… and Darkness slowly spread."
"I'm here now. That's all that matters."
"Who's the other Exo?" Zavala asks.
Rasputin announces himself.
"You have the Warmind? Incredible. Still… why would you need my help? He's infinitely more capable than me."
"Rasputin is a weapon, but we need to know where to point him," Ana replies.
"Which is why we could use whatever information you have to find Savathûn. We thought that if we could ally with Darkness and Light, we might stand a chance. Find symmetry where staunchness failed," I propose.
"That old song," he muses. "Even if I could help, the Warmind won't be enough. Not for what lies beyond Savathûn. She is only a pawn."
"Meaning what?"
"You want the real Witch—you want Eris Morn*."*
To our credence, the Exo Stranger is aware of this, but hasn't mentioned it to neither our Guardian or the remaining Vanguard members. The players know about it, sure, but in-game, everyone is completely unaware of the role Eris Morn's plays in the Dark Futures across multiple timelines. In Chapter 2: Itinerant Mendicant, Eramis is revealed to still be alive. Necessarily speaking, in game, its hinted that we pretty much haven't necessarily killed her. There's even talks of her getting an Exo body in some of the lore/in-game quests and Variks hints at their being others who would rise up to take Eramis's place.
Again, pivotal points in the timeline that haven't necessarily changed at all, just been delayed/deterred, but the path to them remains the same.
To further expand on this, I'll continue with Chapter 5: Almighty, Once
"I can't imagine Eris…," Ana says, her voice trailing off in shock.
"Eris wasn't special. She was corrupted as easily as the rest. She came to me after finding an artifact inside a Pyramid on the Moon and deceived us all*. The Bombardment was her masterstroke, proving that the Darkness destroys all it touches."*
There's a cutscene that shows Eris finding an artifact within the pyramid, smiling cunningly and it's revealed to be Stasis. Eris was gifted Stasis directly from the Darkness before anyone else was in this timeline - including our Guardian. She does, in fact, visit Zavala and tells him about us using the Darkness to defeat the Darkness. However, once we start reading Regarding Stasis, we sees that she is becoming even more obsessed with the power of Stasis, defeating Savathun and recruiting Guardians to use Stasis. The Guardians weren't corrupted from the Black Garden, they were corrupted because of the Darkness that was in the Black Garden - its just using Eris as another conduit to do this.
To also expand on something else that I noticed in the lore, Ana isn't necessarily "Ana" anymore in the Dark Future. It seems that she, too, has been corrupted by the Darkness and worked as an infiltrator for Eris Morn.
In Beyond Darkness 1 mission, after we've charged her skeleton key for her, the Exo Stranger talks about how she's kept Ana in the dark for too long and wants to work towards building a relationship with her - but it's already too late. Going back to Chapter 1: The Family Line is when Elsie and Ana finally meet one another. On Europa:
I swing off of the taut fabric, grab my weapon from the floor, and then roll across the room, blasting Stasis at my assailant. They dodge it entirely, leaving my bed momentarily frozen in time. I fire off rounds, grazing their shoulder.
"Elsie! Wait!"
No one calls me that. Except her.
The attacker removes her hood. She's changed; a bit worse for wear, but it's her. My stubborn sister.
"What were you thinking, Ana?! Why did you attack me?"
"You attacked me!"
It's been years since I've seen her, after the Bombardment. Last family reunion didn't end well.
Ana actually appears in on of the Beyond Darkness missions on Europa and I know this might be a long shot, but things seem to be going according to the previous futures the Exo Stranger has been in.
Here's an excerpt from Chapter 8: Migration about Zavala's suspicion of Ana being corrupted by the Darkness"
"I heard you the other day," I say, barging into Zavala's quarters. He's mid-shave. "Ana. You said you'd kill her."
He wipes his blade clean and washes his face.
"If I have to, yes," he says.
"What makes you think you'll have to?"
"I have known Ana a long time. Something isn't right."
"Weren't you just advocating that I listen to her?"
"I wanted to see if something was off with you as well."
"You're a bastard," I seethe.
"I'm making sure we're successful."
Another thing that sticks out to me as well, that is surely not being prevented by our Guardian and/or the Exo Stranger is this other excerpt from Chapter 8: Migration, that ties into the Wraithborne events that are coming up as well as the weird like growths appearing in the Tangled Shore and the Dreaming City:
Ana and Mara fight through the Hive mercilessly as the Dark Guardians approach. I find Ana and signal toward Eris. In lockstep, we carry out our assault. Ana opens fire on a Hunter while I cover her, blasting a flanking Ogre with Stasis. Ana drops a grenade under its massive feet, and a second later, it's dust. Eris spots us, and I swear she's smiling. From behind the Keep, a full brigade of the Awoken armada rises, perverted with Hive thorns and insignia.
Sounds familiar, right? It's definitely not the weapon Thorn, but actually thorns like the ones seen here: https://imgur.com/a/y3vCr2N (credit to u/The_Bef). We know the upcoming event has Xivu Arath amassing an army - she's infecting other species with some sort of Hive plague. That plague is mentioned above having infected Awoken.
The next chapter of Dark Future has Ana Bray murdering Mara Sov, revealing herself to be working with Eris and the Exo Stranger waking up in another timeline - our timeline - when Cayde-6 became the new Hunter vanguard.

I'll now begin with Eris's letters addressed to everyone, starting with the Exo Stranger's letter:
You raise a great deal of suspicion in your ways, and your words harbor the weight of someone who has witnessed more than they let on. As one who has seen through the Darkness and into the void, I too know how to conceal unbearable truths.
Know this: truth is eternal. Run from it as long as you can. It will catch up.
You speak of events that have not come to pass with a certainty that unsettles my mind, yet your purpose here feels obfuscated and opaque. Secrecy will not galvanize our cause. It will fester and rot away our cores until our enemies eviscerate our hollowed and putrid husks.
Occasionally, I sense you may be afraid. Of the future? The past? Of me? Share your secrets, for then there will be nothing to fear, and the Darkness will have one less weakness to exploit against us.Drifter raises other concerns about our coalition. I sense our allegiance to be a precarious one, each of us out of our element, though we all stand to lose far more than we gain through betrayal. If our dedication to the cause does not waver, we will see the other side of this Collapse.
The bonds we have formed outside of our alliance must not break. We must continue our efforts to convince those opposed to our work that it will be the foundation for our preservation. Our hope lies in a collective unity, though we must also ensure that none shall inhibit our growth or progress, no matter where the opposition lies. I fear for what that entails. I too have trepidations regarding the path we are on. Even as I feel our power swell, there is still temptation rife with destructive potency in Stasis. What else could it unlock inside of us…
In these unorthodox times, I look to the Darkness and our enemies. See how it empowers them, while it toys with us? Oryx would never have led the Taken without its guidance. Eramis's army has been a vile, deadly force due to its influence. We should learn from their examples. It will subjugate us all if we allow it, so we must spread our message of balance through the Dark. We must show our control—or we too will be lost in the shadow it casts. Now is the time to rise up and take command. Use its power to eliminate the puppets in its grasp. If we are successful in our instruction, through discipline, Guardians will harness the long-dormant power within, without fear of corruption. They will listen to you, Stranger, as they have before. Be their lodestar for hope.
That is our path to eradicating those who misuse the Darkness. Through our singular focus and unparalleled strength, our enemies will fall by our hand, and the unending night will give way to a dawn not seen since the Golden Age.
Is that not what we are fighting for?
As I mentioned before, the Exo Stranger hasn't mentioned the role that Eris plays in these other timelines to anyone. Eris tells the Exo Stranger that she can't keep running from the truth - running from the outcomes of things, because eventually, it'll catch up to her. All Elsie has been doing is running from things - running from her past as a Bray, running from Ana, running from timeline to timeline hoping to change something.
Eris also mentions that she feels the temptation of the Darkness growing inside of her and she's curious about what else it has in store for us - she even mentions Oryx here and I believe someone on this subreddit a few months ago pointed out how the Hive on the Moon see Eris walking the same path that Oryx did in his communing with the Darkness.
Eris's letter to Mara Sov is a bit, concerning. Her thirst for revenge is unknowingly leading her down the path she has taken time and time again:
My Queen,Your absence during this time is distressing. I am certain the efforts on your front are not in vain, though I must inform you that our situation is evolving rapidly. Your guidance and support are greatly missed.
We have made substantial and irrevocable progress into our understanding of the Darkness. Its wants, desires, and needs become clearer each passing day. I have much to share with you, though I am concerned you will be displeased by the means with which we have obtained the information.
Before word reaches you that Eris Morn has been compromised, I will tell you myself: I am… fighting the Darkness using Darkness itself.
It is vital to me that you know beyond any doubt that I am of sound mind and body, and our agreement stands. While I use Darkness to combat it, my focus remains steady. I know there are threats far greater assailing us on all fronts. We must strike back in measure, and this is my part, my front. For left unchecked, Savathûn will become the greatest threat of them all.When I encountered her last, she demeaned me, tried to use my friends against me and rob me of my strength. She has no idea how powerful I have become. I will see her end… firsthand.
I acknowledge there is great anger in me. I know the Darkness would sooner exploit my rage than grant me serenity. I will not dishonor our friendship with lies: It is hard to control my emotions. I feel the temptation to give in. I urge you not to condemn me. You know what I have seen. What I have been through. I am not one for reckless abandon. Though this may seem a last resort, I have unveiled a great potential for us all.
While I have received resistance from the Vanguard, more are joining our ranks. Soon, we will wield the power we need to stave off the odious minions of the Darkness permanently. Soon, the Witch Queen will feel my wrath. Soon, there will be peace.
I hope when you return, it is to a world without strife. For now, I ask that you continue to believe in me. Your support has remained a beacon in the most trying of times, and were it to extinguish, I fear what would ensnare me.
I am sure you are frightened and appalled by these developments, but I assure you this is for the greater good. While you may disapprove of my methods, know that the ends will justify the means.
Eris is aware that she's becoming corrupted by the Darkness and that it is using her thirst for revenge, anger - her trauma - to control and influence her decisions. Gradually as you read through her letters, you can see her obsession with Savathun and revenge consuming her. You can see that the Darkness is nurturing these feelings in her as well.
And then her letter addressed to us, the Guardians:
Discontent and skepticism permeate our allies and corrode our bonds. I am certain the rumors that circulate in the Tower have found their way to you: Eris Morn has been compromised, corrupted by the Darkness. You and I know that could not be further from reality. You have stood by me, and we have been empowered, enlightened, and vivified. We have struck a balance.
There is much that you are already aware of. You have seen how the Darkness does not seek to subjugate, as the Light does not. They are tools. They are choices. They are made to be commanded and controlled. This is clear now.
Along the path, you have been the only consistent allies worth trusting. I have my doubts about the Stranger and, similarly, the Drifter. If they fail us, or worse—attempt to deceive us—we will have to continue on without their support. I do not fear that possibility. As long as we are together, we will be unstoppable. We can recover what has been stolen from us and procure retribution for that which is irreparable.
We finally have control over the Darkness and can use it against those who seek to destroy us. All of us now have the means to persevere and win this war. Any Cabal insurrection will be thwarted before it's allowed to endanger. The Vex will be banished to some forgotten time. The Fallen will surrender, or perish. And what of Savathûn and her forces? They will bend until they break into decomposing pieces of refuse. Stasis provides an answer to where we have fallen short previously. Use this power, with me, to abolish our foes and prevent what our forbearers could not. The next Collapse is here, and we must abandon our previous misconceptions of right and wrong.
You are aware of the stakes, so I will leave you with a word of warning:
The new Collapse did not come from the Darkness alone. It comes from all around. It comes from within… and the assault has already begun.
This campaign is far from over, so there is much to prepare for. We will be the masters of our fates once more. I cannot wage this war alone. I need you. All of you. I know what I ask: for you to face the unknown. Use forces beyond our comprehension. This is a world of uncertainty, yet it remains clear—wielding the Darkness with righteous intent will be our true salvation. Will we unite?
And there you have it.
Eris Morn has been fully corrupted by the Darkness and is attempting to recruit us as her Dark Guardians. She expresses that if the Stranger or the Drifter attempts to deceive us, we'll have to continue without their support. The Drifter ends up dead. On Europa. Inside of the Deep Stone Crypt as an Exo. Ana betrays Elsie due to having joined forces with Eris Morn and stabs her. Eris speaks to us like a Heretic of the Darkness in this letter and pretty much says she won't let anything get in her way on her path to revenge - not the Traveler, not the Vanguard, not the Vex, the Cabal - no one.
She says that the Darkness and wielding the Darkness, will be our salvation.

The Exo Stranger isn't changing anything in this timeline at all.
Her actions are simply delaying the inevitable that will eventually come to past. The only way for her to actually stop this Dark Future would be for her to kill Eris. Eris, as Zavala stated from TDR lore, has/had everyone fooled.

submitted by ozymandea to DestinyLore

I feel that DE is wasting the potential of Warframe's lore and its characters.

As everyone know, DE has the habit of forget about old content. Among them events and tactical alerts that were vital to developing the Warframe story and giving more participation to some characters. It's a shame that the current in-game story is a nonsense full of plot gaps that doesn't respect the chronology. Let's see some examples:

Alad V

You can read his lore here. Being Alad one of the most important characters in Warframe, his current in-game story is a complete mess.
  1. The first time we hear his name is on the disruption mission on Mars (Alad is supposed to be working only on the Zanuka Project at that time)
  2. The disruption mission in Jupiter is available after completing Natah (taking into account that The Ropalolyst is available after complete Chimera Prologue, the disruption mission should have the same requirement, specially if we take into account all that it had to pass Alad from the Gradivus Dilemma to Shadow Debt, or the experiments with the Wolf of Saturn Six).
  3. After Alad helped us in the Second Dream, we faced his Mutalist version on Eris (this is where the story loses all sense. There is no in-game hint that Alad has been experimenting with the Infestation except for the Patient Zero quest, unless DE tells us that Hunhow is capable of manipulating the infestation)

Operation: Scarlet Spear

During the event I created a new account, and to my surprise after finishing Vor's Prize I received a message from Little Duck advising me of the Sentient invasion, without even progressing through the story. It's not for nothing, but I still believe that this event should be exclusive for those who have completed at least Chimera Prologue, not only because of the lore, but also because the mission got complicated as you reached the last waves. Regarding the story, I have three problems:
  1. With this being the beginning of the Sentient invasion (post-Erra cinematic), it would have been great to see Sentients invading the Origin System (except the Void), like those "random" encounters in Orb Vallis.
  2. What was Sargas Ruk doing on Earth if Vay Hek is supposed to be occupying that planet?


How is it possible that the main Warframe's protagonist doesn't say a single word in most of the quests post-Second Dream? The only times the operator spoke were at the end of Second Dream, The War Within, and The Sacrifice (Apostasy Prologue doesn't count because it only said one word).
They don't even flinch during Octavia's Anthem quest where we face Hunhow and Ordis decides to face him to prevent him from infecting other cephalons. As for the fight with the Ropalolyst where Natah appears, the operator said absolutely nothing. NOTHING!
Another thing: I don't know if you receive this message in your inbox after complete Sands of Inaros, but you should do this quest only if you have completed The Second Dream instead of reach Mastery Rank 5.


Probably those most in need for a rework, these groups lack development as they continue to send us their Death Squads despite the fact that we help them. What's more, they have the potential to develop their story (like Amaryn did after complete The Silver Grove) and change the environment of the game as you progress through the story, for example:
  • New Loka: After completing The Silver Grove, you may encounter various New Loka operatives in Cetus, interacting with its inhabitants and learning their habits. You could even "hire" a few operatives to help you out on the plains.
  • Cephalon Suda: After completing Octavia’s Anthem and Heart of Deimos, Suda could contact the Entrati so that she could quench her thirst for "curiosity" and be with who used to be Orokin (and perhaps see some Suda operatives in Necralisk). I know it sounds a bit absurd but Cephalon Suda is the syndicate that lacks lore the most, and I'm not sure that Nihil's revelation (the Glassmaker) can expand it.
  • Steel Meridian: Killing one of the Grineer Queens at the end of The War Within shouldn't go unnoticed by Cressa Tal, who is a Grineer defector. She could congratulate us for accomplishing such a feat and could even replace Lotus in the Kuva Siphon and Kuva Lich missions. What's more, the Steel Meridian could go on the trail of the Wolf of Saturn Six and its fugitives.
  • Perrin Sequence: After helping Ergo Glast destroy the Animo and rescue the Triuna (regardless of your choice), he would realize that diplomacy is not always the solution and would help us face the Corpus, starting with Fortuna. Ergo could contact Ticker to pay the debts of the Solaris, so we would see most of its inhabitants with their full bodies, better tools and body augmentations, but we will also see hidden Corpus weapons, hinting that Ergo helps them in the revolution.
  • Red Veil: After freeing Rell, the leader of the Red Veil could send his operatives to hunt down some of the fanatics who spread throughout the Origin System, and some of them would even join the Arlo's Followers, starting a rivalry between those groups. As for Palladino, she could be the mediator of the Red Veil, Arbiters of Hexis and Cephalon Suda, so we would see their operatives interacting with each other in Iron Wake.
  • Arbiters of Hexis: Being this syndicate the most interested in the power of the Tenno, they together with Teshin could motivate them to be more independent and more powerful in order to become the guardians of the Origin System and prepare them for the New War against the Sentients. As for Teshin, he should fulfill the role of master for the Tenno at the beginning of the game, like being the master of the Mastery Rank tests.
Honestly (and I say it as someone who has played Warframe since mid-2013) I feel bad that DE doesn't give the importance it deserves to the story (and more so knowing everything that has happened until the Second Dream).
What I've enjoyed the most is the lore, the characters and the soundtrack. I never expected such a game to be free, with so much to give even to this day with The Deadlock Protocol, Heart of Deimos and the stories of Parvos Granum and Albrecht Entrati. It's very noticeable that DE still has the potential to create good stories.
But it is a shame that newcomers don't have the privilege that we, Warframe boomers, have had to enjoy an excellent and coherent in-game story, and have to turn to YouTube and the Wiki to learn about Warframe' story. That's what prompted me to post twice on Reddit and the Warframe Forums the idea of ​​bring some events and tactical alerts back to the game, but as quests (if you're interested to know how to fix the story, this is what I proposed).
And if you think about it, "renewing" the Warframe story could be one of the most significant changes in the game: as you progress through the story you will unlock new content, instead of increasing the Mastery Rank whose only function must be to let you use more equipment, earn more daily standing, focus and void fissures, etc. And not only that, DE should have a new and improved "progression system" that allows them not only to identify newcomers and experienced players, but also to respect Warframe's chronology, because being realistic it's completely absurd that you only have to complete Mars Junction to start the Heart of Deimos quest.
One example is Path of Exile, which in The Fall of Oriath update went from having a campaign with 4 acts and 3 difficulties (like Diablo) to a new campaign with 10 acts. And not only that, in the Conquerors of the Atlas update, they completely renewed the endgame story. If Grinding Gear Games (the creators of Path of Exile) were able to change the story of their game, then Digital Extremes can too.
And yes, I know that would be a lot of work for them (especially because of Covid-19) but I want to remind you that even though this pandemic started between February and March if I remember correctly, DE was able to release The Deadlock Protocol and Heart of Deimos updates. Think about it.
submitted by MorteNexus to Warframe

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