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Been randomly interjecting rants to mention Flatspace II over on Roguetemple for a long time now, one of my more common hand wringings alongside the lamentable fate of the Jaunt Trooper series and the mourning of. Thanks to Darkblade at the HLP forums for pointed out the existence of B5: SCTS, a freeware game in the style of Starfleet Command. To pilot: all coordinated information is available from a single source To software engineer: full access to shared data about situation, mission, and systems To hardware designer: systems as a single unit with ample bandwidth to support processing. Knights And Bikes CHEAT HAPPENS. Top Speed if in water 5-10 knots depending on conditions. Even small communities have big dreams! Games Torrents - Download Free Games Torrents https://uralligaculture.ru/download/?file=1777.

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Flatspace II: Rise of the Scarrid is the sequel to the online space trading game Flatspace. Flatspace is a space trading and flight. Mercedes used body kits. We created Recover Keys to help you save your time and money. Flatspace Review and Interview Fragtopia has a very positive review of the indie space trader/combat game, Flatspace. View Book Review: Path Integrals in Quantum Mechanics, Statistics, Polymer Physics and Financial Markets. Arrow Heads (PC) 27 November 2020 Written by Paul Barnard: 56: 87: Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King (PC) 19 November 2020 Written by Reid: 86: 78: Blue Reflection (PC) 18 November 2020 Written by Cheryl Gress: 76: 61: Space Overlords (PC) 16 November 2020 Written by Todd Andrew Buda 68: 66: Rogue State (PC) 11 November 2020 Written by David Grue: 68: 91: Crashday: Redline Edition (PC) 07.

[OC] Quarantine Part 10

Part 9
Rashim examined the screen, looking for anything that stood out from the noise. But the screen showed what it had for months now: Clouds of decaying particles that told him nothing except that the rest of the universe hadn’t disappeared while they were cruising through subspace. He reached for his coffee, but the ship jolted and it spilled over his arm. Were it not already lukewarm, it might have burned him.
“Dammit, Li,” he shouted to the pilot, “Can’t you keep this thing steady for two seconds?”
“Hey, believe me, I’m trying,” she answered, then grunted as the ship rattled once more. “The drive’s barely holding together. Another few pockets of dark matter, we’ll fall back over the line and we’re not coming back.”
Rashim frowned and returned to the screen. Half a year ago, the Serpent of Eden had been the peak of human technology. Now, the deck crew could barely pull together enough scraps to patch the cracks in the hull. Daily searching runs had become weekly, and the commander of the base was considering going pirate to get more antimatter for the reactor. But no matter how many mysterious screws fell out of the drive and how many leaks opened in the coolant pipes, they kept “crossing over the line”—as they’d taken to calling the transition to subspace—and doing more sweeps.
He sipped what little liquid remained in his cup, grimaced further, and glued himself to the screen. More clouds, a few lines where a large tachyon drive had disturbed the particles, nothing new. Any moment now, he told himself, any moment he might see a big, bright—
The flash from the screen almost blinded him. After the screen dimmed automatically and his eyes recovered, he saw the point of light shining through the clouds. An indicator appeared above it to show it was a match.
“I’ve got it!” he said, “Positive match, it’s them. It’s the Council.”
After the first human had appeared in the Council chambers, the aliens had gone mad trying to figure out how they found the station. They’d swept the entire structure for bugs, and found plenty, but none human. Then they swapped out the reactor, the tachyon drive, the comms array, the sensors, even the ovens in the kitchens. What they’d never changed, however, was the sewage treatment and water recycling module. The sewage vats contained a microbe from the Areev home world that, as it happened, was one of the few lifeforms in the galaxy naturally capable of storing extra nutrients and energy in subspace. Gorged on the sewage output of over a million sentients for thousands of years, and with no predators, the microbes had evolved to store ever greater amounts of energy to expedite swift reproduction whenever a gap opened in their small ecosystem. Now, the Council station shone like a bonfire on a dark night on this side of the line.
Still, the galaxy was a big place, and it was a stroke of luck that the station had been close to Earth when the first explorers had crossed over. It had been moved several times since then, and United Command had lost track of it shortly before the Council attack. There used to be four ships assigned to the search. Now, it was only them, but evidently they were enough.
“Do we still have a line to the Beacon?” Rashim asked.
“It’s low, low bitrate, but it’s still there,” Li answered.
“Request the codes. I’ll wake up the kid.” In the bomb bay behind the cockpit, an advanced missile with “The Innocent Child” came to life. In the head, two sets of sensors—one configured for subspace, one for flatspace (the term the technicians had settled on for the near side of the line)—activated and the warhead awaited authorization codes to arm. In the body, a micro-reactor cycled up to feed power to the short-life subspace drive. The onboard computer reported all systems ready.
“Kid is awake, target is locked,” Rashim reported.
“Received final authorization codes,” Li said. She typed the sequence in her control panel.
“Lots of activity ahead,” Rashim said. A thick cloud had formed on his screen between the ship and the station.
“I see it, too. Is it a problem?”
“Could be a black hole, could be more dark matter. Either way, lots of turbulence. Do you see a way around?”
“Nothing yet. Running low on fuel, too.” The engines had to be run almost constantly in subspace to fight the drag of dark matter and other particles.
“Whatever, just take us through. We’ll make it, the kid won’t.”
“If you say so.” Li didn’t sound confident.
“We’ll make it. If we don’t, target’s already locked. It should fire automatically.”
“Such a comfort.” There was a time when Rashim would have snapped at her for insubordination, but he’d stopped worrying about it long ago.
The cloud passed over the ship on screen, and the hull rattled. Metal plates that had been designed to stand up to cruiser fire screeched as they buckled. The ship lurched and alarms blared in the cockpit.
“Engine 2 is down,” Li shouted through the noise. “I’m using maneuvering thrusters to fight the rotation, but we’ve lost a lot of speed.”
“Just keep us on target!”
The ship plowed through the cloud of particles, stubbornly pointing its nose towards the light of the station. Armor plates peeled off and dropped back into flatspace. Li almost lost control and the ship turned and drifted sideways. Then, they were through.
Rashim punched the command to fire, and the missile streaked away from the bomb bay and curved towards its target. It flew straight into the center of the light, then simultaneously deactivated its subspace drive and detonated its warhead. The flash in subspace was small, but Rashim watched the tight point of light dissipate and then disappear altogether.
Rashim afforded himself and Li a moment to breath, then asked, “Can we make it home?”
Li hesitated. “Maybe.”
“Take your time,” he said. “There’s no rush now.”
In the space around each of the Council home worlds, automatically dispatched drones dropped out of FTL and reported that the Council was under attack. The ships sent to investigate found only radiation and dust.
Part 11
submitted by loki130 to HFY

[OC][Quarantine 61] Bad News

Part 60
On today’s docket for Li and Rashim, humanity’s premier subspace pilots, was yet another scouting mission. Sometimes Rashim suspected UC simply didn’t know what to do with them. Subspace travel was an entirely new are of travel—not only for humans, but for the entire galactic community—and they couldn’t properly explore the implications because the species couldn’t spare the resources. The rare elements and computing power needed to produce one small subspace drive could also be used for five warp drives for ships many times larger. And when using a warp drive, you didn’t have to worry about hitting a pocket of dark matter and drifting light-years off course.
Still, despite feeling like UC’s forgotten youngest son, Rashim couldn’t complain. Subspace travel gave him and Li a bizarre, distorted perspective of galactic events. They’d passed by the Ploevedd-Tervorant front and seen the ripples from nuclear detonations. They’d seen the Areev worlds glowing thanks to their unusual bacteria. And the battle at Garrul had been a particularly dazzling sight. Tachyon drives only left a faint flutter in their wake, but warp drives left incandescent paths that took half a minute to fade. These lines crisscrossed and interweaved with the ripples from nuke detonations as they watch, and the arrival of the Zusheer jamming ship added a rhythmic, almost musical pulsing to it. Even when he saw the scatted warp lines of ships retreating and flashes of antimatter reactors breaching and realized that something must have gone wrong, he couldn’t help but be enthralled. It was fascinating and beautiful and he didn’t have the faintest clue how any of it happened. Particle interactions between flatspace and subspace was a field of study that simply didn’t exist yet.
But the mission always came first, so scouting it was. They were already approaching their first stop, Zusha. For the homeworld of their sworn enemies, it was remarkably uninteresting from their perspective. He had to guess at its precise location based on FTL wakes. He doubted they’d made on militarily significant observation from scouting Zusha so far. They wouldn’t take long.
The ship shuddered and Li grunted as she compensated. It wasn’t anything unusual, but Rashim didn’t see any dark matter clusters in the area that might have caused it. For a moment it seemed like they’d cleared it, then the ship jolted violently and settled into random shaking.
“It’s fighting me,” Li said. “We’re losing velocity.”
That was definitely odd. Usually that didn’t happen unless they were heading straight into a dark matter cluster. But still the screens were clear. He unclasped his harness and worked his way forward through the vibrating cabin. Out the cockpit windows, it was the same clouded, vaguely olive-teal haze as always. But out the starboard window he could waves rolling outwards from some source ahead of them. These weren’t the calm ripples he’d seen from nukes in the past, but more like waves continuously crashing even though they never hit the shore.
“Velocity dropping fast,” Li reported. Then, after another few moments, she said, “God, we’re at full power but it’s pushing us backwards.”
“Let it push us out,” Rashim said. “We’ll come around from another angle.”
Li eased back on the engines and the rumbling died down. The ship glided backwards, almost graceful, until Li figured they’d cleared the interference. They took a long, curved route to the other side of Zusha and tried the approach again. Then a third and a fourth time, all from different angles. The result was the same; some unseen force pushed them back. It didn’t behave like dark matter; that tossed the ship about and threatened to tear off the hull plating. Here, the turbulence was barely noticeable once Li throttled down the engines. Whatever it was, it emanated out evenly from a single source. Rashim had a hunch where.
He returned to his screens and marked out the paths they’d attempted so far. Then he tried tracing the FTL signatures in the system. He’d been toying with a program to automatically detect and display them, but it was still rudimentary. It was easily confused by parallel jumping paths and shipping lanes came out looking like thick brambles. But for this purpose it worked well enough. A few lines of signatures crisscrossed the system and others reached out to other star systems. They converged at a few points, but the biggest intersection was right next to them. As Rashim expected, it was right in between their four failed approach paths.
He leaned back and considered the data. The conclusion was inescapable, but he knew his commanders would want absolute proof that this was the case. If it was, the implications would be severe indeed. He activated every piece of sensing equipment on the ship that he didn’t think would tip off the Zusheer that he was here.
“I want to look at this thing from every angle.” He forwarded the data he’d just gathered to Li’s console. “Twelve full revolutions should do it. Take your time. Not too long, though. A lot of people above our pay grade are going to want to see this.”
Part 62
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Quarantine Wiki
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