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NFSMods - NFSU2 Extra Options this article. Open "Need for Speed Underground 2 - ApunKaGames" folder, double click on "Setup" and install it. After installation complete, go to the folder where you install the game. Heres how to disable adblocking on our site. Need for speed 2 Vista download - SterJo Startup Patrol Vista download - Best Free Vista Downloads - Free Vista software download - freeware, shareware and trialware downloads. In Hot Pursuit 2, it has kind of an arcade feel to it. Need for speed underground 2 music not working help pop over to this site. Need for Speed: Underground 2 provides several new features, such as a broader customization, new methods of selecting races, the "explore" mode (just driving around freely, like the Midnight Club series, in a large city known as "Bayview").

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For example, you cannot access the HUD through. Need for Speed Underground PC Full Version Download a knockout post. Need for Speed Underground 2 - Apun Ka New Games. Download - 13.1 MB. Who Favourited This File. Are you dusting off your old Need For Speed Underground 2 game (one of the best NFS game's ever made)? NEED FOR SPEED Shift in Farsi Madness of Change Speed Another of the most graphic and exciting car racing and car racing games from EA Games for Android operating systemWith it, you can ride on different types of cars and race at different speeds at. Get into your car and feel the realism of this great game of EA Games, Need For Speed Underground.

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Need for Speed: Underground 2 v1.2 Patch US This is the first released patch for Need for Speed Underground 2 from Electronic Arts, upgrading your retail US version to 1.2. Need for Speed Underground Speedometer for GTA V A simple speedometer script that's just a speedometer, but with a few extras! UG'2_GameTRACKS - In Tracks Folder All Files there. There are some points of the menus which were neglected of the 3Dfx model of the game. I opend 'REGEDIT' and saw this: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\EA Games\Need for Speed Underground 2\. Need for Speed: Underground 2 Movie - Free Download. Need for Speed Underground 2 Saves.

We Are Operators Episode 5: Jobs

7:57 AM
Dormitories, Level D
Jay yawned as he walked through the corridor. He wasn't in the mood for cereal and wanted a good warm breakfast meal with a hot coffee from the cafeteria. As he reached the elevators at the end of the hall, he spotted the bulletin board that flanked the elevator.
Normally he would've walked right past, but today it was covered in new papers which Jay decided to check out in case there were notices about fire alarm tests or maintenance to the water system. Fortunately for him, there wasn't anything of the sort, but he did notice a large number of sheets advertising jobs across the ship that operators could take on if they were looking to make some extra income.
Hmm... I don't really need any extra cash right now.
11:23 AM
Rhodes Island Top Deck
Jay kept his hands in his pockets and stared at his squad. Despite being the Captain of C2, he didn't really have any plans for them outside of the training drills they were required to take part in. As he tried to think of something, he enjoyed the cool breeze of the morning air that blew around his hair and the many flaps of his black and blue jacket.
“What do you guys wanna do after lunch? We aren't scheduled for training today,” Jay asked.
“No idea really. A-a-aaaachoooo!” Spark answered while sneezing into her elbow.
“You alright?” Jay said while snickering.
Spark gave a thumbs up. “I stayed up a bit too late watching TV and fell asleep on the couch. Forgot to turn off the AC so I slept in the cold without a blanket. I also wasn't wearing my sweater.”
“I hope you get well soon, Miss Spark. As for what we could do, we could sit around and talk about our day,” Alabaster suggested.
“The day's barely started; there isn't much to talk about,” Meeka said.
“We can play a game. How about tag? You're it!” Labcoat suggested as she tapped on Eddron's shoulder and ran away.
“Damn it!” Eddron exclaimed as he panicked for a moment before tapping Spark on the shoulder. “You're it!”
“I'm not playing,” Spark said.
Eddron moved onto Meeka. “You're it!”
“I'm not playing either,” Meeka said.
“I'll save you the trouble, Eddron, I'm not playing either,” Jay said as he took his hands out of his pockets and crossed his arms.
“Fine then, Alabaster is it!” Eddron whined as he tapped Alabaster.
Alabaster immediately tapped him back. “You're it.”
“You can't do that!” Eddron argued.
“We didn't establish that rule. And now I don't want to play anymore,” Alabaster argued back.
“Shit!” Eddron yelled as he ran off from the group and went after Labcoat who was already a good distance away.
I thought being captain would have a lot more for me to do. But there really isn't much happening right now.
Jay checked his watch. “Hmm... It's almost time for lunch, we can figure out what we wanna do while we eat.”
“I'm gonna skip lunch today,” Spark said.
“What? Why?” Jay asked.
“Ever since I've bought those textbooks for Labcoat, my budget's gotten all messed up and I need to skip a meal every now and then to get back to where I was before,” Spark explained, looking slightly disappointed.
Jay shook his head. “I'll buy you lunch today.”
“You don't have to,” Spark said.
“I'm captain of this squad and if one of us goes hungry, I'll make sure they can eat,” Jay declared.
“That is very noble of you, Jay,” Alabaster said.
“Does anyone else have problems with money right now?” Jay asked as he looked around at his other squad mates.
“I think Labcoat's still also recovering from buying a bunch of textbooks too,” Spark said.
“I've got money, but I need to save up some more in case they suddenly drop a new character in my game,” Meeka said.
If they need money, maybe they could get jobs like those postings on the bulletin board.
“If you guys are having money problems, then I've got an idea that'll help with that. Someone go get Eddron and Labcoat and follow me,” Jay said.
11:32 AM
Dormitories, Level D
Jay stayed back as his squad crowded around the bulletin board.
“You think we should get jobs?” Spark asked as she turned her head back to look at Jay.
“We already have jobs. We're operators!” Labcoat said.
Jay nodded. “It'll help with money problems, plus it gives us all something to do since we're so bored.”
“There's so many different jobs to pick from,” Alabaster remarked as he kept his face close to every sheet he was reading.
“I don't need a job,” Eddron said. “My family's got money and they send me some every month.”
“Good for you,” Meeka said while pulling off a sheet and reading it.
They don't seem interested. I didn't want to get a job, but it looks like I'll have to lead by example.
Jay stepped forward and perused the many different job postings. Some places caught his interest like the trading post and training grounds. After looking through the many sheets, his eyes eventually landed on a posting for the ship store.
Hell no. I'm never going to work in a supermarket again.
“I think I'm gonna take the trading post job,” Jay said.
The squad responded with silence as they were either still deciding or turning away from the bulletin board.
“Come on guys,” Jay whined. “I think this could be good for us; we've got nothing better to do.”
“I'm still not sure if I even want a second job right now,” Meeka said.
Jay snapped his fingers at Alabaster. “Alabaster, help me out here. Getting a second job will do something good for us. Which is?”
“It builds character,” Alabaster answered.
“There you go! A second job builds character. Plus you get some extra cash. I call that a win-win,” Jay argued.
“Well, those textbooks were really expensive. Maybe I could use my arts to help out at the power plant,” Spark said.
“Without my inheritance, I could use another source of income, perhaps I shall find work in the workshop,” Alabaster said.
Labcoat showed off a posting to the squad. “I think I'm gonna work at the training ground; they need someone to do menial tasks. I don't know what those are but I think I'll be good at them!”
“I'm good with computers so the reception desk seems good for me,” Meeka said.
Jay crossed his arms. “You seriously not gonna get a job, Eddron?”
“I don't need the money,” Eddron answered.
Looks like I gotta speak his language.
“I mean, think about all the other operators on this base that probably have a second job. Many of them being cute girls,” Jay argued.
Eddron paused to think before smiling. “You had me at cute girls. I dunno where I'll work though. Maybe I'll work at the factory or something.”
Jay clapped his hands together. “Alright, now that we're all gonna get jobs. Let's grab lunch before we hit our first shifts.”
“This'll be fun!” Labcoat cheered.
12:38 PM
Trading Post
Jay grabbed the roll of tape on the desk next to him and used it to seal the box in front of him on the conveyor belt. He then put the tape down to pick up a small handheld device that required him to enter the number on the top right of the box so that a sticker could be printed to display shipping information which needed to be stuck on the box. The whole process took a minute, much faster than when he started.
Sitting not that far away from him was Croissant, a female Forte who always seemed to be in a good mood.
“Looks like yer' finally gettin' the hang of it!” Croissant cheered.
Jay taped up another box. “It's pretty easy; just tape up the box and enter the numbers.”
“Why don't you try scannin' the number next time?” Croissant asked while presenting her device to Jay. “Go into this menu and then just aim the device so that the four corners of the laser are around the numbers on the box.”
Jay did as Croissant said and tried out the new process on the next box that appeared in front of him. When the number was within the four corners of the laser, the device made a beeping noise and automatically entered in the number for him.
Croissant smiled. “Great! Yer' a natural!”
“Thanks. So you here for some extra cash or you just needed something to do?” Jay asked.
“A bit of both, although if I had to choose probably the cash. There's always bills to pay or somethin' awesome coming out,” Croissant answered before going back to work and humming a cheerful tune.
“I don't really need the money but some of my squad do so I thought I'd take the job so they wouldn't feel bad,” Jay said while working on the next box.
“Aww!” Croissant exclaimed. “That's really nice of you! My friends aren't hurtin' for cash but they come by to keep me company. And speak of the devil! Or should I say angel?”
A Sankta girl with pinkish-red hair stepped into the trading post. Jay immediately recognized her from his first day and kept his head low in case she remembered him.
“Hiya, Croissant! Working hard or hardly working?” the Sankta girl joked.
“You know me. Always gettin' on that grind. You workin' today?” Croissant asked.
“Lent out a bit of money so I'm short this week. I see we have a new face today. Care to introduce me?” the Sankta girl asked.
Croissant nodded. “This is Jay. Jay, that's Exusiai. She's a Penguin Logistics employee just like me!”
Exusiai got up close to Jay and squinted at him. “Do I know you from somewhere?”
“Uh... no...” Jay said as calmly as possible.
“Oh I know where I know you from!” Exusiai said while pointing.
Damn, I thought everyone would forget.
“I saw you on Grani's show! You and your squad were kinda funny,” Exusiai said.
Phew... I'll take funny over weird religious nut any day.
“Exusiai, catch!” Croissant said while tossing a device to Exusiai.
“Thanks! Let's get to work!” Exusiai cheered as she caught the device.
“Little bit of a warnin', Exusiai likes to work fast,” Croissant said to Jay.
“Whoever's in the control room, speed it up!” Exusiai yelled.
“You got it, Exusiai!” a male voice called back.
The conveyor belt sped up and Jay barely got time to go through the motions. He looked over spotted Exusiai effortlessly scanning boxes without having to aim it and dragging the device along the box as it was printing the sticker. Her efficiency was something to behold and Jay tried to emulate her process with varying degrees of success.
“Leave it to a Sankta to have good aim,” Croissant joked as Exusiai continued effortlessly scanning boxes.
Jay snickered. “Clearly you haven't met the Sankta on my squad.”
Croissant and Exusiai briefly laughed and then returned to working.
Jay smiled as he was slowly getting the hang of Exusiai's routine. His experience with scan guns back during his days at the supermarket proved to be useful and soon he was able to keep pace with Croissant and Exusiai. As they worked, they gossiped and chatted about various topics which kept the work from going stale.
Wow, this is actually kinda fun. I wonder how the others are doing.
12:38 PM
Power Plant
Spark inspected the workspace she was given. She was a bit disappointed she wasn't going to work on the massive turbines and generators, but she remembered she didn't have the technical knowledge or powerful arts that would be needed with such equipment.
Her workspace was a desk with a chair that had what looked like twenty drones on it stuck in some far corner. Spark wiped her nose with her sleeve before placing her staff on the table and inspecting the drones, finding that they were all deactivated, most likely from running out of battery.
Before she could begin working, she was approached by a short Zalak girl with a large bushy tail wearing a firefighter's uniform.
The Zalak girl waved. “Pleasuretoemeetyou. IamShaw oftheLungmenFireDepartment, supervisortothe powerplantforthisshift. Areyouthenew personthatisgoingto helpustoday?”
“Umm... could you repeat that?” Spark asked.
“IamShaw. Iamsupervisortothe powerplanttoday,” Shaw repeated.
Wow she talks fast. I can barely make out what she's saying.
“Okay. I think I got the gist of that. Yeah, I'm here to help out. Someone sent me to deal with these drones, you want me to work them?” Spark asked.
Shaw nodded. “YesIneedyou torechargethedrones. Weneedthemfor constructionjobsand othertaskswithin thebase.”
“Alrighty then,” Spark said, “you got a preference? You want me to charge them with an outlet or you want me to use my arts?”
“Artswillmakethe droneschargealot fastersincethere's alimitedamount ofoutlets. I'llbenearbyif youneedanyhelp,” Shaw answered.
“Okay. I'll get started right away,” Spark said.
Shaw gave a smile and nod before leaving to resume her own work. Spark sat down in her chair and sniffled to suck back up a small stream of mucous leaving her nose. She tried to pick up one of the drones but they were heavier than the average drone since they were used in construction.
Spark slowly spun the drone around the table to find the socket which she could send her arts into. After turning it all the way around, she was able to find the socket for the charging cable and pointed a finger at it while conjuring up her arts. Using the same amount of energy she would use to startle her squadmates, she sent small surges of energy into the socket while taking care to see how the drone reacted in case she overloaded it.
Within a few zaps, the drone Spark was looking at had a few lights turn on and its propellers started to spin. It took off the moment it could and immediately headed for the exit door which opened automatically when the drone got close.
Not bad, Spark. On to the next one.
Just like the last one, Spark made a few zaps that activated it. She curiously looked at her staff while sniffling her nose again before moving onto the third.
I wonder if my staff can make things quicker.
Spark took her staff and gave the miniature turbine a flick while sending her arts into it. More and more electricity was being generated to the point the excess needed to be sent somewhere which headed to the drones with some guidance from her. She tried to get a good gauge of how much power she was generating so her excess never surpassed the zaps from her fingers.
With her ingenuity, she was able to activate another ten drones in short time.
Look at me go! I'll be done in no time. A-a-a...
Spark let out a great sneeze. Her eyes widened as she felt a great surge of energy she had never experienced before overtake her while her miniature turbine spun incredibly fast. She could only watch in horror as strands of lightening mingled about the drones.
I had no idea I could do that!
Those that received too much power simply fried and let out some smoke while the ones that didn't activated immediately. The drones shot up and tried to leave, but constantly knocked on equipment or walls as the momentum from their great speed made it difficult to navigate to the exit door.
Oh I screwed up real bad!
“Whatisgoingon overhereIheard alotofnoise!” Shaw called as she ran over.
“My arts were too strong!” Spark warned as she stayed low as drones continued flying around overhead.
“Whatarewe goingtodo?” Shaw asked.
Spark pointed her staff at one of the flying drones. “I'll try to overload them!”
Spark shot lightening at the drone and was able to make it fry, sending it crashing to the floor. Despite the success, the other drones proved to be much more evasive and Spark had to be careful not to send any bolts at the equipment.
Spark kept track of a drone and prepared to shoot it down. She maintained as much concentration as she could and prepared another shot of her arts.
“Castle-3 has detected much activity in this area. Is everything alright?” a robotic voice asked.
Spark's concentration broke as she turned to the source of the voice which looked like a six-wheeled car with fancy gadgets attached. Unfortunately, it was at this time that the excess energy building up in her staff released and shot straight at the robot. The long strand of lightening stayed for a good ten seconds before subsiding which sent the robot into a frenzy.
“Castle-3 had just finished charging. Unit is at risk of overload with this new energy. Requesting immediate maintenance from Master Closure!” Castle-3 said while driving off at quick speed and bumping into walls.
Oh I'm so fired...
12:38 PM
Reception Desk
Meeka got comfortable in her chair and waited for her mentor, a fellow Feline girl by the name of Jessica to give her instructions.
“So, uh, every time a delivery person comes by and gives you a folder, there's a number from one to seven on it and you take note on the clipboard. Then you have to put it in the same numbered box under the desk. Someone will collect it at the end of the day,” Jessica explained softly.
“Okay,” Meeka acknowledged while looking under the desk. “There's a whole lot of sevens down here.”
Jessica nodded while staring at her computer screen. “We get a lot of sevens; I don't know why.”
“So all I do is receive folders, take phone calls, and greet people?” Meeka asked.
“Yes,” Jessica answered.
“Seems like an easy job,” Meeka said while relaxing as she spun her chair around.
“For you maybe,” Jessica said softly.
Meeka stopped spinning her chair. “Why? You shy or something?”
“Um... yes...” Jessica answered. “I took this job to 'break out of my shell,' or that's what my friend Franka told me.”
“How's that working for you?” Meeka asked.
Jessica paused for a moment. “I think I'm getting a little better. What's your secret? You seem better off than I am.”
“My secret? I guess I just don't really care,” Meeka answered with a shrug.
“Wow. You can do that? Just not care?” Jessica asked.
“I mean, I care about stuff, but if someone thinks my hair is messy—which it is—I'm not going to be bothered about it,” Meeka explained as she marked off on the list that she had a folder marked with a one.
“Wow,” Jessica exclaimed. “Looks like you're doing alright for now. Mind if I go to the bathroom real quick?”
Meeka nodded. “Sure. I'll hold down the fort while you're gone.”
Jessica abruptly got out of her chair and headed down a corridor. Meeka continued doing her work and when she got a good enough portion of it finished, she pulled out her phone and opened up Hero Eleven Collector Legends to get a few runs in.
The work's slow enough that I can have the game open at the same time. This is pretty nice.
Jessica had been gone for what felt like minutes. Still, it was no problem for Meeka as no deliveries arrived and no guests had presented themselves. Soon, her focus was entirely on the game as the current workload was finished.
“Receptionist,” a deep voice called.
Meeka sharply looked up to see a tall Feline man with white hair wearing a black coat. He walked with a cane that was for show and had a bird on his shoulder which he occasionally petted.
“I've called you three times now,” the man said with a tone of disappointment.
Meeka pushed her phone under a small shelf on the desk to hide it. “Sorry about that. Lots and lots of work. How can I help you today?”
“Please inform Dr. Kal'tsit that I have arrived for our meeting,” the man answered.
“Oh, are you a patient? And your name?” Meeka asked.
The man shook his head. “I'm here on official business. Please inform Dr. Kal'tsit that Enciodes Silverash is here to see her.”
Meeka nodded and picked up the phone. She was about to dial but realized she was never told the extension numbers. Her attention turned to different areas of the desk, hoping to find a list.
“Sorry, it's my first day. Give me a sec,” Meeka said.
She glanced up at Enciodes for a moment to see that he was a little displeased about having to wait. His expression only prompted her to look even harder around the desk, making a small mess.
“You can just send me to her office,” Enciodes suggested.
“Sorry, I don't know where that is either. Really sorry about this, the other receptionist is in the bathroom; although she's been gone for a few minutes now so I don't know what she's doing in there,” Meeka explained with an awkward laugh.
“I didn't need to know the latter half of that,” Enciodes said sternly.
“Sorry,” Meeka sheepishly said before going back to looking.
“Sorry I took so long!” Jessica called while running back to the desk.
“What's Dr. Kal'tsit's extension number? Also, where is the list of extension numbers?” Meeka asked.
Jessica looked up and gasped at the sight of Enciodes. “Mr. Silverash! Dr. Kal'tsit is expecting you, I'll call her right now.”
Jessica picked up the phone and dialed the number. While she waited for an answer, she opened the final drawer that Meeka had yet to look in and pulled out the list.
“Dr. Kal'tsit? Mr. Silverash is here to meet you. Yes, I'll send him right down,” Jessica said before hanging up.
“What took you so long in the bathroom?” Meeka asked.
Jessica gasped and darted between looking at Meeka and Enciodes, looking like she was about to tear up. “Is now really the time to ask me that?!”
12:38 PM
Alabaster sat up straight in his chair and waited patiently. The workshop was a well-oiled machine with operators and staff coming and going, constantly accompanied by an orchestra of machines making a symphony of noises.
“Are you ready to start?” a voice called.
Alabaster turned around to see a purple-haired Sarkaz girl coming to him with a small plastic container.
“Yes I am,” Alabaster said.
“Good! My name's Hibiscus!” the Sarkaz girl greeted.
“I think I've seen you before in the infirmary,” Alabaster said.
Hibiscus nodded. “I'm a medic, but my sister's birthday's coming up and I wanted to get her something nice!”
Alabaster smiled. “How kind of you.”
“Enough about me,” Hibiscus said as she set the plastic container on the table. “We're here to help you find what you're gonna be doing here. Why don't we start off with the chips? The cameras in the training facilities record everything onto these little chips and we switch them out every night because twenty four hours of video can get pretty big.”
“What do you want me to do with it?” Alabaster asked as he watched Hibiscus take out several chips and small square metal plates.
“It's up to you to decide which class would benefit most from the training. The paper that came with the chips is a brief description of what the camera recorded and who was involved. So if let's say my sister Lava and Steward were practising their arts, maybe a caster would want to see that. So you take the plate with the caster symbol and screw it onto the chip,” Hibiscus explained.
“Thank you. I will try it,” Alabaster said as he read the paper for the chip in front of him.
The footage was mostly about several defenders practising defensive formations in large scale operations. With that information, Alabaster took a screwdriver and the plate with the defender symbol and lined it up over the chip. However, when he lowered the screwdriver to fit into the screw, he ended up driving it straight through the chip, destroying it in the process.
Hibiscus watched with crossed arms. “Hopefully that one wasn't important.”
“I'm sorry, I will try again with another,” Alabaster said.
Alabaster reached into the container and picked up the other chip. However, he had it between his thumb and index finger and despite him trying to be gentle, he left a finger-sized indent on the chip.
“Maybe chips isn't where you should be,” Hibiscus said with an awkward laugh.
Hibiscus gestured for Alabaster to stand up and follow her through the workshop. Alabaster did as she commanded and marvelled at all the different things the workshop was working on. Weapons, armour, and building materials were the big ticket items being worked in giant forges and workstations with dozens of staff for each area. They seemed like more of a fit for Alabaster but the surges of flames and loud noises were a bit distressing for his taste.
“The gift basket station! I work here!” Hibiscus said with glee.
The station was a series of desks covered in baskets, plastic wrapping, and various materials.
“Gift baskets?” Alabaster asked.
“When an operator gets a promotion, they get a gift basket full of goodies! The administration doesn't give us a name, but they give us a list of what we should put in the basket,” Hibiscus explained.
“Why not ask the operator what they want just to make sure they get what they want?” Alabaster asked.
Hibiscus crossed arms and pouted. “Well then it wouldn't be a surprise anymore wouldn't it?”
Alabaster browsed the station. “Where should I start?”
“Here's an order for a new basket. You'll need a few optimized dev- On second thought, maybe the gift basket section might not be a good section for you either,” Hibiscus said.
“My strength can carry almost any burden yet it itself has become a burden it would seem,” Alabaster said solemnly.
“Hey that's good! Say that again!” Hibiscus said.
“My strength can carry almost any burden yet it itself has become a burden it would seem?” Alabaster repeated.
Hibiscus took three sheets of paper from a nearby trashcan and wrote something down on one of the sheets. “Say another cool thing!”
“Uh... The mind is as good of a weapon as the body.”
Hibiscus eagerly wrote down the phrase on another sheet of paper. When she was done, she wrote something on the final sheet and grabbed a stapler to staple them together. After that, she presented the finished product to Alabaster and he got a chance to read the title: Cool Sayings
Hibiscus handed Alabaster the makeshift book. “I think I know where you can work! You can help with skillbooks! There's dozens of people writing how to swing your weapon around. But like you said, the mind's as good as the body and I think they need more books about that!”
“Really? And what do you want me to do with this?” Alabaster asked.
“I think you'll do great! As for the book, I dunno, put it on your fridge,” Hibiscus answered.
Alabaster looked down at his skillbook and smiled. “Thank you, I will not disappoint.”
“As long as you keep saying cool stuff, you'll be a hit!” Hibiscus cheered.
12:38 PM
He had barely been on the job and already Eddron's fingers were beginning to go numb. It was a soul-crushing experience as he did the same thing over and over again. He was seated next to a conveyor belt and watched black storage devices roll along.
The devices were supposedly recordings of battles and missions which intrigued Eddron, but with no way to preview them, the job was incredibly boring. He was to look at the number on the device, from there, he would have to take a small coloured sleeve corresponding to that number and slip the device into it so that it could be easily identified when taking from storage.
Eddron took a green sleeve and slipped a device with the number one into it. As the completed battle record rolled down the line, Eddron crackled his knuckle and wiggled his fingers to combat the weird sensations in them.
The factory was a lot more empty than Eddron expected. With his only exposure to factory conditions being from movies and television, he expected dozens of production lines with armies of workers labouring away. Instead, he could only see three conveyor belts with a few scattered operators while almost everything else was automated with hundreds of machines doing things like moulding gold bars or crafting strange computer chips.
Fortunately for him, the battle record line was the one with the highest concentration of workers. And like Jay said, there were cute girls among them. To his left was a red-haired Sarkaz girl who was monitoring the machine that sent out the battle records onto the production line. She looked a little out of it and often broke out into pantomiming playing a guitar when she didn't need to have her hands on the assembly line.
“Hey, I'm Eddron,” Eddron said with a cool tone.
“Vigna,” the girl said without looking up from her work.
Eddron smiled. “You come here often?”
“I guess,” Vigna answered, still not looking at Eddron.
Hmm... she's a tough nut to crack. Alright, time to bring out the big guns.
“So you're sending all those devices my way so I can finish them huh? I guess in a way, you complete me,” Eddron said as smoothly as possible.
Ooh that's a good one. I gotta remember that one.
“I guess,” Vigna said.
Damn, that was like the best pickup line I ever came up with and she just shrugged it off. This girl's tough. Gotta change up my strategy.
“So what do you do in your free time?” Eddron asked.
“Listen to music,” Vigna answered while making a few adjustments to the machine in front of her.
Eddron perked up. “Oh cool, what type of music?”
I'm in.
“Alive Until Sunset's my favourite band,” Vigna answered.
“Never heard of them,” Eddron said.
“They're the best heavy metal band out there right now, no argument about it,” Vigna declared, a hint of passion in her voice.
“Well maybe I'll give them a listen. Where should I start?”
Vigna looked up from her work. “You can't go wrong with the first two albums Deep Color in the Sea and Abyss Effect. If you want a song, Deepfear is one of my favourites from their early stuff.”
Oh shit. I usually get slapped or ignored by now. What do I do now?
“Cool. I'll check them out,” Eddron said.
“Dude, listening to Alty on the bass or Frost on the guitar is going to change your life. I know it!” Vigna said, her attention now finally off from her work.
I've finally done it! I've broken through the barrier! Nothing can stop me now!
“Excuse me,” a girl's voice called.
Eddron looked behind him to see a Vouivre girl wearing a tight black skirt and green jacket. Her horns were of similar size to Vigna's but she had the advantage of a much thicker tail.
“Yes?” Eddron asked.
“Would you come with me please?” the girl asked.
Holy shit. I guess when you're successful with one girl they all start coming for you huh?
Eddron eagerly stood up and followed the girl, giving one last look to Vigna as he walked away. “Nice talking to you.”
“Make sure to give them a listen,” Vigna said before resuming her work.
Eddron walked with a cheerful stride as the girl lead him along the assembly line and toward a door to a secluded room with no windows.
Oh boy here we go. A girl telling me to follow her to a room where nobody else can see us? This is it!
The girl opened the door and looked around before gesturing Eddron to step inside. “Get in.”
Eddron wasted no time and charged into the room. It was a dim lit place with old equipment scattered around everywhere. On closer inspection, they were mostly cameras and really old computers.
Oh you dirty, dirty, girl. What are we gonna do with all these cameras?
Eddron turned around and looked at the girl standing in the doorway. “So what's your name?”
“I'm Vanilla, and I'm in charge of making sure the factory stays productive,” the girl greeted before slamming the door shut.
Eddron gasped and ran to the door. By the time he could get his hands on the door handle, he heard a noise outside. He tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge, meaning that Vanilla had probably placed something to prevent the door handle from turning.
Eddron slammed on the door. “Hey! Let me out!”
“When you're on my shift, you need to stay productive! Remember that for your next shift! I'll let you out when your shift's over!” Vanilla called from the other side.
Eddron sighed and went back to the centre of the room. He paced in the open space for a bit before he went to get a look at the cameras. Most of them were still working and some of them even had SD cards. As for the computers, they were still plugged in and weren't as old as they looked, looking like models from several years ago instead of a decade.
Hmm what could I do with all this stuff while I wait for Vanilla to let me out?
12:38 PM
Training Facility
Labcoat hummed a cheerful tune as she carried a box of exercise equipment. It was an assortment of items needed in the practice room: practice weapons, light weights, and even a few balls that were probably going to be used in an assortment of activities.
Her job was quite easy. All she had to do was bring equipment that was requested to certain areas of the training facilities and was on call to help with cleanup for the simulated mission sets. With all the studying she needed to do, the extra cash from the job would be very useful for that endeavour.
The door to the practice room opened automatically and Labcoat stepped inside to get a look around to see where she would need to set the box down. It was a large open room with mats and circles all over the ground along with plenty of punching bags hanging from the ceiling. Several operators were already practising, some of them were alone while others sparred with each other. None of them were familiar faces to Labcoat, but they all looked like experienced operators well beyond the abilities of herself and that of her squad.
“Excuse me!” a female voice called.
Labcoat looked over to the voice and spotted two women, a Vulpo and a Vouivre. “Were you the ones who needed these?”
“Nope!” the Vulpo answered with a cutesy voice. “I just remember seeing your squad do your first successful training run last week. Our little princess Jessica is often practising her aim so we were in the neighbourhood and dropped by to watch some of the newbies do drills.”
“Oh, you saw that?” Labcoat asked, starting to feel a little embarrassed.
“It was unorthodox, but a successful mission with no casualties is to be commended,” the Vouivre said with a monotone voice.
“Dobermann called it unorthodox as well,” Labcoat said as she set the box down.
“Where are our manners? I'm Franka and this is Liskarm; we're here on temporary assignment from Blacksteel,” the Vulpo greeted.
“I'm Labcoat, Guard of Reserve Op Team C2,” Labcoat greeted with a smile and wave.
“Listen, the way you dealt with that last wave was quite impressive. So I was wondering if you'd be willing to help me help Liskarm practice,” Franka said.
“Practice what?” Liskarm asked with an expression of shock.
“Well, I am getting paid to help operators with any requests for their training. What do you want me to do? Fetch you water? Bring some equipment?” Labcoat asked.
“Do you have a pair of sparring gloves in there?” Franka asked.
Labcoat knelt down and looked through the box. “Yeah, here they are.”
“Mind putting them on to see if they'll fit me?” Franka asked.
Labcoat put the gloves on and tightened them. They were standard boxing gloves with lots of padding to protect the user's hands during training.
“They fit pretty good,” Labcoat said as she stood back up.
Franka slowly approached Labcoat. “Liskarm, is your shield secured?”
“Um...Yes?” Liskarm answered while looking at her shield.
“Good. Here's how you're gonna help,” Franka said ominously to Labcoat.
Without warning, Franka gave Labcoat two slaps to the face in quick succession. The stinging pain on her face lingered as her entire body began to heat up while her vision slowly turned red.
“You bitch!” Labcoat yelled.
The last thing Labcoat saw was Franka jumping behind Liskarm and pushing her forward before her vision went dark. When it returned, she could see her gloves savagely punching at Liskarm's shield. Liskarm herself was struggling to maintain her stance and even took a few steps back as Labcoat continued.
However, she felt her strikes slowing down and the comforting touch of someone gently patting her on the back of the head.
“There, there... You're in a safe place now,” Franka's voice softly said.
Labcoat came to a complete stop and sat down as she tried to catch her breath.
“Franka, what was that for?” Liskarm asked angrily, also out of breath.
“How can I expect my big and strong Liskarm to protect little ol' me if you can't withstand an attack?” Franka answered with a mischievous smile.
Labcoat let herself fall backward from her sitting position so she could lay on the floor. The fact she was out of breath meant Franka let her go for awhile which showed as her gloves were covered in tears and scratches.
“You didn't disappoint, Labby. Those had to be the fastest punches I ever saw!” Franka cheered.
“Oi!” a voice called.
Everyone looked over to see a white-haired Feline woman approach while cracking her knuckles. She had a ragged aesthetic about her and an expression that showed she wanted a fight.
“Did I hear that right? Fastest punches on Rhodes Island, eh? If you lot want to see fast, I'll show you. Stand still, Liskarm,” the Feline declared.
“Indra, wait,” Liskarm warned.
Franka laughed. “You better do what Indra says.”
“Gimme those!” Indra shouted as she pointed at Labcoat.
Labcoat immediately sat up and obliged Indra's request. Within moments of putting on the gloves, she began punching Liskarm's shield. Indra's punches were fast, although, Labcoat was unsure if she was faster since she had no memory of her speed.
After some time, Indra stopped as Liskarm could barely stay standing.
“Much faster than pink coat girl, right?” Indra asked with a grin.
“Hmm... I'm not sure. Go again,” Franka said with a finger on her chin.
“You've got to be kidding me!” another voice called.
Everyone once again looked to the source of the new voice to see an Ursus woman wearing a black leather jacket over a black and yellow shirt coming over to the scene, also cracking her knuckles like Indra was.
“What do you want, Beehunter?” Indra asked.
“If you thought you were fast, wait til you get a load of my punches; I wasn't an underground champion for nothing!” Beehunter boasted.
“Pfft,” Indra scoffed as she took off the gloves. “Fine then, have a go.”
“Please guys... no more,” Liskarm begged.
Labcoat could only watch as Beehunter put on the gloves and got ready to take a turn, all the while Franka was laughing.
7:12 PM
Dormitories, Level D, Room 35
Jay stayed standing while his squad sat on the couch with varying expressions and postures. Spark and Meeka looked upset while Alabaster and Labcoat were neutral with Eddron being the only happy one.
“So how was everyone's first day on your jobs?” Jay asked with crossed arms.
“I broke a few things and now my wages are being garnished to pay off some of the damages; I'm in even more debt now,” Spark said with a deadpan voice while staring at the ground.
Ouch. Hopefully she doesn't hate me for that.
Meeka sighed. “I got reprimanded for delaying an important client and being unprofessional in front of him. I didn't even ask if Jessica was pooping I was just asking what took so long in the bathroom. And what's wrong with that? Everyone poops!”
“I made something in the workshop today,” Alabaster said proudly while displaying a piece of paper that had “Cool Sayings” on it.
“I made some new friends and got some training in while I was at it,” Labcoat said with a smile.
“I made some videos! Wanna watch?” Eddron asked.
Eddron rushed into his room and brought out a laptop and a CD he had on him while keeping the screen away from everyone's view. “Lemme just check so I don't open up something nasty.”
“Weren't you at the factory?” Jay asked while sitting down on the couch.
“Oh I got locked in a room because I kept talking to a girl instead of working,” Eddron answered while setting the laptop on the table.
“That's the Eddron I know,” Jay joked.
Eddron put the CD into the laptop's disk drive and it started playing a video of Eddron practising martial arts in a dim room. He looked ridiculous and even Spark and Meeka started smiling.
“You look like an idiot,” Meeka said while holding back her laughter.
“I was just copying stuff from movies!” Eddron protested.
Jay perked up. “That's a good idea.”
“What?” Labcoat asked.
“If we've got nothing to do, why don't we have movie nights every now and then? Everyone in favour raise your hand,” Jay declared.
Everyone eventually raised their hand.
“Awesome! I'll get popcorn next time,” Jay said.
Four out of six of us are happy with the jobs. That's a passing grade in my book. Great work, Captain Jay.
submitted by Stevenasaurus to arknights

"Give me the number if you can find it"-Operator, Jim Croce

I would like to start by saying this is a labor of love for the tribe and in if someone has already posted it, then maybe it can just be for comparison but...
I have recorded every number I could find visibly or audibly for every episode. I did not record "how many times x happened" or count numbers of objects (unless they were really obvious) nor did I mark the timing on each incident so this may be incomplete but I haven't seen this posted before. I know u/jacksoncari posted some meaning behind numbers (amazing!) but I am looking for patterns.
Notes if you decide to use this:
  1. All numbers I found are in order from S1E1-S2E8.
  2. Dates and times (including clocks, phones, watches and computer screens)
  3. Addresses and license plates (including some inconsistencies)
  4. Songs in the Soundtrack and Film references with numbers. (Yeah, I went *there*) but it’s incomplete.
  5. Random numbers and stretches with things like "second", "half" etc... (included some really obscure shit and long walks, but just in case...)
  6. Patterns? not yet-I have not analyzed anything...I NEED YOUR HELP!
OA and Karim said together, "Line up the patterns-you solve the puzzle." Is there a pattern in the numbers?
"Blink twice if you can hear me"-nurse
Prairie has been in the hospital for 3 days.
Prairie's hospital room is #405, inside the room it says 405A on the wall.
Hard to read time behind Nancy as she enters the room? Can anyone see it?
"She was 7 years ago she was blind"-Abel
"I was present for all of it. 7 years, 3 months, 11 days."-Prairie
Coupons on the bulletin board in Nancy's office: Avocados are 5 for $5, something is 2 for $4 and some meat for $2.99
Steve's parents wouldn't let him go out for "like 3 years".
Reporter on TV "Of those, more than 200,000 are abducted by family members. Only an estimated 115 are the victims of kidnapping cases like Elizabeth Smart's."
Clock in dining room reads 4:45.
French's jersey number is 21.
The Choral Room at Lincoln is #273
"I try to imagine you at his age, 16, 17"-OA about Homer
Prairie's laptop shows Tuesday 10:08 AM, July 17 when looking at the Asheville video which has 3,401 views (NOTE: THIS IS THE ONLY TIME A DATE IS SHOWN ON A COMPUTER)
"I need 5 people" -OA to Steve
Johnson car license plate 85L 3SGR
Number on mailbox that I can't make out but address given later.
"you can save 40-50%" off at the store.
Many equations on BBA's chalkboard- hope to compare to Michelle's equations
"What was your 1st reason? Steve is your 1st reason." -OA to BBA
"Cast of 2... over many dimensions"-OA
Homer's jersey number is 7.
Homer video is dated 11/2/2007 from channel 10 news and has 11, 492 views
Homer was in a coma for 1 year.
Steve's gym locker is 309
"listen, I need 5 people and I need them tonight."-OA
"midnight, 5 people, you gave me your word."-OA
"Your son is 17, not 7"-Nancy to Ms. Winchell
Video of OA's eye 0:05:32, 55 mins/207 mins
BBA is making a math quiz on Pi, The Golden Ratio, Euler's Number and the square root of 3
Prairie's video was filmed February 9, 2016, has 5 views
French is studying math for the SAT in the Olive Gardner
Prairie gets discouraged at 12:20 am
Hey you want to drink a 40?-Steve to dog
"Yo, keep the 40"-Steve
"I need at least 5, I told you."-OA
"We are 5."-Steve
"I need to leave something behind...And it only works if there are 5."-OA
"I was born in Russia in 1987."
The snow was 7 feet high.
"I was always first." (to be picked up by the bus)
"They all died. Every single one of them"-OA
Nina's watch says 1:25-1:30?
"I could find you in a million violins. With 1 note, maybe 3."-Roman
Nina's watch shows 1 pm at the dean's door
Clock behind Zoya in her house shows 8:35
Nina's watch shows 4:00, downstairs shows 3:00 (I think)
Clock on Psychiatrist desk shows 10:20
"1, 2, 3" Nancy rinsing Prairie's hair
"I was medicated for 13 years"-Prairie
21 wax candles on dream cake
"I turned 21 today"-Prairie
She can have 1 hour to walk at night- Abel
French's phone shows 8:03 AM when he's at his locker
"It's from 1995"- pic of bridge crash on French's phone. There is a countdown from 5 in the top right corner then transition to next photo.
The message is from 1ostboy
Clock on Gilcrest desk is 8:05 AM
The calendar in Gilcrest desk says 10
Football player numbers on the wall 2, 5, 8, 32, 41,... 6, but there are more
On the wall at the subway station is the number 933.
I remember my 1st coffee.-Hap
"Ketchup at midnight, mustard at 4 mayo at 8."
"I'm working with 3 [NDEs] right now."-Hap to Prairie
This can make a heartbeat audible at 500 ft.
Clock behind Prairie phone call is 4:30 (when Jim Croce is playing)
"2 sets of stairs, first one is the easy one."-walking down to the basement
I spent 8 months with that family-Pat
15 weeks on the NYT best seller list- referring to Jaime's abduction book
Pat has been vegan for 5 years
5 slices of pizza in the box
"8 when he was abducted, 15 when he returned" (Jaime)
Homer says he was taken "like a year and 36 days ago "= 401 days?
HAP will give Homer 500 bucks for the study
Mandy was 2 months pregnant
French: "I'm not 12 anymore" to Steve
7:44 AM BBA checks phone
BBA's classroom is 173
Hap code is 4 numbers?
Zip code on envelope is 12213
There was a 2 lane highway
We cant be more than 4 hours away from NYC, maybe 5
4 of us are being held captive
We are held 4-5 hours from NYC
He had to refuel plane twice
Rachel's brother's address 3512 Mapleton Ft. Wayne, IN
Prairie's address 189 Mill Pond Claude, MI
"It's probably 8,000 feet underground."
"All 5 of you will need to work together as 1 to avert a great evil."-Khatun
"There are only 4 of us."
Prairie had no pulse for 7 minutes.
"You, blind; have done all 3." Hap to Prairie
Jesse's house is 52.
Hang with the blind girl for the 4th time?-Ally
Rod's office is 303
Theo left BBA $50,000
He was my twin (2)
There are 2 1000 piece puzzles and 550 piece on top of cabinet in Theo's room
Jesse says his mom would be 45 and his dad would be ~47
Scott says "I will see the 3 of you on the other side"
"Girls pass out in like 5 minutes"-Steve
HAPs watch shows 11:35 when he is prepping Homer
LOTS of numbers behind him in booth 15157, 14900, 0394 and 0600 are most prominent
"3 years passed" while trying to die awake
The discs in the booth are numbered
Homer runs into room 345 in his NDE.
Hap walks past a house in Cuba #460
4, 3, 2, 1, Homer and OA doing push ups. "10 more."
Scott's watch shows 2:08?
Visible numbers outside Rachel's cell: 1/4 or 9?. 20, IV
Numbers on front door keypad: 3 numbers or 4 entered?
On HAPs computer: Data disk
2014, 2015, 2016 Champs on the windows
"Cant imagine what the 5 of you have in common."-Gilcrest to French
There are two 15s, two 18s on Elias' game.
The game ends on the number 36.
"Michigan's economy is ranked 13th in the nation."-At French award dinner
French works 2 jobs
French's license plate 60X9LH
Lots of numbers on HAPs plane controls
Clock behind Homer in hotel says 6:30
"How many mines are there like that? What, a hundred?"-Homer to Hap
HAP: "Approximately 500,000"
They will find us in "Like 24 hours, no in like 12 hours"-Homer
Renata asks Homer how old he is: 22? 25?
"You said we needed 5, now we're 5."
"There are movements. 5 of them and you need 5 at least. 5 movements open a tunnel to another dimension."-Scott after resurrection
"I have the 3rd movement"-Scott
"I'm going to teach you the movements-all 5 of them."- OA to Crestwood FIVE
"Michelle is 15 years old"
2 years passed in captivity.
"Scott had given us the 3rd movement, Renata the 4th."-OA to C5
"We had to have all 5 movements"
"It had been 1 year since Renata got the 4th movement."
"Would we ever get the 5th?"
Maybe a year, a year and a half- how far away Leon says he is from the truth
"In the center, number 20" (when Leon asks HAP to check out the morgue)
We both need the 5th movement- HAP
1 of us will get it- OA
"Khatun, we need the 5th movement"
Homer talking about gardening "The 2nd year...The 3rd year we grow a special nettle plant that keeps the mites away."
"Was it 1 of those dreams?"-Abel to Prairie
There are 6 tables reflected in the ceiling when Elias and Prairie are talking
"Then you're 21"-ER to Prairie
"The first time...The second time, I thought I solved the puzzle."
"It's been over an hour"-Nancy to Abel
Abel is reading Metal Floss and the number 500 is on the front cover
"You want to take us through the 2nd movement?"-OA to Stever
"Homer's movement, the 2nd movement..."-OA
Steve's dad "Had to shell out $5,000" to Miles' parents
BBA's fridge is 10 years old
Asheville vam plates 85I-Y76C
Speed limit is 50
"table for 3" at the Olive Garden
Prairie orders 5 cheese ziti
"How long did you 2 date?"-Nancy to Prairie
"...Like 4 months"
The number 115 is on the side of the Asheville van
"molestation is illegal in all 50 states"
"You were 10 feet away"
BBA gives the guys $50,000
Prairie's scars-"They are 2 notations of the 5 movements."
BBA's plates: D61 2HSC
"I have 5 people locked up in the basement"-Hap to Stan
They brought him [Scott] back 11 hours later.
"This man's wife is sick and you 2 are going to heal her."
Evelyn says 1 day will help 2 captive angels
The 5th movement...its always a matter of will.-Evelyn
I have the 5th movement- HAP
5% maybe 10% discount-Nancy about the hotel
A Scott Brown disappeared in 1995.
"I went 7 years without touching someone"- OA (but what about Hap? They touched?)
"Everyday for over 7 years"
"You know what 2nd hand trauma is?"-Elias
Amazon box says 1A5
On BBA's chalkboard: "Can you solve for x?"
-|3(2x-1)+x| = 2|x-2(5x+4) The chalkboard shows that Alfonso solved it.
There appears to be the number 5 in the driveway aerial shot.
Ambulance plates RXG N6A, top right CC5
7 hours 46 minutes earlier.
Numbers on Duke's boat I can't read
"2 weeks ago, it stops"-Michelle's messages + money
Grandma Vu's phone is at 41%
Messages from Michelle are at: 6:34 pm and the last one was at 10:10 am
GV's phone is now 90% (probably just continuity)
It is 2:23 pm on GV phone
Michelle's Ether is 29.482 or 31, 096 USD
"Most girls under 18 go missing over 72 hours are never found again or are found dead."-KW
Vietnamese family apartment is 213
Michelle gave the family $50, twice
Alleyway address is 658, next one is 66_?
"The House" number 9783
Equations in Michelle's hideout plus these numbers 3, 5, 8 in a box 29, 15, 35, 43, 37, 39, 27, 12, 51, 4, 90
The number 3 is circled next to 5, 7, 70
"What $100? More. $31, 000?"-After basketball game
Liam says that has seen a million versions of himself
"Be there by 10 am"-Detectives to KW
On the club door: Saturday, May 21st, $8, doors at 11
Gaming Tournament: 8:30 on 5.25.2016 $5 fee
Pod Blotz May 16, 2016, $7, 10 pm
8:25 when Karim is in the club
Michelle stopped going to big blue "A little over 2 weeks ago"
There are 5 levels: Level 1 is $50, Level 2, $500, Level 3 $5000
Level 4 is $50,000, Level 5 is $1 million
Numbers on Fola's phone 19976, 5791, 0002
5 letter word on the game
You only get 3 tries
Flights visible through phone BA411, VU411, QP522 I H744, RQ633
3 Wise Man
Ambulance in D1= RXG N6A, D2= 4049958, top right 305
How many fingers am I holding up? 4 fingers
The year is 2016
Nina's drivers license: 9P78001L
Address 4248 Washington Street Unit 9
San Francisco, CA
Expires: 10/16/2021
DOB: 10/16/1987
Bottom right 08222010
"Combative patient, 5150"-Nurse
Karim says that Michelle has $30K, no $36K not consistent with earlier #?
Address while walking: 125 Waverly Place
3symbol?3 while walking
$5,000 for the best low-cost panel, overnight 200 people working for him-about Ruskin
There are TWO Homer Roberts in Northern California! A man in his 60s in Sacramento.
Nina was age 8 when she was adopted. (That would make the baby ~20 years old at this time?)
They want to monitor you for another 14 days
you can volunteer yourself for a 14 day stay
Police plate 3Q449927
Car says #0917, then later same plate says #3252
70 degrees on the thermostat
Karim's plates: 4D0Q678
Ruskin Interview on phone: battery at 12%, 4383 views
"Those 5 kids in the Bay Area."
There are like thousands of kids playing.
Ruskin car license plate 5PCI147
I'll give you $400 to let me sub for 1 of your men tonight."
Iside CURI-Subject 2-056 on computer screen
The center of the blue light in CURI shows 04:19
Nina's room is 342
Dr. Roberts is a 3rd year resident
Scott is in room 348
The time on the Ferry Building is 5 pm or am
Homer had 56 minutes of REM sleep
Addresses behind 940 Duncan, 5160 Diamond Heights
Clock in HAPs office shows 10:15?
2 days after I left you
Paralysis kicks in after 11 minutes, the heart stops in 13 to 15.
Dr. Percy's watch shows 2:40?
Clock shows 8:45?
"5 of hearts- you'll fall in love 5 time"-Dreamers to Karim
Every night each of us has 4 maybe 5 dreams
Marla listens to Hundreds of them every night
Address on Karim's yellow shirt show 4157 Normal Avenue
Los Angeles, CA P phone # 741-8489
The game is at 7-thats 8 hours
We checked the camera the last 4 weeks
You're the only 2 we got going in and out
"I've been more of a prison guard for the past 2 months." -Dr. Roberts
She was MI-5
in 2010 Ruskin headhunted Marla Rhodes
14 days ago, she left CURI
She was audited in 2013
Calendula Books is at 7213 Bier Drive Grass Valley, CA 95945 (cross street is Third street)
Remember that we were together for 7 years- OA to Homer
I've got to get back to Oakland in like 3 hours-Karim
Delivery girl license plate 6PCI487
Nina Azarova 0073401
"My family immigrated to Miami when I was **12"-**Renata
I went through 20 of these [drones] before I got it right-Marla
The crows defend their nests with **numbers-**Marla
10, 20, 30 [crows] will unite
Karim had 5 years of field work in the FBI
Monopoly money in different amounts
"In Germany in the 1920s"-Dreams of Bloody Rivers
Over 400 dreams to process every day
Over a **few months-**patterns emerged
Last year in a weekly set of 2, 000 dreams 3 images emerged
There are millions of these things on their own
Karim's phone reads 4:43
The house address is 9783 Sutter
It's been 60 hours since Liam was in the house
He saw 47 selves
Buck's house is 44
Crewtwood 5 in a circle in opening credits
Speed limit is 45 as Steve drives
Time on Bucks phone is 9:58, battery is 78%
Angie's address is 10629 West Payne Court
There are people saying you should have been shot the second you stood up
Prairie's funeral program shows 1987-2016
BBA is watching Wheel of Fortune and Pat Sajak says "there are 6 of them" and then "**$4, 200"...**Don't let the cat out of the bag
Are there any numbers on the map?
French's phone shows 1:07 pm
Jesse's meditation app "over the course of the last 18 hours of so" I USE THIS ONE! It's very helpful!
"We move in 2 days"- Ms. Vu
Gary is like 2 hours away
The hotel pool is 5',15"
Truck parked outside pool shows 5 on the top in reference to the flavors?
Goodwill closes at 5
"You 2 are made for eachother" about Steve and Jesse
French's phone is at 58%
French's hook up is 5"10", 180 lbs
It's 8:53 in the car
Jesse give the dealer $40
Time at apartment is 11:31
Aunt Lily has 4 stars on Yelp
It's almost 500 miles to Aunt Lily's
That's a man-100% About Steve McQueen (need to rewatch Bullit)
You mean the 7 heavens?
There's 2 mirrors upstairs, 1 in the hall and 1 in the back
On the TV: "get 10% off" , 4, "1st clue, 2,...
Courtesy of u/Night_Manager https://www.reddit.com/TheOA/comments/eick53/for_nubes_like_me_who_missed_it_the_first_time/fczi47?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
SYZYGY: (means 3 in alignment)
Never spent 7 years underground
Karim to Nina-Every 24 hours that passes...
within the next 15 minutes
Missing girl, 16
She was staying at 828 Sutter, your house."
"He turned that into a **5250"-**Nina to Karim
Another 12 days here is doable
They duck into room 335
"by Nixon in '74"
The house was built in 1910.
Various measurements on blueprints of the house
These plans are from the 60s or 70s.
Three Wise Man
Numbers at bottom of Karim's phone: 19976, 5791, 0002
Numbers on the clock above HAP don't make sense: I, II, II?
HAPs phone shows 10:30, battery is 58%
Homer has called 2 times, 3 minutes ago and 6 minutes ago
She's a 5250
Check in every half hour
on one of the 2,500 nights underground
Tells her on the 1st date
Then 1 day out of the blue
Code to Nina's closet 10-15-87
Nina grabs a tape labeled Paris 18 September 2009 + many other labeled tapes with dates
There is a small clock on the shelf that reads either 5:35 or 6:25
On the tape, Nina says March 24, 2013
Homer is on tinder and is looking at Heather, 25 Hannah, 27 Hollie, 23 Noelle, **24 ,**Dharmi, 24, Yassi, 27
battery at 87%
Yassi gives 0 fucks
Kyoshi's at 8
Yassi lives 2 miles away from Homer
Nina's phone say 6:14 PM battery also at 87%
Phone number for Syzygy is (213) 999-3650
See you at 9
There are 5 tables in the living room
You get 4 other people and you do the movements
So you owe $44.50, and I owe $49.64
About $5?
We can't be more than .5 mile away from the house.
Stairwell floor 2
Nina 5...
Cue spots in 5, 4, 2, 1
Old Night has 8 arms, of course
He must kill me for 37 seconds
Old Night counts down backwards
Did you see these 2?
Double sided staircase
Folders in file: 85, 81
Just give me 1 minute
Phone (510)555-0100 for transfer clinic
Rachel last visit 5/10/2016
Discharge date: 5/20/2016
I'm the only one here
Clock on Hap's desk shows 12:10
Again: the house was built in 1910
Childless couple in their 40's
Karim sees a million versions of himself?
I'm sorry you're not the chosen one
I found 1 hospital in the Bay Area
Some dude can put you underground for 7 years
Amber alert for 15 year old
Can you give us a minute, we could really use a minute
Buck's watch shows 10:10
Background outside of gas station Propane 504-TANK
How come there are only 5 phones?-BBA
The bus number is 6200
Theo and I were maybe 16
Those 2 or 3 weeks every summer is the only time we got to breathe
Amy's license plate 3DHI932
Elias' business card phone numbers- office: 212-555-0100 cell: 212-555-0132
We need 5
Toxicology report: Karim 990 ppm, 3,000 ppm
After the 2nd, the 3rd...
There are more than 1,000 young smart people playing that game and you got farther than 99% of them"- Karim to Fola
I called your phone 20 times.
The video of Michelle show rose-08 and 21:16...
How come you didn't find it the 1st time? -Karim to OA
2 hour parking outside the house
I'm trying to have a baby, give me a minute.
8 minutes apart, then 7 minutes
Mo's doctor will be by in about an hour
There are 3 distinct Karim's walking away from Mo.
You're the one that Dr Percy loves.
The dreamers all dreamed of 4 things
Nina is in camera five and the time reads 23:02:...
Inside clinic dates in lobby: 1950, 1969
It's a 5 sided aquarium
Nina read Quantum Psychotic in a single night
Can't see the numbers on Haps lab board?
Are you sure you're ready? HAPS DOOR CODE: 235#62???
No human could run a mile in under 4 minutes
Then one day it was done in 3:59
Karim's shirt Giants champs 2010
Ready, 1, 2... lifting Brit
Ambulance license plate YX59 EXW
"Waiting, watching the clock it's 4 o'clock, it's got to stop." -Better Man, Pearl Jam
"'Cause I can't read the number that you just gave me"-Operator, Jim Croce "Give me the number if you can find it"-Operator, Jim Croce
Slaughterhouse FIVE
2001: A Space Odyssey
Twin Peaks
EDIT: DOH! THE ROSE WINDOW ( which is what started me on numbers in the first place from drawing it out)
The center is a blue hexagon (6 sides) surrounded by a 6 petal "flower" from there outward are 12s... 12 arms, 12 "roses". Inside those are 8s in white petals.
That's what I have so far! If I see something as I continue to rewatch, I will add it with an edit note.
Let's be otters? Please share whatever connections you have or things I missed and I will add it with a reference.
Edit: In the music video for Downtown, the numbers 5 and 3 or visible on the walls. I’m still looking for a solid 53 though! @ u/lorzs
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