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The sport is the extension of 2020's i9000. Drama Games Drama Games for breaking the ice, physical warm-ups, group dynamics and encouraging creativity. THE EVIL WITHIN 2 KEYGEN SERIAL KEY FOR FULL GAME DOWNLOAD. This collection includes: Game-related Video News Releases (VNRs) and Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) that were originally submitted to the Computer Chronicles television. NOW SUPPORTING 4K, PLAY MAFIA III ON XBOX ONE X AND PS4 PRO prequel to the events in Mafia III, takes you in-country with Lincoln and Donovan. Mafia II is a third-person action.

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Download mafia game windows 7 32 bit for free. Game Mafia II; Explore in YouTube Gaming; Category Mafia 2. Apr 9, 2020 - PC Game Mafia 2 free download For PC, full version, Highly compressed 100mb, rar, iso, PC Download. Get notifications on updates for this project. The SIMS 2 cd key generator will provide you the power to generate an official cd key for The SIMS 2. With our technique you will have a cd key in just a few seconds, with simply a few clicks. Online ESL Games - ESL Kids Games https://uralligaculture.ru/download/?file=1795.

Honestly does Movies and TV well popular media as a whole really deserve to be blamed for stereotypes? It seems to me that plenty of popular media refutes wrong info and some of the entertainment blamed for stereotypes was even made by the stereotyped groups overseas back at home!

I saw a post where the OP angrily complains about the stereotypes of Asian martial arts esp unarmed combat esp Japanese katana styles and Kung Fu being the best in the world and far superior to any Western style and the assumptions many Westerners have when meeting Asians that he is an immediate badass who can defeat pro boxers and military, etc. He points out examples in Bruce Lee movies where any Asian not named Bruce Lee is often shown as being far inferior to white people and losing to them and how its only Bruce Lee's superhuman hero who ultimately defeats the Russian strongman or destroys the Italian Mafia all by himself. He also quotes the Ip Man examples where a master level Kung Fu fighter loses to an Australian boxer and dies as a result and how plenty of anime/manga like Rurouni Kenshin shows European armor and weapons being superior to Samurai equipment or at least equal enough no to immediately be shattered by a single katana blows and Western fighters defeating Samurais.
I'll avoid martial arts specifically in this discussion but it does make me ask............... Is popular media really responsible for common historical misconceptions and offensive group stereotypes, an other false info of that nature?
One example is how American entertainment esp TV and movies always gets attacked for showing all Hispanics esp Mexicans as brown and Latin America as a whole as being a criminal hell hole esp Mexico where dark skinned inhabitants are selling drugs and other crimes of that nature............. Except this ignores that............ Practically all top list Latino stars are light skinned? I been a fan of Ana De La Reguera ever since I saw her GORGEOUS face of a Goddess in Nacho Libre and she's quite white. Even in roles where she is tanned, her complexion is that of a typical Sicilian (in other words Southern White Europeans when they get dark from tanning). In most roles she's pretty much similar to your average run of the mill Chinese person's yellow skin and in some of her roles she's so very much as white as milk (which is the case in the aforementioned Nacho Libre). JLO might be yellowish in some roles but she's undoubtedly light skinned and Salma Hayek looks caramel brown in some roles and shading but when she's in the sun she's white passing (as seen in Desperados) and in most appearances in film and TV she's olive. She actually does appear as white as your average American in various points in her life.
And a fair number of media showing Hispanics as criminals are made by Latinos or even filmed and released in a Latin country originally. The first movie in the Mariachi trilogy (which Desperados is part of) was initially released in Mexico and had an all cast of Mexican citizens including the protagonist being played by someone of mostly Irish ancestry with pale skin and green eyes and its a typical "Mexicans are drug dealers who need to be stopped" movie. The head boss of the crime organization is a white Creole and almost every drug dealer and criminal hitman in the film is dark skinned.
So just by the simple fact Hollywood movies have light skinned Latinas as common stars and feature white Hispanics even in their movies and TV shows also has white Mexicans and other Latinos (as seen in Beverly HIlls 90210 had a Mexican actress as a guest who was so white she's fairer than most of the exclusively white cast) make me doubt the common attack popular media is racist because it create stereotypes. Hell even Fox News shows pretty white South American politicians frequently in world news and a few times had fair skinned Mexicans and Cubans as news caster despite criticism from liberals, SJWs, and other Leftists complaining its a hotbed KKK level racism against "brown people" called Latinos and Hispanics. Hell not just that, Fox News at a few times had interviewed white passing Iraqis and other Muslims and even honored some Pakistani war veteran of America as a cover story and even when stereotypically brown people are shown starting riots or stuff in the Middle East, there's often a light-skinned participants in these violent acts including women who are whiter than your average American.
Another example is the common stereotype of all Vietnam War vets being rapists, murderers, and baby killers and other stuff. That they were super racist and loved killing Vietnamese who are often shown as being worth less than a dog. Extreme rightwingers and pro-Domino Theory conservatives often attacks Hollywood and News Media for always siding with the hippies and being anti-American and having a bias of showing communists as saintly good guys in Vietnam................... Except movies like Platoon show it as very grey. Many people who bash Hollywood forget that two Vietnamese girls were save from gangrape by American soldiers in Platoon who threatened to shoot the rapist GI with their M16s. In the Deer Hunter, the Viet Cong are shown torturing American POWs and playing a horrific game of Russian Roulette. Apocalypse Now shows the brutal Colonel Kilgore helping a dying Viet Cong with water and easing his wounds before death and praising his valor despite being very ruthless and ordering a napalm strike just prior. John Rambo isn't shown as a babykiller but as a broken vet with PTSD and also is a very heroic person who saves civilians.
I can list so many more examples of how popular media not only contradicts stereotypes and dispels popular misconceptions but even the specific fictional works attacked for creating stereotypes like Platoon often dispels them completely or shows lots of grey (which Platoon does), at minimal how nuanced the topic can be unlike popular stereotypes.
So I really have to ask.......... Should popular media really be blamed for negative stereotypes and historical misconception? Its just too common to see on the internet too many blogs, tumblrs, Youtube vids, and what not rant heavily on about how popular media is full of BS and evil because they create stereotype and the stupid masses blindly believe them. But from what I'm seeing in movies and TV too many contradictions to popular myths and so on exist. So I can't help but wonder if the source of offensive misconceptions like Americans soldiers fighting World War 2 by themselves and no credit given to the Allies is not popular media like Fox News and Hollywood and other media but a completely different source? Just to add another example more, plenty of movies in WW2 like the Big Red One and Sahara shows Americans being rescued by Free French Forces and fighting alongside British soldiers or Dutch Resistance and other insurgencies. Medal of Honor games had a few missions where you are with a British commando who helps fighting the Japanese in some missions or French Resistance giving you supplies and drawing the enemy away to allow your escape. The Sahara movie was basically a coalition of troops from all the Allied Forces defending a building from a German divisions and the surviving American played by Bogart humbly credits all his non-American friends including an African Muslim who died in the battle as being the true heroes and not him despite being the survivor. And plenty and plenty of more stuff I can put in.
So is daytime TV along with movies and other popular media really to blame? For common stereotypes like Roman soldiers being completely useless outside of formation in single combat (easily disproved by HBO's Rome and Centurion even though the latter shows a Roman army being beaten by barbarians) and deathless love that ends Happily Ever After in Marriage (if I make a complete list of romance movie that defies this such as Audrey Hepburn's Roman Holiday, I'd end up putting a book)?
submitted by EvaWolves to mediastudies

The not complete list of countless undertale au’s(disclaimer: I haven’t made any of these and descriptions may be wrong or biased, but that’s what googled for, you have the name

Undertale, the classic
Deltarune, only canon undertale AU
Glitchtale, great story/ fills in own lore
Outertale, futuristic instead of magic/modern
Underswap, good all around, good detail to keep somethings not swapped
Underfell, nice evil
[email protected], good context for au destruction/Error!sans
Inktale, good context for au creation/ makes sense for an opposite to error (overall fav cuz of my fav sans, ink)
Trainertale, great Pokémon undertale combo
Swapfell, great swap nice evil
Storyshift, good context of exchanged roles
Underfresh, annoying/cringe/amazing 80’s
Temmietale, i luv temmy, lik wen he says “Hoi! I’m temmie!” Hes amazig (I was speaking Tem)
Aftertale, cool sans and serious story
Littletale, ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!
Dreamtale, good lore on the under-multiverse
Reapertale, one word; divinity
Dancetale, dance dance revolution
Ultratale, good divergence from original timeline with ultra beasts Pokémon
Magitale, great interpretation of magic for an altered race of magical mutated humans
HELP_tale, great lore on the multiverses end
Underpants, hilarious meme
Inverted fate, good reason for its inverse and like storyshift it’s good(has my fav paps)
Hungertale, funny compilation
Epictale, lore and cool stuff
Ultra!tale, cool power-up sans and other stuff
Endertale, great au
Underverse, spans multiple au’s
Underverse, Steven universe is a good show
Underfalls, good gravity falls crossover
Undertale on break, I like the inside thing
Growth spurt, I like the sequel feel
Compilation of determination, I like the view and stuff
Timetale, cool sans stuff
Revolutiontale, cool 1680 non war spin on it
Snowfall, great. Enough said
Fusiontale, Steven universes concept of a race of people capable of fusing their bodies and minds
Hypertale, spells and grander story
Steamtale, steampunk
Template and pale, while not an au but 2 characters story arks, still very cool characters + concept of ink and errors swap counterparts
Undertale switch, cool new status condition
Across the void, collection of cool au’s
Undervirus, has a cool story arc and has cool concepts
Soultale, it’s cool and is even more soul orientated then undertale
Quantumtale, has time travel
Undertale green, cool amazing super ideas and has it have the most powerful souls in all the au’s and the most powerful soul Error papyrus has seen is average for that world
The untold story of the soul of joy, cool concepts and characters and the like
Underplayer, cool ideas and characters
Gravitytale falls, gravity falls undertale
X-tale, has one of the coolest Sanses ever, also paired with x-Chara
Mafiatale, is a mafia
Understeam, steampunk
Underland, Alice in wonderland
Dusttale, cool evil sans
Horrortale, horror
Outershift, story shift + outer
Story swap, story shift + swap
Inverted shift, inverted fate + story shift
Inverted shift swap, inverted fate + story shift + swap Can combine a whole lot of them
Fatal!errortale, more potent errors than errortale, used to be geno from aftertale
Disbelief, cool
Dustbelief, even cooler
Dustbeliefswap, super cool
Swaptale, cool swap of timelines
Dokitale, has a funny q and a for sans and Monica
The thought, has god (or seraphim) sans
Sciencetale, has scientist sans
Interchanged fate, a bit like storyshift and inverted fate
Storyspin, like interchanged fate, storyshift and inverted fate
Undershuffle, like the other swap ones
Underkeep, a regal underground with sans as the main character and is medieval/royal, lead by Mettaton
Flowerfell, sad but good
Hardtale, is cool with the new/altered stuff
Undertale the musical, a musical version of undertale’s music
Birdtale, all the monsters have bird wings
Bad time trio, has classic sans, swap papyrus, and story shift Chara team up to fight the genociders, has multiple variations, like the good time trio(fell), the stellar time trio(outer), the Error time trio(Error), etc
Dusttrust, cool murdery dustbelief swap blueberry sans
Nightmaretale, has a magic Frisk and cyborg looking Chara, as well as other cool stuff
Endertale, has a magic frisk, an ask box, and is cartoonishly funny
Legotale, lego
Bonetale, smash bro’s style of fighting video game
Undertale battle mode, can be funny and battle True genocide, a true pacifist so a true genocide Deeperdown, magic frisk and cool
Overtale, monsters are humans and humans are monsters
Coretale, the origins of the multiverse traveler, Core!Frisk
Undertale lasts breath, cool Gaster and possible Asgore reset stuff, plus tough sans fight
Underbrushed, weirdness, like Chara being alive, Asriel turns into Flowey for some random reason, they live with Alphys in the Ruins, Frisk is a criminal stealing the items of the other 6 souls with Sans and Papyrus being their reality bending 4th wall breaking partners in crime, etc
Storyspin, another swapped au
Versotale, Steven take the role of Frisk and the monsters are by the crystal gems and other gems
Negatale, everything’s blue, and negative emotions are the basis of monsters and the main character can make them feel happiness easily
Cybertale, high tech/futuristic/robotic, and all monsters are robots
Underdream, frisk/Chara is sleep walking and all the monsters and people in the dream are figments of imagination
Altertale, Toriel and Asgore in the place of Sans and Papyrus, etc
Undersource, code themed, game was played by a hacker, has Hacker!Chara, Negro’s!Sans, and more
Get a life, Asriel and Frisk share a body
Epictale, weird yet makes sense
Undertoad, Super Mario brothers
Sonictale, Sonic the hedgehog
Toontale, replaces all the characters and places with cancelled cartoon people/places, like that cartoony Pikachu from that one cancelled show and the setting of the Lilo and Stitch show for Snowdin
Modtale, an au where resetting causes the world to turn into a different one from anywhere on the internet and beyond, from open world underswap to a random, cringe fan game about cleaning Gasters teeth or something
Autale, every person from any au is in a random role, like normal sans is Chara, UF sans is the king, etc
Deltatale, a combo of Deltarune and Undertale in every aspect, from goals to characters
Voidtale, 5 Sanses and 5 Gasters, 1 of each have dominion over something, Light, Dark, Life, Time, and Hate
The Code Soul, the reason people can make au’s and is maintained by Digit!Sans in the anti-void
Beyondtale, Frisk gives up some of their Dt to create a soul for Asriel, and Frisk learns magic, and Asriel is starting to be consumed by his Flowey subconsciousness
Under-Zone, the characters from undertale taking the roles and world of The Adventure-Zone
Unexpected guests, Gaster blasters turn into Blaster dragons
Sanstale, everyone’s sans, but some stuff stays the same, like gender, attack patterns(will still be replaced with bones), mind sets, sexuality, position, and history, but everybody has the same basic build and is a skeleton(also it just has blueberry sans for Paps and storyshift sans for Asgore to save on theme creation)
Another one, AMAZING GASTER STUFF AND IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cloudtale, undertale, in the sky!
Sixbones, amalgamate sans and paps
Error404, more powerful error
Shattered dreams, evil Dream!Sans from eating negative apple Bill!Sans, not an entire au, but is the fusion of Bill Cipher and Sans, sans made a deal to defeat the genocider, is multiverse traveling, Bill in control, cool
Othertale, sans absorbed the six souls in an attempt to kill the genocider but underestimated the power and ended up causing the world to reset without him, causing Undyne to take the role of sans, Gerson to remain captain of the guard, and any other changes I’m not aware of. The sans still exists in the void and is called Color!sans. He has the powers of all traits(souls) minus determination and hangs out in the parts of the judgement hall that transported with him and hangs with W.D. Gaster
Paper jam, an ink/error hybrid created by ink when they lived together
Create your Frisk, a sandbox program that can let you make your own undertale games easily
Alphystale, everyone’s Alphys, napstablook is storyshift Alphys, Undyne is swap alphys
Dead end, paps Chara combo and sans Asriel combo, paps and Chara travel the au’s now
Core corruption, a 9th human falls after the barrier is broken, gets turned into a skeleton, is cool
Gemtale, all the characters are the same but they all have gemstones and all the added powers of being a gem and are called gem names(gem as in Steven universe)
Undersouls, undertale x dark souls
Pokétale, everyone’s a Pokémon
Hate, an actual program you can download that scrambles the games files to make a hilarious experience
Deltarune: Memoryrune, Frisk comes to Deltarune for revenge from deleting their world, and in pacifist ending ends up sacrificing their soul to reincarnate their world in a style similar to Deltarunes dark world
Futuretale, Frisk doesn’t fall down until much later, as in high tech age, and all characters are descendants of the originals, keeping in mind that Frisk wouldn’t be there to help, so no Undyne-Alphys
Undertale survive the monsters, roblox fighting game for whoever’s in the role of Sans or otherwise powerful
Doubletale, undertale and underswap coexist
Vocaltale, all music is aucapella with words and maybe a bit of editing, like robot tone
Undersail, basically Oceantale
Surftale, everyone’s on the beach and doing beach things
Pyramidtale, Egyptian
Haventale, the polar opposite of Underfell, in that everyone is super happy and alive(Flowey there as a different character)
Undernovella, a Spanish romance/action show and everyone has a
Spirit, follows a new ghost through the underground and creates lore on ghosts
Underlearn, Baldi’s basics but undertale physics
Hollowtale, the Knight from Hollow Knight gets transported to undertale pacifist ending
Grouptale, all of the humans(except Chara) fall at the time frisk falls and they make their way through the underground as a group(and Flowey and Sans are confused)
Photo negative sans, not a full au but a copy of sans created by Chara to take out frisk that has some weird photogenic and button-letter-stealing powers
Universal discomfort, sans = dry bones, pap = Koopa, undyne = ness, Asgore = Mickey, Alphys = Pikachu, etc Fadetale, sans is absorbed by Chara
Beforetale, opposite of Geno, he absorbed Dt(save point) instead of drinking it), no remorse, isn’t trapped in a save screen
Underhell, basically sans lv 25 and is lonely, and is very powerful
Time!sans, a sans that is the over seer of all timelines, and helps ink save them sometimes and error destroy them sometimes
Flowey!possession, sans is possessed by flowey
CPUtale, instead of the monsters getting trapped underground, they were sealed in a computer program
Creepytale, undertale but everything is inherently creepy, though everything is the same but bleak, all the good are good and the bad are bad
GZtale, Asgore is evil and miss led Paps Alphys and Mettaton into killing any human that comes down, Sans hates Pap, lives with Toriel, and is overly protective of humans that come down. Also Frisk was friends with Kind and Just, before they were killed by Pap
Meme lord sans, created from everyone’s “hopes and memes”, he can kill Chara infinite times over and is seen wearing a Nintendo power glove, skeleton hood, Marty McFly jacket, and wielding the Sord from Stockholm
Antivirus sans, not a full au but this sans but part of Xans from undervirus, can’t use normal sans attacks because xans took those, xans is virustales sans
Tubertale, everyone is a famous YouTuber, and they are trapped on an Island, though no field or anything, just deserted
Killertale, sans absorbed Chara’s/Frisks Dt and is now a reluctant genocider
Crystaltale, all au’s destroyed in the X-event have been turned into crystal versions, though the original version had Frisk resetting thousands of times trying to SAVE Chara and Asriel, driving sans to insanity, then the crystal thing, Chara, Gaster and Asriel came back, Sans deleted and replaced with new character who still is a skeleton and takes the role as this universes sans, Crystal
Undertale, but you play as a bed lump, you play as a bed lump and it’s fabulous(real mod)
submitted by MagicTech547 to Undertale

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