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Tom Clancy's HAWX - Guide and Walkthrough - PC

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CPU: Info; CPU SPEED: Dual core CPU 2.4 GHz; RAM: 4 GB; OS: Windows 7; VIDEO CARD: GeForce GTS 450-class (Intel HD 4000). Comments I am so happy when you connect to my website. Specifications Of. Be the first one to play and experience Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 without spending a dime with the latest working HAWX 2. Tom clancys rainbow six vegas 2-reloaded 1. Tom Clancys H.A.W.X. 2-CRACKED [MEGA/PutLocker/UPafile. Tom clancys rainbow six siege download free. The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough and Guide; Pokemon Omega Ruby Walkthrough and Str.

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Mission 9 - Desert Fortress - Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 Guide

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HAWX 2 is the second series, previously known as Tom Clancy's HAWX. File size 801.28 KB Mime type Stdin has more than one entry -rest ignored compressed-encoding=application/zip; charset=binary Other info Zip archive data, at least v1.0 to extract. Tom Clancy HAWX 2 Crack PC game download setting in a direct link to the window. I cannot summit to support this issue, so if anyone can help that would be great. Dime for Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 v1.01 Patch Download, Download Tom Clancy's HAWX As a member of the ultra-secret HAWX 2 squadron, you are one of the chosen few. Ubisoft for Windows-based computers and several game consoles that offer players an engaging arcade-like gameplay. Cashflow And [PC] Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete-[GOG] Stronghold Crusader HD-TiNYiSO [PC] Lord of the Rings Battle For Middle Earth-HOODLUM NBA 2KRELOADED Fifa [[HOST]] Chessmaster [GOG] dragon ball raging blast PC DOWNLOAD Free [NEW] GTA – Grand Theft Auto IV [Full PC].

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Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Tom Clancys The Division Free Download FULL PC Game. The Uplay application starts in full screen mode when the game is running. The game can be operated by mouse and keyboard. Hawx 2 Offline Crack Tpb go to website. This Warfare jet fighter game. If you search for Hawx 2 Pc Crack, you will often see the word "crack" amongst the results which means it allows you to unlock the full version of the software product. Unknown di 21.14.00 Tom Clancy's.

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Activation and Download via Uplay. You can see this jet flying, basically this is training. Tom Clancy's HAWX is an action video game in which you have to pilot a plane to complete different missions. Tom Clancy S Hawx 2 Pc Iso Torrent. Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 Game - FREE DOWNLOAD. It created with the purpose is to share free full games PC for all of you. Tom Clancys HAWX 2 Free Download Full Version RG Mechanics Repack PC Game In Direct Download Links.

Z77 CF Eyefinity Scaling (HD 7950) v2

I decided to revisit my earlier attempt at measuring how well my HD 7950s scaled on a Z77 MB when limited PCI-E 3.0 x8/x8 (link), there have been various reviews showing no performance lose for a single card but none for dual cards. The previous test I performed went ok although the medium settings turned out to be useless and there were more games I could have included. I redone the entire test with an overclocked CPU, more games and more useful settings; max settings at 1080p and 5760x1080 to compare any differences in scaling (i.e. the claim that high resolutions choke on the limited bandwidth), max settings at 5760x1080 but with no AA to determine if that had any effect and max settings at 5760x1080 but on PCI-E 2.0 x8/x8 to determine how bad further limiting the bandwidth was.
I'm also looking for other people to help this time, I tried using review sites to gather scaling but few of them actually use X79 rigs and virtually none seem to be consistent (well, one did have consistently 100+% scaling) or use 5760x1080. Ideally I want someone with Z77 and 2x 7900s to confirm my results and someone with X79 and 2x 7900 to get some reference points for full x16/x16. It would also be nice to get someone with Z68 and 2x 7900 to compare the 2.0 x8/x8 with and someone with X79 and 2x 7950 so we can do like-for-like and see if there are any differences in actual FPS. + someone with nVidia cards so we can see if there are any differences there vs AMD cards when bandwidth is lowered.
The settings I tested this time:
Max settings (1920x1080) Max settings (5760x1080) Max settings with no AA (5760x1080) Max settings on PCI-E 2.0 x8/x8 (5760x1080)
Aliens Vs. Predator Batman: Arkham City Battlefield 3 (Going Hunting) DiRT 3 H.A.W.X. 2 Hard Reset Just Cause 2 (The Dark Tower) Metro 2033 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Total War: Shogun 2 Unigine Heaven 3.0
i5 3570k @ 4.6GHz Z77 Sabertooth 8GB (2*4GB) 1600MHz CAS9 Corsair RAM 2x Asus DC2T HD 7950 (stock 900/1250) 3x Dell U2311H
Drivers: 12.11 BETA8 Profiles: 12.11 CAP1
Aliens Vs. Predator [Tool / GUI] Battlefield 3 [Going Hunting, 90 seconds from first word on ship to just after helmet is put on] Metro 2033 [...\metro 2033\metro2033benchmark.exe] S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat [Tool] Total War: Shogun 2 [...\total war shogun 2\benchmarks\benchmark_current_settings.bat]* *I'm assuming this works, I used the right click option in steam All other games used the in game benchmark
All games where done through a benchmark (either in game or third part tool) or during a repeatable cut-scene (BF3). FRAPS benchmark tool was used for BF3 and the benchmarks output for other games. Settings are included in the proof, in screenshot form if possible or .txt if it required more than one to get all of them. Results are either screenshot or log output.
Results Google Docs
Proof (cropped) / (original) (free FRAPs = .bmp = 1~GB unzipped and 117MB DL, might want to grab the cropped version which is only 40MB / 12MB DL)
This time I ignored CPU usage and focused on GPU usage, without the medium settings fucking things up GPU usage was more consistently at 90-99%. For Hard Reset I used FSAA instead of FXAA this round which dramatically improved scaling, in fact at 1080p with FXAA GPU usage was at 30-50% throughout the benchmark vs 70-90% with it on resulting in only a 5 FPS difference in average FPS.
DiRT 3, HAWX 2 and Hard Reset were the only games to show lower than 90% GPU usage throughout the benchmarks when at max setting 1080p CF. HAWX 2 and Hard Reset also showed low GPU usage during no AA tests at 5760x1080, HR at under 70% and HAWX 2 under 90%. No games showed low GPU usage during max 5760x1080 or PCI-E 2.0 tests.
The 3.0 x16 vs x8/x8 results were like my previous test, scaling at 1080p was significantly worse than at 5760x1080 for four games and virtually identical for the rest. Batman, DiRT 3, HAWX 2 and Hard Reset all showed poor scaling at 1080p, all other games mirrored their 5760x1080 results within a few % (some better at 1080p, others worse). All games tested showed good scaling at 5760x1080, with eight of the tested showing 94% or above, two at just over 80% and one at 71% (Batman, which has had consistently poor scaling). For the games under 94% scaling at 5760x1080 (Batman, HAWX 2 and Metro) I compared to other benchmarks. Batman has had consistently poor scaling with most reviews showing it at 5~30%, Metro has some reviews showing 80% and one showing 100%, HAWX 2 being the only one where a review put it at higher scaling (91% vs 85%) although I could only fine one review and it was at 1080p.
No AA tests (called no MSAA in docs/proof, was too lazy to rename) were a bit surprising, scaling decreased in four games and remained more or less constantly in the rest with the only game showing even a minor improvement being STALKER with an awe-inspiring +2% scaling. Hard Reset was the only game to show a significant difference, returning to it's poor scaling with only a 33% increase in FPS after adding the second card (vs 94% with FSAA)
However PCI-E 2.0 tests were very surprising, with eight games showing 0~1% change (one of which is 1% faster), Just Cause 2 was 2% slower, DiRT 3 3% slower and Hard Reset 4% slower (what is it with this game). In all honestly I was hoping for bigger changes here, almost made me think that PCI-E lanes weren't set to 2.0 mode despite the BIOS/GPU-Z/CCC all saying otherwise. Would be worth having someone on a true 2.0 x8/x8 setup run these tests are the same settings to compare FPS.
I could redo BF3 with a combat scene that would be more intensive but that would have to wait a while and I can't do MP because it's a pirated copy (wanted to include BF3 in some form for these tests as it's a popular game). BF3 also had a glitch in CF eyefinity setup that caused flickering/lines during menus and screen tearing like artefacts during gameplay, changing to windowed and back stops this until you attempt to load a level (same applies during the level). It doesn't seem to have affected FPS though when I compared a run with the artefacts to one that I had changed window mode before the start of the run.
I also recorded vRAM usage again (results in the proof), single card at 1920x1080, 5760x1080 and no AA. These numbers are only approximately the highest vRAM I observed during the benchmark, so don't take them to be 100% real world and 100% accurate.
EDIT:: Added in links for benchmark tools
tl;dr Scaling at 1080p is either good or sucks a lot, Scaling at 5760x1080 seems all good but I have no reference points for x16/x16, removing AA doesn't really effect scaling and can actually hurt it, apparently PCI-E 2.0 x8/x8 has no effect on most games and is at worst 4% slower in tested game(s). Need help confirming results and providing comparisons.
submitted by Enignite to hardware

[Spoilers All]A (not-so) short rant about how I didn't like my first DA:O playthrough, and how, after having played (mostly) the full experience, my disposition has taken a 180 degree reversal. (Also some references to KOTOR and Mass Effect, no spoilers for those, though)

So I'm going to be up front now, this is going to be a post about my personal experience with why I didn't like DA:O the first time I played it, and why it's actually really good. Also I'll say why I think Dragon Age 2 was called Dragon Age 2, but that's not the main focus, BUT it relates to my story about how I first got into Dragon Age.
So let's start at the beginning of my Bioware-RPG-experience. I played (and loved) the shit out of KOTOR (and KOTOR 2) on PC. At some point before Dragon Age 2 came out, I tried to get into Mass Effect on my 360, but I couldn't (at the time) get over how un-smooth the controls were and how frustrating and un-intuitive inventory/loot system was. Now, at the time, I was, like, SUPER into CoD, and that tactile feeling of 60 fps+ butter-smooth controls that felt extremely natural in a controller made every other game on my 360 pale in comparison, at the time. So I didn't complete Mass Effect 1, I just went back to Modern Warfare and Halo and played some other games that came out, I don't know, like Assassin's Creed and Tom Clancy's HAWX. Fast-forward to 2010 and Mass Effect 2 comes out, and I decided to pick it up based on the cool trailer, deciding that, "eh, it's probably okay that I didn't finish 1. After all, I played Uncharted 2 without having played Uncharted 1 and enjoyed it."
And then WOOSH. I went all through Mass Effect 2, and as far as I was concerned, ME2 was the most well-paced, entertaining, chill-inducing game in my abysmally small time owning an Xbox 360. Playing ME2 made me go back and finish ME1 so I could have an excuse to play through it again, this time with choices I'd get to make in 1 affecting things in 2, something I'd sorely regretted not having control over.
BUT THEN, hot off the success of ME2, Bioware and EA announce another Dragon Age. And guess what it's name is?
That's it. Dragon Age. 2. Now, I'm about 99% sure that THAT is the reason it was called 2, not Dragon Age: X, because EA/Bioware wanted lightning to strike twice with the new Dragon Age like it had with Mass Effect, and everything they showed about DA2 seemed to confirm that: the Mass Effect-like dialogue wheel, the emphasis on "streamlining the combat," and allowing you to import choices from the previous game, like Mass Effect 2. I'm POSITIVE EA wanted to say, "Hey, if you liked Mass Effect 2, the same company is making another game with a 2 in it! How cool is that? If you liked that one, buy this next one!" Maybe they deliberately wanted more overlap of the fanbases or something, I dunno, I'm on a tangent. I also don't know if they confirmed that, or if I'm just confirming a belief that's popular in this subreddit.
Anyways, so I decided, then, that I HAD to play Origins before I played DA2. I wouldn't make the same mistake again, and let a default world state impact my playthrough of DA2.
It was this, though, that is partly why my first playthrough felt like a chore. In fact, I was curious to remember what exactly had happened during my first playthrough, so I recently borrowed a copy of Origins for 360 from a friend and looked at my save. Suddenly it all came back to me.
The reasons for my first "bad" playthrough of DA: Origins is because I wanted to RUSH through the game, and in doing so, made some awful, awful decisions, as follows:
  1. At the time, I thought the controls were a bit wonky on 360. I eventually got the Ultimate Edition in a Steam sale and I instantly realized my mistake. Origins feels like a better game with mouse/keyboard. The whole "single-player pause-able MMO-style combat" thing works way better when you're not limited to just 8 abilities on the 360 version. For this reason, the choice of platform, I think, did impact my first impressions on the game.
  2. As a result of speeding through the game, I didn't recruit a SINGLE companion you could acquire from Lothering. Leliana and Sten, two really interesting and cool characters must've died because I was all, "Peace out, gotta finish this game for the REAL main event." My party, at it's height, consisted of merely Alistair, Morrigan, Zevran, Oghren, Wynne, and Dog. That was it. Another companion problem(that I caused, not the game's fault, I know) was I didn't bother raising Zevran's approval at all, so when the Crows came, he absolutely decided to join them in trying to kill me, and I regretted that because he was a likeable character in that cool, suave, assassin-y type way. THEN, secondly, Morrigan was left as the only Romance option a straight elf could elect to have, so it just felt kinda like, "Okay, don't exactly have much of a choice, here..." But then I decided I didn't like the idea of her having a demon baby, and then SHE left my party as well. WHOOPS. At least I didn't let Alistair down, cause I killed Loghain. Alistair is/was funny, depending on your game state.
  3. I picked abysmally as far as class choices were concerned. I decided, having no prior knowledge of DA:O or how the archetypes work or what works best, to be a Warrior Archer. Oof. I thought I'd be kinda like Legolas-like elf, y'know, using a bow but switching to dual-weapons when the need arises. Could not have picked a worse class for that. But at the time I usually picked the vanilla, straightforward combat class and went from there (Jedi Guardian in KOTOR[combat focused, but eventually tried a SmuggleConsular playthrough because "oh, it'll be a challenge, these guys don't get nearly enough feats or health upgrades compared to Guardians, lol, ended up curbstomping by wielding the Force, pulling it out at every opportunity to support the party and then critting all the stunned or stasis'd people. Very, very fun playthrough], Soldier in Mass Effect 1/2 [although the other classes are good fun too. Like Engineer. Rather underrated class.]) So, yeah, Warrior-Archer? Not the greatest choice. Had much more fun being a Tanky Sword-and-Board and a Mage. Mage especially felt like you had to try and coordinate and support, which is what you're doing during combat anyways.
  4. Since I was trying to speed through the game, I didn't really check out any of the DLC, or do any of the non-companion sidequests, which is terrible, because DA:O has a lot of quests that look like a lot of boring quests but can actually be good fun. I can't think of any right now, but I remember in my most recent playthrough relishing playing them because I needed more experience to get more powerful by getting more talents or spells or what have you.
4 Part 2. The DLC. I remember thinking, "Ah, I'll be playing as this Hawke guy in DA2, I don't need my PC anymore," and decided I'd sacrifice my Warden's life to slay the Archdemon. Which made me lose any interest in getting Awakening, which later on I realized is a great DLC regardless if your PC survived or not.
So, yeah, no wonder 5-years-ago me thought DA:O was mediocre. But, I wondered, would Dragon Age 2 be any good?
Well, as much hate as DA2 got, I still thoroughly enjoyed it, and I still do. Sure, it was no ME2, but it was enjoyable in it's own way. One thing I don't think I picked up on but still dislike about it is the enemies that can just keep spawning in waves until they're done, that turned out to sometimes be an absolutely infuriating mechanic. You think you're done after a tough fight but then EVEN MORE people pop out before you've had a chance to catch your breath.
Another thing about DA2, is, in that first cool trailer, they show Hawke conjuring up fists to wrench the Arishok apart, something I thought would mean that Hawke would have some special power about him, totally independent from what class he picked. Only upon watching it recently, was I convinced Trailer Hawke was some sort of portmanteau of Two-Handed WarrioBlood Mage Hawke wearing Champion Robes, so I felt sort of misled when it turned out it wasn't the case that Hawke had some special power. Imagine my surprise when I got around to playing Inquisition, where your character DOES wield some odd power, despite whatever class or race he/she is.
So yeah, besides that, I can't remember a lot about my first impressions of DA2, other than the above and the feeling I had about the ending being a bit vague. So, I went and played a bunch of other games. Fast-forward to 2014, and Inquisition was announced as coming out. Having forgotten all about the story of Dragon Age, and wanting to find out more, I payed for the aforementioned Ultimate Edition in a Steam sale and, in contrast to my first playthough, played the ever-loving shit out of Origins and I loved it, making sure to grab all the companions, took my time with the quests, getting Sten his sword back, listening again and seriously considering Morrigan's spiel about maybe having a demon baby to save everyone, this time I was so invested in my OP Elf Mage I decided I didn't want my PC or Alistair to die, but I still wanted Alistair to become King, plus I was on board with the idea of Loghain redeeming himself by slaying the Archdemon. Then I took my Warden into Awakening and loved seeing him get EVEN STRONGER and it was cool investigating the cause of the Blight. Then Witch Hunt was a fun diversion, as well, especially trying to discover whatever happened to Morrigan.
So that was my most recent playthrough of Origins. I went from thinking the game was mediocre to thinking it was a really solid game. Likewise, I replayed Mass Effect 1 and thought it was a better game than I gave it credit for initially. Mass Effect 2, while having great pacing and such, felt to me like it was more of a Third-person shooter with some unique abilities than it was a full-on Looting RPG with Shooting Mechanics. DA2 still is around my first-impressions level, and though I get why everyone says it's not as good as Origins, I still liked the atypical, "I'm not saving the world I'm just some guy caught in the middle of events rapidly spiraling out of control" story. (For my most-recent playthrough of 2, I specced Hawke as if I would encounter a Mage on the level as my Origins Warden, like full-on anti-magic, Templar specialization, that kinda thing, which made it more fun for me, and also actually helped because there's certainly a bunch of apostates in Kirkwall) And Inquisition, while good, seems like it was made for controllers, so I ended up sticking a controller into my computer and playing with it that way, which I was a bit miffed by but otherwise thought Inquisition was really good, especially the characters. Seriously. Dorian is to me like Garrus is to everyone who plays Mass Effect.
So yeah, rant over.
TL;DR: Rushed through Origins to get to 2 because I enjoyed Mass Effect 2 so much I didn't want to have a default world state and ended up not liking Origins. Later went back to play it fully and with DLC and ended up changing my tune. Also, Dragon Age 2 has a 2 in it because of the success of Mass Effect 2, IMO.
EDIT: Cleaned up some grammer.
submitted by Monakee to dragonage

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