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Cityville cash generator v1.6.0 hack tool

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Experimental Pharmaceuticals

Hey everyone! Long time listener first time caller. Anyways, I have been working in the call center for a gas and electric company for about 3 and a half years now.
Of course I deal with difficult customers on a daily basis, and the worst are during outages. Electric outages can happen for a myriad of reasons (hit lines, weather, animals, general equipment issues, etc.). About 99% of the time it's out of our control. We can't provide specific information since, like I said, it's out of our control.
This is one customer that stuck out to me a few months ago during an outage.
M= Me C = Customer
M: Thank you for calling ******, this is Alhebaba. How can I help you?
C: I need a generator if the power is going to be out any longer.
M: I'm sorry you're without power, let me see what information we have about your outage. What's the address you're calling for.
C: 123 Main St in Cityville USA.
M: I see the outage happening in your area. It looks like we received the first reports of it about 5 minutes ago and it's affecting 80 customers. Unfortunately I don't have any estimates for restoral yet since we just were notified of the issue.
C: You need to bring me a generator. We have tens of thousands of dollars worth of experimental pharmaceuticals that will go bad if they aren't refrigerated.
M: I do apologise but we typically don't provide generators to customers. We do recommend that customers have back plans in case situations like this arise.
C: That's bullshit. You provided me with a generator 2 months ago during an outage.
(At this point I've already looked through the account and see we've advised him this in the past, and we provided a generator when we had a week long outage due to inclement weather)
M: Yes sir, we do provide them when an outage is expected to last multiple days for some business customers.
C: Well that is unacceptable. You mean to tell me that we are going to lose tens of thousands of dollars today because you won't bring us a generator?
M: Sir, I don't mean to come off the wrong way, but if you do have a large monetary asset that requires electricity I do highly recommend investing in a generator.
C: That's it, I've had enough of you. Get me your supervisor!
M: Please hold.
I put the customer on hold and while waiting for the supervisor I do some more research on the . Turns out this guy has pulled this act before and he runs a restaurant. He has a neighbor that is a doctor, but he does not have "tens of thousands of dollars experimental pharmaceuticals" in his building
I tell my supervisor what happened and that he is a restaurant. They take over the call and reaffirm what I already told him.
TL;DR Guy claimed he was a doctor's office with tens of thousands of dollars worth of experimental pharmaceuticals so he could get a generator during a power outage.
submitted by Alhebaba to talesfromcallcenters

Adding Logo URL to Auto-Gen Roster

Hey guys, I've created a 20 team fantasy league with auto-generating teams. However, I want to add the "Logo URL" to every team. Where do I put the logo url line? Can someone show me?
This is the code:
{ "teams": [ {"tid": 0, "cid": 1, "did": 5, "region": "Bakersfield", "name": "Dragons", "abbrev": "DRA", "pop": 4.3}, {"tid": 1, "cid": 0, "did": 1, "region": "Cityville", "name": "Hawks", "abbrev": "HAW", "pop": 2.2}, {"tid": 2, "cid": 0, "did": 0, "region": "Crystal Palace", "name": "Foxes", "abbrev": "CRY", "pop": 4.4}, {"tid": 3, "cid": 1, "did": 3, "region": "Dallas", "name": "Wings", "abbrev": "DAL", "pop": 8.8}, {"tid": 4, "cid": 0, "did": 1, "region": "Eastern", "name": "Warriors", "abbrev": "WAR", "pop": 1.6}, {"tid": 5, "cid": 0, "did": 1, "region": "Flint", "name": "Firebirds", "abbrev": "FLN", "pop": 1.9}, {"tid": 6, "cid": 1, "did": 3, "region": "Fort Worth", "name": "Kimonos", "abbrev": "KIM", "pop": 4.7}, {"tid": 7, "cid": 1, "did": 5, "region": "Hangzhou", "name": "Super Engine", "abbrev": "HAN", "pop": 2.2}, {"tid": 8, "cid": 0, "did": 0, "region": "Hawaii", "name": "Honu", "abbrev": "HAW", "pop": 4.0}, {"tid": 9, "cid": 0, "did": 0, "region": "Holmes", "name": "Hornets", "abbrev": "HOR", "pop": 4.3}, {"tid": 10, "cid": 1, "did": 3, "region": "Houston", "name": "Ravens", "abbrev": "HOU", "pop": 1.7}, {"tid": 11, "cid": 1, "did": 4, "region": "Idaho", "name": "Cutthroats", "abbrev": "IDAH", "pop": 12.3}, {"tid": 12, "cid": 1, "did": 4, "region": "Jellubrush", "name": "Spartan", "abbrev": "SPA", "pop": 19.4}, {"tid": 13, "cid": 1, "did": 5, "region": "Long Beach", "name": "Armada", "abbrev": "ARM", "pop": 5.4}, {"tid": 14, "cid": 0, "did": 1, "region": "Milwaukee", "name": "Admirals", "abbrev": "MIL", "pop": 2.6}, {"tid": 15, "cid": 1, "did": 5, "region": "North Gold Coast", "name": "Seahawks", "abbrev": "SEA", "pop": 4.0}, {"tid": 16, "cid": 1, "did": 4, "region": "North Salt Lake", "name": "Mosquitoes", "abbrev": "MOS", "pop": 18.7}, {"tid": 17, "cid": 0, "did": 0, "region": "Petersburg", "name": "Generals", "abbrev": "GEN", "pop": 5.4}, {"tid": 18, "cid": 1, "did": 4, "region": "Salt Lake", "name": "Snowbees", "abbrev": "BEE", "pop": 3.4}, {"tid": 19, "cid": 0, "did": 0, "region": "Tampa Bay", "name": "Flamingos", "abbrev": "FLA", "pop": 1.8} ] }
submitted by Virore to BasketballGM

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