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Sep/29/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Karabakh-Artsakh \\ events & videos as they unfolded \\ Armenia liberates positions \\ ARM jet & AZE helicopters downed \\ Azeri equipment lines are thinning; 137 tanks, 7 helic, 71 drones, 790 dead, 1.9k wounded \\ world media and politicians respond to Turkey \\ more

Find out how the war unfolded on Sep-27 and Sep-28.
Secret footage from Armenian frontlines:

beware of fake posted by Azerbaijani agents

There is a video allegedly showing two ambushed Armenian soldiers in trenches, screaming "our army has abandoned us". It is a clear fake, with them having a non-Armenian accent, a first-person-view camera being "conveniently" attached at a place where Armenians don't wear it, and it being made overly-dramatic for "psychological impact".
Another similar fake was posted yesterday. The voice-over guy sounds the same.
A screenshot from the video for identification: https://i.imgur.com/nSvXsHs.png

September 29 / night / before the day began

A 9-year-old Armenian child was killed in Martakert city. Other family members were injured. The girl's father spoke about the incident and condemned Azerbaijan. "It's all they want and it's all they can do."
Dozens of 1990s Artsakh war veterans gathered in the capital Stepanakert. They're waiting for Army to distribute weapons and coordinate the deployment.
One of the Azeri pilots who died on Sep-27 is Major Qasim Abbas oglu. He was a State Border Security (SBS) officer and not from the Defense Ministry. That means the helicopter he was flying was likely Mi-17. This is also proof that Azeri SBS was engaged in Artsakh. (they are usually near the Tavush border).
Yesterday an Armenian MP called for Azeri ethnic minorities to check the names of dead Azer soldiers and realize that Aliyev's tactic is to send ethnic minorities to front lines to be used as disposable pawns.
Some Talysh-Azeri minorities have the same complaint. A man says 5 out of 7 recently-verified-killed Azeri soldiers had Talysh names. "the Aliyev regime massacres the Talysh in the war zone," complained the man.
"Don't let your kids use TikTok", said Human Rights Ombudsman, citing rampant Armenophobia coordinated by Turkish and Azeri users of the platform.
The military doesn't care if an army official served under the former or current Armenian government. They currently receive advice from all political camps.
Be aware of social media hacks. Azeri agents spread panic-inducing misinformation on Facebook after taking over accounts.
update: yesterday 3,000 Armenian men in Georgia's southern Javakh region gathered near the border but couldn't cross it. The customs issues have since been cleared and they were allowed to transport their vehicles with aid.
ArmSec foundation advises Armenians not to use Turkish CA Certificates, which can be used for hacking. Instruction on how to remove these digital certificates:
Recep Erdogan continues the persecution of ethnic-minority politicians from the pro-Kurdish and pro-Armenian HDP party. The regime's prosecutor is preparing documents to strip Turkish-Armenian MP Garo Paylan from immunity. He, along with 81 others, is the latest target for having dissented the regime's policies.
Glendale Armenians gathered in front of City Hall in support of Artsakh.

Before we proceed... how did the foreign media cover the events yesterday?

middleeasteye.net: Turkey recruiting Syrians to guard troops and facilities in Azerbaijan. Rebels and civilians employed as security suspect they will soon be sent to fight Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh"
Turkey-based Syrian journalist: Muhammad Shaalan, from my town Al Atarib [Syria] was killed in Azarbaijan. He was with thwar Al sham, left the group months ago. He headed to Azarbaijan a week ago. Death date and place are still unknown.
Russian govt-run RT journalist Gazdiev: Azerbaijan is now refusing entry for all foreign journalists. Only loyal domestic and Turkish media are being allowed to cover the conflict. Armenia is not only allowing access to journalists but actively inviting them.
Russian opposition Rain TV provided extensive coverage of the conflict in a neutral tone, but with emphasis that Turkey is meddling in the war.
For those of you won't don't have Telegram, here is a collection of Russian WarGonzo outlet's footage from the front lines. They found the remnants of Azeri flying object. It's bigger than a regular drone and they speculated it could be parts of a jet/helicopter. It was later claimed that it's part of an Azeri AN-2 plane that was shot.
Russia's largest govt-run Channel 1 outlet has a prime-time talk-show called "Time will tell", which invited Armenian, Azeri, and Russian experts for debates.
Russian reporter was invited to explain the situation. He mentioned the situation in Stepanakert and how Azeris [failed to take and] damaged the northern highway connecting Armenia to Artsakh, with Turkish Bayraktar drones.
Azeri Guest: how do you know Azeris used Turkish drones?
Russian Reporter: these drones are made in Turkey.
Russian Host: hold on. Let's assume the drones were of "unknown origin". Now let's analyze which drones they were.
Russian Reporter: ... the Azeri side doesn't hide it's Turkish...
Russian Host responds to Azeri Guest: here is a video [shows a Bayraktar video] published by Azeris showing the destruction of several Armenian vehicles. The footage appears to be recorded from a Turkish drone. Period.
Russian Reporter continues: we visited Stepanakert and saw the outcome of the Azeri GRAD missile attack that was used against a completely peaceful civilian house.
Russian Host: have you learned any info on who started this war?
Russian Reporter: locals say Azerbaijan began bombing at 7:10 am yesterday. I know each side will blame the other, but I'm more concerned about civilians. I spoke with 2 Armenian kids in a bomb shelter. Their house was bombed. It's not even near any military object.
Azeri guest: Pashinyan started this. He escalated the situation this year.
Russian Guest enters chat: so you're telling me it's Armenians who started it, while it was Azeris who launched a partial draft ahead of time and brought reinforcements?
Azeri Guest: .... because Armenians provoked
Russian Guest: ... "provoked" by "using words" but they didn't open fire. [host interrupts]
Russian Host to Azeri Guest: when you say Pashinyan is the one who verbally provoked, I can assure you that both sides made provocative statements, including the Turkish side.
[the main theme became the Turkish involvement in the conflict. The Russian host and guests are not pleased. They blasted Erdogan's statements.]
Russian Host: let's use logic about who started the war. Here is a video [of Azeri soldiers being destroyed during an unsuccessful attempt to capture northern highway through a gorge near Mrav]. Someone gave those soldiers an order to move forward. Why?
Armenian Guest: obviously the order was given by the Azeri govt. It's elementary logic. Armenia has no reason to start a war. Karabakh is already de-facto free.
Azeri Guest: Nope, Armenians started it. It's beneficial for Armenia to provoke a war.
Armenian Guest: why would they?
Azeri Guest: so Artsakh separatists can launch a process for independence. (apparently crack pipe is on sale on Amazon. Cyber Crackday. Black Plaqueday. Big if true.)
Russian Host sits next to Azeri guest: are you sure about that?
Azeri Guest: Yes. Why not?
[theme changes about Syrian mercenaries]
Russian Host: I can't confirm 100%, but here is a video from Azerbaijan showing a column of fighters in pickup trucks with flags and [Allahu Akbar] chants. Do these men chant in Azeri or Arabic?
Azeri Guest: they are Azeri because I heard their accent with "e" instead of "a" while chanting "akbar". Syrians don't have "e". It's unique to Turkic.
Armenian Guest: the pro-Turkish fighters in northern Syria are ethnic Turkmen, not necessarily Arab.
Russian Guest: we can send it to professional linguists for analysis.

September 29 / morning arrives

Nikol Pashinyan: the last minutes of the Security Council session was disrupted by loud horns coming from outside. I looked out and saw a column of vehicles, circling around the square, with passengers shouting and honking. I thought it was a wedding at first, but it turned out to be the volunteers joining the army. Stay strong, people!
8:14 ARM army: Azeris are preparing their artillery for an attack. We pushed back their armored vehicles in multiple areas. The punitive response in the south has left several of their vehicles destroyed.
https://t.me/infocomm/21265 , https://factor.am/288193.html
9:32: Armenian army shared the video of the aforementioned failed Azeri armored vehicle attack and the destruction of the enemy equipment, and several positions.
Video: https://youtu.be/n1Q2Il5dxeA?t=9
8:49: Azerbaijani govt has once again censored their internet amid mounting death toll. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, TikTok, Skype were down. If you're reading this on Reddit, your IQ is five thousand. Congrats.
9:02: the leader of Armenia's ruling QP party says they're discussing the possibility to sign a military agreement with Artsakh to share more weapons.
10:29: Armenians shoot down another Azeri drone.
9:53: Vardenis area is the junction point between Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Artsakh. It's fully within the Republic of Armenia. Armenian MFA says Azeris are lying about being shelled from this area. "Azerbaijan is fabricating a pretense to attack Vardenis."
10:54: as expected, Azerbaijan shelled Armenia's Vardenis region. Their drone struck a civilian bus (no one inside) beside and military positions. Armenian army didn't sustain casualties from the attack on Vardenis. "Expect a harsh response," said ARM army.
Photo of the bus: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029408.html
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029386.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029388.html , https://factor.am/288309.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029394.html
12:42: Azerbaijan is shelling villages in Vardenis. One civilian was killed.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029402.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029409.html
14:08: Armenia's security council informed the Russian colleagues that Armenia's Vardenis region was bombed. Russia's Nikolai Patrishev expressed "deep concerns."
14:32: Russian-funded GeoProMining miner has temporarily suspended its gold mining in Sotq Mine for security reasons starting Sep-27 when the battles began.
14:28: CSTO military bloc says they haven't received a petition by member Armenia to discuss the shelling of the Vardenis region. "We'll discuss if Armenia contacts us". Armenia sent a report describing the situation.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029425.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029445.html
17:58 ARM army: an F-16 jet belonging to Turkey shot down an Armenian Su-25, which was flying within Armenia airspace near Vardenis. The pilot has died. (Turkey denied shooting it.)
This F-156 took off from Azeri Ganja airport and was patrolling the Azeri air since 10:30 am, and was aiding the Azeri helicopters and Turkish Bayraktar drones in their attack. At the time of engaging, the F-156 was 60km within Azerbaijan at 8.2km altitude.
11:24: Armenia released a video showing how a group of Azeri soldiers got shot while running back in panic. 60 Azeri soldiers were killed in north and south.
Video (nsfw): https://m.facebook.com/armenpress/videos/1038231189970329/
11:41 ARM army: Azerbaijan is lying about our military units in Martuni being completely out of order. "All units remain in place and continue to deal blows to the attacker."
11:46 ARM army: the drafted reservists aren't immediately sent to front lines. We don't have such urgent need right now. The losses sustained by Azerbaijan are uncomparable to Armenia's.
11:55: Armenians have shot down the 5th Azeri helicopter since Sep-27. There is a chance the 6th one was also struck just now.
12:37: Armenia released a video showing the aftermath of the downing of 2 Azeri helicopters. Igla missile was used. Large mushroom clouds and post-impact explosions.
Video: https://youtu.be/PIc4ZBLkE70
Video: https://m.facebook.com/armenpress/videos/772905233546327/
15:40: Armenia released the second video showing how the Azeri helicopter was shot by a missile while hovering in the air. Igla was apparently used.
Video: https://m.facebook.com/armenpress/videos/2695601887362093/
12:18: photos of an Azeri drone being shot over capital Stepanakert.
12:21: Robert Kocharyan & co-defendants' "March 1st" trial is postponed because defendant Seyran Ohanyan, a former Defense Minister, is currently in Artsakh to aid the army.
12:44 ARM army: Azerbaijan is using heavy TOS-1C and Smerch missiles, taking it to a whole new level. We will respond with similar weapons.
12:49: Armenia released a new video showing the destruction of Azeri tanks. Numerous Azerbaijani soldiers were killed; some of them are seen trying to escape to the other side of the hill before being shot.
Video (graphic): https://youtu.be/oQcQV1NYtpY
12:50: Armenia's Human Rights Ombudsman released the names of 4 civilians, including children, who were killed. The office contacted international bodies to file a complaint.
13:23 ARM army: Azeris made attempts to attack. They lost 5 tanks, 11 drones, 1 engineering vehicle, four 82A transport cars, and many soldiers.
13:26: Orbeli research center published names of 81 more Azeri soldiers who were killed. "Aliyev regime is hiding numbers from the public. This list is just a fraction. The number sharply rose recently," said Orbeli center.
The list: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029412.html
13:36 ruling QP MP: by censoring the internet, Aliyev is trying to conceal their serious losses to prevent panic. There is almost no official info from the Azeri govt, so the public follows Armenian news.
Human lives are not important for the dictatorial regime in Baku. President Aliev's goal is to save his power. This adventure will cost them dearly...
These events highlighted the fact that Turkey hasn't given up its century-old genocidal policies. The world knows who the aggressor is.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029414.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029431.html
13:37 authorities to public: we've noticed many patriotic posts on social media. Any donation campaign to collect and send tangible items to Artsakh should be coordinated by authorities. There is no need to send food to soldiers. Don't share their private data.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029413.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029420.html
16:31: celebrities, soccer clubs, and others organized a volunteer campaign across Armenia to gather aid for soldiers. Cigarettes, new clothes, etc.
14:15: the govt says the best way to donate is through All-Armenia Fund at himnadram.org or one of many other methods mentioned in this link:
14:42: the All-Armenia Fund has collected $3.1m in donations since Sep-27. They posted info for direct wiring:
13:59: Armenian hacking group "Monte Melkonyan" shut down several Azeri govt websites, including that of the president and Defense Minister.
15:47: NSS received complaints from numerous residents about receiving text messages from unknown numbers with alarming information about front lines. NSS says it's a fake news campaign by Azeri trolls with the use of spoofed numbers.
14:11 ARM army: The enemy is making the last efforts both on the battlefield and in the information sphere. That is why it has thrown everything into battle, every possible weapon, and even the latest fakes.
14:59: first lady Anna Hakobyan continued her trip to bomb shelters across the capital Stepanakert. "Women, children, and the elderly are emotional, but they are strong," she wrote. The govt will install more beds and help with food distribution.
Photos: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029432.html
16:14: Dashnak's youth wing organized a march to the UN embassy in Armenia and gave them a letter of complaint about "Azerbaijan's and Turkey's terrorist activities."
15:52 ARM army: Our artillerymen are virtuosos. They hit several Azeri tanks with grenade launchers. (ռագատկա next?)
16:03: another Azeri drone was shot in the air by Artsakh defense forces.
Video: https://youtu.be/f_J6k4PefD0
17:29: MFA Mnatsakanyan sent a letter to the UN secretariat about Azerbaijan's pre-planned aggression and targeting of civilians.
17:31: an Armenian Lt. Colonel Lernik Babayan released a video to counter the Azeri fake news about his deaths. He was presented as an "Armenian special forces commander who was killed".
17:57: Armenia released a video showing the outcome of a failed Azeri attempt to damage a railway with a big missile. A large crater was formed next to a village.
18:18: a video from an earlier failed tank assault by Azerbaijan, in which they lost 12 tanks.
19:06 Artsakh president: I spoke with the commander in the north. It's as if nothing unusual is happening and this is an ordinary training. He said, "meh, they attacked with 100 people on each position, we threw them back. We give we take. We'll solve the problem soon". The spirits are high.
We scored a success in the north. They threw all their power and tanks at us. They come, we shoot. They come, we shoot. We don't count any longer, nor do we have time to count. We will hit for as long as they come.
20:36: Artsakh president signed a decree giving 23 more medals to fallen Armenian soldiers.
19:17 Pashinyan on Twitter: Armenia and Artsakh will respond adequately to Azerbaijan's attempts to disrupt regional stability.
Pashinyan to BBC: I urge the international community to condemn the Turkish and Azeri aggression against Armenia and Artsakh, which targeted peaceful civilians. The Turkish F-16 jets are fully engaged in the conflict. The people of Artsakh have a right to self-determination. I've said before that the resolution must be acceptable to both Armenians and Azeris.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029486.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029485.html
19:32 ARM army: Artsakh defense forces continue to confidentially destroy the Azeri military equipment.
Video or tanks and personnel destruction: https://youtu.be/xy1c3CQouA4?t=9
Orbiter 1K belonging to Azerbaijan was destroyed today. Video from inside Armenian anti-air unit.
An unidentified drone was downed by the Iranian air defense after it intruded into their territory.
19:59 Speaker Mirzoyan: this war will end with the destruction of Azerbaijan's entire striking potential. They'll need decades to recover. I don't say this for "spiritual" reasons.
20:00: Armenia published a video proving that Azeris placed their TOS missile unit within asettlement boundaries to use their civilians as a shield.
20:21 Pashinyan on Twitter: // a new war against Karabakh and Armenia is a war against democracy. //
He gave an interview to The Spectator: https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/how-armenia-views-the-conflict-with-azerbaijan
20:06 ARM spokesmen: The heroism and literacy of "Leopard 1" unit should be included in history books. Details after the war. (hmmm interesting 🤔)
20:47 Pashinyan during Russia-1 TV interview: Azeri army has failed to fulfill the task of the military-political leadership. The negotiations should continue with the help of the Minks Group. Azerbaijan must accept that there is no military solution to this conflict... The Turkish army is directly involved. They are coordinating Azeri groups on the ground.
(Aliyev said he is committed to the format of the negotiations and blamed Armenia for failing it with "unacceptable demands".)
More: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029506.html
https://news.am/arm/news/604964.html , https://factor.am/288684.html
21:07: famous Artsakh war veteran "Arabo" is preparing for deployment. (and no, he is not an Arab mercenary despite the nickname)
21:11 Hetq journalist reporting from front lines: the tide is slowly turning in our favor. The lines of Azeri equipment in front lines are thinning. There are destroyed tanks and armored vehicles across the entire border. (no wonder why the gollum has to keep PayPal-ling aid to Ilham.)
21:37 ARM army: Azerbaijan failed the attacks in north and south. We have significant success and re-captured some positions. All-day long they used aviation, artillery, tanks, etc. They were forced to retreat and strengthen their original positions.
We'll report our losses soon after confirmation.
Today Azeris lost 17 tanks, 4 armored vehicles, 3 engineering vehicles, 13 UAVs, etc.
Since the beginning, Azerbaijan lost 790 soldiers and 1,900 were wounded. 180 were lost near Qarvachar (Kelbecer)
137 Azeri tanks and vehicles were shot. 71 drones. 7 helicopters. 1 plane (Azeri plane that was shot yesterday).
22:10: BREAKING: a new video showing the destruction of an Azeri military fleet that was transporting ammunition. It's engulfed in fire.
22:54: how about a video showing the destruction of two Azeri drones simultaneously?
23:03 Telegram news citing its sources, not yet confirmed independently: this is the hospital where they bring many of the wounded Azeri soldiers. Every hour, there are 3-4 long columns of emergency vehicles arriving. The lines are long and no one is allowed to enter, not even the family members, presumably to conceal the scale of the losses from the Azerbaijani public.

How did the world respond today?

European Parliament deputy-speaker Fabio Castaldo urged the EU to condemn the "Azeri aggression against Artsakh" and the targeting of civilians. "The EU should impose sanctions if a ceasefire is rejected". He also criticized Erdogan's actions.
U.S. Democrats warn Turkey over involvement in Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict
U.S. Congresswoman Dina Titus condemned Azeri attacks and Turkey's support for aggression. "Turkey should stop sending arms and fighters to Azerbaijan."
Joe Biden wants Donald Trump to demand Turkey to stay away from the conflict.
The UK and Canada are very concerned about the escalation. U.S.'s Mike Pompeo met a Greek colleague to discuss regional issues during which he called for a ceasefire. He was joined by the UN Human Rights committee, France, etc. https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029434.html
The speaker of the Cyprus Parliament joined in the condemnation of Turkish aggression. He sent "warm feelings and wished Armenians success."
UK baroness Caroline Cox condemned the Azeri aggression. "Azerbaijan once again launched a massive, irregular attack."
Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Turkey has unofficially joined the Karabakh war.
Famous Russia-based pro-Kremlin Russian-Armenian political analyst Karen Shahnazarov: "Is Russia an empire, or a merchant that sells oil and vaccines?..."
World soccer champion Yuri Djorkaeff's brother sent a letter to French president Macron urging him to condemn the Azeri/Turkish/mercenary aggression.
The Turkish currency Lira hit a new low after yesterday's record low. $1 = 7.83 L. That's a 24% loss this year.
"The fear is that Turkey, whose economy is on its knees and is actively engaged in escalating conflicts in northern Syria, and with Greece in the Mediterranean, could get dragged into yet another regional conflict [Artsakh] it can ill afford, either politically or economically,” said Jeffrey Halley, senior market analyst.
Turkish govt propaganda presented a Serb actor as a mercenary hired by Armenia.
Reporters Without Borders has condemned the use of a drone to intimidate Armenian journalists. The incident happened yesterday. No one was injured.
Kanye West said he's praying for Armenia. Khloe Kardashian will raise awareness about Azeri aggression.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029380.html , https://factor.am/288525.html
U.S. Congressman Jason Crow condemned the Azeri aggression and urged Turkey not to aid them.
some non-military news now

COVID stats

+2,886 tested. +327 infected. +1 death. +184 healed. 4,798 active. 289,047 tested.

transactions and taxations

LHK leader Edmon Marukyan urged Armenians to continue to spend and live their lives as normal instead of saving the money, so the government can collect its tax and pay the bills.

The economy is recovering after COVID

Economic Activity Index +7.4% in August vs July. Industrial output +8%. Construction +30%. Trade +0.4%. Deflation -0.1%. Foreign trade +6%. Exports +3%. Imports +7%.
You've read 3716 words.
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I'm open to discuss any topic so long as we both agree to keep the conversation civil.
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