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Bad Company - Part 15

The battle raged all around Drake, and he'd long since forgotten about the 'why' of the situation, as it'd moved purely into a matter of survival at this point.
Hive were flooding out of the shattered doorway that Tuhin and his band of maniacs had blasted open with rocket fire, and every minute or so another rocket would be fired off down into the Hive complex, rousing more of the enemy to the fray.
For his part, Drake just focused on making barricades of solar energy with the powers given to him by the Light. He didn't need grenades, he willed grenades of pure energy into existence by force of will. And right now, he was liberally using that ability. Creating areas where the Hive couldn't dare cross, he funneled them right into the (eager) guns of his fellow Guardians, who stood shoulder to shoulder in a line, firing nearly every conceivable weapon and firearm that they had access to into the horde charging at them. Thralls, acolytes, even knights came to defend their territory, but more than that, Tuhin had other cause for making such a massive firefight. For as everyone knew, where there was a firefight, there would be salvage.
And where there was salvage, there would be Fallen.
"Another blast!"
"Hell, that's at least the tenth or so. What're they trying to do up there?"
Rook didn't care that the moment, knowing full well that they were about to come out of the underground. "Make sure you're sealed up. We're about to exit after this next turn."
Mercer checked the ammo count in his weapon. "I'm low on ammo, Rook."
"Belay that Mercer, you two are getting Gamble and getting out of here. Between your lack of ammo and your air status, it won't do you any good to stick around. I'll meet up with Drake and figure out what the hell is going down."
With that, the party burst out of the tunnel and into the welcome desolation of the lunar surface.
"My ship has a lock on me, Rook."
"Mine too!"
"Good, go. Here, take Gamble." Rook passed the wounded Gamble over to Mercer. "Now get the hell out of here!"
"Thanks Rook."
"Thank me at the Tower. Go!"
A moment later, the final survivors from the doomed expedition into the Hive fortress were off Luna and breaking orbit to head back to the Tower.
"Drake - Drake, this is Rook, come in."
"Rook, dis is Tuhin breh!"
Oh god. "Tuhin, sitrep?"
"You should see it mang! IT'S GODDAMN BEAUTIFUL!"
Drake didn't know if he'd call it that - the fighting had gotten much more visceral now, with the Guardians taking cover and advancing head on into the entire massed group of Hive. Knights and acolytes ducked here and there, returning fire against the well-coordinated assault they were under. Drake and KC had moved off to one flank, and cut deep into it, Drake lighting them aflame while KC indulged his rather perverse love of high explosives with proximity sensors.
The warlock was about to interject into the (one sided) conversation that Rook and Tuhin were sharing, when he felt a slight rumble under his feet which caused him to look around quickly to see what caused it. KC, ten feet ahead of him and slightly below, thanks to the grade of the gorge, told him all he needed to know.
"THRALLS!THRALLS!THRALLLLLS!" The hunter was in full run back up the gorge, and when Drake looked past him and saw the HUGE wave of thralls charging, he wisely did the same thing.
"Tuhin! We have to fall back! Thrall wave coming! HUGE thrall wave coming!"
The titan poked his head out from cover and saw the nearly limitless count of thrall charge, climbing, crawling and stampeding everything in their path as they raged up towards the Guardians. Glee was obvious in his voice.
"HAH! They can't get away now, breh!"
Tuhin vaulted up over his cover and summoned all of his considerable power in one massive arc-fueled bender of a punch, and slammed his fists down into the lunar soil. A shockwave exploded out from the point of impact and blasted down the chasm, right into the charging Hive swarm.
The results were spectacular.
The arc energy danced from one to the next, thrall after thrall with so much energy that it ignited the marrow of their bones, causing them to explode in a blast of ash and light. The burst of brilliant energy caused the HUD in every Guardian's helmet to immediately polarize to avoid flash blindness.
KC and Drake both stood up in the aftermath of the blast, and looked down the draw into the gorge, seeing nothing but dust slowly being drawn back to the surface by the weak lunar gravity. It was a mixture of lunar soil and ash, the remains of the hapless Hive caught in the wake of the mighty titan.
Out of the falling (seemingly in slow motion, thanks to the very weak gravity) debris, a figure strode out, walking back up the draw to the top of the gorge. Confident as ever, Tuhin walked back to his fellows who at this point were all standing there in shock of the destruction he'd brought.
"Hey! It's ohkay. Time to bounce."
"What the hell was that?" Rook saw the blast ignite over the side of the ridge.
Drake's voice sounded thin over the comm-band. "Tuhin, going megaton. We're falling back, ammo is starting to get scarce, and there are five Fallen skiffs vectoring in. You two ready to get out of here?"
"It's just me."
The response from Drake sounded hopeful. "Jester took off with Gamble?"
"She's still inside."
The warlock was shouting. "What? WHAT? WHY!"
"She's after Sindri."
"What the fuck is going on, Rook?"
"Just come to my position, and we'll talk. Tell Tuhin and his pack to light out. The Fallen will probably draw some attention from the Hive. You and I still have good air reserves, so we can skulk around and see if we can find Jester."
She couldn't focus, she couldn't breathe, even. Every attempt to do so came in a sharp, rasping draw that didn't do anything to quench the thirst for oxygen that her lungs were demanding. It felt like her muscles were on fire, every single twitch sent another wave of agony through her, and consciousness was threatening to get the hell out of Dodge.
"Exquisite, isn't it. I can taste your pain, guardian. Even though I can't see your face through your mask, I can still see the agony. I'm tempted to shoot you again, but I really don't see the point. After all, you know what one single shot did to your friend. But this weapon.. this weapon is perfect. I'm certain that, if you could speak, you'd agree." The former guardian sneered as he looked down at the writhing form of Jester, amused at the two small spines that jutted from her body, the projectiles that this weapon fired. Two of those little things, and one of the most celebrated hunters in the last half-century was nothing more than a mewling ready for the slaughter. He reveled in it, watching every shudder, hearing every gasp with rapt attention. How much could she take? A smile came to his face.
He'd have all the time he would want to find out.
The knife hit the target with a THUNK, and the awoken hunter turned to her mentor with a smile on her face.
Shin, however, was less than enthusiastic. "What're you so happy about?"
Jester pointed at the target, annoyed with the question. "What do you mean, what am I happy about? If you got hit in the shoulder like that with a knife, you're going to be all kinds of messed up."
Shin shook his head. "No, no. You don't want to wound, Jester. You want to KILL. Listen to me, you always aim to kill. You see a great hit on your target. I see that you just gave your target a weapon."
Jester looked at the wooden target, and then back at Shin. "Say what?"
"If that was me? If you had just sunk that knife into MY shoulder? I'd pull that fucker out and repay the favor, and then some."
Jester paused, looking back at the target. "... Yeah, I see what you mean."
Shin patted her on the shoulder, a knowing smile on his face. "You can shoot someone with a bullet, and they're not going to plunk it out of the wound and fire it back at you. But a knife? That's a different story."
Jester knew what was coming from this, but she'd be damned if she was going to lay here and die.
With a lightning fast movement that caused a wave of pain that almost made her black out on the spot, she gripped one of the darts and yanked it free, hurling it at Sindri as hard as she could.
The black object tumbled in the air between the two, falling end over end before it impacted, spiked end first, right into the leg of the warlock.
He didn't seem to be enjoying that situation as much as he had been enjoying hers. A scream bellowed from his helmet as he staggered and fell backwards onto the ground.
She took the rest of her energy and swatted the second dart from her body, and while she was quite certain that she was poisoned, the sensation was not nearly as horrific as it had been. Sindri, on the other hand, was in quite the opposite state of mind. He writhed for a few moments before realized how bad the poison flared when you used muscles.
"Y-yeah... ain't so goddamn funny now, is it? I broke m'rule here, y'see. I was aimin' fer that ugly fuckin' helmet of yers, but given the condition I was in, I'm happy I hit'cha at all." She felt drunk, her words were slurring and there were still spots in her vision, but Jester was starting to stand up off the ground, pulling herself up with considerable effort by clutching weakly at the stonework beside her. "N'you jus' lay there, and I'mma git myself t'gether and then p-plug yeh a few times." She had her feet under her now, and should be able to stand freely, so she let go.
Backwards she tumbled into a pile upon the floor, her head spinning. Sindri had taken a page out of her book and maddeningly swatted the dart out of his leg, and he was crawling away now.
"You c-can't beat me, hunter! You will die here!"
"Oh yeh? Then why're yeh runnin', pussycakes? C'mer, I'll beatcha plenty.."
The warlock got to his feet and staggered up the passageway, mumbling incoherently as he did so and leaning heavily against the wall.
Angry about the fact that he seemed to be beating her, Jester finally got to her feet and stumbled after him. Killing him may be the last thing she'll do, but if that's the punchline that ends her life, then at least it's one hell of a good one.
His head swam as he stumbled here and there up the pathways, instinct telling him 'UP' and nothing more. The poison in his veins was blunting his vision, robbing his thoughts and still crippled his muscles. He felt weak and over-exhausted - the kind of exhaustion where he would look down upon the stone floor and feel that it looked so comfortable to just lay upon and shut his eyes. But Sindri pressed forward, knowing full well that his pursuer was in worse shape than him, and once he had the proper advantage, he'd finish her off and then see to his condition.
Staggering out across the bleak surface, he noted with slight annoyance that he had come to the surface at all. But before him lay an awesome and terrible sight - the gaping maw of the Hellmouth lay before him.
His ship!
Surely his ship was still in orbit, and when it came over the horizon again, he could trans-mat to it and make good his escape!
First, however, he'd finish off the annoying hunter once and for all. Persistent to a fault, he knew she'd be stumbling out after him. He focused his mind as well as he could, and drew Thorn out of his robes, struggling to hold it steady as he aimed and waited for Jester to show herself.
And she did, but not quite how Sindri had pictured the scenario unfolding.
A logical mind, when faced with the bare facts of it's current condition - wounds, poison, punctured armor, nearly exhausted Light, inability to summon a Ghost, ect - would immediately trans-mat to safety as soon as the moment became available.
Jester, unfortunately, was NOT a logical being.
No, no. Her first reaction, when her wrist computer told her that she could go to her ship now, given that she was so close to the surface, instantly went with another option.
Namely, summoning her Sparrow down from her ship and barreling up the narrow hallway at full turbo.
A warning would have no doubt been the shrieking engine of the Sparrow, had there been atmosphere to carry the sound to the hapless warlock. But in the emptiness of the space-kissed lunar surface, no such warning could come to Sindri.
His reflexes were so sluggish, and his mind so clouded by the Thorn poison, that he didn't really appreciate what he saw until it was far, far too late.
The hunter drove right towards him at full speed, and then hurled herself off at the last moment as the Sparrow collided with the warlock, impaling him twice-over on the pronged vehicle and launching both it, the warlock, and the darkness-infused pistol he held down into the inky darkness of the Hellmouth.
"HAHA! I've got a tracking signal! She's on the surface!"
Drake turned to Rook with alarm. "Where?"
"She's by the Hellmouth! Let's go, there's a skiff moving into that area!"
The two guardians ran as fast at they could, coming over the rise before looking down at the huge structure that was the Hellmouth. Rook had her binoculars up, and saw the hunter through them.
"She's down. Nothing by her, no Hive, nothing."
Drake was looking at his sensors. "Her lifesigns are fading, she's really hurt. Shit! And there's that Skiff, it's moving towards her! Do you got a rocket launcher with you?"
Rook shook her head quickly. "No, just my rifle and my shotgun."
The warlock seemed livid. "What kind of Titan doesn't have a heavy weapon?!"
The titan spun. "Oh, yeah, great idea Drake. We're going down into an enclosed space on a rescue mission, so I'm going to take my rifle, my shotgun, all the ammo for that, oh, and a sixty-pound rocket launcher that I'm just going to ... what? Produce from thin air when I need it? What do you think this is, some kind of game? I thought warlocks were supposed to be smart!"
"Excuse me, but perhaps I can be of assistance?"
The two guardians spun and saw the floating form of ..
"... Ajax! Can you get us out of here?"
The Ghost seemed annoyed by the silliness of the question. "Yes, of course. I was concerned when you hadn't attempted to conta..."
"Ahem. Of course."
The Fallen dropped down to the surface just as the prone form of their target shimmered briefly and then vanished.
submitted by Zesper2 to DestinyJournals

It STILL don't make no sense boi!!!

If Picard was a calculator, it wouldn't add up!
Here's some more random reasons why that is. In other words Part 2.
Remember the compass Rikers crazy kid gave to robot girl? I'm sure that plot point will pan out in future episodes......
So we have a crew now? But why? None of these people have a reason to be together plus they are all arseholes. Captain Smokes was only in it for the cigars, black chick just wanted a ride to see her kid, blondie has a job and IS A WANTED MURDERER WHO SHOULD BE IN SPACE JAIL, the Elf's mission was over 5 episodes ago, Seven is a Space Ranger, go back to that and robot girl was desperate to go home, which she did, but now she wants to fuck straight back off, why?
The Fed fleet was sent to DS12 by Admiral Fuck, Picard sent a message but it didn't get through, yet they turn up anyway and at a perfect time I might add, but literally a minute later they all fuck off again. Doh!
The universe is about to end, fuck Starfleet, every single ship fire on that planet, NOW!!!!!! We are dead either way!!!....... is what Oh Oh Oh should have said.....
Sure hope no future robot gets sore over something and just turns the beacon back on or builds another one in a few hours, no way that is any sort of risk right?
Picard is DEAD folks. 100% dead. This copy guy/robot is just that, it's a copy/robot.
Who built the wishing well? The people who survived the first time the universe was destroyed? But the universe was destroyed, there wouldn't be any survivors. Ok so Control did it. But why, if Control has already killed all life then there's no one to build future robots to warn THEM about building a beacon. So the question remains. Who built the wishing well?
How long would it have taken Control to kill all life anyway? I mean are we working by per galaxy here or are we doing the whole fucking universe? Cause let me tell you something, the whole fucking universe is a BIG place, really fucking big. Ok fuck it, we will limit it to just our galaxy, happy? That's still a pretty big place, seems like it might take a long time to kill all life in it, it's 100,000 LY's across right, so even with some space virus you'd be looking at 100,000 years moving at the speed of light. If Control can do it quicker, how?
Hey you remember that time blondie got clean away with TWO BRUTAL MURDERS?
Why didn't robot girl seem to care one single shit about her better sister that got blown up in Ep 1?
Ok human Mr Data you've made a stack of space hippy robots, well done, have a cigar man, but what's the point? What can they do that 160 trillion trillion trillion billion billion trillion infuckingfinity humans and aliens can do already? What's the point? Those plastic people did all the dirty jobs, hence they had a reason to exist, but space hippies? Why?
Speaking of Human Mr Data, hey Mr Data you know you are human right? See this Control thing that wants to kill all life, yeah? I mean far be it from me to point out a little flaw in your plan here but it's just, well there's like a 1000000000000000% chance that it will kill you too, what with the whole being human/organic thing. Still if you know better then go right ahead and build that tower lad.
Could you really fly a space ship when you haven't done so in over 20 years and by using a holographic system that didn't exist in your time even though Disco says it did in Kirks?
"What does this do?"
"Whatever you want"
"Ok but how do we use it?"
"However you want"
"I see......"
Odd how a colony of space hippies has to be protected at all costs yet no one gave a fuck when they were blowing up Borg Cubes by the dozen back in the day, which is it Starfleet, all life is sacred or only the ones that suit YOU on that particular day?
Robot girl finally lets her hair down 5 seconds before the series ends, what perfect timing hun, maybe next season you'll have it shaved off or something.
Datas painting, remember that from Ep 1? So did Data paint the future? We can say no. Ok so Maddox got a copy of the painting..... somehow and made the robot girls based on it, except....... Maddox made a whole colony of robot people first and only gold girl and her sister looked a little like the painting but not really because they were, you know gold. So Maddox waited until just over three years ago before he finally got round to making the new twins look like a copy of a painting Mr Data made over 25 years ago, why now arsehole?
Captain Picard Day, the banner, sure was lucky that survived when the Enterprise crashed in movie 7 right?
So is blondie going on the run now? I mean she's wanted or SHOULD BE for the murder of a FEDERATION TOP BRASS, so she's got to be on the run right, she can't go back to work at the DI, so the new crew who have no reason to be a crew are just going to cover her arse? I mean I can understand Captain Smokes doing it cause he's fucking her ass, but the rest of them? Not so much.
Pity about that Rom guy on the Death Star planet you got killed eh Picard, sure hope no one seeks revenge on you for that.
Why don't all planets have a Death Star Shield?
Who's feeding Picards dog? The housekeepers? What if they got attacked though while all this has been going on and are dead, is the dog dead as well? Is the wine still being made? Is it being sold? Wait, money isn't a thing so why would..... ah fuck it.
Anyone gonna try and claim that Borg Cube? It happened last time after all, broken Borg Cubes seem to be quite valuable to a lot of folk so maybe some rogue Starfleet woman, gotta be a woman cause Starfleet don't have males working in it anymore might have her eyes on it.......
How did Captain Smokes get the bomb in the football? Footballs don't generally open up like that.....
What built the beacon? It just built itself, how?
Lets hope Oh Oh Oh doesn't come back say three weeks from now and nuke the whole planet right, not like Roms would do anything sneaky like that is it?
All this for space hippies, you gotta be fucking kidding me, space hippies FFS. How many have died for space hippies?
Wouldn't attacking the Roms have been an act of war? You really wanna do that Riker? Really? Over space hippies?
So is Rikers crazy kid gonna have issuez when she grows up given that she is being raised in isolation by two new age parents that are clearly anti vax?
Wonder what Wolf is up too, remember him?
Did anyone ever inquire about the bad boyfriend robot girl 1 got killed ( indirectly... ) in Ep1?
Picards Doctor made it sound like this thing he has was going to be a long, slow, painful, drawn out terrible way to die, yet he went out like a light, is he just a crap Doctor?
Ice skating on a Borg Cube!
How did robot girl 2 break the floor with her hands when Bad Rom BF locked her in with that slow acting poison, cause she human right so she'd have broken her hands and then died, yet she didn't.....
How did Seven survive the shootout at the end of Ep5, how many people did she murder?
So Picard is in France yet Starfleet is in the US, why does it seem like these two places are in the same city in the first two episodes?
In the vision a planet is blown up Death Star Style, but the Grief planet is not blown up, so did Control blow up all the planets in the universe bar that one? How did new planets come about if so?
Rom battle fleet can't tell Holo ships are in fact Holo, guess they don't scan for lifesigns........
Magic thing does space magic, hooray!!!
So between the death of the old universe, lets say ten trillion years and the start of ours, what the hell has Evil Control been doing all that time?
Wait so now there's ANOTHER space story, something about two sisters? Where did that come from, is this the same one crazy auntie was going on about? or a different one?
I dunno, just seems to me like smoking on a space ship might not be such a good idea there Captain.....
So is Picard a deadbeat dad now then?
Endgame said the future was gonna be great, what happened to that future? Oh yeah Janeway fucked it up cause she couldn't wait 17 years, guess this is the result. Nice going Admiral.
Human Mr Data I'm charging you with war crimes, get ready to spend the next two million years in space jail.
Hey Riker, what's the hurry man, you just spent two days getting here, stick around let me show you the place, you'll like it, it has gold women.....
Guess Troi had to babysit the crazy kid......
Given what happened with blondies last BF shouldn't Captain Smokes be maybe a little bit worried, I mean if you've gotten away with TWO MURDERS you can get away with three......
So if Hugh was a Federation citizen then wasn't his murder an act of war, ditto the bad BF from Ep1?
Roms are good, bad, evil, saviours, neutral, it's almost as if a utopia wasn't a realistic possibility, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Why are books still a thing? And why books from 500 years in the past? Has no good book been written by anyone in 500 years? Really? Nothing? Nothing at all? By anyone?
I dunno Captain drinking while driving a space ship, I'm just saying man, don't seem like all that of a good idea......
Did colour go out of fashion for some reason since movie 10?
You know what fuck it, I'm with Oh Oh Oh, blow that entire planet to hell, kill every single thing on it and be done with this. Better to be safe right, then go to the DQ and blow up all the Borg, enough with all this life is precious BS.
And YOU Picard, I name YOU the true destroyer of worlds.
The End.
submitted by LuckyDuck99 to Star_Trek

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