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Age of Mythology and the Extended Edition. The Asian Dynasties is the next step in strategy game. Free shipping for many products! A balance patch for Age of Mythology: The Titans, sanctioned by Voobly's and RTS-Sanctuary's administration, and created by a group of high level players.

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Suits S08 E15 Telecharger Simatic Manager Step 7 V5.5 Sp1 Avec Crack Hitfilm For Express Episode One Piece Site To Download English Movies Download Sketch App 53.2 Free Windows. Age of Mythology is the third game from the Age of Empires Series, taking place in Mythical Times far before the rise of modern civilization. Time to crack it open. In Volume 1 of The X-Files Mythology, Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) had to contend with her mysterious disappearance and her subsequent illness from cancer.

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Magic System 1.13. In fact, people are reading now more than. Beta full version from the publisher using pad file and submit from users. Age of mythology patch 1.12 firefox.

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Age of Empires III Latest Version! Since this is only a draft, I may very well rewrite it for the final release. All hotkeys - KDE Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts. This version fixes several bugs and addresses several exploits present in the multiplayer [HOST]egory: Games Utilities & Editors.

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This second Foxfire volume includes topics such as ghost stories, spinning and weaving, wagon making, midwifing, corn shuckin', and more.

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Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties adds three new civilizations, 15 monumental Asian Wonders, the new Export resource, new random maps, three five scenario-campaigns that feature all new Age of Empires III characters, Eastern native tribes, and a wealth of exciting new Home City content. Akon - The way she moves (0) 12: 51 Tekken 3 (0) 12: 49 Ferrari Virtual Race (0) 00: 46 Windows Xp Sp3 Service Pack 3 Extreme Edition (0) 00: 44 BitDefender Total Security 2020 (0) 00: 40 Moscow Racer NoCD + key (0) 00: 36 GoM PLaYR 2. Fully compatible with Windows 10; Disclaimer Age of Empires III is a product developed by Ensemble studios. Free third age translator 4.0 Download - third age going here.

A week ago I posted a poll about Homebrew, Unearthed Arcana, and 3rd Party Content for D&D - what people use, where they find it, and their thoughts. Here are the results (567 responses)!

How long have people been playing D&D 5e?

  • 41.5% have played for 3+ years.
  • 47.7% have played for 1-3 years.
  • 10.8% have played for less than a year (Months).

What Additional Content do you think think 5e needs?

  • None 3.4%
  • Additionally Subclasses: 72.6%
  • Additional Classes: 52.5%
  • Adventures: 35.2%
  • Monsters: 56.7%
  • Races: 53.5%
  • Additional Spells: 65.7%
  • Additional Feats: 68.4%
  • Revised Content: 59.2%
  • Additional Settings: 38%

What 3rd Party/Homebrew Content for 5e do you use?

  • None: 5.5%
  • Additional Subclasses: 70.8%
  • Additional Classes: 52.5%
  • Adventures: 37.3%
  • Monsters: 64.1%
  • Races: 56.7%
  • Additional Spells: 51.8%
  • Additional Feats: 45.8%
  • Revised Content: 51.8%
  • Settings: 31.3%

If you use Homebrew/3rd Party Content, what sources do you use?

  • Unearthed Arcana (Official Playtest Material): 78.5%
  • 3rd Party Published Hardcovers: 40.9%
  • Homebrew (Made by individual creators/groups): 74.4%
  • Stuff you made yourself: 59.8%

If you use Homebrew/3rd Party Content, where do you find it?

  • Reddit: 83.2%
  • Twitter: 5.7%
  • Instagram: 5.7%
  • Blogs and Review Sites: 17%
  • Other DMs: 30.6%
  • DMsGuild: 50.8%
  • GMBinder: 33.4%
  • Discord: 17.7%
  • D&D Forum: 19.2%
  • Your own content: 56.2%

What is the biggest problem facing Homebrew Content?

  • It's too hard to find good quality content: 57%
  • No problems face it: 10.6%
  • It encourages powergamers: 9%
  • It has complexity to the game: 3.8%
  • It is unnecessary: 3.1%
  • It is all low quality: 3.1%
  • 13.4% write in.

What is the biggest problems facing DMsGuild?

  • Content is too low Quality / Too hard to find good quality content: 30.8%
  • Content is too Expensive: 19.2%
  • You don't like the licencing restrictions: 26.3%
  • You cannot find what you are looking for: 16.6%
  • Don't use DMsGuild for other reasons: 5.1%
  • No issues with DMsGuild: 13.9%
  • Don't use DMsGuild / No Opinion: 29.7%

What is the biggest problem facing GMBinder?

  • Content is too low quality / Too hard to find good quality content: 13.4%
  • Formatting problems, unusable content: 23.4%
  • You cannot find what you are looking for: 13.6%
  • Don't use GMBinders for other reasons: 1.5%
  • No issues with GMBinder: 15.5%
  • Don't use GMBinder / No Opinion: 48.1%

What is the biggest probme facing Official Unearthed Arcana Playtesting Content?

  • It is not well balanced: 38.3%
  • It is not thematically interesting: 11.3%
  • It is too hard find/follow it's releases: 19.4%
  • It is too hard to tell what will be added to official: 65.7%

What is the most important factor in deciding what you Homebrew/3rd Party Content to allow?

  • How balanced it is: 58.8%
  • How unique it is: 18.6%
  • How well presented it is: 9.9%
  • Who created it: 2.4%
  • If it existed in previous editions: 1.1%
  • If it fits in my campaign: ~1%
  • OtheMix of answers: 8.2%

Is there any Homebrew/3rd Party thing you wished existed, but doesn’t?

Is there any Homebrew/3rd Party thing you wish existed, but doesn't?
A truly functional crafting system
Official psionics
A functioning subclass for Werewolves (Barbarian), Vampires (Walock/Sorc), and other common pop culture/fantasy things that actually fits into the 5e framework.
Updated Spelljammer setting
More feats.
A balanced and polished "Xanathar Guide to Everything" type of book
decent ranger fix
A good pet-focused class. Sort of what things like the Ranger and Artificer offer, only done right.
I wish there was a "simple" spellsword class, an arcane paladin for lack of a better description, but there are some that do exist, but they can get complicated sometimes.
Crafting system.
Pre-gen villains fully equipped
A Tweaked Sorcerer style rework of paladin allowing ranged weapon compatibility and an extra level 3 feature to allow smite and/or lay on hands flavoring
More balanced and interesting/unique Wizard subclasses
Regional and Non-Western Mythology Content: Races, feats, subclasses, spells and monsters inspired by Asian, Middle Eastern, African, Native American cultures, etc.
Mobile incapability for the websites export to PDF.
More in depth Animated Armo general constructs.
I would love a book dedicated to single classes or races.
Something like 4e swordmage and warlord. Not just subclass that kind of fits those classes.
A homebrew curation site that was actually well-curated
A non-druid subclass with access to the druid spell list
A collection of homebrew works that are confirmed by the community to be balanced and in line with 5e Standards
Actually balanced firearms.
College of ska Bard, a wild shape focused class with no spells,
A youtube review channel for Homebrew.
More scientific and historical based fantasy, rather than tropes.
A huge compilation of quality materiral proofred and homogenised to look like a set (same art & format)
It technically exists in the form of the Greasemonkey's Handbook, but more satisfying mech rules would be nice.
please god somebody come up with an interesting, well balanced, simple to understand, revised wild magic sorcerer
Charisma-based Rogue caster
I'm a sucker for water-based stuff, especially with a heavily Polynesian/Pacific IslandeHawaiian kick that I'm on - anything water based would be dope to me. Spells, settings, monsters, races/subraces, feats, classes/subclasses, backgrounds... anything!
modular magic, variants for spellcasting, more low magic player options
FFT classes as DND subclasses
A comprehensive Witcher Setting
More content for survival/ranging (especially for the Ranger) as it's meant to be 1/3 of D&D gameplay.
I'm working on it! XD Definitely more celestial monsters is my current theme.
modern day backgrounds
I wish there were more game altering modes that were easy to add to exiting systems
"A system to easily age/de-age creatures for the menagerie my players always want to collect. Rules to expedite play with 12 PCs (I've developed my own, but input it always nice)"
More Shadow stuff
Playtesting group
Better Bard and Monk subclasses.
A good healing wizard subclass
Most likely, but not that I can think of
Yes. I would like more classes that existed in previous editions/pathfinder and more setting books.
A good, balanced and fun Psionic.
A specific platform where the guys behind D&D could spit out Surveys like this one to get a good idea of what exactly want for the next unearthed arcan-stuff, and where they can get inspired by the community. You know, a way for us to help create official content.
I have a hard time finding balanced and unique homebrew races/classes
4e battlemind class in 5th edition
It usually exists, but I just need to find/rebalance it
A good guide for making various homebrew
A low-level multiplanar adventure
More feats for spellcasters, not explicitly evil dark magic
An easy way to see how balanced content was, or at least the reputation of the autor for balanced content
More well fleshed out and strange setting guides. The weirder the better.
Better Scroll and Potion Rules
Shaman that is not based on Totems, a Witch with curses could be cool, so far with either classes they haven't hit my spot yet, even though I have seen nice homebrew of them.
This question is why I make my own stuff. I'd love to see others' answers to this!
a Truly Good and Balanced Alchemist Class with room for custom potions
3.5e binder for 5e
More unique takes on Warlock Invocations.
Equivalent of a Kineticist, a Bloodrager, and Shifter from Pathfinder
A better place for testing. On reddit meme items, sub class, etc get lots of upvotes and attention but actual usable things get less looks and less test work even if it is theorycrafting
I think the community is FAR too harsh on revision theory and optional variants rules/classes/spells/etc.. They let emotional attachment to their favorite game cloud their judgment and interpret alteration as criticism of what they identify with, which is completely irrational and negative.
I wish there were more feats. I want to implement something like Pathfinder 2e's ancestry and skill feats, but there's such a huge lack of them.
I'd like a lot more 3rd party folks creating fully realized settings with rules adapting the game to the setting/genre.
A balanced floating swords fighter subclass (think Irelia league of legends) and more space/cosmic/time themed subclasses
A good Hemomancer Class
A function blood mage. Lots exist but few even approach balance or meaningful design.
Better ways to find it.
I just want more dragons. Gems dragons are my current interest and there a few but listen. More dragons.
Warlord, or other intelligence-based martial class option that reads like the 5e content put out like WotC. I would also like to see subclass options that allow the class to emphasize different ability scores than they would normally and hopefully change up the playstyle, ie a strength-based rogue or wizard.
A gush sorcerer I liked, a barbarian or fighter subclass that makes those classescinteresting to play
Feats for skills
More fluff spells and feats
A competent and interesting Psion, and perhaps a Blood Mage of similar caliber
I’d love a well balanced take on Psionics, that tried to keep itself distinct from normal 5e magic. I’m aware that it would be a massive project though
Revised classes that consolidate the classes' resource-management mechanics. (e.g. a cleric that has just spell slots, instead of spell slots, channel divinity, and limited domain features)
I would like to see dark sun psionic classes built as subclasses of existing 5e classes. I would like to see more puzzle heavy dungeon adventures. I would like to see magic being used in creative and suprising ways to tell different stories.
More 3rd party settings/conversions. I loved SW5e as a big fan of Star Wars and Arkadia.
A massive vehicle manifest. Like i want 300 Infernal War Machine types, another 300 warships, CHARIOTS, SKYSHIPSS!!! Give it to meeeeeeee.
More prestige classes. Wizards tried once with an uninteresting and boring option. They should try again.
Good kingdom building and mass comy
A proper death Knight or necro Knight character
More general steampunk and alt setting material.
Alternative features for classes
A better altnative to DMsGuild so creators could sell their work without having the soul taken by liscening demons.
A prestige class (or revised version) of Lycanthropy - and not just werewolves.
Nothing in specific
Racial Synergies with classes.
A collection of well-documented content that actually encourages people to try the new submissions. Most people usually sort by "best score" and upvote what works, meaning the things at bottom remain down there. Also some way to have content that isn't inflated by a well-known creator name. I am sick and tired of seeing "a new MeowMagic" get upvoted on Reddit because they're upvoting the creator's name, even though by virtue of quantity most of the stuff that gets put up is imbalanced, boring, or just unneeded.
Dark Sun content
A rogue subclass based around alchemy (potions and poisons) and being able to do more stuff with them
Harmless pet Beholders
More martial classes
A thunder ranger like Pathfinder.
Updates to combat, non-combat and battle-map building
Stuff that would give more freedom to the DMs/Players, like "Make your own Race from scratch", all ability have point and you point-buy your race how you want. Kinda like pathfinder once did with one of their book. + More Technology stuff.
Any form of psychic damage focused subclass that isn’t GOO/Elder god style
I've been able to find pretty much everything I need, sometimes multiple versions of the same thing, so I can't think of anything other than a compendium of the Angry Gm's ideas as a rulebook
Mostly Class revisions and rules additions.
A balanced unique psionic class
A Shaper class from the Geneforge series (or just a summoner) and a Revised Warlock that's balanced (there's some in the works though)
More class and sub class options.
Better incredibly unique sorcerer subclasses
Proper Conversions for Pathfinder's Adventure Paths to 5e
Revamped Necromancy School (if it exists already then I’m hella dumb)
This might already exist, but some guidelines for underwater and ship combat would be great.
Hemomancy classes and spells/abilities
A true Consensus Ranger and Sorcerer class
melee combat revision
Gunslinger paladin
Well balanced and thematic for Forgotten Realms strength based brawleboxer that is as cool as the Monk class.
More Unique Lower Level Items, More less serious content.
More quarter casting subclasses
I‘ve been thinking about rules to make spells scaling with higher level spellslot more interesting, like burning hands cast at 5th level beeing more like cone of cold and sleep cast at 9th level beeing used in sleeping beauty
Relevant good new feats that are unique
A cohesive guide to players who want to build settlements, villages, cities etc
Hard Puzzle challenges
A creature-based summoner class that doesn't use an Eidolon
I wish that there was somewhere where players can get together to discuss or to help each other play D&D more effectively. Such as a website, like a player's guild or something. If there was some type of DM journal that was organized and contained headers. Such as multiple pages dedicated to writing notes, others for items or keeping track of npc's etc.
Expanded "half" races like a Half-Orc Half-Dwarf
Been on a Borderlands craze for a while, so I would say stuff related to insane loot, but there's probably better RPG systems that re-create Borderlands looting that I don't know of.
Realism Mechanics
Strong replacement for ritual magic that works closer to 4e's system based one being done by short rests/long rests/downtime, overhaul of combat that integrates battlemaster style maneuvers into the core system
I wish there was a version of the mystic that used spells/day like the psionic creatures in MM because using another system seems mechanically off to me.
A balanced Therianthrope (werewolf/shark/tigee.t.c.) class, with beast traits designed like warlock invocations for maximum customization.
Unearthed arcana blood magic
As far as I know, there isn't a good remake of 4e's Swordmage. Also, a 4e Warden would be nice, giving us more than the Oath of the Ancients. Also an Invoker Cleric subclass would be cool, but I don't know how it would fit.
I wish there were more homebrewed subclasses that were less “flashy” and matched official content in the intensity of its themes.
A fool class, something with just a bunch of random tables, similar to the Alice class in a Red and Pleasant Land, but with a little more protection against bad luck.
Poisoner's Kit that I am satisfied with
Well balanced races
A monster filter that pulled an existing monster or monster template, then added several unique abilities, weaknesses, or other qualities that were mechanically significant and cleverly themed. Let me add a boss tag, let me add a fire-aligned tag.
Anything good based on mythologies not native to Medieval Europe, such as races, settings, adventures, weapons, classes, subclasses, spells, etc based on African, First Nation, Inuit, Middle Eastern, Aboriginal, Asian, and Eastern European myths and folklore.
Adaptable rules for the creation of magical creatures and constructs.
Anything involving decent runes(crafting/crafters/traps/spells) that doesn't revolve around tattoos.
Yes, I still have not been able to find a satisfying Psion class
I wish more people collected their homebrew into a whole book
More game mechanic homebrew, less subclasses/classes
5th edition doesnt have enough unique weapons and I don't see too many created for homebrew
I would likr to see an elemental caster focused druid, and a revision to sorcerer to make them more unique
A planesweaver subclass that uses color magic (I use 7 colors) / A fencing feat with stances / A feat for a blind wizard to be viable (spell to detect ink?)
Dessert classes/races
A consistent scheduler app. Something better than doodle.
"If something is missing I'm already making it myself. But... the 5e necromancer wizard is fundamentally broken. There seems to be a distinct lack of fixes that actually care about the mechanics. I tried to come up with something that wasn't a complete rewrite but failed."
By now, there's probably a homebrew for anything. Any good/interesting ones that are also well balanced is what I wish existed more of.
Ones I've made myself but wish had an official version: distillations of various old Prestige Classes into either Feats or Subclasses (depending on how many unique mechanics they actually had), e.g. Force Missile Mage feat, Beast Heart Adept feat, Arcane Tradition - School of the Sevenfold Veil; Dragoon subclass (Fighter); martial adept subclasses for Paladin (Crusader) and Rogue/Ranger (Swordsage); Dungeon Crasher subclass (Fighter); Gunner class.
Reworked races and background to be more important choices
More ratings and reviews of homebrew content.
I really want more unique subclasses for u/Kibbles_Tasty's Artificer. I know more are coming from him at some point, but when the Limbsmith popped up it got me thinking about other community-created subclasses. Frankly, I didn't like the Limbsmith, as its flavor was too akin to that of the Fleshsmith, but I feel like there's plenty of room for more.
A good flintlock setting. Something like the powdermage trilogy could be cool and unique to see as a setting instead another Middle Earth Westeros knock off.
Prestige Classes
I want phoenixes in 5e. Star blocks for different ages of phoenixes. And BALANCED subclasses based on them.
Guides for running political Intrigue in 5e
expanded utility/variety of martial classes/playstyles.
More half caster classes
A decent dual-wielding build. Official mass combat rules.
No, but I usually don't realize that I want things until I see them in the first place
GMBinder needs some kind of A4 button, i.e converts brew from letter format to A4. I know this would probably create some visual glitches, but nothing of note normally happens
A big compendium where EVERYTHING is good.
Jedi Monk Subclass
Better summoning spells. Just a whole book of them so summoning is doable pre lvl 10
A martial class that has more adaptability or unique traits like a survivalist or a vigilante.
A monster ecology book.
I wish there was better access to curated lists of homebrew, and also more interest in/respect for collections of high-quality homebrew.
More wacky and weird magic items that arent just weapon with buff
A balanced 5e port of the Summoner class from Pathfinder
"A monster hunter that uses the monsters it slays to power itself up. Ex. Kill a red dragon and get a weak fire breath or learn control flames "
A good Inquisitor type of class
I'm pretty sure at this point there isn't a single topic / class / spell idea that doesn't have some form of homebrew for it.

If you could speak to Homebrew/3rd party creators, what would you tell them?

Work hard to truly understand the underlying base game, the design decisions that went into it, and how they inform the intended gameplay experience. Too much 3rd party stuff is based on noticing what isn't in the base game without seeing if something isn't in the base game for a reason
Less is more. Generally classes are too complicated for a proper introduction into 5e. Subclasses are more likely to get the pass (I've allowed 2 in my time as DM). Monsters that are strong/complicated are boring; Monsters that are thematically interesting, and moderately strong/complex, are good.
Keep up the good work!
Please stop.
Make more Feats!
Try to stay close to the language and mentality of 5th edition design, try not to add too much complexity
adhere to 5e's philosophy of simplicity, balance of the mechanics is as important as the thematics of the ability
Keep at it. Not everything is a winner, but there is great work out there and I'd love to see more.
Too often home brew stuff is overpowered
Please don't use the DMsGuild.
Keep up the good work!
More Magic Items
You don't make interesting brew by looking at RAW content and just making something >stronger>. You need to have an understanding of D&D's overall mechanics and it's mechanical >balance> before you dive headlong into homebrew.
Keep up the good work! Homebrew is what enriches our experience of D&D.
Keep making things, someone out there likes them.
Collaborate and engage with the community to better balance and catalog content.
Release PDFs for the mobile users.
Thank you for all your hard work
Please put more effort into balance.
Please don't make DD 5th edition into another version of 3.5DD
Keep up the good work!
i want more depth. there is not enough choice in 5e too often we just hit the level up button
You should have less fluff than rules text.
Keep it up! Make sure everything's balanced.
It can always be better. Keep working!
You're doing great work! I hope you enjoy making homebrew as much as I like reading and playing with it!
I love you. <3
Collaborate and promote your stuff. For the love god don't become a DMsGuild creator, as you will disappear from the internet (RIP Walrock).
Please Benjamin Huffman update your Revisited sorcerer !!!
Always be willing to see if existing content can be reflavored before making homebrew content.
Keep doing what you're doing, easily accessible homebrewing is one of the charms of 5e
ur doin good kid
99.9% of them need to actually pay attention to system conventions and what WotC says about the game much more closely. too many are basically just trying to remake the game into a complex mess like pathfinder or earlier editions, and most of what is made is often either too jokey/memey to be taken seriously, is utterly ignorant of the system's goals and conventions, or is outright and blatant attempts at powergaming instead of making actually well-conceived content.
Keep up the good work!~
keep building content if it brings you joy
Keep up the good work! Even if a lot of content isn't suited to me, much homebrew and especially 3rd party books have a ton of work and love put into them.
That I love them.
Please stop trying to shoehorn in things you have seen in other media. Be unique and consider your setting(s) and official settings. Work on balance and understanding the game rules before you hash out some monstrous player race because you saw it in an anime one time. Everything has its place, so make it clear where your content fits and how it can be used by the consumers.
Most important thing to me personally is making it look good (clean presentation) and free of grammaspelling errors. I am instantly turned off of homebrew "published" with blatant, simple issues like that. A close second is sticking to official norms, particularly in terms of using standard 5e language.
Keep doing such a great job! :)
To focus on the uniqueness of their content, so it can really draw attention.
You are doing great, please dont chase joke items or classes. Make classes that are cool if they are slightly unbalanced in a certain aspect ita better than making dull brew
I can speak to homebrew creators. I do so regularly. The speaking is usually along the lines of "this is unbalanced, here's a way of fixing it."
"Y'all produce some great work.I play with at a table with 9-13 players each week (me as GM). Complex rules are a no-go, as fun as they may sound to me, and I can wire adventures for almost any style or setting. What I love to find are interesting creatures to introduce, fun but not overpowered magic items, and systems that simplify currently complex/nonexistent rules."
Tell me how to make good stuff.
Balance is the most important thing
Be prepared to rewrite content if it does not fit for campaign it is being applied in
"How did you get the idea for it?" and "how do you balance it?"
I love you guys and keep up the good work. This games like Dungeons and Dragons benefit massively from "mods" like homebrew content.
Playtest underpowered content and add power later.
Keep up the good work!
I understand you want to make your content do cool things, but it doesn't need to do everything, do too much damage, or focus entirely on combat.
To keep up the good work, they are the lifeblood of the game and community.
Be unique and creative, that's what gets peoples attention... I can tell from experience that people are more interested in punching wizards than strategic barbarians...
Thank you for your content. The community appreciates your creativity, and you help all of us refine our own styles and ideas.
To keep doing what they’re doing, keep giving us more choices
Keep up the good work (also, please go through a round of edits with someone who has an eye for balance and language)
Keep up the good work, yall
Unless you are a big name. Your home brew isn’t likely to be played at many tables. Make it perfect for you, not the general public.
Remember that D&D is a cooperative game, and making classes/races that are too strong ruins the fun for other characters be stealing their spotlight
Better to make it underpowered than overpowered
If you put your stuff on the DMsGuild, I’m going to stop using it.
Don't get discouraged if people are asses, keep on being awesome, because without them, I would have given up on 5e a long time ago. The few things we official get is not enough to stop me from being bored off the few choices we get.
Publish your stuff on reddit/twitter for feedback. Publish GOOD and FINISHED stuff on DMSGuild. Most importantly, GIVE FEEDBACK AND REVIEWS in all of the places.
i enjoy your stuff but have problems with balance
Please keep on doing what you're doing
Keep up the good work, you're doing great stuff.
Look at what's already available whilst designing your content.
Keep coming up with cool ideas, make sure its balanced, make sure your content alao fills a niche that doesnt eclxiat in the game without reflavoring, and check your spelling!
Make sure very thing is worded the same way as in the PHB
Keep up the good work! What makes 5e great is exactly what makes Skyrim one of the most played games almost 10 years later - its modability.
Make things for yourself first. Unless you're explicitly creating for 5E RAW, things should be balanced around what you personally use.
Create whatever you want and whatever you're capable of- there's someone out there who appreciates your work.
Keep going. You add a lot to my worlds
Formatting and word choice is important. The more official it looks and sounds the more likely I am to use it and the more my players will enjoy it.
Thanks for all the work you've put into the Playtest Material
Keep doin what you're doing, what you create is obviously out of love and passion, and I personally love most of what I've seen even if its not always the most balanced.
Keep going you are the soul of D&D
Don't worry about what WotC does, make unique stuff.
Your idea is probably shitty and unoriginal, especially if it is a first draft.
Keep doing what you're doing! I love seeing all these ideas that I would never have thought up of!
I admire your creativity
Keep up the good the good work!
Thank you for allowing me to play the game I want
"Be willing to listen to what others have to say, make sure to compare things to the PHB, and read classes or subclasses from the PHB that are similar to things you want to do over and over."
Keep making stuff. It helps a lot of people!
Put work into and don't just write down shower thoughts that lack any depth
Keep it up! Many of us are thankful for what you do, even if it is not always said.
There are more than enough subclasses, spells, magic items, and feats out there. The game needs more innovative content, not more character building options.
"All the best work i have seen has taken several iterations. Keep trying :)"
Keep on doing the great job you are doing, follow your dreams and don't give up! Criticism is everywhere, not everyone knows how hard you work.
You are doing a good job !
Please read the existing content first. A lot of what you make might already exist. If its redux, thats fine, just say so. Also, not every class needs everything. Remember that.
Keep doing what you are doing.
Take your time to play-test and put some thought in to make whatever you are making thematically interesting
Dont think about it too much, find an idea you like and run with it in the most concise and close to official way you can. Unless of course you like complexity.
Keep up the good work.
Specifically regarding posters on Reddit not using DMsGuild, always compare your work and formatting to official material. Keeping both fairly in line with official stuff will make your work ultimately more balanced and appeal to a great number of viewers.
Staying close to official wording and formatting makes brews look and feel more professional and more understandable in general.
Good job
Keep it up!
Proof read your work and submit it for extensive peer review.
Playtest playtest playtest
Thanks for the ideas.
Keep up the good work, we're all gonna be able to create our perfect world one day, but mine will obviously be better. :thumbsup:
stop being bad
Keep up the work dudes
Keep up the good work!
Thank you for everything you've made, please try to refine an idea rather than fragmenting it (ranger alt classes), and the word you're looking for is spelled R-O-G-U-E
While making a unique piece of content is often a must, it is just as important, if not more so, to make content that follows the level scheme and power of existing content. Offers new options for classes, not complete solutions to power fantasy.
Flavor lore can be cool but is often restricting.
I just wish there was a gm bindehomebrewery that worked with firefox.
calm the fuck down. not every single new class needs to compete with mystic or lore wizard or paladin in terms of power
Keep being creative and playtest everything to keep everything updated and as balanced as can be.
I come back to homebrewers who make fewer well designed things more than I come back to those who make a lot of poorly (or “ok”) designed things
Keep up the good work and double check everything
Don't worry too much about all the people screaming about imbalance, official content's imbalanced all the time. Don't listen too much to people on reddit and stuff in general, most of them don't really know what's best for anyone else's table or what they are talking about.
If you’re going to put something out there, be open to criticism. Stick with your projects, one of the most frustrating things is to find good content that just has a dead thread of comments under it.
Try to think of ideas that are unique and interesting, but also something a playeDM might actually find useful or powerful for some reason.
Keep up the good work
Most opinions and votes are a popularity contest. Take critiques with a grain of salt
Hello, fellow creators.
Not everything requires a new rule, subclass, class etc. to function. Reflavoring works wonders.
Stop making homebrew and posting it. Your group may like it but it's not garbage and shouldn't be published.
Good work
Revise the base classes please
Thanks for your hard work.
Thank you, and please keep going - you're doing great!
Thanks for your work! It’s always really fun to peek into other peoples mindset and processes, so putting your brews out there is pretty awesome and talking about your thought process in the comments and the discussion around your brews is even more awesome.
Give up on Ranger it’s a lost cause
I need more than the 30 thousand ranger alternatives already available
Continue doing your stuff! Everything’s great!
Get people to test your stuff, listen to criticism and adjust accordingly, it is hard to find flaws in your own creations.
You gotta understand the game and how it is build before trying to change stuff. Also try to start small, an invocation, a subrace, not an entire class or a subclass for each class
Keep going at it, fellas
Stay unique
For many of them, it would be advice to compare their content to existing material, and to carefully examine the way the handbooks word things—5th edition has important design principles, and uses specific language in its rules.
Expand the system, don't re-tread the same subclasses over and over
underpowered subclasses are better than overpowered, as a good DM can give more synergistic rewards or make the subclass feel more rewarding in other ways.
Maybe to create some type of tutorial that teaches other DM's how to create new and balanced additions for D&D.
Please try to playtest content after the first round of criticisms
That it's a bit hard to get approval for use of their content due to what it implies for a setting, not because of it's balance.
Keep up the good work
Thank you!
Make more “out there” content like funny things, cause like not everything about a bard is serious so maybe take a more laid back approach
You guys are pretty cool, keep doing what you’re doing!!
You’re amazing and one of the absolute best things about this wonderful community
Keep it up.
Your dedication to throwing free content into the world is much appreciated, by me and my players.
Balance is necessary, simplicity is best
Playtest more
You can do whatever you want, but try making something that is unique, balanced, and fun, but that isnt so thematically intense.
please let the ideas simmer in your head just a little bit longer, and double check the books to make sure what your making isn't completely outclassed by a similar ability in another spell or class.
Keep up the good work!
Keep at it
Stop making feats that let you use ranged weapons in melee. Last time I checked, there were over a hundred feats conveying that ability in dnd beyond.
I think most of you are doing a good job, and I hope you love your work. If someone doesn't like what you make then they don't need to add it in their games, so it doesn't matter if they don't like it.
We don’t need any more spellswords or blood mages.
Keep up the good work!
If you are relatively inexperienced, thoroughly review and evaluate your work and seek the opinions of those who have more experience. If you are just starting out, your work likely won't be great but keep trying and you will improve
Keep doing what you're doing
Imagine you will never get to play the class/subclass/mechanics you're making. NOW make whatever you want.
Keep up the good work since 5th edition doesn't seem to add much on a regular basis homebrew content is definitely needed
Compare your home brew to established structures comparable to what you're making, Dont just make your college's bardic inspiration die a d20 just to be different. You dont have to be radically different to make an impact. Thematics can go a long way, and nobody really wants to look at a boring google doc. Put some effort into making it look pretty. And stop taking every criticism personally and be open to hearing opinions, welcome to the internet.
find a new platform, reddit sucks dick
Keep up the good work, and post more about your stuff on reddit.
keep it up!!
Organize better your content, include a balance review index or alike, inlcude recomended level, class, etc on Feats
Keep up the good work and thanks
That they are great and no matter what people say keep on creating
Thanks for all the fish!
Thank you for your hard work!
You are creating to express yourself at least as much as you are creating for others. Therefore, enjoy what you are doing first and foremost!
You should be paid for you work :3
Good job
Balance your shit bro, don't make shit too strong to make it viable, but also don't gimp it so much that no one uses it anyway. Any content deserves to shine when the situation's right, but that shouldn't be all the time, and neither should it be never.
You need to have multiple groups playtest your content before releasing it. The balance is all over the place.
Playtest. Read &understand the phb descriptions/rules carefully before publishing.
Please stop putting things like needs review"" or put long-winded reasons behind the creation of a homebrew in your UnearthedArcana posts. It's kind of a turn-off for me, and I think others. If people think it needs review, they'll probably put it in the comments, and if you're posting it only for balancing tips, post it elsewhere, like in the pinned ""homebrew forge"" thread."
I love a lot of your work. I wish I knew how to make stuff as well as you guys do. New monster manuals are my personal favorite. Sometimes though the “new” mechanics added really slow down or break the game. I usually tweak things to make it work, but I wish there was a better way to balance it to save me some work.
Make better balanced content
Keep being creative, keep working hard. I’m counting on you guys!
before creating something completely wholesale examine what already exists and see if it would be simpler to re-skin something that already exists to achieve the same thematic affect.
While adding content is always good, perfecting previously made content is better
I love you
Thank you!
Keep it up.
Make sure you actually read the PHB and get a sense of how everything should be worded before you make something.
Keep up the goodwork!
Include a side of A4 at the start of your content explaining why you made it, what niche you're designing it to fill and how it does that, and your design philosophy.
Some common beliefs about balance that the reddit community holds are utter nonsense. A lot of people know their shit, but a lot of people are just parroting concepts they don't really understand.
Go for your wacky idea
Thanks for all the cool stuff
Keep it up!
"As much as you should value critique, don't let it stifle your vision. Sometimes bias and stereotypes cloud someone's judgement, and can make it hard for you to properly portray your ideas because of it. If you feel you wanna make something, make it. Make it within reasonable guidelines, but don't limit yourself. Also, you are more than allowed to make content just for yourself, if you think it will only fit your campaign. Thank you for your hard work!"

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[OoT][MM][FSA]Some interesting Arabian and Islam references in the early games of the Zelda series.

Warning: topic is spoiler heavy for if you have yet to play the games OoT, MM and/or FSA.
References tend to be all over the place and can be very speculative of course so nothing I write is intended to be perceived as set in stone. Nonetheless I figured I shared a few tidbits about some groups and figures that in the past went a little unnoticed or were a little too confusing to process. It was and still is not my intention at all to just nag at imperfect translations or other nomenclatures. In fact for its time wikia pages have their own good qualities and were loads better sources of information compared to anything else when they came out. Only, I figured since these OoT and MM are such iconic Zelda titles it was a bit frustrating to figure that over time nomenclature had not been updated or expanded.
This post primarily addresses the, Kokiri, the Gerudo, Sheikah, Shiekh and a group known as the Zuna. We will also focus on one small misconception with the Sheikah as it may otherwise become a permanent impression with no proper grounding.
With all that out of the way let us start.
One of the stranger things about the Gerudo is that there is always so little background in regards to why they are they way they are. You see Sheikah is a word for a female muslim leader, so it would make sense for a tribe primarily consisting of woman to hold such a name instead. Yet the Gerudo are the Gerudo, not the Sheikah.
In game files katakana work rather phonetic and are at least confusing enough that 'Sheikah' could become 'Seekers', but that makes more sense for Japanese and less for English game coding. Nintendo is also not particularly foreign to controversy and has gradually changed certain insinuations and designs to a more accommodating one. The gerudo symbol used to be a Izlamic star and moon, but was eventually changed to the modern day mask en wench. Gamepedia claims it to be the 'back of a king cobra', but where this state stems from is not really certain. Also there is no reason why it could not be both cobra back and mask.
It appears to be believed that Shiekah lean towards naming their members after fruits and veggies, but this is only close to the truth.
Nabooru and Malon
These Zelda wikia pages are rather one and done with their interpretations and tend to focus on finding a single explanation for a nomenclature. Noboru may indeed by a way to write 'rise' or 'ascend' in Japanese, but the word is normally not written as 'nabooru' as opposed to 'noboru'. A 'Naboo' or cactus fig is a naming of French origin. A cactus fruit known as the 'prickly pear' or 'cactus fig'.
Malon as is the Istriot word for 'melon'. Istriot is a language of Croatia.
Choctaw Impa Shalup is a type of soul eater in Choctaw mythology. The Impa Shalup is also known as a Nalusa Chito a type of 'shadow being'.
The idea that sheikah are named after veggies and fruits also falls apart if we look at the name 'impa'. Yes, by a stretch it is true that Impa can mean 'to eat' in Chicasaw. There are/have been many Native American descendancies so there are also many Native American languages. Impa can also mean 'to impress' in Swedish. None of which are wrong by definition. For example Hylia('to hide') is an important goddess and her name is also Swedish. She is closely connected to the Hyrulean royal family. It goes to show that completion-ism is very worthwhile if done as what defines it. It suggests the reality of a system in which different insinuations could provide for a different chemistry in purpose and dynamic.
Shiekh is a slightly different story and more complex. The term is more gender ambiguous and of course could serve a function to obscure Shiekhs true idenity. Another possible origin may be the books of George Orwell in using it to hint at a romantic insinuation in the game. Nowadays Orwell is better known for the sentence: "Big Brother is always watching."
When your last natural tooth goes, the time when you can kid yourself that you're a Hollywood sheik, is definitely at an end.
Zuna can mean 'fasting'/figuratively'lacking'(Friulian) or 'sand'(Japanese) depending what (written as Suna) language the phonetics and writing is attributed to. Friulian is primarily spoken in parts of the Friuli region Italy. It is possible that both Zuna and Gerudo were inspired by izlamic culture but had this connection altered to make a clearer distinction from real religion as a fictional people of the Zelda universe. Ganondorf shares many characteristics of the Zuna and it is commonly believed his trident originates from a pyramid of the Zuna.
The names of the Gerudo and Gerudo Desert were likely chosen based on the enemies introduced in The Adventure of Link and A Link to the Past, the sand-dwilling Geldarm (Gerudoamu) and Geldman Gerudoman). One page in the Hyrule Historia, showing the Gerudo Typography, implies that Nintendo originally intended for the Gerudo to be translated as Geldo. The Germanic name element ger means "spear".
I think I have to disagree with this translation.
Geldo is also a name of a place in Spain as well.
It is also located within valencian community, Valencia meaning 'courage'. Either way back to the name Geldo:
In the fifteenth century he went to the Vallterra family and they sold it in turn to the family of Albalat de Sorell in 1416 , likewise Geldo owned a nephew of Tomás Sorell called Bernardo Sorell. Finally in 1495 the Tower of the Path (Xeldo) was sold to D. Enrique de Aragón , Duke of Segorbe . The word tower should not lead to confusion, what the king donated was a fast or rabid tower, an Arabic word that in Castilian meant hermitage or mosque outside the town and that in the documents of the time the scribes called it interchangeably and even with both Tower names or quick at the same time. All this agrees with the occupation of these lands by the Arabs. After passing through the hands of several families, he was granted the village letter in 1611 by Enrique Folch de Cardona .
Geldo was the name of a mosque after which the place Geldo(Xeldo) was named.
Ganon/Gannon, Mandrag and Dragmire
This is of course rather speculative, but explanation of choice will be give where it is due. This is not particularly about Arabian and Izlamic nature, but more for contrasting purposes between the leader and the tribe.
Ganondorf and ganon are often read as the same person, but it is possible for the two to appear separate. In fact this has already happened in various games in the Zelda series. Gannon is a spelling used in older games, but it is no longer in use so it does possibly not derive from the Irish royalty Gannon.
Dorf is the Yiddish, Germanic or German 'dorf/Dorf' for village. But because it does not really fit with the Ganon before it this wordplay does not really blend well. Generally the concept needs to share the same system or language. Sure, for wordplays it is possible to blend almost anything, but it is more commonplace to stick to consistency in literature, culture, history, art. Maybe the YiddishGermanic was a choice to make him seem of ancient descent. Historically speaking it were Europeans whom 'discovered' America and many American wars held multicultural subtexts, such as slavery and suppression Native American families. There might be a much different explanation for the whole Ganondorf thing and it could be something else entirely as well.
(ALttP) manual pg 5-6:
The name of this king of thieves is Ganondorf Dragmire, but he is known by his alias, Mandrag Ganon, which means Ganon of the Enchanted Thieves.
Dragmire and Dragomiresti
Dragomirești-Vale is a commune in the southwestern part of Ilfov County, Romania. Its name is derived from Dragomir, a Romanian name of Slavic origin (from Драгомир, which means "precious and peaceful"), the suffix -ești, and noun Vale, which means "valley".
Mandrag and Mandragora
Mandragora Greek wiktionary
In this context a new language is created, but yeah Ganondorf has nicknames that function as surnames of sorts. For 'king of thieves' it would be Dragmire, but for 'of the Enchanted Thieves' it would be Mandrag. It is unclear if Mandrag is derived from the plant known as Mandrake or Mandragora. Sometimes dragora is related to plants, some speculate it to be related to the Persian for man plant. Mandragora has been in use in many cultures for its medicinal and hallucinogenic purposes.
Ganondorf and Ganondagan
The village was also referred to in various spellings as Gannagaro, Canagora, Gandagora, and Gandagaro.
Also refers to Gandagaro, there are enemies called Garo in Zelda (MM).
Ganondagan was once the largest Seneca town; the Seneca nation was considered to occupy the western gateway of Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy) territory. This site is at the center of the story of the Peacemaker, who unified the five major peoples and created the Haudenosaunee confederacy. It survives to this day.
Seneca oral tradition tells of a Huron man who arrived among the Mohawk speaking of the Gayanesshagowa (aka The Great Law of Peace). This prophet is known today as The Great Peacemaker. The Mohawk, Oneida, and Cayuga pledged to join his proposed confederation and, following a dramatic interlude, the Seneca agreed also.
The discussion about how to bring in the Onondaga took place in the Ganondagan house of Jikonsase (or Jikonhsaseh), a Seneca woman elder now known as the "Mother of Nations." She proposed a solution which eventually brought the Onondaga into the fold, for it gave them a prominent place in the confederacy. She lived in the vicinity of Ganondagan, and is buried nearby.
Because of this tradition, the Seneca refer to Ganondagan as the "Town of Peace". They revere and protect the burial site of Jikonsase. The relation to their Great Law of Peace is more important than the attack that destroyed the village, for the people have carried forward their means of negotiating for solutions. Concepts of the confederacy may have influenced early American political thinkers, although they gathered similar ideas from English and European thinkers.
Early French explorers referred to these natives as the Huron, either from the French huron ("ruffian", "rustic"), or from hure ("boar's head"). According to tradition, French sailors thought that the bristly hairstyle of Wendat warriors resembled that of a boar.
In the 21st century, more than 10,000 Seneca live in the United States, which has three federally recognized Seneca tribes. Two are in New York: the Seneca Nation of New York, with two reservations in western New York near Buffalo; and the Tonawanda Band of Seneca Native Americans. The Seneca-Cayuga Nation is located in Oklahoma, where their ancestors were relocated from Ohio during Indian Removal. Approximately 1,000 Seneca live in Canada, near Brantford, Ontario, at the Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation. They are descendants of Seneca who resettled there after the American Revolution, as they had been allies of the British and forced to cede much of their lands.
It is in this context that the Great Peacemaker (sometimes referred to by his name Deganawidah, but out of respect this was not generally used) came to her and described his vision for a peace to be built upon a confederacy of the warring nations. She said this sounded good but asked what form it would take. He replied, "It will take the form of the longhouse in which there are many hearths, one for each family, yet all live as one household under one chief mother. They shall have one mind and live under one law. Thinking will replace killing, and there shall be one commonwealth."
The woman recognized the power in peace. The Great Peacemaker gave her the task of assigning the men to different positions at the peace gathering, and to women in the future the power to choose the chiefs of the longhouse. He called her Mother of Nations, as she was the first ally of his peace movement.
So Ganondorf 'could' be a reference to Ganondagan due its many cultural implications, but it will possibly remain impossible to confirm how his idea came to be. And this could mirror how unity between the five races/tribes was a thing in SS. Garo might also be a wordplay on Ganongaro and the words Impa and Ikana also have many Native American implications for such a thing to make its own types of sense. (Just, once again, context as well as subtext matters.)
Garo(Japanese wiktionary)
Garo is another of those words which can be interpreted in many different ways. Most of them do not really seem to make sense of anything. But there are those which seem to make a little sense like the Garo people. The most fitting would appear to be the Japanese. In Japanese garo can mean 'hungry wolf' for example and in TP Midna considers wolf links appearance fitting for the idea of a 'divine beast'. (But) What qualities she selects link on is not elaborated well. Sadly this is also not really the topic for this purpose. So I am forced to halt that effort here.
One other reason to mention the Garo is because in WW Ganondorf utilizes two blades and this is also sometimes seen among the Gerudo thiefs. With later installments of the series there came more enemies in the act of dual wielding, but initially this did not happen too often. Of course once again, these things can be purely coincidental, but who knows. Maybe ganondorf and garo are more closely connected than the game directly alluded to.
The point was to underline that a tribe or leadership of a certain systematic has little to do with individual leaders or members. But over time seemingly irrelevant implications can seem to gain this once a new name or context is added to the game or series.
The Kokiri are neither very Arabic or Islamic in their naming, but if I had to express the difference between Spirit and Forest it would be in the word Flamenco. Flamenco is more a Spanish Japanese concept than a Spanish Arabic/Islamic concept for that matter, but it is nonetheless the best word to account for those both. The usage of music and castagnettes for example is pretty spanish and fits the term Gerudo(Geldo) well, but if one had to consider the Duende aspect of Forest vs Spirit it would get more complicated.
Kokiri are named after the Alfeggio sound scale. Sound scales tend to express themselves symmetrically. When going up in sound the sounds tend to have the same notes, but just backwards. For Alfeggio/Solfege this is not the case and their usages is very often for oriental music. This does not signify Alfeggio/Solfege very well, but it makes it recognizable for beginners in music and sound scales. Alfeggio is not even very Arabic nor is it Islamic, but its usage is sometimes easily understood as such even when it is not. In essence it is more closely associated with India if any of those countries (Spain or Japan) at all. So it ads about as much confusion as it reliefs.
Duende refers primarily to a "spirit" or "insipiration," particularly in the context of art. It is the evocation of authenticity, especially in Flamenco. A duende is also a creature somewhat like a human from Iberian, Latin American, and Filipino folklore. The Spanish term duende originated as a contraction of the phrase dueño de casa or duen de casa, "possessor of a house", and was originally conceptualized as a mischievous spirit inhabiting a house.
During the design of these Zelda games it would seem the Forest Temple was a bit intended as a haunted house of sorts, not so much as the Shadow Temple, but with an art direction centered around spirits and the difference between 'life and death'. Chuang zhou was a Chinese Legalist writing around those concepts of Hot and Cold, Life and Death, Light and Dark when it came to his writings. Each Zelda temple adheres to one of those. Yet, it should be noted that there is a bit of gap bridged by secondary concepts such as, Slavic culture(Fire and Water), Solfege/Flamenco(Spirit and Forest) and 'The Shadow out of Time'(Shadow and Time). It is not a perfect explanation, and was never intended to be, but I wanted to write it. And now I did. Not perfectly of course, I would love to write about Zoras and Gorons and how bootstrap paradoxes relate to Shiekah and the Temple of Time, but this is also awfully tedious and takes lots of topic space.
A Requiem or Requiem Mass, also known as Mass for the dead (Latin: Missa pro defunctis) or Mass of the dead (Latin: Missa defunctorum), is a Mass in the Catholic Church offered for the repose of the soul or souls of one or more deceased persons, using a particular form of the Roman Missal. It is usually, but not necessarily, celebrated in the context of a funeral.
Twinrova are possibly twins as a reference to the the concept of libations that was often associated with the Gemini constellation. Libation is a concept in which liquid is poored in order to honor the dead. This idea might thus also explain why Stone Tower Temple is located in an area with undead population since the boss of this area is twinmold. Yes, Twinrova are named Koume and Kotake from a Japanese novel. It does not change that they are also twins. Heck, if we want to go in that direction that not all figures from one race, affiliation or thematic area are named according to their caste or class then it is better not to looking up naming at all. It is very inviting to think that the Gerudo are carrying spears because of the 'ger' component as a double entendre, but in Japan there also exist warrior women known as Onna-Bugeisha. It does not explain why Gerudo are only women and also not why their only male of a hundred years is their king by law, but it fits with the Japanese twinrova if anything.
If we contrast Arabic/Islamic and other naming with the poe sisters of the Forest Temple it should be clear that they are NOT Arabic/Islamic or anything of the sorts either. That does not mean they have no relevance to the world. The events of 'Little Women' transpire in the American Civil War and this might be intentional that the sisters of OoT were named this way. Link would be told of his origin as a war orphan right after completing this dungeon.
Saria is a bit difficult to pinpoint, it could be either or both of Saria Island(Greek) as well as Sariaya a municipality in Quezon. There exists a Greek sand goddess known as Psamathe for example and her husband wields a trident, possibly explaining why Zuna guard such a thing and why Ganon uses such a thing.
1st class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines.
The origin of the word Sariaya was allegedly came from the word Sadyaya — one of the town's numerous rivers, but words of the great ancestors and legends have it that it was named after Saria, an supposedly 'illiterate' (according to the Spanish) woman who encountered the first Spaniards in the town who were asking the name of the settlement. Saria can't understand the question as it was in Spanish, which was foreign and unknown to everyone in the area during that time. She was thus branded as illiterate by the Spanish despite being highly educated through Tagalog traditional knowledge. The woman gave her name as answer to the Spanish, assuming that they were asking her name. The Spaniards wrote "Saria" on their notebooks as the name of the settlement. And while the Spaniards were talking with each other, the natives heard them utter the words "Saria-ya". Hence, the words traveled from mouth to mouth and became a common saying until the two words were combined.
Sand Goddess
In Greek mythology the 'sand goddess' is called Psamathe. She represents the 'sand of the sea-shore'.
Her husband, Proteus is sometimes depicted with a trident.
It is possible the area is inspired by the Red Sand Riyadh desert of Saudi Arabia.
Pigs are in Islamic culture interpreted as animals of 'impurity'. It is NOT understood such that the animal is therefor 'evil', but that it is like a living being inclined to 'evil', but with 'good' qualities. This might have to some extend contributed to Ganons design choice, but there is also the boar of Arthurian myth/legend to consider (a symbol of Arthur). As well as the Native American Huron mentioned above. So yeah pigs and boars, difficult to estimate.
In fact Majora in Japanese used to be 'Mujura' as a combination of the name Imamura(one of the creators) and Jumanji. Takaya Imamura was the art director for the N64 version of Majora’s Mask.
(scroll to bottem)
For unclear reasons this was lost when bringing the name to English. What can be noted about 'major' is that it has something in common with the kokiri. Each kokiri has a name stemming from the Solfege or Solfeggio sound scale. Major and Minor would be its own sound scale.
Majora could also stem from the French Marjoram, a type of herb grown in Turkey.
Marjoram is indigenous to Cyprus and southern Turkey, and was known to the Greeks and Romans as a symbol of happiness. The name marjoram (Old French majorane, Medieval Latin majorana) does not directly derive from the Latin word maior (major).
I kinda hoped to end my topic here and that these small tidbits could help you as much as they did for me. For now this topic is rather incomplete. If you are curious about something feel free to pm me. It is a bit of a mess as it is but there are restrictions to maximum size and writing simple things is not something I am particularly good at.
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