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Tags: Lord of the Rings Quiz, Movie Characters Quiz, Movie Quotes Quiz, gandalf, LOTR, Movie Scenes, Peter Jackson, Rings Fellowship, The Hobbit, Two Towers Top Quizzes Today Twenty Word Hints for Twenty Letter Films 450. The scores use a technique called leitmotif, which is a musical phrase associated with a character, a feeling, an event, etc. May 18, 2020 - Explore Artemis's board "rainmeter" on Pinterest. However it is asking me for a valid CD key to validate the installation. Number of IP addresses: 30, 000.

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The later four double albums, The Lord of the Rings: A Musical Interpretation, v. 1, 2 and 3 (1975–77), and Landscapes of Middle-earth (1978), have been re-released on CD, 2020-06: Move Records MD 3251, 3252, 3253, and 3254. Lord of the rings battle for Middle-earth 1 CD key? related site. There is a cool key FINDER not GENERATOR which finds the key of a product on the cd's files. A patch updating the English edition of LOTR: The Battle for Middle Earth II: Rise of the Witch King to v2.01. Each game was exactly the same for me but mainly because my team just kept running in and getting 2, 3 or 4 vs 1 and getting destroyed.

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Serial key lotR: Battle for Middle-Earth 2 / Der Herr der Ringe: Die

I remember trying Battle for middle earth 2 some years ago and thought it was great. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager.

Battle for middle earth 1 product key?

Lotr Battle For Middle Earth 2 Patch 1.06. Lotr Mod Latest Download. Battle for Middle-Earth 2 v1.06 [MULTI5] No-DVD/Fixed EXE #2; LotR: Battle for Middle-Earth 2 v1.06 [MULTI5] No-DVD/Fixed EXE #1; LotR: Battle for Middle-Earth 2 v1.05 [MULTI5] No-DVD/Fixed EXE. Telegram stickers - Flat color with clean lines, waist up, done in my style as a 512x512 transparent PNG. Enable 2.02 with the patch launcher before uninstalling.

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A shortcut icon for both the patch switcher and League tool will be. The Hot/Mod/AC Artist Info section brings you stories, articles, and news written by our columnist for the Hot/Modern/AC music section. How to Download and Install BFME 1 and BFME 2 for free [simple instructions]. According to ZDNet: "Bahamut's ability to call upon zero-day exploits – software vulnerabilities that are unknown to the. EA has released a new patch for Lord of The Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth 2. This patch fixes the terrible lag introduced by patch It also addresses a crash, a few multiplayer desync issues, as well as modifying the Palantir button order on several units.

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It's best if you avoid using common keywords when searching for Battle For Middle Earth 2 Mac. Lotr bfme 1 patch 1.03 download music. Bahamut is the latest group out to do all kinds of nefarious digital activity, with their mal-this and mal-that all over the place. Music Target: CD/DVD Utilities: System Language Protection CD Cover: PC. LotR: BfME noDVD 1.02 question https://uralligaculture.ru/download/?file=515.

M1 LOTR - Grudges [Music Video]

The mod is very unique and a great step. July 07. Creating/Updating Cases from the Support Portal (Partners) July 07. Sophos Support Portal Registration. Make sure your graphics card driver is up to date. Prem Se Bolo Jai Mata Di. Action Replay Max Evo Ps2 Iso Pal. Lotr 2 patch 1 06 music.

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This is called when the Second Activity finishes. The Battle for Middle-Earth 2 Patch v This is the retail patch for. Generator Serial Number Search Caterpillar. Urban/UAC Cool New Music features the top new hip hop songs, urban adult Top Downloads. There are numerous changes and.

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LotR: Battle for Middle Earth 1 - V1.03 Crack

Register an account on the RotWK 2.02 League site in order to participate in ranked games. DHdR: Die Schlacht um Mittelerde v1.03 +1 TRAINER; LotR: Battle for Middle-Earth v1.02 [MULTI] +2 TRAINER; LotR: Battle for Middle-Earth v1.02 +2 TRAINER; LotR: Battle for Middle-Earth v1.0 +2 TRAINER; DHdR: Die Schlacht um Mittelerde v1.0 AMT CHEAT #2; LotR: Battle for Middle-Earth v1.0 +3 TRAINER; LotR: Battle for Middle-Earth v1.0 +8 TRAINER. Most Recent Downloads. Updates to reflect changes since launch. Freetransporter 4 full movie english version full hdminecraft hexit server cracked erstellen englischr studio crack key downloadsroller coaster tycoon 2 free.

Playlist for LOTR Movie music concert, 7/28/20, 9pm server

Videos; Latest chevron_right. Battle For Middle Earth 1, HELP!! ! (Zoom out/camera more info. Rusmin Nuryadin: KUMPULAN SERIAL NUMBER navigate here. Crack Ligandscout 3.12 Serial Number Roxette Greatest Hits Rar. Pineal Gland Decalcifier, Powerful Nootropic, Supports Pineal Function, Melatonin Regulation, Dream Activation, (Handcrafted in small batches) the perfect blend of mushrooms and herbs made from scratch!

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It's pre-pre-Christmas season, and ThePrinceofWands writes "OMG! Roh Playlist for LOTR Movie music concert, 7/28/20, 9pm server time, Bird and Baby - Songbook Of Laurelin. Messaging app with speed and security enhancements. Activation Consultant Because Freaking Awesome Is Not An Official Job Title 6x9 Unlined 120 pages writing notebooks for Women and girls. North Kingdom Map Pack.

Activity code the Secret Teachings in the Lord of the Rings

Jun 07, 2020 After the game is installed, you should install patch 1.06 and then BT2DC. Be first to add a comment with your free full download links to rapidshare, megaupload, netload, hotfile, easyshare, depositfiles, 4shared, mediafire or ddl, Release. Players will find that this new battle between good and evil takes place on a much grander scale with six different factions combining to against the forces of Mordor. This release updates the Tolkien-inspired RTS sequel to version. Lotr Battle For Middle Earth 2 Patch 1.07 source.

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1 Trainer 1.06 on Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 13%
2 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 78%
3 Lord Of The Rings Battle For Middle Earth 2 Cd Key Fixer 89%
4 Forum thread: LOTR vs Game of Thrones 19%
5 Serial Number Download - Smart Serials 11%

[Table] IAmA: We are Martin, Iain, and Lauren of CHVRCHES, ask us anything!

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Date: 2014-04-02
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Questions Answers
Will your next album title be inspired by Yeezus and be called "CHEEZUS"? Puhleeeze. "CHEEZVS" Iain.
What are you looking forward to most about playing at Coachella? Can't wait to see you there! MD: OUTKAST
Martin, what is under your hat? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?!??! MD: money of course :)
Do you guys listen to Death Grips? MD: yeah. i saw them in a 100 cap room in glasgow a couple of years ago. it was INSANE.
I discovered you through the Game of Thrones cover you guys put together. Brilliant stuff. Did anyone from the show ever reach out to you? MD: thanks. no chat from the people on the show tho. sadness.
My question is about Coachella, I know the festival means a lot to people, but what does it mean to each of you? Have you been before? Random side question, have you guys heard [Eric Prydz's remix of Tether] (Link to www.youtube.com Thoughts? (Edit: Better link added courtesy of viddy) I will answer your random side question! I was really surprised by that, I had no idea he had done anything with the track. I saw the video of his performance from Ultra in Miami and it kinda blew my mind a bit. It's very flattering to hear our music used in that way. Iain.
Just wanted to say I am a big fan of urs and "The mother we share" has been my favourite song ever since Ive heard it. Two quick questions though. Which song was the most interesting to record? The Mother We Share probably. That song went through so many different incarnations before we settled at the one you know. Maybe one day I will compile a soundcloud link with all of the different versions of that song spliced together. Could be interesting to some people I guess!
Hey guys, y'all have become quite a regular fixture in my girlfriend and I's apartment. We're driving 6 hours to specifically see you guys in Dallas for edgefest in a few weeks. My question is what are the chances I can get our vinyl signed by you when we go? If I hooked this up I'd totally get laid. Also, is there any animosity from MS MR for making "Hurricane" better? MD: ha. if we are around will be more than happy to sign ur vinyl. also, we love MS MR.
Hey everyone, huge fan! First off, Lauren I just want to say how great your post was in September regarding sexism not only in popular music, but in society as a whole. Our rape culture needs to be addressed and it's refreshing to see someone who has the power to bring it to light do so, thank you. Now my question, I'm really looking forward to your set at Bonnaroo in June but I'm not sure what time you guys play on Friday and am worried you might conflict with someone else. Do you know what time your set will be yet? LM: Thanks, Neader - glad you enjoyed the article. I guess it's important for people to talk about things and make people feel less marginalized for not wanting to abide by the current societal norms... We are confirming set times etc soon and will post online once we have it all sorted :)
Will Martin finally have a chance to visit Canada's Wonderland when you come to Toronto in June? Roller coasters or spinning rides? MD: it is my number 1 priority (apart from the gig. ha.)
Do you guys make your own vocal samples like for Mother We Share and where do all your synth patches/samples come from? We do all of our own vocal samples. We also come up with all of our own patches. It's such a big part of the fun for me! LM: The samples are my vocals which we recorded in our studio at home, yup. We make all our own samples rather than taking them from elsewhere. Laurie Anderson is a bit influence in that regard.
Love you guys. Has anyone ever REALLY butchered the pronounciation of your band's name due to the "V"? (Like "Cuh-vurtches"?) LM: Some fans we met in Norway had real trouble with it but we don't mind. It's just a name, innit.
For Everyone: Who is your favourite Game of Thrones character? MD: DAENERYS.
How do you decide what songs to cover? Usually it's something that we love and fancy giving it a go in our own style. There's no rhyme or reason for it. It's a lot of fun doing that stuff though. Iain.
My question is for Iain, how do you pronounce your name and do you have any powers? Can you heal a deer if it is injured? It's just like Ian but with an extra I. I think it's a scottish thing. My powers are mainly levitating and time travel. Iain.
Favourite album of 2014? Mine is St Vincent. Warpaint Iain.
LM: That record is sooo good. I also liked the Angel Olsen LP a lot.
of all, you are a absolutely brilliant performers, but more than that, you somehow managed to start your own record company while touring around the world. 2: Is there anything about the artist-record company dynamic you hope to change with Goodbye records? LM: Goodbye was something that was technically in the black and white print of all our record contracts, and the logo is on the back of all our existing records although we personally are signed to different labels in different territories. We run it as a singles / EPs record company doing limited releases for artists, between the three of us and our managers. SOAK was our first release and she is amazing, and we are looking into other releases later in the year as we are all massive music FANS, as well as being musicians ourselves. Anything which can put a bit of heart back into the label culture is a good thing in my book.
Were there any problems that arose from having such success so quickly? We try hard not to get involved in that mindset and just focus on doing the best job we can on a day to day basis. If we stopped to think about everything we have done and still had to do...we would probably go a bit mental! Iain.
Was chvrches the first name you came up with? If not, what were the other names? LM: The name was just picked from a massive list of potential ones we had, and the V reflects the logo designed by our friend Amy Burrows.
Do you find meeting fans awkward or do you enjoy it? MD: not at all. people are generally very nice to us.
It's really nice to meet fans and put faces to the people who listen to our band. I do however find it a bit awkward when people say nice things! Just a bit shy probably. Iain.
Your interviews on local TV and radio stations always sound more Glaswegian than the more international ones. Are your trying to hide your accent when travelling abroad? MD:ha. not intentionally.
LM: I have never noticed this and we don't try to hide our accents, no. We probably just speak more slowly when we are abroad so that people don't have to ask us to repeat ourselves ALL THE TIME :)
Hey Lauren, I read your article on online misogyny, you're such an inspiration and I'm sorry that you had to put up with that shit. Thanks for being so awesome! This question is for all of you. What are your favourite songs from the album? And why? Also what did you have for breakfast? LM: Thank you for being awesome. If everyone does a tiny thing in their day to day life, maybe we can all make a little difference… I had a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast, and my favorite song from the album is By The Throat.
Hi members of Chvrches! I'm a huge fan of your work. The Bones of What You Believe is a FANTASTIC album. Thanks for saying so! Glad you like it. Oohh that's a tough question. I would say it would definitely have to have anchovies in it. And maybe juxtapose the extreme salty savouriness with something sweet like pineapple. Oh wait that sounds disgusting...nevermind. Iain.
My question: If you were a pizza topping, what would you be and why? MD: i would be olives cos they are the best one.
Is the Blue Sky Archives project still ongoing? LM: We aren't writing much or playing at the moment because schedules don't allow but it's definitely still a real thing!
Hey guys, I love your music! "Lies" is probably my favorite song of yours. Do you have any advice for young bands trying to make it? Persistence. And quality control. There's so much music out there, yours has to be the BEST it can be. It has to have something unique too. And Persistence again.
Huge huge fan from India! Any plans on doing a tour here? LM: We'd love to come but no plans at the moment. Any shows will be announced on our site as we get them!
What is the best advice ever given to you? MD: stop smoking weed. start writing tunes again. did both and here i am (we are)
HiYa, Looking forward to your set at Coachella and hopefully Outside Lands. Are you planning anything special for the Coachella shows? Will you be looking forward to wandering the festival yourself? And finally... Celtic or Rangers? MD: cant wait for both of those festivals. i plan to make the most of hangin out at them.
How does the writing process work for you guys as a band? THAT'S TOO MANY QUESTIONS. I will answer one...The writing process is a very collaborative fun one. We tend not to bring any ideas into the studio but instead bounce them off of one another when we are in the same room. It's weird to think something that fun and rewarding is our actual jobs now ;-) Iain.
What music are you currently listening to? LM: We all love curry and mexican food. We start writing songs with a sample or a beat, then write the instrumental version of the song with lyrics going on last. No one ever comes into the studio with a pre-made song. My favorite song to play live is By The Throat. And I am currently listening to Angel Olsen and La Sera. WIN!
What is what is next for Chvrches? Are there more covers in the works? Are there plans to repress the “The Mother We Share” vinyl? LM: 1) No more covers planned at present, just touring and hopefully starting to write again over the summer. 2) BSA are on a wee bit of a break but is definitely something we will all come back to and we send each other email demos and song ideas. It's mainly due to time constraints that we aren't doing anything at the moment. 3) No plan for a repress at the moment.
Aereogramme reunion Iain? Please! Awww I don't think that's on the cards anytime soon! We are prettyyy busy at the moment with Chvrches and everyone is off on their own paths. It would take so much work to get that material ready to play again...IF we all wanted to do it. Nice thought though :) Iain.
Excited for the return of Game of Thrones??? Hell yeah! Iain.
What's the best thing that's happened this tour? MD: we played a place called the barrowlands in glasgow. that place was the biggest deal to me as a kid getting into music.
LM: We played our biggest ever headline show, in Berlin.
How about some production questions ;)? Favourite vst effects or instruments? I hope to see you guys at Osheaga in Montreal this summer! I love the Arturia soft synths, especially the Oberheim SEM one. Also loving the Soundtoys plugins and the UAD platform. Those are all over the record. Iain.
What music are you guys listening to right now? Loving the new Warpaint record. Also the Future Islands album is pretty good, totally growing on me. Iain.
Do a Bowie for us! Independence: aye or naw? Not gonna touch that with a bargepole! I wish musicians would just concentrate on making music...
Hey guys! I've become a big fan rather quickly and can't wait to see your show at bonnaroo! My question is who are you excited about seeing while on the farm at bonnaroo? What set can you not wait to see? Planning anything special for such a big festival? LM: Lauryn Hill, Janelle Monae, Arctic Monkeys.
Were all the synths on the album analog? also, any suggestions for someone looking to buy their first software synth for both live and studio use? They were nearly all analog. We used a couple of plug ins for little bits and bobs to change it up a bit. But even the soft synths on the record are mostly virtual analog.
I love the Korg and Arturia soft synths. You should get a bundle from one of those manufacturers if you can.
Lauren, Martin, and Iain, I love you guys so much! My friend and I play your music all the time on our radio show!! My question is simple: who are your influences? So maannnyy! To name but a few...
Depeche More, Kate Bush, Prince, The Cure, Radiohead, Talking Heads...
Do you still get into fruit in a big way? Link to imgur.com. MD: sure.
One (or maybe all) of you mentioned that you were inspired by the soundtracks of 70s/80s movies. Which ones would you say had the biggest impact on you? Would 'Deep Red' make the list, by any chance? LM: Nightmare on Elmstreet. Terminator. Anything David Lynch directed.
Huge fan here! Can't wait to see you in Salt Lake. My question is, what is currently on repeat in your music library? What have been some of your musical inspirations? LM: Angel Olsen, La Sera and Waxahatchee. Always Cyndi Lauper, Kate Bush and Radiohead.
Have you guys heard and/or maybe been inspired by Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze? Oh god yeah. All that German electronic stuff is a massive influence on me. I think most electronic artists would cite Kraftwerk in particular as a huge influence. Iain.
MD: all of the above!
How often do technical issues arise when playing live? Do you have a backup for every piece of equipment? This last year has been a pretty rigorous excercise in ironing out bugs and developing contingency plans for things messing up. It's kinda like plugging up holes in a leaky boat! But we are so very nearly watertight now I am glad to say. We nearly have a double of everything now including a B system that kicks in if the A drops out for a split second. It's such a great safety net :) Iain.
LM: Technical issues are pretty rare but we have a B rig to try to cover all eventualities...
Is Dana there? MD: dana is not here but she is AWESOME.
MD: also, there is no dana only ZUUL.
Kirk or Picard? Kirk...no question.
How did you decide to pick Wet to open for some of your shows last November? LM: I was sent their demos by Michael Azerrad as I did some writing for The Talkhouse, which is a really cool site if you haven't checked it out already… We just got in touch with them to see if they fancied playing some shows and it was really great to see them live.
So when are you guys coming to Romania? MD: would love to. no plans yet tho...
I really like the way you handle yourselves on stage and the way you interact with the audience. How much do you think about how you present yourselves? Are you just trying to be yourselves, or is there a certain kind of persona you aim for as an artistic part of the experience? LM: I think we want to feel like we are being as genuine as possible on a day to day basis, for our own benefit as well as the audience. Glad you like it.
Hey guys! So excited to see you at Osheaga since I found out you'd be playing my hometown (Toronto) while I was at Governor's Ball in NY and thought I wouldn't get a chance to see you live. I just have two questions: While you're in North America, you're going to try out Taco Bell's new breakfast menu, right? How did you decide to cover the Arctic Monkeys? I loved your version of "Do I Wanna Know?" because it was so different from the original. Are there any other songs you would like to cover that are in a different genre than your own? LM: Sadly I am not a massive fan of taco bell as I don't believe nachos / hard shell tacos should automatically be cheese flavored… Salted corn all the way.
Are you going to release a studio version of your Arctic Monkeys cover? LM: Probably not but I believe you can still hear it on the Like A Version sites.
Your sound is quite electronic sounding, and very reminiscent of acts such as Depeche Mode, New Order, and other 1980's staples. With that being said, you still maintain a modern sound that lets the audience know this music is being made in in the 2010's, not the 1980's. Is there an effort being made to purposely mix new with old, and how would you say you bring a modern light to this vintage palette of sound? I think you hit the nail on the head with regards to what we are trying to achieve with our sound. It's not interesting to us to do something that's purely retro sounding. We like to make music that sounds up to date but has elements of classic electronic pop. We use mainly analog synths which definitely evoke that classic era.
IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! Will you sing me Happy Birthday? You guys are my all time favourite band HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY DEAR VINSANIMOOO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUU Iain x.
MD, i know you're a howard shore fan. will you help get the band on covering some LOTR themes? maybe bridge of khazad dum?? :) or the concerning hobbits theme? MD: i am. maybe not covering lotr. CRASH tho, thats one of my favourite ever scores.
Any film favourites you guys have ? :) I am a huge Kubrick and Lynch fan. The Shining is probably my all time fave Iain.
Martin, how would you like to beaten at FIFA by fans? MD: ha. thats fightin talk. platform?
What is the v for in Chvrches or is it just there to look cool? LM: It's based on the logo.
Hey, saw you guys in Glasgow at Barrowland. Thanks for an awesome show! Total respect and love to all of you for the music you're making. What's your fav. Cure album and why? LM: Disintegration. Total classic.
I'm seeing you guys in two weeks what do you want me to do/ bring to the show to stand out? LM: Take earplugs! Protect your wee ears.
I was wondering if you could share anything about your next album (tone, ideas, anything)? MD: i like the idea of doing more with less elements. ie, bigger sounding but leaner in terms of instrumentation. LM: We haven't started writing anything properly at the moment but we're hopefully going to get back into the studio more over the summer and in the autumn.
Hello guys and Lauren. Big fan from Mexico here, any possibilities you will come to play here? LM: We'd like to! Any new shows will be listed on the site as we get them…
If you could choose any band/artist to cover a song of you, who would you choose and what song would it be? LM: Kate Bush, Bjork or Tegan and Sara.
Which is your favourite Depeche Mode track? Plus I love your album, cheers for the great music! I would say "Enjoy the Silence" Iain.
Iain, if someone wanted to start experimenting with synths, what synth would you recommend them? For a beginner, I would start with something like a Juno 6. It's really easy to program, there are no menus to wade through and it sounds amazing. Also love the Moog Voyager. It's a mono synth so only one note at a time but it's so versatile and exciting to work with. Pretty pricey though for a beginner.
My band is just starting out and we''ve yet to play our first gig. Where in Glasgow should it be? For a first gig? Surely it has to be the legendary Nice n Sleazy Iain.
Fans of boards of Canada? Oh yeah fantastic band. Really digging the 'new' record too.
My girlfriend says she's never seen me dance like I did at your show at the Wiltern in LA. I wish everyone who came to our shows danced like you did at the Wiltern. Iain.
When's the next album! Sometime after we stop touring the first one! Iain.
Martin, I have been a huge fan since The Twilight Sad. Thanks for making awesome music. LM: So psyched for the new album.
Not really a question, but I just wanted to say that I fooled my friend into thinking Scar Tissue by The RHCP was your new song. MD: haha. HOW?
LM: I hate the Red Hot Chilli Peppers so that is really very upsetting. Also, we hardly use any of the same instruments?!
Short music quiz... That's not a quiz! but.
A) pearl jam or nirvana. B) rolling stones or beatles. C) ramones or clash. A) NIRVANA b) tough one...but Beatles c) The Clash.
What's your favorite song you guys produced. I'm a big fan of Recover! Thanks! I am really proud of Night Sky and Science/Visions in particular.
My name is also spelled Iain. I don't have a question, I just wanted to let you know that I'm happy about finding another Iain. MD:JKZ.
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MAME 0.204

MAME 0.204

After a busy four weeks, we’re ready to present the hotly-anticipated MAME 0.204 release. The most exciting stuff this month is definitely on the computer emulation side. We’ve added dozens of working cartridges to the BBC ROM software list, and ROMs required by expansion devices are handled more elegantly. Our HP9000/300 series emulation just keeps getting better: it’s now possible to install and use HP-UX 9, with X11 and the Vue desktop environment on an emulated HP9000/370 with accelerated window drawing and Ethernet networking support. There’s also been some progress on the road to Silicon Graphics workstation emulation. On top of that, we’re seeing preliminary emulation of standalone X Window System terminals.
Thanks to MAME’s modular, device-oriented architecture, improvements for one machine go on to benefit other machines using similar hardware. The Motorola 68k memory management unit improvements that allow HP-UX to run on the HP9000/300 series will also benefit Mac, NeXT and early Sun systems. The same AMD LANCE Ethernet controller is used in HP and Sun workstations, X11 terminals, the Amiga A2065 Zorro card, and numerous applications. This gives us a wealth of test cases, and a virtuous cycle where progress on one system can lead to a breakthrough on another.
With this release, all Tiger game.com games are fully playable. Two more Nintendo Game & Watch titles, Climber and Tropical Fish, have been emulated. XaviX-based TV game emulation continues to progress steadily: numerous e-kara karaoke cartridges have been dumped, preliminary sound output emulation has been implemented (sorry, no microphone support yet, but you can hear the tunes), and more systems have inputs connected.
Graphical effects in the bootleg arcade driving game Blomby Car have been improved, and bad dumps of graphics ROMs for Abnormal Check and the Korean version of Prehistoric Isle have been replaced. As always, you’ll enjoy support for more alternate versions of arcade games (including a version of Pinball Action that shows scores on external LED displays), bug fixes, and general emulation improvements.
You can read a more detailed account of this month’s changes in the whatsnew.txt file, or get the source and Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed

  • 05613: [Graphics] (prehisle.cpp) prehislek: Introductory Text (Korean?) not displayed properly. (Guru)
  • 06474: [Graphics] (segas16b.cpp) goldnaxe: Sprites fall out of sync with scrolling. (hap)
  • 06607: [Sound] (xmen.cpp) xmen and clones: Instruments in the music play at the wrong volume (regression). (hap)
  • 06718: [Crash/Freeze] (mbc55x.cpp) mbc55x: Basic freezes on syntax errors. (AJR)
  • 07046: [Gameplay] (deco32.cpp) dragngun, dragngunj: Screen goes black on third stage and the game stops. (hap)
  • 07149: [Graphics] (docastle.cpp) dowild: The top of the screen flickers on completing level 1. (hap)
  • 07151: [Gameplay] (asteroid.cpp) astdelux and clones: High score shows FFFFFF with initial EAROM contents. (AJR)
  • 07154: [Documentation] (megadriv.cpp) megadriv [ppersia2]: Release year is 1995. (Tafoid)

New working machines

  • Bare Knuckle III (bootleg of Megadrive version) [ShouTime, MetalliC]
  • Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix [Peter Bortas, ClawGrip, The Dumping Union, Recreativas.org]
  • Game & Watch: Climber (new wide screen) [algestam]
  • Game & Watch: Tropical Fish [algestam]

New working clones

  • Centipede (bootleg, set 2) [Joe Magiera, The Dumping Union]
  • Dragon Master (set 2) [coolmod, The Dumping Union]
  • Hacha Mecha Fighter (Location Test Prototype, 19th Sep. 1991) [Michael Moffitt]
  • Klax (Japan, version 4) [Arzeno Fabrice, The Dumping Union]
  • Shin Ib Sa Won - Seok Dol I [gp-lee, Guru]
  • Shinobi (set 5, System 16B) (unprotected) [Brian Troha]
  • Snow Bros. 2 - With New Elves / Otenki Paradise (bootleg, set 2) [xuserv]
  • Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (USA 910522, Rev. H) [Chris Gleed]
  • Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (World 910204, conversion) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • Touchmaster 4000 (v6.02 England) [Porchy, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • U.N. Defense Force: Earth Joker (US / Japan, set 2) [Phil Bennet]
  • X-Men: Children of the Atom (Asia 941219) [Brad Hicks]
  • Xevious 3D/G (World, XV32/VER.A) [pacman70, Asayuki]

Machines promoted to working

  • Abnormal Check [Guru]
  • Alpha One (Vision Electronics) [David Haywood]
  • Qume QVT-102 [Al Kossow, Dirk Best, Robbbert]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

  • Bingo Galaxy (main) [Darksoft]
  • Bingo Galaxy (satellite) [Darksoft]
  • Capitan Uncino (High Video, version 2) [f205v]
  • Come Back [PinMAME]
  • Doko Demo Issho: Toro's Fishing [ShouTime, Dane Biegert, rtw, The Dumping Union]
  • Falco TS-1 (v2.13.0) [bhilpert, Bitsavers]
  • Falco TS-2624 [Al Kossow]
  • MIPS RC3230 [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • MIPS RS3230 [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • Model 931 Video Display Terminal [Al Kossow]
  • Network Computing Devices NCD Explora Pro XQ [R. Belmont, Lord Nightmare]
  • Network Computing Devices NCD HMX PRO [R. Belmont, Al Kossow]
  • Network Computing Devices NCD-17C [R. Belmont, Al Kossow]
  • Network Computing Devices NCD-19 [R. Belmont, Al Kossow]
  • SGI 4D/410 [Ryan Holtz, NekoChan]
  • SGI Crimson (R4000, 100MHz, Ver. 4.0.3) [Ryan Holtz, NekoChan]
  • SGI O2 (version 4.18) [Ryan Holtz, NekoChan]
  • SGI Octane (Version 6.5 Rev 4.9 05/22/03) [Ryan Holtz, NekoChan]
  • Skate Board (Inder) [PinMAME]
  • Sport 2000 [PinMAME]
  • Top T. Cash [f205v]
  • unknown Elsy game [f205v]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

  • Arizona 10 (v1.1) [f205v]
  • Dirt Devils (Germany?) [Ordyne]
  • Falco 5220s [Al Kossow]
  • Fighting Vipers 2 [coolmod, The Dumping Union]
  • Klax (version 5, bootleg set 2) [PaTrYcK]
  • Magic Colors (ver. 1.6) [f205v]
  • ConnecTV Table Tennis (PAL) [David Haywood]
  • Sega Rally 2 (prototype, 8 Dec 1997) [Ordyne]
  • Sega Rally 2 (prototype, 29 Dec 1997) [Ordyne]
  • Smashing Drive (Spain, Portugal) [ClawGrip, Gines Vivanco, Undergamers, Recreativas.org]
  • Smashing Drive (World) [ClawGrip, MetalliC]
  • Sperry Univac UTS-10 [Robbbert]
  • Star Wars Trilogy Arcade (location test, 16.09.98) [coolmod, The Dumping Union]
  • The Lost World (older) [Ordyne]
  • Virtual On 2: Oratorio Tangram [coolmod, The Dumping Union]

New working software list additions

  • bbc_rom: ADE 1.00, ADE 1.9Z, ADE 2.01, ADE 2.02, ADE+, ADFS Utilities, AID, AIDS II Utility ROM, AIDS Utility ROM, AMS Disc Utility, AMX MAX Desktop, AMX Mouse Support 2.10, AMX Mouse Support 2.11, AMX Pagemaker 1.0, AMX Pagemaker Plus 1.3, AMX Pagemaker Plus 1.7, AMX Stop Press 1.9, AMX Super Rom 3.31, AMX Super Rom 3.41, AMX Super Rom 3.61, AMX Super Rom M3.61, ARTS Communication ROM, ASM 1.1, ASM 2.2, ATS 2.58, ATS 2.59 (Morley), ATS 3.0, ATS 3.1, Acorn ADFS 1.30, Acorn ANFS 4.08, Acorn ANFS 4.18, Acorn ANFS 4.21, Acorn ANFS 4.24, Acorn ANFS 4.25, Acorn DFS 0.90, Acorn DFS 0.98, Acorn DFS 2.10, Acorn DFS 2.20, Acorn DFS 2.22, Acorn DFS 2.23, Acorn DFS 2.25, Acorn DFS 2.26, Acorn DNFS 1.00, Acorn DNFS 1.20, Acorn NFS 3.34, Acorn NFS 3.60, AddComm 1.00, AddComm 1.10, AddComm 1.20, AddComm 1.30, Advanced 1770 DFS 1.00 (Master), Advanced 1770 DFS 1.04 (Master), Advanced 1770 DFS 1.08 (B), Advanced 1770 DFS 1.08 (Master), Advanced BASIC, Advanced Control Panel 1.00, Advanced Control Panel 1.02, Advanced Control Panel 1.03, Advanced Control Panel 1.04, Advanced Control Panel 3.01, Advanced DFS 1770 2.00 (B), Advanced Disc Investigator 1.00 S/N:43700, Advanced Disc Investigator 1.10 S/N:43543, Advanced Disc Investigator 1.20 S/N:43950, Advanced Disc Investigator 1.20 S/N:43970, Advanced Disc Investigator 1.22 S/N:44712, Advanced Disc Investigator 2.00 S/N:43690, Advanced Disc Toolkit 1.20, Advanced Disc Toolkit 1.40, Advanced Disc Toolkit 1.50, Advanced Disc Toolkit 1.60, Advanced Disc Toolkit 1.72, Advanced Disc Toolkit 1.73, Advanced Disc Toolkit 1.74, Advanced Disc Toolkit 1.75, Advanced Disc Toolkit 1.76, Advanced Disc Toolkit 1.77 [cracked], Advanced Disc Toolkit 1.78, Advanced Disc Toolkit 2.00, Advanced File Manager 1.06, Advanced File Manager 1.07, Advanced File Manager 1.09, Advanced ROM Manager 1.00, Advanced ROM Manager 1.10, Advanced ROM Manager 1.12, Advanced ROM Manager 1.13, Amcom DFS S/N:00000, Amcom DFS S/N:A4534, Amcom DFS S/N:A4554, Amcom DFS S/N:A7259, Amcom DFS S/N:A7874, Amcom DFS S/N:B4084, Amcom DFS S/N:B4088, Amcom DFS S/N:B4218, Amcom E-Net 4.55, Amcom E-Net 5.17, Amcom E-Net Client 6.23M, Arabic ROM, Artist, BASIC (1981), BASIC Extensions, BASIC2 (1982), BCPL, BROM 1.06, BROM 1.12, BROM 1.14, BROM Plus, BS-DOS 2.19, BS-DOS 2.22, BeeBASE-1 1.06, BeeBASE-1 1.07, Beeb ROM, BeebAid, BeebFont, BeebFont [alt], BeebMan, BeebMon, BeebPen 1.1, BeebPen 1.22, Beebtel 2.00, Beebtel 2.10, Beebug C 1.4, Beebug C 1.5, Bitstik ROM 2.0, Bitstik Service ROM 1.0, Buffer & Backup ROM, C.U.C. DOS 1.00, COMAL, CP-ROM 1.01, CP-ROM 2.00, Castle Quest (ROM Version), Centurion 1.03, Centurion 1.05, Chauffeur, Colour Screenprint 1.30s, CommPanion, CommSoft, Command 1.00, Command 1.01, Command 1.04, Command Master 3.11, Commstar 1008, Commstar 1051, Commstar 3033, Commstar 6290, Commstar 6397, Commstar 6973, Commstar 7537, Commstar 8179, Commstar 882A 1.40, Commstar 9057, Commstar II 2.22, Commstar II 2.31, Commstar II 2.40, Commstar R032, Communicator 1.05, Crossware 65C02XR, Crossware 68000XR, Crossware Z80XR, D-Master, DIS-ASM, DMON A1.08, DMON A1.14, DTT Version 7, Data Scribe 1.01, Data Scribe 1.20, Data Scribe 1.31, DataBeeb, DataStag 1.0, Database 1.00, Database 1.20, DesROM, Diagram, Diary / Planner, Digital Drawings DD/B834, Digitiser 1.00, Digitiser 1.00 [alt], Disc Servant, Disc-Aid, DotPrint-Plus, DoubleView, Dumpmaster II 1.00, Dumpmaster II 2.00, Dumpmaster II 2.15, Dumpout 0.5c, Dumpout 0.5d, Dumpout 3.0m, Dumpout 3.0p, Dumpout 3.2g, Dumpout 3.2j, Dumpout 3.30, EXMON 1.0a, EXMON 1.1a, EXMON II 1.00, EXMON II 1.03, EXMON II 2.01, EXMON II 2.02, EXROM: The Extension ROM, Easy Talk 1.01, Easy Talk 2.00, Edword 1.02, Edword 1.02E, Edword 2.00E, Enigma Disc Imager 0.04, Enigma Disc Imager 1.05, Enigma Disc Imager 1.06, Enigma Disc Imager 1.07, Enigma Disc Imager 1.08, Envelopes ROM, Epson Dump ROM, Epson NLQ, Everest, Extras, FORTH 1.03, Fanfare 1.40, File-Plus, First Aid 1.1, Floppy Copy 1.2, Floppy-Wise 2.1, Floppy-Wise 2.3, Floppy-Wise MASTER 2.2, Floppy-Wise PLUS 1.7, Floppy-Wise PLUS 1.8, Floppy-Wise PLUS 1.9, Floppy-Wise PLUS 1.C, Floppy-Wise PLUS 1.D, FontAid 1.01, FontAid 1.10, Forth 79, G:Forth 0.95, G:Forth 2.30, GINN Language Chip, GXR 0.37 (B), GXR Model B, GXR Model B+, Giant Text ROM, GrafPad 2, Graphics Terminal 2.01, Help 1.0, Help 1.01, Help II, Helping Hand 1.29, Helping Hand 1.36, HyperDriver 1.00, HyperDriver 1.10, ISO-Pascal 1.00, ISO-Pascal 1.10, Ice-Box, Ice-Box [alt2], Ice-Box [alt3], Ice-Box [alt], Icon Master 1.00, Index Utility 2.05b, Index Utility 3.00, Index Utility 3.03a, JWB Forth 2.0, JWB Forth 2.4, JWB Forth 2.5, Kermit 1.02, Kermit 1.30, Kermit 1.33, Kermit 1.45, Kmon, LISP 1.00, LISP 2.00, LISP 4.06, LISP 5.00, LOGO, LOGO (Logotron), LOGO 1.00 (Catsoft), LOGO 1.20 (Catsoft), LVL Dos 0.91, Le Modem 1.00, Le Modem 1.04, Linemaster, Logo-Forth, MACH 1 1.00, MACH 1 1.01, MASS, MASTERcopy, MOS Plus 1.14, MOS Plus 1.15, MUROM 1.00, MUROM 1.01, MUROM 1.10, MUROM 1.2, Master Emulation ROM 1.00, Master Emulation ROM 2.01, Master Emulation ROM 2.02, Master ROM 1.01, Master ROM 1.03, MedMon-B, Mega-ROM 1.00, Mega-ROM 1.01, Menu ROM 1.00, Menu ROM 1.20, Merlin, Meta Assembler 2.13R, Meta Assembler 2.13R [alt], Meta Assembler 3.40A, Micro Prolog, Micro-C 1.0, Micronet 1.30, Micronet 1.40, Micronet 2000, Microtext 3.3D, Microtext Plus 3.54, Microtext Plus 3.55R, Microware DDFS 0.90, Monitor 0.01, Monitor 1.60, Monitor v2.01, Mouse Pac Driver, Movie Maker 1.0, Movie Maker 1.1, Multi-FORTH 83, Multi-FORTH 83 [alt], Multi-Font NLQ, MultiFont, NLQ Designer 1.2, NLQ Designer 1.3, NTQ Font Extension ROM 1, NTQ Font Extension ROM 1 [alt], NovaCAD 1.06, NovaCAD 2.0N, NovaCAD 3.3K, Numerator 1.00, Oak Mentor, Opus DDOS 3.00, Opus DDOS 3.05, Opus DDOS 3.12, Opus DDOS 3.15, Opus DDOS 3.16, Opus DDOS 3.35, Opus DDOS 3.36, Opus DDOS 3.45, Opus DDOS 3.46, Opus EDOS 0.4, Overlay BASIC, Oxford Pascal 1.1, Oxford Pascal 2.0, Oxford Pascal 2.1, PCB 1.01, PCB 1.03, PCB 1.07, PCB 3.02, PCB 4.02, PCB 4.03, PCB Auto-Routing 1.03, PCB Auto-Routing 1.04, PHX 1.00, PHX 2.00, PMS Multi-Font NTQ 1.0, PMS Multi-Font NTQ 1.3, PMS Multi-Font NTQ 1.4, Pascal-T, Pen-Friend 1.20, Pen-Friend 1.24, PenDown 1.13, Pointer, PowerFont NTQ, Prestel Terminal, PrintBox 1.22, Printer Controller, Printer Server 1.00, Printer Server 1.11, ProWord 1.2, ProWord 1.3, Probe 4.02, Probe 4.05, ProgramSmith 0.80, QFS 1.02, QFS 2.00, Quest 2.1A, ROM Manager 1.00, ROM Manager 1.10, ROM Manager 2, ROM Master, ROM-Spell 1.00, ROM-Spell 1.02, ROM-Utils 1.70, ROMAS 3.00, ROMAS 3.02, Ramrod 1.82, Ramrod 4.00c, Romit 0.9, Romit 1.01, Romit 1.02, SPY 1.00, SPY 1.11, SPY 2.01, SPY 2.10, SPY 2.12, Screen Dump ROM 1.01, Screen Dump ROM 2.01, Screenprint 0.20, Screenprint 1.00, Scribe 1.10, Scribe 1.30, ScribeChec 1.10, Scythe, SecurIt, Slave 0.01, Slave 1.04, Slave 1.34, Sleuth 1.00, Sleuth 1.05, Sleuth 1.05a, Sleuth 1.06, Softlife EPS Software Mk2, Softlife Keypad Software, Solidisk ADFS 2.1D Issue 2, Solidisk ADFS 2.1M, Solidisk ADFS 2.1M Issue 2, Solidisk ADFS 20/2 Issue 2, Solidisk DFS 2.00 (8271/1770), Solidisk DFS 2.1M Issue 2, Solidisk DFS 2.2D, Solidisk DFS 2.2J Issue 2, Solidisk DFS 2.2M Issue 2, Source Library Manager, Spark Dump, Speech!, SpellCheck II, SpellCheck III, StarBASE 2.00, StarBASE 2.00 (CUC), StarBASE 2.10, StarGraph 2.01, StarMon 1.20b, StarStick 1.41, StarStick 2.23, StarStick 2.24, StarStore II, StarWord 1.01, SuperFont, Supervisor, System Delta, TUBE Editor, Tape to Disc 'TD' ROM (1770), Tape to Disc 'TD' ROM (8271), Teletext 1.04A, Teletext RTFROM, Teletext Support ROM, Termulator, Text Library Manager, The BASIC Editor 1.32, Toolkit 1.01 (Algotek), Toolkit 1.10, Toolkit 1.20, Toolkit 1.21, Toolkit 1.22, Toolkit 1.23, Toolkit 1.25b, Toolkit Plus 2.00, Toolkit Plus 2.02, Toolkit Plus 2.04, Toolkit Plus 2.05, Toolstar 1.77 1262, Toolstar 1.77 1511, Trackerball 0.01, TransfeROM (SD) 0.95, TransfeROM (SD) 0.96, TransfeROM (SD) 1.10, U-Tools, U-Tools Demonstration, UDM DDFS 2.00, UROM 1.2, UROM 1.3, UVIPROM 1.1, UVIPROM 1E1, UVIPROM 2.1, Ultracalc, Ultracalc 2, Upgrade 2.2C, Upgrade 3.00, UserDUMP, UserROM, VASM 2.0C, VASM 2.0E, Viditel, View A2.1, View A3.0, View B3.0, View D2.1, View Professional 1.0, View Professional 2.0, ViewShape, ViewSheet A0.7, ViewSheet B1.0, ViewSpell 1.0, ViewSpell 1.1, ViewStore 0.5, ViewStore 1.0, ViewStore 1.1, ViewStore 1.2, ViewStore 1.5, WYSIWYG Plus, Watford Electronics DDFS 1.40, Watford Electronics DDFS 1.50, Watford Electronics DDFS 1.53, Watford Electronics DDFS 1.54T, Watford Electronics DDFS+ 0.91, Watford Electronics DFS 1.00, Watford Electronics DFS 1.10, Watford Electronics DFS 1.20, Watford Electronics DFS 1.30, Watford Electronics DFS 1.41, Watford Electronics DFS 1.42, Watford Electronics DFS 1.43, Watford Electronics DFS 1.44, Watford PRINT-ROM 0.1C, Watford PRINT-ROM 0.1E, Watford SFS 0.90, Watford SFS 0.92, Window 1025, Window 1045, Wizard Joystick Utility 1.12, Word Power, Word-Aid, WordEase, Workstation 1.4, XTend [Nigel Barnes]
  • electron_cass: Ewgeebez [AJR]
  • gbcolor: Pocket GT (Eur, Prototype?) [VampierMSX, Porchy, The Dumping Union]
  • megadriv: Battle Mania Daiginjou (Jpn, Prototype, 19910528), Centurion - Defender of Rome (Euro, Prototype, 19910528) [ArcadeShadow]
  • uzebox: Wuergertime (Demo), Wuergertime with Music (Demo) [ArcadeShadow]

Software list items promoted to working

  • gamecom: The Lost World - Jurassic Park [Robbbert]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

  • bbc_rom: ADDER, AMX Design, Advanced BASIC Editor, EPROM 1.04, EPROM 1.08, Epromer II, Inter-Word 1.O2, MASTERboard, Micron EPROM Programmer 1.4a, Micron Plus EPROM Programmer 1.30, Micron Plus EPROM Programmer 1.40, Prestel 1.1, Prestel 4.7n, Prestel 4.8n, Printer Buffer 1.00, Printer Buffer 2.10, Pro-Performer 2.1, Pro-Performer 2.2, Replay System 8271 1.00, Replay System 8271 1.10, Replay System WD1770 1.01, Replay System WD1770A 1.17, STL Clock & Desk, SideAid128, SideAid256, Solidisk ADFS 2.1S, Solidisk DDFS 1.5, Solidisk DDFS 1.9, Solidisk DFS 2.0J (8271/1770), Solidisk DFS 2.0L (8271/1770), Solidisk DFS 2.0m (8271/1770), Solidisk DFS 2.1 (8271/1770), Solidisk DFS 2.1A (1770), Solidisk DFS 2.1J Issue 1, Solidisk DFS 2.1J Issue 2, Solidisk DFS 2.2N Issue 2, TED 1.11, Tic-Toc RTC [Nigel Barnes]
  • ekara:
    • 1979-81 Volume 1 (Japan) (EC0008-G79), Artist Selection Volume 1 (unknown) (Japan) (EC0014-ATS), Artist Selection Volume 5 (Matsuda Seiko) (Japan) (EC0035-ATS), Artist Selection Volume 8 (unknown) (Japan) (EC0041-ATS), BHT Volume 3 (Japan) (GC0006-BHT), HWK (Japan) (SC0010-HKW), J-Pop Mix Volume 2 (Japan) (EC0002-JPM), J-Pop Mix Volume 11 (Japan) (EC0023-JPM), J-Pop Mix Volume 13 (Japan) (EC0025-JPM), J-Pop Mix Volume 33 (Japan) (EC0068-JPM), J-Pop Mix Volume 34 (Japan) (EC0070-JPM), J-Pop Mix Volume 36 (Japan) (EC0072-JPM), J-Pop Mix Volume 39 (Japan) (EC0076-JPM), Mini Volume 1 (Japan) (MC0001-ATM), SAI Volume 1 (Japan) (SC0005-SAI), SAI Volume 2 (Japan) (SC0006-SAI), SAI Volume 3 (Japan) (SC0009-SAI), SAI Volume 6 (Japan) (SC0019-SAI), SAI Volume 7 (Japan) (SC0021-SAI), SAI Volume 8 (Japan) (SC0022-SAI), e-kara US Volume 3 (US-E003), e-kara US Volume 8 'No Boys Allowed' (US-E008), e-kara US Volume 9 'No Boys Allowed' (US-E009), e-kara Web cartridge 28M (Japan) [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip, Peter Wilhelmsen]
    • Artist Selection Volume 2 (unknown) (Japan) (EC0015-ATS), Artist Selection Volume 3 (Dreams Come True) (Japan) (EC0029-ATS), Artist Selection Volume 4 (unknown) (Japan) (EC0031-ATS), Artist Selection Volume 6 (KinKi Kids) (Japan) (EC0036-ATS), Artist Selection Volume 9 (Every Little Thing) (Japan) (EC0044-ATS), Artist Selection Volume 10 (Mr. Children) (Japan) (EC0045-ATS), Artist Selection Volume 12 (Judy and Mary) (Japan) (EC0049-ATS), BHT Volume 1 (Japan) (GC0002-BHT), ENK Volume 1 (Japan) (EC0006-ENK), ENK Volume 6 (Japan) (EC0048-ENK), J-Pop Mix Volume 3 (Japan) (EC0003-JPM), J-Pop Mix Volume 7 (Japan) (EC0012-JPM), J-Pop Mix Volume 8 (Japan) (EC0013-JPM), J-Pop Mix Volume 10 (Japan) (EC0022-JPM), J-Pop Mix Volume 14 (Japan) (EC0026-JPM), J-Pop Mix Volume 15 (Japan) (EC0027-JPM), J-Pop Mix Volume 19 (Japan) (EC0042-JPM), J-Pop Mix Volume 23 (Japan) (EC0054-JPM), Kid's Mix Volume 1 (Japan) (EC0010-KID), Kid's Mix Volume 3 (Japan) (EC0034-KID), e-kara Germany 5-Songs Starter (GER-M001), e-kara UK / Europe Volume 1 (UK-E001), e-kara UK / Europe Volume 2 (UK-E002), e-kara UK / Europe Volume 3 (UK-E003), e-kara UK / Europe Volume 6 (UK-E006), e-kara UK / Europe Volume 7 (UK-E007), e-kara US Volume 4 (US-E004), e-kara US Volume 5 (US-E005), e-kara US Volume 6 (US-E006), e-kara US Volume 7 (US-E007) [TeamEurope]
  • electron_flop: E2P Hi-Basic, E2P Operating System (Disk) [Nigel Barnes]

Source Changes

  • v25: Added address space for internal data area and SFRs. [AJR]
  • i8088: Mask I/O addresses to five bits. [AJR]
  • mbc55x additions and refinements: [AJR]
    • Corrected all clocks, and derived them from the master crystal.
    • Corrected I/O address decoding.
    • Connected speaker output to 8251 USART.
    • Add ISA expansion slot, Centronics printer port, and RS-232 “line” port.
    • Added backspace key to HLE keyboard and noted undumped microcontroller.
  • i8251: Implemented send break command. [AJR]
  • z80dart: Don’t reset the receiver whenever WR5 changes. [AJR]
  • z80ctc: Added support for a fixed-rate clock input to be configured for each channel. [AJR]
    • Improves performance by reducing the need to drive the CLK/TRG inputs with high-frequency synchronizing timers.
  • i386: Signal a privilege change to the debugger when protected mode is enabled or disabled, or CS descriptor flags change. [AJR]
  • dsk_dsk.cpp: Fixed an issue where the deleted and bad CRC flags were being used uninitialized. [AmatCoder]
  • tecmo.cpp: Reduced duplicated code and runtime tag map lookups, and replaced initialisation functions with derived memory maps. [cam900]
  • serflash.cpp: Added support for page size configuration, and fixed block erase command and read/write past last page. [cam900]
  • c6280.cpp: Fixed LFO scale bit. [cam900]
  • gottlieb.cpp: Cleaned up code. [cam900]
  • hotblock.cpp: Confirmed crystal values, cleaned up video code, and deferred video RAM allocation to start time. [cam900]
  • fantland.cpp cleanup: [cam900]
    • Moved machines with ADPCM sound to a derived state class.
    • Reduced runtime tag map lookups, ACCESSING_BITS macros, and code duplication.
    • Improved function names and cleaned up code.
  • namcos2.cpp: Fixed C123 video RAM mirroring (fixes metlhawk intermission). [cam900]
  • gp9001.cpp: Restricted tilemap drawing to clipping rectangle, improved member names, and reduced redundant code. [cam900]
  • toaplan2.cpp: Improved member naming and removed unnecessary use of register_postload. [cam900]
  • c117.cpp: Eliminated MCFG macros. [cam900]
  • stadhero.cpp: Cleand up code, removed some MCFG macros, improved naming, and added a note. [cam900]
  • namco_c123tmap.cpp: Added support for offsets, half-height tilemaps, and eight-bit I/O (for using in namcos1.cpp). [cam900]
  • namcos1.cpp updates: [cam900]
    • Converted C123 tilemap emulation to use device.
    • Corrected some device types, crystal values and YM2151 clock frequencies.
    • Improved region names, reduced MCFG macro use, redundant code, and code duplication.
  • deco16ic.cpp: Allow graphics decode device to be configured using tag-like objects. [cam900]
  • wrally.cpp cleanup: [cam900]
    • Reduced runtime tag map lookups and use of ACCESSING_BITS macros.
    • Cleaned up graphics decode description and reduced code duplication.
  • deco32.cpp cleanup: [cam900]
    • Eliminated VIDEO_START_MEMBER, and improved member names and formatting, and cleaned up code.
    • Simplified and reduced duplication in graphics decode descriptions.
  • thoop2.cpp: Reduced runtime tag map lookups, simplified graphics decode description, and reduced code duplication. [cam900]
  • gaelco.cpp cleanup: [cam900]
    • Reduced runtime tag map lookups, and improved member names.
    • Cleaned up graphics decode descriptions and ROM loading.
  • backfire.cpp updates: [cam900]
    • Simplified graphics decode, description, and reduced duplicated and unused code.
    • Deferred scroll RAM allocation until start time.
    • Added release regions to descriptions, and added notes.
  • alpha68k.cpp: Added note about unemulated video effect. [cam900]
  • imagetek_i4100: Implemented device_gfx_interface, eliminated MCFG macros, and cleaned up sprite drawing code. [cam900]
  • hyprduel.cpp: Reduced use of ACCESSING_BITS macros. [cam900]
  • metro.cpp updates: [cam900]
    • Fixed sprite lag for blzntrnd and gstrk2, and adjusted gstrik2 sound balance.
    • Improved member names, reduced use of ACCESSING_BITS and MCFG macros, reduced code duplication, and cleaned up code.
    • Corrected title for karatourj.
  • blmbycar.cpp updates: [cam900]
    • Reduced runtime tag map lookups, use of ACCESSING_BITS macros, and code duplication.
    • Changed sound output to mono.
    • Added versions to descriptions.
  • lordgun.cpp: Corrected aliencha YMF278B clock, reduced duplication, simplified code, and improved member names. [cam900]
  • bmcpokr.cpp: Cleaned up code to better adhere to current best practices, and changed sound output to mono. [cam900]
  • dec0.cpp: Converted sprite RAM to buffered_spriteram16_device, cleaned up graphics decode description, and improved member names. [cam900]
  • karnov.cpp: Converted background drawing to use tilemap system, simplified graphics decoding, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
  • taito_o.cpp: Improved sound balance. [cam900]
  • igs011.cpp: Simplified palette handling and graphics ROM access. [cam900]
  • f1gp.cpp cleanup: [cam900]
    • Split f1gp2 into a derived state class, cleaned up code, reduced duplication, and improved member names.
    • Simplified graphics decode description.
    • Changed f1gpb sound output to mono.
  • st0020.cpp: Added object finder for ROM region, reduced code duplication, and simplified tilemap mapping. [cam900]
  • cave.cpp: Reduced use of ACCESSING_BITS and MCFG macros, improved member names, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
  • drgnmst.cpp: Fixed 8×8 tile banking. [cam900]
  • nmk112.cpp: Eliminated MCFG macros, and simplified write handler signatures. [cam900]
  • segas32.cpp: Reduce use of ACCESSING_BITS macros and code duplication, and improve member names. [cam900]
  • XaviX updates: [David Haywood]
    • Don’t set I²C memory page size (works around hanging in Namco/Taito Nostalgia games).
    • Align palette base to natural boundary in modes with more than four bits per pixel.
    • Moved e-kara cartridges to a software list.
    • Added a crude timer implementation (frequency is fixed).
    • Added preliminary wheel input for rad_mtrk, and ball input for rad_fb/rad_madf.
    • Fixed opcode access in upper banks.
    • Improved inputs for ekara and rad_rh.
    • Fixed rad_rh tile addressing.
    • Added preliminary sound emulation.
    • Improved CPU emulation, improving ttv_mx road, showing graphics in ttv_sw, and playing music on ttv_lotr title screen.
    • Improved sprite positioning.
    • Improved Monster Truck tile flipping and rendering in inline header mode.
    • Added a hack go allow epo_efdx to read its EEPROM and display a title screen.
  • supbtime.cpp: Restored one-pixel tilemap offset for tumblep and chinatwn. [David Haywood]
  • m52.cpp: Moved alpha1v to a separate derived state class, fixed graphical issues, and promoted to working. [David Haywood]
    • Also removed kludges in mpatrol palette handling that were originally used to save memory.
  • pbaction.cpp: Hooked up numeric LED displays for pbactiont. [David Haywood]
    • Emulation of communication with display controller CPU is incomplete.
  • asuka.cpp updates: [David Haywood]
    • Marked earthjkr ROM as a bad dump and applied a patch based on earthjkrp (fixes row scroll on final stage).
    • Reduced sound levels to avoid clipping.
  • ppu2c0x_vt.cpp: Allow palette to be set before mode is selected (fixes Konami logo display in ddrdismx). [David Haywood]
  • wrally.cpp, blmbycar.cpp: Converted sprite drawing to device and fixed shadow/highlight effects in blmbycar. [David Haywood]
  • qvt102.cpp: Hooked up devices, re-wrote video emulation implementing all video attributes, and added NVRAM. [Dirk Best, Robbbert]
  • amiga: Added support for Commodore A2065 Ethernet card. [Dirk Best]
  • hp9825.cpp: added internal expansion ROMs for hp9825b. [F.Ulivi]
  • luaengine: Fixed item:read_block(offset, count) so it applies the offset. [feos]
    • Also added description comment for emu.item().
  • bbc updates: [Nigel Barnes]
    • Allocate ROMs required by expansion devices to empty slots on start.
    • Removed all root device access from expansion devices.
    • Added configuration option to fit Econet upgrade.
    • Added OS 0.92 as BIOS option for bbca and bbcb.
    • Added Opus Challenger ADFS 1MHz bus device (Master only).
    • Moved torch MCP ROMs to bbc_tube_zep100 device, to be inserted at startup.
    • bbc_acorn8271: Moved lesser-known DFS ROMs to the software list.
    • Added Opus DDOS 3.05 to bbc_opus8272.
    • Added Opus DDOS 3.12 to bbc_opus2791.
    • Added Aries B488 and Acorn IEEE488 Interface devices on 1MHz bus.
  • amstr_pc.cpp: Added internal 3.5" floppy drive to machine configuration. [Nigel Barnes]
  • ampoker2.cpp: Simplified rabbitpk decryption. [O. Galibert]
  • ymmu100.cpp: Implemented sound output, including some filters. [O. Galibert]
  • v53 overhaul: [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • Added support for V50, and refactored code to better align with current best practices.
    • Added 16-bit transfer support to DMAU.
    • Cleaned up SCU implementation.
  • mips1 overhaul: [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • Implemented TLB and address translation, and improved cache isolation behaviour.
    • Corrected exception vector logic.
    • Fixed overflow logic.
  • am79c90: Implemented network communication, and greatly improved behaviour. [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • mips.cpp: Hooked up MAC address PROM, LANCE Ethernet controller, and floppy drive controller. [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • pc9801_86.cpp: Fixed stereo sound routing, and fixed a PSG level balance regression. [r09]
  • tec1: Replaced ROMs with clean dumps from the original designers. [Robbbert]
  • ampoker2.cpp: Documented and simulated piccolop protection, and removed ROM patches. [Roberto Fresca]
  • mb87030: Implemented padding mode (allows Pascal 3.24 to boot and run from SCSI on hp9k_3xx). [Sven Schnelle]
  • luaengine: Added functions to screen_dev class for getting packed RGB pixel values. [Ryan Holtz, Carl]
  • hpc3.cpp updates: [Ryan Holtz]
    • Improved DMA transfer behaviour
    • Fixed audio DMA, hooked up second DAC, and fixed a bug that prevented the audio DAC DMA timer from stopping.
    • Partially hooked up second SCSI controller for Indigo².
    • Hooked up INT3 and PIT register access.
    • Added support for single-byte SCSI DMA requests.
    • Fixed an oversight with interrupt requests.
    • Also converted logging to use logmacro, added more verbose logging, added stave state support, and cleaned up code.
    • Restores SGI Indy boot chime, and allows IRIX installer to run until it fails with a SCSI error.
  • ioc2.cpp updates: [Ryan Holtz]
    • Hooked up Timer1/Timer0, z80scc and 8042kbdc interrupts.
    • Hooked up 8042kbdc reset.
    • Fixed IRQ-lowering logic so it actually clears the MIPS IRQ line.
    • Also converted logging to use logmacro, made logging more verbose, and added save state support.
    • Allows Gentoo Linux to boot, although it hangs during startup.
  • newport.cpp: FIxed a long-standing bug with color resolution. [Ryan Holtz]
    • Also updated to current coding standards, converted logging to use logmacro, and made logging more verbose.
  • dp8573.cpp: Added DP8573 real-time clock emulation. [Ryan Holtz]
  • sgi.cpp: Made RPSS counter more accurate, and added semaphore registers. [Ryan Holtz]
    • Also converted logging to use logmacro, made logging more verbose, and updated to meet coding standards.
  • indy_indigo2.cpp updates: [Ryan Holtz]
    • Moved Indigo² to a derived state class, and moved a number of devices into HPC3.
    • Eliminated use of MACHINE_CONFIG_START/MACHINE_CONFIG_END macros.
    • Hooked up pull-ups on EISA I/O space.
  • indigo.cpp updates: [Ryan Holtz]
    • Separated indigo3k and indigo4k state classes.
    • Hooked up RS-232 ports.
    • Switched to new Zilog SCC implementation, and added PIT8254 device (uses incorrect clock value to work around hang).
    • Fleshed out SCSI and started fleshing out HPC1 implementation.
    • Hooked up new DP8573 real-time clock implementation.
    • Improved RAM layout.
    • Added stubs for DSP RAM and Entry-Level Graphics (LG1/LG2).
    • Implemented LG1 palette setup, block drawing, pattern drawing, frame buffer copy, and remaining commands used by PROM monitor.
    • Removed unused screen device.
    • Expanded logging and converted to use logmacro, and renamed variables to meet MAME coding standards.
  • t10sbc.cpp: Added support for Format Parameters and Geometry Parameters pages. [Ryan Holtz]
  • scsicd512.cpp: Added various legacy SCSI CD-ROM devices that use 512-byte blocks by default. [Ryan Holtz]
  • nscsi_cd.cpp: Added various new-SCSI CD-ROM devices that use 512-byte blocks by default. [Ryan Holtz]
  • sgikbd: Added basic SGI Indigo keyboard high-level emulation. [Ryan Holtz]
  • rs232/hlemouse.cpp: Added support for SGI Indigo mouse. [Ryan Holtz]
  • o2.cpp: Added CRIME and MACE skeleton devices. [Ryan Holtz]
  • mips3.cpp updates: [Ryan Holtz]
    • Corrected R4400BE, R4400LE, R4600BE and R5000BE bus width to 64 bits.
    • Fixed a bug that caused a crash with 64-bit data bus and the DRC.
    • Added ability to log SGI O2 boot PROM DPRINTF calls (enabled with a preprocessor macro).
  • clifront.cpp: Improved descriptions of -showusage and -showconfig options. [Ryan Holtz]
  • screen.cpp: Added a device callback to make it easier to hook the scan line timer. [Ryan Holtz]
  • zerozone.cpp, zexall.cpp, zr107.cpp, zrt80.cpp, zt8802.cpp, zwackery.cpp, zx.cpp: Eliminated MACHINE_CONFIG_START/_END macros. [Ryan Holtz]
  • m68kmmu improvements: [Sven Schnelle]
    • Handle RW bit in address translation cache properly.
    • Add page table walk resulting in BUSERROR to address translation cache.
    • Fixed PTEST instruction, and PTEST level report in MMU status register.
    • Trap if PLOAD is called with MMU disabled on MC68851.
    • Don’t skip descriptor status update for page descriptors.
    • Set address in PTEST to last descriptor address.
    • Added function code page table lookup.
    • Fixed TT register matching.
    • Decode FC field for PLOAD insturction.
    • Added support for eight-byte indirect descriptors.
    • Don’t change page table/address translation cache state on translations triggered by the debugger.
    • Store B bit in address translation cache on bus error and set last logical address for handler.
    • Show 68020/030/040 PMMU registers in the debugger.
  • debugger: Added “gp” command to run until the next privilege level change, and added support for “%c” format conversion. [Sven Schnelle]
  • hp9k_3xx updates: [Sven Schnelle]
    • Use correct memory map for HP9000/360.
    • Fixed RTC data corruption bug (initial state of latch clock was unsafe).
  • nereid: Added overlay support (used by HP98550A), and implemented device_palette_interface. [Sven Schnelle]
  • hp_dio: Added support for HP98550A high-resolution color graphics card, and made default for HP9000/360 and /370. [Sven Schnelle]
    • Window mover, pixel/window replacement rules, VRAM bit access, solid line drawing, and pattern mask copy are implemented.
    • Shape drawing, area fill, and additional copy modes are not supported.
  • hp_dio: Added support for HP98643A LANIC Ethernet card. [Sven Schnelle]
  • qvt102: Dumped an additional firmware version, and dumped keyboard microcontroller [Al Kossow]
  • Added ini/examples to binary distribution. [anikom15]
  • atetris.cpp: Decapped and dumped EPROM from Indel P8749H microcontroller (matches existing dump). [Caps0ff, ClawGrip]
  • kickgoal.cpp: Decapped and dumped kickgoal PIC sound microcontroller, and hooked up emulation. [Caps0ff, balrog, David Haywood]
  • pbaction.cpp: Documented Tecfri version of Pinball Action that uses an additional board to drive numeric LED displays. [ClawGrip]
  • segasp.cpp: Added SystemSP Network Board version 1.23 firmware. [Darksoft]
  • magic10.cpp: Updated notes with more detail, added boot instructions, corrected metadata, and added PLDs. [f205v]
  • prehisle.cpp: Dumped correct character ROM for prehislek (MT05613). [Guru]
  • namcond1.cpp: Redumped graphics ROMs for Abnormal Check. [Guru]
  • midyunit.cpp: Added SL1 revision sound ROM to Smash T.V. V3.01. [Jim Hernandez]
  • exidy.cpp: Corrected PCB locations for PROMs in mtrap and clones. [Jim Hernandez]
  • hiscore.dat: Updated for latest changes in MAME. [Leezer]
  • Changed hand-made SAA5051 character ROM to match the datasheet (one pixel was missing on the ‘j’ character). [Lord Nightmare]
  • segaxbd.cpp: Added Royal Ascot satellite ROMs. [Ordyne]
  • by35.cpp, inder.cpp: Corrected toppin and pinclown sound CPU ROM dumps. [PinMAME]
  • segahang.cpp: Dumped CK2605 devices for hangon and clones. [Porchy, The Dumping Union]
  • xerox820.cpp: Added ROM versions 4.02 (820-II), v50 v018 (820-II), and 5.00 (820-II 16/8). [rfka01, Bitsavers]
  • Decapped and extracted internal ROM from SAA5050 character generator. [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip, The Dumping Union]
submitted by cuavas to cade

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