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Firstly, this is the silk system not coin system, as we used to play silkroad online there are some original coins that you can get for buying egy gear, lets introduce it. 1- GOLD COINS 2- SILVER COINS 3- COPPER COINS 4- IRON COINS 5- ARENA COINS GOLD COIN 1- Job Uniques 2- Medusa 3- Holy water temple [Advanced]. Highrate: x15000 NO-LAGG NO-BUGG HIGHER LEVEL LIMIT 5000 Players Online MAXSpecial Enemies110x EXP, 100x Gold, 40x SP, 40x Drop Item Mall for IG Gold amp New 2 Items Porqum amp Derciles New 4 Maps Create by Free-Movi3 Server TEAMNany Event PV. 0 250: Silkoradonline / CHEATS MORE. Download Bot Free Silkroad Online you could check here.

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I like destructions menu 1 useful; 0 not useful #5. Posted: Tue Jul 10. Our filtering technology ensures that only latest silkroad online gold hack download files are listed. Use this software to get free Gold in Silkroad.

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Keyboard program pc 704679 download product. Silkroad Online Hack Features – Generate unlimited silk – Generate unlimited gold – Online Silkroad Online hack (no download) – % safe and undetected – User friendly interface. Thieves attack traders who are protected by hunters.

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FBI shut down drug-trafficking website Silk Road as $3.6m bitcoin seized from illegal transactions. Welcome to Heroes WoW Private WoW Server - wotlk and mop wow servers, wod and legion content, blizzlike and fun servers. Silkroad-R, aka Silkroad Rebirth, began development in mid-2020 as an alternative version of the incredibly popular Silkroad Online game.

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Details PureSRO High rate 130 cap Silkroad server with unique system, Weapons new Look, unique skill system, unique Auto events, daily events, friendly GMs and much more Join us now [Free Silk][Free Items][Online 24/7][Dedicated Root][EXP 150x][SP 150x][Party EXP 160x]Drop 200x][Gold 15x][Berserk 10x]. Silk Road Summary and Solved Questions - Smart eNotes. Silkroad gold hack tool and cheats generator download for free: Silkroad is famous and one of the highest download game in the PC and gaming stores.

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We have Sro Gold, Silk Road Money, Silkroad Items, Silkroad Item, Silkroad Power Leveling, Silkroad Account, Silk Road Gold, Silkroad Gold, Silkroad Character, Silkroad Items Services. Sadly, Silkroad-R is no different and quests only get more tedious as players progress through the game. Play as either Chinese or Europeans and become a hunter, thief, or merchant in this unique MMORPG.

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Selected character phasemask changed to #phasemask with related world vision update. Crack 'Silkroad' can be a free of charge massively multiplayer on-line role enjoying game developed and based in Korea but available worldwide. Yes -Coins: Yes -Job Cave: Yes -Fortress: Yes -Jupiter: Yes -Sucess Rate from Lucky Powder =1, 2, 3, 4 = 100%, 5, 6, 7, 8 = 50%, after +8 2x.

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Silkroad Online forum part of the Popular Games category. SilkRoad Online Official Site Silkroad Online (also known as SRO or Silk) is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) which was recently in beta testing, but was fully released on 21 February 2020. Silkroad Online - Free servers, Private servers, Guides.

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It helps that the Silkroad uses oversized, thick-wall tubing to build a strong structure that can resist the twisting forces between the front and rear luggage. There are links to download other version of mbot, so you can use it until we will fix. Buy cheap and safe Silkroad Online golds in Vgolds.

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Note: All monsters and bosses after#295. Top Conquer Online Servers - CO Private Server List. Updates/Patches thread - Silkroad Online Forum.

Attila & Hunnic Civ VI Idea

Attila the Hun would be a great choice to cover the large void in the map of Central Asia between Scythia & Mongolia. Yes, I know there are lots of other cultures here like the Timurids, Kushan (Vima Takto would be cool), and possibly the Turan (Afrasiab would be as historically viable as Gilgamesh)
Attila would hopefully be voiced by a NATIVE Chuvash speaker, this time around (not the Hungarian gibberish version in Civ V, though A for effort.) He’d also be stylized with artistic liberty of the Xiongu-Hun theory, since a lot of genetic evidence is leading toward that being a probability (Q haplogroup found in some Hunnic tombs.)
The Huns’ ability would be “Sword of Mars” - Captured Barbarian camps have a chance to create a Settler (cities named after historically conquered cities by the Huns) and Hunnic City Border grow slower via Culture (a Hunnic City with Reyna grows at the base speed of other civs) - Hunnic cities can move via a City Project similar to ocean cities in Beyond Earth — scaling faster movement for smaller Hunnic Cities, and slower for moving larger Hunnic Cities or through Woods & Rainforest which acts as a mini Culture Bomb (doesn’t claim new tiles, just allows your Hunnic City to override) nearby tiles that do not contain Districts or Forts from other civs (but cannot move that direction if there are any) making Forts (or Mäori Pa) very viable for keeping the Huns back; Captured Cities (founded by other civs or City-States) cannot be moved via this Project - the Huns start with 5 Warriors but Settlers require more Gold or Production to make - Cavalry units can be purchased with Faith (once Horseback Riding is researched — they get a Eureka) - Pastures provide additional Production and any Pasture (but not Camp) Resource unlocked by Animal Husbandry can be Harvested into a special Builder Charge that allows them to build that Resource on a tile (need to use another charge to Improve it, and each Builder can only have one Resource Charge, so no loading up on Sheep, sorry) - when Pillaging Districts they gain bonus Gold, Culture and Science along with a small amount of a city’s Bonus & Strategic Resources within 3 tiles of said District being pillaged
Attila’s ability would be “Descendant of the Great Nimrod” — he gains more Gold, plus Food & Production from Plundering Trade Routes and Trade Routes from Allies passing through Hunnic territory provide Gold, Science, and Culture per turn as well as establish a Trading Post in the City Center, but they cannot build Specialty Districts (unless captured from another Civ) outside the City Center, and they are only able to establish 1 Alliance at any time
Their Unique Unit is the Tarkan: a Ranged Light Cavalry that has no movement cost for pillaging and does increased damage against Districts
Their Unique Improvement is the Strava Burial Site: when a unit is defeated in combat, it leaves behind an Antiquity Site which can be turned into a Tile Improvement by a Builder that provides Faith & Culture
Attila’s Leader Agenda “Scourge of God” is essentially an inverse of Gilagmesh’s, being harder to Declare Friendship with him, and makes him hostile toward anyone other than his singular Alliance, but obviously happy toward a civilization that has made efforts to win him over through Trade Routes & Making Deals in his favor (send him Trade Routes and do everything that makes Gorgo angry)
Attila’s play style is designed around Expansionist gameplay and hounding other civ’s territory. If he’s your neighbor, he’ll quickly begin by sliding into your DMs (Diplomatic Messages) by aiming for Barbarian Camps and spawning Settlers. After that, he’ll quickly try to move into your territory in order to pillage Districts for the Gold / Food / Culture / Science and his Builders will rush in to provide Faith and Culture from his defeated Units. Increased Faith Output allows him to spam Tarkan and pressure your borders while also creeping into your neighborhood. Since most spawns space players apart, you still have time to set up your own defenses. His strategy would revolve around collecting pastoral Resources, pumping out Builders and Cavalry, harassing Borders & Trade Routes, and Pillaging Districts.
The Hun’s starting bias would be around Cattle, Sheep, and Horses.
  • The decreased Border Growth is balanced out by Attila’s ability to break your borders (if he moves away from you, you have to wait or buy that Plot back) — a small price to pay for him leaving your area.
  • His low output of Gold / Science / Culture from lack of Districts is balanced by gaining it through Trade Routes passing through his territory, either by Plundering them or an Alliance providing those resources each turn in his lands.
  • His low Production is balanced by his ability to move pastoral Bonus Resources via Builders, with the additional Charge cost for Placement and limit of one Resource per Builder (which won’t be able to make any other Improvement if they have a Resource to place and only 1 Charge left); so save up Resources and dump them in Attila’s Court to pump out Units...nothing like a field of Sheep and Cattle slowly creeping toward you.
  • Viable Pantheons would be God of the Open Sky, God of War, or Initiation Rites
submitted by moonglow89 to civ

Silkroad Online (old school)

For all the players out there that use to love how the game was back in the old days, look no further. Experience Silkroad Online in it's original form.
Website : https://ngesro.website/old3job
Discord : https://discord.gg/gnN6YvZ
In this long-term project you get to experience once again how it was back in the day where RL-currency had no place. That's right, because this is the era where a lot of farming took place instead, and the rewarding feeling was on a whole other level.
The intention of this project is to offer a place to experience the very first job system, while exploring the old game mechanics and bring back the true nostalgia! It runs the old files which took place back in the earliest stage of the game, and therefore using the settings straight from the original client where all rates are unchanged.

  • Cap : 60
  • Races : CH
  • Mastery : 300
  • Experience : unchanged
  • Skill Points : unchanged
  • Item Drop : unchanged
  • Gold Drop : unchanged
  • Giant Spawn : unchanged
  • No Bots
  • No Donation
  • No Snow Shield
  • No Payment-Advantages
  • Fair and equal gameplay for everyone!
  • Game-currency keeps it's true value here.
  • Currently building up it's reputation & population.

Silk System
There are no donations for real money here. Players can buy silk through gold at the Grocery NPC of each town. Additionally players will gain 2 silk each day, starting with the day of first login to the account. Players do not need to be online to get the 2 silk each day. Everything purchased from Silk Store is account-bound.
To ensure a friendly and mature gaming environment, the account registration has been restricted to phone verified discord users. This is the only way to keep toxic people out of the game.
Message [GM]NGE directly on Discord to get your Private Key. The time upon receiving this key varies, so be patient. This will also unlock more channels aswell.
Once you've obtained the key, simply visit the website and enter the key at the registration page.
  • A Private Key can be used to register up to 6 accounts.
  • Only one Private Key per Discord user.
  • Do not share your Private Key with anyone. It is also used to change the Account password.
  • A game rule abuse on one accounts lead to the punishment of all accounts registered with this Private Key.
Personal Preference
I've been playing on many servers over the years, And i'd like to give you my honest opinion, this is the real deal without question. Knowing that everyone you see have made an attempt and invest time to the point of where they stand today. No Credit Card exists in this world, only your skills does.
So if you miss the old type experience, don't doubt.
Join us now and have a good time!
submitted by Arccai to MMORPG

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