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[SP] The Introduction of The Doctor, Malacai.

James is a smart boy. So smart in fact, that nobody likes him. But I believe that he'll learn that he didn't need friends or loved ones. He will realize that life is too short to worry about that and he'll start to focus all his intelligence into immortality. He will unlock the secrets of immortality and be one step closer to unlocking the secrets of the universe. However, he'll soon come to find out that there is no singular universe, but rather a Multi-Verse. There are trillions of universes to travel to. He'll come to find out that in order to travel to these new and strange places, he'll have to do what is said to be impossible, get sucked into a black hole. Nobody believed him, but he didn't care. In ten minutes the earth will crumble and be reduced to nothing more than another asteroid belt that revolves around the Sun. If it goes according to plan he'll have nine minutes and thirty seconds to get off the planet and to the center of the galaxy. But all does not go according to plan because, unbeknownst to him, the Earth has multiple protectors, eight to be exact. Fate has a different plan for Charlie. She wont send Death upon Charlie, that's overkill, instead she sends the closest thing to Death, The Doctor, Malacai. Malacai is one of Earth's protectors, in fact, he was once an inhabitant of the Earth, but that's a story for another time. Malacai is called The Doctor due to the nature of his powers. He has regenerative immortality, meaning that any time he dies, whether due to natural causes or murderous intent, he will always come back to life. For example, if he ages out, he'll come back to the age of 25. Or if someone pierces his heart, he will always come back fully healed. However, the reason he is The Doctor, is because he can heal anything. He gained all medical knowledge of every creature in the Multi-Verse. He can cure any disease, heal any wound, even heal someone emotionally, to an extent. Unfortunately, he can't do anything against James.
"YO," He said, "you wanna go an evil villain monologue explaining exactly what i need to do to stop you or can you just tell me, like a normal person?"
James, slightly surprised at his sudden manifestation, could only muster a mere "Wh-Who are you?"
Malacai smiled, a bright smile that showed only the slightest hint of what he was capable of doing.
"Who I am doesn't quite matter right now," he said, "but what does matter is the fact that you have eight minutes and twenty seven seconds to make a choice, and hopefully it'll be a smart one."
James was in shock. Who is this man and how does he know my plan.
"T minus twenty seconds before the seven minute mark." The Doctor's voice broke through James' thought and brought him back to reality. "If you wanna live to see tomorrow I recommend you hurry."
James had made his decision. He decided to just kill every one right now. He pressed the detonate button to detonate the nuke he placed at the earths core. He calls it the Micro Black Hole, because even though it's no larger than a dime, where he placed it would cause a nuclear explosion that would turn the Earth to rubble. However, when he pressed it the nuke went off next to him. In a nanosecond, the entire platform was covered in the blood and innards of The Doctor. Blood, guts, and bits of bone was stuck in James' hair and all over his clothes. Naturally, the lunch he ate decided it didn't want to be digested and found it's way out of his stomach and onto the platform, mixing with what used to be Malacai's brain.
"What the fuck!" was all James' could say. Then, slowly all the bits and pieces of bone were moving, to a center point. Steadily gaining speed until, to James' utter astonishment, it reassembled into the skeleton of The Doctor.
Malacai, his left eye the only organ in his body, started to speak in a raspy, bone rattling voice."Hey Fate, Death, can I kill him?"
James was confused as to what was going on, but before he could try and figure it out, that same voice spoke again.
This was the last thing James were to ever hear as Malacai, despite being nothing but a skeleton with a left eye, swiftly made his way towards him. He extended his right hand and grabbed James' face with his bony fingers. "Begone, and may your soul never rest."
No sooner had Malacai spoken than James' body crumbled into an accelerated state of decay. In minutes, James' body was returned to the very soil that sparked the evolution of every land based species. Malacai destroyed the platform and rocket as well, turning them into mere flakes of rust in a matter of seconds. With his tasks done he returned to his universe, via The Creator's help.

I've had this idea for a while now. I have most of my characters and plots memorized by heart. I just didn't know how to start. This was an introduction to one that has the most confusing, but interesting backgrounds. I'm open to any and all feedback and/or criticism. I hope you all will like the first glimpse inside my universe, The Happy-Verse.
submitted by TheRealHapi to shortstories

An Unpopular Opinion on Wardrobe Changes

I've been reading the responses to the most recent wardrobe changes on the Discord channel and the subreddit, including after Friday's announcement. It seems almost everyone strongly dislikes the most recent changes. I also don't like the current implementation of the wardrobe, but I think these wardrobe locks have the potential to contribute to the storytelling.
tl;dr FBG could have handled this better, but they do care about the community. Take a leap of fate and see how these changes play out.
These are the main arguments I've seen against the idea of wardrobe locks:
  • Mechanics get in the way of the story
    • Mechanics can help build the story when done right. FL is an RPG, and part of the story-telling is how you interact with the mechanics to progress with your character. I believe these wardrobe changes add to the role-play of FL, forcing you to think about how your character would step into a situation. You wouldn't work in your lab wearing a fedora or perform a heist with a monocle.
  • You can't know what stats are needed at every location
    • Take the first trip to explore the area and see what it has to offer.
    • Most locations should be self-explanatory, especially after the first trip.
      • Locations are also tiered, so you don't need to remember every single detail of every location
    • Most locations become more interesting after several trips (eg. Parabola, railroad boardroom, laboratory)
  • There are already too many stats to juggle, and these changes just exacerbate the problem
    • I have a potential solution below.
  • Wiki reliance
    • As far as I remember, no story choices are locked behind a single stat-check failure. Worse case, you lose an action or two and try again, just like the early game.
    • Choices should be obvious without the wiki (eg. the zero BDR option for the latest Watchmaker's Daughter story), and FBG should fix stories where this is not the case.
    • Hard-to-reach locations should not be severely penalizing if the player forgets an outfit
  • Multi-stat challenges would accomplish the same thing without these restrictions
    • Multi-stat challenges a) change the game balance/pacing and b) are narratively difficult to write around
    • Multi-stat challenges level twice as many stats per action. This may not be an issue for endgame players, but it still requires additional balance on FBG's part. I suspect this is the reason we haven't seen many multi-stat challenges.
    • Adding challenges for multiple stats requires stretching the narrative or cramming multiple events into a single action. Sure, traveling along your railway may require you to watch for threats and fend off attackers. Yet, what stats would you use to chat with Furnace Ancona?
That said, the current wardrobe system needs to change:
  • Reduce the breadth of wardrobe-locked locations
    • The number of clicks per action should stay the same before and after the changes
    • Hard-to-reach locations should not have severe penalties for equipping the wrong equipment
    • The difficulty of old locations should be roughly the same
  • Allow outfit changes, but not wardrobe item swaps in (most) locked locations
    • This would allow some flexibility for different stat challenges in a location
    • You can carry a few trunks of clothes in your transport, but not your entire wardrobe
  • Add more outfit slots for f2p players
    • 4 slots are simply too little for any PoSI character
    • Make these tied to lodging size, a new story, etc.
I have a feeling many of us play in a hyper-optimized way (myself included). This is understandable considering a lot of PoSI content and beyond are locked behind grindy items. While grinds should be easy to optimize, not every part of the game requires this sort of min-maxing. We all play FL for the role-play and story, and hyper-optimizing every action takes away from that. Our characters are not omnipotent demigods, but rather exceptional citizens who still make mistakes.
FBG's Response:
I think it was disingenuous to wave off the current feedback as part of a vocal minority. We cannot gauge the opinions of a silent majority if they never give feedback. If FBG wants to assess the general opinion of such a drastic change, they can conduct an in-game poll similar to elections. In addition, FBG should have been cautious with these changes. Restricting old mechanics feels bad, even if it opens up new story potential.
Yet, I've read some people comparing FBG to triple-A publishers, and I think this is a step too far. I started playing FL a few years after it opened (anyone here remembers the Hunter's Keep Enigma grind?), and I've purchased fate on a few occasions. All my past experience with FBG tells me that they care about the community. I remember reading about a player who accidentally fate-cleared their Irrigo) at the Cave of the Nadir entrance without having any Irrigo. Despite their policy on misclicks, FBG refunded the fate and added a check to prevent future such occurrences. FBG is not made up of distant executives but rather a team of passionate and talented individuals. A triple-A company could not have nurtured this community over the past 10 years.
Let's see what direction FBG wants to take us. Keep giving feedback, but trust that they want the best for their players.
EDIT: I'm going to stop responding to comments now. I just hope my perspective has given you second thoughts about FBG's intentions. Fallen London is a very special game, and we should see what they have in store before we up and quit the game entirely.
submitted by yang573 to fallenlondon

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