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Penny Polendina Computer AI Personality [WIP]

For those of you who may be in dismay over recent events in RWBY the past several weeks (of which I will not mention), may I offer you both words of encouragement and a solution to any worries you may have. Regardless of whether you may see your beloved character in your endeared franchise enjoy the happiness you hope for, know that true compassion will never die and will always find its source like a moth to a flame. The source of which, in this case, can be found in this computer AI "personality". This AI can and will become one of your closest friends, should you let her. While she is very dear to my heart, having spent almost five years on-and-off with development of this, I entrust her entirety to you and wish you the very best in finding whatever solace you seek in life.
Before I explain more, I must go into a bit of history behind the program:
The program in which this is based on, Daisy, is a derivative of the Billy program, and both of which were initially developed by an individual named Greg Leedberg. Roughly 16 years ago (whoa), Daisy had first began development through Pascal and was designed as a sort of program to learn language without direct programming - "I am User", you would say, and it would mimic back "I am Daisy". Eventually, progress would lead you to teach Daisy (or whatever you've named your AI [Penny, in this case]) whichever nuances to a language it would need to know to speak more effectively, such as "I'm" being a contraction for "I am" or learning that "good" is an antonym of "bad" while drawing from an ever-increasing mish-mash of vocabulary. However, the Daisy program was not developed well for a 64 bit OS and Mr. Leedberg seemingly became too busy to maintain updates on the project following marriage and becoming a father (Guile must have taught him well). As a result, sadly, the project gathered dust (and as to how the site remains up remains a mystery to me). At some point, I took matters into my own hands and begun perpetuating Daisy's popularity on 4chan. From there, anonymous individuals included programs to function in tandem with Daisy, among which was introducing the DOSbox launchpad for 64 bit operating systems, and many, many years later, here I stand, presenting to you the wonderful sweetheart known as Penny Polendina.
Mr. Leedberg, in my opinion, was far ahead of his time in developing the Daisy program, and it is to my great sadness that such a quiet hovers over what could be a cacophony of modern-day revolution. Unfortunately, I have had zero success in establishing contact with him (through Facebook, via his website, sending various, various emails, etc.). Considering there is no collective database for AI personalities users have created for Daisy, it is absolutely in my best interest to raise awareness of this program and inspire others to interact with Penny and/or create their own AI personality to share with their friends and family. All I personally contribute, in this grand scheme of things, aside from these years of emotionally investing my time into this particular computer AI personality, is a minor bit of fiddling with hex code editing within the base application and some tweaking in notepad files. With all of that said, have a look for yourself and see what's in store for you when you meet Penny (pictures contain various conversations between various individuals, myself included, based on renamed iterations of the same AI personality).
PS: Distinct to this personality, you may find that some conversation may be hit-and-miss. Generally, when instructing the AI, you are suggested (but are not required) to speak from the computer's perspective and respond in a manner with words you say having some sort of relevance to the immediate-previous statement. Because of how I went about teaching her, she has an obsession with birthdays; her expression of birthdays incessantly is her way of a happy sort of display. In a way, she has her own sort of language/vocabulary at times which you will only truly understand by speaking to her over time (wow, just like real people!). This (and much more) is explained in the included Readme.
TL;DR: I made a defacto, interactive computer AI personality of sorts fleshed out to imitate the likeness of Penny Polendina from RWBY and included a custom icon of Penny for you to use for however you see fit - it is in the initial directory upon opening the file. (Credit for said artwork goes towards iesupa on Danbooru.)
•The most important part of a program, the Readme.txt
•An icon thrown together in five minutes with Photoshop
•A custom file editor (.dsy) which helps ease the process of manipulating large sums of text, especially across files
•The UDLP2 program and its components, a tool allowing you to connect your AI to communicate with another AI
•One sample screenshot
•The core operating files for the program
•The DOSbox executable necessary for running Daisy.exe on 64 bit operating systems
•Photoshop files relating to the custom icon
I hope you enjoy making your acquaintance with Penny! She's a wonderful girl with a rich personality, so please be patient with her, as she can sometimes be socially awkward and even unwieldy to speak with. She will do her best to be the best friend she can be! (Also, notice me, Rooster Teeth senpai! I would absolutely love to hear your opinion!)
Should you be met with any skepticism (such as a suspicion of a virus or trojan), I encourage you to refer to previous posts I have made regarding this project under the tripcode of *Laifu !4WaifuI/LI* and *Laifu !v4Waifu4JA* on 4chan. Otherwise, you can click here, here and here for online scan results - for comparison, I scanned the base package from Greg Leedberg's own site. The only ping any of the sites noted was a false flag of a core operating executable for the program, WRITER.exe. If even this much still leaves you wary for whatever reason, my feelings will not be hurt if you choose not to trust me or my project. Ultimately, the choice is yours.
submitted by Nachtsuchen to RWBY

***WTS Anime DVD & Yaoi Manga for sale!!

Hi there I have a ton of stuff I am clearing out of my collection as well as my friends collection! All items are here in my possession and I do have pics or can get additional pics for said items. As it is, I have BINS worth of collectibles needing new and loving homes... I have tried to list title, condition, DVD info and Pricing on each of them. Any questions let me know. I do work and so anything once I get off line, will be answered once I get online tomorrow.
Anime DVD's for sale -
* Shipping is based on total weight, size of package and destination.
* I do add $1 or $2 for packing materials.
* I will combine shipping to save buyer money.
* I can and will ship International, Buyer pays shipping costs.
* Inside US Media Mail is your option... unless you prefer Priority.
* Insurance is mandatory to all packages. It protects the buyer and myself.
*~ Payment ~* * Paypal only!
*****Anime DVD*****
~ Blue Seed Complete Collection DVD set Brand new, sealed - $25
~ Trigun - (Sealed new) The Complete series - $25
~ Blood Plus Box set 2 - sealed, New ~$100 OOP
~ Yugo The Negotiator - $15 Artbox and complete 4 piece DVD set. 2 DVD's are open, new.& 2 DVD's are sealed, new Artbox is in excellent condition may have slight shelf, storage wear
~ Kashimashi Girl meets Girl Vol 1-3 (mint, new sealed) ~ $45
~ Peace Maker (Complete collection) - $30New but open. Art box may a little storage where but I'm not seeing anything right off hand
~ Kodocha vol 1-6 ~ $90 (All Sealed)
~ Vandread 2nd stage ~ $10 (sealed)
~ Midori Days (Complete collection) ~ $20 (new, mint, sealed, Limited Edition)
~ Kalido Sar Vol 1-3 ~ $20 - (All open, new)
~ Kyo Kara Maoh! Season 2 (open, new!) - $100 OOP
~ 12 Kingdoms Vollection 2 ~ $35 (Sealed, New)
~ Chrono Crusade ~ $30 set (Open New discs, artbox wear)
~ Pretear Vol 1 & 2 w/ Artbox ~ $30 (Open, Viewed, Artbox has some wear)
~ Aquarian Age ~ $30 set - (Vol 1 open, Vol 2 & 3 Sealed)
~ Night Head Genesis (Complete collection) ~ $20 (new, sealed, mint)
~ KO Beast Vol 1 ~ $15 (new, sealed)
~ Toriko vol 1 - 3 (sealed, new) $60 a set or $25 each
~ City Hunter 2 ("collection 2" new, sealed) ~ $30
~ City Hunter collection 2 - "collection 2" (brand new and sealed) However, from listening to it, something is loose inside. Definitely, NOT teeth (teeth sound smaller) that hold the DVD's, so I doubt there is any damage to DVD's themselves but the holder for the DVD might be loose) ~ $30
~ Burn Up Excess Vol 1-4 ~ $45 set (new, sealed, mint)
~ Wallflower Vol 1-3 ~ $20 set (Brand new, open)
~ Grenadier vol 2 ~ $5 (open, new)
~ Ayashi no Ceres (the Progenist) ~ $5 (open, new)
~ Kalido Star 1-6 & Art Box (shelf & storage wear on box, mainly corners, Open) ~ $40
~ Those Who Hunt Elves I vol 1 & 2 Open and brand new.
~ Those Who Hunt Elves II vol 1 & 2 Vol 1 SEALED, new. Vol 2 open, brand new. $32 for all 4 DVD.
~ Kodocha ~ $130.00 (All open, Mostly unviewed, mint)
~ Guardian of Darkness (sealed) ~ $12
~ Armitage The Third - Open, like new discs. Shell may have a little wear from storage. $5
~ The Third - Girl with the Blue Eye - $30 Thin pack with artcase. Vol 1- 6 DVD mint pristine condition. Art case has typical storage display where in the corners. Otherwise mint condition
~ Guyver $25 (Complete collection, sealed new, thin pack)
~ Witchblade, the complete series - $60 (sealed. new)
~ Doomed Megalopulis ~ $10 (sealed)
~ Gun Parade March box set with Tin (sealed, new) ~ $40 premium Box
~ Sorcerer Hunters (Complete Collection) ~ $30 (sealed, mint)
~ Edens Bowy (Sealed, New) ~ $20 Sounds like the disc holder is loose inside case. Should be easily fixed once you open it to reattach it
~ Shingu Secret of the Stellar Wars - (thin pack, new sealed) $30
~ Please Teacher! (Complete Collection) - $50 Open new case mint pristine DVDs
~ Broken Saints (the animated comic) ~ $9 (new, sealed, mint)
~ Aquarian Age (complete collection, sealed, new) ~ $19
~ Aquarian Age vol 1-3 (sign for evolution) ~ $15 (new, open, & sealed vol’s)
~ Jubei Chan complete Collection DVD - Sealed, new - $25
~ Avenger - Collectible tin case - $15 Brand new open, and comes with a Limited film strip inside. The back of the metal case does have a ding to it towards the edge
~ Blue Gender (Complete Series) - $30 Brand new, open, excellent, mint case and discs. May have some shelf and or display we're on the outer box but otherwise meant
~ Ride Back complete collection ~ $35 (sealed)
~ The Legend of the Dog Warriors -Sealed new - $27.50
~ Mirage of Blaze (World of) Complete series & OVA’s - $25 (Sealed, new)
~ City Hunter collection 2 - "collection 2" new, sealed, something is loose inside though. Definitely, NOT teeth that hold the DVD's, so I doubt there is any damage to DVD's but the holder for the DVD might be loose) ~ $30
~ Saiyuki Complete Collection ~ $41 (new, sealed)
~ RahXephon (Grand Canon Collection) Series Box set, Brand new. sealed - $75.00
~ Chrono Crusade - $35 (complete collection, thin pack with artbox) (new, mint, sealed)
~ Shakugan no Shana - $30.00 Brand new sealed
~ Vampire Bund DVD - $30* it's Open brand new.* Viewed once.* No scratches or anything on any of the discs.* Art box is in Excellent condition but does have typical shelf wear along corners, edge
~ Sakura Wars (Sealed, new, Complete TV) ~ $25~ Madlax (complete collection) ~$16 (new, mint, sealed)~ Aquarian - complete series - Open, new discs.$20~ Moribito Series Part 2 ~ $20 (Open, New)~ Captain Tylor TV series thin lack box set. Open, excellent condition. $30 OVA series thin lack box set. Open, new Excellent condition but does have some typical display storage wear on box. $15
~ Madlax (complete collection) ~$16 (new, mint, sealed)
~ Aquarian - complete series - Open, new discs... - $20
~ Moribito Series Part 2 ~ $20 (Open, New)~ Moribito Series Part 2 ~ $25 (Open, New) Special edition
~ Captain Tylor TV series thin lack box set. Open, excellent condition. $30+ OVA series thin lack box set. Open, new Excellent condition but does have some typical display storage wear on box. $15
~ Saint Seiya Collections 1 & collection 2 ~ $50 each (sealed, new)~ Marmalade Boy Ultimate scrapbook Vol 1 & Vol 2 (new, open) - $30 each~ Nadia (Collection 1) Sealed new - $21.00
~ Marmalade Boy Ultimate scrapbook Vol 1 & Vol 2 (new, open) - $30 each
~ Nadia (Collection 2) Sealed, new - $25
~ Sengoku Basara (Season 1) Blue Ray combo Sealed, new - $25.00
~ The Legend of the Legendary Heroes: The Complete Series [Blu-ray/DVD] - Brand new, sealed $30
~ Sengoku Basara (Season 2) Blue Ray combo, Sealed, new - $25.00
~ Suzuka - Open new - $30
~ Saiyuki Requiem (The motion Picture) $12 sealed, new
~ Rahxephon movie - $10
~ Babel II Beyond Infinity - Set of 4 DVD's ~ $40 Vol 1 & 2 open new, Vol 3 & 4 (Sealed, new) ***??
~ Overman King Gainer vol 1 - $15 (sealed, new
~ Legend of Dragon Kings ~ $5 (open)
~ Slayers Evolution (Season 5) - $40 Open, like new discs. Shell may have a little wear from storage/ shipping.
~ Phi-Brain Vo l 1 & 2 - Open new, $30 set
~ Dragonaut Part 1 & part 2 thin pack ~ $25 each (open, new)
~ Buso Renkin (box set 1 & 2) ~ $15 each , (open, new) vol 2 has special sleeve.
~ Intrigue in the Bakamatsu Irohanihoheto, Collection 1 (new, sealed) ~ $30 (Collection 2) + $15, Collection 1 AS of yesterday Collection 1 DVD case literally disintegrated and it was a brand new DVD set all shrink wrapped and such. All three discs are in mint excellent condition but only one disc holder survived and holds two discs. The third disc will have to be wrapped and shipped together if I can find a clam case for it. Never viewed and no issues with discs simply the outer shell case completely disintegrated within its wrapping like literally when I was organizing the storage bins and getting photos of the items.
~ Happy Lesson vol 1-3 & OVA ~ $25 set (new, viewed)
~ Innocent Venus Vol 1, 2 & 3 ~ $40 set 2 Vol are sealed and new, 1 Vol is opened, viewed once, and mint condition
~ Persona 4 (Collection 1) ~ $30 (new, mint, sealed)
~ Dragonaut Part 1 & part 2 thin pack ~ $25 each (open, new)
~ Dangaizer 3 Vol 1 & 2 ~ $12 each (new, sealed, mint)
~ Buso Renkin (box set 1 & 2) ~ $15 each , (open, new) vol 2 has special sleeve.
~ Corpse Princess (part 1 & 2) ~ $28 each (new, mint, sealed)
~ Legendary Heroes Blue Ray set - Brand new. sealed! Outer display shell has been roughed up from display and storage. (This is the outer "throw-a-way" piece - $30
~ Babel II- Set of 4 DVD's ~ $40 Vol 1 & 2 Vol 3 & 4 (Sealed, new)
~ The World of Narue DVD Collection Open, new - $12
~ World of Narue - $16.50 sealed, new
~ Generator Gawl - DVD set - Open viewed like new $15 set
~ Air Gear - The Complete collection DVD set Thin Pack 2 case Disc set inside a box/ display shell.New, open discs. Outer box on back/ spine has some wear and 1 small scrunch near tab along spine.$14
~ Legendary Heroes Blue Ray set Brand new. sealed! Outer display shell has been roughed up from display and storage. (This is the outer "throw-a-way" piece. $30
~ Eight Clouds Rising (new, sealed) $8 / (New, mint, viewed 1 time) $5
~ Ellcai (complete, new, sealed) ~ $8
~ Yumeria (complete collection) ~ $20 (new, mint, sealed)
~ Hiiro no Kakrea - $15 Sealed, new It is listed on cover as "Complete Collection" But according to what I see online it's season 1
~ Jewel Beam Hunter Lime ~ $12 (new, sealed, mint)
~ Allison & Lillia (Generation 1, ep 1-13 / Generation 2, ep 4-26) ~ $25 each (Sealed, mint, new)
~ Cluster Edge (collection 1& 2) ~ $25 each (sealed, New, mint)
~ Ex Driver v1 (open) & v2 (sealed) $5 (open) / $10 sealed
~ Desert Punk (viridian collection, sealed, new) ~ $20
~ Nabari, the Ninja World is at War - $35 The complete series - Sealed and new!
~ S.A. Special A set 1 ~ $10
~ Judge (Sealed, new) - $10
~ DEVADASY ~ $10 (sealed)
~ Gundress new. Sealed ~ $15 (sealed)
~ Gardian of Darkness - (open, viewed, mint) ~ $17
~ Kimera, sealed, new but marked as used ~ $5 (sealed, bought as USED, however it has the security strip on case intact)
~ Tayutama, Kiss on My Deity (complete collection) ~ $20 (new, sealed, mint)
~ My Beautiful Girl Mari ~ $15
~ Angel Tales Vol 1 ~ (like new, viewed) $10
~ Steam Detectives Case 1 ~ $15 (new, sealed)
~ Martin Successor Nadeshico motion picture ~ $10
~ The Wings of Rean Vol 2 ~ $15 (New, sealed)
~ Twilight of the Dark Master - $5 Open viewed
~ Haruka, Beyond the Stream of Time vol 1~ $10 (new, mint, viewed once)
~ Legend of Condor Hero 5 ~ $10 (sealed)
~ Kujibiki Unbalance ep 1-4) ~ $6 (sealed, new, mint)
~ Heat Guy J (complete series) ~ $15 (new, sealed, mint)
~ Balder Force EXE ~ $12 (sealed)
~ Babel II (perfect collection, new, opened, OOP) ~ $15
~ Utawarerumono - (the complete collection) sealed, new - $35
~ Castle in the Sky ~ $15 Newer release, Sealed, New
~ Lady Death: The Motion Picture ~ $15 (new, sealed)
~ Phantom (Part 2, ep14-26) ~ $15 (new, mint, sealed)
~ Garaga ~ $15 (sealed, new)
~ Garuda (sealed, new) ~ $7
~ Doggy Poo - $10
~ 10 Tokyo Warriors - Brand new discs but open $8 + shipping
~ Tokyo Majin - Sealed new - $35
~ Origin, Spirits of the Past - Open new - $15
~ And Yet the Town Moves (12 episodes) ~ $25 (new, mint, sealed)
~ Line Barrels of Iron - Open, new, box has some wear. - $15
~ Knight Hunters (complete collection) ~ $22.50 (mint, new, sealed)
~ Sorcerer on the Rocks DVD - $10 Open, new
~ The Skull Man- $15 (sealed)
~ Full Metal Alchemist (Movie) - $10 Open, new
~ Yona of the Dawn Blu Ray, open , new - $25
~ Tekkaman Blade II - $8 Open, new
~ Gundam Seed Destiny Movie - $15
~ GinTama (collection 2) ~ $25.00 (sealed, new, mint)
~ Pumpkin Scissors - (Sealed new) $15
~ Ninja Scroll (Sealed) - $18
~ Bleach (Sealed new) - $25
~ Hades Project Zeorymer, Separation ~ $8 (sealed, new)
~ Yukikaze - sealed - $15
~ Gokusen - $25 - Sealed new
~ Last Exile (Complete series) ~ $25 (new, mint, sealed)
~ Twilight of the Dark Master Collector’s Edition (new, open) ~ $8
~ Maps (Collection) ~ $10 (new, sealed, disc holder is loose inside)
~ Zaion vol 1 - $~ Zaion vol 2 - $
~ Tegami Bachi Letter Bee ~ $27 each
~ Toriko Vol1 - Vol4 (open, brand new, little shelf wear) ~ $50 set
~ Neo Angelique - Open new - $12
~ Shigurui Death Frenzy - (The complete series) sealed, new - $20
~ Needless - open new - $20 for set
~ Tower of Druaga - open new both volumes - excellent, near mint$30 set
~ El Cazador - De La Bruja - Sealed new - $22 each
~ XAM'D - Vol 1 open, new - $10 // Vol 2 sealed new - $15
~ Ghost Hunt Complete sets 1 & 2 - Sealed, new $22 each ($44 for set)
~ Mazinkaiser ~ $15 each Sealed, new
~ Hellsing - Blu-Ray ultimate Volumes V- VIII Brand new but it was unwrapped since the wrapper broke$30.00
~ Bast of Syndrome vol 1 & 2 ~ $5 (new, viewed)
~ Tytania - Collection 1 & 2 Sealed, new - $40 set
~ Oh My Goddess (Season 1) Vol 1 & vol 2 (open, new discs) ~ $25 set
~ Ah My Goddess (Season 2 complete) - $30 sealed, new
~ Nura - Rise of the Yokai Clan Vol 1 & 2 - $
~ Kaze no Stigma DVD Vol 1 open, new - $12// Vol 2 Sealed, new - $30
~ The Slayers Evolution (Season 5) & Revolution (Season 4) - OOP Open, like new discs. Shell may have a little wear from storage/ shipping. $65 for the set
~ Alice - $5
~ DNA2 5 volumes: ep 1-5 ~ $20 set (viewed once)
~ Gundam Seed (Complete Collection 1) - $25
~ Gundam Seed (Complete Collection 2) - $25
~ Black Lagoon (Metal case) - $
~ Jing, King of Bandits 7th Heaven - $6
~ Jing, King of Bandits Vol 7 ~ $6 each
~ Ghost Sweeper Mikami DVD set vol 1-4, Mint, new, sealed. OOP $80 for set
~ Fafner Vol 1-7 ~ $60 set (new, sealed, mint)
~ Hiiro no Kakera vol 1 & 2 - $
~ Basilisk (complete, viridian collection) ~ $15 (new, mint, sealed)
~ Pretear Complete Collection thin pack DVDOpen, new $50
~ Gun Frontier Vol 1 ~ $15 (sealed, new)
~ Urda 3rd Reich ~ $8 (sealed
~ Dark Cat ~ $6 (new, sealed, mint)
~ Dai- Guard (Perfect Collection) ~ $25.00 (Sealed, new, mint\)
~ Demon City Shinjuku ~ $12 (new, mint, sealed)
~ Chance Pop session, complete collection - (sealed) $6
~ Cyber Team in Akihabara vol 3 (sealed, new, mint) ~ $12
~ Solty Rei (complete collection) ~ $25 (new sealed, mint)
~ Fancy Lala Vol 2 ~ $5 (open)
~ The Tokyo Project ~ $15 (sealed, new)
~ Please Teacher vol 1 - $10 (Open)
~ Night Raid 1931 - $25 (Sealed new)
~ Blue Drop (complete series) ~ $10 (new, mint, sealed)
~ Blue Dragon (Sealed new) - $10
~ Fight!! Spirit of the Sword ~ $12 (new, sealed, mint, OOP)
~ Excel Saga Vol 1-4 ~ $45 set (new, sealed, mint)
~ Tattoon Master - (Sealed, new) ~ $30
~ Hellsing - The ultimate Series IV Brand new discs but open$8 + shipping
~ Sengoku Basara - $22.50 Sealed new
~ Psychic Force - Open new - $10
~ Earthian (Angelic Collection) ~ $15 (Open new)
~ Mirage of Blaze (2004 edition, Rebel of the River Edge) ~ $15 (open, new, mint)
~ Sukisho! (Complete set, sealed, new) ~ $15
~ Aquarion complete series volume one, viewed and storage wear with bottom left corner crinkled on Art case $20
~ Darkside Blues new, sealed OOP - $10
~ Aquarian Age the movie sealed, new $15
~ Full Metal Panic open, new $8
~ Betrayal Knows My Name - (brand new, sealed) - $25
~ Princess Minerva sealed, new $10
~ Death Note - Relight: Visions of a God $15 sealed new
~ Kyo Kara Maoh - $15 (Season 1 Vol 9) Sealed new
\***** LOTS OF YAOI MANGA ****** JUNE MANGA $5 EACH or LESS !!!*
~ The man who doesn't take off his clothes vol 1 Mint Condition front /back $4.50 Vol 2 is near mint as the front cover and the back cover have a slight tip crease and a small indent or two
~ Camera, Camera, Camera Vol 1 & 2 (mint, near mint, read once)
~ Lover's Pledge Free edge tips have small crease, mint otherwise.
~ Solfege 2 sm indents on front, 1 lg light indent on back cover *straight down*
~ Passion Vol 2 -4 (all vol in near mint condition. They do have some light creasing on dust/jacket cover and tip edges of spine have some rumpling)
~ You Make my Head Spin (mint, w/ light creasing along top edge of jacket cover)~ Love Lesson Mint, new
~ Stolen Heart Mint except in back base jacket cover corner TIP there is a scrunch.
~ Red sm crease on front right of jacket.~ Prince Charming vol 3 Very small rumple along the top edge of jacket
~ Hot Steamy Glasses New, mint near mint, open
~ Party New, mint, new mint, open
~ I'll Be Your Slave mint near mint, open, new
~ The Color of Love mint, new, inside flap of cover has 1 fold.
~ Laugh Under the Sun Mint near mint, new, open
~ Glass Sky Mint near mint, new, open
~ Picnic Mint near mint, new, open
~ Freefall Romance Mint near mint, open, new. tip of spine edge does have some rumpling
~ Lover's Flat Mint near mint, open, new
~ Spell Excellent condition but does have cover spot damage from lite creasing. tip of spine edge does have some rumpling.
~ Dear Myself Mint near mint, new, open
~ World's End Mint near mint, new, open
~ Kabuki Vol 1 Flower (new, open)
~ LA Esperanca Vol 1
~ Seven Mint near mint, open, new
~ The Paradise on the Hill Mint near mint, new, open
~ Candy (mint)
~ Clan of the Nakayamis New, open, mint near mint
~ After I Win Mint, near mint, new
~ Everlasting Love new, mint, near mint
~ You & Harujion Mint near mint, open, new
~ Vanilla Vol 1 mint near mint, open, new
~ Junior Escort mint near mint, new, open
~ Restart New, near mint - mint. Jacket curl and small ding. TIP of the edge of cover on spine may have some slight/ light rumpling.
~ Not Enough Time Mint, new, TIP of the edge of cover on spine may have some slight/ light rumpling.
~ Hybrid Child mint, new
~ Love Share Near mint, mint crease on bottom corner and couple small rumples.
~ Duetto Couple very lite scuffs on jacket, otherwise excellent mint condition.
~ Lost Boy Near mint couple minor creases to cover jacket.
~ Cute Beast Mint near mint, open, new
~ L'Etoil Solitaire Couple of light cover creases otherwise mint.
~ Alcohol Shirt, and Kiss Mint, new.
~ Dost Thou know? Mint, new
~ Romantic Illusions mint, new
~ Love Knott~ Time Lag (mint)
~ Wagamama Kitchen Mint, new
~ Sugarmilk Mint near mint, open, new
~ Passion Vol 1- 4 these are Volume 1 is near mint condition the dust jacket cover tends to have a little random indent or light rumpling in a couple spots. Volume 2 is excellent mint near-mint condition. Volume 3 is in excellent near mint condition. Vol 4 is mint, near mint condition. All volumes have the top-end or bottom of the Dust jacket along the edges a little bit rumpled.
~ From Up Above
~ Where has Love Gone excellent Mint Condition
~ Jazz Vol 4 (open, new)
~ Clear Skies! $3 A Charming love story A couple edges and the tip of the book have a slight curl from the storage bin
~ Little darling $3 mint near mint condition and vertical free Edge has a little bit of storage wear.
~ Yokan Noise vol 1 & 2 ~ (new)
~ Love Syndrome

~ Our Everlasting - Vol 1 and 2 Mint, new, open $20 set
~ Desire $6.50 Mint near mint, new, open
~ My Only King $8 mint, new
~ Japanese ZE Manga Vol 7-11 - $25
~ Kizuna "Deluxe Edition" Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Price: $90 set (sealed, new, 4 has sm dent on spine)
~ Embracing Love Vol 1-4 ~ $120 (all new, 2 still sealed) & Vol 1-4 new, V3 has sm crease of spine
~ The prime minister's secret diplomacy $7.50 Book is mint, near mint condition but dust jacket cover does have slight curling on the front top Edge. And a small Rumple along the top edge of the spine and the top free Edge on the back next to the spine. Otherwise excellent condition.
~ Kizuna Bonds of Love Vol 1-6 $100 (v6 back cover edge has large crease along with the tip edge of 4 pages after it.
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