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Cheat submission must contain with full description, and clean download link - cheats with short links or any affiliate system will not be approved. Half-Life Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for PC. Cs 1.6 jump bug hack. Please let me know if you have any questions. CS: GO In-Game settings. It will greatly assist in covering up the aspects that might need your attention in when setting up your in-game settings in CS: GO. CS: S will not work with a normal Steam account) Bug: The Source SDK Base 2020 MP Dedicated Server is missing the Linux files.

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Counter Strike 1.6 Server List https://uralligaculture.ru/download/?file=785. Sometimes with Source games, when you open the Overlay using the default buttons (shift + tab), your shift key remains working as if it was on toggle mode, after you exit the overlay. You don't have to constantly jump back and forth between 3D applications just to animate a single scene. Counter Strike 1.6 is the best multiplayer first person. Still, I'd like to give it a shot, but I need some web page explaining it to show the guys. Cs 1.6 Steam on a 144 hz monitor help. There is my new aim assist for cs with autohotkey What do you need to do: Change all skins CT to HD models GIGN - Change all skins T to HD Leet models - Install [HOST] - Download AimAssist Vrar - Extract Where you Want - Run [HOST] - WHen u targeting CT then you are in Terro Press.

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A nostalgia trip, my WoW memories.

Hello community, with all this talk about Nostalrius and the vague possibility of Vanilla coming back i felt pretty nostalgic and decided to reflect on my own memories and share some of it in a way to honor this amazing and unique game.
It all started in '05, i was attending university, playing Counter-strike 1.6 at a pretty high level and one of my clan mates played like shit at a tournament we've been preparing for quite some time. He wasn't as motivated as before since our clan was going through a rough patch. The 5 of us were friends and lived together in one big apartment since we attended the same university. We had been successful for about two years and we were picked up by a famous brand for sponsorship which eventually granted us a couple of exhibition matches against the world's best CS team at the time, the swedish powerhouse SK. Despite all that success the pressure was getting to us and there were some tensions between some of us which started to mess up with our friendship.
Me and a couple of clan mates were on the verge of quitting the team because it wasn't fun anymore, it became business. The reason my mate played like shit was because he pulled an allnighter playing Wow. Being former WC2 and WC3 players of course we had already heard about it but he was actually the first to play it and he was in complete awe when giving us his first impressions. He made the act of repetitive boar and wolf killing an awesome experience so we had to try it out. Fast forward one week, we talked to the sponsor, abandoned it and 3 of us left CS for good as we were pretty burned out.
I bought the game and since i had no laptop available that night went home and read through the whole booklet, deciding that i wanted to be a warlock because of the demons, being ranged and the combination of shadow and fire spells. When we started leveling up, we were 8, all IRL friends. We picked alliance because our mate that played first was a night elf druid. None of us had actually played an MMO before so our levelling experience was diverse, noobish and extremely fun.
We spent hours dueling and exploring the first day. The world felt alive, you walked the roads and met people everywhere. The first time we stepped inside Stormwind and the soundtrack kicked in it was epic, still can remember the chills. The city was full of people and i struggled with the concept of all those chars jumping around being players and not NPCs, as i said, i was new to MMOs. There was a cool guy giving away gold so people could create their guilds so we created a guild with all our IRL friends in it.
The first time we've met an horde player, we were levelling in Elwynn, killing murlocs for a quest. A high level tauren shows up in a kodo and spammed some emotes, we were all trying to figure out what to do because he was a yellow target since we were on Alliance turf, until one of my friends says: "C'mon, we're 4, he's just one, let's get him!" and attacked him, the tauren laughed, dismounted, equipped a fishing rod and proceeded to beat the living shit out of my friend. One of us reached 15 days /played on the first month based on a Cola, cofee and pizza diet. Another one started a few days late and picked a Nelf Hunter and wanted to level up with us but since we were all Humans or Dwarves and our Nelf Druid friend was already 30ish he entered the boat in Darkshore and tried to come from Menethil to Stormwind at level 11, first he tried swimming but he eventually gave up and tried the roads. When he was all red, without any gear and after hours of corpse running he met a level 50 guy who kindly escorted him to Redridge where we were expecting him.
We were completely immersed in the world, it was such a new experience at the time. We quested a lot but also leveled together in instances and more IRL friends joined us, when the first of us reached 60 we were around 15 guys playing, most of the time together at our place where we had a huge living room with 3 dinner tables aligned to give a LAN house feeling. Our internet connection was pretty good since we needed it before for CS training. If you wanted to play at our place you just needed to bring your own laptop. For months there was always at least one guy logged in, morning, afternoon or night, you name it. Sometimes we were 10 or 11 at the same time. It was by this time that i started seeing chars fully epic in IF and thinking to myself that i wanted to have the same gear. There was a priest, vastly known in our server that always stood on top of the wagon on the right side of the bank in IF, he had the best gear in slot before BWL came out and everyone stopped by the wagon, "his throne", to inspect and sort of worship him. It was at that moment that my competitive self decided that someday that his wagon would be mine. When we reached level 60 we started farming the instances to get tier 0 so we could get into a MC raiding guild. The first time i've stepped inside MC i was nervous as fuck, 40 people inside, i couldn't mess it up so i was ultra focused. I wasn't really prepared for the shit fest i had joined. We managed to get into a full national guild that was stuck on Magmadar and our introduction to raiding was some weeks wiping on the dogs before him because people couldn't understand the concept of focus DPS and everyone shouted on ventrillo. It was an epic mess, there were some guys trolling for sure, namely some hunters pulling the imps or another dog pack but quite frankly nobody could tell who was doing it.
By that time i was already focused on my first major goal in the game, getting Headmaster's Charge from Scholo, THE Warlock Staff. During one of my many, many Scholo runs, a random guy congratulated me on my performance and said that his guild was missing a few players to start raiding and they needed a warlock. He scheduled a meeting the next day at the inn in IF(wtf RP). We went to the top floor where he traded me a beer, told me to sit down and invited me to their ventrillo server. There were the raid leader, the guild master and one of the warlocks. They asked me some questions about schedule availability, gaming experience and the raid leader asked me a question that i still remember today: "If i place you in the MT group, what's your main role in the raid?", to which i promptly answered: "Move my imp always close to the MT so he doesn't lose Blood Pact." They told me that most of the warlocks they had talked to before replied: "Dealing max damage as in any other group." I knew my class wasn't top DPS at that time and we had several utilities so we were like a support class. I got recruited and through me 2 of my friends were also recruited, a resto druid, the only druid spec that raided at 60, and a dwarf priest, highly rare and valuable because of fear ward.
We left our friends in the full national guild and the 3 of us moved to this new international guild and quickly found out that they were aiming to be pretty hardcore and competitive from the get to. The guild had less than 50 members so 100% raid attendance was expected. We raided from Monday to Friday, 5 hours each day with extra hours if we were close to a fresh kill. Saturday was for ZG but it was optional and Sunday was day off. We had players from all around Europe but the core was nordic. Our raids were pretty serious yet chill at the same time, no rage of loot tension, we tried to be highly coordinated following orders and nobody was obsessed with any meter.
As far as i remember, we were the first guild in our server where holy palas wore leather and cloth, which later became a trend. We had 7/8 girls in a less than 50 roster. We took Onyxia down on the first night and we cleared MC until Majordomo on the second night, we had some undergeared OTs so we only took him down after 2 weeks of gear farming. We took Ragnaros down on the first night also, epic ventrillo moment. We later got into BWL. Razorgore was chaotic to say the least and Vael was stressful as fuck. The suppression room was a Hellfire or /follow fest. Broodlord was smooth and we were on the top 5 of our server in progression ranking at Firemaw. Our server was highly popular and had high queues, more than 1500 if you queued between 6 and 7 PM, also truckloads of lag spikes and random mass disconnects. The server also went down at random time. The guild decided to migrate to a new server because it was really messing up our progression. I had to make a decision, follow my guild and keep raiding hardcore to be the best or staying with my IRL friends and join their casual guild again who was still stuck in MC. After some drunk discussions, me, the druid and the priest decided to stay and we rejoined the rest of our friends.
I quickly found out that their guild was nowhere near the level of coordination that i was now used to but i tried to get over it as i was having fun raiding with my friends. I recall farming a lot of stuff, mainly bandages, to the AQ opening event and followed the discussions on the official server forums as the big shots decided who was going to open the gates. Unfortunately, it was impossible to attend the event as Silithus was flooded with players and crashing the world server. It felt pretty unique though.
I returned to my Headmaster's Charge farm and set my sight on my second target, getting the Rivendare mount from Strat. It was extremely rare and in my opinion looked awesome on a warlock. So my non-raiding time was spent leveling my beloved resto druid alt, farming scholo and strat, farming herbs which was extremely profitable since i was also an alchemist and just wandering around trying to get some World PvP action. (Fuck Yeah, Drakedog videos) It was by this time that we started a traditional event that lasted for years. Whenever our server was down, which happened a lot, we created fresh level 1 humans on a new server and had a race from Northshire Abbey to Booty Bay, whoever finished first would get a free beer from each of the losers. Imagine 12 or 13 level 1s running through STV, dodging Horde players, Crocs, Gorillas, Stealth Panthers and Raptors...
After months stuck on Majordomo, the guild got rid of some deadweight and we sailed smoothly through Ragnaros and then BWL. Since i had full t1 and some t2 from my previous guild, i was the warlock with more DKPs and i quickly got 7/8 t2, missing the shoulders. We cleared BWL every week for more than 6 months and the shoulders never dropped. I even sent tickets to GM saying that our loot table was bugged because as far as the Allakhazan site stated, they had a freaking 21% drop chance and we hadn't got any in more than 6 months. I remember the GM just replied that it was pure bad luck and even made fun of me, cool guy. During that time, the guild evolved and we fought through both AQs and downed C'Thun. We even cleared the Spider Wing and Razuvius on the original Naxx. By this time i was already standing tall on the top of the wagon in IF, sometimes alone, sometimes sharing the throne. I had a mix of t2, AQ set and even a t3 piece so i had worked my ass off for that privilege. Our server population was through the roof as the game was getting insanely popular. One day a mage friend asked me to meet his fresh 60 warlock in SW because he wanted to show me something. When i saw him he was almost full green/blue but already had gotten the t2 shoulders on an alt run. I almost punched him.
By the end of the vanilla era, my guild scheduled an IRL meeting since we were 95% from the same country. We showed up around 30-35 people from ages 18 to 50ish. We were a strange group to say the least. As far as i recall, we had a bunch of university students from all academic areas, an university teacher, a couple of lawyers, an arquitect, a banker, a drummer and some unemployed. It was a strange and yet fascinating meeting because although we raided together for more than a year, it was awesome to meet the real people behind the voices and the chars. Some curiosities, we had a bald and tanned guy who looked exactly like his char and we had a longed haired bearded guy who also looked exactly like his char. One of the younger guys was pretty outspoken on ventrillo but he was shy as fuck IRL. We also had an older couple that were bikers. This was the last meaningful event in the Vanilla days as the first expansion was announced, the hype was through the roof.
Burning Crusade
When BC was released i couldn't start playing because i had some PC issues and i missed the huge clusterfuck that was the initial 60-70 leveling. My guild was sort of inactive, some played, some stopped playing for good and some rerolled on the horde side. My IRL friends were still playing so we moved back to our old LAN guild to level up and start raiding Karazhan. We had one problem, we were almost 100% DPS specced. Me and 3 friends switched to alts so we could raid and i've spent most of this expansion healing as a resto cloth wearing druid. At first i did this with the condition that each week they helped me through BWL to get the t2 shoulders. The Karazhan and later ZA runs were awesome because we were LAN raiding. The first couple of months were challenging because we had some heavily undergeared chars. There was a lot of trolling, topping the aggro meter, ninja pulls and DPS bets with beer at stake. After a few months, some of us changed chars and roles as it was getting stall.
Some left the guild with their mains because wanted a more hardcore experience but most of us kept it pretty casual throughout the whole expansion. Although i missed the hardcore raiding, i was having fun leveling alts and healing in arenas and if i wanted to check BT or Sunwell i just sat behind one of my friends who was raiding it and checked the raids. Hipster Twitch streaming. One of my friends was MT for a Sunwell raiding guild, every week he was on Brutallus, he raged so hard when he was one-shotted. When the expansion ended, i still had no Headmaster's Charge, no Rivendare Mount and no t2 shoulders. I was so exalted with Argent Dawn that i felt i deserved my own statue at Light's Hope Chapel. The hype for the Arthas expansion was special to me as the Arthas storyline in WC3 was my favorite campaign.
Almost all of my friends returned to our LAN guild when Wrath was launched. 2 stopped playing for good because they were burned out with the game. New expansion, everyone back into their mains, mostly everyone DPSing, a healer and a MT. We found a new small national guild with people that started playing at the end of BC, wanted to raid 25 and strangely lacked DPS members. We had a teamspeak negotiation that lasted a couple of hours. We all moved in and me and 2 friends were the new class officers for our respective classes. Our tank friends was promoted to MT since he was far more experienced than the other tanks, in fact, we were all far more experienced. We were back in an heavy casual environment, people arrived late, DPS couldn't DPS, healers couldn't heal, tanks couldn't tank and the other officers and the RL didn't gave a fuck about it. I remembered the dogs in MC everytime.
We talked about leaving the guild but considering our setup no decent guild would take us all in so we eventually decided to stick together, stay and try fixing the guild. Not everything was bad, one of my friends met his girlfriend on the guild, he was MT, she was OT, the taunt worked IRL. Me and my 2 officer mates, tuned out our class members and got rid of the hopeless and slacker ones. Our classes were doing fine and performing as expected after a couple of weeks. The other officers were all pretty chill and casual and couldn't care less if we spent night after night wiping at Naxx because a third of the raid couldn't do simple things as the dance on Heigan or the polarity shift on Thaddius.
Although we eventually managed to clear Naxx, Sarth 3 drakes and even Ulduar with record breaking repair bills, there were still many problems and tensions accumulated. One night my MT friend got into a heated argument with the guild master after a chaotic raid and after the most epic and honest rant i've ever heard online he eventually left the guild. We soon followed him since the other officers simply refused to acknowledge that some of their members were terrible and critically delaying our progression. After this i still managed to get the Undying achiev in Naxx with a PUG after 2 months of laser focus attention raiding, one mistake and the week was done. We had one guy dying at KT with less than 10% health left the week before actually getting it done, we were left speechless. We moved back to our old LAN guild and went back to alt leveling and achievs. It was by this time that i managed to get Headmaster's Charge, so 1/3 of my vanilla goals was accomplished. I still missed the baron mount and the t2 shoulders despite going to BWL every week. Around the end of Wrath me and most of my friends left the university and stopped living together. Some left the game for good as for them it was only fun if we were playing together. It was the end of an era.
Almost none of my friends played this expansion, IRL reasons mostly but some were tired of the genre and moved back to more casual games like league of legends and CS. I recall using the 10 day trial and going to Vashj'ir. A full underwater zone? Logout.
Roughly one year after mists came out, me and some of my friends decided to give it a go. We managed to get 10 of our old group back in the game and we had some fun mostly running old content and going for achievements. Nobody really liked LFR as it was a joke compared to real raiding. Most of us couldn't play on a daily basis because IRL issues so getting into a decent raiding guild was out of consideration. We kept it pretty casual. I kept farming Strat and when i was 82 the mount dropped, 2/3 Vanilla Goals.
The positive side of being 90? I could easily farm MC and BWL on my own. I farmed MC until i managed to get the bindings for the Thunderfury and i went full what the hell mode and crafter a Thunderfury for my Warlock. I actually got a Thunderfury before finishing my t2 set. On January 2014, roughly 9 years after i had first stepped inside BWL and after killing Chromaggus X times, i saw the damned shoulders drop and finally finished t2. To this day it is the most absurd thing i've witnessed in an online game and it was the closest any videogame got me from crying, but i finally had them. 3/3 VANILLA GOALS! We played Mists for over a year but eventually everyone dropped out since we weren't really doing anything together and the game had evolved to a daily completing chore.
Bought it, played two months and enjoyed mildly the leveling experience and the nostalgia trip. Unfortunately, my followers left the garrison more times than i did so i got fed up pretty fast. Some of my friends also returned but everyone left after 3 months. The magic was gone.
If you're still reading, thanks for the your time and sorry for any misspell, i'm sure there's a lot since English isn't my mother tongue. As i said before, i felt pretty nostalgic and wanted to recall happier times. This is the best and most unique game i've ever played, i've played it for roughly one third of my life and the passion i had for the game had a great impact on my life. Throughout the years me and my friends weren't just playing the game, we were living it, when we weren't online, we were always talking or thinking about it. We pulled countless all nighters, going for breakfast after, we discussed every single tiny detail of the game over drinks and when drunk we had the craziest arguments about the game. Insane immersion levels.
I keep in touch with mostly everyone of my close friends who played in my LAN guild and when possible we host an yearly dinner to catch up as there are many of them abroad. I recall the last month i was subscribed during WoD. I confess that it was pretty sad, checking your guild roster and see the last login tab: 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 7 years... I walked around Stormwind, Elwynn, Westfall or Duskwood and see some people playing the game and wonder if they had an amazing experience playing this game as i did. I hope they had. I wonder if that's how an old man who had a rich and fulfilling life feels IRL.
Finally, i still remember looking up to that guy on top of the wagon. I felt envy, i won't lie. I'm naturally competitive and seeing that guy instigated my drive for many years of raiding. I think that every MMO should be based on the time+skill=reward system. This sparks the competitiveness and promotes the will to take harder challenges and be the best. Of course the casual player that "raids" LFRs once a week wants to have the sickest gear in the game and he feels entitled to it since he pays the same as the hardcore raider that grinds 24/7 and has the best gear in slot because he worked his ass off for it. But if you give access to every piece of (recoulored) gear and every raid, you take away the real joy of raiding and the game gets stale and boring.
If everyone has his own wagon, there's nobody up there to look up to. I believe this is a crucial point in the game's current state. All this talk about the Nostalrius server and the small possibility that Blizzard will launch Vanilla servers got me pretty hyped, it wouldn't be the same as it was more than 10 years ago, but i'm 100% sure that it would be a better experience than the current state of the game. Wow felt like a real world, leveling was fun and took a lot of time as it should be, questing was interesting and challenging, the World PvP was not that competitive unless you were facing an Undead Rogue(fuck those guys) and the 5man instances were meaningful and required coordination and knowledge. You could waste so much time in Dire Maul doing a King's run or doing LBRS or UBRS with 15 guys. My experience with WoD and most of the feedback i read here on reddit tells me that WoW nowadays is just a glorified instanced single player online game where everything is handed to you. This game deserves his magic back.
Thanks Blizzard for all the memories and thank you for reading,
A proud Warlock.
Bonus pic: Vanilla goals 3/3! http://imgur.com/oPrTbaN
submitted by ZeroWan to wow

V1.4 of the CSGO Weapon Balance Mod Has Released! Detailed Changelist Inside. (Pistol Overhaul, Rebalanced SMGs, and More)

V1.4 of the CSGO Weapon Balance Mod Is Now Available For Download

For those unfamiliar with this project, this is a fan-made modification of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive intended to improve weapon balance and mechanics. With the V1.4 update, the pistol redesigns have been refined from the v1.3 update and greater emphasis has been put on balancing anti-eco and force buy options in response to the heavy UMP use in the current meta.

Download Here - Installation Guide

As I cannot list all of my adjustments, please refer to the spreadsheets below for a full list of weapon stats.

Weapon Stat Spreadsheet V1.4 Weapon Balance Mod

Weapon Stat Spreadsheet Vanilla CSGO

Server List

(Popflash is not up to date for this update, so the 3kliksphilip servers above are currently the only options for playing aside from testing offline with bots.)

The Main Goals

  • Revamp the pistols to encourage more skillful play on pistol and eco rounds
    • Tapping is more reliable, with inaccuracy from firing taking less time to decay. Spamming accuracy is also a bit more consistent, though with the drastic changes to tapping there should be a healthy mix of both firing styles.
    • Only the Deagle and R8 are capable of one hit kill headshots against full health helmeted players.
    • With more reliable accuracy models, damage has been reduced for most pistols.
    • Run and gun accuracy was tweaked individually for each gun. (Tec-9 needed a much larger increase than something like the Glock.)
  • Adjust the balance of force buy and anti eco options
    • SMG balance was adjusted so that the UMP does not overshadow the other options.
    • The Famas and Galil had their accuracy models adjusted to be more reliable. In their current state they were almost entirely overlooked.
  • Apply the Second Shot update accuracy improvements to other guns to encourage more tapping and bursting.
  • Adjust weapon designs for majorly flawed weapons such as the R8 Revolver.
  • Address some consistency issues with certain accuracy penalities; e.g. the Bizon being incredibly inaccurate on ladders and the Mac-10 being very accurate


Pistols are perhaps the most criticized aspect of CSGO compared to previous iterations of Counter-Strike. This subreddit has made its opinions known on the matter and "fixing the pistols" is the most common response from pro players when they are asked what they'd change about CSGO. September 29, 2015 & July 4, 2016
Revamping the pistols is no easy task. Players complain that pistols such as the P250 should not be able to one hit kill an armored opponent at close range as even an M4 cannot accomplish that. If Valve were to simply reduce the damage or armor penetration of the P250 so it could no longer one shot it would be awful. The high damage is balanced by low firing accuracy and often poor quick tapping ability. While this may be "balanced" it doesn't mean that it makes for a fun or fair experience. Even pistols that lack the ability to one hit kill helmeted opponents take on a similar design.
The USP and Glock in CSGO deal more damage than their 1.6 and Source counterparts, but their tapping accuracy takes much longer to reset. Pistols went from having lower damage with more reliable accuracy to higher damage with less reliable accuracy, which can in turn just lead to spamming and hoping for the best. Pistol rounds are some of the most important rounds in Counter-Strike and in CSGO their outcome can be left up to a great deal of chance due to the accuracy models of the pistols. Making pistol and eco rounds more skill based would fix two of CSGO's most common complaints, and I believe I've found the solution.

The Overhaul

  • Damage for most pistols has been reduced.
    • The Deagle and R8 Revolver are the only pistols that are capable of one hit killing a full health helmeted opponent.
    • More info can be found in the individual weapon adjustments section below. Many pistols have been redesigned completely to compensate for this change.
  • How pistols handle inaccuracy has been reworked.
    • The AK and M4 benefited from the Second Shot update which sped up recovery time when tapping and bursting as well as slowing it when spraying. These mechanics can be added and tweaked for every gun in the game (excluding the R8 Revolver which is bugged so its bullet counter never increases above 0). When implemented correctly, this allows for a much greater amount of freedom in weapon designs, especially the pistols.
    • Tapping takes significantly less time to become accurate allowing for more reliable and faster tapping.
    • Accuracy when spamming at max firing speed has also been improved but to a much lesser degree than the tapping buff. As pistols deal much less damage with my changes, they need to be much more reliable to compensate for this.
    • The accuracy penalty for moving is now harsher with the percent increase varying from gun to gun. An example being that the Tec-9 received a much larger percent increase compared to the Glock due to the current Tec-9's ridiculous moving accuracy.

Individual Pistol Designs

Rather than making a bulleted listed, I've provided a short summary of the pistol redesigns and provided accuracy and damage comparison graphs. As all the pistols were completely reworked, it's difficult to list every major change as all pistols had their accuracy and damage models heavily modified.
The P2000 has been redesigned to function like the USP from 1.6 and Source though with a 13 bullet magazine and minus the silencer. Like the USP of old, its one hit kill range vs unarmored opponents is down to only medium range (the exact range being 652 units, as I've implemented the old USP's damage model exactly) though the new accuracy model allows for much more reliable tapping than the current P2000. Its firerate is back up to the classic USP's 400 RPM compared to its current 353 RPM.
P2000 Spamming Inaccuracy Comparison - P2000 Tapping Inaccuracy Comparison
The USP-S sees similar changes as the P2000. The USP-S and P2000 are very similar in CSGO so I wanted to give each its own distinct advantages. The USP-S retains the slower firerate of 353RPM that CSGO gave it compared to the 400 RPM it used to have in 1.6 and Source. In return its inaccuracy and recoil when firing are less than that of the P2000's. It can't fire as quickly as the P2000 can, but at longer ranges when players have to rely on tapping, it's a better option than the P2000. Its reserve ammo has been increased to 48 bullets so limited reserve ammo is no longer a downside.
USP-S Spamming Inaccuracy Comparison - USP-S Tapping Inaccuracy Comparison
The Glock now has a much more reliable accuracy model. I took some cues from the Source version of the Glock which drastically improved its spamming accuracy compared to 1.6. Burst fire mode has also had its accuracy model improved to be more on par with its previous iterations. Like the P2000 and USP-S I've reverted the Glock back to its previous damage model, so its damage will drop off heavily with distance though I have increased its base damage slightly from 1.6 and Source so it can better compete with the P2000 and USP-S, though I still think dropping your Glock and stealing a USP off a dead CT will be common practice as it is currently.
Glock Spamming Inaccuracy Comparison - Glock Tapping Inaccuracy Comparison
The P250, while no longer able to deliver one hit kills to armored opponents at close range, is much more reliable at mid range due to its accuracy rework. It’s new accuracy model means that delivering the one-two punch at medium range should be much more reliable. The P250 remains a great cheap eco option.
P250 Spamming Inaccuracy Comparison - P250 Tapping Inaccuracy Comparison
The Five-Seven has been reworked to promote tapping and even perform well at ranges the P250 cannot. Its accuracy and damage at range outclass the other eco pistols, though its recoil can be unforgiving when fired at max fire rate. This design is pretty different from the Five-Seven that's currently in CSGO, but some current designs would not transfer over well when completely revamping the pistols. This design is similar to the Five-Seven in Source but with significantly higher damage to make it viable.
Five-Seven Spamming Inaccuracy Comparison - Five-Seven Tapping Inaccuracy Comparison
Much like the Five-Seven the Tec-9 received a major redesign. The Tec-9's running accuracy was decreased significantly to put it more in line with other pistols. Somewhat opposite to the Five-Seven, the Tec-9 has low recoil and great spamming accuracy. Even then, its first shot accuracy has been improved from its vanilla version. Due to the improved spamming accuracy, fire rate was reduced from 500 RPM to 429RPM to keep it from being too powerful and to make its max firerate more obtainable for average players. Even with the slower fire rate, it is still one of the fastest firing pistols. Its magazine size was increased back to 32 bullets as well.
Tec-9 Spamming Inaccuracy Comparison - Tec-9 Tapping Inaccuracy Comparison
The CZ75-Auto's recoil pattern has been replaced with a more manageable mostly straight line to be more in line with the other pistols. In general, the CZ75-Auto was reworked to be more reliable with better first shot accuracy and tapping and bursting accuracy. However, its damage now drops off very heavily with distance. Like most of the pistol reworks, landing shots should be more reliable, but its damage output isn't as powerful. Its deploy time (the amount of time it takes before the player can fire after switching to it) has been reduced from 1.85 to 1.25 seconds, and its kill award was increased to the standard $300. Now that its damage output is less extreme compared to the other pistols, it doesn't need some of its rather strange downsides.
CZ75-A Spamming Inaccuracy Comparison - CZ75-A Tapping Inaccuracy Comparison - Recoil Comparison
Dual Berettas
The Dualies are the odd ball of these changes. Its firing accuracy was significantly less than the other pistols, yet its recoil was high and unpredictable causing some horizontal sway when fired at max speed. I've adjusted its recoil to be more manageable with its higher fire rate, but I've also reduced its spamming accuracy quite considerably while keeping tapping accuracy high. This mostly applies to firing at max fire rate, which is very hard to maintain without lighting fast fingers. Its damage and armor penetration were increased to bring it more in line with the other pistols. The Dualies rarely saw use, but with these changes they could be an excellent choice on pistol round due to their high base damage or they might even be able to compete with the Five-Seven and Tec-9 as eco pistols.
Dualies Spamming Inaccuracy Comparison - Dualies Tapping Inaccuracy Comparison
The Deagle was completely reworked to play more like its previous versions in 1.6 and Source. CSGO's Deagle first shot accuracy may be extremely high, but accuracy between shots takes an extremely long time to recover. (So much so that it's become common practice to quick switch to and from your Deagle in between shots to reset inaccuracy.) With this rework, its lower first shot accuracy means that hitting consistent headshots at long range won't be possible, but at close and medium ranges the Deagle can now perform more consistently due to its significantly faster accuracy recovery time. Spamming accuracy was adjusted so it's not as abuseable as it was in Source. 1.6's and Source's exact damage model was used for this redesign, so the Deagle now deals much less damage, but still headshots full health helmeted players up to 1145 units away (most people do not realize this was the case for 1.6 and Source). The Deagle's price was increased to $800 to cement it as the premium pistol choice.
Deagle Spamming Inaccuracy Comparison - Deagle Tapping Inaccuracy Comparison
R8 Revolver
The R8 was completely reworked as its current design is very gimmicky, and it is rarely chosen over the Deagle. I decided to keep the charge shot and rapid fire mechanics because I believe they can be adjusted to actually be enjoyable, and I doubt Valve would want to completely give up on this design. The charge time before it can use its primary fire was reduced from 0.4 seconds to 0.1 seconds and the player speed penalty when charging was removed. No one enjoyed this mechanic of having to prepare your shots well in advance, so reducing it to 0.1 seconds means that the delay is more about keeping your aim on point and slightly delaying your shot for a bullet that is more accurate than the Deagle. Charged shots are no longer accurate when running and gunning, jumping, or climbing ladders.
The R8's damage model was altered heavily. Instead of killing in 2 bullets, it's on par with the redesigned Deagle, taking 3 shots to kill at close and medium ranges and 4 at long range. When charged its accuracy is greater than the Deagle's but it fires significantly slower. Players will have to rely on the right click fire mode to rapid fire. Its firerate has been increased drastically to make up for the R8's lower damage (increased from 150 RPM to 218RPM) and its accuracy greatly improved. In short, the R8 is a more accurate, slightly higher damage Deagle with a 0.1 second wind up time before firing. If players want to rapid fire, they can right click, though it is less reliable than a Deagle would be when spamming. The R8's price was reduced to $800 to put it on par with the Deagle.
Note: I've found there seems to be a 0.0375 second delay added to the charge times for some unknown reason. Assuming this is correct the vanilla charge time is 0.4375 seconds and the modded time is 0.1375 seconds. There also seems to be an issue with the modded R8 which will cause charge shots to have no sound or bullet effect. I think this is only present if the player has high ping. Apologies for that.
R8 Spamming Inaccuracy Comparison - R8 Charge Shot Inaccuracy Comparison


The current meta for force buys and anti-ecos has shifted quite heavily towards buying the UMP45. It's cheap, powerful, and has a $600 kill award. Unless you plan on engaging players at long distances, the UMP has become the favorite option for when you can't afford an M4 or AK or just want to make some extra money in an anti-eco.
While the SMGs are easier to use than rifles and allow the user to be a bit reckless at times, I don't take issue with their mechanics like I do the pistols. The balance between the SMGs is their biggest flaw with the UMP overshadowing nearly every other option.

Individual SMG Designs

  • Accuracy model reworked:
    • Running accuracy was improved.
    • Stationary accuracy was reduced.
  • Damage fall off with distance is now worse. (back to pre-3/31/15 value)
These adjustments give the CT’s a run and gun SMG option similar to the Mac-10. The MP9 was originally designed to fit this role, but the 3/31/15 update altered this.
  • Price increased from $1050 to $1200
  • Mac-10’s accuracy model was reworked (like the MP9's its design is similar to its pre-3/31/15 version)
    • Running accuracy was reduced.
    • Spraying accuracy was improved to be more in line with other SMGs. (Reduced InaccuryFire as well as a lower RecoveryTime)
The Mac-10 is still the “run and gun” SMG for Terrorists, though it’s moving accuracy is no longer as ridiculous as it was. In return, its now much more reliable when standing still.
  • Increased Armor Penetration from 57.5% to 62.5%
  • Improved damage fall off with distance (previously 20% damage lost at 500 units, now 15% damage lost at 500 units)
  • Reduced max player speed from 240u/s to 235u/s
The Bizon rarely saw any use due to its poor damage. Even with these changes, the Bizon still lacks the damage output of most of the other SMGs, but when paired with its enormous magazine it might be enough to make the Bizon a more popular option.
  • Price decreased from $1700 to $1500
  • Reduced first shot accuracy. (Even with the reduction it’s the most accurate of the SMGs)
  • Reduced moving accuracy to be the worst of the SMGs.
  • Improved damage fall off with distance (previously 15% damage lost at 500 units changed to 11.5% damage lost at 500 units)
  • Increased max player speed from 220u/s to 225u/s
At its high price, the MP7 was seen a premium option for anti-ecos, yet due to the UMP's price it was commonly overshadowed. As the UMP now plays the role of the expensive premium SMG, the MP7's price was dropped to make it more appealing. In its current state, it would probably overshadow a repriced $1700 UMP, so I gave it a few adjustments such as reducing its run and gun accuracy and worsening its first shot accuracy to be more in line with how the MP5 was in Source. I didn't want its high accuracy to outclass cheap rifles, so instead I opted to improve damage over distance. The MP7 is the least mobile of the SMGs, but its high accuracy and low recoil give it the best performance at range over any SMG.
  • Price increased from $1200 to $1700
  • Recoil pattern was adjusted to require more horizontal control with extended spraying instead of the last 10 or so bullets landing on the same point as they currently do.
The UMP has become a very popular anti-eco and force buy option, overshadowing nearly every other option. Instead of nerfing the damage of the UMP, I opted to increase its price to better fit its power. I did adjust its recoil pattern to require a bit more control with extending spraying though.
Recoil Comparison
  • Slightly reduced firing inaccuracy penalty
The P90 sees some use in force buys, though its not a common sight in competitive play. It is however a favorite in casual play. While buffing the P90 could allow it to see more use in higher skill play, I'd rather play it safe and keep it roughly the same so it doesn't unbalance casual play where it's so easy to use.


Cheap Rifles

Cheap rifles aren't as affordable as SMGs (excluding the P90) and only provide the standard $300 per kill. While they are less affordable, the Famas and Galil perform better at longer distance than the SMGs. In CSGO, the Famas is significantly less accurate than it was in past CS games. In 1.6 the Famas's accuracy was about on par with the M4, and in Source the Famas is actually MORE accurate than the M4. The Galil in 1.6 was very unreliable due to how much accuracy was lost after firing, but in Source it's spraying accuracy was improved drastically. In CSGO, the Galil's firing accuracy is back to being unreliable, though not to the degree it was in 1.6.
I can understand why these changes were made. Greater emphasis was put on the SMGs to make them more viable, and by reducing the effectiveness of the Famas and Galil, it would encourage players to try other options in anti-eco and force buys. I feel like there is enough room in CSGO for an improved Famas and Galil as well as the stronger SMGs that CSGO brings. I won't bring the Famas's accuracy up to be on par with the M4, but it will see a significant improvement to both its automatic and burst fire modes. The reworked Galil should be more on par with its Source version.
  • First shot accuracy was improved (Inaccuracy decreased by about 20%)
  • Implemented transitioning recovery times from the Second Shot update to improve tapping and bursting.
  • Recoil pattern was redesigned
    • The amount of recoil per shot and the size of the recoil pattern has been increased, though the shape of the pattern has been simplified.
  • Burst fire mode revamped to be more viable
    • Recoil was reduced and tightened horizontally (the recoil pattern when bursting is randomized, so reducing recoil benefits burst fire heavily)
    • Crouching now correctly improves first shot accuracy when bursting instead of worsening it.
  • Reduced moving accuracy to be more in line with the other rifles.
While its first shot accuracy is still noticeably worse than the M4's, when combined with the buff to tapping, bursting, and burst fire mode it is a major improvement over its current state that should allow the Famas to play more consistently. The higher recoil brings its recoil amount back up to what about what it was in 1.6 and Source but also simplifies the pattern so it's not so difficult to control. Patterns that shift direction horizontally before the first 7 bullets like the current Famas are often very difficult to manage.
Recoil Comparison
Galil AR
  • Greatly reduced inaccuracy from firing and implemented transitioning recovery times from the Second Shot update to improve tapping and bursting.
  • Reduced moving accuracy to be more in line with the other rifles.
The Galil's accuracy was very unreliable due to its high firing inaccuracy and slow recovery time. With these downsides lessened, it should be significantly more reliable. While not as reliable as the M4 or AK, it's now more worth its price.

Expensive Rifles

The M4 and AK are pretty solid in there design, though the SG 553 and AUG are rather strange. While they rarely see any use in high level competitive play, some players swear by them. Rather than reworking them and possibly upsetting the entire game's balance, I've decided to keep them mostly as they are. There's no point in forcing a major change on the meta if the vast majority of players don't want it. The SG and AUG already have their fans, and that's all they really need right now.
There are some strange inconsistencies with crouching accuracy for these rifles that I discussed here which I've adjusted in my changes.
  • Improved first shot crouching accuracy slightly to be in line with the other rifles. (Info about these inconsistencies can be found here.
  • Improved first shot crouching accuracy slightly to be in line with the other rifles. (Info about these inconsistencies can be found here.
  • Reduced tagging ability to match the other rifles. (Was mistakenly using a previous set of values assigned to the M4 before Valve overhauled tagging in a later update.)
  • Reduced moving accuracy to be on par with the M4A4
  • Increased damage drop off with distance to match the M4A4 (previously 1% damage lost at 500 units changed to 3% damage lost at 500 units)
  • Slightly reduced firing accuracy penalty.
  • Reserve ammunition was increased from 40 to 60.
The M4A1-S has a lot of quirks compared to the straight forward M4A4. Some like the tagging were likely an oversight, and others like the almost nonexistent damage drop off (the only other gun with a 1% drop off is the AWP) were just confusing. I wanted to simplify the M4A1-S's design a bit. Simply, it has a slower fire rate and smaller magazine than the M4A4, but it is silenced and its lower firing inaccuracy and recoil allow for precision aiming. I'd say these changes as a whole are a slight buff (an extra magazine in reserve can make a great deal of difference) and might push M4A1-S usage up a bit to be on par with the M4A4.
  • Slightly adjusted accuracy model
    • Crouching now provides a greater improvement to recovery time compared to standing to be more in line with other weapons. (Info about these inconsistencies can be found here.) This improves all mode of fire when crouched.
    • Standing accuracy tweaked so that extended spraying is slightly less accurate. (Standing bursting accuracy is also very slightly more accurate.)
These changes are fairly minor, mostly focused around making crouching benefits more consistent. I didn't want to just buff crouching accuracy, so I adjusted the accuracy model when standing slightly as a balance measure.
  • Adjusted damage model
    • Armor penetration was reduced from 90% to 70%
    • Base damage was increased from 28 to 35
    • These changes bring the AUG's armor penetration down to that of the M4's so it no longer peforms worse against unarmored opponents compared to the M4. Damage vs armored players is slightly less to compensate.
    • Improved wallbanging ability (Damage before armor penetration calculations also control wallbanging, therefore the buff to base damage improves wallbanging so it is no longer noticeably worse than the M4.)
  • Implemented transitioning recovery times from the Second Shot update to improve tapping and bursting at the cost of slightly reducing spraying accuracy.
I wanted to bring the improvements the AK and M4 saw to their tapping to the AUG and SG 553 as well though I've adjusted their accuracy models so the change isn't as major. The change to the AUG's damage model was mostly to fix its lackluster wallbanging.
SG 553
  • Adjusted damage model
    • Armor penetration was reduced from 100% to 77.5%
    • Base damage was increased from 30 to 38
    • These changes bring the SG's armor penetration down to that of the AK47's so it no longer peforms worse against unarmored opponents compared to the AK47. Damage vs armored players is slightly less to compensate.
    • Improved wallbanging ability (Damage before armor penetration calculations also control wallbanging, therefore the buff to base damage improves wallbanging so it is no longer noticeably worse than the AK47.)
  • Implemented transitioning recovery times from the Second Shot update to improve tapping and bursting.
  • Reduced RecoilMagnitudeVariance to 0 to lessen the vertical dip in the top right corner of the recoil pattern to make it a bit easier to control
  • Crouching now provides a greater improvement to recovery time compared to standing to be more in line with other weapons. (Info about these inconsistencies can be found here.) This improves all mode of fire when crouched.
  • Inaccuracy from firing was increased to compensate the recovery time and recoil changes to keep the already accurate SG from being too powerful.
I wanted to bring the improvements the AK and M4 saw to their tapping to the AUG and SG 553 as well though I've adjusted their accuracy models so the change isn't as major. The change to the SG's damage model was mostly to fix its lackluster wallbanging. It was puzzling that any gun would have 100% armor penetration.

Bolt Action Sniper Rifles

  • Scoped accuracy has been greatly increased.
  • Scoping now instantly results in full accuracy instead of it taking a short time to transition to full scoped accuracy.
  • Damage was reduced slightly so one hit kills to the stomach against unarmored, full health opponents are no longer possible.
  • Price was increased from $1700 to $2000
I always found it a bit strange that the SSG08 is used more commonly as an eco option in CSGO rather than a force buy option that is more on par with the Famas and Galil. Instead of improving its stats, Valve chose to reduce its price until it found a niche. In its current state the SSG08 can often miss headshots at very long range (T-Spawn to mid double doors on Dust 2). By improving its accuracy it is a much more reliable option, and with the introduction of quick scoping being fully accurate, it allows players to be a lot more aggressive. At $2000 it's unlikely to be used on an eco, but the improvements to its accuracy could see the Scout thrust into the role of a force buy weapon for players who like engage at long range.
  • Increased kill award to $300 (previously $100)
  • Fully scoped accuracy has been increased. (Though scoping accuracy still takes the same amount of time to decrease as it currently does.)
With the changes to pistols, falling back on a your pistol with the AWP could be less effective as options like the P250 and Tec-9 no longer provide a one hit kill to full health helmet wearing opponents. This adjustment may be a bit preemptive, but I feel like increasing the AWP's kill award to $300 would be a trade off for this. There's no connection between getting short range kills and the money earn on kill, but many players have shown there distaste with the AWP's low kill award. (My argument for this change is a bit shaky I admit. I've never liked that CSGO punishes AWPers by rewarding them less money when they are the ones who need to purchase such an expensive weapon.)


The autosnipers in Counter-Strike have never been seen in a positive light. They are easy to use and easy to abuse, but at high level play, they rarely see any use. The goal of these changes wasn't to force them to be any more or less viable than they are currently, but to instead make them a bit less mindless to use. By reducing their spamming accuracy and improving their accuracy when spacing apart their shots apart, players will be more willing to actually aim for headshots now that they are more obtainable. I've also made some adjustments to differentiate the SCAR-20 and G3GS1 from each other as they were nearly identical in every stat excluding the G3SG1's long reload time.
  • Reduced damage (Base damage reduced from 80 to 65, though damage drop off with distance was lessened so that 2 body shots will continue to kill.)
    • It now takes 3 legs shots to kill rather than 2.
  • Adjusted accuracy model
    • Fully scoped accuracy has been increased
    • The time it takes to be fully accurate after scoping has been reduced.
    • Accuracy penalty from firing has been increased to reduce spamming accuracy.
    • Implemented recovery time transition from the Second Shot update. While the higher InaccuracyFire means spamming is less accurate, assuming players take enough time in between their shots and slowly tap, the SCAR-20 is now more accurate.
    • Recovery time was reduced compared to that of the G3SG1.
As stated above, the purpose of these changes was to encourage players to space out their shots rather than spam hoping for the best. The SCAR-20 was adjusted to deal less damage but to reset its accuracy faster than the G3GS1 to give it its own identity.
  • Adjusted accuracy model
    • Fully scoped accuracy has been increased
    • The time it takes to be fully accurate after scoping has been reduced.
    • Accuracy penalty from firing has been increased to reduce spamming accuracy.
    • Implemented recovery time transition from the Second Shot update. While the higher InaccuracyFire means spamming is less accurate, assuming players take enough time in between their shots and slowly tap, the G3SG1 is now more accurate.
Similar to the changes to the SCAR-20, the goal was to encourage players to space out their shots rather than spam hoping for the best. The G3SG1 deals more damage than the SCAR-20, but takes a bit longer for its accuracy to recover after shooting and has a longer reload time than the SCAR-20.


The shotguns and LMGs rarely see use in CSGO. I have made some adjustment to put certain options like the Nova and M249 more on par with their counterparts, though for the most part I've decided to keep both the shotguns and LMGs relatively unchanged. Rather than try and drastically change the meta by making these options more viable, I'm playing it safe. Assuming nothing changes and the shotguns and LMGs continue to see little use, no harm is done. A drastic overhaul could mean potential balance issues. The goal of this mod isn't necessarily to make every gun viable, but to improve CSGO's balance and mechanics to create a more rewarding game.


  • Improved accuracy (tightened shotgun spread) to be the best of the shotguns.
The Nova didn't really have much going for it. It lacks the damage of the Mag-7 and Sawed-Off at close range vs armored opponents. While its performance against unarmored opponents is great, it lacks the versatility of an SMG. Tighter spread should allow players to aim for headshots as bodyshots will most likely still not kill kevlar wearing players, though as a shotgun it still lacks versatility.
  • Increased pellet count from 8 to 9
  • Reduced damage dealt by each pellet. The total damage dealt assuming every pellet lands is nearly the same (1.25% higher damage)
  • Reduced moving and jumping accuracy a bit to be more in line with the other shotguns.
By increasing the number of pellets and keeping total damage roughly the same, some randomness is eliminated from the Mag-7. With more pellets there's less of a chance of extremely unlucky shotgun shots that miss every pellet.
  • Increased movement speed from 210u/s to 225u/s
  • Bullet range increased so bullets no longer vanish at medium range
  • Slightly improved accuracy (tightened shotgun spread).
  • Increased pellet count from 8 to 9
  • Reduced damage dealt by each pellet. The total damage dealt assuming every pellet lands is nearly the same (1.95% higher damage)
  • Reduced moving and jumping accuracy a bit to be more in line with the other shotguns.
By increasing the number of pellets and keeping total damage roughly the same, some randomness is eliminated from the Sawed-Off. With more pellets there's less of a chance of extremely unlucky shotgun shots that miss every pellet. Movement speed was increased to bring it more in line with the Mag-7 and the noticeable bullet vanish at medium range has been removed. Shotguns aren't too effective for an offensive Terrorist playstyle, so even with these changes I doubt the Sawed-Off will see any more use outside of some niche use in areas such as dropdown on Cobblestone.
  • Straightened recoil pattern to be a straight line
  • Increased inaccuracy from firing and implemented recovery time transition from the Second Shot update
Most players don't realize that the XM1014's recoil curves slightly when fired at max speed. I've straightened the recoil to be a simple line and added some extra inaccuracy from firing to compensate for this. This isn't a buff or a nerf, more of a quality of life change that makes the XM1014 a little more intuitive to use.


  • Implemented recovery time transition from the Second Shot update as well as significantly reducing recovery time and increasing firing inaccuracy. This results in much more consistent tapping and spraying about on par with the current M249.
  • Increased damage per bullet to be on par with the Negev.
  • Reshaped recoil pattern to be easier to control.
The M249 was completely overshadowed by the Negev. With a more manageable recoil pattern and a buff to its damage it should no longer be noticeably worse than the Negev.
Recoil Comparison
  • Implemented recovery time transition from the Second Shot update as well as significantly reducing recovery time and increasing firing inaccuracy. This results in much more consistent tapping and spraying about on par with the current Negev.
The long accuracy recovery time meant that the Negev had a great difficulty tapping and bursting in succession, with these changes it should be a bit more reliable.

Closing Statements

The Weapon Balance Mod has been a passion project of mine for a long time now, it’s been about 2 years since I released v1.0 and I’ve learned a lot about CSGO’s interworking and game balance in this time. It can’t sustain a large enough playerbase for the mod to be played regularly, but its real purpose is to show that the changes that players have been requesting for so long are indeed possible. For example, pistols CAN be reworked to be less random and provide less random pistol and eco rounds. I can't promise that these suggestions are the end all solution to many of CSGO's problems, but I can promise that I've put my all into testing and implementing these changes. Hopefully this project can be of use to Valve. I'd love to work with/for them to make CSGO the best it can be.
submitted by SlothSquadron to GlobalOffensive

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