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Mar 23, 2020 Download best counter strike free clients 2020 for your computer compatible with windows xp, vista, 7 and win 8. CS has bots, no lag and high fps. How to AWP: mastering Counter-Strike's iconic rifle https://uralligaculture.ru/download/?file=811. Displays AI node information: impulse 195: Enemies can't hear. This page lists all of the major admin commands in SourceMod. Ninja: Win 100 knife fights. You're not going to use 40 bullets in a competitive round if.

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My 2 cents and some spare change(s)

Note: this is going to be a pretty long post, and there will be no tl;dr at the end. Feel free to disagree with anything I've said, but please do not downvote it simply for being long, as I think both it's length and content are justified.
So I've been having a bit of a hard time getting back into Apex, ever since the solos were removed. The feeling of getting to play without having to worry about your teammates was just so... liberating, that just the thought of getting back into squad play has been enough to make me actually play Solitaire. And this is not me trying to be funny. The thought of playing Apex has been so unappealing that, lately, I've actually been choosing to play Solitaire instead, especially whenever nobody on my friends list is looking to play.
Think about that: the experiences I had solo-queuing after the solos were over was so horrible that I adopted the habits of a 55 year old accountant with a receding hairline. But I've been trying to get back into it in the last couple of days, and I've had some insanely fun games with a full pre-made, which has made me remember how much fun this game can be at it's best, despite all it's problems.
But it's also made me think about all the problems, changes, additions and features that have actively taken away from that enjoyment, and I'd like to share some of my thoughts on the game could be improved, and what I think are some of the missteps the developers have made/are making. I know it's a long shot, trying to impact the decisions a big company makes with a Reddit post. Hell, it's stupid to consider it to be a shot of any length. So you can consider this post as just me venting and getting to put this stuff down, even if the leads to nothing but wasted time.
And hey, since nobody on my friends list is online, I'd rather spend my day off wasting time like this than queuing solo, and I already finished all the daily challenges in Microsoft Solitaire.
First of all, bring solos back. PERMANENTLY. Apex is at it's best with a good pre-made squad, but getting a good pre-made squad together constantly is simply not the reality for people in smaller regions or those who are usually awake during abnormal hours. Add to that the fact that most people would probably like to play with people who are about as good as they are, speak the language they speak, and who they get along with, and the task of finding enough many people who fill the criteria to secure a pre-made whenever you want to play becomes simply impossible.
Solo queue solves all of this: you can play solo when your friends aren't online, and you can play squads when you have a pre-made. I do not understand why solos were removed. It does not matter that the mode wasn't perfect. Add it back in, and then start ironing out the quirks. None of the problems were big enough to warrant the removal, and things like teaming can largely be removed by simply handing out harsh penalties if there's definite proof that teaming took place. Just add it back. Please. I love the base gameplay of Apex Legends, but playing with random squadmates is an absolutely horrible experience roughly about 9 times out of 10, for reasons ranging simply from too big of a difference in skill to toxicity to players disconnecting to players simply having no ability to or interest in playing as a squad.
Second of all, the loot distribution needs to be changed completely. Have all players start with white armor, a white backbag and a white knockdown, and use the newfound space to add more guns. This will help make the starts of games far less random and luck-dependant. There is simply no excuse for early fights being decided by what bin contains a Peacekeeper and what bin contains a white knockdown shield and some energy ammo.
The less randomness there is, the higher the skill ceiling will be, and the higher the skill ceiling, the more longetivity the game has. Making the game appeal to competitive gamers is absolutely your best bet for boosting it's popularity long-term, and lowering the skill ceiling is NOTHING but detrimental for the game's future as a competitive game. The competitive scene is your best marketing tool, and a goal for more serious players to aim towards. So rather than just throwing money at high profile tournaments hoping it'll stick, work on making the game a natural fit for competition, and then start building a competitive scene for it.
As a side note to that, the game currently just does not work as a serious, competitive game. Everything from the format to the points system to the production values the tournaments have had thus far have been anything from sub-par to embarrassing. But there are a ton of ways to make Apex Legends work as a serious competitive game. I can come up with at least five to ten ways just from the top of my head. But none of those matter, if fundamental things like charactegun balance or loot distribution are as messed up as they are right now.
Third, matchmaking even in the casual mode needs to be leveled. At some point, the playerbase of this game is going to consist of mostly experienced, good players. At that point, random people will simply not be able to hop on and have a good old time, because they will get destroyed by the portion of the playerbase that has been playing for a long time.
What killed Counter-Strike 1.6 and Quake 3/Arena is this: new players stopped coming in, because all the servers were filled with veterans who'd been playing for 5-10 years, and newcomers had absolutely no chance. And neither game did anything to make it easier for new players to hop on. There were bots, with whom you could play on your own server, sure, but that was not enough. There were beginner servers too, sure, but no servers between absolute beginner servers and expert players. So once you graduated from being a complete beginner, you had no choice but to hop on a regular server and get humiliated by the veterans, and that is the point most beginners simply stopped.
And I don't blame them. Make it so players can easily go from beginners to intermediates to good to great, and you won't have new players hopping on for the first time, getting destroyed and never playing again. There will be smurfs, sure, because people are kinda pathetic like that, but it will not be nearly as bad for new players as it will be in a year's time without proper, leveled matchmaking; ranked mode or no. And for the love of god, add hop-ups, gun parts and a way to choose your character to the training mode. I cannot fathom why these things aren't already there. I mean seriously, WHY can't you go test out hop-ups, characters or gun parts in the mode that's called "training"?
Explain this to me, please.
Fourth, you need to stop nerfing guns by adding randomness to them. It is the absolute WORST way to nerf weapons, considering how many other, better ways there are. If there's a single good argument for adding randomness to recoil patterns, over nerfing the fire rate, clip size or damage, I'd very much like to hear it.
All it does is it makes the game more about spraying and praying than precision and skill. And making hop-ups less common, over making them less powerful is also a horrible decision. Disruptor rounds were like the plague in season 2, and were still completely broken after all the nerfs, turning all late game fights into a game of "who found the disruptor rounds".
And what did making them rarer do? Made it more likely that just one team had found the disruptor rounds, and gained that ridiculous advantage with sheer luck. Stumble upon a rare thing and win does not appealing competitive gameplay make.
Fifth, add proper, optional, extra account authentication, and separate lobbies for people who have done it. I bet a lot of people would choose waiting an extra twenty seconds for a great game over getting to a lobby instantly, but risk running into cheaters (with whom I haven't really had any problems with since season 1, to be fair), or horrible, toxic players when queuing solo. Hell, make it possible for players to pay like 5€/month for premium status, and reward the paying players with higher tickrate servers (without lowering the tickrate of the non-paying servers). I'll pay that twice over and once more for good luck if it means I don't have to wonder why a center-mass Peacekeeper blast from hugging distance did 0 damage again.
Sixth, I do not think making the game be about camping and hiding is the right fit for it; if it's a decision in the first place, rather than a bunch of mistakes with gun balance and how ranked points are given out. But regardless, I think it simply cannot be right that a game that separates itself from every other Battle Royale shooter out there with it's movement mechanics and wide range of character abilities is made to be about sitting in a house, taking pot shots at another house where another team is sitting, taking pot shots at the team that's sitting in the third house. Yes, its a BR game, so being the last ones alive SHOULD absolutely be the point. But that does not mean it has to be about hiding or camping. It could be about outmanouvering your opponents or outgunning your opponents, and frankly, I think that would make for much more appealing competitive gameplay. You could encourage this by, for example, making the last circle be relatively small, but not nearly as small it is right now (so as to avoid making the last fights into the incoherent nade-spamming mess they usually devolve into now), and making the ring move around, forcing players to move around.
And last, but most importantly, you need to scrap the idea of releasing bigger patches less often, and instead need to at least release balance patches IMMEDIATELY as they're required; even if you risk going too far in the other direction. I do not understand the thought process behind the decision to release patches less often, and it makes absolutely no sense to me. Many guns and characters in this game are or have been CLEARLY unbalanced. Even completely broken. And it's taken you FAR too long to fix these guns and characters. Surely it can't take that much time to change the damage values of a gun, or the cooldown time of an ability, and surely these small patches with just these balance changes cannot be more than a few megs in size, and SURELY it is better to release patches as they're ready than letting guns and characters be unbalanced?
I understand that you like to test balance changes and monitor guns and characters to see if balance changes are even necessary, but very often it's crystal clear to everyone that something is clearly broken, and no monitoring is needed. Pathfinder in solos was a good example, or disruptor rounds all through season 2. You do not need to form a focus group to figure out how to fix this stuff. You don't. Double the cooldown of Pathfinder's abilities and slash the damage of the disruptor rounds. See what that does. If nobody uses them after that, then you've gone too far in the other direction, and need to pull back a little.
Who cares, these small balance patches will be what, ten megs in size? I doubt the community cares about downloading small patches like twice a week, if it's for the sake of immediately addressing characters or guns that are making the game not fun to play or other characters and guns completely obsolete.
I get that bug fixes and such take far more time to get right and avoid breaking other stuff. But for the love of everything, do NOT sit on balance patches for arbitrary reasons. There was a game some years back called Loadout. It was a fun 3rd person shooter, with the gimmick of players being able to create guns from gun parts, and use them in game. But as you'd expect, there were broken combinations, and one combination in particular was completely jacked (Tesla Beam I believe it was called), requiring absolutely no skill to use and doing ridiculous damage from basically any distance.
It took the devs like a month to fix, and that month basically killed all momentum the game had built, because that one garbage gun made everything else obsolete and the game completely unfun to play, and people just didn't return after the devs finally got around to doing something about it. Do not make the mistake they made. More balance patches, more often. No excuses. Phew. JESUS. I can't believe I'm writing this shit and not even getting paid for it.
But I'd like to end on a high note. Apex Legends is the only game since CS 1.6 and Quake 3 that I've really gotten into and enjoyed, even thinking about either resurrecting my old competitive team, or creating a new one just for Apex. The potential to be both a great competitive game for competitive gamers, and a great fun shooter for more casual gamers is absolutely there, and the changes needed to unlock it are not very big at all.
Season 3 looks to be the biggest the game has seen yet, and the thought of what could be coming in the future makes me all giddy and shit. And from what I've heard, the Halloween event could just be insanely good fun.
It's a great game, and as I've said, I enjoy it very much. But I sincerely dread for it's future, as I've been around online gaming a good while, and I've seen quite a few games with great potential come and go for one reason or another. I'm not saying the stuff I said above is the recipe for continued success, but maybe it's something to consider.
Whatever the case, it's my two cents, so take it for what it's worth (if anything), and have a good upcoming week(end) y'all. And Respawn: stop fucking this up. As much for our sake as it is for YOUR sake.
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Rust: Or the "exploit culture"

Here are a few of my pet peeves of things that should be changed because players will not magically start playing ethically as long as they have the smallest suspicion that someone else might have an advantage over them:
  • Gamma jacking: Bring back pitch black nights, I don't care how much it sucks, that's just the price we have to pay because people can't behave themselves.
  • Recoil scripts: Make the recoil completely random, it worked in the early days of CS 1.6 and people learned that the key was "short controlled bursts", it will work just as well here.
  • Crosshairs: Since monitors now ship with center screen crosshairs out of the box, and that the sticky tape trick is well known now, bring back lazy aim, IN AND OUT OF IRONSIGHT. Arma is a prime example of this system done right.
  • Tool cupboards: People really love walling up those things, change decay so that tool cupboards get damaged overtime and once the TC is gone, the building foundations start to decay. No more of this door refresh bullshit.
  • Reduce item use distance: Those ladder hatches sitting two floors above you are another example of rust's good old exploit culture.
  • Prevent objects from using the same space: No structures should be placeable if they intersect with anything, walls, boxes, even slight clipping should be prevented.
  • Spiked walls: It might not be a complete solution to players boosting but at least it would allow an elegant deterrent.
  • Honeycombing: The new "wall skirts". I just hate this because of how much it rely on exploiting foundation decay reset and shared foundation IDs. Give use the ability to reenforce walls rather than having to layer more and more of them. Hell, it would mean less entities wasted to soak C4 and rockets and potentially more players and constructions before the server crap itself.
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