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This setup includes High FPS config and newest build version. Newer Post Older Post Home. Click on the Download links below to Download Cs 1.6 R-Aimbot for free. Counter strike 1.6 warzone hack.

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Counter Strike Source Cs Go Online Games Cheating Video Games Software Cherry Names Iphone. Hack Support; VAC info; Aimbot. Counter Strike Warzone is the most popular and downloaded cs no steam version of all time. It was originally developed and released as a modification of Half-Life in 1999, prior to that.

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Nobody wants to sit around and wait for a new match, with our CSGO hack you never have to again because you will always be the winner. The more hack has downloads - the higher it is ranked. Downloading, Installation and activation Of Cs 1.6 R-Aimbot, Hope. Counter-Strike Complete Steam CD Key (Includes CS 1.6.

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So Valve Corporation did this because the client could connect to steam and no steam servers. Cs 1.6 WallHack Download (NO VIRUS) CS 1.6 WallHack Download WallHack Status: Active WallHack Downloads: 1247 WallHack Rati. The Cs Warzone game is packed with clever bots that are. Download Counter-Strike 1.6 - WaRzOnE - Counter-Strike 1.6.

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DEALS YAARI February 15, 2020 at 1: 54 AM. great game brother counter strike 1.6 highly compressed. Counter-Strike HD (CS) Warzone (Online Update) NEW Hack Torrent. Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive expands on the classic team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it first launched 12 years ago. I made this blog because I am great fan of this game.

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Get all the inside info, cheats, hacks, codes, walkthroughs for Counter-Strike on GameSpot. CST: Counter Strike Cd Key read what he said. Because games play a crucial in our Life. CS 1.6 game is legendary, a lot of players leave this game and started playing another version of Counter Strike – CS Source or CS Global Offensive, but most part of the players come back to CS 1.6 or just dont play any version of Counter Strike game anymore, because only version 1.6 of this full version game is most unique and oldest, this game dont required good PC hardware and players who.

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Modern Warfare is the first multiplayer shooter i've played in 16 years. Just some thoughts...

So this may be kind of a long post and I am new to this group so hopefully I don't get a bunch of hate thrown my way, but this is more of a story/gripe I wanted to share who play the same game and maybe this post is geared more towards people who are closer to my age (33).
So as my title says this is the first multiplayer game in a very very long time. I joined the Counter Strike Source beta in August of 2004 and from the moment I did I was hooked. I was never a CS 1.6 fan b/c it was slightly before my time of interest in the series, but I really enjoyed CS:S. I was 18 back in 2004 and all I did was hate high school and play videogames at home. I saved my money and bought a Nvidia 6800 GT for a HP computer my parents had bought me at the time with the latest Athlon 64 Processor, and that was my first "semi-custom PC at the time. Anyway so I played CS:S so much that I got really really good. All I did was play de_dust over and over and over again. I don't know how it started but I ended up in a clan as a server admin and I was the one who collected funds from the other server contributors who were also admins for our server. We played competitively and we had a lot of fun, and those times were some of my favorite times ever in gaming in my life. I was friends with guys who i've never talked to before for a very long time and I never talked with any of them over the phone or anything. We always just wrote in in-game chat in CS and I think AOL Instant Messenger. I don't remember how long it lasted, but one-by-one people were leaving or weren't sending me money anymore to keep the server going so it ended and I never played a multiplayer shooter against other people again.
My gaming history since then has been almost entirely been about playing games only with "campaigns." Mainly single-player games like FPSs like Half Life or whatever, but I've also bought every COD over the years to play the campaigns but never cared for the MP at all. Never even thought about it. So fast forward to Modern Warfare and I had bought it went it had gone on sale for PC a while ago so I can play the campaign which I really really enjoyed and forgot about it. A buddy of mine from a different state when I went to visit him a couple months ago told me about Warzone and at first I told him I didn't care, but he convinced me to play it with him. I really sucked at first especially playing on Xbox b/c FPS games for me feel at home on PC, but then I found out Warzone is cross-platform so I thought great... So we played Warzone for a while and then the times my friends were available to play reduced and so I didn't play much anymore.
One day I was looking up something related to Warzone and because I sucked so bad I wanted to watch some videos of people playing it if I could get any inspiration to better understand the game and the mechanics of it's shooting So recently I tuned into something interesting online called Twitch. Yes I know it's not new and yes i've known about it but I always thought the idea of watching other people play videogames was REALLY stupid because my thought process was "If I want to play a game i'm interested in i'll just buy it myself. Why should I watch other people have fun playing a game. It's silly." So anyway I started watching a dude by the name of Symphuny a young guy in his 20s who is really good at Warzone and i'm watching and trying to learn and I remember while watching that COD has a regular multiplayer mode so I fire that up and I love it. It ignites the competitive flame in me again from the high school days, and so I setup my own Twitch and I even open a Twitter which I never used before just so I can get into streaming my game for fun and have a history of how I improve over the life of the game. So I am really excited so start playing Multiplayer, but I soon find myself getting really angry. This is quite surprising because i've never played games so seriously to the point that I am getting really angry. I've been playing the MP a couple hours each day for the past week or more trying to get better and better, but there are just things that either are just off about certain things about the game or the alternative is that I am really just that bad because obviously there are professionals out there who are really great and make tons of money playing the game. However I can't help but think that even something that has flaws can be learned and worked around in order to master something. Jimi Hendrix being a lefty played a right-handed guitar his whole life because that's what he learned on at a young age and didn't have access to a left guitar.
So anyway perhaps someone who has gotten this far in my post can answer me some concerns of mine i've listed below in the hopes that i'm not as terrible as I think. I don't know all the ins and outs of the maps yet, and obviously when I played CS:S back in the day I mastered 3 maps in total mainly dust, dust 2, and office. This game I am still learning and trying to learn the maps, and it would be cool if I could setup online matches where I only play Team Deathmatch on one map so I can learn it really well instead of going on a rotation that makes it take longer to learn. In any case a couple things i've noticed about this game....
  • I die too fast. Now obviously most will chalk this up to me just being bad and essentially an amateur, but I went back into Counter Strike Source again today for nostalgia's sake and going back to Modern Warfare the map design is just lacking it seems. It's feels as though as graphics and capabilities of technology have grown the games have become too complex. I am not sure if it's a focus too much in MW's case that they focus on realism in their MP, but although I am able to respawn fairly quickly it really does feel as though after watching many many "kill cams" that dying is way too quick in MW. There is almost no strategy involved in shooting others because one bullet depending on the gun will kill you. The most annoying are the sniper rifles and the precision rifles. They are one shot one kill regardless of where I am hit.
  • Hit-boxes seem way off. I could have sworn i've seen myself get killed by "headshots" where the enemy reticule was nowhere near my head, and I also feel as though I get killed alot even when running around corners. What I mean is that if I am watching a kill-cam and I am running perpendicular to the person shooting me and I happen to run behind a wall the final bullet that supposedly kills me seems as thought it doesn't even hit me. It's like there is a hitboxes that follows me a couple pixels behind my character model if that makes sense.
  • The stun effect takes what feels like hours to dissipate and after playing a shit ton of matches over the past week or two it always seems like it affects me differently than others in amount of time or amount of control of rifle during affect. However that is likely just to my not being used to the way it works.
  • The maps are setup to be campers' paradises. Now camping of course is a viable strategy but it personally disgusts me b/c it's a cowardly and imo a un-fun way of playing. I have always played aggressive and in a leader role. The maps I have noticed seem to REALLY REALLY favor camping to a insane degree where I would say out of every 5 rounds I am in 2 or 3 that are essentially the other team camps and my team just runs into their mounted bullets and it's frustrating as hell.
  • The last one i'll list I can think of off the top of my head is how insanely hard it is to actually see enemies. Now i've Googled this problem and i'm not the only one who thinks this. Other players are just hard to see. Between the shadows, camo, and darkness of these maps there is just not enough queues to show me that who I am looking at is a enemy. Countless times i've been face-to-face with another player and it turned out they're an enemy. No red player name popped up, nothing. I played CS:S for a couple rounds before writing this and I can't explain why it's so much easier to figure out who is who. CS:S's level design is just brilliant... brightly lit, appropriately distinguishable friends and foes... I have modified brightness levels, and graphics settings, and done everything I can to see people better but people see me and destroy me with a hail of bullets so quickly that I watch the kill-cams and I have said out-loud a bunch of times "how the hell did that person see me?" I am squinting my eyes at my screen and I just can't figure it out.
So again I knew this would be long, but whatever I just wanted to write this because it's exciting to be involved in a game competitively again and I wanted to air some thoughts of mine out there to a community that plays the same game to gauge thoughts about what i've written here. I haven't gotten to the point where I want to stop playing because at this point I can't decided if I am really as bad as I am or maybe this isn't the game for me to be expanding on my competitive spirit, but I want to keep experimenting with the game and try to get better so hopefully I can one day join a group of people who like to play the game too and we can chat and improve.
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My experiences in beta as a Jedi Sent

Throwaway in case they actually enforce the you are not suppose to talk about this beta thing.
Background, I have been a star wars fan for some time, granted when I was sucked in, it was because of the ep 1 stuff and the action afforded to the series (when you are 10, lightsaber fights are the bees knees), i have since taking a liking to the originals and their story driven nature.
I have played a few mmos before, the biggest is wow where I was a raiding fury warrior due to my previous game of diablo as a dw frenzy barb (see a pattern?). I played things like star trek online (beta + 1 month live), a few free mmo (that was dropped once i got out of the starting zone more or less), and other games. My taste in games are wide and varied, I played with counter strike 1.6 / source to fallout new vegas to sd gundam g generation wa world. I even tried myst on how many people were talking about the old gaming experience, but i digress.
First, it feels like an incredibly polished MMO, for the last day, I did a few of the death runs thur hoth, tatooine, alderran, the major suspects and found them to be completely populated (and deadly to my lvl 17 self). The environment is very varied and have the general tone down as what you would expect from the movies. I do wish for higher resolution textures, but in reality, to keep the system requirement down I expect that it would not have crysis/unreal quality graphics.
Next, to those that said that there is nothing similar to wow, well I can say that lots of the Jedi Sent stuff is similar to wow and all previous DW warrior type games (incl the barb from diablo). The form that I was using was the fast dw type, where you get a stacking dmg bonus, coupled with a resource generating -> resource spending mechanics (rage in wow, focus in swtor) means that likely an optimum rotation will be found and people will be following that if they want to min/max. When I played it, I have found it to be a bit of clunky, as there is a standard attack that we get at lvl 1, and another that we get when we spec into sent that is on a cd, both of which generate focus, but because of the cd, if you work that stronger attack into your rotation, there would be times where you are not doing anything (if you used your non cd attack, the animation would take so long that you would waste time on your other stuff). And without a dps meter, I was really unable to come up with anything resembling a rotation other than one that felt really clunky due to the timing issues. There is also this one mechanic that feels extremely like blood and thunder from the prot tree in wow, but again, until live hits and someone finds the most optimal rotation, no one can complain about anything at all.
Moving on to the itemization / crafting, I found out early on that your lightsaber that is given to you grows as you put in more stuff, thus immediately after I got into coursant, I picked up artifact and archeology, then randomly chosen treasure hunting. With the these I was able to bascially upgrade my light saber all the way thru my 17 levels, and any kind of "upgrade" blue/purple light saber that is available (even ones given to me by higher lvl guildmates) was either on par, or was only slightly better (and then worse, as I upgraded my LS they become comparably worse). This did mean that when other have 10k+ or even 40k+ (they were lvl 26) credits, and I had 2k in my bank at the end, as I was sending out my companions left and right to gather the materials needed for my crafting obsession. Granted I think that in live you can sell the crafted items for a good amount, but still it is a very credit intensive process (esp given that AH deposits are 10% of what you are asking per DAY, 1000 = 100 deposit!!!).
With that in mind, I can see that the itemization in this game will be better than other mmos, as most upgrades I have seen (maybe untrue for say trooper) are your own crafted stuff, and if you know what stats your class needs then you can simply craft those and then lvl on whats hot on the AH. I find that this is one of the most unique aspects for itemization for swtor, and thus infamous "heirloom" (extremely valuable and powerful) items are not impossible, because even if the LS of that lvl 50 raider is the same as the one you get at lvl 10, it has seen much action and is must more customized and powerful.
As an aside from that, this means that there will be market for lower lvl materials on the AH, why? As you progress in profession lvl, the stuff you can send your companion to retrieve gets higher lvl as well. So if you want to help an alt, a guildmate, a irl friend, etc. out with some crafted goodies, you either farm it your self OR get it from someone is at that level and is selling the stuff for credits. This can be a double edged sword tho, if those items becomes too expensive, expect a lvl 50 in lvl 20 zones farming for mats, and decimating the quest mobs with their far more powerful attacks and what not. This is something we have to see in live and how it plays out.
The appearance of items seems to be very much about the silhouette of a class, each class is very easily recognized by their outlines, for good or bad depending on your view. I have seen people qq about the counselor's male dress robes, and how people love the han solo look of the scoundrel. Personally, if stat on item a > stat on item b and you need the stat, item b is better and if you want looks, you need to reroll an alt...
I have yet to see dual spec in this game, not sure if that is intended for one to switch from sent to guard on demand, or at all as there was no way to revert your advance classes from what I know, correct me if wrong.
Pvp was a wash up for the republic, the record is 4 wins to 8 losses.... it seems that the old noobs play alliance thing is back, and it applies here as well... The amount of people when playing a stand of ancient type of game to NOT stay near the doors to disrupt bomb plants, or to guard the bomb once planted is amazing, but conversely, when I went in with my guild to play some pvp, the win rate dramatically improved when we had 5 or 6 people in the same warzone (you can only queue 4 at once, but because beta is relatively small, if you queued at same time you get the same people usually). Also, huttball is incredibly annoying, we lost even tho we were 0 - 0, because of kill and death it seems. I did not try 1v1 other than with a equal lvl jedi sage, and I was DEMOLISHED, he had 1/4 - 1/6 of his hp when i lost, and when I checked his items, not anywhere nearly as well equipped (because of my professions and using commendation to redeem blue items), self heals are the key to 1v1, just like every other game it seems.
Lastly, the performance of the game was great on a i7-920, 12 GB, HD 5870 system, despite all the hubhub about ati drivers and what nots, I had no issues with the game running except an driver update (as expected for a beta game), I had gotten stable framerate all the time, and never dipped below 50 even in high lag situations, running at 1920*1200 with everything on high. I routinely run at ~100 fps as well. The loading time is great in that once it is cached, it would stay in cache, with all my ram the max it took was 2 GB for the game, not that bad but I had 6 GB leftover in standby so it could have taken more, but not sure if it would help as it was already loading all previous loaded zones instantly, new zones took less than 30 seconds, but that is expected as it is on a 2 TB WD black.
As the indefinite beta (the ones that got lucky and can play till 50 and try the raids) go on, I will definitely have my ear to the ground and find out more about the end game raiding, as for now, what I see can keep me occupied for maybe 2-3 months without ANY raiding for making alts on both sides, trying out other DD classes, maybe a tank or two and that's it. Also how well they release new content and what they do with old content (please no wow like nerf this tier so droolers can do it style...)
In short, lots of promise, it is different than wow/sto/other mmo in execution (graphics, voice acting, environments and art direction, etc.), but the core of it all is similar (a giant spread sheet with a very good UI, and don't stand in fire or in this case proximity grenades).
P.S. if someone would throw me a indefinite beta, I would love you /beg
EDIT: to those that said the environments are less open, well yes they are smaller than wow for the lvl 1-17 stuff, but when I was on hoth or alderan, they felt bigger and wide, granted I can't explore beyond the initial landing zone or what nots (due to vastly higher lvl mobs) but I think this one thing is something you wait and see, and if they do expand so you can explore a whole planet (maybe as an expansion, a planet of secrets or something) then it would be neat and awesome.
And yes, the instancing system IS annoying, nothing to group up and find that because you used your teleport home (hearth for wow players) you can't switch instances, or because you just switched, you can't switch instances, and even if you could switch, you are all the way back at your hearth, and not at anywhere near where you were... Way to punish the players when you can't think of a way to alleviate server and client load issues bioware...
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