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The Bottom Feeder: Indie Games Should Cost More, Pt. 2

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[ALL] LIS2 Main Character Theory

("[ALL]" means all. Including CS.)


I missed that time when we discussed theories waiting for the next episode. And here we are again.
I wonder who's backpack is it? Since there are backpack customizations, it's plausible to give it some screen time instead of just a few appearances. Hence I guess it would be safe to assume that it's main character's bag.
Now what are those customizations? Some are about LIS1 and BTS, but the four others are: lightning bolt, Hawt Dawg Man, power bear and Hawt Dawg Man again. I can only associate these things with one person. The lightning bolt is the most definitive one here, of course. This is what we see when the "power" action is available. Besides that, he is quite a handyman, so he is able to sew those patches. Besides, we do see sewing in LIS2 official trailer. Alright, that last one is stretching too far :)
Thus I conclude that we play as an older Chris. Older because of the backpack's design and it's condition.
Secondly, as we can see in the shot with this timecode there's a sketch of a rather big street, which may imply travelling through some city. Chris' situation does have an option to unravel in this direction: if his father drinking condition/parenting abilities worsen, their neighbours might take Chris away from him.
And still all of this could be totally wrong. In that case I would be surprised because it's strange to spend your resources, however vast, on a mini story that doesn't build solid background for the main performance.
A weak point of this theory is that last scene with levitation. From the description of the video (linked to above):
In The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, you play as Chris, an ordinary 10-year old boy who dreams of being a superhero. Chris has a big imagination that will take him on all sorts of adventures, but on this particular Saturday something truly extraordinary will happen to him...
Levitation does count as "truly extraordinary". Yet if it was Chris or Charles, why do his neighbours look like telekinesis is an every day reality of Beaver Creek? I mean it's LIS universe, but still. If it was one of the neighbour kids, why don't we see any hint about it? The only hint is that it "happens to him". So Chris may not be the one who does it. (Raccoon, then?)
The weakest point of the theory (imo) is this sentence:
stand-alone adventure that will also give you glimpse into Life is Strange 2’s brand-new story… but only if you’re clever enough to piece the clues together!
So the answer should not be obvious. On the other hand there is nothing to piece together if the game is a completely separate story.

Other Ideas

Besides that there are some other ideas I don't yet know what to make of.
  1. Why "aweso", not "awesome"? Aweso Munster Fighter? Aweso Mustard Fighter? Is that a cypher?
  2. Chris plays with his spaceship. It has two seats for pilots. The truck is also not just a vehicle in Chris' imagination. Will Chris and his neighbour ride it? This point does connect to the theory above (and to LIS1).
  3. Chris "burns" his father in the stove (watch the reflection), shoots him with a headshot. Does he blame him?
  4. Charles does blame Chris as we've seen. Is it for a reason? Does Chris thinks so? Is that the reason why he is after Mantroid?
  5. Are Chris and his new friend using the ~truck~ spiritmobile to go and find Mantroid? As we see from the letters Charles tried and failed to do that. As well as the police though. Cough...Rach...Cough.
This is bolstered by the choice of song in Death with Dignity, which Barbet says ties in strongly with the theme of the game, and that "Sufjan Stevens' personal story parallels Chris' story".
From here
For us, Life is Strange is so much more than a single set of characters, places, themes or scenarios - Life is Strange is an entire universe of storytelling founded upon relatable characters facing real world issues, but always with “a twist of the strange” and we have many more stories we want to tell.
So I think there will be at least something supernatural, if not a superpower.
What's your thoughts?
submitted by ch3rn0v to lifeisstrange

[Thursday, 12. September]

World News

Boris Johnson 'faces citizen's arrest' if he goes to Scotland, PM warned
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The anti-vax movement is effectively reversing decades of progress in disease prevention: WHO no longer consider measles to be eradicated in the UK. Albania, the Czech Republic, and Greece have also lost their measles-free status.
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Brazilian official who protects Amazon indigenous tribes shot dead
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All news, US and international.

Google bans ads for unproven medical treatments
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Recalled judge from Brock Turner case loses job as the JV tennis coach at a Bay Area high school
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Man honored by Trump for heroic actions in El Paso shooting made up story: Police
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Results from a large (n=48188), 18-year follow-up from the prospective EPIC-Oxford study show that vegetarians and vegans have a 20% higher risk of stroke compared to meat eaters.
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7 positive childhood experiences (PCEs) linked to better adult mental health, finds study (n=6,188): Family talks about feelings; Family by me during difficulties; Traditions; Sense of belonging in high school; Supportive friends; Non-parent adults genuine interest; Safe/ protected by adult in home.
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Doctors have successfully treated an infant with a rare childhood leukemia using a targeted therapy approved for adults with advanced liver and kidney cancer, an example of growing shift in cancer treatment, where the genes, rather than the type of cancer, determine optimal therapy.
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Firefox is testing a VPN, and you can try it right now - It’s part of the revitalized Firefox Test Pilot program
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Israel Allegedly Installed Stingray Devices Around D.C. to Spy on President Trump
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Comcast, Cable Giants Sue Maine Over Law Forcing Them to Let Customers Pay for Specific Channels
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Sadly, this is not the Onion.

Message in a bottle leads to rescue of California family stranded on 40-foot waterfall
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California church leaders 'used homeless as forced labour'
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Goats ‘arrested' for grazing on saplings planted by 'Save The Trees' organisation
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Ask Reddit...

Redditors who grew up with shady/criminal parents: What did your mom or dad teach you was OK to do that you later learned was illegal or seriously frowned upon? (Serious)
Gordon Ramsay is invited to your house for dinner. Each piece of criticism he gives about the food awards you $1,000. What are you serving for dinner?
whats a subtle sign someone’s depressed?


So is Microsoft's phone support literally just designed to transfer you from one department to another until you just throw in the towel and give up?
I love it when I spend time on a job application, only to get immediately auto-rejected over something ridiculous
FYI - Cloudflare has an awesome learning center on their website to teach you about DDoS attacks, CDNs, SSL, and various other web-related topics.

Microsoft SQL Server

DBAs - How Many Environments Do You Support?
GRANT on object to non-existent DB user creates DB user and schema
Hot Patching SQL Server Engine in Azure SQL Database
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Free PowerShell Book
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Why use $_.
Why does if (test-netconnection) false fail?

Functional 3D Printing

Toolbox organizer
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I printed a wax seal stamp in my never ending fruitless journey of becoming a super villain or something.
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1/4” hex bits for various square drive taps - used to speed tap threads for numerous helicoils in 3D printed enclosures
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Data Is Beautiful

[OC] Which countries contribute a greater proportion of global CO2 emissions than they contribute to global GDP?
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The Major League Baseball record for home runs in a season was set tonight at 6106 and climbing. Here's an animation of every home run hit this year colored by exit velocity.
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Follow up: Percentage of the population (over 16) in the work force by county [OC]
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Today I Learned (TIL)

TIL that every year on September 11, firefighters in the United States will climb 110 flights of stairs in full gear in buildings or at the gym to remember the 343 firefighters who lost their lives that day.
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TIL of Clifford Stoll a sysadmin who’d tracked a $0.75 accounting error back to a an East German spy ring in one of the first documented cases of a computer break-in.
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TIL the Monkees named their movie Head, so that if they ever released a second film they could use the tag line “from the people who gave you Head”
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So many books, so little time

Why aren’t all books which are part of a series clearly labelled as such on the outside?
Why does this subreddit have a beef between slow and fast readers?
The Voice Behind Many Bestselling Books On Tape Is Actually A Serial Killer
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OldSchoolCool: History's cool kids, looking fantastic

Jeff Goldblum headshots, 1980s
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Valerie Leon 1970
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Dinner served onboard SAS Huge Viking, 1972
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That’s nifty
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NYC from an airplane, tonight
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A little overboard I think
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Reddit Pics

NYC from an airplane, tonight
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The moment when bush learned about 9/11 at an elementary school
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The only American that was not on the planet during 9/11, Frank Culbertson, took this chilling photo from the ISS
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.gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

Trump's approval rating rises to 88%
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Future iPhone designs leaked!!
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Let Me Show You A Trick
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A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

Best $2 I ever spent
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There was a young kitten that lived in a slipper.
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Good girl being picked up after doggy daycare
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