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A personal story about ThinkPads and gaining experience

Hello everyone.
It's been almost a year, since I started to post in this sub-reddit. I’ve been reading some stories from fellow ThinkPad fans and was inspired to start write mine. Thanks to holidays season, I had time to complete it (OK - more or less). This won’t be story of how ThinkPads changed my life (OK, granted - they has changed me 😉 ), but rather a personal development… BE WARNED: There will be other OEMs involved. 😉 In general, I wanted to tell how debugging can be useful to gain experience and as the result, make better experience for others (not to mention yourself). There’ll many stories, they can be in not chronological order.
For many years I was a PC-only person. Saw laptops from time to time at University, but “I don’t need = I don’t care”. And a best friend’s father asked me a favor. He needed a laptop, but he had no experience whatsoever about it. Well, me neither, but I gave it a try. At that time I only know that Core 2 Duo = good, Dual Core = 404, more RAM = better, Intel GPU = parasite, nVidia = good, ATI = so-so and Vista = wrong way. So we found a Toshiba’s laptop which greatly fits these requirements (and price was good too), well apart from Vista thing, but there were no choice about this matter. About a year later, I’ve got my first laptop. Requirements were mostly identical, but ATI was no longer fine. Got Lenovo G550 with C2D, 4GB RAM, Geforce 105M and disk which size I no longer remember. And without OS, as I had a license from University. It served me well for years (still working), but build quality definitely could be better.
At work, I got my first ThinkPad – T60. Can’t say anything good about this device. My G550 was better in probably every aspect. ThinkPad was slow, sluggish (512MB RAM – got another 512MB later, but didn’t helped much), had broken hinge and battery was bad… Just totally bad experience. Well, these were my thoughts that time. Other colleagues had either other ThinkPads or different brands. Well… I wasn’t complaining much about it... First job, so had to behave. A few months after it, my manager told me, that I can choose a new laptop. I could get whatever I want (if you chose wrong device, you’ll have to deal with it in following years) and the price was only limit. I know I wanted to go with ThinkPad - i5, 8GB RAM, 9-cell battery and possibly non-integrated GPU. There was actually a model, which fit all requirements perfectly – T430:
  • Intel i5-3360M.
  • 8GB RAM (2x4GB).
  • 500GB 7200rpm HDD.
  • NVIDIA NVS 5400.
  • HD+ LCD panel.
  • 9-cell battery.
  • Non-backlit keyboard.
And this was a breath of fresh air – totally different experience. Great responsiveness, everything was fast, nice screen resolution and 8 hour battery life. Great device to work with. There was no difference for me regarding the keyboard. Island or chicklet… I just couldn’t care less. Great to type, so I don’t even put much thought about it. Then I got an Acer laptop (private) with i7-3610QM, 4GB RAM, 750GB 5400rpm, HD LED panel and GT640M. Acer – “what the…” you say. Well, I have paid for it about 1/4 of retail price, so it was just a steal (brand new unit). I didn’t liked keyboard (still don’t like), but performance-wise, it should be better right? Quad core i7 is more powerful, than dual core i5. Nope, wrong. It was worse. This was so confusing for me, that I started to think – what’s wrong with this thing? I’ve noticed, that graphics score in Windows 7 test was way higher on T430, than Acer. Today, I know how to measure components performance, but anyway… Why this score is so much lower? I had known about integrated GPU being a “parasite”, but they both were infected by it. Finally, I’ve decided to remove single DIMM from ThinkPad and install to Acer. And laptop started to work better, score was on pair with T430, but performance was still not on pair with it. My suspicion was hard disk, but without any proof, I wouldn’t want to invest any more money. And not long after, my colleague asked me for a favor. His laptop has fell from the desk and after it, it wasn’t working fine. He asked to find the cause and fix it. SMART test showed disk damage, so best way was to replace it. But what model should be bought? I looked at my ThinkPad and noticed, that it had not Seagate, WD or Samsung, but Hitachi HDD. Never used this brand before, but let’s see… Price was not bad, so why not give it a shot? Disk arrived, but there was a need to reinstall Windows 7 Pro on it. So what we can do about it? Recovery partition was working fine, so let’s create a recovery media. Uh, oh. But how I supposed to do that? There’s no tools for it. OK, let’s check forums. They were writing about some kind of pre-installed tool, which wasn’t on old disk and can’t be installed. Great, a dead end. So what’s about cloning? Nope. While Windows would work, recovery won’t. And I don’t like to left things halfway done. Let’s back to the Internet, there must be something… After a week, I finally found, that I need to use Windows build-in backup/recovery solution, create a boot disc and create a backup on USB disk. This did a trick and Windows was reinstalled. And laptop’s responsiveness was on pair with my T430. So my Acer also got a new disk. And finally performance was satisfying for me… for a time. Sometime after, one of my friends got an 120GB SSD disk on laptop and started to convince me to also buy one. At first I was skeptical, but then I decided to buy one, but 240GB, as 120GB was ridiculously small. It wasn’t acceptable for me to replace a completely fine disk, so I also bought a caddy. And finally felt that it work as should.
I was checking inventory at work and found old ThinkPad with 3G modem. As nobody used it, then was oblivious for me, to take liberty of modem and install it on my T430. “For the science!” they said. 😊 Well, Error 1802 welcomed me after boot. At that time, I’ve learned about whitelist and that you have to flash modded BIOS in order to make it boot. Flashing custom BIOS - not a big deal. Let’s look for a guide on the Internet… What? There is a protection, so you can’t normally flash custom BIOS, but using programmer? Alright, got the message. Dell is much better in this aspect. Decided to disable module in BIOS as I didn’t had the time to play with this any longer. Later I’ve learned, that there were other… ways to make it work. Some working once and some more permanent… But this doesn’t matter now.
I had important project, which literally consumed all my time. And my laptop started to freeze during boot. There was no information in logs, what was the cause of problems. Reinstall was the only choice but, I literally had no time to backup everything and reinstall everything. I had to do something fast, because chance to boot was getting smaller every day (and I was onsite all the time). While I was and still am not fine with this decision, I requested an 240GB SSD disk and a caddy. But there was a single problem. I wasn’t able to prepare recovery discs. For some reason recovery partition was missing. But thankfully, we had a ThinkPad L430 from which I’ve prepared recovery media some time ago. Just take a trip to office and get them. At that time, I didn’t know about any differences regarding recoveries. It worked, no complains there. Many of drivers were missing, but I got them in no time using Lenovo System Update. With the HDD on ultrabay, I could slowly migrate the data and continue the project.
There was a need to reinstall OS on my colleague’s T530. This unit was shipped with Windows 8.1 Pro recovery media. As you can guess, nobody wanted that thing, so Windows 7 Pro have to be installed (using downgrade rights). I only had this L430 recovery media, but if for Dell devices, single recovery media worked on all types of devices, then there shouldn’t be a problem. Again, wrong. Recovery refused to restore OS. In the end, I’ve used generic DVD and activated OS using Lenovo’s key.
Sometime after, I got 802.11ac compatible router. As my Acer supported up to 802.11n, I decided to give it a shot and buy ac compatible module. After installation, WLAN worked, but Bluetooth don’t. To be more precise, device wasn’t detected at all. Faulty module? Whitelist? Incompatibility? This going to be fun. But on one of YouTube’s channels, I’ve found an information, that you have to tape some pins on the module. Otherwise it won’t be detected. And indeed, after taping them, BT was detected and kickin’. But laptop won’t turn off. After enabling hibernation, it started to power off normally… most the time at least. This Acer was sold in two versions – with Windows 7 and Windows 8. Not much of a deal, when M$ gave upgrade to anyone, who wanted it. But where’s an UEFI settings in BIOS? Well, if you got Windows 7, then no UEFI for you. I started to look what can be done with this aspect. Somebody modded UEFI BIOS, so it could overwrite non-UEFI one. Initial thought – “Let’s do it”. And was done, nice and easy. And laptop no longer freeze on shutdown. I also read about unlocked BIOS with all settings available and overclocking GPU. Flashed and overclocked. After initial fun, I decided to restore factory values, as this could have an impact on GPU lifespan in long run.
Sometime after it, I got an Acer Switch. Again for a great price. FullHD IPS touch panel (same model as for X250), Core M5, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD and… Windows 8.1. Let’s say, these IPS colors didn’t gave me any thought at that time. But WLAN reception did. Even my mobile was more sensitive. It turned out, that some… other quality card was installed. I’ve noticed that some models had Intel AC module… And some of trusted sellers have that modules for sale. Module was bought and installed. This wasn’t perfect, but much better than was before. And Windows 8.1… Finally found a device, where it’s working good. I even performed a downgrade from 10 to 8.1, as Windows 10 worked worse than 8.1 on this device.
About two years ago, I decided to call a warranty repair on T430, as Ethernet port started to malfunction. I’ve delivered it like three days before warranty period has finished to service center. At that time, I’ve started to be aware, that there are many warranty options and is worth to buy on-site upgrade. They called me “lucky” and replaced motherboard. OS had problem with it, so was reinstalled.
Then a few months passed and I’ve decided to sell Acer laptop. Had Switch and always could take T430 home, if there was a need. Initially, I haven’t thought what to buy (or to buy anything). Well, until I’ve found new T540p with i7-4910MQ. As the price was fine, I decided to buy it. Device was new, so had factory warranty. Below specs with all upgrades:
  • Intel i7-4910MQ.
  • 16GB RAM.
  • Main: 256GB SSD.
  • Caddy: 1TB 7200RPM HDD.
  • Intel + NVIDIA 730M.
  • LTE Modem.
  • 9-cell battery.
  • LiteON Backlit keyboard.
  • FHD TN panel.
  • 5 years onsite warranty (about 4y left).
The only thing left to upgrade is LCD panel. Sadly, 3K panel won’t give me much benefit (maybe feeling of completeness) and will void the warranty. To be honest, I can’t complain about this TN panel. I don’t even use any scaling on it. I don’t work with graphics, so I’ve no use for better colors. So, I’ll let it be… for now.
And this coil noise is really irritating me… I know methods to get rid of it, but it affects battery life, performance and temperatures. I bought a cooling pad, to lower overall temperatures, but as a bonus it nicely “covers” these noises (and it’s really not too loud).
Anyway, not long after I bought my laptop, SSD has to be replaced (SanDisk anyone?) and Windows needs to be reinstalled. For some reason, Windows recovery was unusable on new disk. No problem – you can use generic version from M$ website right? Well, you can, but device will be overheating. Then I got an install media from Lenovo’s website (you can download it only once). Deployed it on my laptop. Worked fine… except almost constant freeze at power off and battery widget wasn't working properly. After some tinkering with previous recovery media (backup), I was able to use it to restore OS. No problems since then. The interesting thing is, it’s for T550/W550s... Not a big deal for me anyway.
Now there’s a question. I’ve updated all files using Lenovo Companion app (was before Lenovo Vantage). Why device was overheating when M$ version was installed and not on OEM’s? After some investigation, I’ve found additional power plan in OEM version. This triggered a new hobby, but maybe I’ll write about it some day.
Well for most the time, I didn’t put a more thought about keyboard. As long as it’s original, then everything is great… Well, not quite. There are differences. Non-backlit keyboards, have some sort of texture on them. And backlit keyboard get dirty easily. As I had non-backlit keyboard from the beginning (LiteON) and noticed some nice offers for a backlit ones, I give it a shot. At that time, I’ve learned about FRU lists. There were two manufacturers of these keyboards – Chicony and LiteON. Shicony was “Primary”, so I went with this brand. Once it arrived, I’ve noticed, that there’s something wrong with this keyboard. The build quality was simply tragic and typing experience was… much worse, not to say simply bad. I was torturing myself with this keyboard and went back to my non-backlit one. And it felt finally right. I was pissed on myself, that I’ve not check posts on Reddit, as GreenPylons has written, that if you want to replace a keyboard, go with LiteON. As I have gained some contacts at distributors and services, I’ve asked about the price for a new keyboard. While Shiconny’s were acceptable, LiteON’s were absurd. On eBay I’ve contacted with one of sellers (not China). He was able to get it for more affordable price. A few weeks ago I’ve installed this keyboard and it’s just great.
Some time ago, I’ve noticed, that old hardware is being prepared to be disposed of at work. I took a quick look at boxes and at first glance there was nothing interesting. However, at the bottom of one of boxes, I have found IBM ThinkPad R51. I wasn't aware, that we still had such old tech there. I asked about permission to take this device and after receiving it, I took R51 home. Well, it was in pretty rough shape – casing was broken, both batteries were busted, HDD has to be replaced, but at least was working. It’s specs after upgrades:
  • Intel Pentium D 1.6GHz.
  • 2GB RAM
  • ATi Radeon Mobility 7500.
  • Unused IBM original battery.
I’m not a collector by all means. I had a private project, which required… outdated hardware, LPT port and Windows XP Pro. I had many XP installation discs at work, so reinstall wasn’t an issue. But again, just make it work wasn’t OK for me. Much of software were missing and device was too warm (even after replacing a thermal paste). R51 was bought like 10 years ago and frankly no one had a clue what happened with recovery for it. Windows on old HDD seems to be reinstalled manually, as recovery partition was removed. So I started to dig in the Internet. After long struggle, I’ve found an English language image. This was fine – it’s was impossible to find it in the first place. When I stated to burn first disc (boot disk), something told me, to see again with my new found knowledge. What knowledge you say? The same recovery media was for T42, T42p and R51. So let’s try to search for T42. And well, I was worth it. I found media/images for R51 and many others dedicated for my country. Sadly, this website charged for each downloaded GB, so I couldn’t behave as a child in candy store. Downloaded what I really needed, burned disc and deployed on my laptop. Windows activated without any issue and I finally could see how R51 looked after unpacking. Well, I must say I was impressed. In any case my project took me a few days to complete, as it required to research some ancient technology (LPT configuration in BIOS anyone?). Currently I turn it on from time to time, just to see how it works. 😉
As years passed since I got T430, I could replace it with new device. But before doing this, I’ve decided to replace thermal paste on T430, as someone will surely find a use for it (and it was). Honestly, disassembly was real pain in the ass. In Dell this was done in no time, same with old Lenovo laptop from university time.
I could go with literally anything I wanted (price was only limit). My T430 was lacking processing power, RAM and LTE modem and… on-site warranty. It came to my attention, that one of our trusted sellers had last units of T440p with following configuration:
  • Intel i7-4810MQ.
  • 16GB RAM.
  • 500GB SSD.
  • Intel + NVIDIA 730M.
  • LTE Modem.
  • 9-cell battery.
  • LiteON backlit keyboard.
  • FHD IPS panel.
  • 3y onsite warranty.
Price was really good, so choice was no brainier (especially after I learned, how serviceable this device is). In general, I’m really happy with it. The only thing which was annoying me from the beginning is… IPS panel. Or to be precise, backlight bleeding, which is caused by frame. When frame was removed by service, no bleeding was present. But after installing it, it show up again. In the end both frame and panel was replaced under warranty. Bleeding effect was at least decreased to level which no longer annoys me. I don’t use trackpoint, so trackpad isn’t an issue for me (can’t replace it anyway).
There are many other stories about things like about Passmark, Coil Whine, latency issues… It’s impossible to write about everything. Some of them I’ve already described in some of past topics. Some other maybe will be described in future... Who knows. 😊
At the end, I wanted to thank anyone who read whole story and didn’t fall asleep. I hope, you’ve learned something from it. 😉
Happy New Year! 😊
submitted by saperkus to thinkpad

Windows 10 Megathread

My info sucks, so the following is courtesy of illage2's Windows 10 megathread in /pcmasterrace, thanks so much for compiling all of this!
Thought I'd complie all the information about Windows 10 since its out tomorrow to allow people to be more informed before they upgrade.
Please be aware that as with any new Windows OS there may be problems so some people might want to give this a couple of weeks before deciding to upgrade.
Edit: Thanks to the mods for stickying this thread
A very good peice of advice from Shiroi_Kage
If you're upgrading and are afraid of problems, DO NOT UPGRADE BEFORE SAVING A SYSTEM IMAGE! With a system image you can roll your system back to the way it was before the update, stored files and all. This is the safest option, and I would recommend it to everyone.
Even more brilliant advice coming from madscientistEE
Update your anti-virus software if it's anything other than Windows Defender / Security Essentials. Some vendors, most notably Symantec (both SEP and Norton), require an engine upgrade to work with Windows 10.
Defragment your hard disk before upgrading. SSD users should run a TRIM. (The Windows 8 defrag utility is smart enough to TRIM when you click "optimize")
After the upgrade, clean up. Run "disk cleanup" and select the "Clean system files" option. Doing this will clear out 20-30GB of crap (your old Windows folder). This does prevent an in-place downgrade but it improves performance and saves disk. Once you clean up all the stuff you can, defragment the hard disk again. (or run a TRIM if you have an SSD)
Thanks for funnybuttrape for informing us about the following folder
$Windows.~BT in your c:
Make sure you don't install W10 from that folder.
Some more advice from Heavyoak
bit of advice to add, check to make sure your mobo is updated: http://www.maximumpc.com/windows-10-graphics-cards-and-motherboard-drivers-updating/

It is Free for most people

For an entire year (up to July 29th 2016) an upgrade to Windows 10 is free for everyone if you are running Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1.
If you are on Windows 7 enterprise. (Insert star trek jokes here) then you need to read this from Microsoft's FAQ.
Enterprise customers with active Software Assurance subscription in volume licensing have the benefit to upgrade to Windows 10 enterprise offerings outside of this offer.
After the year is finished it is currently unknown how much Windows 10 will cost. Thanks to KloudAlhpa the cost of the upgrade after the year is $119 / £99.99 or your regional equivelent https://i.imgur.com/7FuaHw4.png
Edit: To clear up any confusion. I meant to say that you can get Windows 10 for free within a year of it launching. Once you have it, it is free forever. No subscriptions of any kind. Reservation
Resvering your upgrade can be done via the small windows logo in the notification area. If you do not have this, then make sure you install the latest updates for your OS. Then all you need to do is reserve it. The OS will download ahead of time and then you'll be notified when it is ready to install.
Keep in mind that MS are rolling it out so don't be too surprised if you don't get to use Windows 10 on July 29th.
If you have all the latest updates for your OS and still can't see the reservation icon. Then try heading here and reserving that way.
Or you can try what 10se1ucgo said in the comments.
I had the same exact issue as you, no scripts or task scheduler magic was working, and someone suggested to (in an elevated [admin]) CMD prompt type. start ms-gwx:reserve And it worked!
Edit: To address concerns about the specific times Windows 10 will be released. Microsoft hasn't given any specifcs about release times. So for the time being you'll just have to play the waiting game.

Will it work?

In short if you can run Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 and meet these requirements. Windows 10 should work just fine. During the resevration process it'll also show you if any hardware or software isn't compatible.

Windows 7 Ultimate / Pro upgrades?

If you have Windows 7 pro or Ultimate you'll be upgraded to Windows 10 pro. If you have Windows 7 home etc then you'll upgrade to Windows 10 home. See here for the upgrade chart.

Windows XP upgrade to Windows 10?

At this moment in time there's no word on this but assume for now at least that you can't upgrade XP to Windows 10. If you want Windows 10 then upgrade to Windows 7 and then upgrade to Windows 10.
Besides if your still running XP there's a chance your hardware can't support Windows 10.

Windows Vista Upgrade to Windows 10

As with Windows XP. Upgrading from Vista to Windows 10 is not yet supported. Same thing applies. Upgrade to genuine Windows 7 and then upgrade to Windows 10. Non-Genuine upgrades
Sadly if you are using a non genuine version of Windows then you cannot upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft did actually say otherwise a few months back but they did a 180 on this.
Some people with non-genuine Windows 7 / 8.1 have been seeing the icon to reserve Windows 10. Most likely case is that you'll upgrade to a non-genuine version of Windows 10.

What about game compatibility?

I've posted this several times already. But from the looks of things a lot of games (including games from GoG) should work just fine on Windows 10.
See here for a list of compatible games.
Here is GOG's statement.

Upgrade or fresh install?

If you want Windows 10 for free, you should first upgrade and make sure everything works. Then from within Windows 10 you should be able to do a fresh install.
If doing a fresh install you can try using Ninite to install essential software quickly.
This comes from Just_made_this_now in regards to Ninite
Also be aware that when using ninite, you're not able to install programs to a different drive other than your C drive/default. So say if you have an older 120GB SSD for Windows and programs on a separate drive, you may want to consider getting a larger SSD if you're doing a fresh install and want to use Ninite. The dev had made it quite clear they had no plans to support custom install locations, the last time I checked.
Chocolatey on the other hand, supports it, albeit will need a bit of know-how:
Overriding default install directory or other advanced install concepts
If you do an upgrade then you shouldn't have to reinstall anything.
This video will explain it a little bit more.
A comment from Ikkerens
After upgrading I extracted my Windows Key using The Ultimate PID Checker , this allowed me to reinstall Windows 10 from ISO using that key.

What about Drivers / Updates

I've not heard much about this as of yet, but a forced update on Windows 10 might mess a few things up but MS are releasing a ultilty for Windows 10 Home users that lets you block certian updates.
Windows 10 pro already has a feature alllowing users to "Defer" upgrades. Which allows them to control when they recieve updates.
As for actual drivers there seems to be people in the comments that have had no issues with Windows 10. As stated at the top of this thread there might be some issues with some drivers so go into this with that in mind.


For those wondering nVida has stated that DX12 is backwards compatible with a lot of their older cards. So don't panic if you don't have an 900 series card.
AMD are also going to make it backwards comatible but probably not to the same extent as nVida.
Nvidia will support DX12 on every Fermi, Kepler, and Maxwell-class GPU. That means nearly every GTX 400, 500, and 600 series card will be supported. Interestingly, AMD isn’t necessarily following suit — the company has indicated that it will support DX12 on all GCN-based hardware, but hasn’t indicated if HD 6000 or HD 5000 cards will be included in that.
madscientistEE has provided more information on AMD DX12 compatibility.
AMD DX12 Support Info!
Only GCN cards are supported and pre-GCN cards will operate at their native feature level. (The HD6570s at work run just peachy, but they're still DX11 cards.)
Which GPUs are Graphics Core Next and which ones are the old TeraScale architecture is unusually confusing to determine so here's the rundown:
Discrete GPUs
All HD6xxx and 5xxx cards are Terascale. No DX12 for you.
All Radeon HD 7700 and up cards are GCN. (HD7600 and lower are TeraScale)
All Radeon HD 85xx cards are GCN. (HD84xx and lower are TeraScale)
All Radeon Rx-200 series R5-240 and higher are GCN. The R5-235 and lower are TeraScale.
All Rx-300 series GPUs are GCN.
Advanced Processing Units (APUs)
All Bobcat based APUs (Desna, Ontario, Zacate cores) are TeraScale. (and way too slow for most games anyway, who cares?)
All FM1 and FM2 APUs are TeraScale. (Richland, Trinity, Llano cores)
All FM2+ "Kaveri" APUs and later are GCN. Also all FP3 and FP4 mobile APUs are GCN (Kaveri and Carrizo cores)
All AM1/FS1b "Kabini" APUs are GCN as are the FT3 and FT3b mobile parts (Kabini, Temash, Beema, Mullins)


According to auto_pilot there's seems to be issues with crossfire.
I'm running insider build, clean install and most programs and games work fine as long as I don't turn on crossfire. The minute crossfire is on everything gets chunky and crashes as far as games go.
There's currently no word on SLI support for Windows 10.


mbot57 seems to have found an issue with overlclocking.
It should be noted that as of the RTM release (WIP build 10240) there is still an OS lock on overclocking CPUs. Discovered having tested identical hardware on both Windows 7 sp1 and windows 10 WIP build 10240 (and previous versions).

Differences between pro and home versions of Windows 10.

See this link for more information. download the table and it'll be fairly easy to understand. Thanks to uCrap4Brainz for the link.

Security and Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware

Windows 10 will come with Windows Defender (its Security Essentials under a new name). So you might want to swap out for something else. Below are some good Anti Virus and Anti-Malware programs you can use
  • Avast
  • Malware Bytes
  • AVG
  • Avira
  • Others which people have recommended in the comments.

Everything else

For everything else WinBeta has made an excellent video going through Windows 10.
How to Geek has put together some good articles on Windows 10 already for things like tweaking and disabling / enabling certain features and functionality. Make sure to check them out.
Hopefully this has helped. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

Personal Experience from illage2

Well I now have Windows 10 and I have to say upgrading was a nightmare. It took about 1.5 hours, and then when I finally got into Windows 10 the performance was terrible. However I found that resetting my PC under settings seems to resolve it, but sadly you'll lose all the stuff you had installed.
If you want to do a fresh install after upgrading go to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Reset this PC you can either reset and keep your files or just reset and delete everything.
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