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Oracle clusterware patch

Oracle RAC Technologies Matrix for Linux Clusters

In pre-11gR2 environments, install ASM in a separate ORACLE_HOME from the database for maintenance and availability reasons (eg, to independently patch and upgrade). Expert Oracle Practices: Oracle Database Administration. I have installed many RAC systems and I remotely support 2 RAC systems. These topics describe the screens and dialog boxes that all Oracle Universal Installer users. AIX 5.3 TL 10 I am facing a problem with the CSSD Non-RAC/Clusterware.

RAC - Upgrade to - Oracle DBA

Agile recovery permits "in-doubt" Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC. Rolling Oracle Clusterware Upgrade to Summary: this tutorial shows you step by step how to install Oracle Database 12c in Windows 10. Clusterware on windows server 2020, ru .... Windows Server 2020 64 bit.

Oracle Capacity Planning And Sizing Spreadsheets Crack

View Test Prep - RAC for R12 from ORACLE DBA at Oracle Charter School. I thought 11gR2 grid infrastructure should support 10g database, am i right? Clusterware upgrade to https://uralligaculture.ru/download/?file=87. Oracle clusterware patch. These objects belong to the Author: Ranjit Keshari Beura.

Cluvfy giving error while checking for status of CRS

No I'm not trying to waste time because I don't have any. Database Setup and Installation Guide Version 4.

Cracked oRA-29702 While Starting Instance(s) on

I am running Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 and the Oracle VM Manager installed with no issues. Party Clusterware Oracle Clusterware was originally licensed from Compaq. Clusterware files can reside in all types of Oracle software homes like clusterware home, database home and ASM homePrior to 11gR2, RDBMS files reside in DB/ASM homes only, while with 11gR2 RDBMS files will also reside in the GI home (as ASM is now part of GI). Oracle Database 11 g. There are two solutions. Ranjit's Oracle Blogs: Oracle10g RAC Patch set Upgrade https://uralligaculture.ru/download/?file=100.

Patch will 11gR2 clusterware support Oracle 10g database

Fixes Applied for Products: Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC Install/Uninstall Instructions: Refer Veritas. Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Machine - Version N/A and later Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Database Service - Version N/A and later Information in this document applies to any platform. Patching Oracle RAC on ASM with Patch sites. Oracle Clusterware or Oracle RAC One Node (for single-instance Oracle RAC databases). Windows x64 is certified on Windows Server 2020 x64 (all editions).

Error PENDING state, err(0) installing clusterware 10.2.0
1 Clusterware patch for 55%
2 "Translated from MoS article" What is the brain fissure in 41%
3 Re: Oracle 10g RAC ( installation with non-root 85%
4 Oracle Database Release Notes 83%
5 After Upgrade From to or Above 19%

OCR File and Voting Disk Administration by Example

Linux introduced a new OPROCD daemon, which becomes responsible for suicidal self-evictions instead of hangcheck-timer. AIX 5.3 TL 10 OS I am facing a problem with the Non-RAC/Clusterware CSSD. The user account that is performing this upgrade must also be the user that owns the ASM home of the earlier release. The rootsh script will propagate the upgrade to the Oracle Clusterware home on the node, start CRS and all other configured Oracle processes. Content tagged with clusterware, cluvfy.

Oracle Database Online Documentation 10g Release 2 (10.2)

I have been following the latest manu. Syed Jaffer Hussain red-gate/AllThingsOracle Slide # 6. See Oracle Database Upgrade Guide for instructions on using DBUA to upgrade Oracle Database software. Upgrade clusterware from 10gR2 to 11gR2 homepage. RAC and then do a switch-over and immediately after that.

Hack interview Q and A for Oracle RAC Part

I want to apply at least to the patch. After a successful or a failed upgrade to Oracle Clusterware 11g release 2 (11.2), you can restore Oracle Clusterware to the previous version. Upgrading to Oracle clusterware Open patch p and start the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) that is part of the patch package, in a session for the OUI GUI interface. As of now I am looking to rollback this clusterware patch but oracle has no documentation to do this. Oracle Clusterware home with the patch for bug 7308467.

Hacked exp 10.2.0 To Imp 11.2.0 Version Database

See the README for more info (login to My Oracle Support required). Database PSUs can be subject to overlay PSU packaging. Oracle Clusterware can access the OCR and the voting disks present in ASM even if the ASM instance is down. Getting Help While Installing Oracle Products. Click on the tab network and research AirPlayXPCHelper.

Surachart Opun's Blog: Just Step to upgrade (RAC)

Following is an outline of how to start Oracle Clusterware. Now you need to double-click the setup. Richard Olutola Consultant. It enables automatic startup of Clusterware daemons. CRS active version on the cluster is [] $ crsctl query crs softwareversion CRS software version on node [rac1] is [] 10gR2 clusterware could be upgraded in a rolling manner even though it's an in-place upgrade but as the Oracle home in-place upgrades does requires database to be shutdown.

First time building homeserver, need some advice

I'm building a homeserver to run ESXi/vSphere Hypervisor with at least 6 VMs simultaneously: one Active directory domain controller, two Windows 2008 R2 clustered VMs running SQL Server, two Redhat(or CentOS possibly) running Oracle RDBMS RAC/clusterware, and one samba file server (which will be sparsely used).
The point of the whole thing is to get some experience/knowledge setting up EXSi and VMs, building windows/SQL clusters, building Oracle RAC systems ,learning to replicate data from SQL Server to Oracle and vice versa, and whatever is involved in the maintenance of such an environment. I don't need extremely fast response times/throughput, just fast enough so I don't get annoyed and start throwing stuff around the room.
Also budget is somewhat limited (original was 800, but I ended up exceeding that as you'll see below).
The current server hardware I had picked out is below (all from newegg):
CPU - AMD Opteron 4334 (Six-Core) - 189.99
Heatsink - Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus - 29.99
Mobo - SUPERMICRO MBD-H8SCM Micro ATX Server Motherboard - 219.99
RAM - Mushkin Enhanced PROLINE 8GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC Registered DDR3 1066 x 3 - 224.97
SSD - Crucial M500 - 71.99 (should I remove this for a cheaper non ssd drive?)
HDD 1 - Western Digital Red NAS Hard Drive WD10EFRX 1TB - 69.99
HDD 2 - Western Digital Red NAS Hard Drive WD10EFRX 1TB - 69.99
PSU - CORSAIR CX430M - 49.99
Case - NZXT Source 210 - 39.99
Total: Around $895
Now for the parts that I need advice on.
Should the above hardware be good enough to do what I want? Or do you folks think the system would be unbearably slow?
Should I create an additional VM and learn to set up FreeNAS or would that not be required?
Would the WD Reds be fine to just use as normal drives if I don't use FreeNAS?
My current plan is to raid the WD Red Hard drives and then partition the 1TB into smaller chunks (50GB to 100GB) and then allocate those smaller partitions to the VMs. Is that possible? I have not used EXSi before, so I wanted to make sure that something like that was possible before I bought the drives.
Anything else I might have overlooked?
Thanks for the help!
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Any 11gr2 RAC Gurus? Let's talk duplicate on the same host. Please.

I am in dire need of a sanity check from a RAC expert so I'll make this simple and brief:
I have a 2 Node RAC Cluster, 11GR2 running on Oracle Linux, with a multipath SAN fibrechannel back end via ASM/OMF. It all works perfectly, I installed it fine to customer specs, and it has been solid.
The customer has the reasonable request to make a duplicate copy of the production database for use with testing. This would be on the SAME host, the same two node RAC cluster, and the same Data/FRA diskgroup. In attempting to sort through this process, I can't seem to find any clear examples of how to do this in my environment due to it being same host RAC.
Based on everything I've read for Single node to RAC, RAC to another RAC host, the basic process seems to be:
  1. Create a new instance.
  2. Copy the SPfile with minor tweaks
  3. Create a listener and modify tnsnames
  4. Mount and connecct new instance, then run an active/backup duplicate between the main and new instance.
  5. Convert the newly duplicated DB to a cluster DB.
My questions relate mostly to setting up everything prior to the duplicate. What is the proper way to create the instance when working on the clusterware nodes? SRVCTL for both nodes? SRVCTL on a single node? Manually copying files? Similarly, is it safe to modify the generated tnsnames / listener files (which are managed by srvctl) or will modifying these interfere with the running or instance/clusterware info? Most examples of RMAN DB duplication modify these files manually, but with the clusterware, and SCAN listener, and only having a single DATA and FRA disk group, I'm hesitant to make any adjustments to these files manually.
I looked into the EM Clone Database as well, but I have similar concerns due to its black box nature. Didn't want to fire something off and have a live file overwritten on the same diskgroup!
Is making a clone of a production database onto the same host/RAC/cluster really as complicated as it seems or am I making this harder than it should be? Either I 'm missing an obvious solution, or this is something that is just not done or documented.
I've done imports and exports, copies across hosts where I stood up new environments or manually added listeners, but never with clusterware on the same host. Hopefully I'm just being overly paranoid?
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